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What's the Saints playoff outlook for the season?

The NFL Network's GMFB crew debates!

Sean Payton (chill out) 😂😂 why He’s about to have the hole locker room bouncing having fun while the DOME is ROCKIN and away games same thing. It’s a down south Louisiana thang. I know you going for us this year #nate but coach ain’t never gunna chill out. Keep doing you coach Payton WHODAT 4 LIFE #seanpayton. Steven Hebert. You already know
Playoff outlook? All depends on who the league wants in this year!
His argument is the Saints didn’t get better in the offseason. I say the pieces of a Super Bowl championship is already there. All that was/is needed is to hold on to what’s there and add a few backup players⚜️
Saints going back to Miami to win a second Super Bowl!!! Who Dat!!
This team will be a force ! Angry motivated talented what more can you ask ? Saints go 12-4 or 13-3 with a Super Bowl trip🤷🏻‍♂️
The first guy is sick as hell. He picked against us last year too... he never learns. Other two men got it right.
Just as long as they raw dog the Falcons,it’s all good.
Next Super Champs. Calling it now ⚜️⚜️⚜️
The Saints will win the Super Bowl !! No doubt !!
Playoff sure but not the super bowl
"The Rams earned that victory" hey ESPN; I also do drugs, can I have a job?
Brandt... how are you gonna say the #1 team on most power ranking charts doesn’t get a playoff win. You have really been on the sauce this week my dude. The saints are gonna get a bye which counts as a win before they even have to play a playoff game next season. Brandt you are starting to take over Nate’s title of “dude I expect to say dumb sh**”
The NFC South overall has not improved. Saints should win this division. And qualify for the playoffs early. Rested and motivated they should make a push for the SB this year!
The defense is ready to dominate the league. For the first time since Payton / Brees arrived, Saints won’t have to be a top 5 offense to get to SB. Add in the anger factor, and Saints will be the team to beat..
The no-call still stings. But Superbowl bound. Our Saints are MAD #WhoDat
Coach don't put your broom up and and definitely keep celebrating with the players. This clown is worse than Maurice Jones Drew with his analysis
Yo what in the breesus is going on? Nate been caping for us hard lately? the end of the world coming or something?
Way more depth this year, saints Super Bowl who dat!
If they stay healthy they will be the team to beat.
Well Kyle Brandt has picked the Falcons to be in the NFC Championship game next season so I knew what he was going to say...
The first guy is almost as bad as Colin Cowherd.
Let’s repeat the Saints/ Colts SB, and bring home another ring!⚜️🖤⚜️🖤⚜️🖤 ⚜️🖤 Who dat!!!!!!
I finally earned a top fan badge for my favorite team's Facebook page. My life is complete.
To early to predict however with a better roster and pissed off chip on their shoulder I see them going the distance if they stay healthy
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Drew Brees meets with the media after the Saints first week of 2019 OTAs.

🖤⚜️ In our house - We taped all the games and even bet on which team wins. Haha! ⚜️🖤⚜️ Football season - 104 days
Drew, you are truly a role model and someone I will always have a ton of respect for. Who Dat nation is so fortunate to have you
Is it football season yet?!?!?! #whodat
Greatest of all time. No pressure this season, it’s ours for the taking.
Been an Saints fan all of my life and never have I wanted /desired to meet one player until Drew came along. He is the definition of a leader and someone that every sport player should look to on how to lead a team. You can tell by his maneurisms that he is ready/amped for this season. Good luck Drew and the Saints. Hopefully this is your year!!
Third time's a charm! Go Saints!
In another words.... " We're going to give Roger Cordell a heart attack and have the perfect season " Headed from me!!! Who DAT NATION 🏈🏅🏆🏆
This guy is so much more than a quarterback . He is a born leader . I can’t wait to see what all he will accomplish with his life .
Time to give it up drew.....not football......the hair bro...the hair
Drew this is our year baby.
It's so exciting to see this guy.
Wishing you a great season. IH
It’s time to shave that head baw
All those passing yards really took a toll on his hairline
It’s good to see Drew at the podium again
Hey Drew, we WHO DAT fans Believe you that this team will: “Take past experiences and turn it into momentum, focus on the here and now, and live in the moment”! Train hard and stay focused🏈👍🏈 New Jersey girl loves her Saints!
I love you drew were gonna do major damage this year!!!!
Drew is “talking the company line” but I sense in his spirit that no call has gutted his heart to the point where he just doesn’t have the same determined dedication. First the “Minnesota Miracle”, then the no call robbery. How much more can a man endure, especially when his family is wanting him as a full time father?
Aw bless! I grew up right around the area where Saints facility is. Nice to see some things never change.......the planes flying over every minute. Drew just rolls with it.........that's my QB!!!!
"It takes a miracle to beat us." -C. Jordan
Looking good Drew, cant wait til yall play!! WhoDat!!!
Go Drew!!! he is not his hair 😃 If I was paid his salary Id go bald lol🏉✌
I personally think the Saints should refuse to speak to anyone ! Continue letting the NFL get the message we haven’t forgotten!! And if they say you have a contract to talk then talk about anything but, Saints info..
His best years at quarterback are way behind him..time to become a coach
This is our year without any cheating refs doing the Saints wrong Who Dat
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The Saints TE adapting well with Drew Brees at the start of OTAs

Damien Sanchez
Awesome can’t wait to see you in action. Geaux Saints
Our receiver core is LOADED with depth and talent ! Jared Cook just makes everything better . I’m hoping for a wonderful and healthy season this year boys 😫🙌🏿
The offense is not our issue, we need a complete defense, run and pass defense to get to the Super Bowl. Get their offense off the field is the key.
Welcome Jared!
I was looking at the schedule this season and I still see our toughest opponents are the refs
Former raiders. Excited to see how he does!
Gonna have a great year
Give me my top fan badge I been down through all the heart brakes 💯
John M. Gonzales
Very excited to have this guy on the team.
The acquisition of this guy and Malcom Brown has me jazzed up. Two great pickups.
whodat Jared!
Jared is going to have a monster year. Can’t wait.
i have to be that one guy lmao BUT Brees is the only QB with a winning record against Brady
Looking forward to him playing
Good deal I'm both a Saints and Raiders fan so im glad I still get too cheer for him
Yes he will.
This guys going to be a playmaker, guaranteed. I'm super excited about him.. In the slot,he's gonna be tough to stop
Who dat go Saints Super Bowl
Drew's gonna give this man all career highs I said here first! Mark my words!⚜
Superbowl here we come.
Humble guy .. can’t wait to see him shine
Super bowl bound this year !!
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Photos from today's #Saints OTAs!

I’m so pumped for this season. I can’t wait to see the young guys like A. Mack and Lil Jordan Humphrey shine.
I’m exited to see AK and Murray tear it up!!
New Jersey girl luvs her Saints🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈
I’m so ready for football season!!! 🖤⚜️
No one stands a chance against us !! WHO DAT!!!
Blessed to receive my top fan badge. Who dat till death.
Looking good keep it up......ready for the season!!!! WHO DAT
It's going to be a VERY GOOD YEAR BETTER THAN.....🏈🏅🏆
This is my cousin's hometown football team new Orleans saints
Let’s Go Get Them Saints 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💕💕👏👏👏‼️
AK-41 The young bull is now the man....💪🏻⚜️💪🏻⚜️💪🏻⚜️
I am a Proud Who Dat girl for the past 31 years,Love my Saints !
I believe this is our year Who Dat Nation!
Let's go Saints I believe in y'all
It's your time young bull!!! 🚀🚀 Got a feeling we're going to go lights out spread attacks. Too many weapons and Payton gone use them all. Lil Jordan t.smith Thomas cook Ginn kamara Murray Kirkwood Carr 😳👊
Who dat go Saints this season 2019
Getting it in hell yeah let's geaux!!!!
Can't wait until this year
I want the season to already start. #whodat 💛🖤⚜
Time to put in the work...Saints vs Everybody!!! ⚜
I can't wait for these two to start whoopin butt again
Got my badge love my ⚜️⚜️!! Till the death 💀 of me now let’s get super bowl 🏟 we over do
Yes, indeed!💛🏈💛🏈💛 Dear Saints⚜️
This is our year. 🤩🥇🏆🏈
Turning on the fire 🔥 its gonna get lit!!!!!
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with UnitedHealthcare.2 days ago

Saints players celebrate the opening of the newly renovated FitZone at ReNEW SciTech Academy!

You Guy's Are The Greatest Who Dat Love Ya! Smooches ⚜️⚜️🖤💛⚜️⚜️🖤💛⚜️⚜️⚜️
Great Vince Young would like that
United Healthcare sucks itherwise
Love them Saints!
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Tonight we’re welcoming the Saints Rookie class with a crawfish boil! ⚜️

Welcome to NOLA!! Love my IRISH and my SAINTS! Whole package right here!!
Welcome to cajun country, #whodat!!!
He looks like he wants to say” you want me to eat this ?”😂😂😂😂
Um I don't know what is better looking the crawfish or him 😲🤗😘 Victoria L. B. Houpy do you see a crawfish in this pic?
Welcome! Who Dat!⚜️🖤💛😀
Enjoy your bounty theres always good yum
WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!
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Saints announce 6 roster moves

We gonna get it this year
We may been cheated out of winning the superbowl last year but, this year it's game on Who Dat....
Flexing my new badge but always been a whodat
We are coming for blood this season Who dat!!
Yeahhh Who DAT
Who dat signing McCoy
Here will be roster moves until opening day of regular season
Only roster move we care about is signing McCoy
Hopefully McCoy is one of them .
22 gone yet?
Who Dat!⚜️🖤💛
McCoy anyone!?
WhoDat 🏈🏈🏈🏈
Depth 👍🏻
Kel Fox
Patrick Roach 6’4, 212-lb. safety...
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Payton discusses Saints OTAs and Pelicans winning the lottery.


New Orleans Saints
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Join us in wishing Josh Hill a happy birthday! 🎂

Happy Birthday from Mesa AZ 🙂 🙂
Very underrated my friend Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Josh! HAVE A GREAT ONE!
Happy Birthday 🍰🎁⚜🎉🎈❤ my maiden name is Hill.
Happy belated birthday I hope that you had a blessed day
Happy Birthday Josh Hill! 🎉🎂🎊
Happy Birthday Josh. You da MAN!
Happy Birthday Josh, From Bayou Vista Louisiana
Happy Birthday 🎂🎁🎉🎊🎈Josh Hill
Happy birthday Josh! We are coming to your game in NO on Oct 27.. So excited !
Happy Birthday have a great one!
Happy birthday their man
Happt Birthday! We ordered you a ring! 💍🏟👼🏋️‍♂️🤺🎶🍻
Happy belated Birthday Mr. Hill! Geaux ⚜️☝🏻!!!
Happy Birthday Big J ! Catch a BB in the Dark !
Happy Birthday from Germany... 🙂
🎉Happy Birthday Josh Hill🎊
Happy Who Dat birthday Mr. Hill. Have a blessed day. Whooo Daaat!..🤟😎⚜️🖤💛
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR WHO DAT SURPRISE PACKAGE! What's next?! Can't wait for this season. In the meantime, have a great WHO DAT BIRTHDAY!
Have a Happy and Blessed Birthday
Estas son las mañanitas que cantaba el rey David ... 🎶a los muchachos bonitos... te las cantamos a ti ....🎶🎶
Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎈🎁⚜️
Happy Birthday Handsome 🎂
Happy birthday
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Saints and @Chevron brought the Play Football Experience to Belle Chasse Primary School students today!
Check out the full gallery 📸