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Watch today's Afternoon Wrap for the latest practice updates ahead of our Thankgiving showdown with Atlanta 🎬

Anyone know if the saints game is on In California? Lol thanks
Geaux SAINTS! We love you!❤️❤️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️🖤🧡🖤🧡
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Watch Drew Brees' media availability following today's practice 🎬

You can tell he wants another ring.
Steve Catanese Brees woke af
What a Moment It Is Much ❤ From MS
I love this team!
A cosmite professional & legendary NFL QB
That's our Drew Brees😊
Drew is the best
Man on a mission!! Great team all around this season! Keep it up, one game at a time. Who Dat baby!! ⚜
These are the good old days...
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere Who Dat!
Who Dat
You and the team stay humble. An keep your eyes on the prize..
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New Orleans Saints11 hours ago

It was "Special Friends Day" at Drew Brees' son Baylen's school today

Baylen brought Trombone Shorty


The Brees kids are true New Orleanians!
Can I bring Trombone Shorty to work? Please?
Great choice! I mean other than his
Love this so much. Says such respect on so many levels.
Drew Brees and his family are awesome
The Foo Fighters and Trombone Shorty in Feb is going to be awesome too.
Trombone Shorty, I am also looking for a Special Friend to attend NOLA events with...let me know!
Alright Na. Next they will be second lining.
didn't this happen like a month ago or something? is that another thing?
This is so fanfreakingtastic! ⚜️⚜️⚜️❤️❤️❤️
He’s got great taste
Love Trombone Shorty!
Sooo awesome!♥️
That's whats up!
Love me a sweet trombone.
Atta boy Great taste
Fantastic choice!! ⚜️🖤💛⚜️
That's wonderful!
Tracy LeBon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chris Ransonet ❤️❤️❤️
Robin Legendre! 😀😀😀😀
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New Orleans Saints11 hours ago

Chevron and the Saints will continue to show their commitment to the development and education of our children by recognizing Teacher of the Week, Stephen Goodly Sr.

Sounds like a great guy. THANK YOU Stephen
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New Orleans Saints12 hours ago

Congrats to Saints great Sam Mills on being named a Modern-Era Semifinalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2019! #PFHOF19

Sam Mills. Vaughn Johnson. Pat Swilling. That's how I became a Saints fan!
Sam Mills was awesome and the Dome Patrol with Rickey Jackson, Pat Swilling, Sam Mills, and Vaughan Johnson was an awesome force to be reckoned with. I miss that team..
Wish he would of been able to see this. Congratulations Mills family, an exemplary man.
Had the opportunity to meet him not only a great football player but a great man as well congrats Mill's family very much deserved
Well deserved, congrats,Sam .We miss you
He should have been on that list a long time ago. About time.
Congratulations if he goes in hope he goes as a saint
Always confounds me that he has a statue outside carolina stadium and yet we barely acknowledge this great leader aka dome patrol aka the field mouse
Congrats! You should have been in already.
Sam Mills, The Field Mouse (Dome Patrol was the most prolific set of linebackers in the NFL) That style of play is greatly missed. WHODAT 4 LIFE
Heck yea!! The field mouse!! I hope he gets in
All 4 to the pro bowl... all should be in the HOF... the best linebacker squad everrrrr!!
I hope he gets in and I hope Jim Mora is his presenter.
Saints Mount Rushmore: Brees, Mills, Jackson, Roaf.
The Field Mouse! Loved watching him play.
Way over due to be in the hall of fame great player
Sam truly deserves this honor!!
Sam Mills pro football Hall of Fame baby u deserve rest in peace 😇
Fans who are band wagon hear "Who Dat" they respond "I don't know"
He should have gone in his first eligible year.
#Field Mouse #Dome Patrol
The field mouse great linebackers for sure
Wait, he isn't already in the HoF? Why not?!
Sam was a tough cookie at linebacker ! Congratulations!
Congratulations mills. Question what does modern era semifinalist mean?
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints13 hours ago

The Saints know better than to underestimate their Thanksgiving matchup against the Falcons ⚜️

You NEVER underestimate a divisional opponent. Especially before a National Audience.
Atlanta always come on strong against the Saints. Stay focused ‘who dat’.
I hope the New Orleans Saints Score 60 on the dirty birds.. Oh yeah.. 28-3
Different saints different falcons
Being a lifetime saints fan, I know how these Atlanta games go, as much as they hate each other, no matter the records of each team, these games are always tight. It will go down to the 4th qtr.
You know falcons going to put up a fight. We got to be looking out for anything they throw at us. They sure dont want us to be in their place in Feb.
Division games are always tough. Glad the players know the Falcons are still dangerous.
I really wish the Rams had lost, then we could have played our second string against the Falcons and kept our starters healthy. We don't need to beat the Falcons a second time to win the division, at all. Unfortunately, we have to keep winning to secure the #1 seed. That's gonna be tough facing two short weeks.
I love how we are playing ...but NEVER take the falcons lightly .they always give us a rough time .. just keep on playing like we have game at a time .
Nice to know you all know better than to under estimate any team!You all better play them like they stole dinner! PLAY TO WIN!!!
We got this. Other teams and their fans, even some of our own fans been saying the last 4 games were gonna be heartbreak games. Look at us now. They got this. One play, one game at a time.
Play like you are playing for the championship. WhoDat
Falcons always play us tough, here's hoping we win, blow em out and no one gets injured. Hate thursday night games... so dangerous..
How come Lattimore always looks high af these days?
we playing on thanksgiving cause viewers are tired of seeing the sorry cowboys and the garbage lions every year.😂😂😂
One game at a time....nevermind the home field.
Lets hope we don't have the same refs as we had last season, where one of them was a former Atlanta player and that the calls are fair.
Our defense is much better now than it was in weeks 1-3. Good luck, Matt Ryan.
I'm going to be humble and just say, look what we did against the Rams and look what the Rams did last night...our D got 'dis...wHoDAt!?!
With the great team and coaches we can beat them again.
Falcons really think they have a shot against us. We are undefeated at home and destroying Mf #Whodat
I think we got this. Crawley isnt gonna be out there
Oh, and they weren’t tested by Philadelphia?
They can have as great of a night as they want and still lose by 10+
You guys will play them just fine!!! Keep up the good work and don’t let them slip the secondary!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints13 hours ago

Marshon Lattimore spoke to the media today as we prepare for the Atlanta Falcons 🎥


Dude has a drug problem.... can't hardly talk, some games he can't hardly play. This isn't a sophomore slump. Bro needs help.
WHO DAT !!!!
Who Dat!!! 💛🖤😍🏈⚜⚜⚜
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New Orleans Saints13 hours ago

For your consideration: the Saints' offensive line has allowed a league-low 9 sacks and 29 QB hits this season 🔒

Pro Bowl voting:

Our O-line is a huge part of our success this season.
Wont be any saints players in the pri bowl because we gonna be competing for a super bowl in february!
Held back Suh in the rams game
And still get no love but that's ok we don't need it REAL WHO DATS KNOW
We have the best running backs and the best WR in the league #WhoDat 💪
I still want to see the color rush uniforms become the standard
For your consideration: the year we won the super bowl we had the best o line in the league 😌
These guys don't get enough credit.
And look at the teams they played against. All pros
That O-line is coming in good now, and the defense is getting better every week!
It's never the O that I worry about. It's the D. Always the D :/
Saints are the most complete team in the league in my opinion. If it’s not us I wouldn’t mind seeing the Saints take home the hardware this year. Good luck! - Bears fan
Our offensive line is the best in the league, no surprise
Cant guard Mike and cant touch Drew
Unreal numbers, we finally have a good o line intact, thank you Lawd !!!
That is how you get your quarterback his MVP!
Imagine if we always had an O-line 🤔
The real mvps
✋The Goons🤚
Elizabeth Brock
WHO DAT !!!!🔥🔥🔥
GEAUX Saints! ❤️⚜️🏈
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints15 hours ago

Only two Saints did not practice Tuesday.

Full Injury Report below!

Hopefully Armstead will be ready to play before the playoffs
Healthy, and ready for some Falcon gumbo!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!!!
We rollin boys!....15-1 here we come
Tre’Quan Smith not likely to play with 2 DNP’s. Let’s see what Brandon Marshal can do
Is Davenport good to go?
According the injury report I got, aside from Ramcyk, the entire O-line had limited practice due to injury of some kind.
Who Dat
Who Dat!!!!!!!!
and unfortunately the best player of OL
Brandon Marshall's turn to shine since Smith is out
I hope Thomas keeps on staying healthy because outside of him our WR's are dropping out left and right. Ted Ginn has been out, followed by our 3rd string #18(can't remember his name, Merradeth I think was), Dez didn't last a minute, and now Tre'Quan doesn't look likely to play Thursday. Good news though, Drew Brees can throw to about anybody.
Davenport is coming back?
10 in a row Thursday night!
Yay baby whobdat bearly fully healed
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints15 hours ago

Thursday's halftime show: Grambling and Southern Marching band!

ALL halftime shows should be shown on tv instead of the yak yak yak of sportscasters.
They should be halftime entertainment for the Super Bowl since the Saints will be playing...who dat!
It’s ok to leave Grambling’s garage band out. Nobody wants to hear them.
It's on NBC. Go to their website, scroll down the page to contact us, choose "I have feedback on NBC programming" and everybody inundate them with requests to show the halftime show!⚜️😁
Grambling band NEVER disappoints!!!!!
what football game halftimes SHOULD be! Marching bands! 😀
Please televise the half time show; these bands are epic !!!!
When Grambling performed at the UL Lafayette game, we couldn’t get enough of watching them.... hope it’s aired on TV 🙄
So whoever is at the game please go live and post to Facebook, TV channels don’t usually show the half time performances!
Yayy!!! I hope they actually show the performance on TV!
I hope Fox does something different and shows these bands performing most of their performances on TV.
I hope they show it. I've seen those battles live, and they are electric--straight historic.
oh its gonna be lit in the dome
If only the whole thing were broadcast!
Thursday’s halftime show: environmentalists crying foul after the Saints spend two weeks in a row abusing birds of prey.
Now that's how you do it! Well, I guess I'll wear my Saints and Grambling shirt ALL in one! Lol
I hope Grambling leaves the big bass drum off the field.
It will be so weird to go to the Super Bowl and play in the Falcon’s stadium!! Well, it’s also a Mercedes-Benz stadium after all!
Now why is Southern gonna be there again??
PLEASE tell me they're going to be televised!!!
Can you actually call that music? I've heard both bands,
great!!! now make the networks show that instead of talking heads....
I hope they show it on TV. Southern fan right here in Florida.
I wish they televised the halftime show!
Yesss! As a former marching band member I’m so excited to see this! 👏🤩 #whodat #beatthefailcons ⚜️