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There is no doubt that several islands in the Caribbean were hard hit by either Hurricane Irma and/or Hurricane Maria.

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Bulldogs take Saturday doubleheader to start Conference USA season 3-0

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Police say they are investigating the shooting as a murder-attempted suicide.

In Cali?
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NELA celebrated a sunny Saturday with a concert at Landry Vineyards.

Amanda Thurmon
Celeste, go to pic #27
Brooke Acosta
We had the Flashback 5 at my daughter's wedding and they were awesome!!!
So, like two men there, really? Your photographer needs to be a little better balanced.
Crystal Evans Hampton #11
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The flowers were delivered to her at her home on Saturday

No student can have anything deliver to them at school in Ouachita Parish either. It’s a RULE. Has nothing to do with politics.
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This is the stuff of nightmares. The horses were all dead, in different states of decay.

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Is your career on the list?

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Don't forget tonight's shindig at Enoch's! Doors open at 3. ☘☘☘

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This is terrifying. It's so easy to get a concussion.

Katelyn Minchew Setzer
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Here's an update to a story from earlier this week.

How is it not animal cruelty to feed a puppy to a turtle? Guy should be in jail.
What did the turtle do wrong?
Why dis they kill the turtle. How bout the hand of the teacher . Thats closer to aneye for an eye . I'm always so disappointed in the human race.
The turtle was just doing the turtle thing. Eating to survive. The person feeding it should be the one reprimanded for the action. Turtle should not have been killed.
Turtle was euthanized because it’s an invasive species
Wow! That's animal on animal hate crime, aka nature. Lock that turtle up!
This horrible incident happened because of this teacher's actions...so what is the punishment for him gonna b ......I think there should b a very stern punishment. .....
So what was the lesson to be learned from feeding a live puppy to a turtle. I'm confused
The "teacher", Robert Crosland, has done this before. The kids stay after school and they "learn" about life. The two brothers that brought the puppy were present and their mother has started an account to raise money for this "fine" man and teacher. She if fine with everything that went on and is fighting for this man's "right" to do it again. He was caught because the puppies screams of terror and pain were heard by the custodian and another teacher. And we wonder why kids today kill so easily... Her name is Farahly Hansen if you want to read her FB plea for money.
Sounds like the teacher is the one that did wrong, not the turtle!!
Make a stew out of it
Why was there even a snapping turtle at a school in the first place? Also, I get the whole nature aspect of this, but how can they deem this ok to feed a live puppy to the turtle and watch? I would think those kids would need some mental evaluations along with the mother. The turtle could’ve been relocated not killed.
So they killed the turtle for doing what turtles do. We have definitely “jumped the shark” as a society.
Ridiculous! The teacher is the one that should be punished. Turtle didn't do anything wrong