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Jon "Bones" Jones is one step closer to being back in the octagon.

The best gram for gram fighter making a comeback.
The people that are saying this guy doesn't deserve a second chance are the same people that are sucking on Conor McGregor's nutsack.
The greatest talent ever in the sport. Hopefully he'll get it together 💪🏽💪🏽
No, just no. How many more chances does the dude get? How is it fair to the competition and fans? The guys fights are always overturned!
John Jones is the GOAT...period!!!
Biggest screw up in sports history could've been the goat but GSP owns that title!
He served a suspension of 27 months in the last 3 years. I think he's served his sentence and deserves to fight. But I think he needs to prove himself against Gus in order to get that title shot.
Brock beats DC Brock challenges Jon Jon beats Brock for a redemption story
Jon “the goat” jones is back ladies and gentleman
I wish I could have 22.5 chances to return to my hourly wages job lmao lame
Let's hope he doesn't Blow it this time. What a Dope.
He can return in October, will fight and be suspended again in November. I’d bet money on it
Jon Jones is to UFC like Josh Gordon is to NFL. Full talent, zero brain
And then another 2 years until his next fight when he gets suspended yet again. 🤦‍♂️
On roids or not, nobody can beat him. That’s the truth.
Hey kids. In ufc. You can take drugs / banned substances and get slap on the wrist for multiple offenses. Dana white doesn’t care
They should make him fight greg hardy at heavyweight, since the UFC only cares about making celebrity money fights now-a-days
Ronnick Licudo hahahahaha yesssssss, my favorite cheating fighter is coming back boyyyyyy!!!!
Too bad he snitched on other fighters in order to get this
They’re clearly desperate for new personalities and talent 🤦🏼‍♂️
I don’t believe a word he says! You know how to tell he’s lying his lips are moving! He said he didn’t have a drug problem even though he was arrested and failed drug tests! That seems like a problem to me! Put him on the bottom and let him earn his way back to the top.
Nah...lost all respect for this dude. Was even in his corner after everything but after he came back off suspension and failed the drug tests again...done.
He will do something to mess that up hate to say that
DC just retired and resumed
He’s wasted 4-5 prime years with all the suspensions one after another. Instead of being one of the best ever, had the potential to be the greatest ever. No, not a Jon Bones Jones fan by any means.
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An East Texas superintendent wrote Sunday on Facebook that "you can't count on a black quarterback."

A racist Texan? Well I never....
Shaquille O'Neal was asked if Jason Williams was a great player. Shaq responded "He is pretty good for a white boy." Is that racist?
People don't realize that unfortunately these black athletes deal with this talk nearly every day.
That superintendent needs to lose their job !
A complete racist remark by the superintendent and he most certainly should lose his job! But let’s talk about the response from Watson! This dude is a class act! I love this man! I’m a raiders fan and this dude makes me smile he tries to do everything right even when someone attacks him he stays the course! Good for you Mr. Watson!
That dude just lost his job. To see where Deshaun came from and the adversity he faced growing up. Deshaun will only keep going up. Great athlete and great human. Positive role model for children. Someone still only seeing skin color. They have a long way to go before they can reach Deshaun’s level.
I hear things like “he sure is fast for a white guy” and “wow, he sure jumps high for being white”. No one makes a big deal out of them, these are simply just stereotypes and whether they are true or not doesn’t mean someone is racist.
The irony is all of Houston's good QBs have been black. Next he's gonna say Latinos shouldn't be pitchers 😂🤣🤣
I was fully expecting a sh*t show in these comments, but so far it's been positivity. Maybe there's a little hope for us. Maybe. 😂
Interesting fact. there has only been 2 black QBs to ever win the Super Bowl and they both beat the Broncos.
Well, he's in texas.. he should expect that kinda talk in a redneck, hillbilly, confederate state 😂😂
That's funny because as a Chiefs fan we could count on only 1 white QB since 1961. We finally get a black QB and Mahomes is putting up historical stats, showing great decision making, accuracy, 10 TDs 0 ints to start the season and all he does is win, despite an attrocious secondary and defense. I'll ride with Mahomes #ShowTime
Perhaps the superintendent has never heard of super bowl MVP and champion doug williams? Fun fact he was a black quarterback who beat john elway. Seems like they want to omit/rewrite lots of history down in texas...
Lot's of really good black quarterbacks. Two of the best on my favorite team were Warren Moon and Daunte Culpepper. What is that guy thinking? Stereotypes, or is he just racist?
Guy have away his entire first nfl game check to the lunch ladies at the facilities. He's a huge character guy. Skin tone doesn't matter, a means heart and soul do.
Deshaun Watson is a great man and class act. This superintendent should be ashamed but these types of people usually have no shame.
Do you have freedom of speech in our country? Yes you do. Does that freedom prevent you from facing consequences when you say nasty racist things? No it doesn’t. Fire this woman immediately.
Every wonder why we cant get those big name free agents? I believe we now know. Between having a slave owner as a owner, and other racial slurs from people in the area. Who would willingly put themselves thru that.
You can not be in a position of authority in a school system and have this type of belief system. He has to be fired. By the way Freedom of Speech protects you from the Federal Government not your employer.
Now go out there and make him eat his words! I drafted you first overall on my fantasy team. Kinda hurting here with yo week one and two performance... 😂😂😭😭
People keep trying to make a freedom of speech argument for this guy. U CANT SAY A PERSON CANT DO THEIR JOB BASED ON RACE! That’s not freedom of speech it’s RACISM PERIOD! Imagine if he’s the football coach. He’d never give a black QB a shot no matter what. He needs to be fired because I wouldn’t want this guy making decisions over young lives.
but why is the media giving this Texas superintendent nobody a platform? Yes, a lot of people are racist, minorities already know this.
He must've lost his mortgage payments betting on that game and lost in order for him to show the world who he really is on social media knowing that the world will see it.
And this statement is in what way false and inaccurate? That’s not racism. There are decades of factual content and statistics that back up these claims. Warren Moon is the only black quarterback in the last 30 years to consistently produce over the course of a long career and he still didn’t win a super bowl. Mike Vick and cam newton are athletes that play quarterback but they have not and will not win anything significant. Watson actually had a chance because he doesn’t solely rely on running a 4.3 40 or being a physical freak. Mahomes is mixed. Does he count? Lol
Just stop with the whole "what about white people" arguments. Lavar Ball made a similar statement about Lonzo's white teammates at UCLA. And he was rightfully ridiculed for it. In fact, I recall reading dozens of comments from angry white people in response to Lavar's comment.
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Golden State Warriors. Monstars.

Who's got the best chance at taking down LeBron James and the Looney Tunes?

Golden state Warriors ruined the NBA
LeBron gets swept, joins up with Mickey Mouse and Goofy, gets swept again.
LeBron and the Looney Tunes? That’s the Lakers right?
This movie will be trash.
The original had Jordan to win it for them, Lebron will lose and blame it on his team mates the looney toons!🤣🤣
Lebron always tries hard when he goes up against KD. And even though he's 1-8 the last 2 years, he always tries hard. And you cant deny that he participates.
They should have the ending be where LeBron cries and gets a foul call and wins with free throws like IRL
I think the warriors should be the monstars team in the movie. Then have lebron Lose be like real life lmao
Hahaha both. Warriors because the tunes would need him to beat the monstars. But his already lost to the monstars when he lost to the warriors.
Well of this were the case, then the monsters would win.....lebron cant beat golden state. Bugs can do it by himself
It can not be anyone from Golden State because LeBron could never beat them not even in a cartoon movie
They had to buy all that talent to dethrone the king. The first 4 clowns couldn't do it.
Bill Murray will save the day again.
Is ESPN basically comparing Ingram, Ball, Kuzma, Hart, Wagner & Svi to the Looney Tunes???😰
Easy, the 6 Infinity Stones.....i mean Golden State
No way this will one will beat the original soundtrack
It’s the MonStars and LeBron will join them
LeBron will join the monstars
Wonder why Hollywood didn't use the best NBA player in space Jam2
Rob Carey they’re literally calling us the villains from Space Jam 🤣🤣🤣
How bout take kds talent Kevin love Joel embiid Damien Lilliard and demar derozen
It would be Steph Curry, Draymond Green, DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Durant, JR Smith.
Michael Jordan and the looney toons
It’s gonna be petty if they call this movie Space Jam 2 but don’t reference Michael Jordan.
KD will leave Golden State and join LB/Looney Tune squad since they can’t be beat
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Mark Cuban apologizes to the women who were subject to sexual harassment by Mavericks employees.

So why haven't liberals demanded he relinquish his ownership? Oh yeah, because he's a liberal. It's ok for them.
He’s like the first man to just apologize and not try and shame the victims. This is how it’s done. Admit it’s not ok and that you have to do better, but then you actually have to make sure they do better. I think it’s a step in the right direction.
And for those reasons, I’m out..
Goddamn what happened to all the people that was outraged like they was at Ohio state 🧐🤔
He is arrogant! Maybe instead of bashing our president, he should have been handling things in his own building! $10 million is nothing to this guy. Buying his way out a mess!
So he is to blame for the actions of other people? Yeah, I just talked to chief and he said this ain't it.
This is getting out of hand. Both women and men are just as guilty with this. it's just now women can report any little thing as harrassment. These women groups are a joke.
Why is someone not asking for him to step down?? Maybe because he’s a bleeding liberal!! Maybe??? Come on!!!!! Espn at least be consistent
I guess a man shouldn’t even say “good morning “ to a woman nowadays. He might be brought up on sexual harassment charges. Consensual sex can turn in to sexual harassment if the woman wants the man to marry her and he doesn’t want to marry her... I’m just saying! It ridiculous how society have set up foolishness so a person can be lied on, sued, and loose their job!
Best performance by an NBA Owner who says he is sorry, but didn't know anything and he is sorry.. The Oscars goes to.....
Cuban should be forced to sell the team he was one of the most vocal people when it came to Donald Sterling selling the clippers. In fact his behavior was much more egregious then Donald Sterlings antics in my opinion. Sterling and Cuban should be in the same boat ex NBA owners.
Mark didn't know, the women said he didn't know; so why is she going after him like this? This 2-bit interviewer is doing her best to make a name for herself by attacking the dude. ESPN should be embarrassed they let her have the interview - was definitely out of her league.
This man is standing up, putting himself in front of this issue and apologizing.. Terrible what happened, but it's rare to see someone own it fully and seek redemption the right way.
Personally, I don’t buy this act by Cuban for one second. He knows exactly what kind of a guy he put in charge. He clearly looked the other way because this guy was getting good results for him. Shameful.
We have to stop blaming owners for the misconduct of their employees. Why should I or anyone else be responsible for someone else's misbehavior..? You get punished we move on. Not lose the company. the person who commits the atrocity doesn't get punished as harsh..! #OverReactionCity
He is not being asked to step down because he had no involvement in it. It didn’t cover it up. He simply just wasn’t aware it was happening. Mark Cuban owns many businesses. The Mavericks (believe it or not) is not his only business in his day to say life.
Urban Meyer Shamed for ONE victim (who isn't even a victim) but this dude owns a franchise where his employees have beaten and raped dozens of women and nothing ? Really? This is how you can tell you're just riding the SEC nuts and can't stand knowing Urban and Ohio State are going to take bama down again. Desperation.
It's funny that everyone on here thats crying bc hes a supposed liberal. Voted for the biggest sexual abuser of all time. It's ok, I dont have time to list all the women, neither do they. I'm sure all your wife's and girlfriends would appreciate the standards he has if you abided by them. Check yourself
He’s apologizing on behalf of a group which is also different and easier to do then him actually apologizing for something he himself did himself did. I get it’s still his organization but it’s still a little different here.
And they no longer have cheerleaders; a trend that will continue until they don't exist in sports any longer. Eye candy is frowned upon these days and will continue.
He’s liked by most so he’ll be fine. It’s only real outrage when it’s someone people don’t really like. Sort of like mob mentality. If he was someone not liked he would have been forced to sell by the mob mentality.
Mark didn’t see it because he ignored it. He’s the owner, he is responsible. It’s not like this was a one time occurrence, it was a systemic issue in the organization.
Mark it would show a lot of class and true remorse and peel them off some extra paper 💵💰💵 that will help soften what you weren’t seeing since you hired these predators and nobody protected them. Sad this goes on too often nowadays. 🤦🏼‍♂️
Always so apologetic and sympathetic when they get caught. The ultra rich usually play by a different set of rules. Nice to see them be humbled every now and then.
How come all rich CEO type guys always give the same cookie cutter response when something like sexual harassment allegations come up??
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Looks like SpringHill Entertainment just teased a "Space Jam" sequel with LeBron James 👀

Why ruin such a classic movie with LeBron? 🙄🙄
Monstars better not steal KD's talent because he'll join the Toon Squad as soon as they start to win
I really dont understand the hatred for Lebron. Man is one of THE BEST to ever play the game, has had a huge influence in the modern era of the game and just built a school for kids. Not to mention that hes also a good father and husband. Who the hell else would they get for this film? God, people are just hating for fun at this point and it's pretty pathetic.
It actually won’t be hard for LeBron to make his Space Jam better than MJ’s. The original isn’t that good. Nostalgia.
Who cares. Lebron will flop all during the movie
Michael Jordan was still better and always will be better
Spoilers for the ending: The Monstars win in the final seconds of the game because Elmer Fudd holds on to the ball instead of passing it. LeBron gets pissed and joins up with Disney cartoon characters, and the Monstars beat them even worse.
I can see jordan coming in at the end of the movie after lebron gives up cuz the monstars are too staked and the bronsexuals in the movie are crying cuz he has no help. and jordan wins it for the tune squad
Just another example of LeBron trying to live his life they his Airness!!! Get creative and come up with your own movie bro
So now that it’s official that lebron James will star in the next space jam (whoopty do) here’s my idea of what the storyline will be. Loony toons get caught up with the evil alien again after he makes it back on an asteroid and challenges them to one more basketball game. Loony toons go to find Michael Jordan again but he says he can’t do it anymore bc he’s to old Loony toons hold auditions for a new baller to represent them in the basketball game Enter Labron James makes the team ( like he even has to try) and during the game they come to find out that the alien had made clones of Michael Jordan They start the game by the 4th quarter the toons are losing because Michael just that good. They don’t know what to do they give up hope but bugs calls in a time out to delay the game. Enters Michael Jordan in his classic toon squad outfit and he’s like “got room for one more” they win the game and everyone goes wild for Michael and forgets Lebron End credits #michaelforever
The feeling that bulls fans got at the end of Space-Jam when they announced the return of MJ is something they could never duplicate. Jordan's Space-Jam will forever be truly special because of it. Good luck LeBron you have big shoes to fill.
LeBron's private entertainment company, so he is funding the movie himself. Should be fun to see what he does with it.
Do kids these days even know Looney Tunes? Just have LeBron get sucked into a game of Fortnite and it’ll be the highest grossing movie of all time.
Imagine Bron getting introduced in the game against the Monstars. “At Small Forward, From Akron, Ohio. The 2nd Greatest Of All Time Behind Michael Jordan..... LeBron James”
The way he talked about the President, it could be predicted that California Fires might make their way to Bugz nem. “The highest Seat; it don’t matter. Talk izz cheap”.
Plot - Lebron starts on a team with buggs and friends. They lose to the opposition. Lebron then quits the team to "take his talents" to the opposition after vowing never to leave before winning a championship. He then wins with the opposition and proclaims himself the king.
spoiler: daffy duck gets the offensive rebound with 3seconds left.. turns around then runs near the half court line, looking for lebron.. toon squad loses.. lebron furious, leaves toon squad to join spongebob and patrick..
3 out of 9 in the finals.. I say his fellow superstars/friends have about a 33% chance of regaining their basketball skills... Good luck!
I will not watch this trash or my kids.... ruin a movie by making a new one no one wants to be like lebron. Everyone wanted to be like mike
GSW is too stacked, hope they have a lot of injuries but are fine and all healed up come 2020 when Bron retires. haha.
At halftime, after LeBron flops too many times. He will show up with a new team of Monstars he recruited.
This is why nba is garbage. They’re trying to change everything about the one relevant man in their league.
As a child I always thought MJ really got sucked into the bottom of a golf course. Ah, what's up Doc?
Everyone is taking shots at Lebron when they should worry about JR Smith holding the ball until the credits roll.
Part II should had been starring Kobe
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Breaking: Jimmy Butler has three preferred trade destinations, league sources tell Adrian Wojnarowski: the Brooklyn Nets, L.A. Clippers and New York Knicks.

The request for a trade was first reported by The Athletic.

Brookyn Nets and NY Knicks?? This guy is obviously just ring chasing.
As a Nets fan... I'm calling this bs. Who the hell in their right mind would want to go to the Nets??
“Minnesota is a dysfunctional organization and I want out.” Where do you want to go? “The New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets or LA Clippers.” ..........
Dude's gone full-Carmelo, with no intention of trying to chase any accomplishments... dolla dolla bills!!
He wants to be in LA or NY obviously. You guys asking why he’d wanna go there, you can see the constants of the teams. Big cities, no stars (expect Porzingis, who would be a co-star) No Lakers, because he wants to be a star, and he’d be more of a side piece with LABron. So that’s why Nets, Clips, Knicks
After the death of his wife Pam, sports anchor Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) recruits his brother-in-law Jesse (John Stamos), a rock musician; and his best friend since childhood, Joey (Dave Coulier) who works as a stand-up comedian, to help raise his three young daughters. Over time, the three men, as well as the children, bond and become closer to one another. In season two, Danny is re-assigned from his duties as sports anchor by his television station to become co-host of a new local breakfast TV show, Wake Up, San Francisco, and is teamed up with Nebraska native Rebecca Donaldson. Jesse and Becky eventually fall in love and get married in season four. In season five, Becky gives birth to twin sons, Nicky and Alex
- Clippers will get him for Danilo Gallinari - Nets will get him with Tyus Jones for Allen Crabbe and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson - Knicks will get him for Courtney Lee and Mudiay and some draft picks Possible trade scenarios
People complain when someone wants to get their money, but still complain when someone like Cousins takes a massive pay cut to chase a ring. There’s no pleasing anyone.
He’s a cancer now if your a young side it hurts bringing in someone like him screwed the bulls and on a solid wolves roster can’t play for the team only himself hope he goes Brooklyn or clippers don’t wanna see him ruin the young good core knicks are developing
This bum and d-wade couldn't even get us a win against the celtics after rondo went down in the playoffs...
He hasn't played long enough to be able to dictate where he goes, he'll end up wherever he ends up and have to deal with it.
Prima-donna. He doesn’t want to put in the work the Thibs requires of his players. The T-Wolves will end up better off by trading him. He has knee issues, is severely overpaid, and seems like he can become a cancer if he’s dissatisfied.
I love that the Knicks are a hot destination for these superstars now. I mean that with all my heart. I have loved the Knicks forever so this is great news. Buuuut being a Knicks fan I know only two things can happen. 1) we don't get any of these guys or 2) they get here and forget how to play Basketball and at best we are looking at a first round exit were we can only hope to win at least one game.
This is peculiar. Does he want out to win? Does he want the spotlight as #1 guy on roster? None of the teams mentioned give you a better chance at winning now than he currently has in Minnesota. If he plans on meeting up with Kyrie (for example) He will be a 1a/1b combo and still not the focal point offensively. This would make more sense if teams listed are like Houston, Lakers or even Jazz in West...or Boston, Indiana, Philly, or even Toronto in East. But to go to bad teams where you waste a season, try to reload next year, just to put a supporting cast around you (potentially loaded similarly to TWolves) has me questioning the logic.
So we must be at that point where any athlete under contract can use social media to demand a trade and who the possible teams are he would accept? This is unsettling and I'm a Bucks fan, I could care less what Jimmy Butler does.
Those are his choices? What the hell is wrong with this dude? Just stay where you’re at if you want to be mediocre. I say he needs to go pee in a cup. The Knicks.....LMAO!!!
We don't need Jimmy Butler on the Clippers. He'll want a massive contract and has a more recent reputation of being injury prone. That's the last guy the Clippers need. We are sick of key players being injured.
Why Brooklyn ? lol. Maybe he can go to the Knicks to play with Kristaps. And maybe Kyrie joins them. So they can all watch Knicks games in suits at the end of the year.
Im a Nets fan but i wouldn't mine if hes a Knick... i don't hate the Knicks like that... im not too fond of their owner though
Kyrie is on the move as well at the end of the season if Butler goes to Brooklyn or Knicks. Damian Baxter !considering two of the teams are New York Based, Kyrie is from New York and was upset when Cavs didn’t pick up Butler couple years ago as they both want to play with each other. Imagine the Knicks with Kyrie, Butler, Knox and Porzingis.
Who cares!!!!! Go to any of those 3 teams and the result will be the same!!!!! He isn’t good enough to drastically change a team
Jimmy butler sucks!! The most overrated player in the league! He wants 190M max contract...mannn...get the F out here with that bs!
Unless he has a no trade clause it’s funny how player under contract asks for a trade, which is fine, but then says here is a list. Like you have a choice. If I was the wolves I take beatbdeal out there regardless of team.
why the knicks or nets, they suck... go to a team where you have a realistic chance of winning a championship
Fans care about chips more than the players. Not saying players don’t compete for rings but MONEY is and always will be the number 1 factor for players... and it should be.
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First look at Josh Gordon in a New England Patriots uniform.

Incoming weed jokes because you’re favorite NFL team didn’t get him and now he has Jesus Christ in a football jersey throwing him darts...
Still doesn’t top the great Aaron Hernandez as greatest patriot to ever play. Hernandez was a killer player. But Josh Gordon is pretty high on the list.
Also one of the rare photos of Josh Gordon in any uniform.
43 td passes just flashed before my eyes
This is why I like the Josh Gordon move by New England IF he can stay clean AND healthy as a patriot fan. Gronkowski is consistently double covered. You double cover him, you're leaving Josh Gordon in a one-on-one scenario and vice versa when it comes to Gronk. Plus you're throwing Julian Edelman in that mix when he's back from his suspension. I like this move by the Patriots. Even though it's a huge risk. He will never fill Randy Moss's shoes. But it's a step in the right direction this season if he stays clean. This will be an absolute arsenal for brady.
So are they getting Leveon Bell too for a late round pick?
I believe in 2nd chances or more especially when I have you on my FF team. Do you magic Bill and Tom.
God so many people being negative on here, yeah he smoked some weed but the dude can flat out ball. Just wait until he has Brady throwin him dimes. He led the league in receiving only playin 12 games on the Browns. Imagine what he’s gonna do having Brady and then gronk and Edelman to loosen up the coverage on him. I think he’s gonna be a beast in NE and I absolutely hate the Patriots. Ah any other team but them, how didn’t any other team offer anything better than a 5th rounder??
After the death of his wife Pam, sports anchor Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) recruits his brother-in-law Jesse (John Stamos), a rock musician; and his best friend since childhood, Joey (Dave Coulier) who works as a stand-up comedian, to help raise his three young daughters. Over time, the three men, as well as the children, bond and become closer to one another. In season two, Danny is re-assigned from his duties as sports anchor by his television station to become co-host of a new local breakfast TV show, Wake Up, San Francisco, and is teamed up with Nebraska native Rebecca Donaldson. Jesse and Becky eventually fall in love and get married in season four. In season five, Becky gives birth to twin sons, Nicky and Alex
No matter how much you try an get rid of new England, you just cant. As a dolphins fan, this pisses me off, but congrats on the 2019 superbowl Brady lol
Now I hate the brown even more giving those dicks a weapon like that. I hope he starts hitting the blunt again.
They could have gotten dez Bryant for nothing.. and they can still get dez Bryant 😄! Imagine, Gordon, Edelman, Gronk, and Bryant with Brady at the helm 🤤🤤🤤!!
Patriots are the best at taking players on there last limb and making them great! Watch gordon have a impact immediately!!
This is the scenery he needs. An organization that won’t allow him to do the things he did. He messes up in New England he’s done. Also if he stays out of trouble he would be an absolute monster for Brady.
Just in josh Gordon passed gas in locker room and annoyed belicheck cut him for being too much of a distraction #yadontpassgasoncompanytime
I hope he turns it around, gets his life straight, and proves all the naysayers wrong. Go get 'em Josh!
Guess the hamstring is alright. You realize that if you have a good season with the Pats and the Browns continue to lose, we'll have a mass suicide that we haven't seen since Jonestown. Don't do it to em, Gordon. They're such a loyal fanbase, they've already lost so much! And they never even had anything!
I'm hoping for the best case, that he lights it up and has an instant connection with Brady. But I know there is also a chance that he never catches a single ball. They wont hesitate to cut and run real quick. Jones, Collins, Seymour, Moss, Garropalo...The Hood doesn't play around
As much as it pains people to see Josh in NE, it was one of a few ideal spots for Josh the person more importantly. We’ve seen them take on some wild card personalities and they’ve come out just fine. Very structured culture, which is what is needed for him. Now go ball out my man!
You know what’s about to happen......the “Brady” affect! He’ll probably explode into a Mega Juggernaut!!!!! Blow up some Super Bowl records with New England
I was going to trade him because my Tyrod seems scared to pass the ball. Then my Browns traded him to New England and I already have Brady on the bench. Pfffft! Looks like I’ll be activating that combo real soon.
So the answer to the habitual drug offender is to move him to a state where weed is legal? That makes about as much sense as getting lobsters high before you cook them.
I hope he does well. I think getting away from the dumpster fire that is the Browns will do Josh a world of good.
You know it’s a lot easier to kick the dope and booze when you’re NOT on the Browns roster anymore. Good for him!
good luck Patriots fans he had what 6 years to do something and he didnt make the best of it cleveland stood behind him and yet hes a cancer to the team he could've been one of the greatest ever
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Maroon 5's got the nod for the Super Bowl LIII halftime show, sources tell Variety. Would they have been your choice?

Those two guys from the Catalina Wine Mixer
Can’t think of anything better than having some brewskis with the boys watching maroon five sing “she will be loved”
Slayer or Metallica would be definitely amazing to watch 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
It should be Metallica. They have been the biggest band in the entire world for nearly 30 years now and still haven't been invited to play the SB halftime in their own country. You want people to watch the halftime show and actually like it for once? Get Metallica.
Eminem and Machine gun Kelly rap battle would have been worth watching.
It was supposed to be Metallica but Jon Gruden traded them for maroon 5, ten hooters wings, and 2 coronas.
Heck yeah! Going to be great hearing them along with #CowboyNation being up by 35 points at the half! Going to be a great #SuperBowl 53. This is our year! 🤘👌🔥🏆
Foo fighters... why is that even a question. Its literally good clean rock and roll at its finest... And I don't even listen to them that often.
Kanye and lil pump half time show with kaepernick parachuting on the field to piss off old conservatives on Facebook
Foo Fighters.....come on man! Nobody can fire up a crowd like Dave Grohl!
I don't understand the choices for the half time show. Do you really think the average football fan listens to maroon 5 on their way to the jobsite each morning?
They need to get Metallica in there. I get that they need to have a band that appeals to non-football fans but just once it’d be nice to have a good halftime show.
Muse. Nobody plays stadiums better than muse. Plus they always put on an amazing show
Id rather listen to cheech and chong bang on a couple 5 gallon buckets....
Apparently they do an online poll targeting 12-17 year old females. I don't remember the last time there was a really good half time show. Or a band that actual football fans want to hear.
I dont know why the women are getting happy about this. You ain't gonna see it in the kitchen making sandwiches for the 2nd half.
The Muppets. But have them do the whole Super Bowl. Statler and Waldorf on play by play, Ms. Piggy as sideline reporter, Kermit, Rizzo, Ray Lewis, and Shannon Sharpe in the analysis, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem do the halftime show and cap it off with Animal drum battling Dave Grohl and Gonzo getting shot out of a cannon after Rainbow Connection.
Smh, this is gonna make ME kneel
A mash up of Atlanta hip-hop through history from OutKast to Migos, T.I., Ludacris, Gucci Mane and Childish Gambino, but it’s the NFL and you know...
Maroon 5 is a good pick, better than some of the ones in years past. Y’all just like hating for no reason
Never understood how one of the most aggressive sports has pop music every half time. Besides trying to keep the fringe audience paying attention.
Gojira and Lamb of God, most people wouldn't know what the hell's going on. Both are also awesome to see live.
It’s Atlanta for crying out loud. Too many music legends from the city to pick Maroon 5. Terrible. Could’ve gone Outkast, Luda, Zac Brown Band, REM, John Mayer...come on NFL.
For f*ck's sake, Maroon 5 is the worst act on earth not named Nickelback. The goddamned game is in Atlanta. Why no 2Chainz, Gucci Mane, Ludacris, or literally one of the other 100 artists from the ATL?
Foo fighters, chili peppers, disturbed, korn, outkast, I'd even take spongebob over maroon 5.... another L for NFL
ESPN20 hours ago

Bryce Maximus James might have the best range in the family. 👑

(via SLAM)

I’m having a salad for lunch today
I give in. Bring back the WNBA clips.
If I remember correctly his sons were Steph curry and Westbrook fans. So he probably models his game after curry and explains why Bryce is #0. But big ups to lebron for letting his kids be themselves and not forcing anything on them
Let these kids be kids
ESPN u gotta show little white kids during little league you know you can't show LeBron's or Steph Curry's kids these Trumpflakes can't handle it.
Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, and I shall have my vengeance, in this life or the next
why is this kid in a new feed at least once a month? there's probably 1M kids with a better story EXCEPT for the dad.
Another stand out young black kid whose good at basketball.....REALLY? This isn't any knock on this young man, but how many times can ESPN and other sports networks show videos of young black boy's and girl's who are really good at basketball? I've yet to see them do a video on an Asian kid, a Mexican kid, and any number of other races/ethnicity that are really good at basketball, and you can't tell me they are not out there somewhere. How about the news doing a story about a black boy or girl that is really great at math, science, and other academic fields?
Ridiculous. As if their last name wasn't enough pressure. Let's cover them on espn. Let 'em be kids. Search absurd sensationalism elsewhere.
Wait, you’re telling me that the children of one of the greatest players and athletes of all time are also good athletes and can play basketball. By God, it’s almost like they have some sort of trait that has been passed down from their dad. We should make a name for this. Maybe something like genetics?
I was getting tired of reading about the NFL and MLB. Thank god espn found another way to write about Lebron.
The one thing lebron has over MJ is that his kids are going to be good b-ball players ... Jordan’s kids just lived off the money and fame bc they sucked at b-ball!!!
Stop filming his kids like this, that’s crazy. Let them live their life. Imagine being that young and having to process being on ESPN.
This from the son who had a broken wrist and was wearing bifocals at this year’s NBA All-Star game?! Impressive!
It's not what you know it's who you know... The kid dad happens to be the King of basketball... He also isn't too bad for his age.. wish you the best young man!
Alejandro Torres-Flores look at this little man shoot. Lakers should add him he's got better range than Lonzo or Rondo.
The passes were much more impressive than the shots Hes what 10,11? A lot of kids can make those shots, but those passes were inpressive
B-Max out there hitting 3's and dropping dimes like Steve Nash. I don't care if his dad is a homeless man, kid can hoop. 💯
Matt Lau i didnt even know this mans played basketball.. i thought he was the young weird one people just ignore
Well Lebron didn't have a true killer outside jumpshot and long-range game until later in his career, so...
OMG...I will say this.... Lebron can NOT go on Maury with this one LMAO...truly James Jr. Same walk, same look, same motions
Does he flop better than his dad?
him and bronny will be on a team together and the combo will be called Leryce.
Wtf ??? Does James have the DNA of royal African gods from wakanda or something smh. That kid play better than the entire Knicks squad and I'm a knicks fan smh Lmaoo.
Enjoy the full head of hair while you can!
ESPN21 hours ago

Being a father comes first for Russell Westbrook. (via Oklahoma City Thunder)

Of course clowns will come here to hate on him and his family... Pathetic people... smfh
I thought rebounds assists and points came first. New priorities?
It's funny how Russ and KD were compared in the early days. Pretty sure KD was labeled the family man and Russ was a wild rebel
The guy is talking about how important being a family man is to him, yet so many negative comments..... Unbelievable
They watch you and learn kindness and fun alot of laughts have fun and share what you know they take it all in for this the furture
Say whatever you want about him , but i can tell he is a Good Father and a Loyal One.
Doesn't even pass his own kid the ball.
Mini ballhog
Love seeing any athlete with their kids. Just not press conferences.
He never PASSES up the opportunity to spend time with him
Trent Murgatroyd wonder if he steals rebounds from his son on the little tikes hoop
Smh he just trying to copy dame$, just like with shooting threes and choking in the first round of the playoffs
Is his wife taller than him?
It's only 🏀 people there are other things going on!!
Wow Russ looks so dedicated to his job. I didn't even think he had a family.
Nothing sexier in a man than wanting to be a good father.
I totally read that name wrong. 😂 😂 😂 I thought it said Russell Wilson. 😂 😂 😂
Blessings to you and your family!
Phea Janell he even having twins lol
Being a selfish stat padding player comes 2nd.
Unless he has a chance for a triple double, then it's second.
I didnt even know he liked chicks...
That guy is so selfish he might not know his kid's name...
Oh that kid is the cutest!!!! Little no-no! Shilpa Caro
Carlos Mexikan someone wrote “his lil catfish baby” 🤣🤣