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Welcome QB Tom Savage to the Saints!

Kap cant get signed but the high school jv is getting a shot? Kneeling players are pretty scary tho. 😂😂😂
All these GMs in the comment section...
Benson is already turning over in his grave...
Y'all are crazy if you think this guy AND Hill will be on the game day roster. Savage is going to push Hill to show if he is for real or not. Hill beats out Savage, they'll cut him
Saints aren't even trying this off-season. Are they hoping the draft us going to help that much?
Everyone RELAX, he’s a backup QB. We will trade Mark Ingram next year before the draft to trade up for a QB to be the successor to Brees
He will be gone by next season Itsa just a temp job He's garbage
Hopefully Sean Payton can mold him, he wasn't good enough in Houston
Tom good on the slick tho but of course you know that we gon draft a qb and if not we got taysom Hill still
They will never bring in Colin Kapernick he is a team cancer and the Saints will never allow anyone like that to come in
I hate to be a hater but hes no help at all.
I still think Taysom is a better option at backup. He's definitely more exciting anyways
Back up, insurance. Drew ain't no spring chicken
Everyone calm down. Camp Body, hes there to Push Taysom Hill. So please calm the Heck down. Does not hurt to have another QB in practice.
Not doing so would be um savage
Complete utter DUMPSTER JUICE. The best this guy will ever be is a "camp arm". Dude got pulled for a rookie after 1 half of the first game in a system he had been in for 4 years.
That’s it, I am done with the saints.
What the what? If we wanted to push Hill, Colin K. Is just outside waiting to come in. If he doesn't motivated you who will. And then we might not need to get Mayfield.
Recently went down to common ground for some volunteer work. Currently still doing some research in the area as well. Because of this I have a special place in my heart for New Orleans and I'm a little bit more of a saints fan than I was before. Definitely gotta bring your A game down there. They are layed back except on the football field. Gotta bring it.
Lawd he was horrible here in Houston. Hope he gets better - wish him luck!
He is HORRIBLE....Texans have to be laughing
If we have to rely on a QB other than Brees we’re already sunk. Someone needs to hold the clipboard.
Train hard, work hard and bring the ring!!
Good luck With the saints savage!!
Welcome to the black and gold!
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Sad day for the #WHODATNATION
Sad day for the State of Louisiana. Tom Benson turned the New Orleans Saints Organization around. RIP Tom Benson.
Thank you for the memories Mr Benson! May you rest in ☮️! From the low of 2005 to the high of the Superbowl you lifted a tired city! God Bless!
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Remember how we all felt during the disastrous 2005 season when it looked like Benson would move the team to San Antonio? He was afraid to attend games. But to his credit, Sean Payton and Drew Brees were hired and the rest is history!
Now that is an awesome picture of them nice
✌🏾✌🏾🙏🏾😇🎶🎩☂️🔊Boom box and Everything enjoyed Fun 🏈🏈🏈praised respect to Tom and Brees Number 9 Better #1 Blessings Lifetime Years Hopefully Too!!!!
His was a life well lived. RIP Mr. Benson.
Can you get an editor who knows English for these pitiful headlines?
He was loved by all!
Hey Saints fans #WHODATNATION how are you guys doing?
Thank you Mr. Benson. May you rest from your labor.
Who Dat Nation
The richest man in LA left RIP Tom
⚜️🙏⚜️ in peace Mr. Benson
RIP Tom Benson
R.I.P Tom Benson and 🙏🏾 for the familys
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A message from Saints Owner Gayle Benson

I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Benson and his beautiful wife Gayle Benson in Maine 2 years ago. Even though his security people told me no to meeting a man who I'm a fan of who dat nation in Philadelphia. I spoke to Gayle and she stopped the security and Mr Benson from getting on there yacht and agreed to take pictures of myself and girlfriend and talk for 15 min with us. I want to give you the biggest condolences to a wonderful man who I have the pleasure to meet and take pictures of my heart is broken and I am sending the biggest prayers from above to you and your family and to all of the who dat nations fans out there. Thank you for your hard dedication I'm building a an amazing franchise and bring home the trophy I wish this app would let me show the picture of mr. Benson smiling with me next one but it won't let me post any pictures
Be a strong leader. Don’t let anyone take away what Mr . Benson built.
My deepest condolences to you Gayle! I believe that no one knows better than you what Mr. Benson's vision was for these two teams. So many of us support you in your new role. You will do the fans and Mr. Benson proud❤🏈👑 #GoGayle
Mrs. Benson, that was beautiful! New Orleans and the fans will certainly miss such a good man who inspired them, gave hope in difficult times, showed everyone his kind and caring heart and made us smile with his fun nature and enthusiasm. I know this time is most difficult for you and your family. Heartfelt prayers to each of you, not just from me, but so many others in the Who Dat Nation.
Please keep our New Orleans Saints and Pelicans in New Orleans for the forseeable future. Please dont allow an outsider to come in and take the team. No one will ever be able to replace the empire that Mr. Benson built right here at home. The bible tells us that Charity begins at home. Mr Benson was New Orleans and everything about it. So do whats right for both the Saints and Pelicans keep the flame burning for Mr. Benson.
Condolences to you Mrs. Benson you are a strong formidable woman. I know you will take great care of and continue the Legacy Your Husband created. RIP Mr. Benson. I will miss seeing your umbrella shimmy.
Remarkable; thank you, Mrs. Benson. Please know that our thoughts remain with you and all those who loved Mr.B. We are so sorry for your loss.
Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Tom Benson was a wonderful man and loved by so many. He will be truly missed. Thank you for your decision to honor your husband's wishes and for keeping our New Orleans Teams here!
Thank you Mrs Benson. My heart felt condolences to you n this difficult time. Tom Benson will always be remembered as a owner who loved his team and city. As you move forward be assured that we are with you and the black and gold to the end. Cause it’s not just Who Dat Nation it’s family
Beautiful words from you, Mrs. Benson. As owner of the most-vibrant team, your devoted fanbase will continue to support you and the new legacy you will facilitate! 🖤💛
Sincere condolences from Canada 🇨🇦 very beautiful words about a wonderful man who will be missed dearly! Looking forward to the new leadership, new season and many great things coming for the Saints! #whodatnation
Our condolences Mrs. Benson...we are Saints fans who live in Minnesota. We appreciated all you both did to keep the Saints in Nola after Katrina. We send you prayers, love and hugs.
My deepest condolences to you and the family. He will most surely be missed. Now we have the biggest "Who Dat" Saint up above pulling for us,umbrella and all! May He Rest In Paradise..🙏🙏🙏🙏
I'm so sorry for your loss and for the loss to the Who Dat Nation. But I can't help but smile at the thought of Mr. B umbrellas in hand boogying his was through the pearly gates. Much love and Who Dat for Life!
thank you Mrs. Benson, that is very beautiful. I am so very sorry for your families loss and the loss for Saints nation, The commitment from you to the loyal fans is very much appreciated and love. thank you thank you thank you who dat rest in peace Mr. Benson.
That was beautiful Mrs.Benson.My condolences to you,your entire family,the New Orleans Saints, and our entire WHODATNATION.....WHODATFORLIFE!!!
Sending much love and prayers to you, Mrs. Benson. Your husband did so very much for our city and will be missed by so many. I’m certain he’s performing his Benson Boogie in Heaven now, and he’ll be watching and waiting for that next championship from his team. ❤️⚜️🙏🏻✝️
Thank you, Mrs. Benson..The WHO DATS hold you and your family, as well as the Saints organization close in our hearts at this sad time...Much love and many, many prayers.
Mrs. Benson .... thank you for those beautiful and heart-felt words. Our thoughts, and prayers go out to you and your family at this very difficult time. May you always feel the Lord's peace, love, and grace wrapped tightly around you and yours.
my most sincere condolences to your Mrs. Benson! our teams are built off of the unwavering amount of love you & your husband had for this city & our teams!! we will surely make Mr. Benson proud !!
Mrs Benson my husband and I had the pleasure of seeing you and Mr. Benson enjoying dinner at the same restaurant Impastato's -( great food and fun) in Metairie! On several occasions. You both always acknowledged other patrons in the dining room so graciously! You are both true pillars of our community- thanking you for sharing your lives and passions with us! Mr Joe came around the room often to share "his" Super Bowl ring! Just don't get that anywhere else but here! Our greatest and most sincere condolences go out to you and the entire family. Mr. Benson will be greatly missed but never forgotten. He will watch us every one and every game for ever more seated at the right hand of our Lord. Bless you Mrs Benson and Thank You for keeping the Saints and Pelicans True Louisiana Home!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
I am a true fan of the Saints this past year was my very first real game I got to go to at Atlanta my grandson took me to the game and I was so excited to see my Saints play I will never forget it , I have a lot of Saints things but my favorite is a copper sign hand crafted with laser cutting of the Super Bowl and my # 9 official jersey and I will treasure them for ever ! Praying for your family 🙏 we have the best team in the NFL WHO ! DAT !!!!!!🙏❤️🙏
Wow! I suddenly like Ms. Benson. It seems she understands and appreciates what’s important which is the people that our team unites, including its owner.
What a beautiful message to all of the fans! My sincere sympathy to you and your family. You are in my prayers. I can tell you are a strong woman, as your husband was a strong man. We will continue to support you and the teams. God bless.
WHODATFAN4LIFE!! Prayers to you, the rest of the family, all the WHO DAT Nation. Thank you for continuing his legacy. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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Last night, Saints fans held an impromptu second line to honor Tom Benson!

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints Fans are the Best Fans in the NFL HANDS DOWN!
Never been to New Orleans but I've been a saints fan for 25+ years. Love the attitude and resiliency of that city. To the fans, family and friends my prayers and thoughts are with you all. What a great celebration of life. Much love from Kentucky
His funeral needs to be in the dome it just makes since to have it there.
THIS IS AMAZING! This is love. No other fan club is better than OURS! #WHODAT4LIFE
When you see stuff like this you say to yourself we CAN ALL just get along. I LOVE IT #whodat
This is beautiful, celebrate the life. One of the many reasons I love the people of New Orleans, you know how to send people home the right way!
Who Dat Fantastic Fans! ❤️ Doesn't matter if you're black, gold, pink, white or yellow, we are all one. Love y'all .
Only in Nawlings baby can they turn a sad occasion into a happy one!! WhoDat baby from the top of the boot!!
Why would one case this occasion as dumb? I lend you to the descriptor PROFOUND !! LOVE Life LIVE Life Celebrate the close of Life.. it is a affirmation of the appreciation of LIFE and that a great LIFE has LIVED!!!
It may just be because was born and raised in New Orleans but man nobody does a send off better than we do. Death should not be feared, for it is inevitable, but it should be celebrated because it starts a new chapter!! Who dat nation for life!!!!
I have tears, goosebumps, & the biggest grin. There is no city like New Orleans, I'm sure Mr. Benson is dancing down streets of gold pumping that black and gold umbrella!
Lynn John what's dumb about the way WHO DAT NATION celebrates the life of Mr. Benson who has done so much for New Orleans???!!! Your the dumb one for not understanding what true fans do. Your comment is uncalled for and rude!!! 😤
The house that Benson built. Thanks for adding a little lagniappe to the last 1,700 or so Sunday's. All the Saint's fans salute you with a collective WHODAT! RIP TOM BENSON! Job well done sir. #THERESNOPLACELIKEDOME #MADEFROMSCRATCH
"I'll fly away Oh Glory...when I die hallelujah by and by..I'll fly away" 😢 Loved watching this! #WhoDat proud indeed!!⚜Rest in Love Mr.Benson!
My thoughts are with his family, my heart is with this fans which are sad maybe , but always celebrate the life. And i beleave, Mr.Benson would be with them. Who Dat from europe
Mr. Tom Benson loved New Orleans. And as the world can see, New Orleans loved him right back! Job well done sir. Rest in Heavenly Peace. #flyaway
This is one “hell” of a Thank you! This should show everyone what Mr. Benson meant to The Big Easy, the State of Louisiana and all of us, #WhoDats! I’m representing today in North Texas. I’m wearing a Saints T-shirts with one simple symbol on it, a fleur de lis! To me, it’s one powerful, yet classy statement, “I’m a member of the WhoDat Nation, and we LOST our Patriarch, yesterday.” ✌️😇⚜️🏈
Things like this make me love my city!!! We bid you farewell Mr. Benson, but this is just a start. We have to send you off the right way... Party in New Orleans everyday until You in the ground!
That was a heart and soul felt honoring mr. Benson's passing I'm sure he would have approved may God bless you Tom we will miss you but you'll always be in our hearts and in the Superdome
Fitting New Orleans tribute to a loved man. RIP Mr. Benson. "When the Saints go marching in" must be playing loud and clear in heaven today. Thoughts and prayers with his family and friends. Proud of my native city today.Love the Saints. Who Dat.
Love my city, I am proud to be a Who Dat! It's what we are about Love, Joy, Dance & Music. Mr. Benson kept our Saints Home! He will forever be remembered!!! RIH WHO DAT!!!!!
This is what makes this city so unique and special, inspite of everything else going on. Only in New Orleans can you and will you see this!!!
Awesome, wish I could have been there. Best fans in the NFL, WHO DAT!!!!!
There is no city in the US like New Orleans. Still rockin’ it’s roots and celebrating a man who always stuck by his city.
It’s videos like this that make me even more happy and proud to be a part of the best fan base in the NFL. Beautiful celebration of a wonderful life by the best fans in the world WHODAT NATION 4Life! RIP MR BENSON
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"When I coach the Saints in 2018, Mr. Benson won’t be there. My meetings with him are over. But I’ll hear him this year, and I’ll hear him every year I coach," - Sean Payton

It's time to get another SAINTS Superbowl. This year we will rise and silence the critics and bring it back to our house. WHoo Daaat!!!
🖤⚜🖤⚜🖤⚜ What a great tribute, Sean! Let's win the Super Bowl for Mr. B and celebrate with the Benson Boogie 2nd line headed by Gayle & Sean for the biggest tribute to Mr. B, one of NOLA's greatest Ambassadors.
#taptap ❤️😢 This should be the Saints war cry this year. Let’s ‘wrap up’ each game with a win in honor of the late, great Benson! Proud to have you as our coach, Payton.
What a beautiful tribute. Clearly Mr. Benson picked the right guy to lead his team. Keep up the great work Coach! We’ll all be there with you in 2018! I couldn’t be more proud to be a Saints fan with a coach like you.
Yep a great man. Go get that Superbowl trophy Sean. For Tom for Tom.
So well spoken...Coach Payton’s tribute to Mr. Benson is deeply personal and eloquent...RIP Mr. Benson...Spectacular job, Coach ⚜️🏈.
AWESOME job, Coach! Who Dat and May Mr. B RIP. We will be praying for the repose of his great soul. Now we have a strong theme for this season. Nothing left to be said, just work to be done and a championship to pursue...”TAP TAP”.
Such a heartfelt and eloquent tribute Coach. Make him proud🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛!!!!!
Amen! So well said. And the fact that he waited until Drew announced he re-signed! He had to make sure you guys were good
Well said coach. He truly is an iconic human being on more levels than just football. I was deeply saddened by his departure. I am a life long saints season ticket holder and today I really didn’t care about what the Saints lives were in free agency. I just sat and thought about what he did for my city. He made sure my little brother who had cancer at 10 got to meet the players and enjoy a game Back when Jim evert was QB. He is a true New Orleanian and will forever be remembered as the little engine that could. He came from nothing and saved a city that would be nothing had he not been a part of it. Good luck in he upcoming year. I think we will win another Super Bowl in honor of Mr. B. 👍🏼
A truly benevolent gentleman, I fondly remember him seeing me and my daughter at a restaurant after a game where he was dining with a group of players. He came over sat with us briefly and took a souvenir ball my daughter had bought and had the players autograph it for her. Not to mention the times my wife and I were invited to his box for Sunday games in the Dome. A true gentleman. RIP Mr. Tom
Thanks Coach Payton, that was a great article. Mr. Benson was a great man. He was good for the city of New Orleans, the Pelicans and the New Orleans Saints. Hey was loved by the fans. Use to love seeing him do the Benson Boogie after a win. RIP Mr. Benson.
Reading this brought tears to my eyes . We’re so lucky to have been blessed with such a great owner and coach. I will miss seeing Mr. Benson in the owner’s box on Sundays.
Coach Payton, what a wonderful tribute to Mr. Benson!
He says, “Hey Coach, I like this group. Tough loss. But I like this group. We’re going in the right direction. We’ll be OK.” ^^ I ❤️ this exchange b/w Sean & Benson. ^^
Thank you Coach Payton for sharing your feelings and stories. Awesome tribute. RIP Mr Benson.
Thank you, Tom Benson for having faith when no one else did .. you make believers out of us all RIP🙏🏻👍🏻❤️
He was a wonderfully charismatic owner! Loved when he danced!!🖤💛🖤
Honor him on your uniforms and we the fans will honor him in the Dome, but the biggest honor would be to bring the Lombardi home to him again coach. Mr. Benson believed in you and this team and so do we......
Great tribute to an awesome leader! Coach, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ll keep you and your Team prayers. You have wonderful memories to sustain you. God bless!
What a wonderful tribute to a great man, by a great coach. Bless you boys, Mr Benson will always be watching over you!
So awesome to hear your thoughts on this great man, fan and owner. This year will be for him. Let’s geaux back to the Super Bowl!
What an awesome tribute to Mr Benson!!! I always knew that I loved you as our coach and loved your style!!! Your personality shined through as well!!! Who Dat!!!!!
Wonderful tribute to the owner Mr.Benson. He will be sadly missed by family, friends, players and fans. Saints this year is the year y'all come back and win the super bowl. REST IN PEACE Mr.Benson.
Gonna miss the Benson Boogie after a win. Well, he’ll boogie up in Heaven when we win the next Super Bowl.
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Arrangements for Tom Benson Visitation and Funeral Mass

I hope there is a massive organized second line, a hundred thousand strong just like when there is a game, that fills poydras street from the dome to quarter
Lets win a SB for Mr. Benson this coming up season. RIP
I am just wondering, with so many native New Orleanians currently residing out of state, is there someway arrangements could be made with Directv or another cable provider to televise Mr. Benson's funeral? Asking because when Katrina hit our city, I was able to watch "live" broadcast via Directv in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Just wondering.
When is his second line?
The band should meet outside St. Louis cathedral after funeral mass on Friday.
RIP Mr Benson💛🖤⚜️💕
Thank you for informing us of Mr. Benson's arrangements.
🙁 2018\19 season is dedicated to you sir. .... Whodat
Thank you Mr Benson
Such a great part of NO and the Saints!
Sending our prayers to the Benson Family
Rest In Peace, Mr. Benson! You've Certainly Earned Your Angel Wings! 🙏🏼
So who's organizing the Second Line?
Prayers For His Family.🙏🙏🙏🙏
RIP Mr. Benson 🙏🏾 🏈
Who will be in charge now?
Thanks gor sharing this info!!
RIP Mr. Benson
Good looking out.
Kaely I'ma be off Wednesday for dis
Harley Mayes we need to book our flight
Is it me, or is this pix crooked? The lettering is slightly lower on right?
This man right here was very successful in what he did. He cared more for others than himself. You have to respect that. His presentance will be missed on Sundays in the dome from now on. Rip Mr Benson on what you built and hope your wife will continue to run it.
Rest well Sir.....and Thank you. #RIPMrBenson #WhoDat
Faithful That Respect to Tom Benson was hiself Lifelong So Bosses own In New Orleans,Louisiana R.I.P 🙏🏾🙏🏾☂️🎶🎩🔊🏈🏈😇☝️Saints!!!!!
It’s time for the family to stop squabbling and provide each other solace and comfort. We should not dwell on his faults and frailties because, like all human beings, we are not devoid of shortcomings.
How many 'owners/ do we know their names - I think every body knows who the Saints owner is (or was). He was a hands on kinda guy!!!!!
Good bye Mr. Benson. May you Rest In Peace sir. Thank you for all the great works you’ve don’t in NOLA!
No truer words spoken! Leave ppl better than you found them and he did just that! #restwellMrB
Well said! May the God of ALL comfort, comfort this family at this time.🙏🏿
Priceless💛💛💛 In people💛💛💛 Rest in peace and love..
Did the family make peace with him?
He will be miss by everyone rest in peace Mr.B
The Original Who Dat Nation
Paige ⚜️🖤💛⚜️🖤💛⚜️
Prayers and condolences to the family
Sorry for your lost may he rest in peace
Rest in Heavenly Peace Mr.Benson!
Very nice couple
So true.
RIP Mr. Benson⚜️⚜️⚜️
He will be missed
Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace Mr Tom.
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints2 days ago

What an amazing life.

Reggie Bush on late New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson's long legacy. (via NFL Network)

New Orleans Saints
Those ears though
2018 is our year! All we need is to sign Suh today!
RIP Tom Benson. As a Saints fan for the majority of my life, You will truly be missed. Not born into money like most NFL owners, he was a self made billionaire and he brought that same work ethic to running a franchise. He was a shining example to others and he is what other NFL owners, players and people in general should aspire to be. He has meant more to New Orleans and his community than he has to the NFL, which is saying a lot. With his family first approach to building a team and re-building a city, he has left an amazing legacy. My condolences to his family, the Saints organization, fanbase and the city of New Orleans. Heaven has gained a true Saint! #whodat
Let's win it for mr benson!
2018 superbowl bound for you mr benson
I feel as if we lost Our Louisiana Father. No other has given more to our Great State. RIP Mr. Benson! You will truly be missed.
what a sad day for saints fans losing a great person and awesome owner in tom benson.i will truly miss him as being a big fan from st.catharines ontario canada. i i also feel sad for his wife who lost a great tom and god bless the family
You know what,i hope this team will continue to get better in the years to come. Mr. Benson memories will always be in the superdome on Sundays. From what I read about him was amazing. Come on saints,lets have a super 2018 and bring another superbowl to the city. Rip Mr Benson.
Rip Mr. Benson Was an honor to meet you in wva during training camp. Thanks for giving us a great team to support.
I can't get over baby New Year!! Good lord batman!!
Thanks Mr.Benson for making my dream of Saints winning the super bowl come true and it was with tolta Louisiana swaq
Even though we lost Mr Benson, I’m glad he was able live a long successful life that impacted so many in a positive way and that the saints got him a super bowl championship. He leaves the saints in great shape.
This is breaking news NFL Network I want to be New Orleans saints NFL FootBall player For 8 Years My Contract With my New Orleans Saints And Go New Orleans Saints!
Rlp tom benson i love You
New Orleans and the Saints have lost a great man. RIP Mr. Benson.
Rip Mr Benson ⚘
Well said Reggie B.
We will miss you Tom Benson, love you rip.
Reggie bush is missed. We love you Reggie
The Saints have my condolences.
Tom Benson The Original Who Dat Nation
He’s the angel that’s going to make it happen
So sorry prayers of comfort for family and friends
Always live the saints my son knows lots about them!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints2 days ago

Brees on Benson

I have a tremendous respect I have for Drew Brees & also I have a ton of tremendous respect to Tom Benson as an Eagles fan I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Saints & Pelicans owner Tom Benson my hearts & condolences goes out to the Saints & Pelicans organizations same as for the fans & his family but the most important part of it all the city of New Orleans Tom Benson is in a much better place where he no longer suffers
If Brees wins just one more ring..... He will be the GREATEST quarterback in U.S. History
RIP...Saints should do some kind of umbrella patch with his initials on the jersey next season
New Saints touchdown or defensive celebration should be that part of the team doing the Benson boogie....come on now...that idea is gold (black and geauxld) Who dat nation 4ever!
Drew Bree’s nothing but class!
Mr . Benson is doing the second line with Jesus and Buddy Deliberto . Thank you for everything Mr . B . 💕⚜️💕⚜️💕
Might literally have to get Drew Brees canonized. I don't care if he brings home a Superbowl in the next 2 years. Ok I do care and do see it happening but he is by far the greatest QB ever to grace our field. No disrespect to Bobbie or Archie. He literally was a phoenix resurrected in 2006 for our organizations benefit.
I'm just a Saints fan. But you can feel the love that's pouring out, over Tom Benson. God bless you drew. No you and the boys go get that Superbowl trophy next Season for Tom, and all who love saints
As sad of a story as this is, it's gonna make one heck of a motivational story come next January when the saints win the Superbowl for Mr. Benson. #riptombenson
I still remember the day when Mr. Benson was faced by a mad fan, just because the Mayor of San Antonio sent a letter offering the Saints to move there, and some local media displayed that moving as a fact. Only four years later, Mr. Benson gave that angry fan, the media that turned that fan against him, and all of the city of New Orleans, a Super Bowl ring. From laughingstock to world champions. If that's not compromise, nothing is. Thank you, Mr. Benson, for everything you did for all of us New Orleans Worldwide, and I'm not afraid of admitting I turned into a New Orleans Saints because of you. God Bless you and your beloved ones. #WhoDat
Drew, win him another one!
I was hoping to see the Saints win another Super Bowl and see Tom Benson dance with his umbrella. Next year should be devoted to him. #Saints
Well said, Drew and we, too are indebted to him for bringing you to us
Tom Benson you will be truly missed by all. With Great respect and prayers for you and your precious wife and family and friends. Rest high on that mountain. God bless 🙏
God bless you, Tom Benson. You saved the city and the Saints were there to collect the ultimate prize!!🏈🏈 I hope this year will be dedicated to Tom Benson as the Saints go for the Super Bowl once again. GEAUX Who dat nation!!!
And the family fighting will begin at any moment...the kids will want to move the Saints from New Orleans. I hope that doesn't happen but I feel like that is their plan.
Mr. B was class , humble ,and took pride in his city. Will be greatly missed. Benson Boggie forever !
Benson and Brees.nothing but class. Two great gentlemen. RIP Mr Benson
Benson Boogie second line parasols will be the thing to have this coming season. 2DAT for Tom!
Thank you, Mr. Benson, for giving hope to a city that was broken by Hurricane Katrina. The Drew Brees & Sean Payton pairing came along at just the right time. You will always be remembered for giving hope back to a city where there was none. May God Bless. Who Dat !!
As a life long Saint's fan, I have all the respect, honor and dedicated praise for Mr. Tom Benson. Mr. Benson knew we needed a winner in Louisiana. He was a man who grew up poor and built his legacy as a man of faith and generosity. Mr Benson committed himself to build a winning franchise in New Orleans. And then he did it. The Saints won the Superbowl. God bless you Mr Benson.
My prayers go out to mr. Benson in his family!!! Thank you for everything you've done for the City of New Orleans!!!!WHODAT Fan 4Life SAINTS #1
To all the Saints Community that loved Mr.B as I did, My condolences. to the family and a Big Hug to new Orleans because we lose One of the greatest man that lived!!! #sainttillTheend thanks MR.B un abrazo desde mexico #gosaints... VIVA MR.B
Brees right on Buddy ! I just feel like I lost a close family Member! Thank You Mr New Orleans for all You done for this city. I shall call you Mr New Orleans To some Paw Paw New Orleans
Rest in peace Mr. BENSON. Thank you for everything you did for our team! I'm a fan of the history of this team, like so many in the world, even though in Brazil we have no tradition in this sport. My condolences to the family ...
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints2 days ago

A tribute to Tom Benson

New Orleans Saints
Let’s call lee circle Benson circle.Tribute to him .
From a Carolina Panthers. I'd like to say I am sorry for your guys. He worked hard to make this team a great one. Take our best thoughts.
At the home opener, everyone should have an umbrella.
Tom has owned the Saints longer than I've been alive. He is the only owner I've known and seen first hand. Thank you for the memories and the years of relentless progress building up our Saints! Its so funny how time changes everything! God Bless the Benson Family, the organization and WhoDat Nation! #BlessYouBoys
A true loss to the Who Dat Nation and the city of New Orleans. Rest with the angels Mr. Benson. You are in that number when the Saints go marching in 💛
Both my wife and I much controversy about Lee circle, we believe No One would say No to Benson Circle...what he did for the city and state, would be fitting.
What a nice tribute to this gracious man!! May you R.I.P. Mr Benson!! You will be missed not only by the fans in New Orleans but also the community of San Antonio Texas for all the wonderful work you did for the city!
This makes me so sad - I hadn't realized he had passed. The Saints have been my #1 NFL team since I started watching football. And I started watching right next to Mr. Benson in his private suite. He was a wonderful man.
What a wonderful tribute to Mr. B. Well deserved! He’s now in heaven with an all star Saints team. RIP Mr. B and thanks for keeping our beloved Saints in NOLA., and the amazing charitable heart you have demonstrated
Mr. Benson, the Whodat nation is going to missed you. You brought so much to our city, our region and state. You have left your footprint 👣 with us. The Benson Family you are in our prayer. Know that the we are there for you.
Great tribute for a wonderful man! Who Dat nation thanks you Mr. Benson for all that you did for the city, the state and the team! Best owner ever!
We love our Saints and are so very thankful for the Benson family for giving us hope through the darkness and sticking around when so many other businesses left our incredible city.
Going to miss seeing the Benson Boogie! Thank You Mr. Benson for building a Championship team! Condolences and Prayers are with the Family!!
All Hail The King of Saints! You will never be forgotten, thank you for all you have done you are the true definition of a Saint.
RIP Mr. Benson. An incredible man and New Orleans and the WHO DAT NATION will miss you terribly! Prayers to the Benson family.
Just as Mr. Benson was given a financial break to attend St. Aloysius, so was I. And we both never forgot what that meant to us. Mr. Tom, you and your wife Ms. Gayle have done wonders with your contributions to all. Your Blessings have not gone unnoticed by us nor by God the Father.
I’m so sad to hear of this news. What a great man. His generosity will proceed him. Gayle I wish you the best. You are such a kind lady.
Thank you Mr. Benson for making the New Orleans Saints the team they are today. May your soul be at home in the Kingdom of Heaven looking down on your boys , ⚜️🙏⚜️
R.I.P Tom Benson you did so much for the city of New Orleans and for the Saints you were truly a great man. U will be missed but never forgotten.
That is a wonderful Tribute to Mr. Benson great man awesome owner of the football team the Saints Go Saints 🏈⚜🏈⚜🏈 NewOrleans is going to miss. Great Man
RIP and thanks for creating something everyone can be proud of, a place for the Saints to call home before reaching heaven. Prayers are with those who truly knew and loved him and those who admired him. Many lives & hearts have been touched.
If you're a True Believer this is not the end but only at graduation ceremony who dat for life and Beyond you'll be truly missed
Tom and I shared a drink at an airport at onetime and I was Saint fan at that time and had some great time together 40 min. or so but what a time love you and GOD SPEED
For ever grateful to Mr. Tom Benson for saying the WHO DAT NATION'S team,,,,,,, NO other team on Earth would ever do,,,, THANK YOU, MR. BENSON RIP SIR.
A very nice tribute! Thank you! I remember the day he walked into the Colonial Bank at Broad and Canal Street, after having just buying the bank and renaming it Pontchartrain Bank, in the late 1980's. So at one time he was my boss. RIP, Mr. Benson.