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Trae Young's freshman season has been up there with some of the best.

Ian Otting ESPN has set up shop directly on this dude’s nuts...
Jon Doty I don't like him, but dudes got serious skill. If he can stay healthy he'll be great at the next level.
Austin Wagner The next Steph Curry.
Brandon Doss When u take half the teams shots ur gonna score alot to bad they won't a thing so who cares
Michael Moyers Till he met Press Virginia.. then he cried for every foul.
De'Moreigh LouisiCali James Hope he stays and doesn't jump to the league, he'll get humbled real quick. He reminds me of trey burke
Brandon Kearney you guys are so cheap now you cant afford sound in your videos 😂😂😂
Milo Mclemore Here comes all the West Virginia fans..... with all the hate 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂
Travis Stanke Baller for sure. But needs to cut back on the turnovers. 12 in his last game.
Dimitri Giannos This kid too nice let's scoop him with the LA pick Jake Drouin
William Head He'd average a triple double if they counted his turnovers
Jeremy Osborne Berry Smith who dis
Feelings of life In life you will realize there is a role for everyone to meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you, and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it's worth it.
Matt Vann Also having a bad hair season! 🤣🤣
Grodz Solus Players that went to their school for 6 months...what a joke, just let them go to the NBA.
Marlon Lyons A good coach will know how to defend him. That won't actually happen till tournament time.
Larry Jason Lumbreras Been a UNC fan all my life but Trae young is the truth , he has a bright future ahead
Kevan Pierson He'll be average to mediocre in the NBA.
Marlon Lyons Dude good but anybody can be good shooting 27 shots a game.
Anthony Mattera
Glenn Check This isn't lavar ball 💩
Michael Migs
Haas Decker Cant compare him to just steph if he’s also leading in assist... just saying 🐸☕️ David Templeton
Daniel Campos Edison Hernandez
Cesar Brito Robbins Joseph
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When you see it...

Joshua Baker Preteens running this page I see...
B.W. Peterson Are u serious? I hope you've been hacked...this is dumb af
Troy Huber Bret Schulte they did not
Ron Alexander Poole A Chuck Norris fist like that Family Guy episode.
Lorenzo Bennett What is with ESPN now? Stop catering to these younger viewers and get back to business. It would've been cool back in the 90s smh ESPN SportsCenter that means you.
Tony Tecci Lmao I knew it
Kaine Bressi
Papugiena Brunner
Ana Rivera Okay, ESPN; since when did you become ‘the Worldwide Leader in Silliness?’ XD
Tommy Jones
Tyshawn Coore
Hugh Guidi Jr. All I know is I DONT want to know! 🤪
Eric Heilman
Nathaniel Barnaby Dickerhoof Wow a white power sign?!? Really Espn??
Jerome Davis Kevin Griffithh
Radek Stój Kajetan Kulwikowski 😘
Charles Natchez A Wollf Reec Donovan Andrew Diggins Kasell Sell
Logan Cooper Jason Meihost Blair Michael Cooper
John Frank Quispe Benites Miguel 😎
Juan Cedano Lucas Baileyy
Eli White David Roberts
Ryan Pearcy Chris Deremiah
Zaron Loertscher StavoJess Kunz
Jeff Blind Eric Kramer Devin Schoellkopf
Adam Lee David Andy Lee Jeremy Lee
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This kid is special.

Dan Unger You should always have that attitude. That's why I never understood why people hate on someone who strives to be better than Jordan or LeBron. If u don't believe it, it will never happen.
Hampton Addiss i’ve just seen a few of his games but he comes across as a little selfish with the basketball
Kevan Pierson This guy obviously wasn't a top recruit or else he wouldn't be at Oklahoma? I think he's going to be average at the next level.
Toni Lantana LeHelp wants Trae Young on his team! TT and JR for Trae Young and DeMarcus Cousins!
Ethan Lamb Didn’t anyone ever tell you fools not to sit on the ball?
Sammy Jacovetty Jr How? He takes 30 shots a game. Of course his scoring average will be high.
Mark Rollins No matter the athlete or the story. There will always be armchair gm’s calling someone a bust or overrated on here
Travis Stanke So many haters need to do some research before talking. Saying he is a ball hog, blah blah. He leads in assists. He shoots at 45% which is very good for guards. He has made Oklahoma a legit contender this season. Only knock on him right now is the turnovers, which is at a high rate. But he is legit and having a great season.
Phil Küster Doesn't want everyone to be considered the best to ever do it?
Patrick Butcher Heard LaVar was already asking to trade LiAngelo and LaMelo for this kid.
Michael Madden Pretty stupid to sit on a ball
Terrell Hills Lebron James MVP of the year
Nate Chavez Dope. Kids got a bright future ahead of himself.
Tina Guzman Don't they all. Time will tell.
Jason Adrian Pierce Sign him up for BBB.
Matthew Eshragh I instantly thought of Ash Ketchum
Joe Hooker Needs to cut way down on the turnovers but he's young, only getting better
Owen Young Good but overrated compared to ESPN's worship of this guy.
Troy Nutt Overrated he's a ballhog while making a lot of turnovers
Blake Zenner Ignore the haters, work on your handles and decision making.
Jeff Powers I’m just worried they’re gonna egg those basketballs.
Corey Whitt Whether he be a superstar or not he doing what he love to do an he bout to get a 💰
Gregory Prentiss Every player has that aspiration. What else you got.
Darren Torres Another sefish player that will never accomplish anything imo
Brandon Oviedo Possibly the next Stephen Curry
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When you wake up and realize it's Saturday. 😁

Thaddeus Hyatt ESPN clearly dropped the ball when it came to warning their "journalists" about talking politics on a Sports Outlet. Management should be fired. I will not be watching ESPN at any time for any reason until the CEO speaks out that ALL employees have been instructed to talk Sports, not politics. I love football - but I have boycotted. Not watching any of my favorite sports that appear on ESPN.
Nate Bickel Now back to E!-SPN Today’s main stories: - Embiid & Rihanna: A Love Story - What athlete faces we matched up to the Google Art app - What Lavar Ball had for lunch Things we won’t be covering: - Today’s college basketball games - Today’s NHL games - The Australian Open - The NFL playoffs (minus Tom Brady’s hand) - MLB trades and signings
Toni Lantana He looks as happy as Lebron when Kyrie hit that 3 and won a finals series for him lol
Justin Diaz Brian N Renee Haire good luck today buddy!
Bill Harvey Please do not hire Jeff Zucker as your CEO. He is a perpetrator of false news stories and your producers and hosts have already tried to alienate half the country. Get politics out of your network and people may come back in droves to watch more programming.
Ethan Seiler Oliver Peterson Kellllyyyy
Drew Hayhurst Stuart Good lolz
John Oliveto Hope everyone enjoys some Double Header NBA this afternoon and night. The NFC and AFC Championship Games tomorrow
Rob Pippen Ngga acting like swaggy p
LeVar Shelby Lol that's how I got up this morning
Raffy Jason Capistrano
JD Force When you wake up and realize ESPN is complete irrelevant.
Shawn Heffron What time are the games on ABC?
Tony Wooley What shoes are those?
Kris Bolhuis Warriors over Rockets by 16 tonight.
Charles A Diller
Giovanni Chicas Dragon Ball Super
Jalen Chamblish Goodmoring everyone
Marion Lillard-Taylor ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!🏈🏀🏈🏀
Randall Elder This will be tomorrow Nick! 🦅🦅🦅
Zary Syed Richard Fuller u goofed dropping this boy
Jarad Fredell Keef Tankalski Scott Kirk me today
Christopher Stephen Yingling Hayley Carper
David Olvera Bao Nguyen
Kyle DeVille Shujan Valiani
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LeBron James is just 25 points away from being the youngest to reach 30,000.

Jor Dan Zman Even if LeBron had a triple double with 100pts 20assist and 20rebounds y’all would still try to find a flaw in his game. No matter what this man do, people will find something to criticize him for. Appreciate him now, the game gonna change when he’s gone.
David Wilwohl Remember to put the asterisk next to his name, since he came into the NBA 4 years younger than most of the other record holders.
Craig Eastom Isn't he already the youngest to 29975
Felix Castellanos LeBron is also playing in a time where it's easier to score
Mike Williams The greatest player hoopin this past decade. Like wine gets better with time.
Jason Starr Nelson Stop saying “the youngest” to achieve something. What matters is games played to achieve a milestone. Past players often didn’t enter the NBA until their early 20s.
Jerome Alfaro Won Rookie of the year. Won Most Valueable player 4 times and looking to get his 5th. Can end up being 10th in all time assists, rebounds. Won 3 chips and 3 Finals MVP. Leads the Youngest ever milestones in the history of the sport. And now will get his 30K points. Youngest ever to do it. And man, that's a lot of da*m points and many great players, legends didn't even make that far. You can throw all that "3-5 record whatever you want but as an athlete, a Pro that's what you want to accomplish for. You dream of as an individual. So... Yeah. He's an overrated player. 😂 #KingJames
John Oliveto LeBron James is the best player in the world. No other player in the league is close to him
Felix Castellanos He is not over rated. He is the best player today. He is missing that Champions Drive.
Nuno Miranda He started in nba before others, therefore youngest. Thank you captain obvious. Must have been that college career
Kingsley C. Ogbuji His haters will still have something negative to say about this. Just saying.
Josh Harris It's not the baskets he made that will define him.. It's the shots he didn't make when the game was on the line that will define him.
John Lafalaise Stop using age to determine these records. Games played need to be what is used. LeBron is great but He also started younger than all before him so naturally he will be the youngest to Accomplish many of these things.
Eric Tower Very impressive, I don't care who's considered the best of all time, but it's becoming quite clear that by time it's over Lebron will have the most productive career of any player in NBA history.
John Augillard No true NBA fan believes that LeBron sucks. We just know that he isn't better than Jordan. It's not close. Also, it's actually unfair to compare them because their games are different. LeBron isn't a closer and isn't magical on offense! He's made some amazing defensive plays in the clutch. He's a certified HOF'er but he's not the GOAT and that's okay. Kobe is totally satisfied being the second greatest 2 guard, why aren't LeBron lovers okay with LeBron not being the greatest? Dominique was a great dunker, but he's not better than Vince. That doesn't diminish Dominique!
Terry Jones He has had 4 extra years in the NBA to do it. Wonder if he would be the youngest had Jordan, Bird , etc had went to the NBA straight out of high school. This milestone means nothing to anyone except ESPN to further their love affair with LeBron JamESPN.
Steven Koshiol What a dumb stat. Who cares. How many championships he bring home for his so called talent? Not very many.
Nick Mejia He came straight out of high school and didn’t go to college like most other players. The youngest detail will be his since all rookies are required to play at least one year in college.
Jesse Duluth These three clowns Brandon Brayfield Tyler Wittner Alexis Rea tried arguing with me in Joseph Cherney 's class that Carmelo Anthony was going to be a better pro 🙄 😂
Tyler Quinn With 5+ years left in the tank he will be the first to 40k points.
Eric Kelley He travels and charges every time he touches the ball so I would hope so
Junior Bugsy Take away his assists and make him a shoot first guy like Kobe and he would have reached this milestone a lot sooner.
Pat Maxwell LeBron who is the best basketball player today deserves to be counted among the all time greats. Who would argue with that?
Victor Hudleston He had a 5 year lead on the other players on that list... it's like a homerun record for a juice head #Asterix
Brandon Oviedo Besides his finals record, there's really nothing negative you can say about this man
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The UFC is announcing an undisputed championship fight while the undisputed champion Conor McGregor continues to sit out.

What does this mean?

Jimmy Turnbuckle I enjoyed the whoopin’ Conor put on Mayweather before the ref stopped the fight to save the sport of boxing. Best all around fighter that’s ever lived. #mcgregorischamp
Donnie Love Yes, he did. Conor McGregor is undisputed champ and if he doesn't commit to a contract to defend his belt, he will be stripped of the title by the Ferguson and Khabib fight. Dana said it's pretty simple and shouldn't need translation. Leave it up to ESPN to screw up something simple. Lol
Daniel Jason Rivera Guy just got 100 mill. Checks are still coming in left and right. Why they hell would he want to fight again? Worse thing Dana did was set up the boxing match. Then again, they both capitalized off of it so....
Robbie Lynch Basically because he’s worried that he could strip Conor and then this fight falls apart. He won’t be stripped until a new champ is crowned.
Shabaka Jarrett And this lil chump isn't undefeated so he's just a coward able to capitalize off the white worlds hope for a fight champion...sad
Carter J Matthews As much as we wanted to see that fixed entertainment against Mayweather it unfortunately led to the end of Conor’s UFC career bc there is not a single fight going to draw that kind of $ like he already made!! Thanks a lot boxing!!!
Robert Kleinschmidt Which means he's waiting to see the outcome of the khabib and tony fight. He's praying khabib wins so he can get his dream of Conor fighting khabib for the title in Russia.
Jesse Balentine He will lose the belt and he most likely won't fight again. Hes a beast and it was fun while it lasted but he's set for life now. I wouldn't fight anymore either.
Marcelino Trujillo At the end of the day it doesn't really matter because if they strip him and I'm a Connor fan they should strip him to legitimize this fight but it doesn't matter cuz when and if Connor returns to the octagon at 155 or hell 145 or 170 he gets an instant title shot but I believe he will fight winner of Tony and Khabib and if that happens then it doesn't really matter if the winner of the fight is technically the champ cuz at that point they are both defending their belt if there is no fight in between this fight and Connor doesn't fight anyone else before they match up
Josh Zeuner More stupid drama for ratings half of us would never know about or care about it l if ESPN didnt pop it up on our feed lol...
Kiriazis Juan Connor is done his time is over and well he will never be the same fighter again no more hunger .... he won’t be the same if he ever came back besides the ppl he would have to fight ....He’s done and he’s not a champ have to defend you wanna call yourself a champ ...
Rudy Elliott I doubt he ever fights MMA again. He never cared about legacy as evidenced by the fact that he’s a horrible champion that never defends belts. He was always about figuring out the next big payday and how to hype it. I’m not hating on him, that’s just how it is. He doesn’t care that he will never be considered an all time great in the sport. He just got himself to a point where he could make a quick cash grab and get out. I definitely see either spot appearances or a full on contract with the WWE in the future. Easier money. You don’t have a guy actually trying to kill you on the other end and we know he’s a great hype man with a mic in front of him.
Jake Salese As much as I love conor mcgregor, I have no respect for him. He's not a fighting champion.. yes he butchers his opponents but he has never had a title defense . So you can't say anything about him being an all time great.
Stephen Jacks He has to. He has never defended a title. He doesn't get to hold the second best division hostage just because he doesn't want any part of Tony or Khabib
Michael Vest Jr. See if Ferguson and khabib actually happen strip him day of fight and move on he'll be out of money by the way he blows it already and that will be that easy
Kevy O'Grady If it's an "undisputed" title then they are stripping him of his belt. They just can't say that because Conor will freak out.
Adam Scott Dana and Connor both know the purse it will take unfortunately there's no fight currently that would bring that money in. Dana is trying to get a fight there and this may be enough to do it. I guess for me I just think it's ridiculous this is still being talked about almost 2 years from fight in the ufc and he is still being talked about like this? That's why Connor is not coming back he's still the biggest star in the ufc in normal fans eyes.
Ryan Anthony I love how there is no set of laws in the UFC but Dana White. You talk about how Don King ruined He will lose his belt if there isn't a huge ticket left for him...if Dana decides. He is the brokering agent for both fighters. Boxing finally broke free of these people when big name boxers joined up with ESPN, and HBO to have fights. Fights between everyone from number 1 contenders, to title fights. You don't need to sit in obscurity....not getting paid for years , because you are to dangerous to fight. Dana White should be sued again for monopolizing the business..
Jawd Da Gawd Connor only made 35 million where is ppl getting this 100 million from. Ppl are forgetting he had to split his pusre with his boss Dana white
Jesse Pacheco That fight could have been done in 3 rounds McGregor has been lucky with a few knockouts but once he fights somebody tough he loses then goes all rounds and should have lost again
Jennifer Trezona Why cant White just come out and be clear? If its an undisputed belt, Conor has been stripped so Dana, just say it, stop being such a snake. 🐍🐍🐍
Randall Bacon Floyd made 100 million years ago and he still fought for many years after that. But people still disrespect him smh
Đại Nguyễn What's the point of having an interim champ if they still see McGregor as a champ when he is ready to come back?
Chris Fosnacht If he isn't going to fight in the UFC, then he shouldn't hold the belt. It's not complicated. Defend it or it goes away.
Ryan Walsh I think what they will do is announce he is stripped after the fight. Winner is the new undisputed champion. This is, however, a weird scenario and im interested in that happens.
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That Friday feeling 🕺

Daniel Wruskyj I see retirement is treating Ray Allen well..
Eric Randall Snyder All really old people (you, the old white guy), please stay seated 😂😂 You just set our people back 100 years.
Sean Reynolds Only at a Pistons Game! 😉 Lol Smh dudes been doing this for years.
Mark Cuatro I thought Shazier was still injured?
Angel Villarreal So there's a couple recording up in the big screen when the guy is literally right behind them? Seriously..??
Todd Antkowiak This is how they always do it in Detroit gotta love it! Thanks ESPN for the recognition!
Geoffrey Yutuc I've always wondered what Ray Allen is up to nowadays.
Stephen Smith Why does it take a sporting event to come together. If we could do this outside an arena, our country would party like it's 1999.
Matt Pursley That old man is like the guy in the club that just cant stand to see the dude getting attention from the hoes with his smooth moves.
John Cross Professor Schwartz had no business butting in😂😂😂
Marshall Stanton-Shaw This is me when i wake up on time lol
Idris David North Sherrod Lmao for a second I was like why they got Ray Allen out here working an NBA game😂
Duane Pain Thought that was Dave Chapelle for a sec.
DL Arrington Wish i felt like that on fridays..AGAIN!!!
John Oliveto Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. Enjoy some AFC and NFC Championship games and NBA Double Header on Saturday
Tim Slomers I'm glad he came from the Palace and LCA hired him!
Jean Claude Derieux Were the girls at the end part of the show? They're all dressed alike.
Adam Littman Sadly, this guy us the only exciting thing about going to a Pistons game. Glad the origination brought him down to LCA.
Keith Gebhart Looks like Ray Allen is really enjoying retirement
Dave Vigil Delonte bruh if he had hair, swear that was you! 😂
Ray Reynolds Ryan Reynolds.....It's what WE got!
Anthony Hans Cosenza Jérémy Mgt : la retraite à l'air de bien se passer pour Ray Allen 😂😅😛
Tom Marcoux John Stevens, Edward Marcoux, the guy to the left of the dancing usher is Stevens or his Doppelgänger!
Paul Anthony Silva Maybe he is having a reaction to his meds?
Kristen Phillips Giter Kimberly Nicole The old man reminds me of you with all those keys in his pocket!
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Keep offering Sean Payton free stuff.

Chad S. Riordan Nothing but love for Sean Payton. Class reaction, class move coach.
Cornelious Anthony MN in a nutshell. After they get embarrassed Sunday night, you'll see who they really are. Land of 10,000,000 front runners. It took some moron looking for change at the 40 yard line to save Minneapolis from having all their dogs kicked after the game. Classless, can't handle what they give out SUPER BOWLESS losers. Except for five fans who are truly great people.
Kevin Osborne I’m cracking up at all these “Sean Payton is so classy” comments. Did u forget he threw up a choke sign to a player? Brought brooms out after a wildcard win? Was taunting Minnesota fans just before they lost? Bounty gate? This clown is anything but. #sitdown #behumble
Justin Gardner Same coach who put bounties on players heads but i guess we are gonna forget about that
Devan Feb It's funny here in the state of Washington I've seen maybe 1 Vikings apparel and now there are Vikings fans everywhere 🤔
Matt Field Vikings and their fans acting like they've been in the playoffs every year for the last decade lol. Sit down. Be humble.
Shawn Staudt He can hangout with Marcus lol
Diego Prado So it took, what Vikings themselves called a miracle to win, but every Vikings fan wants to act like they won by 50 and are in the superbowl now. Lol
Ron Scherfel Sean Payton you the man whooooo dattttt
Jack Belden I wanted the Vikings to win that game but they sure are cocky for a team who needed a MIRACLE to beat the saints
Jesse Poindexter It's entirely logical to offer rich people free stuff.
Aric Martin They shut up real quick after recommending 25,000 donation.
Ryan De Bock Sean Payton deserves every bit of what he is getting. Remember he started the feud with Vikings fans with bounty gate and again when he taunted fans with the skol clap and chant when it looked like they were gonna win. This is just karma. Its a good feud, good for football. He'll get another chance to regain the upper hand, but until then we have every right to live it up.
Michael Rueban Brown Free ride coach.. If you want to carpool to the big game!
Steven Betts Classy guy. Wish either Sean Payton or Zimmer had stayed in Dallas and was hc.
Tim Peckyno Some of these comments are out of control. It's only football guys. 2 very good teams square off Sunday and who knows what will happen. Just be glad your teams there.
Torrey Turner They should have offered the casting couch
Jaimie Norton When you make fun of the superbowless Vikings but... the eagles are... super... bowl.. less? #YallWanttheBreastortheDrum
Josh Kisamore Min. acts like it's their first time lmao , the jags don't even act like this
Brian Ulch I really want Minnesota to lose.
April Vandervest Worked out well, didn’t it? More jerks should get called out.
Ricky Scott I bet that store thought they were hilarious and thought they'd rattle him. Poorly executed joke, furniture store
Nicholas Roccia Even Sean Payton is hating on the Eagles. Thats okay though. #keephatin #flyEAGLESfly
Shawn Hughes Called their bluff, and hit em with the raise.
Ryan Lancaster Well that backfired on them
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Take us to Sunday. (via NFL on ESPN)

Justin Hancock ...and you haven’t played a tight end like Rob Gronkowski. If I were the Jags I wouldn’t get too cocky. You’re coming to New England and playing the greatest QB, coach, and tight end of all-time
Josh Smith And you've never played a t.e like Gronk before. Matter fact ,no one has. Gronks a matchup nightmare. I'd love to see this guy try to man Gronk. That's literally as dumb as not handing the ball to lynch on the goaline to win the super Bowl.
Scott LeCastreakayohan I can see gronk carrying this dude five yards for a touchdown. Calling it!!
Sean Sill Get ready , with Gronk , if you cover him like your supposed to , it's Automatic Pass Interference courtesy of the Referees. Their 12th man. Anniversary of Tuck Rule !
Amin Neghabat I’m not even a Steelers fan or a Pats fan but...the Steelers rolled up 500 yds of offense against Ramsey! & gave up 6 touchdowns!....Young buck needs to let his actions speak louder than his mouth... Antonio Brown burned the hell out of that Secondary.... Cmon Man...
Pat Moore He's played against Eric Berry. The only DB that I have ever seen shut him down 1 on 1 for an entire game. As Chad Johnson would say..Child Please.
Joe Quintania Just gave up like 400 in the air to Big Ben and multiple touchdowns but still wanna talk?
Bid Bidnanakowski Don't tug on Superman's cape. Don't spit into the wind. Don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger, and you don't run your mouth about Gronk.
Gurpreet Singh Sandhu Kids who wanna learn how to play CB in today's era need only put on his film. Best in the league, fellas.
Ben Rapp These boys are starting to run their mouths a little too much. Like it or not the Jordan of QB’s is NOT losing to a Bortles, Foles or a Keenum
Andre Jorden Who this kid think he is have you heard of Richard Sherman ? When you become a shut down corner for years can shut down a. Brown and j. Jones will talk I like the jags d but Ramsey is not the best
Mike Martin Bwahahaha... Ramsey hasn't seen a player like Gronkowski before either!
Bill Rellator Said every corner before getting torched my Gronk and Brady
Michael Richard Edwards Amazing how one man can keep running his mouth without backing it up literally every weekend. Keep it up and Gronk will make AJ Green’s beat down on you look like a pillow fight 😂
Charles Oates Pittsburgh made too many mistakes in that game. The Jaguars gave up 42 points. Let that sink in for a minute. It's not like they beat the Steelers down. So what defense are you talking about?
David Eiter As a Gator Fan it’s difficult to wish a former Florida State Seminole success. But this Sunday I hope Ramsey has 3 pic 6s. Come on Jalen, shut Gronk and the Patriots down and send them home.
Dan Kniffin Well, he’s right. Dude will go down as one of the best defensive backs ever. As a Chargers fan, that’s who I wanted when he came out. Got Bosa instead, so I’m not exactly complaining though.
Antoine Worsham I actually wanna see him back it up, I like his arrogance thats what u need on the Defensive side, no matter the opponent just show when called on simple
Andrew Mata Hate all you want but you gotta respect the fact that the pats dont do this. All these young team win a couple of games and start to act like theyer unstoppable. Pats just keep going about their business and wont even brag after they blowout a team. Humble yourself and remember, Bortles is still your qb
Zach Alvarez These scrubs win a playoff game and they talking like they've won 5 super bowls and all... that week 16 when my niners put up 44 on them, didn't hear them talking! Roberto Velasco wait didn't your titans beat them twice too????
Ryan Haskell Gronk would easily man handle you bro cmon he’s basically a lineman that can run in fact he destroys a lot of defensive ends on block 😂😂😂
Troy Schneider Montana is the best QB, Tony G. is the best TE, and I’m not sure you could say Belichick is the best coach. To much controversy over the years. And Bill Walsh never lost a SB. Brady, Belicheck, and Gronk are all great at their positions though
Tony Carver Why Poke the bear with a stick? Gronkowski is a freak of nature, watching him play is like watching an NFL receiver play in a Pop Warner game against 10 year olds. So again why poke the bear....?
Vince Borromeo Francisco Jags defense aint better than the super bowl 49's Legion of Boom, so Gronk already faced some better corners than you Ramsey
Ryan Besaw I love this kids attitude! If you think you’re in a league of your own and back it up every week, you’re gonna go far. Hoping this kid picks Brady 2 times for pick 6. Probably the only way they’ll score points
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January 19, 2002.

The day we learned about NFL rule 3, section 22, article 2, note 2. Also known as, the Tuck Rule.

Ormie King “It was a fumble”- Any person who knows football
Manny Leyva Our Brady, who art in Foxboro, hallowed be thy arm. Thy bowl will come, it will be won, in Minnesota as it is in New England. Give us this Sunday, our weekly win, and give us many touchdown passes, but do not let the Jags pass against us. Lead us not into frustration, but deliver us to the valley of the sun. For thine is the MVP, the best of the NFL, and the glory of the Patriots, now and forever, AMEN.
Tony Moshier This is the day that the overhyped pos Tom Brady had a dynasty the next 15 years by cheating
Jake Searle People forget the ball was already tucked. He had two hands on the football. What kind of forward pass is that? Hahaha. Raiders got robbed. Everyone knows it.
Nick Serpa Pats haters think the rule was implemented BECAUSE of this particular play, when in reality the rule was implemented in 1999, almost 3 years prior to this instance. 🙄
Robert Flores One could argue that this game single handedly changed the future landscape of all NFL teams. And as a Raider fan, it single handedly made me loathe the patriots with a fire that will burn forever.
David Curtis What you idiots don't know iz the use of the tuck rule came during a Jets Patriots game where the ruling went against the Patriots. So, quit crying acting like it only helped the Patriots. But you patriot haters make yourself look dumber and dumber every day
Matthew Alan Say they call this a fumble...consider the ripple effects it could have had: -Gruden possibly stays in Oakland. -Bledsoe goes back to starting in New England. -Brady maybe gets traded to a team that will allow him to start. -Belichick is possibly fired because of Bledsoe’s pedestrian QB play.
Carlos Ormeño The season 9-11 happened people.. don't u guys remember? Of course the PATRIOTS 🇺🇸 had to win it all, just like New Orleans had to win it all after Katrina.. coincidence?
Ryan Cabrera 2 Questions.... 1- Why haven’t I hear of the tuck rule after this(as I’m sure it has happen since)? 2- How does a ref even think of that rule as it seems to be such an uncommon rule.
Justin Alexander Morgan It’s funny how every Patriots super bowl win comes with controversy. They haven’t won a Super Bowl without some kind of cheating going on or some dumb rule that altered the game in their favor to win it or go to the Super Bowl.
Richard Whitehurst Catering to Tom Brady, what a JOKE, wonder how many games got screwed up because if this nonsense rule. NFL - " we gotta protect our money maker"
Chris Griffin (Chiefs fan) I hate the Raiders with all the hate you can possibly hate with....THAT was a fumble no doubt about it lol
Jimmy Dickson Tuck rule was called 8x that year prior to that game, one of which went AGAINST the Patriots. Yes the rule was stupid, yes it was right to throw it out after, but yes it was a rule.
Wyatt Snyder As a Raider fan just listening to this hurts. So close to the Super Bowl until a terrible call took it away.
Jamie Alfrey Lets just be real about this for a min if not for Adam the pats dont have 3 of these rings yea they got into fg range to win the game but he still had to make them i would say he single handily made the pats the most hated team in America and everyone blames brady. No a pats fan at all
Patrick Wayne Keith It was a fumble I just can't see another case other wise. He thought about throwing then was bring it back down, got hit and lost the ball. He wasn't trying to throw and got hit as he was in a throwing motion. He was bringing the ball back down cause he wasn't throwing the ball. He essentially pump faked and then got hit.
Tory Dane Richards Sometimes, whenever I eat M&Ms, I like to hold two m&m's in between my fingers and squeeze as . hard as I can until one m&m cracks. I eat the cracked one, and the one that didn't crack becomes the champion. Then I grab the other m&m, and force it to compete with the champion in this deadly game of m&m gladiators. I do this until I run out of m&m's, and when there is only one m&m left standing, I send a letter to m&m's brand with the champion m&m in it with a note attached that reads: "Please use this m&m for breeding purposes."
Michael Brickner What a joke of a rule. Unbelievable they called that fumble back. New England should have 4 rings. No check that. They should have 1. Carolina should've beat them in 2003. Then we all know Pete Carrol blew it in 2014. Then Atlanta's choke job last year. Crazy world we live in huh.
Shawn E Nash The only people who say this is not a fumble are patriots fans. Even some of them admit it was. The rest of the country, Raider fans and non Raider fans, all agree it was a fumble and the Raiders got screwed.
Franz Michael Filicky II Even in the pictures and replay you could clearly see two hands on the ball... That is called possession, Which makes an incomplete pass impossible... But the NFL loves the Pats. How many times have they been caught cheating without repercussions? Enough said
Willy Latta You keep calling this game the day the tuck rule was found out about when it had been called earlier that season on the patriots..
Preston Adam Scott Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.
Rick Eagly Do you remember where you were when you watched this? It's one of those moments....I was in day 1 of reception at Basic Training. 😲😲😲
Brandon Mcgee True story. The raiders went to the super bowl the next year and was decimated. One play doesn’t determine the outcome of a game. As Herm Edwards said “You play to win the game.” Get over it. It was one call. The raiders should have done more to secure their victory.