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We're looking for energetic, hard-working folks who love the Saints!

Nicholas Nedland Any chance you need someone to patrol US Bank stadium this year? I'll be at the game but would love to be part of the Black and Gold Patrol #whodatinminnesota
Alyssa Carver Dream job if only I didn't live in the frozen tundra that is Minnesota/Wisconsin
John Dours The longest tenured Junior Tee Retriever in New Orleans Saints' history: Casey Cowley
Heather Haddad Kaci Perez Verdin tell Lance Verdin he can definitely be a black and gold patrol lol
Luis Garcia Dude fly me out from Los Angeles and you'll get the most hardworking saints fan in the world !!!!
Michelle Crochet I sure wish I lived in New Orleans! Sounds like a great job!
Ben Martino New Orleans Saints: are auditions Thursday or a Saturday. There's a typo for the date listed.
Carter Sutton John Colin Thielen here's a chance for your break through John. Go kill it!
Allan Rowe Adam Thomas Michael Rowe let's get the band back together.
Lisa Hewitt Wish I could apply I'm Canadian Love my New Orleans Saints ❤️⚜️
Gloria Leckness Love the saints
Lora Andrews Janice Jackson Sartin Aunt Rea This is PERFECT FOR YOU!!!!
Zaarne Bourke Fly me from Australia 🎉 you'll 100% get what you need 😂
Misty Bailey Evans Kristie Cain Ramos, I think we could handle this!
Michael Wright Fly me from Pittsburgh
Steven Meredith Jr Jessica Williamson man I wish I could do this
Ben Petrone Can they live in NY???
Beyonka Heine James Heine think this is for me!
Lisa Wampler If only!!
Cara Hull I wish I lived in New Orleans!
Carl Davis I'm in
Jon Dinges Tell the Buccaneers they suck for me
Lynne Bundy Hughes NancyMunoz....we can do it!!!!
Jamie Washington Who Dat!!!!!😲😲😲😲😲💪💪
Mario Maurice Martinez That's my birthday, hire me.! 🙁
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Doug Ray Whatcha thinking about? Oh, just how the Falcons blew a 25 point lead.
Billy Mcpherson I am a Saints fan but I was rooting for the Falcons because the New England Patriots didn't needs to win know more we need a new Super Bowl champions who dat
Octavio Rodríguez Fabian Shall I throw or catch a TD?
Brian Walsh Willie's thinking of those Bush's baked beans
Dustin Fodness Hmm...Seared Seahawk or Roasted Falcon...
Jason Wehner Slow news day, I see
Carol Veal Crawfish boil or BBQ shrimp?
Seth Johnson Willie snead "so how long until football season"!!!
Jessica Easley Love these random posts, keep posting NO
Kendrick Everette "Hmmmm, How could the Falcons blow a 28-3 lead?"
Mike Wood I like Willie. He always seems like the happiest Saint.
Gloria Mejia My favorite player
Zachary Ashley Blundell Let's go Snead!!!!
Ryan Johnson Big Willi lol
Harel Broderick Willie: Should I switch positions? Drew's arm must be tired by now. He's been throwing long bombs for years...I think I'll give this QB thing a shot.
Emmie Derusha Jimmy Who? He immediately erased and replaced #80 for me. Also helps he came from BALL STATE baby!
Johnathan Barrow He's wondering if he will be signed to long-term deal and make those $$$, are is headed somewhere else like all the rest.
Dustin Joseph Have we resigned Willie yet I believe he is a restricted free agent have we given him an extension?
Bill Holmes If I were Willie... I would be wondering WTF this front office of this football team is doing to this football team too!
AJ Liles Hmmm i've done a great job for the Saints...wonder when they're going to cut me...
Michael Bardwell "How much speed would a Snead need if a Snead had a need for speed?"
Niko Castro " I wonder when we'll have a defense to complement our offense"
Brian Luttrell He's thinking is this the season Brees throws me passes for the last time as a Saint.
Jessie E Smith My New Fav team! FCK THE RAIDERS😞😞😞😞😞😞
Gary Ordoyne Sure wish Coach Payton will take it easy on us this spring drill
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Jarrius's hilarious interview with Randy Moss kicks off at the 17:50 mark!

Zach Heflin So just curious but what exactly did jarrius do or who does he know or what happened to him to get all these opportunities
Paul Killian As long as he's able, that kid has a future in broadcasting. Already learning the ropes.
Andre Bosco Clements Hey think I could a jersey & some free stuff? I've been on dialysis for five years waiting on a kidney transplant. Js
Emmathee Ann He is so cute 💜
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Here's how the media thinks the draft will shake out.

What say you?

Nathanael Dillard *We need a DE/OLB, CB, LB - Back up QB & G How in the world does the media have us entertaining a WR pick in the 2nd when we have 4 WRs and haven't fulfilled these needs listed above. Please PM, call, text, email, fax, or write me and I would love to match wits with the recruiting/selection committee. Barrett is a solid #11 pick for us. There are some talented pick ups out there for pick 32 and 42 and I have the primary, secondary and auxiliary selections and why.
Dan Gerber Saints need an edge rusher more than a CB. At #11 they'll be in prime position to get one. It was hell watching opposing QBs sit back in the pocket and pick apart the defense last year. Gotta make those QBs uncomfortable.
Paully Milling Almost fully agree with Nathanael Dillard i think we should get a te in the 3rd round colby isnt cut out to replace jimmy and with TE's being deep in this draft it would be nice to grab one in the 3rd like we did Jimmy otherwise heres my picks DE/LB,CB/SS, DE/CB/SS/LB which ever we dont take outta those. TE, QB, G
Bubba Terranova It doesn't matter who we get. We will make them really good, and then trade them for a 14th round pick in a draft that is 6 years away!
Hudson Hargrove The guy who has the Saints taking mcaffrey and turbisky is insane
Mike Moe Ruben would be amazing but I think edge is the position that needs addressing! I think we draft Barnett, and maybe we can get Hassan reddick with the 32 pick... I believe we can still get a quality CB in the 2d round... maybe Humphrey. But I don't believe Ruben will be available... if so draft him, and chia Harris in the 1st rd
Robert Jensen Don't really care who they draft as long as it not someone with a history of injuries! The Saints can't afford any project players. They need help now.
Daniel Mariakis #11 Barnett, #32 MAhomes (Way too good too pass), #42 - Tanoh Kpassagnon - With the F/A signing I think we should pass on LB. DB, I think we should be fine if we get out the 30th ranked QB Sack from our pass rush. We could have a Deon Sanders and still get hurt if a QB has 4-6 seconds too pass each time!
Travis Holzner Tbh, I don't know who the hell we are going to draft. I hope all defense but watch when we draft Cristian M or some other person.
Kendrick Everette #11 Derek Barnett #32 Tre'Davious White #42 Raekwon McMillian = Championship
Hunter Lowry Saints need an offensive line and defensive line, another outside linebacker, and corners.
Marlowe Ramirez Foster would be a game changer.
Gil Johnson If Foster is still available at #11 the Saints have to pick him. Immediate game changer for defense.
Steve Hughes Stay away from Alabama players, we already go bit by worthless Ingram!
James Tidmore Man I'd love to see Reuben in black an gold
Max Taunton how draft starded down hill with bush an as long as lomiss is here it will be the same unless Sean gets to Pick
Jason Lapene Ruben Foster with the 11 pic. Please.
Ian Graham Stop it
Brad Thompson Get Reuben foster!!
Daniel Hall Yeah we need a good draft since we got screwed during the trades.
Francisco Javier Atilano It seems like almost all have D. Barnett as the #11 pick
Tony Finfrock Reuben Foster or bust
Angela Marie Nemec #11 Barnett a must, yessssss 👍
Christopher Marks If it ain't the offensive line no Alabama players
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Some pictures of good doggos and more to start your week off on a good note.

Varissa Ann I have a "Brees". If y'all allowed pics to be commented here, I'd show him off. 😐
Scott Thiel He has a Malcom Jenkins tie 😊
Robin O. Griffin Champion "Champ".
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Where does Mike Thomas rank among recent 2nd-round picks?

Jamin Roberts All the way up☝️
Ryan Johnson A head of them all
Nato Reynolds Without cooks as a dt hes goin to be covered alot easier than last year, no need to double cover hands of stone ginn jr....
Nick Dare Only a year in and he's already breaking records and still hasn't gotten his feet wet. He's a baller for real thanks for the recommendation Keyshawn.
Keith Turing It would be great when you guys post videos if you could write a summary or transcript or something so people who cant listen to it can consume the content
Andy Dickinson Saints will probably trade him next year for a 3rd round draft pick.
Kevin Cooney When I click on the link it just opens a page that has ads and other links... No story... WTF
Barrel Prak What a steal!!!!
Michael Dawson Steal of last years draft #shhhh
Kenneth Rickels # 1 . !!!!!!!!!
Brenda Craven #1
Thrice Alford Number one
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Be sure to wish our friend Jarrius "Little JJ" Robertson a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Vickie Martin Happy birthday Little J J. Praying for a miracle for you. Can't think of anyone more hilarious and more deserving. Keep them Saints straight.
Jeff Aultman Happy birthday young man! Keep fighting and keep that smile and amazing attitude. Praying for you and your family! Joshua 1:9
Donnetta L. Sigur Happy Birthday JJ! Praying for your miracle, our Mason got his at 13 months and is now 6 years old and doing fantastic. Your smile and strength is awesome!
Stacey Houston Happy birthday JJ! You are a breath of fresh air and I can't help but smile each time I see your sweet face! May all your wishes come true!
Daniel Holler Haapy Birthday JJ. Hoping you have an awesome wicked birthday. You bring a lot of inspiration to a lot of people. And we're all in your corner supporting you! Keep that fire that's inside you going!!!
Cynthia Madden Kernan Have a fantastic, wonderful and blessed HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎂 😎🎂I love watching you on FB. You are absolutely AWESOME and you must know that you have an extraordinary gift for bringing joy and laughter to others. 😀 Stay strong for many, many people are praying to GOD on your behalf. Hope you have a fabulous day! ~ Cindy
Willard Gooden-Shaw HappyBirthday JJ, hope you are doing good. God bless you and family. Looking forward to seeing you with the Saints this season.🎉🎉🎂
Marg Singline Happy birthday Little JJ ... Hope your special day is as awesome as you!! Sending warm wishes from Tasmania 🙂
Brenda Aguillard Happy Birthday JJ. Enjoy your Bday & may God bless you with many many more. God has blessed you with a witty personality & im so glad you are part of the who dat nation
Kerry Grieff Happy Birthday, JJ! Hope you have a birthday that's as "special" as you...filled with 🍨🎂🍕🍟🍔🎉 and everything that makes you happy! 👍❤️🙏
Lashea Thomas Happy Birthday JJ, Enjoy your day and God bless!#whodatnation #whodatbaby #black&goldallday #Saintsforlife have an awesome day...
Johnny Moore Happy birthday JJ ,get this Isaiha 53:4,5 say you are already healed if you can say it and believe it you will have it.............Amen!!
Sean Joseph McDowell This kid is awesome. makes everyone elses problems seem stupid due to what he has to deal with everyday. love this little guy. happy birthday dude!
Suzanne Gentry Simon Hay JJ. You rock. Happy, happy birthday. Just waiting to see you this coming football season. Don't you wish football was all year long?
Linda Stoltz Happy Birthday Jarrius! You make me happy every time I see you! Your pure inspiration to so many. Keep fighting the fight! There are so many people out there fighting for you! Prayers for you and your family!!🙏😇
Minister Lewis Happy birthday JJ and many, many, many more and God bless you! He has brought you this far he is able to bring you the rest of the way! 😊
Suzanne Key Happy Birthday 🎉 we have missed your during off season !! You r such a brave and amazing young man and a wonderful role model for all young people. Look forward to seeing you soon !!
Naomi Schmidt My Aunt(s)Rhoda, Lois, & Natalie, Mary Jane and my Mom(Anna)& Grandma Gertrude used to sing this to us Melody: "Happy Birthday" God's Blessings to you God's Blessings to you God's Blessings dear one God's Blessings to you! I hope you find good rest and Peace always and beyond ! Naomi S.
Gail Mccallon Happy Birthday JJ to the coolest guy I've ever seen may God continue to send his blessings upon u ur so special n my heart 😘😍❤️💕💕💕🎂🎊🎈🎉🌹🌹🌹
Paul Turner I hope this kid is learning the entire game of football and is prepping to play as he gets older. Maybe he will play for the Saints one day
Caren Crabtree "Happy Birthday", little JJ, keep them Saints in line, OK?? Have a blessed day!! Your in our thoughts & prayers, little buddy!!
Lorraine Wiggins Happy😄 Birthday J J🎈🎂 🎉 🎈🍦 🎉 🎂 🍦 handsome young man🚹enjoy your self on your day have lot of fun hope to see you do your dancer at game at halftime lot go saints for J.J 🏈 🏈 🏈 🏈 be bless J.J
Jessica Gazin Happy Birthday JJ!! Thanks for being such an awesome Saints ambassador! 🎉🎈🎊
Andrea Hunter Happy Birthday to this little guy with a giant spirit and enormous spunk.
Villasteen Mary Collard Happy Birthday Little JJ prayers is always the answer !!! A positive attitude goes a long way , remember that Little JJ Blessings !!🎂🎉🎉❤❤🎉🎉
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Henry Aycock Another Superbowl please. I am not getting any younger and I really would love to see Drew with 2 Superbowl rings. He deserves it. He should have been the MVP at least twice. Let's give him another ring and the MVP.
Shajuan Matthews If you are a Falcon fan on this page you should remove yourself along with that 25 point lead you blew February 5th
Miguel Ramirez We need to step up forreal..when jimmy gram was around us we at least used2 go to the play off least but since he left we suck af.. We the bottom team now.. Even fhe buccaneers beated us that a shame
Marc Prior Closer to what. Another 7-9 season. Another year of horrendous defense. Another year of the same B.S.
JoAnn Hall Can't wait for my Saints to come back and go all the way this season. Yes I said it won the Super Bowl'
Elliot Dowling It won't happen, that defense can't stop any long pass play
Samantha Stinson Theriot Yeah baby and only 32 days until the draft I can feel the adrenaline building up now. I am so ready for football! #whodat
Georgette Gammon Being in NOLA today on vacation this is extra special. Soon.... ❤🏈
Randy Vice We're an edge rusher and corner away from doing some serious damage to the NFL. Maybe even better than the 09 team
Ann Torres I never get tired of seeing Drew Brees!!Can't wait for football season!!WHODATFORLIFE!!
Ferdie Cassel To what we ask? Anything short of a championship is unacceptable.
Chris Matherne One Sunday closer to PLEASE GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR BUTTS.
Kerry J Cragin One Sunday closer to another 7-9 season. Can't Wait!!!!
Mark Coble Hell yes go took 44years for the first one,give them some time
Sharon Hayman Kohoutek Love our Drew Brees !!! Love to see him win 1 more ring before he retires !!!
BigDave Taylor i watched the NFC champ game against the VIkings again and the Saints only had 77 offense yards in the 2nd half.....yikes..
Chris Doll Next week is #Wrestlemania tho. 😎👍🏻 Also, #WhoDat!
Teshaun Moore Playoffs please
Melissa Bodisch Love my Saints!! Who Dat!! ⚜️🖤💛
Marie Bee any quarterback in this years draft yall think we could draft that brees could groom or would it be grayson
Brenda Murata Can't wait to see Drew and the rest of the Saints.
Cyndi Suire Guidry Not close enough. So ready!!!!
Catherine Bell Cannot wait!! WHO DAT FOREVER!! ⚜🏈⚜🏈⚜🏈
Toni Breaux Can't wait
Houston David Brown Hutt hutt
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Ryan Greene We need to draft some defensive players that's a starter their first year. We have to make our selections count this year. We need to get our defense up to grade. And this is the year that I think we can do that, with the first 3 picks in the draft that the saints have 11,32,42, we need a couple good lock down Conner's and a good disruptive put your face in the dirt pass rusher. We can worry about some offensive players later in the draft or get them from free agency
Chad Crochet I don't know if I'd remind the fan base that we took Kenny 15th overall. Doesn't exactly make me think this draft will go well!
Ahmed Din Rueben foster, derek barnett, or taco charlton at #11 PLEASE! Or slide back a few slots and possibly get christian mccaffrey, tredavious white, or jabrill peppers
Frank Weirauch Please draft a new QB i still cant imagine that you still really consider signing a QB that would party everyday of the week in Nola and get drunk then learning and living and breathing that Playbook... iam talkin abaut Johnny Manziel....Even Tim Tebow would be a better choice or Kapernick,,but i know nobody wants Kapernick....any team would rather sign me than Kapernick...
Gary J. Curtiss The "Draft!" Man, I hate that word! Having any problems with draft dodgers yet? Guess they'd run to ... the Canadian Football League!😄😂😅🇺🇸 Gary J. Curtiss, SN USN K-9 Erich 81X2 🐾❤️ DaNang, Vietnam '67-'68 Louisiana Patriot Guard Riders
Jerrad McDonald Stop letting NE bend us over. Belichick played the Saints like a fiddle with the Cooks trade.
Mela Clemons Please get some good picks we need another Super Bowl on the books!! WHO DAT!!
Tina Johnson Can't wait!!! I hope Loomis Payton and Benson get it right this year!!! #WhoDat
Branford Clayton Everyone knows that the Saints are going to blow another draft. The Saints are nothing but a disappointment.
Catherine Bell Um...OK, but the real question is "how many days till the kick off of the real season". WHO DAT, BABY!! 🏈⚜🏈⚜🏈😃
Ronald Woods Sr. #32 should be on trading blocks also...hasn't shown me ANYTHING!!!
Bryce Percle That awkward moment when Jairus Byrd's number is next on the countdown 😳
Paul Graff 32 days then till Loomis screws it up again.
Robert Jensen Don't f it up! Keep your picks. No trades, you'll always seem to come out on the wrong side of the deal.
Jonathan Holtsclaw I really wish they would draft Deshaun Watson and have him train under Brees to be his eventual replacement.
Angela Marie Nemec I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait, wait to see who we get!!!! Lol!!!!!!! 😜 #realtalk
Ian Graham In Loomis We Bust
Daniel Forrest I keep hearing people say we need to look for Drew's replacement. What's up with Grayson?
Brenda Murata Choose wisely Saints.
Chriss Cazayoux 32 days until Mickey screws it up
Brian O'Brian Draft Deez Nutz....
Kendrick Everette #11 Derek Barnett + #32 trade Malcom Buter = Championship
Monique B. Paul Yess #32!
Amanda Doty Please tell me you are not seriously considering Manziel
Jeff Merritt And one day closer to new season
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Photos from Ohio State University Football Pro Day

Viola Riley Webber My Saints and My Buckeyes!! I love watching them both at the same time on Sundays!! #MichaelThomas, #VonnBell, #MalcolmJenkins, #AntonioPittman
Brian Davilla Sunday is the Lord's Day, a reason to rejoice!
David Harris The best at making angry faces.
Kevin Thomas Leahy Jr. Go saints.
Kevin Thomas Leahy Jr. Kewl photo ....
Al Cole We have had good luck lately with OSU!!
Kavelle Carter Gregory Carter Jr. Look who he's standing on side of 👀
Octavia Henry Belicheat beside Payton
Jasper Donald They don't wanna go 2 no losers
Andrew Owens Tiffany Southard real recognize real yo
Marcus Polo Harrell Jasper Donald Josh Swearington
Jeff Bennett Patty Ward
Lamont Ferno