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Mark Ingram's neighbors showing love! (Via Ingram's Instagram story)

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Reuben Haj Richard Bassalian this is why ur team is doing good Ingram boosts your locker room morale and makes the rest of your players perform better
Jimmi Stepanik “I think the neighbors think I’m running dope” For all the J.Cole fans out there
Adam Grantham My boy living in that big money white folks neighborhood! Lol
Gloria Jagneaux Ingram deserves the hype, He's a beast on the field!!
C.V. Partridge Roll tide and who dat! Built by bama. He's the best rb in the league
Jennifer Bonner Awesome keep up the good work Who DAT baby
Musette Hood Gotta love New Orleans. The people are the best. ❤️❤️ Rob Hood
Warren Martin Jr. You get a that a boy as long as you’re doing good,but when you mess up it cancels out 5 that a boys
Paulette Miller Awwww so sweet we luv our saints WHO DAT 🏈🏈🏈
Debbie Boudreaux This is so cool ⚜️ Who Dat!
Sandra Brown That's my Boo!! I love you Mark Ingram!!! Continue to shine. WHO DAT FAN 4 LIFE!!!
Mike Reed Hey Mark! You and Kamara, Boss and Sauce. Please shot me out on the interview. I'm the nickname king tho!
Ahren Truss Go Ingram, keep tearing it up!
John Alexander This man's yard per carry all ways been great, he just needed the touches. Keep feeding the beast.
Beth Stewart Hook That's great! You deserve all dat love!
Bill Brigman On and off the field you earn the love, #22! Keep it rolling. Best of luck the rest of the way! Who Dat!
Diana Griffith Love that happy chuckle there at the end. WHODAT BABY!
Thimal D. Amal everyone loves Wooch
Mica Brown He really is killing it this year. WHO DAT!
Leslie Woods Anthony Woods just a glimpse of some Saints fans showing lot's of love👍
Joe Stassi I bet these are the same people that protested the team a few weeks ago
Sid Cormier Anybody think picking up Dwight Freeney off waivers from Seattle a good idea?
Amy Batson Baker we got him a defense and he's showing out!
Valarie McKendall Love it!!!
Vivian Madison Grind Mark Grind
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Saints senior writer John DeShazier breaks down Manti Te'o and Vonn Bell's 3rd down stop in this week's Expert Analysis!

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Ellen Humphries Pride I see Manti Te’o in on a lot of plays but he is not getting much love from the media. What’s up with that?
Dave Davidson This was definitely the play of the game. I was happy with the Josh Hill score but knew with out a quick 3 and out stop it would be for nothing. And after the first two plays made it 3rd and 1, and we hadn’t made penetration all day, it did look a little bleak. This play, though, got me and the rest of the Dome super hyped once again. Geaux Saints!!
Harold Bell Love you guys I've been a Saints fan since 1967 never put a bag over my head in my life my blood is black and gold believe that
Matt Youcupicio Barley getting my voice back from this play! Haha who dat nation!!
Alan Owens Trey Hendrickson is gonna need to keep playing like that. Go Saints.
Jeffrey Branch That definitely was huge game changer right there!
Kane Dempster Now we need to sign Dwight freeny and then we be unstoppable for sure
Julia George Hello John DeSazier 2nd time asking does Alvin Kameria ware his nose ring doing game time And thanks for re-caping the Saints game
Joseph Phillip Ernst I'd just tell mantei that the running back killed his gf
Dan Gerber Kalili Alaiasa, dis yo man right here.
Valene Turner Executed perfectly!
Thomas Johnson Let’s Go Black and Gold
Hollygrove Vman Execution
Frances Gordon Of course!
Mikael Huffman Love it!!
David Chong Awesome
Linda LeBlanc Way to go D! Team effort! ❤️ our D!
Russell Burks Game changer
Kalili Alaiasa Das my nephew!!!
Dewey Edwin Williams Marshall Amos , Donovan Vince
Umar Rashid Thomas Fredericks
Wyatt Adams Michael Harris
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It's become a weekly tradition with these two - both Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram II BALLED and when you BALL, you get the CALL from Deion Sanders!

📺: NFL GameDay Prime

New Orleans Saints
Alvin Kamara 😬⚜️⚜️
Rena Williams Their duo name should be Hit-N-Run
Todd Flaherty 2 of the best in the game right now.. I like how supportive they are of one another.. no rivalry. They after the same thing . That SUPERBOWL BABY !! Who dat 2018
Trayon Batiste This the best. This is what we need!! Been so long since Saints had good running backs and we managed to have two! Super Bowl 2018 I’m calling it!
Samantha Bultron They need to be called lightning and thunder! You can’t have lightning without the thunder!
Elricus Juanta Mcmorris Hey don't get too full this thanksgiving. We need Yall this Sunday. It was both of you that saved the day. This is working together here.
Jimmie Lee Jackson Don't Believe the Hype!......go with your gut feeling.....everybody jocking NOW, but when you lose alone.... stay focused, Mr. Ingram run hard...Mr. Kamara do that thing you do..... BEAT THE the subliminal ?......
Eric Torres The 2 Falcons games and the Panthers game will be huge in the saints quest for the super bowl. Let’s see how these two show up in those games. We can name them after
David Diaz I like seeing how veteran athletes take care of the young up and coming rookies like Mark Ingram is with A. Kamara, this is how motivation and camaraderie should be like on and off the field.
Kaos Havoc Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara AKA(The Dynamic Duo) Awesome job guys keep up the good work two of the best
John Porter Forget Sanders die hard falcons been hating on saints forever he said a.p. need to go because we not going nowhere
Kevin Warner Or how about Who and Dat...Kamara would be “who” because folks are now asking who the hell is that kid, and Ingram is “dat” cause folks are saying there dat train go.
Roly Benitez Kamara with his grills on is everything. BTW he had them in during the last quarter of the game into overtime. Rene Benitez #BOONKGANG
Stacey Elizabeth Thunder and Lightning! #Kamara #Ingram
Danny Banks #WhoDat 1 game at a time! I have a nickname for them....Hustle N Flow!!
Kenny Chiasson The Flambeaux brothers! They'll torch you, & scorch you, and leave you feeling burnt!!
Brandon Madigan
Stephen Price They need a reality show 😂
Jeff Parker I’m telling you… THE SAVAGE BROTHERS #Kamara #Ingram #Primetime
Trina Dickerson Down by 15...3 min left in the game....Drew said "Hold my 🍺 "
Kevin Stogner THE NOLA HYDRA!!!!! Best 2 headed monster in the league.
Libby Ann Alligood Please make it to the Super Bowl, that's all I want for Christmas. Win this week!!!
Aaron Brewer I'm loving the win, but that Okafor injury really has me worried.
Larry L Franco Jr. Prime don't have these guys in speed dial, he has them on re dial
Myrtis Tyler Perry I really like these two, they compliment each other
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Congratulations to Marcy Mahler from Sixth Ward Middle School!

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Drew Brees is up for two NFL weekly awards!

FedEx Air Player of the Week:

Clutch Performer of the Week:

Vote and share to support No. 9️⃣

New Orleans Saints
James Stafford Cluth Performer of the Week should have been handed to him the minute the game vs Washington was over. Down by 15. 11 of 11 for 167 and 2 TD with a 2 point? Yeah. That should have been handed to him on a silver platter.
James Sellers Saints down 15 with 5 to go Brees: "Hold my beer!" Highfives a young girl fan and heads out on the field. Marches down in 4 plays and scores td
Bert Scroggins It pisses me off hearing Saints fans say he needs to go. That tells me how much they know about football. He’s not the 09 Drew but he’s still Top five NFL. And if you don’t think he should be payed go ask the Browns or Bills how their Qb situation is working out for them
Trevor Smalley Drew Brees is the best pure PASSER of all time. When it's all said and done, he'll be all time leader is passing yards and TDs. More 5,000 yard seasons than anyone. Rodgers and Brady are the only other QBs in the league, when healthy, that are on his level.
Freddie Ontiveros Every New Orleans Saints fan needs to vote, vote, vote because Drew Brees so deseves both of these awards after that nailbiting game on Sunday.
Lois Matelan How could Drew NOT be Clutch Performer of the Week after that last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter and overtime? Geaux Saints! WHODAT!
Obed Garcia That man is a surgeon performing miracles on the football field. Cool, calm, and collected isn’t enough to describe his masterpiece. Brees for President. Lol. Who Dat!
Tina Lee Drew deserves to win after Sundays game .I was saying aww all through the game then they turned it around the last 2 30 minutes of the end.So my vote is for Drew and Kamara
Matthew Taylor Ingram is also up for ground player so vote for him as well
Dennis Reed The rams will snap the saints 8 game winning streak, #Rams:: 38 #Saints: 28
Richard Cotton Ol Sean n Drew gonna mess around n get us to the Super Bowl. Hide n watch.
EvaBeth Newby Brees is the best QB in the NFL! After last weeks comeback he deserves all the awards! ❤️⚜️
Mary Ann Maryann What about Rookie of the Week?
Adam Johnson My home Team win next week against a good rams team.
Robert Lapeyrouse FedEx will deliver the award a day late with no explanation
Shamar Thompson We already know he's gonna win clutch performer ⚜⚜⚜⚜
Warren Batiste Love seeing my squad on the t.v. in the lobby almost everyday i get to work. 💪😌⚜️🏈
Rheena Cedrice Voted for all my boys. AK rookie of the week🤗🎉
Aj Neal BREES>Brady
Sheila Tremblay Cummings Clutch for sure! Got others in for the other Drew is the man!
Leon Delorette breesus absolutely deserves clutch performer of the week. maybe year
Brittany McGilvray Who Dat! I know the dome was rockin on Sunday ⚜️
Gloria Jagneaux Drew Dat, he deserves both awards!! Like I keep saying He's not done yet!!
Beranda Brandy Monte I Think Tommy Had Another Stroke!! LOL Me Too
Bobbie Mizelle Dennis Reed u need to be for your team sounds like u don't believe in them who dat!!!!!!!!!!!
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Catch this special moment during the game?

Right before the overtime drive, Drew Brees gave the Copeland's of New Orleans Jr. Tee Retriever a high five!

New Orleans Saints
Stuart Waddell As cool and calm as it gets. We are lucky to have Drew as our QB. We need to lock him up for 3 more years. No doubt he is worth it. I will take a 40 year old Brees over a rookie any day.
Tim Taylor Drew Brees is a hero in my book. Not because of what he does on the field, but because of what he does off the field. He may be the last true respectable player in the NFL.
Ahren Truss drew brees had that look in his eye like, "hold my beer"
Charles Janice It's called, Good Karma!!! Moments after that, we came back and completely dominated the game. Thank You Mr. Breeeeeeze!!!
Connor Morvant Brees will forever be a Saints legend and possibly the greatest player we will ever have. Nobody’s ever wearing #9 for the Saints after he hangs the cleats up.
Brian L. Reeves Class act....Lets compare him to Kaepernick, or Lynch....Who should be citizen of the year??.....Remember Brees donates millions of $$$$ to charity...Volunteers endless hours in the New Orleans community, and is a STRONG LEADER!!!!!
Emily Egan Can we make sure that this girl is at every Saints game moving forward? I think she's a good luck charm!
Teddy Hall That is it!!!!! That little girl must slap Drew Brees's hand. For the rest of the season. How do you like the ('s) on Brees. I have no idea if that is correct. Lol
Sam Moschella Not only is he one of the best quarterbacks in the league but he stops to give the little girl five during a game👍🏼 Jasmine Arceo Moschella
Ross Whitaker "Hey lil girl! Come here, gimme some good luck.....alright thanks, I'mma go win this game real quick". - Drew Brees
Mike Ballon "There is no one on this Planet who can turn a fivteen point deficit into a win in less than six minutes to go" Drew Brees: "Hold my Beer"... Truly a legend.
Cody Viescas Can't believe there are "saints fans" that think Brees should hang it up
Drew Widdifield I think my favorite part of this season is that we're still going to have a good team after Drew Brees retires a Saint
Chris Bitely I love this, but someone must stand for the integrity of the high five. If the arm isn't raised, it's just giving five, possibly even "down low." There's nothing wrong with simply giving five, and the girl was far from "too slow," but please stop delegitimizing the high five.
Trevor Smalley Drew Brees is the best pure PASSER of all time. When it's all said and done, he'll be all time leader is passing yards and TDs. More 5,000 yard seasons than anyone. Rodgers and Brady are the only other QBs in the league, when healthy, that are on his level.
Tina Rochelle Cecconello Stuart i was thinking the same considering all he has been through with being in the backdrop of Thomas Brady and Payton Manning and John Elway and Joe Nameth and Dan the Man illegal Marino
Victoria Leonard Such class. So personable. I just love Drew the quarterback and the man. He's an amazing, genuine, individual. I can't wait to meet him someday. Drew Dat♡
Gerald Klibert Sr. Actually, Drew had started to go onto the field and turned back and went to the young lady. That showed what kind of person he really is. A great person and great American. Could have been a great Marine also.
Gretchen Gegenheimer I've seen him do that more than once at a game! Class act!!!
Olivia Ajack I had said to a redskin fan that you didn't want to try an beat drew in the air because our offense is very pick your poison an sure nuff I said it show nuff they did it.
Andrew Bowdle Drew Brees always does the right thing, a class act...
Janine Rowell That one small gesture made that girl’s day I bet! He is so selfless and such a great role model⚜️⚜️
Simonne Servat Babineaux I think this was the best shot of the whole game!! It was genuine and when you give out good vibes, you get them back in return!! You go Saints!! Way to go Drew!!
Danny Soya That's a legend right there. LOL her reaction was awesome haha.
Chris Herrington Well in all fairness he just had to hand the ball off twice after going 11 for 11 for 164 yards!
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Some of the best plays from the Saints 8-game win streak! 🔥🔥🔥

New Orleans Saints
Dwayne Romero Sr. We will beat them Rams in their own backyard , we always play good in Los Angeles can I get a who that?
Jacob Falcon I find this team has a different swagger than the 09 team but in a better way more confident like we know we’re under the radar but we are that good
Carin Garrison The Bags are off and the Fire 🔥 is on!!!! Congratulations to the dedication and commitment to the whole Saints Staff.
Elricus Juanta Mcmorris When Brees threw to kamara. He bobbled the ball but got the touchdown. Great concentration on his part.
Antonio Hernandez Fernandez Black AND Gold to the super bowl
Than Harrington Love the look on the woman’s face when Kamara leap into the stands. She was clearly not having it 😂
Dennis Dean II The Saints are not hot, they're on fire
Kelly Allison Townsend I got the 09 dvd set from our library to watch Thanksgiving !
Vivian Madison Fantastic performances TeamSaints keep grinding
Chris Bell Who Dat Saints GO Saints!!!
Natasha Mays Love our defense picture celebrations!! AKA MY name for them.. The PopEmRazzie Patrol
Douglas Dias Julia Grigolato desculpa, mas agora vou ficar mostrando o adversário de vocês 😎😂😂
Kyle Lanford Yep, the Saints are marching in! Who Dat!
Lachie England Riley Ghent Sam Thiele just thought I’d show you boys what real ball looks like
Christopher James Smith Alli Taylor them boys good ⚜️💰
Gloria Jagneaux Best Season Ever!
Katelynn Allen makes me so happy i could cry
Jackie Mancia Great season ! Who Dat "🏈🏈🏈
Denis Willian Gustavo Corrêa se liga nesse "check" do qb na primeira jogada
Alex Ogwin
Antonio Garcia Amo mis Santos
Harold Bell
Anthony Geraci ON FIRE THIS YEAR
Jordan Curtis Yeah baby !!!!
Nick Benn Who Dat!
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Your #Saints Morning Report for Tuesday, November 21st.

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints21 hours ago

NFC South standings through Week 11

Joel Hill Nice to see the bandwagon fans have made their return.
Torino Johnson Seattle had one job to do last night, lol,...if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. But first things first, think the Rams were exposed by Minnesota, and now they are down one of their good receivers, WHO DAT keeps the winning streak alive!!!
Ryan Johnson Just be the saints and take one game at a time..
Christian Wilson It caused me great pain to cheer for the hawks last night ... and then even more pain when the falcons won 😭
Kaleb Chaudoir So excited, long time Saints fan living in Minnesota, seeing them do so well I finally made the investment to root them on in person when they battle the Jets!
Randy Young We will destroy Rams, Panther and 2 games against Falcon... finally, Saints Will be 14-2 #Believethat #Whodats
Ray Jay Sullivan Started off 0-2 now 8-2 I am a die hard saints fan for life win or lose I'm still gonna be a saints fan so forgot about the teams they all suck
Greg Trujillo It's far from over. Panthers right behind us and Atlanta in the mix. It's not impossible to go from 1st to wild card with everyone playing so well. Hopefully saints can keep winning and hopefully beat Atlanta and Carolina to keep the lead.
Amber Edwards Thoele These two die hard Saints fans were screaming and jumping up and down in redskins territory Sunday! I hope they all heard me! 😉 Haha
Robert Greuniesen Can't afford to slip up and drop any. As tight a division as it can be right now. Our division games all bunched up in the coming weeks aree gonna be critical
Dreeka Clemons Geaux Saints!!! Looking good. This Louisiana girl is cheering you guys on from Texas!!! Who Dat Baaaaaaaaby!!! Get sum
Ron Williamson How awkward. You loudly and obnoxiously proclaim that you're never going to watch the Saints and the NFL again. Then they win 8 straight.
Elricus Juanta Mcmorris Tell you what,saints not giving up that division. Atlanta and Carolina better sit back and enjoy the show this year.
Matt Casse Every division in the NFL right now has at least 2 teams with a .500 or below record... except the NFC South.
April Modglin Saints need to keep doing what they are doing...I would like them to go all the way to the Superbowl. Who Dat nation
James Durkin Trekked to the superdome twice from aus and unfortunately seen saints lose to reigning sb champs, since i saw them play the pats the streak started, hopefully ill see them get the w soon in person, WHO DAT
Glenn Frick Brees and the Saints are on a mission as this team seems focused. Rams won't stop Ingram and Kamara. Now the wide receivers are getting in on things, Rams are going down.
Dallas Lucas Don't worry y'all, this is where the panthers schedule gets stupid easy and ours get even more stupid hard. But guess what, I bet we still win more games than the panthers these next 6 games 😏
Anton Manglaris Roos Toughest division sadly, 8 w in any division of Afc would have almost secured a playoff spot 😮 but keep it going wishes a big fan from Sweden
Christian Von Antz Somebody must have listened to my reviews of the Saints and the changes that needed to be made, in order for us to become a more complete all around team. During the draft, I mentioned time and again we needed the running game to compliment to passing game in prefer to win games. The defense has time to rest and focus on every series the offense is on the field. All we need to do is stay healthy and keep playing our game...because right now, it's Saints vs. Eagles for the NFC title, if things continue. And that's going to be one hell of a game to watch.
Rick Mead After 0-2 start thought it was going to be like last year. What a turn around. Best Rams keep the streak alive
Morris E. Brown I've been talking badly about josh hill all season but he's the reason we won Sunday with the 4th quarter TD and key block on that 2 point conversion. He definitely deserves the game ball
J.d. Flores I wish the Panthers would go ahead and lose a couple. Would help the Saints to build a comfy lead. However I guess if they keep playing like this they won't need the Panthers to lose
Aaron Smith Where was destroyed around Regal score of the panther because she wanted the dirty birds you going to beat the Jets going to be Tampa Bay be going to store all those teams 14 + 2
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints1 day ago

How in the world did the Saints come back after being down 15 with 5:58 left on the clock?

New Orleans Saints
Todd WhoDat Smith I spent 365 boots on ground in Afghanistan being shot at, rocket attacks, and mortars attacks and away from from my family. I choose to watch the New Orleans Saints play football. If your not watching, what sacrifice did you pay to say your not watching.
Daphne Mekayla Walker-Watson Because it ain’t how you start it’s how you finish.!!! And my boys came back to reclaim their time. 🧐😉 #whodat
Jayden Tones and people wonder why Drew Brees is considered one of the best (if not the best) qb's ever
Johanna Sierra Abram That’s impressive the saints are so underrated this year but I hope brees gets a ring he deserves it.
Teresina Neapollioun-Monroe Because they never give up. They play until it’s over and don’t get discouraged. That’s how they came back. WHO DAT!!!!
Nikolas Alexander Marcinov I was at last year's game against the Chargers where they were down 13 points with less than 5 minutes left and they won. This team is electric!
Patrick Liberto I have seen several highlights of this great comeback and none of them show how the defense stepped up in the final minutes of regulation and in overtime to make this win happen. Without their clutch performance, the Saints go down with a loss.
Karla Zepeda I was peeking through my blanket watching this game, so tense!! The saints cured my hangover last Sunday ⚜️
Tim N Debbie Griffith Never underestimate the HOF QBs! They know how to come from behind in games! We are in special times with our HOF QB Drew Brees!! Pay da mannnn!! Whoooo Datttt!!!
John Agapos There's always been something about football I'll never understand. You have 4 quarters of regulation. Why wait until the last minute to execute so perfectly? Were better plays called? Was the Saints' execution just that much better in the final minutes? What was the difference between the last two drives and the drives they executed previously? If they do the job right in the first place, then it's another thrashing, like last week. I completely understand that the other team may execute better on any given play; but it seems to me that it just never occurred to them they could lose (which may be a good thing) - but I think Saints fans have had enough of those last minute finishes. Clobber 'em early!
James O'Neal Heart, determination, Statement. Keys for why we came back!!! We don't give up!! WhoDatNation stand up
Brandon Bourgoin I used to watch brees play his heart out after our superseason in 09 and play till the last seconds of every game while carrying the entire team. Used to feel so bad for the guy. So great to see everything coming together finally
Tennelle Greenhouse 🎶I feel like black and gold going back to the superbowl🎶🎶
Drosà Las Dràgas Another 4th Qtr comeback for Dem Saints & my playa potna Drew Brees. Time for that defense to get back to allowing 17pts or less average a game. #WHODAT #WHODATNATION #WHODATLYF3R #BLAKKGOLDMAFIA
Graham Coia How did they manage it? 'Coz they were playing the 'Skins, that's why. As a long-suffering fan, I can safely say that if any team can find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, it's the Redskins, lol.
Darlene Babin DeKerlegand Wow!! I am so glad that you posted this video....we missed the game on Sunday and I was hoping to see some highlights! Very impressive comeback! Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints !!!! Who Dat!
Luther Guin It's a lot easier for a good quarterback to complete passes when the defense has to guard against a good running game. Especially when the quarterback in question is someone in the class of Drew Brees.
Jon Porcher Cause were on fire and playing as a confident team any team can do it just gotta stick together and get the job done play the full 60 minutes and dont stop until the clock runs out who dat definantly in the playoffs this year and has a stromg possibility to get in the superbowl
Debi Kim We don't play around. We let you think you got us, then, BAM! DROP THE HAMMER and thats all she wrote. WHO DAT BABY!
Jerome Gilliam Who cares if a bunch of kneelers are winning...if they go to tbe Superbowl of Kneelers..that will impress us even more? I'm standing with respecting our Veterns and love of our country.
Heno Dameron Just another tool a great teams needs to have in the bag. What would be even greater is not having to use it by not falling behind in the first place. #whodat
Debra Allen Sterling Me, I'm their lucky charm, they just don't know it. That's all the game I was able to watch driving home from PA. When I finally got here, Wham Bam, Thank You Mam
Ant Marlin Hey even though Theo Holloway team is playing right now and there our rivals I’m sure he knows how drew pulled this off .. 🤔
Jim Patti Millar HOW ... They’re the SAINTS! With lotsa Lutz they Brees’d through for the Win. Great finish team! ⚜️♥️🏈
Kevin Clement Washington went into prevent mode and the Saints offense attacked. A better team would have held on to win.