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Don't forget to vote for last week's top player

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Interesting community gallery of photos

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A Texas teenager has a forever home just in time for the holidays after his former teacher adopted him on Friday.

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He was also found guilty of wearing a mask in public.

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The child died in 2011 from a fentanyl overdose.

Matt Holley And gets 5 years of probation? This is disgusting
David Holley This story always bothered me. How the hell does an infant get fentanyl in their system? It had to be administered and who the hell is dumb enough to give that to an infant? It's deadly. Unless the baby got ahold of a patch but that is unlikely. Idk, it just makes me sick.
Cindy Weems PROBATION!!!!!!!! Seriously. A baby is KILLED and probation is the only punishment... Something is terribly wrong with this Judge...
Sandy Clampit So very sad for the parents of this baby. The judge should be ashamed of herself for giving a suspended sentence.
Nicole Rasmussen Nelson The hell kind of plea deal is this?? She already lied about the whole situation for 6 years now, I’m betting she knows exactly how this baby got this drug into his system but she will never tell. She’s just taking her probation and running with it. Smh
Katie Masters She was indicted on perjury. If the DA can't prove beyond reasonable doubt that she was the one who administered the fentanyl then she cannot be convicted. Lesson here is do not trust an unlicensed daycare. Ever.
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“Storm the land, burn the ships.” Bayou Classic has turned into a playoff game for the second straight year.

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Two boats collided in the brake, a popular destination for area duck hunters.

Amanda Honeycutt Cuthrell Daniel Cuthrell
Tonya Vickery Tedeton Sarah McKenzie Snell
Mark Corbin I hope charges are filed! People are not courteous any more! I have numerous confrontations every year on the boat ramps and on the water! People will run right over you and push you out of fishing spots with No Respect at all! Its getting more and more ridiculous!
Kelly Mccall-Clark Scotty Herron
John Brodnax Micheal Colvin
Bob Howze III Justin DeCrane
Casey S Williams Justin Hallmark
Thersia Chisholm PRAYERS sent to Everyone who was involved
Amanda Spillers Jordan Why is a 14 yr old driving a boat? Where were his parents! That kid could have killed someone
Bobby Rowlan Tyler Burnett
Christie Freeman Ray Gates
Mistie Parnell Simons Eric Varnell
Joey Freeman They be wanting to put a 10hp on the lake next...put more water in the lake where will be more room in the boat lanes..... they have ruined the lake with no water....
Cj Tidwell Stuff like this would be less likely to happen if the LDWF would get off their rear ends and quit being lazy and flood all the WMA duck spots a month before season got here where there would be plenty of water.
Katlyne Thigpen Jason Cato
Amy Ryder Mike Ryder
Bryan Hinton Ty Tye Lutrick
Colby Reynolds Garrett Babb We got out just in time
Colby Reynolds Nikki Freeland Reynolds 👀
Annette Arender Little Marcie Guinn Young
Carson Mckoin Tanner Kijak
Darcey Anderson Tracy Dear
Darcey Anderson Prayers
Mike Ryder Quin Medaries xheck this out!
Kim Bailey Osbon Praying
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Find the season's best deals, recipes, gift ideas and more in Monroe's biggest edition of the year - the Thanksgiving day newspaper - which will be available the evening before Thanksgiving at select retailers.

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Best of luck to Judge Stephens as he takes his seat on the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal

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Tech’s Holtz denies interest in potential Arkansas head coaching job