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Deron Williams gives the Cleveland Cavaliers some much-needed guard depth after negotiating his release from the Dallas Mavericks.

Jacob Daniel Sanchez Income every lebron hater saying "he needs everyone to win" As if this is deron Williams of the 2010 jazz
Josh Foster And Bogut might be joining too. That's gonna be a lethal bench. PG-Deron Williams SG-Shumpert (or) JR Smith SF-Richard Jefferson PF-Channing Frye C-Andrew Bogut
Nick Mossige Lebron will never be in the league of MJ, Kobe, Bird, Magic...any of the greats. Has to whine and cry to get studs around him.
Terrell D. Turner Kyrie J.R. Smith LeBron Love Thompson D-Will Korver Shump Derrick Williams RJ Frye Bogut/or Sanders That's a well balanced team that can definitely repeat..
Kevan Pierson Deron ain't got no defense. He ain't this year's Delly for them. The Cavs are still lacking on perimeter defense. While the Warriors are ranked #1 in the NBA.
Steven Behmke That team still isn't nearly as talented as the western all star team, golden state. The only difference is the once-in-a-lifetime player named you can't count him out. Heck, he almost beat the entire golden state team (before they got Durant) in the finals all by himself!
Peter Cimino The Cleveland Cavaliers will have a Playoff Roster of 4 ex Knicks and 2 ex Nets. Apparently the problem in NYC are the current Knicks and Nets. Joy Thomas Bruce T Dunn David Rose Lou Greer
Jeremiah Schmidt Lebron is building a real team, its time to get the popcorn for the haters!!!
Eric Pierce Does anyone else try to aim above the waterline and below the rim of the toilet when taking a piss to lower the noise it makes?
Stefon Gordon Doesnt matter today or 10 years ago D Will does not play defense! Plus he is way to small to guard Shaun Livingston!
Brevin Samonte Pascua Okay. Every past prime FA . Is lebrons help hahahah!! . Okay haters
Vic Gee I thought Cavs fans boasted about how deep their bench is. Why would they need Deron Williams? 🤔
John Bridges D-Will still has enough game to be productive. I actually think he's going to be great in Cleveland.
Jeremiah Schmidt This is how you are an MVP when you can get people to come to your team, and win an NBA Championship!!!
Bronx Cruz That might not be enough. I think Bron still needs more help.
Martin Garcia He didn't do anything s**t with the Mavs, what makes you think he can make the Cavs better??
Keith McMillan Jr. So everyone forgot about the weight issues, and the fact that he's not the DWill from Utah?
John Escobar He can't stay healthy and is a shell of his former self. Glad that Dallas moved on from him!
J.P. Aguirre You can measure a player's greatness by how many players he convinces to live in Cleveland.
Jonathan Fultz ...And then the Cavaliers don't even make it to the Finals this year lol.
Earl James Hold up!! All you HATERS will have to wait N see what the CAVS will do!! Wait a minute " All We Do Is Win Win Win!! LMAO 😂
Randy Ihnfeldt Cavs will dominate the east for a long time
Lonnie LuckyMarble Setentasiete Good luck with Cavs. Not enough to beat the Splash Brothers and K.D. in the NBA Finals this year.
Austin Steen Jeremy David Bartlett and another one bites the dust 😂
Curtis McLean Go ahead. He won't add much. He's close to retirement anyway
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What a way to make history!

Washington's Kelsey Plum scored a league-record 57 points – yes, 57 points – to pass Jackie Stiles as all-time leading scorer in Division I.

Anthony Vega I identify myself as a 19 year old woman, I want to go to this schools and break that record. I have always identified with woman college basketball players, and the government needs to pass a law and make this happen..
Dan Alexander This is how much I care and have watched women's college basketball. Ive never heard of her and she just broke a MAJOR record
Ben Kimbell Lmfao that a sloww weekend for steph curry,klay thompson etc. Smfh women bball is a joke, has nothing to do w/gender, it has to do with the product on the court
Cody Morris I've seen highlights of her on ESPN and seems to score at will. Many highlights I've seen show much more open players, and never passed to them. Awesome accomplishment and congrats but I'd rather see NO stats posted and or making this less of a big deal and her TEAM rated in top 5 challenging UCONN. Too often it gets too individualized on personal stats when great players are on avg teams. Did they at least win today?
Jimmy Smith Some worry more about individual goals than team goals. Congrats on the achievements though. Now you can stop worrying about the points & help guide your team to a final 4 or maybe a championship.
Anthony Alviar Haven't watched women's basketball in 3,397 days
Nick Kersting I was in HS when Stiles got that record. Big deal for the small town of Claflin, Kansas
Adam Pinedo We'll see what she does in the tournament. Last year she choked in the final four
Nicholas Casavant Don't let this distract you from the fact that Lonzo Ball is better than Steph Curry.
Troy Anspaugh Don't let this distract you from the GloboGym Purple Cobras lost with a 4-1 advantage in dodgeball.
Phillip Cross 3397 points... 3+3=6 9-7=2 6/2=3 3397/3397=1 The warriors blew a 3-1 lead
Adam Burger In other news the Washington Huskies women's team loses to a junior high boys team.
Ryan Joseph Witt 8' Italian American cheese oil vinegar banana pepper onions mayo and some pepper
Marco La Avispa Manfredi Finally a girl that doesn't play for Uconn makes the headlines.
Vic Gee So no jokes about the Cavs trying to sign her now that they're getting Deron Williams?? Make the internet fun again.
Tom Ekes Congratulations. Very impressive
Alex Texeira Too bad no one cares unless it's uconn Losing..
Corwin S Curlin Jr. And will be irrelevant at the next level lol that's just how these things go
Adrian McLeod Her > fultz
Trey Bittinger Who dis?
Crystal Minarik Congrats Kelsey.
Justin Sider I bet she gets drafted #1 by the Cleveland Browns.
Javi Luis
Jake Nichols Is she flexing? I can't tell
Ray Richard Hernandez Never heard of him.
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Isaiah Thomas showed that he can get WAY up.

Corwin S Curlin Jr. He tried to do to much when he should've just went straight up with it and that would've showed it as well cause they not going to call a travel hahaha
Bryan Mohammad Musa Took a L but bounced back
Erris Canamusa Most clutch player in the league rn...
George Gstacks Wilson All the way up!!!
Francois Julio Casillas 9ft court. On Mommas
Roshawn Ferg Honestly for his height it was still impressive
Shane Russell 8 foot goal haha
William Joquin So he's not a in game dunker noted.
Jason Hicks So what. This one does not count for anything.
Danny Pabon Nope. Gotta do it in a game bro
Tucker Hobbie (takes off mask - turns out to be spud webb)
Nick Cutting Cameron Nielsen Caylin Bessette he can dunk!
Kurt Wahl Michael Mansfield Anthony Frederick
Antoine Jones Demitri Boyd
Frank Vaci III Mateusz Szczesny
Justin Skipper Christian Paez
James Cutler Michael Daidone
Max Laplante Will Laplante
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On this date in 1989, Jerry Jones took control of the Dallas Cowboys for an NFL franchise record $140 million.

Dustin Robertson I know he gets bashed on, but taking a 140 million company and turning it into a 4 billion dollar net worth, that's pretty freakin good
Connor Evans 1989 Jerry Jones looks like Walter, the dad from Elf lol
Ryan Shull Since then, the Warriors and Indians blew 3-1 leads. The Falcons also blew a 25 point lead
Cameron Laspada Cowboys are going to win 5 Super Bowls in the span of the next 10 years.
Bobby Wagoner On this day in history the cowboys franchise was forever doomed until this idiot dies or finally steps down
Michelle Creasey James That's the day I stopped rooting for the Cowboys, he treated Tom Landry horribly.
Richard Stevenson People can say what they want about Jerry but he started his empire with absolutely nothing I mean nothing. Think about that one haters .
Mark Napolitano Will always remember the way he disrespected Landry when he moved in.
Marty Cochenour Ryan Newman good investment. Bought for 140 Mill now worth 4 Bill
Peter Otto Say what you want about Jerry Jones but thats a hell of an investment payoff
Eric Pierce Does anyone else try to aim above the waterline and below the rim of the toilet when taking a piss to lower the noise it makes?
Tony Lembke He is painful to watch and listen to. Great initial results with Johnson, nothing since then. Romo era quite sad.
Chris Ward He went from being 140 million worth of gayness to 4 billion!! What a record!
Ryan Coman Jr. Cowboys went from 140 million to 4 billion dollars got the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl twice
Channing Melton It's said that jerry jones bathes in the blood of adopted children.
Justin Axel Ruiz only idiets like the cowgirls
Harilaos Thomatos Miami marlins selling now for 1.7 B. Keep ignoring the quantitive easing bubble...
Paulie Davis As a Raiders fan i would care less but, I have an eerie feeling he will only relinquish the roll of G.M. to Romo.
Greg Stell Capitalism at its best
Matt Wolever The guy's facial expression sums it all up, even back then in 1989. Why is he here?
Guillermo Calvillo If all goes well, we might win two Super Bowls in 4 years
Niko Fifita not hof worthy at all in any way cant go a decade of being nobodys and be a hof owner
Michael Daly Ha ha I don't hate them.
Matthew Strader Has Jerry Jones ever not been old 😂
Marcell Gibson Worth 4 billion now wow
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New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose wants to stay, despite knowing the team tried to trade him.

Kedrian K White I feel bad for D Rose, he would most likely still be in Chicago and a superstar player if he never sustained that injury in the playoffs.
Jason Vanlandingham You and melo both need to get off the knicks @&$@. You can both make your money else where. Why stick around on a team that doesn't want you or knows what it what's to do in general. Move on from them bums dog! Try to trade me behind my back and I'll already know what time it is!#notrust
Sean Yuan He and melo should pack their bags and leave the knicks. They are hurting kp growth and hermagomez with their iso plays and no defense. Kp really needs to develop and as of hermagomez.
Joel Rodriguez he wants a big contract and the Bricks would be fools to give him one. He's not a point guard but a shooting guard who plays no D - he's an instant offense 6h man
Doron DeBurr can we please stop talking about Knicks Basketball!!!, and players wanting to stay but the team dont them bla bla bla............. 1st Melo now DRose.
Christopher Bacon I'm curious why these athletes, with millions of dollars at stake, don't want to play for teams in states with the lowest tax burdens.
Pablo Freshcobar Goodbye Bruh. He plays with no heart on d. Just worried about scoring and don't that his man score just as much usually even more on him. And he don't pass.
Michael Murphy With their history of grossly overpaying has-beens I'd want to stay with the Knicks too. He'll probably swing a no-trade clause too.
Cody Harwig He is valuable when he actually plays. Knicks should keep him as long as they can.
Stephen Berg Derrick Rose was just injured by this post and is out for the season.
Phillip Walker 18, 5, and 5 ain't bad all considering. He could be signed and traded later.
Mitch Kelley Derrick rose should choose a different team the knicks stink right now
Eugene Gregg You may want to stay but the new York Knicks are going in another direction
Tubal-k Descendant They tradin Rose around like they was tradin Ivo at the end of his career
Sam VanWingerden Gotta keep the 'superteam' together
Brian Anthony Soto Change Noah and oquinn and Lee ir Jennings stay with hernangomez and KP and Melo and drafr and sign good freezer agent web Will ve good to go
Christopher Lange
Christopher Lange
Christopher Lange
James Sevigny Nah he's going to the wolves 🐺
Mario Calabrese get rid of him asap
Dennis Hagerich Melo sucks...
Steven Duhon lol he knows that no teams want him
Aaron Hollander Like he had a choice 😉
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LeBron James says he's chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan.

At his age, how does he stack up with a 32-year-old MJ?

Oj Ayoku Madedor ESPN STOOOOOOOP. Lebron is Lebron James of the 2003- current . Michael Jordan is 1985 to 2003 (1998 to his lovers) . Appreciate one came out of high school as a pre legend the other came from Carolina and made his legend status . Case closed go home espn . Leave it alone lol
Nick Carter His "pursuit" of Jordan ended when he lost his first NBA finals series something that Jordan never would have done. Every time a story like this comes up the GOAT is just like......
Michael Wrede His Airness was perfect in the Finals. Took a break to play baseball, came back, went to more Finals and remained perfect in the Finals. LBJ is great, but will never be on Jordan's level.
Jon Matheson Can't compare age since they didn't enter at the same age, otherwise you have to include Jordan's NCAA championship ring (which is more illusive than an NBA ring in my opinion considering you have a short window of opportunity)
Milos Stojakovic Why does everybody say oh jordans better because he never lost in the finals? 6-0 So jordan played only 6 years? What about the times he lost in the playoffs or completely missed the playoffs? Oh yea ppl forget those years like they never happened
Kirby Gunther How can he chase Jordan???? LeBron James = Garbage..... He wants all the All-stars just to play against the Worriors.... Kobe didn't wine and cry for All-stars.... Kobe is the only player that can shadow Jordan...
Tom Gonzalez There will never be another Jordan and there will never be another Lebron.Both have been very successful in their careers.Yes Lebron doesn't have as many titles ,but ask greats like Patrick Ewing Charles Barkley and Karl Malone how much they wish they had one let alone three! I hate when they compare players from different eras and different league rules!Both will be remembered as a couple of the greatest to play the game!Case closed!
LM Williams J had to battle Isaiah and the "Bad Boys," Reggie and the Pacers, the 90's Knicks, Shaq & Penny and the Magic and other Eastern Conference formidable opponents before he even got to the Finals. I don't even watch the Eastern Conference playoffs because the teams are so terrible; the Cavs have no resistance from any of the teams because they're just not good enough. And not to mention when LeBron teamed up with 2 other star players from that terrible conference and formed that super team. You can't compare his career to J's.
Hutch Breithaupt What is this MJ never lost in finals mean?? Who cares!! Montana never lost in the finals, but now Brady is the Goat and has lost twice to Manning(Eli)!! So can't have it both ways
Dallas Clemyck I'm not an expert by any means. You all know more than I, I'm willing to bet. For me it comes down to the mindset of a champion, the hunger, and ability to be a leader. I look at MJ playing through the Flu, and then I see LeBron and Co. taking games off. I guess that's due to the different eras, and again why some say you can't compare. But I do:)
Francis Andrews Gtfo , has LeBron score 60 points with 103 degree fever? Jordan would've won 2-3 more titles if he would've skip college and didn't play baseball. Half you clowns never saw Jordan play in his prime lmao... clowns Update: LeBron is out tonight vs bulls with illness.. Jordan would've played sick as he done before .. no comparison
Marcus Napolian Smith Just because you wear #23 and do a sequel to Space Jam,that does not make you Jordan.You switch teams,disrespect your teammates and cause to many headaches for GMs to be anywhere near Michael Jordan.You are a small forward and Jordan was a shooting guard who dominated and revolutionized the game of basketball.You can say you are best basketball player in the world but we all know you are past your prime.Be appreciative of what you have and let the Michael Jordan ghost go because you wont catch him in a million years.
Mitchell Rossman LeBron went single handedly against the pistons (that won a title) and beat them multiple times. He went against the first "big 3" in the celtics. He went against a team with Harden, Durant, and Westbrook. He went against a team with the greatest record of all time. He went against arguably one of the best teams of all time against the spurs. Don't act like he hasn't had challenges. In all honestly he's only had 2 finals where his team were the favorites to win.
Sean Chase Jordan has the higher points per game average and that's with his two years with the wizards bringing that down a bit. Jordan was the more decorated defensive player, averaged more steals per game and they average an identical amount of blocks per game. Jordan has more finals mvp's, won defensive player of the year, has more rings, never lost in the finals and averages more points per game in the playoffs. LeBron only beats jordan in rebounds and assists per game. The rebounds margin is actually close which it shouldn't be considering LeBron is two inches taller and about 30 pounds heavier....all this and LeBron hasn't entered that past his prime level yet which drags down every players numbers, which jordan had with the wizards. Looking at the numbers and having watched both guys play, the only area where LeBron is better than jordan is as a passer. I'm not even hating on LeBron, he is a top 5 player of all time. Truthfully though a better LeBron comparison is Larry Bird. If you look up their numbers, and compare their games they are very similar players. LeBron is a superior perimeter defender than Bird, Bird a better pure shooter, but the way they both rebound and we're amazing passers is very similar.
Gary Brandt The only thing that made Jordan better was the way Jordan was clutch in big time moments Jordan never made playoffs without pippen so he couldn't do it without another all star people can say waat they want but if LeBron did not leave Cleveland Cavs would have never won championship
Jamie Arellano LeBron can never be MJ. They way MJ would soar over the crowd and slam it down is something LeBron never did. MJ was also all NBA defense every year while leading the league in scoring. There is no comparison. MJ is in a different category of greatness.
Hutch Breithaupt Some of you who think Lebron isn't on MJ level or doesn't have the chance to be the greatest ever really don't know the game of basketball at all. Appreciate greatness when you see it and stop hating the man. Social media would have killed MJ back in the day. Political correctness would have killed him as well.
John Thomas Peek LeBron is nothing like Jordan. Was and never will be even close to the player MJ was. Get off his nuts. The only reason LeBron is even good is because of his size in a now watered down sport.
Jordan Ruiz It's like the manning Brady debate. Mannings got more impressive stats sure- but that's ALL he has. Bradys a winner, he wins in almost every aspect. Lost 2 superbowls and still has more super bowl wins than any qb, with stats and records that are still goat like. Only thing Jordan has Brady doesn't is a perfect finals record. Brons the same way. More impressive stats, but he's not as well rounded... not a winner like Jordan. Close but no cigar. Jordan will always be the goat.
LM Williams The East that LeBron has been able to dominate and cakewalk to the Finals is the weakest it's been in decades. J had to go through the East when it was known as "The Beast" and still was 6-0 in the Finals. LeBron has played in the weakest conference of any superstar I can remember and is 3-4. Kobe played in the dominant conference after J left and is 5-2.
Dax McCoy I don't ever get tired of this story. It won't ever die. If lebron beats this years warriors team what're y'all gonna say then? You still gonna harp on 2011? Probably because those folks no matter what bron does he can't touch em. Which is sad and close minded
Kimani Kimonster Brickhouse idk about him surpassing him to be honest in terms of overall achievements, maybe he can. Lebron still has time. But still I like Lebron more than Jordan at the end of the day because of preference. Doesnt mean I think of Jordan any less. I wish people would just say they prefer Jordan because they like Jordan more, instead of dickriding him and hating on Lebron
Drizzy Driz Different eras different players. Both great but you can't compare them. Honestly unfair to both. They both branded themselves and great to watch. Look back at what Jordan did in his era is amazing but once this era passes we will look back at Lebron and it will be amazing as well. Someone will come along again as good as these two and they will try to compare again but it's not fair to compare different eras of players.
Craig McEwan I think LeBron is great. Sure it's a little tainted by the bailing out when things get tough (see Cavs / Miami) , but he's not far behind. The majority of people on here probably weren't even born to see Jordan through the ages.
Steven Patzer MJ is the best. But LeBron gets major credit for taking 3 completely different rosters to the finals. Takes teams from lottery to the finals in one year. When MJ left Chicago they still won 55 games. When LeBron leaves teams are back in the lottery
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Ben Simmons is set to be the newest addition to the 2018 rookie class.

Does that mean he's the automatic choice?

Dray Kilmer Lonzo's dad will probably say his son will be the Rookie of the Year, MVP and Defensive Player of the year after what he said about his son being better than Curry 😂
Dennis Hagerich Sixers will put him on a minutes restriction for 3 years, then trade him at the deadline for the expiring contract of Popeye Jones' grandson...
Evan Hartzell As a Cavaliers fan, I hate when people start off a comment telling you who their favorite team is.
Brian Wallace I can't believe nobody is talking about Jayson Tatum from Duke. Started this season slow because of a small injury, but he's been a beast. Dam near had a triple double on the road against Syracuse last week. 19pts 13 reb 7 assists. Top 5 pick at worst, gonna be a star. Nba ready body.
Justin East Monk. Y'all sleeping on dude from Kentucky. I'm a Louisville fan but Monks confidence never waivers. He is a natural scorer and ball handler. Doesn't seem to be an overly athletic guard which is coveted nowadays. But with his size and speed he has superstar potential. If he goes late in the lottery and the team makes him their playmaker he is easily a 20-25 point scorer coming off the bench. He reminds me of a more consistent JR Smith. Dude is cold
Matt Auffrey Any team that drafts Lonzo Ball will instantly win the Super Bowl!
Peter Otto Insider drafted 1st overall by ESPN. The biggest ever bust of the draft.
Zack Katz Monk/Jackson, but Zizac could easily win it if they let him play with Horford at 4. Celtics are scary... coming from a Philly guy.
Blake Bartoshevich I find it no matter what if u get injured or not the season your drafted is your rookie season no matter if u play or not... personal opinion Ben Simmons shouldn't be a rookie next year and embid shouldn't have been a rookie this year.. but I have no say on that oh well #malcolmbrogden ROTY
Grant Higbee Since you're not going to pay for someone else's opinion, here's mine for free: They'll all bust.
Shawn Baker I can't imagine there is a real guy out there that actually pays for "insider". No clue why it's still a thing
Adrian McLeod Fultz is a bum and so is fox. They shouldn't be in the top 5 but who am I right just a loser on a couch
Jaz Lavelle How many of these guys been the best prospects since Lebron? I feel like I hear that every year
Justin Taylor Ball!! Simmons is a bum who will prolly be injured again lol
Branden Hooper Malik Monk might have something to say. Scoring machine. Will be on a bad team most likely.
Brock Layton We gonna do this over again??? This year he is a rookie so no he won't ever be rookie of the year
Zach Blankenship Whoever Boston drafts won't be rookie of the year lol.
Jalen Rashawn Heartsfield No. This draft class is good and Exciting. Maybe if it was Anthony Bennett's draft class.
John Parilo I don't like this about the NBA, I think the year you were drafted should be the only chance you should be able to get Rookie of the Year
Joe Gleeson Ball, he's already better than Curry. who pays attention to Washington anyways? Say irrelevant
Hoyt McFann I don't care but don't EVER let Bill Walton east of the rockies again. SHUT HIM THE HELL UP
Brandon McGuff You know what's not an automatic choice, signing up for ESPN insider!
Frank Cook Doesn't matter. How many first round one and done's have really impacted a team? Or the league?
Enrique Maldonado Lonzo is 10 times better than that scrub simmons simmons cant even shoot a mid range shot how can you say hes even up there with lonzo or markelle
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For the first time in 11 years, the former New York Jets player won't be in green and white on Sundays.

Trace Watson Very underrated center. Maybe he can go to a team that can get him a ring
Marcus Suffolk Browns are looking for a center. That'd be a heck of a pick up by them but alas, it's still the Browns so I won't hold my breath.
Robert LaPointe If he wants a ring, he'll be driving right up 95 to Foxborough...
Nick Clapper And now the Patriots will pick him up and use him against us.....and heck, he'll probably get a ring, too.
Robbie Rushing He was a guy I thought would retire with the Jets...he most definitely was a franchise center and if the Panthers didn't have Ryan Kalil would be welcome any day on the team
Anthony Alviar BREAKING NEWS: Patriots sign Nick Mangold to a 1 year contract.
Van Evener Hey Mike & Katie Brown.... Bring this Buckeye home to Cincinnati! !!
John Scott Walk across the hall to the best organization in the'd look good in blue!
Ed Chesiak As a Giants fan I wouldn't mind signing him...our center can play guard
Adrian McLeod He's still an 86 on madden I can not believe they released him.
Kevan Pierson Mangold was great for a number of years for the Jets. I don't think he's the same player anymore. That had to be why they released him.
Joshua Joho Does he have anything left in the tank? hope so, ive always liked him
Frank Thompson Why not, come to the Seahawks Britt has all sorts of experience on the line move him over.
Jarrett Allen Come on over to Mn and get our depleated oline up and running
Chad Wirkkala Seattle please
Erik J Hoklin Rick Spielman, please sign Nick Mangold.
Steven Godin 49ers could use him
Shawn Gordon Imagine If the Pats sign him!
Mike Brabant Go to minn vikings
Ewan Fulton The Jets are crashing
Charlie Mullins Rex Ryan's spirit animal is gone. Sad day.
Wavie Jones 11 years is a lifetime in the NFL. Good luck on his next endeavors.
Elliot Danneffel He will be signed in no time
Ian McCulloch Would be a decent pickup if the Pats could snag him
Matt Auffrey Browns could probably use his sister tbh
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It was 53 years ago Saturday that a 22-year-old from Louisville floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee and "shook up the world" with his first heavyweight title.

Gary Hauck Jr. Don't let that distract you from the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game for the Polk High School Panthers winning the City championship game...
TJ Herrin
TJ Herrin
Ryan James 53-22=31 Lebron at age 31 had 7 finals appearances 31-7=24 Joey and Tyler blew a 24 point lead with the warriors on 2k.
Bill Strimple Draft dodger
Gary Keating And over 10 million of us around the world continue the fight where you left off to end Parkinson's.
Ronen Huang
Vicki Frees Powell Wow, it can't possibly be 53 years ago; unbelievable.
Matt Lombardo Prime Tyson drops Ali w in 2 rounds.
Michael Anthony Cooks 🐐 ALI
Ahmed Din 🐐
Mikey Leung 🐐
Dustin Sargent
Sherryl C. Thomas g.o.a.t. r.i.p. my champ
Ray Parker And his son got detained at a airport for being Muslim.😞
Cy Paydar GOAT.
Manpreet Bawa Ali is the goat
Ron Purdion Draft dodger
Jeff Specter My trainer was Sonny Liston's. Who can name this man?
Corey D Foster Ali was a racist scumbag. Rest.In.Piss
Jimmy Koah 🐐
Rob Chop
Orlando Dominguez Nunez GOAT
Jerrod W. Atkinson Fight for everyone
Glenn D Saylor Frazier won all those fights
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The Cleveland Cavaliers were mediocre at best in January.

So LeBron James called his coach and they devised a plan. Struggles over.

Matt Cohen Lebron averaging 26 points 11 assists 65% fg 57% from 3 in February. First time ever someone has had 26+ 11+ 60+ 50+ in a month. And people think he's slowing down 🙄🙄🙄
Adrian J Lopez Either something changes or I'm firing you. I like you that's why you have this job don't make me break you. Lmao probably how the call went.
Anthony Yonnotti
Trevor Wright Correction how Lebron called himself because he is the coach
Mattue Harlan Yeah because lebron, with the extensive basketball expirience and knowledge he has, shouldn't be helping his coach out. Totally makes sense. Just let Ty Lue handle it and don't bother giving him advice because everybody will say how Lebron runs the team. Some of you people are just dumb. Why wouldn't you help the coach out if you have helpful input? That's what greats do.
Steve Gonzales All the regular season struggles don't matter. It's all about overcoming a 3-1 deficit and winning the Finals.
Travis Guyton Look I'm not a Cavs or a LeBron fan, but the hate for this man, this once in a lifetime talent, needs to stop man, this man is one of if not the greatest basketball player to ever walk on NBA hardwood 💯 6'8, 6'9, 260 lbs, passes like a one, scores like a two, athletic as a three, and he can bang like a big guy, he's also one of they best defenders we've ever seen, so this nonsense of him being a crybaby, or a flopper, stop, he's not only met the expectations given to him, he EXCEEDED THEM, and then some, appreciate this man, there ain't gone be another one like him
Andru Montague Lol this is so dumb. People don't realize that nothing in this regular season matters. They could win 8 more games and would still get in the finals.
Andrew J Bermejo When you finally get to start playing EC teams again and say "a phone call" got them back on track. Lmao terrible.
Ira Still Keep letting lebwa iso each play. If Miami plays them in the playoffs it will be first rd exit for the cavs.
Dylan Franklin Shocker Lebron not letting someone else run this team. I would never want to be on the same team as this dude
Adan Saucedo James probably told coach that his days were numbered with the Cavs if the Cavs don't turn it around.
Brock Bosshardt Jordan never had to call up the coach and trade for role players because "he needed them"
Jeraf M. Guanco LBJ be like... "Hey Tyronne! I'm the Coach now! and always will be. Just stand there every game and I got it covered."
Chris Williamson Lebron James must of called himself.... He's the boss... What he says goes in that organization
Matthew Sean Fitzsimmons Yes block all trades to east! And i want bogut and deron 4 free too... i am the king? LoL
Jason Castro The Cavs coach has the easiest job in the NBA. If he was coaching any other team, he would average 30 wins a season.
Steven Van Bastolaer If only a phone call can fix a team wow 😳 that would awesome 🙄💤
Phillip Walker So he called himself? 😕
Mitchell Rossman Noah told you they'd lose at most 2 games this month. They've only lost one. Ya boy is Nostradamus
Michael Selfridge Why would he need to call him? Doesn't he see him everyday? Seems super passive aggressive...
Joe Pfeiffer This is the most useless story ever ESPN. Blowing Leflop again
Peter Xyooj LeBron phone call was like "I got a call fron the Warriors and if we dont step it up, im go join them. Or the spurs."
Cee Jay Having all those Arizona Players helps too. D Will, Jefferson, Frye. #Beardown
Jonp Rosero He's basketball vp, GM, and head coach Interesting to see what he does after ball
ESPN5 hours ago

"Guys who aren't factors in games do that."

Genya Kilimnik Isaiah a true baller to the core is right about this one. That kind of foul is grade school stuff where one kid just can't handle getting schooled all game long, so he extracts revenge. Was exactly what this was.
Matt McLaughlin Guys who can't fight pretend they are tough by pointing gun gestures at people. Real case of the little man's syndrome last night.
Landon Williams Hmmm so DCs defense isn't a factor in the game?! Get shut down in the 4th little man gg last night you honestly deserve flopper of the year worse than LeBron is
Raashon Mayers But Isaiah has been in the league since 2011....and he is finally becoming a factor himself.... Nisha Lopez
Griffin Porter Funny how Thomas picked up a Flagrant 1 in the same game. What does that make you, "Mr 4th Quarter?" 😂😂
Justin Lee Tanner Just look at what happened to westbrook.. beverly who?!
William Fernandez Who tf is Carroll ?
Paden Brooks Megorden Don't let this distract you from the fact that there are about to be a bunch of "don't let this distract you from" posts any minute now
Wesley Schmidt He flopped
Gerardo Olmos 90s basketball tactic and 2010s basketball they cry about it.
Skizzie Sky Carroll is a bish
Kyle Easton "Guys who aren't factors in games do that" - Melina Trump
Albert Chen Frankie Wong he talking smack about yo boi carroll
Andrew Booth Too bad he's the one getting fined lol
Anthony Saddy Yep
Chris Torrez That was bush league
Frank Velasquez i like i.t but you cant hook a player
Hayley McIntyre Dale Mack
Jack Hodges Joseph Casilang 🔥🔥
Matthew Colten Simpson Jonathan Madison 😂🤣
Zachary Royer Quentin Zenner
Jackson Hardesty Garrett Rice