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Debate over the fate of Excellence Academy rolls on. Do you think the school's charter should be extended? Why or why not? Will your family be affected?

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Grambling State may have picked up a late, and local, addition that could factor into the linebacker unit.

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BREAKING: An assistant warden's daughter is dead and an inmate suspected in her slaying has also been killed by police at Wade Correctional Center in Claiborne Parish.

Pamela Ricard-Henderson Calvin Henderson
Wystee Kerry Kylie Hendrix
Michelle Green Traweek Kathy Weaver Green
Martha Anderson Horrible news!!! Prayers for the family
Leisa Hill Christina Cox is this where Ken is?
Deborah Sweeney Audrey Sweeney
Jessica Lofton Cody Lofton
Cassidy Lenard Sanchez Malea Smith
James Ramsey Megan Morris
Elizabeth Parks Oliver So sad. Prayers for the family that lost a daughter.
Laneta Renée Anderson Jacqueline Bennett
Carolyn Cain Nolin So sad
Jacquelyn Fluck Jones Oh my Lord!
Brett Mcdaniel Mike McDaniel
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Appointee says there's never been a more critical or uncertain time for health care as Congress debates the future of health care policy.

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The incident happened Thursday afternoon.

Tracy D. McCarty Brenda Till Sholar
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Whether you plan to stay indoors or head outside to enjoy the sunshine, here are a handful of places to find fun this weekend!

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Jaw-dropping and lip smacking good food served up by this new Monroe eatery

Eleigha Rene Dozier Courtney Dozier this is that place I was telling you about
Jennifer Bagwell Hoychick Katie Head
Bridget Riley McGaha Melanie Massey Reeves Kelsey McGaha Michele Riley Essex they have trash nachos. We need to go try it.
Kristi Hodge-Harris Kaitlynn Kai Harris new place
Charlene Cowden Cooper Charlotte Acreman
Blanson Tierra Elizabeth when are we going?!
Q'Dayeshia Denzell Denagall Justin Craig Overacker
Penny Thompson Kevin Thompson
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West Monroe coach Jerry Arledge believes Rebel Stadium is the best high school stadium in Louisiana. Do you agree?

Robert Scott Stuart Yes it is the best
Jean Heisler It CERTAINLY IS!
D.W. Berry Campus looks great with all the new improvements! Hopefully they can buy some lawnmowers and weedeaters... horrible curb appeal with lack of care for landscaping and grounds around the building!
Rusty Walker http://www.cnbc.com/2016/05/10/texas-high-school-to-build-628-million-football-stadium.html
Clark Stapleton Definitely
Jessica Blackwell
Jerry Graham Looks great but the admins no
Cary Croft Those old bleachers from the old visitors side were constructed in 1987-1988 school. The ones before that were wooden and may have been original. Sad that that was all WM git, other than a new wing and gym, when Ouachita got a whole new school that year and Calhoun got their new school 2 years later.
Jack Eugene Cook Sr Duh!!! We ARE WMHS
Billy Gullett I agree
D.W. Berry And an elevator to carry all of 10 people to a Press Box! Really, not even for the handicapped! Bad choice for an extra $200,000! We could of covered up the mosquito river in front of the stadium for that!
Cary Croft The new capacity of Rebel Stadium is 5,200? That has to be incorrect, more like it added that many.
Jason King University of West Monroe
Ron Whitney Jim Nugent
Artis Brown Jaguar Stadium
Paula Walker Whatever it takes to recruit players to West Monroe!
Susan Johnson Jacks It is beautiful.
Stacey Moore Knox It is beautiful!
James Morgan One day they going make Rebel stadium a Doom stadium
Ed Diane Murphy Who let the hater in?
Debby Antley Watson Enough 💰 money spent, ought to be
Glenn Terrell They should concentrate more on education.
Rob Smith Yed
Darin Davis Not comparable to dozens of Texas HS stadiums.
Austin Miller Doesn't deserve to compare. Doesn't have the population to need much more.
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The News-Star11 hours ago

If you want to see Trash Nachos, tabletop Smores, a Smore Tini and a unique way to dispense beer, then you need to check out the video in this story.

Steve Allen Ainsley Allen
Holly Dillingham Sullivan Alison McCarty
Sara Rhymes Thompson Cocomo Cannon Baker
Amber Fowler Jon Fowler
Jordan Powell Brooke Sadler
Taylor Hyland Ian Conlee we have to try this before you leave
Virginia Payne Eboni
Virginia Payne Lori Ann
Rachel King Spillers Louise Hakim here's a new place for us to try 😊
Anna Claire Antley Tiffaney Hamilton we need to go here!!
Jessica Jenkins Coty Brooke White I found something we can do this weekend! They have smores!! 😍
Miranda Nugent Chelsea Bearden
Valentina Camille Johnson Marie Hunter
Charity Gill Alicia Doyle we need to go next week
Sean Hammons Brandon Blaney
Cocomo Cannon Baker Ooh yay
Meagan Weems Kari Patton
Jessie Smith Julia Hudleston Albritton let's go!!!
Katelyn Tabor Williams Emily Clark lunch tommorrow? 🤤
Becca Moore Landon Telano
Becca Moore Gabrielle Moore Jessica Hendrix TJ Moore
Caitlin Lewis Callie Brooke Arnold Emily Janine Danna this is that place yall were talking about! Let's maybe try here for dinner tomorrow ??!💕
Ashley Bounds Kimberly Browder Melanie Shipley Jessica Lofton Katie Essex a new place to try
Callie Brooke Arnold Lori Bratton
Sherri Strain Tieise Slavent Ardito, we need to try here for our "group." 😂
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ULM introduced Floyd to the Warhawk faithful as its new athletic director on Thursday morning.

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The News-Star13 hours ago

You'll never believe what's happened in this small town...