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"If that is the case, that is another troubling behavior by this President. Whether it is a crime or not, we'll have to get to the bottom of this. That's why we need to get to the complaint, brought forward by the whistleblower."

Congressman Adriano Espaillat on reports Trump pressured Ukraine's President to investigate Joe Biden's son.

Lets look at the troubling behavior of cnn and their inability to report fairly. Even if its not a crime cnn it shows you are no real news agency and you should be placed in the garbage bin.
Why don’t you guys report the shady dealings of Hunter and Joe Biden in regards to Ukraine?! There’s a whole lot of evidence you’re ignoring about that. Instead your jumping in a rabbit hole looking for something that doesn’t even matter. This is why they call you fake news.
Trying to get dirt on everyone that poses a threat.......takes the attention away from him
No crime at all
When you start the conversation with IF you have a problem
Will my home get raided if I advocate for a coup at this point? Asking for a friend...🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😑
What about 🌽 pop
Show proof. Quit making crap up!
I just don't understand how anyone at this point can possibly want another 4 years of this kind of corruption. tRump is not the only one who can inherit a great economy. Any POTUS but Bush can keep a great economy going. It's just that tRump is the only one who can use a great economy to distract from seeing how he's dismantling our country's democracy one institution at a time.
lock him up !
Anyone BUT Trump 2020. Wake up America
I just hope that the Russian puppet will be out of office in 2020!!
Stephen Notes
Fake news Biden’s son got favorable deals from Russians and Chinese over the years CNN sucks at reporting the whole story
The people you see on CNN are not journalists. They are actors playing characters on their respective shows on a network devoted to political drama. This guy is a terrible actor.
Bye bye Joe Biden
I will never understand how any American can support such a horrible human being as Trump!
Fake News and their DNC masters: "It Might Not Be a Crime - but we Still Might Be Able to Attack the President of the United States of America."
the shocking thing is that BIDEN was not investigated for forcing Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating His SON's company by threatening to withhold USA AID MONEY worth a BILLION DOLLARS!...Since WHEN does a sitting USA VicePresident BRIBE a foreign country to stop investigating his family member with AMERICAN TAXPAYER MONEY!!!!!... wow..
Joe Biden threaten the Ukraine to not give them a billion if they dont fire the prosecutor who was investigation the company his son worked for they fired him and got the billion that is illegal but CNN works for the DNC so they wont report it
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The United Auto Workers union strike against General Motors showed no signs of a quick conclusion as its impact on other plants and workers continues to spread.

All these comments about hating unions. American workers should support each other in the fight. Unions have done more to further conditions for american workers than any other institution ever. Also the argument about government protection for workers. Keep voting Republican an you will be working for starving wages in no time.
UAW Proud UAW Strong I stand with my brothers and sisters in solidarity! ✊🏻✊🏾✊🏿✊🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸
Highest trade deficit in history! No Coal Jobs! Rustbelt jobs going overseas! The Retardican Controlled south is dirt poor! Over 3 million people on food stamps in Ruby Red Florida! Lost the Wall, lost North Korea, lost healthcare, committed obstruction! 22 trillion dollar debt! Tax scam Failed! Isis regrouping! 👆🍼😂😆😂 Good Luck Dotard!!
Just wait till Medicare for all takes away those union health care plans
So the bad welds done on the steering recall is that man or machine welds ????
We need unions. I like getting higher pay for no reason!
If you have worked for GM for a lot of years and you haven't saved up for rainy days like these I feel nothing for you.
I don’t buy GM products, they don’t last, pure junk!
Just curious.... what is their average pay?
Relax Trump has a plan for Saturday: 18 holes at Mar A Lago.
Maybe if GM produces quality products that still moves after 100K miles things would be different for them.
The cost of those cars will be going up
Buy Fords.
When America was great, America had VERY STRONG UNIONS!!!
John Byrne
Don’t buy American crap cars!
Keith Cunniffe
Union fools!
Sean McGillicuddy
I stand with UAW
Replace them!
This is why everything goes over to China
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In a phone call, President Trump urged Ukraine's President Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden's son Hunter, a source says. CNN's Jim Acosta has the latest.

How about have an investigation into his own kids!!??
Someone needs to investigate that - Joe Biden was VP and mysteriously his son received a plush job
We need some normalcy in the WH. I’m getting reallly tired of this reality show. It’s exhausting to watch...
We need to impeach him, vote him out and sic NY on him to lock him up.
He is not a criminal, if they had anything on him, anything at all, he would be up on charges by now!!! 50 liberal lawyers and 3 years later, nothing!!! What in the hell is wrong with yall???!!! Do yall really want Democratic socialism and lose your country??!! Its Trump or Democratic socialism and we end up just like Venezuela and all these liberal Democrat cities that have floods of homelessness and disease. Careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
This is just the stuff we know about. I promised there's more. I want details on the taxpayers' dollars used for trips to his golf courses and rallies.
I am so over him that I don’t even want to read about what unbelievable things he does or says on a daily basis.
Everything about this story emboldens this corrupt sham of a president. Again he attempted to recruit assistance from a foreign nation to help him get dirt on a political opponent to help him win an election, and suggested he would withhold military-aide as blackmail. And he is working the news media to bring forth a scandalous fake story about Biden and his son that will work to discredit his political rival. When this traitor in the White House suggests the news media has been fooled into covering a story and will themselves be discredited, this is what he is referring too. In all ways, this mockery hurts the American People and we have to be vigilant to maintain our sense of right and wrong and truth. Vote this administration out of office!
Why hasn't this criminal been impeached yet?
Well, if his son did something wrong, then it should be investigated. What’s the problem here?
Is anybody as sick of the tRumps as I am.
We live in the dumbest of times.
Hi Friends This whole aversion attempt was design to take the attention from the Mueller Report on Mr Trump and his Son treason with Russia. Have a blessed day, everyday is a new beginning ‘
Investigate Joe Biden and he son's! NOW!
Jim Acosta!??? Wow... the WH press briefings have been SO calm lately. Haven't heard a Jim Acosta outburst or grandstand in a while. Thank you God. Was he there? AND behaved? THAT is wonderful!
The Ukraine volunteered this information. The democratic’s were not interested.
Come on people only four more years of Trump and this drama will be over.
Another mountain made out of a mole hill / gotcha story of the weak. I don't know or really care if there's any truth to this. Even if there is it likely adds up to a pot calling the kettle black situation.
Ok...definitely illegal to go after your political enemies using leverage over a foreign country...right? I’m starting to wonder if we have laws anymore
Why doesn't the party first Republican Party say no to this... this is an abuse of office.
Biden’ son was being investigated criminally by Ukraine for “business dealings”...then VP Biden extorted Ukraine to withhold U.S. $ aid if they didn’t get rid of the prosecutor.
Of course Jim has the info 😆
So he asked them look into election meddling? Would it have been better if more like Obama and did nothing?
They should do that to his Sons and Daughter!!
What happened to the crisis on the southern border? Did that go away? Smoke and mirrors?
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Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledged that Germany was falling short of its original goal of cutting carbon emissions by 40% from 1990 levels by 2020. Now it is aiming for a 55% reduction by 2030.

America’s wealthy just want to put $ in their own pockets...take it from the poor, the Earth in distress, they don’t care. Kudos Germany!
Thank you. For caring about our planet.
great .. I believe they will reach 60% by 2030, exceeding the original 5% target. 😍
As long as they pay for it themselves. We'll see the results.
Thank you, Germany.
Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. Just do what you can. Our mistakes of over a century cannot be reversed at the snap of a finger.
Come on! That’s considered a FAIL.
I remember when America had a leader who the world admired. Now they just laugh at us.
And Obamas thanks you for allowing him and his democrat coastal elites buddies can still live at their beach front homes.
They already spent several hundreds billions and ended up with higher emissions. Wonder why? With additional 60 billions and a target of 2030, i am sure it will work...
What an amazing accomplishment!
Yes human's have polluted this rock we spin around with garbage some more than others... But Climate change Shift ? has nothing to do with anything knuckle dragging tax payers ... I'm just happy we are in the warming cycle of this rock we spin around on because the cooling cycle will kill millions including all vegetation animals overnight Tax Free.... Truth be told its already started to cool 🤘
A waste. Will not make an iota of difference. Better spent on preparation than squandering on mitigation.
$60 billion seems low. Although the current US administration has pledged zero.
Easy to accomplish.... turn off the heat and A/C..... start riding bicycles... and grow your food.. bingo 🤩
Really? Just plant millions of trees. Trees absorbs CO2 and release O2. Another money grab.
We truly are in Bizarro World. America lost. Good job!
You go girl! Thank you so much! We have a dumkaph in our WH who can't read or write or even comprehend anything besides his won aggrandizement!
... while America, a former world leader, is going in the opposite direction 😑
So if I go flush a couple $100's down the toilet can I also claim I'm helping? Is that how this works? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Good luck. Climate change has only been happening for 55 billion+ years.
Lol. Broken people, sheep maybe. The GDP vs impact. We, the western world, are an ant hill compared to China and India when it comes to impact on any of this. Be silly.
Glad Germany is doing something...US is not.
If only the United States had a real leader without dementia.
Are the Germens going to spray the 60 billion out of plains to block out the sun and kool the planet down?
CNN shared a post.1 hour ago
Very good butiful
Many other brands already had those features for years, plus 5G and larger memory. Apple just keeps falling more and more behind compared to other brands. 🤷‍♀️
I'll just wait on the iphone 13 when it's the Best of the Best.
Iphone 10 good enough i still owe 300 bucks on it. Probably wait till 5g
Once it's the size of your shoe, it's time for a rethink.
A generous American should buy iPhone 📲 9 for me, I don't need 10 or 11,just 9 I will b honored Make America graet again 💪
The best?? Not quite.
I’m fine with my 8... was fine with the 5, but had to upgrade...
If it was the best it would be a Pixel 3 XL.
The best or nothing.
I' m good with my Huawei 😊 The best of the best #justsaying
I'm still using my iPhone 5 SE. Works great!
I just need a new phone. I picked iphone because it was cheaper than Samsung this time. Less Money spent talks to me..
Am good with ma Android thank you😏
My iPhone 8 Plus is still doing big things!
So youre telling me the iphone 11 is the best because they gave you a better battery life and 2 front facing camras for $1000. Ill say iphone is the best once they stop robbing consumers of their stuff just to sell it back for $500
I want Iphone11 sponsor please😂
Will stay with last year’s model. It’s not enough for me to want to get one! 😒
Allow me to review it. It is an over-priced camera with a phone built-in. Period.
Frankly, just came here for the comments lol typing this with my Blackberry Key2 ❤️😂
I not spending thousand dollars 💵 on a phone
Not even remotely close to the other reviews out there. The majority have been very very positive specially about the cameras, the battery life, and the ridiculously fast chipset
I still got iPhone 1
Lmao ohh I phone 11 has 3 cameras 😂 yeeaahhh apple is just playing catch up with samsung at this point.
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There are 35 Massachusetts communities now at critical risk of EEE and 40 at high risk of the mosquito-borne virus.
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is urging people to take extra precautions against mosquito bites, especially this weekend during the unusually warm weather.

Thank you.
This is more hazardous than vaping and has affected more people in more places than vaping. I'm hearing about it for the first time. 😁
I live with my family in Massachusetts
Are there any of these mosquitoes in the WH......asking for a few million friends.
Thanks to climate change. And we need a major cold winter long polar vortex kill off all these nasty bugs .
The state should spray for mosquitoes and quit being cheap.
EEE, very appropriate for mosquitoes.
There's no vaccine and one in 3 people that get it don't survive..... that's not good.....
Well we obviously need to ban all non-tobacco flavored mosquitos immediately
We must ban mosquitoes!!!
I will let my people know right away
Hope this mosquito make a visit to the White House to MAGA 🗣🦟
What is symptoms?
Uh oh. Ban them in all states NOWWWWWW
Same in Southwest Michigan
Ban mosquitos
Please have your pets tested for heartworm disease - only one bite from an infected mosquito can transmit this potentially fatal disease to your pet
I do not think this is funny dialogue! Real people are really dying!
The Earth has found her vaccination against humans.
Omg very sad
Trump must ban mosquitos!
Spreading fear
Man I live in ohio just got bite ran inside
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From New York to Mumbai, climate protesters flooded their cities marching out of their schools, homes and workplaces to demand action on climate change

What an awesome site! To come together in such a peaceful way across the globe. Keep up the pressure to show climate change is a serious issue and should be addressed.
The year I graduated high school we were told to fear the coming Ice Age....Nope, fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. The kids should start from there and they would be on solid footing for learning.
Excellent!!! Great use of time and caring about the wonderful world 🌎 It’s not all about tree planting.
Amazing, proud of the young generation taking on the issues the previous 3 generations screwed up.
My belief is Mother Nature herself IS the only one that can change the climate .
Climate change? The action starts within each and everyone. What's the use of marching and shouting in protests, when, afterwards, we go home and continue with our usual, irresponsible anti-environment habits???
I'm happy there seems to be nice warm weather for their climate march! 🙂 🙂
One small teenager did this - all over the world! Just think of what all these people in the streets can do at the next election! VOTE for someone that believes in climate change! GO GRETA!
If this was on a Saturday nobody would of showed up, just an excuse to miss school
We did ours yesterday in Melbourne Australia and the whole of Australia
And hundreds of thousands of moms waited in the SUVs to pick up their one kids. Stunning and Brave.
Well what are they going to do when an asteroid hits our planet and ruins all the work they have done.
And the children will lead us
The youth of the world need to take their future out of the hands of those who lack a moral compass and those who don't have the health and prosperity of new the generation or the planet at heart. The critics take for granted that they enjoyed a healthier planet. Climate deniers prefer to keep their heads in the sand, because then they don't have to be part of the solution.
Now show the photos and video of all the used signs and trash left behind by these “concerned” citizens.
Didn't I just see a NASA report saying that climate change was due to the earth rotation around the sun causing different temperatures etc???
News flash kids Earth will not be around forever, it has an expiration date. Where obviously pushing life on Earth closer to extinction ourselves, but even if that didn't happen Earth would be destroyed by something else eventually. If you want to stop worrying about climate change stop having kids altogether and allow the human race to die out before the finale event. If it's not your ending it will be someone else in the future.
"Demanding climate change"? First turn off your electricity and gas, people. Eliminate all your tech devices of convenience.
The world is telling us there is a problem and still the Republican party puts their riches ahead of the American people & the world.
And many of them either flew to the locations or travelled by vehicles that have a large carbon footprint. Also, they left all their garbage laying around instead of picking it up and taking it with them.
This is awesome and great and all but nothing will be changing in America. Marches walk outs and protest dont have the same power as they used to, if they did we would have some kind of new gun legislation.
Please post the tons of trash left behind when the demo is over
Those poor paper/cardboard signs all going to waste, gonna be thrown in filled up garbage cans, Cause liter on the streets. But how many of them planted trees?? 😂😂😂😂
This needed to be done in DC. New York is already a believing kind of town!
Hêhhe I’m sure they just enjoy a day of school, they don’t really care about climate change. If you care start using solar energy instead
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The founder came across a museum dedicated to penises — but no corresponding one for vaginas.

Is below 18 years old allow to enter?
Wear your raincoats guys. We don't need a bunch of little museums running around.
A museum full of whisker biscuits!
I might be Ovary Acting here, but I think it's a great idea 👍
Clean shaven as opposed to bushy style!.....may the best one win.
Once upon on time it was my home, Nothing feels good like home ,visiting the journey I made to come to this world!!
I hope there's a voice at the door that says.. "YES! You may enter.."
I’m still trying to figure out what that pink knitted thingy is... do I need an anatomy lesson?
Have been worshiped , admired and ogled for years at museums known as strip clubs.
Wow what happened to museums that would have dinosaurs........
It’s good to have a few things to make us smile these days.
I'm wondering if they still have an empty place for me in the jungle, Please.
Where can one find this museum you speak of?
This will probably get lost in the comments, but sometimes I like to go out to my garden, cover myself with dirt and pretend I'm a carrot.
Do they have a special exhibit of the little man in the boat to give men a clue?
Curator is always at your cervix.
As its in Camden Market you can pick up some shopping as well, no doubt a must see for young lads, bit of medical research another must see attraction for our friends across the pond and the legal age for drinking is 18 what's not to love 😉
Who decides which vaginas are “museum quality”?
It's sorta like walking into a supermarket with vaginas to buy. This is not appropriate for any visitors who aren't horny at the moment😂😂😂
Only adults are allowed in, kids get tossed out the front door.
This is a horrible idea, do you know how many people will be banned from this place?
They were going to have a clitoris museum, but they were afraid no man could find it.
Oh so what you’re saying everything should be able to have a comparison to each other so straight pride parade is OK then
How can I get there ? And will i see it live and direct? ....asking for a friend
OK thats good , when are they opening the scrotum museum
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CNN tours the site of the oil strike in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia, where a mix of cruise missiles and drones inflicted substantial damage on the world's largest oil processing plant. Nic Robertson reports.

Amazing how sending troops seems to now overshadow whistleblower claim. Nice way to take the heat usual
So these drones were not detected by American purchased defense systems? Im hoping its older technology considering we spend $600B on defense. If Iran can penetrate them then imagine Russia or China
Kinda funny, if the defense systems didnt catch them,then it proves enough its a plot between the U.S and Saudia Arabia and my gut tells me it was Israel.....
Four million people marched today to do something about the climate, and you're helping to start a war. Nice job.
That was an act of war.... The responsible nation should be made to pay dearly
When are we going to stop making cars and oil a priority in this country? We need to invest in sustainable, renewable energy and create a comprehensive public transit system. Maglev is our future
Omg deploying groups to Saudi Arabia who assinated one of their own, but oh they have oil, sad
I would like to know which company manufactured the drones and cruise missiles. The USA is the world’s largest munitions maker/supplier.
EXXONMOBILE and Halliburton bombed the plant to pull the US back into a war in the Middle East and to push up oil prices. Conspiracy Theory # 32,171.004 (Condensed Version)
Not defending Iran or anything... Iran is east of Saudi Arabia not north or north west... just saying
It's all rigged. We all know who planned for this stuff😉
Rocketry experts point out: missiles shown by Saudi Ministry of Defense have a maximum range of 700 miles. However, the location of the Rebel controlled area is over 1,000 miles away from the targeted Refinery. Most probably a Saudi False Flag operation (where is Mr Prince & Mercenaries in all of this?)
And I want to read in the headline that they are recuperating and recovering, despite the attack they are prepared to repair and move on.the spirit of recovery must be featured in the news too not just the this way regardless of the damage it caused still the message is clear they cannot in every way put down the good majority......the news must be immensely inspiring at times like this.
We sold them billions of dollars of military equipment. Now, we send our sons and daughters to show them how to use it?
keep it in the ground, we need to develop green technologies.
Iran must pay the bill,for this atack in oil raffinery in Saudi Arabia.
More freaked out by the lack of coverage on Area 51
Pretty sure we did that to raise gas prices.
Why did they attack it? Why are you not asking important questions
Saudi Arabia should know better USA and west policy are rule and divide.two wrong don't make one right war is not a solution war is a problem
Is this a good time to remind everyone that the government of Saudi Arabia owns the entire 45th floor of Trump Tower?
This is great. Do you think Saudi Arabia could have a human rights catastrophe addressed so quickly with as much money and resources devoted?
The political of course can take a toll on a country, not to mention the reconstruction of a country after an attack . I hope Saudi Arabia can find mutual grounds and try to seek worldwide balance, as we should be doing ourselves, (USA)...
Funny how our reaper drones were overhead at the time..
Cool! Another 18 years of the US government stealing tax payers money for oil interest
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California and New York filed a lawsuit to try to block President Donald J. Trump's administration from revoking the states' authority to set their own vehicle emission standards.

Look up the Clean Air Act of 1970, y'all. Congressional legislation explicitly granted California the power to set its own standards as long as their standards were at least as protective of public health as federal standards, and as long as the state could demonstrate a need for different standards. (So far California has pretty much only needed to point out that it has about 6 million more cars than the next largest state.) California's right to a waiver was strengthened by more legislation in the late 70s. No President can just waive a hand and negate 50 years of legally enacted federal law. This is a White House stunt.
This administration just doesn't get it! Instead of adapting and guaranteeing a sustainable economy, they are intent on returning things to how they were. Here is the thing, as more consumers turn more to hybrid or electric vehicles, the jobs he is trying to save by returning to high emissions engines are going to disappear. So what are we left with because we chose not to adapt? Another auto company bailout is what. This is just prolonging progress. We need a president who wants to make America not just great in the now, but great in the future as well. We need to be proactive with our policies, not responsive with them.
States rights. California has and has had air quality issues unique to the state. Deregulation is awesome, but this is a terrible move.
I always wondered how this was not a violation of interstate commerce. Hell, well intentioned or not, we can't have 50 sets of standards!
I think alot of those are federal and not state
Intrastate falls under the federal government. And since it would impact vehicles traveling in and out of the state it seems the supremacy clause takes care of this.
They need to have federal regulations holding states to the standard, not the other way around.
Ya! Leave Californian alone! We are screwing our state up fine before you tried to get involved 🤣
Good job trump! Finally we can get better gas mileage vehicles that are safer than what Obama and California strict regulations allowed!
CO joined it today!❤️❤️
That's right California and New York get him at his own game! If it's one thing Trump understands its lawsuits!
Let’s be honest: This is all about “giving it to the liberals“. Because of prohibitive high developement costs car companies always create automobils according to the global strictest environment protection rules. Trump taking away these powers from CA or NY won‘t change that car companies have to follow the strict European or East Asian rules. Therefore I want to ask as a German why hates Trump base liberals so much? What did they do to conservatives?
This is an anti-Trump news channel. You hardly say something nice about him. Why not focus on fair and objective reportage and allow the great man to focus on doing his job as the president of the U.S.?
There are NO pictures to do this justice. Early numbers say 400’000 across Australia. 100’000 in Berlin. 100’000 in London. 50’000 in Hamburg. And preliminary number in Germany is 1,4 million people!!! But it’s beyond huge everywhere!!!! In every city. Every town. This picture is Sydney, Australia. Together we are changing the world. #fridaysforfuture #climatestrike
What happened to States right? I thought the GOP backed states rights.
I thought Republicans were all about state’s rights and less power in the hands of the federal government?
I thought he was all about state’s rights and reducing federal overreach?... guess I was wrong...
Interesting how the GOP is all for "state's rights" when it comes to discrimination and hurting people, then all of a sudden against it when a state is trying to do good.
All I know is that I attended my brothers wedding 50 years ago in LA. I could only see about a block, I felt instantly filthy and the air smelled bad. In the subsequent years it has improve drastically over time. This year I could see for miles, the sky was blue and the air fresh even though the population has greatly increased. But yeah let’s throw that success out the window so the rich can get richer.
CA might win this one, but consumers in every other state lose because the most liberal state in the country, with the highest poverty rate adjusted for cost of living, is dictating emissions standards for the rest of us and driving up car prices.
The power and efficiency that cars lose and the bumper to bumper traffic stop and go acutely makes cars use more fuel. With the new gas tax you are digging into the states pocket. With the power, harvesting and running of the factories to make these special California parts. In the end you’re defeating the purpose of trying to lower our carbon footprint.
Only in California would they sue the federal government because they dont enough regulations.
What is the basis of the administration’s authority to disallow California from setting stricter standards? I mean, they are fully compliant with the EPA regs, they just go a bit further. I can understand it if California was loosening the standards and not complying with the federal one, but this is the complete opposite. It’s almost like Trump is alleging that California’s standards infringe upon someone’s right to pollute the air, which is just perverse!
I guess states rights like a balanced budget are out the window for Repugs.
Trump has appointed over 150 judges many of which are in California, good luck with that. ROFLMAO.