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New Orleans Saints10 hours ago

On this date in 1971, Archie Manning led the #Saints to a victory over the Rams in his first career start for New Orleans 🙌

If only he had had some help around him. No telling how great he could've been. Look up his numbers and compare them to Terry Bradshaw's. You might be surprised how similar their numbers are. The difference is Bradshaw was surrounded by Hall of Famers while the Saints organization was a complete mess from top to bottom.
I recall another rushing TD he scored, he lowered his shoulder and pushed his way in. I also recall the reason for the arm brace. He broke his arm while still at Ole Miss his senior season against Houston. I think that cost him the Heisman, Jim Plunkett got it instead.
And his son Peyton threw the winning touchdown in the saints first superbowl
remember that game like it was yesterday!! Archie ran for his life the whole game but pulled it out
I wore a 8 saints jersey to an ole Miss game last year, still fondly remembered
I was there remember it well
I was at that game in Tulane Stadium Ahh the good ole days !
And then everything went downhill.
It was all down hill from there!
Then it was all downhill from there😢
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Toni Moore
Phil Mitchell
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New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints12 hours ago

Drew Brees spoke to the media today 🎥

They better move Boston to the active roster. Alvin needs some help back there.
You don't think???? Let me clarify: You haven't; but if you have it's gonna be a long season. I hate Drew's b.s. talking points.
Well I hope you're planning on doing it soon! Like Sunday, ok!!
Lol, Drew says this every week after a loss. His optimism is a bit redundant, but I trust in them and they'll get it done this week.
I don't understand why the saints cut #30 a good running back, then pick up a running back from the pats that was cut. #30 was running well in preseason, they will do better when they get the other running back on the team that was suspended
Give it to us this Sunday then when y’all play those dirty bird falcons!! Who Dat!!⚜️🖤💛❤️
Hold on to the ball and it won't be so bad take them back to handling drills
Well I hope yall do it soon...
I know you’ll didn’t let’s wake up before it’s too late !!!
I agree. Waiting... and trying to be patient about it. Ohio Saints fan right here! ❤️🏈
Better hope not. Need to get it together this week against the Falcons
Agree! Drew and company have played extremely bad football thru week two. Very lucky to get a win against the Browns!
I sure as hell jope ya'll haven't Drew 😂😂
That's pretty obvious lol come on saints pull it together! WhoDat!
Hell nall , yall have NOT !!! Let's get in the groove fellas!!!
I hope they decide to soon because this crapola ain’t gunna cut it.
Well I would hope that’s not our best. That was trash.
Gawd, I hope this isn't the best you got.
Well I certainly hope so. Cause it ain't been pretty.
sunday is the answer beat the birds.
Of course, the young players on defense got cocky
I agree , it’s too much talent on both sides of the field we should be 2-0..
Get it going Drew....especially against the Viqueens....
You better play at your best ; Atlanta is getting better every game!
It's lit in Atlanta waiting on this game
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints12 hours ago

Don't miss Marshon Lattimore's media availability from today 🎥

I miss greer and lewis 😥
call Delvin Breaux bc crowley and lattimore are playing awful right now.
Crawley is better
Something tells me that he still isn’t humble
Jump in front of Crawley to prevent the damage before it happens lol
U got tht son jus use ur instincts #whodatdodat
If you get behind him, you'll never catch him
Hope Crawley is ready too.
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints13 hours ago

All eyes will be focused on a particular matchup when we take the field this Sunday 👀

Lattimore been playing like a slouch too don’t pin everything on crawley, and Patrick Robinson looking like his old self that we ditched long ago only to have him come back and suck again, pj Williams was decent last year in the slot
If y'all are gonna bash Ken Crawley atleast spell his name right. Dudes a dog, defense is a little sluggish but we'll turn it around. #WhoDat
Where the safety help these past 2 games ..even when crawley got burned there was supposed to be. A safety over the top watching the endzone
6-10 season. Hopefully the other teams will be playing like their sleeping on defense. Can someone wake up the saints now. The season started.
I agree with Joshua. Crawly is the guy I mostly worry about every single pass that goes his way. 😬
Idk why in hell is coach holding out On Kikaha and Roberson that pissing me off he did the same thing last year we lost the firstly two notice he put them our 3rd game and anyone's after that we dominated them score with our team is complete js
Lattimore's nickname might as well be called "toast" . He's getting burned for big plays left and right.
Julio DNP in practice today-he’s not going to be an issue
I’m more worried about Crawly getting burnt by Calvin Ridley
Questionable if Julio even plays, knee trouble. Crawly match up will be my concern.
They better find a pass rush this week.
Crucial for Lattimore to get out of that slump and begin to play like he played last year.
Put heat on Ryan and he will do something stupid. Always does. Our D Line has to come up big this week
Either you are a Saints Fan or a Saints Hater, and I hear a bunch of Saints Haters who turn into Die Hard Fans when they doing good on this post. Stop putting the players down, playing defensive back is not an easy job especially when you don't get pressure on the QB, the defensive coach the situation by only rushing 3 defensive linemen all the time, He need to send a Blitz sometimes to confuse the offensive sometimes. But this is only week 3, the early part of the season, I expect them to improve. GOOOO SAINTS....
Ha! I’ve been playing “opossum!” Pick on me if you want to!!! I got sumthin fo that a.....! Watch me work!! ..... says Marshon Lattimore WHO DAT for LIFE!!!
Past couple weeks Lattimore look like he gonna have that sophomore slump. This where he really needs to be 2017 Lattimore and keep Jones fighting for a catch and not let big plays happen. I hope this the game he gets his first INT. Let’s Go Saints!!⚜️⚜️⚜️
Little nervous about it this time cause last year he strapped mike Evans an Julio in both games but this year the secondary been getting lit up , hope changes this week 🖤⚜️
Nobody is playing with any type of cofidence in the secondary. On top of that, everybody is grabbing and holding on for dear life
If the pass rush can't get to Ryan then good luck youngster.
No excuses!!! CB play is looking like trash. Thus ain't last years schedule. We got lucky. Love my Saints, but I'm not seeing more than 6 wins if we keep playing like thus!
Final score of this game will come down to whether or not the refs practiced hard enough to screw us 🤣
You know, if we give them actual help by letting Marcus Williams play the middle, they'll do just fine. That's not 43's fault, Dennis Allen needs to just let him ball out.
Oh lort we dead. I have visions of him huffing that oxygen tank last time they matched up.
Better show up! Mike Evans made you look silly.
I hope Lattimore legitimately locks down Julio so I can stop saying these holding comments and I worried about Crawley since he almost lost the game on that Galloway td.
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with Acme Oyster House - Metairie.13 hours ago

Tune in to today's Afternoon Wrap as we look ahead to our divisional road game against the Atlanta Falcons 🎬

Yall better bring It Sunday against the dirty birds!!
Go Drew Go!!
U gotta earn ur respect dog⚜⚜⚜
go saints
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New Orleans Saints14 hours ago

Check out the best pictures of our offense from our Week 2 win over Cleveland! 🔥


A win is a win.. however, it was a lucky win.. the rest of the schedule is pretty tough.. luck will run out.. let’s go Saints!👊🏻
Love the saints but to call that a win not even close call it luckey
No pictures of Zane Gonzales missing field goals and extra points?
We didnt win that game the browns lost it.....sorry...not sorry
There's not many but I'll take it! Lol WHO DAT?!
Did you guys watch that game? The offense was not 🔥
Saints look like a 4&12 team right now! Not good!
Alan Mauricio 🔥
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints15 hours ago

3 Saints did not practice Wednesday

Julio Jones was 1 of 4 Falcons that did not practice as well

From what I’ve seen so far this season, 53 Saints didn’t practice for week 1 & 2.
Julio will play he's just resting. We got this put pressure on the QB we need you Cam Jordan beast mode time show these dirty birds how we roll. #WhoDat
So now we are relying on opponents injuries more than our own team’s strengths and capabilities. Oh boy! It’s going to be a long season. Let’s get it together. #whodat
I love the fact that you are telling us Julio is injured. 🙌⚜️
I love that my friends panicking about the Saints “losing streak” ( actually best start in years ) hello clueless, the tough schedule Saints are 14-2 in their last 16 games ( Best in nfl ). ( nobody had a longer winning streak than the Saints last year )( psst saints are zero games behind the Eagles, Pats, Steelers, Vikings, Packers, Panthers & Falcons ) Ingraham-less Saints are on schedule . . .
Shayna Elizabeth Lopp we deal with that. Lol the comment above about jones
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with SeatGeek.15 hours ago

We're previewing our road trip to Atlanta on today's Black and Blue Report! 🎙️


Only way they can get better is put 2nd and 3rd string defense out their and have Hill QB and let him loose. 1st string defense sucks.
I'll be there telling who dat
Saints better bring it this week against the dirty birds!!
Defense better be ready this time, don't embarrass us
I really, really, really hope they got their stuff together otherwise we're going to get beaten to a pulp by Atlanta.
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints15 hours ago

If you don't know, now you know 🤫 Catch all of Michael Thomas' NFL-record 28 receptions through the first two weeks of the season!

Most of this is in part of not having Ingram right now. I'm all for records and accolades but when Drew HAS to throw that many times that's not a great thing. What this basically means is that our running game isn't productive right now. These stats are great but I'd prefer to see a more balanced offense, that's when we're most dangerous.
Hes also on pace for 16 fumbles...... hope he can clean that up
I’d argue that he’s only playing at A level, wait until he hits A+. Love cantguardmike!
Still can't believe they screwed us on that play that should've been a TD. Nobody touches him yet they kill the play? Cough*RefsSuckBalls*Cough
They should put him at safety
The number of catches in two weeks is great, but I think I'm more impressed by his catch %.
Sheri do you know this guy🤔? His name is Michael Thomas.
Refs robbed us of a td. Thats what this video reminds me of lol
I bet 50% of the people commenting have no idea where that first line comes from. Hint, he was the greatest lyrical genius if all time. So its fitting they use it talking about Cant Guard Mike.
Yea we g octavot robbed of a td but thomas is a straight beast
Such a good route runner, he’s wide open on most of those throws.
Monica ur fantasy team work horse lol
Bayley Romig did he make the cut?
Underrated. Just how we like them!
Ana Catalina your boy & my team
Let's go Michael Thomas !!# the truth💪💯🏈
He reminds me of Marcus Colston Reliable
Show the fumbles too
And we still suck..... 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Geaux Michael!!!
He has always been UNDER RATED!!! Who Dat! ⚜️
Guys a beast
Sonni Han er seriøst vild i år
seems like a showboat..assshole
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with Microsoft Surface.19 hours ago

Marcus Williams' interception was a defining moment in our win over the Browns. Watch today's Expert Analysis as John DeShazier breaks down the play 🎬

I’m really not so sure we should breakdown anything but the missed field goals as the game defining moment. Good to get a W on the board, but I’d act like that one didn’t happen, otherwise.
Happy for the W but it wasn't so much of a "Saints Win"...more of a "Browns Loss". Both sides of the ball need to bring their A game to Atlanta.
Sorry but these expert analysis segments are a joke.
Gonzalez's missed field goals were the deciding factors.
I think the defining moment was their kicker shanking the field goals and extra points.
Good thing some of the other DB;s were there Crawley was getting burned all day !!
Taysom is good. I think he’s the next QB for Shawn Peyton. I’m not ready to let go of Brees yet.
He gonna break down the 4 TDs Ken Crawley has given up so far? 🤔
I love the Saints, I'd only wish they had better technology choices
Make Taysom Hill RB3. Watch the magic!
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