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In a letter Wednesday to Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome and Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie Jr., attorneys contend the officers violated the police department’s policy regarding de-escalation.

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GSU celebrates HBCU title with commemorative rings - The bling was a new HBCU national championship ring handed out Wednesday for around 90 players!

Deborah Schuster Mann Congrats to all the players.
Milbra Lynch Awesome
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A hearing in federal court Monday will determine whether U.S. District Judge Robbie James will hear a case filed against the Monroe City School Board by Excellence Academy. http://ow.ly/gofh30c1nof

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Chair of CenturyLink board, Bill Owens, announces retirement - Owens has served as chairman of the board since 2009. http://ow.ly/18E530c1kFZ

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Minimum wage workers in Louisiana won't get a raise after a Senate committee killed a bill Wednesday.

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MPD: Burglar shoots County Market employee in the thigh area after employee observes two persons breaking in a vehicle in parking lot.

Joy Dye Carlson And so it continues...
Skip Portman Build the new Arena !!! Lol
Tina Anzalone Prayers for this employee.
Lisa Day McManus They should be given jail time for attempted murder when caught and no options for lessening the plea! Make people pay for the consequences for their actions or things will never change !!
Lollie BornAgain Turner We are not safe inside or outside or anywhere. SMH
Jonathan Coleman It's monroe what more is there to expect the week is just beginning look at all the shootings lately.
Mitch Wyatt
Paul Danna Mayo Square Garden is gonna solve all these problems
Misty LuLu Kelly Howse Remember when Monroe was a nice, safe place to have a family? We didn't need the police to make us behave - our parents raised us and took care of us. They taught us right from wrong. These families have to fix themselves, the president, police nor Mayor Mayo can stop this I'm afraid.
Yvette Jeter I hope this isn't the man always getting the carts in the parking area...he is always so polite and helpful. Not that I want anyone to get shot.
Joe Farrar Monroe Proud.
Stephanie Drewry Brad Drewry more on this
Brandon Henson Imagine that...crime in Monroe, never wouldve thought....
Jennifer N. Oglesby What the crap so why was the employee shot
Kenny Gordon He got shot being a good person. He saw someone tampering with his co workers vehicle and opened door and yelled out to get on basically...And a coward hiding behind a trash can shot him.
Leon Caldwell Monroe is over run with THUGS...TURNING INTO A SEWER ....
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Monroe St. Francis chaplain offers spiritual healing on daily rounds - "There's always going to be sickness and heartache," he said. "But we believe God has made provisions (for eternity and daily)."

Kristy Coplen Statham Abigail Antley Newman check this out
Abigail Antley Newman Aww!! Thank you! I was wondering when it would be shared!
Meagan Jenkins Skipper He prayed over my little Gabriel when he was born. It brought tears to my eyes.
Audra Fisher Stegall Julee Winkler Katie Johnson Alex Smith Jill Thomas Woods Stephanie Blake Brett Grant Rachal April Lewis DeMasterson Charlotte Hemphill Coleman Stacy Midyett Weeks
Kathy Martin Roberts Charles is one of the sweetest people. His heart for the patients and staff is always evident. He walks the talk.
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Memorial Day holiday closures & garbage schedule

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When kids find guns, should parents be blamed?

Jon Anderson If kids were raised right they wouldn't play with guns. Plus they wouldn't have been in the parents room to begin with...
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Louisiana Tech instructor, Anita Pumphrey, honored with national lifetime service award, the Distinguished Lifetime Service Award.