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The seat is currently held by State Representative Katrina Jackson who was elected in 2011 and recently announced her candidacy for State Senate District 34.

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The News-Star5 hours ago

Fans were more than happy to help, according to comments left on the campaign page.

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More than 30 reporters across the country were involved in the two-year investigation, which identified copycat bills in every state.

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The News-Star6 hours ago

This time the starting line is crowded with different players and partners, chasing different goals.

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The News-Star7 hours ago

Do you know a "wife guy?"

Soo....a Ned from Try Guys.
A wife guy? Wtf is this world coming to? RIP news-star.. 👎🏼🔌
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The News-Star7 hours ago

The fact checkers could find no evidence that Omar has ever made any public comments supportive of al Qaeda.

This person will get a check from the government for the rest of her life and never paid into it. And hates the government that’ll send her that check. Hell is where she’s headed.
Well that depends! I saw her with my own eyes, get all excited just talking about her terrorist classes in college and how her prof. was so respectful of alqueda, that he would pick his shoulders up every time he said his name. I read her body language and I would bet she is highly supportive of the same.
The world is watching and the history books will reflect justly.
You can tell from the writing of this article it's done by a 100% Trump hater not a independent person. Just from the writing style used and words. Heck they even a few times used the liberal handbook by claiming polls were probably mostly whites ( thus racist liberal playbook 101). And the fact you can see her on video support terrorists but this writer pretends she's never done that just proves it was a diehard liberal that wrote it not a true independent "fact checker"
I’ve seen it. There’s a video. I’ve shared it. And it’s her. She talks of a class and the professor says America his shoulders slumped. But when he says AlQaeda his shoulders come up. Oh and she was happy happy to tell it.
Sceew the new star-- liberal b------
"Some people did some things". She won't even acknowledge what happened on 911 or who did it🤢
What fact checkers?
This is why the News Star is a left wing, POS newspaper....
News Star you have got to be crazy as hell if you claim she doesnt try to past big Al off as a lamb. If you are saying you cant substantiate this them you need to lock your doors bc you are inept as a source of reporting.
That is correct because when ask about their actions, she makes no comment condemning them either. Most people take her indifference, when ask about al Qaeda, as approval of them.
TRUMP 2020
Yes you did
The News Star should change its name to USA Today - South.
Crap like this is why I don't subscribe to the news star.
The news star dosen't fact check , they are just copy cats
Every time that she talks
Fact checkers owned by Soros, no doubt, just like News Star
She is guilty. And you know it...
News star is a Gar Hole. Bias fake news🤦‍♂️
News Star... grow up
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The News-Star8 hours ago

Matthew says climbing with one arm gives him an advantage. When you see how fast he goes, you'll understand why. 🧗‍♂️🙌

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The News-Star8 hours ago

Newly unsealed filings offer a window into the government's investigation of hush-money payments to two women claiming affairs with Trump.

This is so much hate in the White House that the reason we can’t get our country moving forward make us great not hate for our my president
Of course we all feel warm and fuzzy about the FBI. What a joke
Elect a clown expect a circus
prove it to us !! all I'm gonna say.. TIRED of these stupid games.... why now ?? sure thang !! smh
Another BS article. The case was Closed!!!! End of story. Really on a roll today News Star.
Is this the same FBI that spied on Trump's campaign?
Got a few defenders here but seems most did their homework and are not sayin a word 🤣🤣🤣
Ah yes, look at all the "Christians" showing off how much they don't care about the grotesque ball of SIN they put in office.
Enough with the witch hunt. Another bunch of liars being paid to start crap.
That is a bunch of lies and all media jump on it like its the gospel.
Why is Avanetti blurred out?🤣🤡🤡
Who cares!
Demonrats, tell me what happened wirh the Mueller investigation?!?!?!?!?
Who is that creepy guy in the foreground?
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The News-Star9 hours ago

Plans are to disassemble the carousel overnight Thursday.

My grandbaby love to ride it 😩
What will go in it's place? So sad for the little kiddos.
One of the horses bit a small child, mall had no liability insurance, terrible ordeal
I rode that carousel so many times when I was young use to get mad when my parents said no hell I even rode it with my kids just last year
Wow! I didn't even know that was in the mall!
Why is it leaving? My little girl loves that thing!
When the heavens closes a carousel it opens a Tilt.
Wait. There’s a mall???
Everything is leaving Monroe 😞
My kids are heartbroken
Throw the whole mall away, nothing there anymore 😭
Careful, y'all might get shot around there after the sun goes down
But I still have tokens
Lisa Michelle
Where is it going next?
Oh, no!!!!!
Molly Fisher
Morgan Kiley
😳 oh no!!!!!
Nathan Dispenza
Awwwww noo!!!
Mason Blount
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The News-Star9 hours ago

The eighth generation of the quintessentially American sports car, referred to by enthusiasts as the C8, will be revealed Thursday night.