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Today's Black and Blue Report is hosted by Daniel Sallerson as he welcomes on NFL Network's Omar Ruiz and New Orleans Saints defensive end, Mario Edwards Jr.


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There is no 2nd place to Aaron Rodgers
Please cut Andrus, he sucked last year.
I Robert Curtis Peffer Jr am so sick and tired of this garbage dump called the state of Wisconsin #WisconsinAct10
AARON RODGERS is a LOSER that plays for the Green Bay packers organization
Okay whatever ... we want dont work anyhow. Lol... new center/guard woe awesome
now Omar Sharif or Omar Epps or both
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Guess the correct order of the Saints 2019 opponents for a chance to win $20,000!

Catherine Bartley Guess
Nedra Lejeune
That’s harder than NCAA Brackets
Easy!! The Refs all 16 games.
Week 1-17 opponents are the refs with a bye week in week 7
How about some love for Saints fans who live outside the contest eligibility zone? Saints Nation is everywhere.
Travis Tatum Casandra Tatum
There's gonna be bad blood between the Catholics (the Saints) and the Convicts (the Rams). May the Convicts go down in shame after the Saints humiliate them in front of their fans and the rest of the entire civilized world. 👍😇👍 👎🐏👎
What about Nola folks that had to move because of Katrina but are still devoted Saints fans . Not right to exclude people for where they live . 😡😡😡😡😡😡
Michael Sullivan
Rams first
Darnise Walker
Mark Fields
Linda Kruger Myers
Week 1 @LA Rams Week 2 vs Carolina Panthers Week 3 vs Houston Texans Week 4 @Tampa Bay Bucs Week 5 @Chicago Bears Week 6 BYE WEEK Week 7 vs Atlanta Falcons Week 8 @ Seattle Seahawks Week 9 @ Tennessee Titans Week 10 vs Dallas Cowboys Week 11 @ Carolina Panthers Week 12 vs Tampa Bay Bucs Week 13 @ Jacksonville Jaguars Week 14 vs Arizona Cardinals Week 15 vs SF 49ers Week 16 vs Indianapolis Colts Week 17 @ Atlanta Falcon
Elizabeth Clouatre Larry Hamburger Jr. Cathy Burch John Egloff Winston Jarrott Annette Holmes Randy Brunet Nancy Brunet Lisa Gilliland Krieger Mary Bougere Ginny Fisher Rhett O'Keefe Luke Joia Kristy Benoit Joia Bucky Batts Lloyd Kerlec
Scott Scarberry
Jonathan Lasserre
Beau Lynch
Anthony Amato
I only know what our first game will be...Saints at the Rams.
Tanya LeJeune Suter
All the wives tagging their husbands in the comments. 😊
Joseph Roland Leon
Dustin Rookie Landry
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The latest mock drafts!

Dixie Beer

I Robert Curtis Peffer Jr worked harder in my life ever since #WisconsinAct10 compared to Aaron Rodgers has ever worked in his entire life.... there is no 2nd place to Aaron Rodgers
I didn’t see greedy Williams as a first round draft choice? That doesn’t make sense
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The Gayle and Tom Benson Charitable Foundation recently donated $3.5 million to Second Harvest Food Bank, the largest contribution to the nonprofit in its 37-year history.

Thank you Mrs gail you are a wonderful person rest
Awesome Owner and organization
Such an amazing couple before mr. Benson's passing and such a wonderful lady and mrs. Benson what a generous charitable gift
Thank you Mrs Gayle Benson
She is the heart of the Saints and that's why we admire her and love our team so much
Bless you Gayle Benson.
What a great blessing.
Amazing lady!!!
So proud of our wonderful owner 🙂
Debbie McLendon Cassandra Happy Franks
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"I hope others will join me in making this investment in one of our community's most important social service nonprofits." - Mrs. Benson


New Orleans Saints
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A year after his death, a look at the impact Tom Benson continues to have on those that were closest to him and to the city and teams he cherished so much

Thomas Hutchison
Gone but never forgotten... thank you Mr. Benson, for loving New Orleans as much as New Orleans loves you!!! Rest easy Saint Benson! ⚜️🙏🏾⚜️
Who dat
Funny how everyone forgets how hard he tried to move OUR Saints to San Antonio in a time when we needed him the most. It wasn't the first time he threatened it either. If it were Roger Goodell as commissioner we would have lost our beloved team that is sowen into the fabric of souls. We all can thank Jerry Jones, Paul Tagliabue and the former owner of the Jaguars for standing up to him and saying NO!!! I will never forget.
We miss you dearly. Ready to win the SB like we should have this past season.
He is surely missed by e everyone around. He knew what he was doing by putting Mrs B in charge. The generosity tjey have shown to this city. You can bet he is hanging on God's golden shores. He didn't let his money control him. He knew he had a greater power. The power of prayer. God bless u Mr. B😙
I miss the Benson Boogie !! Rip Mr Benson
Who Dat Nation RIP Mr.Benson
A great man with a great Legacy is never forgotten in fact will always be remember with love and respect 🤗
R.I.P. Tom Benson
Would have loved to keep him on helmets after all the Bears have George Halis on their uniforms
May You Rest In Peace Mr. Benson!!
He went from being one of the most disliked and unrespected owners to one of the most successful and luckiest with a just a few key hirings
Rest in Paradise Mr. Benson!! Who Dat is still going strong in your absence but we sure miss seeing you in the building.
My dad was on the USS South Dakota I have a picture of Mr.Benson and my dad together
Great job, Benson! God bless!
Miss u Mr B
You will never be forgotten. RIP Mr Benson Who Dat
Love & miss you Mr. B ⚜️🖤⚜️🖤⚜️
Who dat Nation RIP mr. Benson
Miss You Tom Benson
Thank you Mr.B, you will never be forgotten. ⚜️⚜️
Miss him Who DAT RIP Mr Benson
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Today Mrs. Gayle Benson announced a $3.5 million donation from the Gayle and Tom Benson Charitable Foundation to Second Harvest Food Bank. The donation, which will go toward critical infrastructure upgrades, is the largest contribution in Second Harvest's 37-year history.

She is so full of class and, like her husband, loves this city and continues to support it
Mrs Benson is the definition of class⚜️
Great contribution to a wonderful cause from a very generous lady. Thank you for caring about the community around you Mrs. Benson!
Thanks for being a great owner and community member.
Lady Benson, you're my new superhero!
Thank you Mrs. Benson! This donation will help many families throughout the State! 😇
No one should be hungry in New Orleans! True giver ~ 💛 Trained by the best! Heart of Gold ... Blessed... Thank you, Mrs. Benson. Thanks to Tom Benson, for allowing you to handle his legendary spirit!
The Benson's never forgot where they came from.. Way to go Mrs.Benson!
What a great woman. And the donation didn't make her great...she already was/is
Mrs. Benson, you are a true blessing to all who are in need! Thank you for all that you do in The WhoDatNation! 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛
Mrs. Benson is an amazing human! Class act all around! #WhoDat?!⚜️⚫️
Such a worthy cause to contribute! ❤️ Generous indeed!
A very generous gift indeed.
Such beauty in humanity!💛💛💛
Mrs Gayle you are a wonderful person ..
Thanks for sharing your wealth Mrs Benson👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💯💯💯‼️
Awesome lady! Thank you Mrs. Benson❤️
What a great way to honor him on the first anniversary of his passing.
Good for you Mrs Benson! Wonderful contribution!
Such class. Such generosity. Thank you, dear Lady, for all you do for New Orleans.
What a wonderful gift for needed people ,Thank You !Mrs.Gayle Benson,👏👏👏🙏🏻🙏🏻Who Dat 👍💕💕💕💕💕💕
Paying it Forward Mrs Benson. Community Thanksgiving
Thank you Mrs. Benson 🖤⚜️ Awesome 🖤⚜️
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Our latest signings: Teddy Bridgewater, Wil Lutz and DT Malcom Brown are featured on today's Black and Blue Report!


Teddy is a class act. And really he is low key. Not complaining and not sitting out. As really the guy I heard nothing but awesome things. Glad he is over his injuries
Let's not completely disregard how fast Payton Manning, Favre, Montana, Young, Morino and all the rest of the over 38 year old quarterbacks fell off. Brees was two completely different quarterbacks from week 1-11 and then 12-17. I noticed a huge dip in his velocity and accuracy. So did PFF. We may be looking at that 40yo drop off. I hope not but reality is that it's very possible.
Our latest signings: guys that we had last year that we're just paying more money... not to mention some good talent that walked away to other teams... meanwhile KC and Cleveland steamrolling everyone with free agency
Go get Randall Cobb. Speedier version of Taysum hill
Will Lutz won games for us last year- so happy we locked him up!
Saints not messin' around.
The Saints should trade Drew for Eli Manning.
Not saying we need it, but another weapon Drew could use is Jordie Nelson just saying I guess
Marino...had....a Shoulder Injury
Welcome to the WhoDatNation! We Love ❤️our Saints! ⚜️🖤🧡⚜️🖤🧡⚜️🖤🧡⚜️🖤🧡⚜️
From what I have seen when Bridgewater was with the Minnesota Vikings, he is not all that. All the NFL players are over paid. Just keeping it 100!
Amen, being self centered doesn't make you bad it just makes you ready for the world
Dat pass rush is on point now!!!! Now we need ziggy ansah and jared cook and we'll be unstoppable.
T. Bridgewater well over paid!!! WTF
Max unger retired 😫😫😫
We need receivers
Phins just traded Tannehill...I know we just resigned Teddy but trade him. Phins wanted him and they will overpay. Lets trade him for a first or second lol
Everybody needs a chance.
Le prochain brees Marc-antoine Lavigne
You're gonna need him. Old man brees played realllllly bad last year. Doesnt matter though you arent making it past divisionals.
Go saints
He sucks
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Guess the correct order of the #Saints 2019 opponents for a chance to win $20,000!

Go Jaylen Patel go!
Week 1 Win Week 2 Win Week 3 Win Week 4 Win Week 5 Win Week 6 Win Week 7 Bye Week 8 Win Week 9 Win Week 10 Win Week 11 Win Week 12 Win Week 13 Win Week 14 Win Week 15 Win Week 16 Win Week 17 Win Divisional Round Win Conference Championship Win Super Bowl Win
New Orleans Saints gonna win All of the games
Week 1, NFL Refs Week 2, NFL Refs Week 3, NFL Refs And so on
this years nfl season opener better be the Saints and Rams. Revenge game.
Aracely Valdez
Treyvis, you may be good @ this.
Joe N Christian Cox Dayne Anthony Tubre
Steven Phillips
Cyndi Cole Lee Stephen Lee Josh Lee Krysten Lee
Don't matter the saints will beat most of them
Nate Haderlie
Samuel Schetrompf
Eric Chapman
Heather Barry
Jc Kendrick
Hopefully the Bears game is no later than October
Lindsay Gardner 😂
Hopefully they give a prize to closest guess since you have better odds at winning the megamillions
Available to residents of Lousiana, Alabama and Missisippi F*** the rest of us. 😡😡
Sylvester Dorsey III
Sabrina M Bailey
Matt Bedwell
Blake L. Delaney
Hayden Scott
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Making moves 👀

Meet the Team - Malcom Brown:

Another first round pick on our defense. That’s Rankins, Jordan, Davenport, Lattimore, Apple and now Brown
Can everyone chill on Cook. We're gonna get him. We're filling holes. Be happy #WhoDat
Brown is a wrecking ball!!
Welcome to The Who Dat Nation!
hmm,,,given recent history, I'm not real big on players from NE
Another 1st round defensive player 👀 we're stacked!
This clearly means that we are using our few draft picks this year on offense. Our D-Line is solid again, which will impact the whole defense making an addition DB unnecessary in both FA and the draft. Making room for rookie WRs TEs and OL. Be patient.
Keep building that defense. Wish we can get another corner and safety
Welcome to The Who Dat Nation, Malcom.
Can yall make a move for Cook now?
Welcome to the Who Dat Nation!!!
Cool, anyone think we will be eligible to compete for a championship this season or will it be another massive slap in the face to this organization and its fans?
Welcome new Who Dat Brown!!
Welcome to the Saints!! #WhoDat
yup....we made a all ya need is a new coach....stop ur whinin"
He looks out of shape
Defense.. WHO DAT! Welcome Mr. Brown 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Great Pick up💪need some d-line help.
Welcome to the Who Dat Nation, Malcom Brown!
David Johnson
Who dat! ⚜️
Micah Jones
Cool cool