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CenturyLink, which employs more than 2,000 workers in Louisiana, has reached an agreement to maintain its headquarters in the state. https://bit.ly/2Y7SkiG

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The poll found that 11 percent of parents will call their adult child's employer if he or she had an issue at work.

Britney ShantrellMeghan CheyRaven Rae'Rae Presley
Aaron Kent
🤣🤣🤣 what do you think, Sami? Where do I fall?
Christina Rollins
People go on and on about the "entitled generation" without stopping to think about what causes that sort of thing.
Sounds pathetic until you realize this is EXACTLY what rich parents have been doing all this time.
Why is this shocking???? Anyone that has worked with kids in the last ten years would say the same, but the number is much higher than 11 percent!
Kevo Meredith
Imagine that
Lee Hairston
Had this happen last week! Was so close to giving a parenting lesson but I just took a deep breath and got on with the other million things I had to do ☺️
Really??? I mean really?
Oh , no way! No way no how! That's crazy
I know quite a few people who are all stick and no carrot when it comes to their politics but all carrot and no stick when it comes to their own kids. Like talking about the harshest legal consequences for people that bend The Rules while bribing their children with cookies to behave.
They are just now figuring this out????
Helicopter parents.
Livian Lynn Holley
I can vouch for this.. I have as many girlfriends and wives do the same though!
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If you want to save the world, cut down your Bradford pear trees.

Kristin Dion I bet this contributes to your issues!
Tanya Sterling Stephenson, is your pear a Bradford?
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The current pool at Columbia Lock and Dam is 12 feet higher than normal pool stage.

And then locks are wide open. Think of it this way, if they hadn’t been there are many areas in Monroe that would be flooded. Because they won’t open them all the way up in a normal situation and there would be horrible flooding.
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Photos of the suspect and the car he fled in are provided.

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Bautsch was hired to as the state party's top full-time staffer last spring.

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When deputies arrived, Tullos reportedly was wearing only a T-shirt, a right sock and a work boot on his left foot.

A little Methed up
That’s one sicko
Ann Green Hernandez
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Facebook photos show he played baseball and football for Carencro High School.

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Breaking: a development in a March homicide

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A crime allegedly involving children landed this man in jail.

He is a regular downtown and he has an extensive criminal history. A real nasty person
People like him, they should just lock him up and throw the key away.
Send him to deathrow
Perverted ANIMAL
Shannon Haile