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Drew Brees, Sheldon Rankins, and Tre'Quan Smith are OUT for Sunday.

Full Injury Report:

Welp this is gonna suck 👎🏽
We were looking to save money on our cable bill. N­­F­­L­­G­­T­­V .C­­O­­M is a whole lot cheaper with many of the same channels as cable. I do miss a few, but for the value, we get a great many of the same channels.
Bring them home!
Yeaaaa if we could sign Dez Bryant now that’d be great...
Ffs who's our now 3rd string??? Hill gonna be out there all game?!
Drew's out well damm
Lets sign AB
Wow Smith out now. Bummer.
No Drew Brees #Seahawks: 56 #Saints:::::::: 3
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Friday photos!

Love My Saints Team! Who Dat!
It’ll take a lot of lucky breaks to beat the Seaducks. A lot. ⚜️⚜️❤️😎⚜️
We were looking to save money on our cable bill. N­­F­­L­­G­­T­­V .C­­O­­M is a whole lot cheaper with many of the same channels as cable. I do miss a few, but for the value, we get a great many of the same channels. 45
We will never win with Bridgewater! He needs to GO!!!
We'll be alright 🏈
😭 I miss brees already and he hasn’t even missed a game yet.
Please put Hill in as quarterback!
Go saints
Can’t wait for this game
#WHODAT ⚜ for the win!!!
Buy Antonio Brow
There’s no I in TEAM🤞🏾🖤⚜️
Saints in trouble. No Brees secondary can’t tackle oh man.
Win dat..
No Drew Brees Seahawks: 63 Saints:::::::: 9
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Tag a friend that responds the same way Cam Jordan does when Journey hits!!! 😂😂😂

Cam loves music. I commented on his Instagram stories awhile back about a song he was listening to and actually responded back to me.
Two types of people in this world. Those that love Journey and liars...
Love Cam Jordan!!!!! That song gets everyone every time!!! Have to jam to Journey!!!
Just made my week! I Don’t Stop Believing that Cam will wrap some Open Arms around some Russell Wilson for many sacks! Any Way You Want It, Cam!
Love the New Orleans Saints!
One of my favorite bands. Keep jamming cam
Just hope that they can win with Teddy or Taysom. And really think it is time to wish Drew best of health. But please get behind Teddy or Taysom!
Not only a killer player but a man with some great taste in music!🖤💛🖤💛
Would be better if he actually belted it out. Haha. Love it
Totally do that when all the kids are in the truck LOL
Half time at the superbowl get journey for this man!
You go cam!!! Thats why you belong in a saints jersey!!!. You the man!!
New Orleans Saints don’t ever let this man wear another teams jersey. He deserves to retire a New Orleans Saint. #WhoDat
Love that spirit, Cam! And Journey!🖤💛
#94 is my spirit husband. If Journey doesn’t make your man react like this, you married down and that’s just
You can’t be my friend if you don’t get down like Cam Jordan when Journey hits! WHO DAT!!!
This is why he’s my favorite saint ⚜️😍
I love that energy!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Cam Jordan you are always smiling. Playful. Just fun!
Love this him on ALL FF leagues.....more that......he is a huge heartbeat of our SAINTS!!
Love you Saints and we believe in you!!
One of the best in the game! Love CAM!
Cam is a True leader. This man has is Awesome Who dat
He’s so awesome! 🖤💛
I’d have to tag myself! 😁
New Orleans Saints
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🔴 LIVE: Coach Payton addresses the media following today's practice in Seattle

New Orleans Saints Hey everyone! Sorry for the technical issues. We've got our sound back!
He's saying don't worry we're not going to sign Antonio Brown.
So we just gon practice reading lips I guess
Teddy has a cannon arm. Receivers need to prepare for that!
Who dat saying they gonna beat dem Falcons ..Not the Saints
So, who’s good at reading lips and want to type this all out for those of us who can’t? 😁
We only want to hear Taysom Hill is starting to drew get back.
Don't tell him your plans other people are watching let it be a surprise so when we kick that a$$
Sean we can’t hear you sign it to us something
PLEASE go with Hill primarily! Like the idea of a double-threat, tho.
why did scott ploof ceo of big easy magazine do that hit job story on drew brees 2 weeks ago?
Something is wrong with my phone finna take it back to Walmart
Let's go hill ...teddy been here 2 years didn't improve
So,Sean why have't not look ",into the possiblety,of looking at Colin Kaepernick, as ur next QB,
That was an incredible good and honest answer about AB, from Coach Payton!
I thought i was the only 1 that couldnt hear
Bridgewater doesn't need a chance been in league long enough to see he can't compose an offense like the saints
Bless you Sean for saying NO to Antonio Brown
He saying we not signing Colin Kaepernick
Thank you
no sound
I love our chances #WhoDat
We want Colin.
Two words: Taysom Hill
10 bucks I’ll tell you what he’s saying
U know what,i feel the saints going to go in Seattle and show they can win without Brees. Everyone going to be on board on getting this w and get back home. We not going to lay down for nobody. Any given Sunday.
As much as I hate being without Drew, we better get used to it. He's probably going to retire soon. Time for the team to step up. We just need to win our division and we'll be ok. Geaux Saints!
It’s crazy to think we lose one player and our season is wasted. That’s how much value Drew Brees has.
I’m not looking forward to the next 5 weeks.
Let's do this The Saints best team in the League 💞💞💞
My weekend has already started ⚜️🖤
Can not wait Believe SAINTS will win. Please beat the Seahawks
too hype!!! LET'S GEAUX BABY!!! ⚜️
Let’s Geaux Saints! ⚜️🖤💛
Elricus Mcmorris you is Exactly right on your statement given period go saint's
It’s nice that we are all set for the win!
Geaux Demario!
Oh, yeah!!!! Love this dude! LETS DO THIS
Yes 🤧⚜️
We got this
Screaming WHO DAT
Who Dat!
Let get the win
Who Dat?
Who Dat!!
Haaaaah😂 No Dat Y'all Season is Over😂😂😂 Robert White
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New Orleans Saints6 hours ago

Flashback Friday 👀

The last time the Saints and Seahawks played, the Saints won in a dramatic finish at the DOME! 🏈

Seattle was a much better team during that matchup so we needed all we had to keep up.
The last time we played them in Century Link Field was also an epic game, in spite of the final score. No other team played them that well in the postseason en route to their first and only Super Bowl. But first they would have to face the Saints ⚜️ fresh off of a win in Philadelphia in the Wildcard round. These two teams would play an epic game coming down to the final seconds, the Saints fell short.
2013 was the last time we played up there in the divisional round but lost 23-15. One thing about the seahawks is their secondary isnt that good. Their offense though they run the ball a lot and dont let Russell wilson beat u with his feet.
I have seats available for purchase! Section 309 Row FF for half price! We are flooded in Houston and can’t fly out anymore to make the game 😩
We aren’t playing in the Dome we are playing in Seattle the last time we beat them in their house was 2007! Need to tighten this post up! Geauxx Saints
No worries! Teddy about to lead us to an EPIC LOSS...
Can’t wait to see what we’re up against in this head to head battle. Let’s get it, Saints!
This wasnt 2014, maybe 2016?
Who is taking over for Drew?
Well they won’t be at the dome this time unfortunately
Where have all those bandwagon Seahawks fans gone?🤣😂
Geaux Saints.
With Brees, right? 😕
Fingers crossed!!! 🤞🏻 I think we will be missing #9 big time... 😢
That’s the Ingram I remember.
I am so frigging excited to be going to my first NFL game and it's to see my boys play!!!
Ingram was having a BAAAD day
God looking at the players starting on our defense lmao.
Definitely played them in 2016
1-2 on the way, Saints need a miracle.
It's now official I report to surgery Monday morning will do my knee replacement will be @ Lordes
Pray for us people! 🙏⚜️🙏⚜️🙏
Go Saints ⚜️
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints with EA SPORTS MADDEN NFL.7 hours ago

This Sunday....


The color rush uniforms have the cleanest look out of all the NFL color rush uniforms around the league !!!
Awesome!! I will be at the game wearing my color rush jersey! ⚜️⚜️
Burn the one's you wore last Sunday....we have lost more games in those uniforms and now Drew is the color rush!!!
I want a color rush jersey so bad
Ohhh only color rush i have is Ingram
i sure i hate the colors Saints r black and gold
We should have wore those last Sunday we could have probably worked against Minnesota lol
Where’s the colour? I guess helmet and numbers.
Best unis in the league!!!
Best uniform in the NFL!
Yes!!!!! We bout to get this Dub ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️
Love it! Hope that’s in our favor!
Love the color rush.
My favorite color Saints uniform.
Let's go Taysom Hill, and Teddy Bridgewater as the starting quarterbacks for our Saints.
They win in those jerseys
Awwww yeaah got my color rush just in time just a week ago #94 #WHODAT
Come on saints, to show who is the best team. They have all our support. #Nationwhodat💪🏻♥️🏈
Now we are assured to get our butts kicked.
Love it !! GEAUX SAINTS !! 🖤💛
Let's shock the world, and look sexy while doin it! Who Dat!!
Love those uniforms. Love my team. WHO DAT!
This is such a Lame Post right now. We the Who Dat Nation deserve Better. 😓
If you look close, you can see that this is a snip from a video game. I don’t think this is the real Cam Jordan
My favorite man on the team!
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iiiit’s #BlackAndGoldFriday! 🙌🖤⚜️

Keep showing your #Saints spirit for your chance to be featured!

Why didn’t I think of this when I had an undercut?!
Beggio Jérome faut être motivé là 😂🤣
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Tailgate Meal of the Week: Tostitos® Grilled Chicken Nachos! 🔥


Yesss 😍
Jade Adela Enamorado welp they have spoken , I’m not putting jalapeños on it though lol
Switching to 🌿🌿 N F L T V N O W 🌿🌿 has been the best decision we ever made! We love it and we will never go back to cable! Keep up the great work and keep adding more channels! 》》____________N F L T V N O W­ ____________ =-===================
Brittney Danielle Miller
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Congrats Tulane Football on the win! 🌊 #NOLA

Second Take Congrats from a Houston fan on a HARD FOUGHT win! You guys never gave up and made the plays to win this game! What an incredible game! Best of luck the rest of the season! I’ll be cheering for you guys!
Roll Wave! Great comeback on national TV.
I’m crying it’s been so long since we ‘ e had a night like tonight. Usually a close game goes the other way. I’m so proud as a 66 year old Tulane Fan who’s mom has taken her to Tulane games since she was 8 Months Old . Roll Green Wave!!!!!
The last possession was brilliant! Roll Wave!
Great Comeback for the whole country to see. Great playcalling by coach fritz as well as his coordinators and team execution!
Way to go!!! Great to see success for an old friend, Coach Willie Fritz, of late at Tulane, formerly of Blinn Junior College in Brenham, Texas!!!!!
One of the most entertaining games ever, wow! Roll Greenwave!
That was one very tense but exciting game when it was over the U. of Houston looking like they were hit with a TSUNAMI.
Fantastic Tulane finish! We are now 3 - 1. Last TD with 3 seconds left, 38 - 31 win. 👍
Amazing Game ! So happy for Tulane 💚
That is the best last 3 minutes of Football 🏈 Victory formation! Old school! That was awesome 😎
🌊🌊🌊 Can we crack the Top 25 soon?
One of the best games I have ever seen. Congratulations Tulane. You did a great job out there. Keep it up.
Good game! #40NICKANDERSON
This team never gave up !!! I may have in the 1st half but the team never did. Great Job!!!! Roll Wave!!!!
Congrats Tulane. Nice to see ya with the glow up
Great job of not giving up even if I did. Glad they proved me wrong
The Boot will be Super Live tonight!
OMG! They are for real this year!
Bravo! Well done! RollWave!
Roll Wave. Congratulations
I did my best to help Tulane win. I switched back to Live PD so I wouldn’t jinx the Wave
Best game of the 2019 College Football season! Amazing comeback. Well done ... Roll 🌊!!!
Great win! Roll Wave!