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Hear from Thomas Morstead on the outpouring of support for his foundation What You Give Will Grow and from NFL Network's Stacey Dales on today's episode.

Rebecca Chavez That's what you get for kneeling, Saints. Loving it!
Jeffrey Felix What time is the Saints game on Sunday?
Joe Shah Share this as many times as you can !!!!!! Minnesota NICE
John Silverblade Sorry #YouBlewDat as this Sunday #BaldEages lose to #Viktory
Darcie Weleske This is what Minnesota is all about!
John Silverblade I had a vision from God, I awoke from a dream and God spoke to me. He revealed to me that Sunday the Vikings will score a touchdown in the first quarter, the eagles will score a touchdown in the second quarter, it will be a tie going into the third quarter where both teams will score. The game will be very close, a fight will break out in the stadium against a touchdown that the Vikings made would be taken back. This will enrage the players when others will talk smack to them. Then in the fourth quarter still tied they will go into overtime. I do not know who but one of the Vikings players will be injured and have to be carried off on a stretcher. The Vikings will go on to win it, I didn't see the score but it will come to pass as the Vikings winning and going on to the Super Bowl!!!
Cindy Lavergne Thomas Morstead for Walter Payton Man of the Year!!!!
Shelby T Mitchell Class act all the way
Kathleen R. McIntire This girl from Lafayette Loves HER New Orleans Saints.
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Kamara TD!

Keith Hagerman It’s crazy how the Vikings fans are so delusional over “winning” that game. Their so called #1 defense got destroyed in 2 quarters... your QB and offensive coordinator will be gone, but we will be better. Marcus Williams will be a pro bowl safety in the next two years. We’ll be back with a vengeance.
Sam Kirk #blewdat SKOL VIKINGS!
Drizzy Dre Lemme be the first to remind yall that the saints couldn't hold a lead against a team that had no timeouts, had to go 61 yards, and only 10 secs. Oh yea.... and against Case Keenum 😂😂😂 Before yall talk abt a "ring", remember yall wouldn't have that without #BountyGate hasn't that been made obvious to yall? Never been past the 2nd round of the playoffs since. Let that sink in. #RiseUp
Brady Outcelt I mean it’s only karma right? Saints beat the Vikings in 2009 with Favre throwing that interception and had the spy gate scandal that happened that people forget about. Such a stunning game. I enjoyed every minute of it. The Saints will be back in the playoffs next year.
Tanya Livinlifetodafullest Smith Vikings will be watching the SB from their 🛋
Laurie Neider We got it to early and gave them time to score...
Rj Lubrant Lol. Not the delivery of the game. Nice try though... “bountygate avenged”
Donna T Kelley Game was fixed
Karl McCran RoTY.
David Smith As a Saints fan... I'm pretty sure the delivery of the game was the one to Diggs at the end of the game.....
Andy B Culp Lol that's a joke ..
Bradd Kessler Karma. Apparently your coach knows nothing about it, hahahahahahahaha.....
Preston Jupp Can you guys please stop posting about the game for a little bit. I’m still recovering from it 😂😂😂.
Joe Shah Share this as many times as you can !!!! Minnesota NICE !!!!!
Kevin Daley Being a Saints fan, I hate to say it, but the delivery of the game was the final Hail Mary Pass that ended with a Vikings TD and game victory. 🙁 They won, we lost. They play this weekend and our Saints will probably be watching the game, instead of playing! (That being said, congratulations to Our Saints on a winning season, the NFC South Championship and a good year!)
Jim Bob The delivery of the game was the williams whiff to the Vikings
Benjamin Belanger Love me some Kamara but how is the game sealing TD pass not the delivery of the game?
Bill Mahony What shoulda been.
Cody Boren No that wasn't it. I think it happened at the last 14 seconds.
BigDave Taylor Marcus Williams had more INT's than the 3 yrs we had Byrd. FYI
John M. Gonzales Shame we couldn’t close it out like expected. 😢
Joe Derusha Anyone else notice the blonde in the back hating on the cheerleader lol ...salty
Derric Winters Should be given it to Williams for given it to the Vikings on a platter
Eric Awalt If only 1 more ... I wish.
Michael Ritter Was Santa Claus's gift to the Vikings!
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Move your phone for a 360 huddle of the Saints pregame huddle!

New Orleans Saints
Kyle Wade I don’t want to talk football till the draft
Shawn Meyer Use this 360 degree technology to listen to your heart break all over again? No thank you?
Aaron Condon Could you guys lay off the motivational videos for awhile. They didn't win the day for each other.
Kenneth Rider No need to post this anymore. We're done . The Vikings are living our dream now.
Lauryn LC Rhodes Still too soon. I’m still grieving......
Bruce Payne Who Dat? DAT BE Diggs. It's plain and simple if you beat the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs you do not have the right to win the Superbowl Dilly Dilly.
Kurt Tyler Meister Just stop posting anything for a week or two please
Al Kronlage WAS doing alright putting this behind me. Don't need any of these flashbacks. Lets move on!
Matthew Hassell Taysom Hill is our next QB when DB#9 retires, you heard it here first 😉
Michelle Carter Say that, Brees! “What you think and what you believe is who you are.” It don’t matter what it the media or haters say. We are champions. Who dat 4 life!
Chris Caputo Do you have the 360 helmet view of Marcus Williams missed tackle? 🤣
Roxann Smith I’m pretty much over the Vikings game let’s all try to forget it and regroup next season
Glenn Eymard Ahhhh the wounds are opened again!!!😤😭😩😫
Claudette H. Nassif Please just stop...why would you put anything about the Saints in a pregame huddle? The season is over and we are all heartbroken. I have stopped watching the NFL til next season.
Rollin J. Garcia Jr. Must you not let my wounds heal?
Nicholas Scardino Cut Marcus Williams!!!!! I don't want him on the Saints!!!!! Can't handle pressure in the end of games and he s stupid!
Paul Evans I’d rather FORGET this one, OK!!
Monica E Del Coro its to painfull to watch right know!!
Brandon Bourgoin I want nothing to do with this day until week 1 of next season. New content please. Let’s talk rookie prospects
Brandon Bourgoin This is like showing us videos and pictures of the wedding after the divorce
Aaron Rhodes You. Will be. Saints. Won. Be. So. My. Team. Drew. Bree’s. Need. Call. Me. Not. I. Need. I. Makes. Super bowl. Now he has no. Way. Really. Now
Chris Armando Saints should put a ghost on their helmet to remember the ghost tackle. Cost of a ghost tackle::: 1 super bowl. Gone!!
Sheena Durham IDC I absolutely love my Team #SaintsNation ! #WhoDat 🖤💛⚜️
Nancy Bergenske I miss the Saints already!!!!! Can't wait till September!
Marc Damon 360 sux. Does nothing but slow down my phone, tablet, etc. Use it sparingly please.
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Replay George Johnson's punt deflection in the latest Expert Analysis with John DeShazier.

New Orleans Saints
Robert Carmichael I'd rather see pass protection at the end of the game...around 10 second mark
Pedro Matheu Everything is the 2nd half went our way just not that pee wee tackle
Corey M. Sheets I think we can all agree, we need a few more weeks to get over this!! WHODAT #NOTREADYET
Charlie Nobles We lost Hillary.....get over it and move on.
Michael Lee McKee
New Orleans Saints
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Message from Zach Strief

Frank Emil Sabados Williams if Saints are smart they release or trade this guy he lost the game for the Saints , what a bonehead play Matthews he s gotta go
Philip Phil-Do Smith For just about the whole 2017 NFL season with the exception of the past two weeks. I been from my living room to North Side cancer hospital. So for me it's been and honor watching you guys on Sundays y'all really did make the year a little bit more fun. And I didn't mind been stuck in the house as much. So I want to thank you Zach you and all the guys for a great season. P.S. I'm better now got back to work last week hope next season be just as great tell Sean Payton and the boys I said good work. ( Who Dat 4 Life Philip Smith)
Lorelei Alex Why would anyone put a angry emoji to this??? WTH
Edwin Cook The whole NFL was afraid of the Saints. In the second half of the Viking's game you guys destroyed the #1 defense in the NFL. LEARN and DESTROY!!
Bonnie Desselle Thank you for an awesome season, hope y'all know how much this team means to the Who Dat Nation. Looking forward to another great season next year
Kathy Bond I love all my Saints and we will be back better and healthier next year. Enjoy your break. Who dat for life.
Bettye Riggs Thank you and all Saints for sharing your love for each other, the fans, Saints organization and New Orleans. What a special experience you have given us this year.
DennyandMarsha Wombles Thank you guys for a Great season!! Love our Saints!!
Sharon Mitchell Always & Forever a Who Dat!
Vanessa Luce Hi, does the staff every reply to private messages ? It would be nice to incorporate this even if it’s auto message something to acknowledge us fans! I’ve sent you before and resent no reply or acknowledgement. Just something to think about . Thank you and Go Saints!
Cody Spencer What's wrong Bo Powell what's angry about this
Nick Williams Die Hard Fan right here 2019 Superbowl champion's
Guy Landry The first time I ever saw Zach in person was at the first Jackson, Ms training camp his rookie season. My first thought, that is one big dude.
Carolyn Givens I remember a time when we couldn't even get radio coverage and now we've been to the Superbowl and we almost made it this time but not quite I was a fan then and I am a bigger fan now I will always be a Saints fan who dat💋💋💋💋
Ann Torres Thanks Zach!!We Love Our Saints!!!WHODATFORLIFE,in Mass.
Joanne Poret Been a fan since day one. Through thick and thin. Through the paper bags and the Aints. Not a fair weather fan!!! Thanks for a great season. Who Dat!!
Dudley Darbonne Thanks Zack Shrief for thanking your fans. Thank you and the boys for a awesome season. Looking forward to next season. WHODAT4LIFE fan.
Edward Seveska Keep it Strong we are here behind ya....Look forward to the games of next year. have a good and great new years everyone all saints fans WHO DATS NATIONS KEEP ON KEEPIN ON
Shawn Meyer *Whispers* Don't come back...
Terri Fields Mayb next year!! No points in the board before half hurt us more then the few mistakes! Marcus is not at fault b/c they were in field goal range anyways if he made the tackle! Drew interception in beginning hurt but mistakes happen! Fumbles didn’t help either! It’s always been a Saint rule points in the board before half! We would have won! So great game great season we won District!!! Wow! N Drew n team did comeback in second halt greatly! Lol! See y’all next year!⚜️
SA Stock You are my favorite Saint and you always will be thank you for this season and hopefully seasons to come take care of yourself and I hope you get well soon
Darren Lindsay This Aussie is a Saints fan forever, win, lose or draw. Already looking forward to next season. So Thank-you Zach and the rest of the boys for a great season and go kill them next season. 😃😃😃
Matthew John Picture this, the play happens touchdown Minnesota! Ref throws a flag on stephon diggs for throwing his helmet. Points taken off the board and result of the penalty... Game is over saints win
Joann Padgett My sister is a great fan of the saint she's came to the come to see yal play her house actually has lots of saint emble in lichen around the plant pots shirts who dat!
Kelly Purcell Thank you for your hard play.Thank you for your excellence. Thank you for every injury that you sustained playing as hard as you could to win for the Saints, your team!
New Orleans Saints
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‪Drew Brees’ son Baylen ‬

‪2030 NFL Draft 👀 ‬

New Orleans Saints
Lauryn LC Rhodes Cute, but It’s too soon to experience any emotion beside sadness right now....I need time.
Devon Janke Too bad he had to witness diggs knock daddy out of the playoffs mighta ruined football for little Baylen
Sharon Walters First there was the Manning boys now we'll have the Brees boys to look forward to!
Shawn Nolan Did he just truck his little brother?
Carolyn Sharp I hope I live long enough to see those boys play!
Corey Michael Wilson Great dude, player, and father. Couldn’t have asked for a better person to represent New Orleans #DrewBrees2020
Christopher Foret damnn you see him drop that shoulder!!
Mike Lee Is that Callen that he just plows over? lol
Tad Wiewiorowski If History repeats itself, we might be getting an early preview of the NFL's 1st $50 million QB!
Dustin Murr Probably would’ve tackled diggs
Edie Koonce I guess he is a receiver and a good one in the making!
Aaron Ellsworth That truck stick though!
Rick Duckworth Chip off the old block !!!!,,,,Reminds me of the Manning boys ,,,,,putting on their Saint uniforms and helmets Christmas day and running plays through the Superdome,,,,, The good old days ,,,,,Archie n Ms Olivia,,Ironic it all started in Drew Mississippi,,, in the Delta,,, then to NOLA,,,(Drew Ms-Drew Brees) ,,, it all happened for a reason♥️
Chelsea Lyons Oh my gosh this is the cutest thing!! 😍
Morris E. Brown Better than Adrian Peterson this year. That's all I can say
Jason Davey Haha I love how he plows over his brother
Janet Lee Olsen We are so blessed to have this family residing in New Orleans. Thank you Mr. Brees for all you do and for sharing your family.
Kathleen Vidrine Future Saints football player 👀 Who Dat Baylen ⚜️🏈
Cody Matheson Drew Brees' son had a better chance of making that tackle. 😂
Mike Dean Im sure dad is as proud of him, as he is with dad. A small Brees that will turn into another cajun cannon.
Jeffrey Battaglia Love it. Quit harping on the Loss Great season. Williams is a rookie he did great, the whole team did.
Pablo Rubio 2030 NFL Draft The New Orleans Saints select... Baylen Brees from Purdue
Zachary Farmer Bet he woulda made that tackle👀 Name him personal trainer for Marcus Williams💪👌
Rey Montes Bress son and I would love to meet you one day football is all he talks about and how he wants to be the best QB like number9 from the saints. Great video.
Richard Aube I say sign him up and put him on the Roster for next year. There is no doubt in my mind that this guy can make more tackles than Marcus Williams!
New Orleans Saints
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John DeShazier replays Marcus Williams' late 3rd quarter interception that sparked the #Saints turnaround in today's Expert Analysis.

New Orleans Saints
Kevin Trice This kid is gonna hear all off season about the last play of the game but mistakes happen. Guys miss game winning layups, pitchers give up game winning homers. He made a mistake and I’m sure no one feels worse about it than him. I saw some people wrote things to him like “kill yourself.” That’s awful and I’m ashamed to share my fandom with people like that. We were all upset Sunday and this loss will be one of the most disappointing ever but that’s no excuse for that kind of stuff. The day will come when Marcus Williams makes a play that leads us to victory, I can feel it.
Vince Romeo Tao For Saints fan who didnt know, a lot of us Minnesotans have donated to your Punter, Morstead’s Childrens foundation charity, for his unbelieveable sportsmanship and guts for playing with a bruised cartilage. Last I heard he’s gotten just under $100,000 and his goal is $200,000. We just want to thank you Saints fans for a wonderful game!
Dalton Brooks He can make all the INTS he wants. Until he either makes a game saving tackle to go to the NFC championship or SB..he ain’t living that play down. Period. You realize the opportunity for rings is going straight down soon as Brees retires? It’s very unlikely we’ll find someone else so proficient. Another year of Brees wasted.
Bruce J. Leonard Jr. Marcus Williams made himself the most popular Saint in the nation on one play. I believe this rookie will come back on fire next season and make up for that mistake.
Stephen Richard I just wish Sean would have thrown on third and short to burn out the time remaining with a first down.
Courtland Samuels Marcus Williams is still better than 80% of this leagues free safety’s. Hold your head kid, you have a bright future ahead of you.
Bruce J. Leonard Jr. I wonder if we had not burned that timeout if the mistake would have happened?
Joey Vaughn Who cares about the interception, games over. Williams should of tackled him. Saints gave the Vikings that game....
Lisa Marie Jones Why was there no 10sec runoff with the Vikings penalty in the last 30sec of the game?? Saints should of won that game....
Phillip Savoca I like it.👏🏻 Marcus is gonna be a pro bowler with his abilities ☝🏻
Jonathan Ryan Holloway Manti Teo’s imaginary girlfriend also became relevant on the last play of the game when she pushed him out of the way.
Bo Powell Whoopdidoo he did what a safety should and intercepted a lobbed ball in the air. Any safety would have got that.
Jonathan Bonaparte Why keep going over it, the kid made a mistake. He's only a rookie. He had a great season. Let it Go and I'm a Falcon fan. Just let it GO
Abner Villarreal We will be back next season and do it Right this time the team will get more better then this year the NFC and NFL is going to fear the saints next season
Veleria Doll Carter-Williams I see a positive from this situation. This film will be shown to all new recruits and rookies on every team. It's a learning and teaching experience on what and how not to do this. WHO DAT 4LIFE! ⚜️💛🖤⚜️
Carl Guilbeau Saint Williams played a great game and I want to thank he and the rest of the Saints for a great season and hope for another great one next season. Saints fan every day, not just on winning days. Great game, Marcus.
Rhiannon M Mendoza Last 10 seconds he went for that tackle too early. Keep your Heads up y'all we will be back bigger and better next season. #whodat
Tim Johnson None of this won't change that missed tackle that he didnt make. How you miss the whole WR
Claudette H. Nassif I cannot bear to watch any more replays, games, NFL Network after the devastating loss,however, it is NOT FAIR to blame this on one player. There were many missed opportunities. That being said I REALLY hope Philly wins this weekend😒 The Saints are a young team and have a bright future!
Kimberly Day Looking for other Saints fans to send me Friend Invites... Love talking and keeping in touch with others that love the same team as me!!!
Red Flint I'm not impressed cam Jordan is the reason that play was intercepted
Ryan Daniels Williams is easily the best safety we’ve gotten to see in Black and Gold since Payton took over. This pick shows his skill.
Jimmi Stepanik Only way to fix his historic mistake is to lead us to a championship. Falcons I’m sure feel the same way about their Super Bowl collapse last year.
Jermaine Brumfield He’ll be so motivated to get back to work next season to get over this and be a top 10 if not 5 safety in the NFL next season..
Dewayne Montgomery This game was #RIGGED, New Orleans Saints lost on purpose, #94 on the last play had a direct path to the quarterback but chose NOT to disrupt the play by turning around in mid stride and then there was Marcus Williams' on purpose missing the tackle after the catch. Y'all have some explaining to do but then again if y'all are comfortable with being told you have to lose a game that meant so much to your fans then I don't know what to say. This game was in the bag and y'all lost on purpose.
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints4 days ago

Message from Cam Jordan

Matt Newberry The Saints have handled themselves with grace, I just wish the Vikings fans could do the same.
Timmy Yace Jordan was held on that last play, did not get called, game was completely rigged
Ron Pierce I WOULD NOT KNOW I QUIT WATCHING THE RACIST KNEE TAKERS FOUR MONTHS AGO MAYBE THAT db needs to spend a lot more time on improveing his skill so he can play better and earn those big bucks taking a knee won't do it
Jackie Dillon Thank you guys for a great season. So proud of you all. I have been a die hard fan all my life. I believe next season will be even better. Everything happens for a reason. Greater is coming. God bless you all. #foeverawhodatfan
Alex Redfern I truly believe the saints can win a SB once in the next 2 years. Especially with so many great players coming back from IR. WHO DAT!!!!
Bonnie Desselle Thank You Cam and the entire team for a fantastic season. We know that y'all put your heart and soul into each game, and I know that y'all are hurting, as we the fans hurt for the team. We know how hard y'all fought to win that game. The Saints are the best, so please only listen to the real fans. We will see y'all next year for another great season, the Who Dat Nation loves the entire team and staff
Kelli Gonzalez Love my boys win or loose! Next year we’re gonna shine and comeback so hard it’s gonna be scary. WHODAT!!!
Terry Brignac Thanks for an exciting season Cam! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! Rest up, enjoy your offseason and let’s get that ring next year! Who Dat for life!
Dina Honey Just one of the many reasons why I ❤️ my boys in black & gold! So much grace to the bitter end. Next year will be a continuation of the greatness we witnessed this season! 🖤⚜️💛
Marie Brown Dee You’re welcome we love you and the whole Saints Organization too.Enjoy your off season and we’ll see y’all in the preseason.#whodatnationbaby #saints4ever
Dave Giveans Cam was a beast in 2nd half like Drew was a surgeon!! Should have bought A game from 1st snap instead of end of 3rd qtr!! Difference in Saints winning in a blowout was we forgot to play in the 1st half😂😂🤣🤣
Susan Marquis Much respect for all our Saints players. So proud to be a part of Who Dat Nation. Enjoy your offseason, you deserve it. Saints rock.
Marilyn A. Harris Thanks for the share Cam.always know that your loyal who Dat nation has your backs.This wound too shall heal.looking forward to a stronger year knowing that you’ll are going to continue to shine.WhoDat for life.
Karen Al-Fayeed The team played well, and congratulations Mr. Cam Jordan for all you do on the team. A very humble young man!
Glenn Breland You are a bowed up man , ALL PRO .... I know your heart , man I'm on that field with you guys with my soul every game . I'm not hurt , I'm pissed and We will be taking it out on every team next year . Take some time off and gather some mates and get in shape better than ever before . Show the NFL that this year was just a sample of what is to come . You have a team that can & will win more than just one Super Bowl ....
Jane Falgout Thank you Cam Jordan. For everything you did this season!! It was magical!! Loved watching every game, and looking forward to 2018!! Love my Saints!!
Lucy D Matte Watching the replay now, Love u guys, we will come back strong next season. Bad start of the game , bad last play, but sometimes we need a set back to grow stronger down the road....Who dat!!
Diane Hoffpauir Love you Cam!! You were a beast on the field this year. Absolutely loved watching you go after Cam Newton!!! That was the highlight of the season for me!! Stay with us and stay healthy cause we have the talent we need to succeed!! Who Dat nation is so proud of our Saints!! We never give up or give in!! Next season will be even better!!
Michael Henderson Cam, congrats on an incredible season! You did a great job leading this defense back to where it belongs and were a huge part of the success of the season. You deserve all the accolades that are coming your way and you should know that the Who Dat Nation is proud of you and OUR TEAM!
Jay Barlow We love you Jordan you been through all the thick and thin. There is no need for you to say a letter you are and always be a #WhoDat
Danny Moss Cam, you are the man. Thank you for always giving it everything you’ve got and for giving back to your community. I already wish it was August. Until next season, stay safe and healthy. Who Dat 4 Ever.
Kimberly Hunter Much love and respect for the New Orleans Saints! I've been bleeding black and gold since the days of Hoby Brenner, Bobby Hebert, Reuben Mayes, Morten Andersen, and Pat Swilling, just to name a few. ❤
Stacie L Benoit Love you guys to the moon and back!! We had an FREAKEN AWESOME season sooo proud of EVERYONE'S accomplishments and winning our division overall!! Next year we are definitely matching in babe😍🏈🏆🏆 Geaux Saints
Chris Jones Cam, you and the Saints did an outstanding job this year. I really enjoyed watching the games and will keep supporting the Saints’ have a great off season and look forward to next year. God bless!
Pam Lagattuta Thank you Cam for an awesome job this year, sorry for your and the teams disappointment, but these things only make us stronger and try harder. You guys will kick some serious butt next year! WHO DATS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!
New Orleans Saints
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John DeShazier gives a second look to Alvin Kamara's touchdown vs the Vikings in today's Expert Analysis.

New Orleans Saints
Blane Scott Tschida Thank you Sean Payton for the horrible Karma that follows a smug jerk like you. Minnesota nice wins! Skol!
Kathy Van Eck They did not choke. And if you are a real fan you would know. Take a look on how many ROOKIES that are playing. To get as far as they Did! They deserve a kudos not criticism. DON'T JUDGE!
Craig Steinkraus KARMA.....for 2009, and then your ego filled coach taunting Vikings fans when he thought they would win.......I LOVE IT!!!! Enjoy your winter.......🤣
Dan Grimm Look at the 3rd and 1 play before the Saints fielgoal with 33 seconds left. The Vikings d lineman is clearly O ffsides never got a flag. Do the math flag=5 yards and and a Saints 1st down. The Saints lost to officiating.
Markus Gaines No offense but why go over something like this when the game is over, almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Good game saints you gave us a run for our money I won’t lie I was on the edge of my seat until the very end.
Ken Hanson This is so satisfying to see that dirt bag coach get his a$$ handed to him.
Matt Fillingim I just don’t know why Williams went for the tackle if anything if he just wraps him up and gets him on the ground, time expires 😫
Jeff Hodgson Even if Diggs would have stepped out of bounds or got knocked out of bounds ,and not scored I feel the Vikings would have made the long Field Goal. So the Saints would have still lost because they played soft on Defense with 30 seconds left.
LaDonna May Smith Next year we are going to be hard to beat! One more year please Drew!!! Go out like Brady will this year, with one more Superbowl Ring!!! WHO Dat!!!!
Erica Scott Fuselier Break down the touchdown they took from us.
Devon Janke Diggs went Bayou!!!!!!!!
Tiffany-Brannon Leonard Dam this saints lost still stings, but man oh man what a year we had! Started 0-2, won 8 in a row, won our 4th division title in 11 years, and went onto the wildcard game to win! Didn’t finish how we wanted but after coming back down 17-0 against the viqueens shows just how much heart we’ve had all year!! Whodat whodat whodat! 2018 will be golden for us
Quinn David Break down the last play of the game for us
Jerry Downing He should be showing how to tackle a Viking receiver.
Sam Kirk 2009 Revenge!! SKOL VIKINGS! Thanks Marcus Williams!
Blane Scott Tschida Jacob Cassimere, yes I have witnessed my favorite team lose 4 superbowls, but I have never had to sit in my stadium with a bag over my head! BLEWDAT! It would seam with all the young talent the saints have we will meet again next year. For now you can store the bags
Dan Wallin Payton come get your sofa! Time to sit down and watch how it's done!!
Johnson Nelson Why was the game fixed for the vikes to win...
Jason Massmann Payton! Thanks for leading the Skol chant with 25 seconds left! 😂
Tom Powell Man, what a heart breaker for you Saints fans. Just a few seconds away from a NFC championship appearance, and then bam, ripped from your hands in a second. So close. But I have a feeling Saints will be in the playoff picture next year.
Brad Miller How about that loss though. #thebutthurtisreal
Java Buzz At the professional level, you just don’t make these kinds of mistakes.
Lovida Simon I am SO SORRY they did not win. Terrific group of guys!
Bruce Payne When are you going to learn, any teen that beats the Panthers in the playoffs does not deserve to win the Super Bowl... Dilly Dilly
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints4 days ago

Thomas Morstead on playing through Sunday's game with a torn cartilage on the right side of his ribs

New Orleans Saints
Ryan Dice Imagine being a grown man going onto other team's Facebook pages to talk trash lmao.
Jeffrey Hernandez Not just playing thru the pain during the game...mad respect for being one of the team that came back out for the extra point at the end of the game. A punter...injured at that...on a defensive special teams play...after a heartbreaking loss...PROPS!
Tiffany Yates Maae You can’t spell “Legend” without the Leg. 🖤💛⚜️
Kelly Purcell Great play off performance! Toughest punter in the game without a doubt. Great tackle! Great D-line appearance at the end of the game. You are an all timer Saint!
Angelo Picornell Thomas that tackle you made got me out of my seat and really get into it. I'm sure it did the same thing with your teammates. All time best punter we had maybe in the league! Get well soon....we're gonna need ya next year "ON OUR WAY TO THE SUPER BOWL" #Whodat #trueOrleans 12-4, 4-0 playoffs SB53
Jesse Elliott That was a heroic performance. Wish we'd have won, but Morestead did everything he could've, and then some.
Jordan Caron Morstead is a beast! Best punter in the nfl!
Dennis Hayes That was a game-changing tackle you made! If you had not tackled him he may have scored. Respect! Get well soon!
Rob Jaimes THAT had to hurt like an SOB. Thomas really manned up in that game.
Gino Yourey Mad respect for Morstead. I might but the dudes jersey. Super consistent punter and seems like a solid dude overall.
Musette Hood You are such an excellent player, role model, and all around great person. I’m so proud of you and am looking forward to an even better 2018 season! ⚜️🖤⚜️💛
Brenda Bennet Leonard Looked up at this man running so fast screaming go. Then realize it was Morstead. Wow did not know he had such speed. Awesome stop. Cringed because he got hurt. The best in the league. We love him and need him on the team.
Nicholas Scardino We should've put Thomas Morstead back at s aftey instead of Marcus Williams for the last 2 plays.
Jonathan Fish-Creech Morestead was also one of the players who came back out for the extra point play, shook hands with the Vikings as he held his chest.
Jacob Bloedow The only players on that team deserving of respect were the 8 that showed up for the extra point. The rest are gutless!
Adrien MacLeod This young man has never gotten the respect he deserves from outside of the organization. He is a classy kid and extremely talented. He should be a pro bowler every year
Mellissa St Germain Mad respect though. I feel like he would be like Drew and stay with us until the day he retires just to stay a Saint.
Craig S. Honeycutt After the heart Morstead showed after being hurt, but coming back out at the end of the game for the final snap, I have all the respect in the world for him! True sportsmanship shown in the face of defeat and heartbreak!
Minister-Elect Kimberly Myles Thx so much !! To honor your commitment to the team,city,and fans !! Y’all are the actual winners, heal up take care !!!!
Peggy Cristofono Our 10 yr old grandson broke his leg in a spiral fracture. Children’s is amazing, they did surgery and put a plate in his leg with screws. He just had the l,ate out after a year and is walking fine. They are so good there. Thank you so much.
James Heffker He has earned his swamp boots for sure! Way to geaux tough guy. Maybe next year you will get a chance to kick in the big one!
Rob Nack Class act! He was the first one back out for the xp. And he lined up during the 2 pointer that never happened. Payton could learn a lot about class from this guy.
John Girouard Thomas you had one hell of a year with the saints hopefully we see you next year with the saints WHO DAT baby for life
Arleen Cimo Thomas, you fill our hearts with pride (and respect)...a class act...! We love our "Bless You Boys" all played so hard...It's going to seem like "forever" waiting for next season...I have the games recorded, so this will help my "nostalgia "...God bless you, gentlemen!
Steven Latta Vikings suck pure and simple our rookie made a horrible decision and paid for it that whole game was rigged with the referees all being for Vikings 0-5 SB coming up can't wait