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‪Thomas Morstead previewed our matchup with the Rams today 🎥‬

Get em Saints a die hard Pats fan but wishing you all the best in this game you got this!!
We got this!
Yes Lord Amen
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The goal has always been the same.


How come everytime he speaks, I wanna run through a brick wall! Lets go boys!! ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ #Whodat
Y’all MF’ers better be loud! I know I will be from my living room. Wish I could make it. #ProveThemRight
What other NFL players are revered like Drew? Patriots players aren't playing to win a ring for Brady's sake, same goes for Big Ben, Eli, and others...but Drew, well his soldiers are fighting FOR him, not just with him. Drew is a hero in my eyes. I love that man.
Lord in heaven knows I'm rooting for you Drew and the boys‼️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️
These guys deserve to go to the Big One! Hoping that happens. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
One game at a time!🙌 Beautiful!😍 The Book📚 of Brees!🙌 We play for each other😍 WhoDat💛🏈💛🏈💛
It's right there guys... Right in front of you... Embrace the moment... Achieve what they said you couldn't... Who Dat??? You Dat!!!
The New Orleans Saints are going to say focus and win the Super Bowl
This gives me the feels 😌 New Orleans Saints y’all have been playing hard 🏈 and cookin up good juju for another #blackandgoldsuperbowl 🖤💛 this season. I truly 🙏🏼 we get there & win for the team, Drew Brees Mr. Benson, the Who Dat Nation, and city of New Orleans ⚜️🖤 #whodat #ibelieve
God i love Drew brees. lets go!!
One TD AT A TIME...28 ...18..SAINTS
From Honduras, Central América. Who dat nation
Brees is a good dude. Classiest, most humble QB to ever play the game. His parents, wife, children, coach and teammates should be proud. WHO DAT!!!
Drew Brees is a heckuva guy. God bless the day he showed his face in N.O.!
Drew is a great person, obviously, and a great leader, which is exactly what a QB is supposed to be, and not to be above them. They respect him, and follow him, and that is why it works, and it works pretty damn good! 🙂 Go Saints! <3
Let get the next 2 W Saints!
Who Dat!! Love our #9!! Geaux Saints!!!
to LAs misery dilly dilly the rams can suck my dilly dilly
Win this one and then on to ATL - I believe <3
He’s a great leader for the team! Who Dat!⚜️⚜️⚜️
Lets go saints yall got this
Desde de México apoyando Vamos Saints
The Man. The Myth. The Legend. The GOAT. SuperBowl LIII here we come!
Good Luck in the play off.... Go Saints
Saints I know you'll win next sunday in the dome and they'll put all of the meat on the grill to get the pass for superbowl, I'll be send my good vibes from home that day 🏈💛💙👍😊
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Watch today's #Saints Playoff Report for the latest practice updates, player interviews and exclusive analysis from John DeShazier and Rod Walker of The New Orleans Advocate 🎬

Good luck from Fort Worth
Superbowl ,that is enough
Geaux Saints - I believe <3
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When they ask what position he plays, he says FOOTBALL..
Needs to start after Brees retire 💯
His TD against the eagles was amazing! Too bad there was a penalty 😕
He’s the second coming of Tim Tebow but with real athletic ability. Tebow could be playing football if he just would of done whatever the team wanted him to. All Taysom wants to do is get in the game. Honestly feel he changed at least 3-4 games outcomes this year
I know it didn't count, but you should have shown that beautiful throw by him to Kamara against the Eagles.
Taysom Hill delivered my pizza last Saturday and I live in Washington state
Go tricky Taysom or the “Mormon Missile” as Alvin Kamara calls him 😆 He said Unger came up with it.
The future! ⚜️⚜️ But I’m not ready! More Breesy please!!
His nickname needs to be spark plug...cause when the saints need a spark just stick him in and he finds a way to get that spark we need
Nikki Ann Riggs I need to stop watching this stuff. Giving me chills and making my nerves bad at the same time
Can’t wait to see that snap to Taysom Hill, pass Bridgewater, pass to Bress, pass to Kamara touchdown play. lol
Thanks Green Bay for cutting Hill lose, we love him. The Taysom turn-around ⚜⚜⚜
This song talks about Taysom Hill at 2:30. Check it out #taysomhill
He is awesome! Love the way he is always laughing after a play...he loves this sport! And, he's easy on the eyes too!
Absolutely love this guy!
Let's Go Saints. Beat that fake Goat. From a Panther.
He's usually the spark we need to get going. Before he makes a play we are down a score or two, and then this happens.
Should’ve added his TD pass to Kamara for the hell of it
Not only is he an amazing asset to pur team, you can see that he loves the game! ❤
We are absurdly lucky to have #7 on the team, and young Mr. Hill in the town. I've always loved the team, but since Payton got here he's also brought in excellent men to represent New Orleans. And this group is just so much fun to watch!
BYU is still proud of this boy!
GO SAINTS! And Taysom! From a fellow Idahoan.
I’m happy for him to get QB money to keep doing what he’s doing.
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Watch Alvin Kamara's NFC Championship media availability ⚜️

Does anyone else but me want to see plays with both Kamara and Ingram in the backfield
Everyone knows what at stake? Then y'all need to start the game that way. Don't let the Rams get the control, get those Touchdowns immediately and keep running that score. When opponents score first y'all loose the MOJO until Hill does something awesome to give y'all faith. Come on the field and play hard, play like y'all really want that second Superbowl and the respect y'all deserve. I'm tired of hearing the Saints are just a one hit wonder!!!!!
I like this guy on and off the field. He’s a real inspiration to youngsters
I would love to see these guys get a ring, they all deserve it.
I love this guy
I watch a lot of player interviews. This was as good as any Mahomes interview I’ve seen. Very knowledgeable young man.
I know our guys will do their very best I pray for a win they deserve it
Kamara is one of our “GOLDEN GUY”
Start strong and finish strong Boom&Zoom
Big time players make big time plays in big time games... #whodat
We want the trophy
OUR #boom & #zoom Thier #gloom & #doom
AWESOME INTERVIEW!! Very humble young man!!
Great interview ⚜️🏈.
Rams 36 Paper bag heads 10
Good luck !!! Love my Saints all the way
Much Love to Kamara & All Our Saints.!! Geaux Saints
Get it done Boys ⚜️💛🖤⚜️💛🖤
Oh yeah... we know #whodatgirl, #W, #Saints, #whodatnation
After today no more talking, no more distractions, just rest and save that energy! Game will be won in the 4th quarter you can't run out of gas before the game is on the line.
Just need to start strong, we got this Who Dat!
Maybe cooks will hit lattimore with the same thing Diggs did last year
That’s BS Sean Payton loves to play mind games with the opponent! Just like two fourth down conversations in the last game. That’s what got us back in it! Who Dat
Well done Mr. AK. Excellent interview. Keep doing it Boom and Zoom! Make us proud this weekend. ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️
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Sean Payton addressed the media today as we prepare for our matchup with the Rams 📺

We need to get real load Sunday every body needs to get up and scream your lung out in the first half
Yes get very very loud Sunday for our Saints Who Dat Nation❤🏈
Love ya Coach! ❤️⚜️🏈
Geaux Coach !! Pull some old tricks out this Sunday please!!! We as fans want the Super Bowl soooo bad!! Good luck to my Saints and to you coach !!! Who Dat !! Geaux Saints !!
We will only start slow if there is not a sense of urgency to begin this game. The Saints defense needs to have it there mind to not just hold them early but to get a turnover early in this game!!! And get up the points early and often and never let off the gas. We are more than capable of doing this but it’s going to require us playing with a sense of urgency at the start of this game!!!
Who dat proud in Virginia!! (Ok originally from Gulfport Ms. )
Good luck Saints
Love from MS Geaux Saints
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Hope I can win to go help scream my lungs out to win this game can't help if I'm home please please let me win
Where do I need to go to find a jersey made out of jersey material with stitched on letters ,numbers and logos?? I love my Jimmy Graham Super Bowl jersey and I want a new one but I do not want a crappy screen printed jersey for the same price as a quality piece of memorabilia please help I know this is not the most appropriate spot but hopefully someone will read it the can answer my question. WHO DAT NATION!!
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During the regular season, the Saints converted 13 of 16 fourth-down attempts ⚜️

Please don't get down to the last play...almost had a heart attack...come out of the gate kicking butt.. Be wearing my Saints shirt..
I mean the fact that we only had 16 fourth downs is 🔥 on its own...
damn.... that's crazy awesome
New Orleans saints
Kshitiz Pokhrel
James Fulcher
The N. O .Geuex SAINTS
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints11 hours ago

Sean Payton message to Saints fans for Sunday:

bring the noise earlier 🕑

and LOUDER than normal! 🗣️🗣️🗣️


Pitiful how you Saints fans compare the likes of Aaron Rodgers to Drew Brees! Brees is a stat chaser. Rodgers is a leader and easily more efficient!
It sure is a lot of NON Saints fans on a Saints fan page.....IJS. #Whodat!!!
We are ready Coach. Whatever we can do, it will be done
OK, LISTEN SAINTS FANS : I'm from Louisiana but live in Washington state. I can't be there in the dome but to ALL Saints fans, please make some noise and I mean very LOUD.
Make some noise on that field...we got the stands
Basically what CP was trying to say without actually saying it is make noise so Geoff can't hear what the coach is saying in the helmet. Geoff and Mcvey do this more than anyone in the league to the point they get to the line early so the coach can help read the defense
And The Saints need to stop waiting till the last few mins., before deciding they want to win it! Throw no-huddle at them sooner and often........
Was there last week against the eagles. Unfortunately.....won't be there this week as I live in Montreal but I will be watching from home with my heart beating fast and out of breath🤞🏈🤩
I will be screaming at the tv from my chair! Wish I could be there!
Get Loud ....Lol ! That's the victory strategy, Rams scored 21 points in the blink of a eye against the Saints, we're healthy and had added acquisitions, also a couple extra dynamics in players stepping up off the bench, Rams defense were underachievers all year, they've got more talent than anyone in the league, they showed up last week and they're coming to the Superdome, our offense pound for pound is better on paper and on the field.
The coach can talk to the QB until 15 seconds left on the play clock. So if you’re loud the entire time you have a better chance of messing up what they hear before the QB tells the players
Preferably before we are down 14-0. 😬
Lol Sean Payton needs help from the crowd to win. Pathetic.
I’m straight and happily married......But I love that man. Coach, I love you man. God bless you sir.
I’m counting on the Saints fans that can make it to this game. Get LOUD!!!
You got it, Coach!!! The #WhoDatNation will be ready for them Rams!!! Bring the points and we will bring the noise!!!
Ready Coach!🙌 All for the love😍 of the Saints!💛🏈💛🏈💛
Who Dat Nation it all boils down to this one..
I will be there with my loud voice screaming with my peeps. Love you from the Who Dat Nation! DeDe
Why would Sean Payton tell fans to be louder than normal and to start earlier? Why not just play football? Just saying... 💕🏈
Let’s chase those Rams right out that stadium. Go Saints❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Whoever going to the game. Start a chant “BEAT LA”
Play 'em like you played 'em last time, that (week 9) was your best game this season. And keep Taysom Hill in the game, because , for whatever reason, the team seems to be more energized & function much better when he plays....
It gets louder in Seattle. The Rams play up there every year. They're used to noise.
I agree, you want the noise to make a real difference? Start it just before they huddle and continue till the ball is snapped.
New Orleans Saints
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LIVE: Saints NFC Championship Week Media Availability presented by Verizon - Sean Payton - Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019

Saints v. Pats... all up in that fancy new dome in Atlanta!!! Gonna finish up what the d’errty birds couldn’t!!! Dats right Mayor... all up in y’all dome!!! Lmbo! #28-3 #NeverForget #WhoDat⚜️
Please study them as much as they seem to obsessively study us. 1 More Game guys!! You definitely deserve it but everyone needs to give 110%
Just we believe in you, thanks for all, New Orleans Saints for ever!!! Nobody deserves more to win the Super Bowl than you this season
I’m ready to secondline and tailgate down in the ATL. I’m ready for y’all to come #whodat black and gold to the Super Bowl
Just getting to stay home and sleep in your own bed and not traveling is such an advantage.....SAINTS ROLL TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!WHO DAT!!!!!!🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Who Dat in the Atl...ready for y’all to bring it and shut these birdbats and their no cooking mayor up! ⚜️⚜️⚜️
Sending nothing but good vibes into the universe for our boys so excited we got this they deserve it more than anyone
We’re going to perform but we also have to be level headed & try to win this game making good plays. We can do it!!!! Stay woke boyz we’re almost there!!!!!!!⚜️🖤💛⚜️
Go Saints!!! Get ready for Sunday and tear some butt up!! Come on can’t you feel that Super Bowl ???? The city is gonna go crazy and y’all can do it!!! Bless you boys!!!🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏
Who Dat!!! From Mobile AL ! We love and believe in our Saints! My husband was raised in Nola and has a football singed from the first Saints team ever in 1967!
Don’t get me wrong I love Drew Brees but I hate the fact that he stays in the pocket and not run at times like the young QB does Alright now Saints
Hey coach good to hear you're speaking there what can do it looking forward to see you this weekend and Rodeway to Atlanta coach
Come on coach tell them guys we came along way not to make it I yell at the tv every game and imm yell it TELL EM COACH LOL WHODAT ALL DAY
I just wanna run up on Sean and give him a shot to his arm and say “you ready?!” 😂😂😂 he looks like a prankster
Coach needs a staffer with a wheelbarrow to help him carry around those 4th-down cajones! #fearless
I live in Atlanta...and can't wait to meet you guys at the Airport and Playing in the SUPER BOWL 2019
National media picking the Rams!😤
Soooooo proud of this team WHO DAT!
I'm here to HATE!!! PLEASE LOSE SAINTS!!!!!
I hope he has his Juicy fruit ready !!😜
Gosh I love my saints!!! All the way from VA! #WhoDat for life!
Win for your fans and your #1 fan Ray Green WhoDat New Orlean Saints I can feel the breeze already!!
Born and raised in Georgia, but my roots are in Louisiana. Who Dat ⚜️💛🖤 is me from Columbus, Ga. loves Saints Nation
Offense need to step up and put up points fast this game!!