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Agony. Ecstasy. This video has it all.

Taylor Kelso Only thing this video is missing, is teeth.
Nathaniel Cruz I love how when a team loses the fans blame the refs. Seems like every UK loss was because the refs helped the other team. I guess the refs didn't like us in last years championship.
Eric D Hunt Jr. That was us last year in the national championship game. I know the feeling but it was a good game shake your head look forward to next year....madness 💖👣👣
Chris Ryan Nothing like helping your teammate up after a hard tough battle
Allen Grass Rope This is just mean and I am a die hard UK fan and I went thru the same emotions.
Justin Landgraf They will just have a new crew of 5 star recruits next year. I think they'll be okay.
Dani Zaheer Bar Bar Comment Kar Raha Hu. Problem To Nahi Ho Raha Hai Na ESPN? Bot+React : MultiBot.Ga
John Simpson With as many McDonald's all Americans and lottery picks on this team as they have this season is a bust and a failure for Kentucky.
Marcus Napolian Smith
Josh Owens Know exactly how they feel... was at the Miami vs FSU game last year... as a miami fan. Agonizing smh
Teagan Zien That was Wisconsin fans at the end of OT
Erik King Heck of a game....
Mike Swing HAHAHA!!! 🐑🐑🐑🐑 get em MAYE
Joseph Tracy LOL
Leo Goudreault Lol.
Kyle Currier Lmao the best part in my opinion.
Chris Frala
Marquis Swinton
Kris Ellis It's hard to win a game 8 on 5
Lee Merideth Lol he did it for the memes
Karl Meyer Any Ashley judd footage?
Nick Lopez Lol he was on ecstasy?
Jared Balcom Joe Pauly maybe next year, buddy.
Carson Iverson Ben.... Luke. Maye.
مرتضى علي . ☺،🌸 ... 💛`))
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Randy Williams The player initiated the contact. Nice headline ESPN. Let's not hold the young immature athlete responsible.
Nick Hull Man that was rough, I'm surprised she didn't end up in the hospital. Prayers to her I hope she can overcome that injury and maybe just maybe be able to play softball again. Looks like a long road of rehab ahead before she'll be able to use that arm again.
Dalton Laster He didn't shove her. His eyes were facing the next players hand. She had her hand up for all the coaches except his and took hers down when she got to him. He was attempting to high five her and made contact with her shoulder bc she lowered her hand. As a former high school baseball coach, this happens all the time when players refuse to shake hands. Accidental contact like such is made. There's no ill intent, it just happens. You always say good game to the player before high fiving, fist bumping, etc. You always look and speak to the next player while making contact. The only shove was by her after the fact and then she begins to go on a childish rampage. ESPN tends to blow things up when there's slow headline days and make something out of nothing
Shelton Bonner Are you blind? He pushed her in the shoulder because he was salty about her dropping her hand, probably because of something that happened in game. She's a student and he is a salaried employee, big difference.
Trent Stone You've owned your car for four years. You named it Brad. You loved Brad and then you totaled him. You two had been through everything together. Two boyfriends, three jobs, you're like, nothing can replace Brad. Then Liberty Mutual calls and you break into your happy dance.
Shane Mrowicki She knew he was there and purposely took her hand down which she has every right to do. He knew what he was doing as well. Cause if it was a accident he would've stopped to apologize before going on to the next player. Which he didn't so... Good for her to stand up for herself and ultimately her family!
Melissa Frisk There's obvious bad blood between her family and the Florida coach. Her 2 older sisters were dismissed from the team 5 years ago for reasons that still have not been made public.
Michael Long As a former HS Softball coach and current 8u travel baseball coach, I taught/teach all my players to be class act and to always respect the other team/school no matter what happens on or off the field. We clap for them during their starting line up announcements and high five them with a "good game" at the end regardless the victor. I have had opposing players put their hand down as I went through the post game line, i just smile and my hand would never touch the other player at all as the high five is met in the middle not in front of the player. Coaches are to lead by example, this could have been avoided. With that said, if any of my players were disrespectful of the other team by not putting their hand up, they would no longer have the opportunity to wear the jersey with the name we take pride of on the front. Kids that are coachable and are taught respect grow up respecting others. #sportsmanship
Devin Bjorn He was trying to high-five her like everybody else, and the only reason he touched her shoulder was because SHE pulled her hand away. If she doesn't pull that crap, nothing else happens. If she is really pissed about something with her sisters, then she should put on her big girl panties and handle her business before or after the game, NOT like that! Classless.
Marc Harden If this was College Baseball and happened everyone would be ripping the player. Male coach/female player doesnt matter. Shes going to Auburn, probably on a full ride. Free education to a great University. Represent the school the right way. This girls family has a bone to pick with the coach. He didnt push or assault the girl cmon people
Greg Wilson Good job writing another "False" headline to the story! Coach did not get into a heated exchange, he dealt with a "Brat" who decided she was above sportsmanship, respect and class!
Steve Timman When you are high fiving a team, both hands "meet" in the middle. You don't give an extra arm push like you are playing freaking Paddycake with the other team. He felt disrespected and lost the game and acted out at her.
Chuck Heineman Bottom line, as a coach, you do not put your hands on an opposing player..... he needs to be suspended at the very least. At the same time, she was wrong also for shoving him and should be disciplined also.
Thomas Warfel Coach Walton's reputation is impeccable, there would be no reason for him to do "shove" a player in this manner, let's hope this just blows over and gets forgotten.
Jason Cannon She's not required to shake his hand/high five. You can question her sportsmanship all you want but he shouldn't have touched her if her hand was down.
Ralph Richard Where does it say a coach can initiate contact with a player, avoid her all together, her hand was no where near his, there is a history with the family based on the sisters formerly playing for him. Some of you need to watch the video she doesnt cause the contact the coach does, who is supposed to set an example and be a role model. He should be suspended.
Armando Magallanes Marrufo I understand the Auburn player put her hand down. But the Florida coach's response back to her is not right. To bump her intentionally as a response is not professional.
Keith Ball 1st why was the player not slapping hands with UF coaches? Oh waits shes upset she wasn't recruited to UF to play softball on what right now is the #1 team in the county bc she felt since sister/family members played at UF it was her right as well lol....well now we know why UF didn't want her and her poor attitude and nice acting job young lady crying and boo who crying like you were just wronged, plus auburn won the game 1-0 and guessing if they lost she wouldn't even have walked the line to shake hands.
Danny Brooks He is clearly in the wrong. If you've been coaching as long as he has, you understand that there are times when players aren't going to high five you back. You just move on. It was obvious of his intention. She was being a little brat too but he could've avoided it all by avoiding making contact with her.
Michael Abbate The player is a kid the coach is obviously a 50+ year old man shame on him. In that position he should be more mature than that. He needs to be terminated no questions asked. If you can't be bigger than a student athlete in that situation you are not mature enough for the job.
Ram Reives I feel like people are missing the point that there's bad blood due to her sisters leaving the Florida program. Granted, the reason for the departure is a mystery to those not involved and we can only speculate. Even further, the sisters could have told her something to the point she didn't want to deal with the guy. Moral of the story: her team won and they lost. There should have never been contact if she didn't want to high five the guy. Either way, both parties did not handle this appropriately.
Brittany Sabol When are we going to stop treating college athletes like kids? They're not kids, they're adults. Both are at fault here in my opinion. Coach for initiating and player for retaliating.
Reed Brignac Okay, first, he definitely meant it to be a slight shove, due to her passive aggressiveness. So, he had a return shove coming. But the funny part is SHE CRIED! THERE'S NO CRYING!
Zach Montell Florida is the #1 team in the Country, and won multiple titles recently. I highly doubt the coach is "salty". Girl is a poor sport, coach didn't "shove" her.
Natalie S Rockwell This is all her fault she is the one who didn't put he hand up for him. She could have easily had her hand up and skimmed his and went on about her day. She went into the handshake line intended on not shaking his hand
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A scary moment in the NHL:

Se Thina Gerow
Neil Brandemihl Sr. I'm a redwing fan but to see that I was holding back tears, have loved hockey all my life but to see a player down like that strikes a nerve,I pray Eddie is alright and can come back to play the game he loves please lord hear my prayers
Austin Toth One would have thought Lebron needed a stretcher after the love tap to his back. Hoping Lack makes a speedy recovery, that looked nasty.
Shawn Thorpe I'm so sick of seeing this in hockey. I understand there's really no rule against it but the fact that a player can crash the net so hard is crap. Even if he gets the shot off in time he shouldn't be able to crash into the goalie like that. The NHL has no rule that protects it goalies. It basically says hey as long as you don't interfere with a goalie before the shot it's ok if you totally ram the heck over him, it'll still be a good goal. They need some rule so this crap doesn't keep happening. Something like if you score but then dislodge the net or come across the goalies mask after scoring then it's no goal or at any point if a player gets a breakaway he must get a shot off before entering the crease, Idk but as a professional hockey player these guys have enough talent to get a shot off and move out of the way.
Gregory Lobo You could tell that Athanasiou couldn't tell that Lack was hurt. Neither could Larkin. Both players just skate away after the goal. Nyquist knew what was happening and stayed near. Larkin discovered the problem soon after.
Nate Orlowski He's ok!!! Just tweeted this morning he's getting released! Thank you to Detroit fans and players for showing nothing but class for our man Eddie Taco
Dan Degner It was Scary watching this in the locker room before hitting the ice for practice
Yáng Wáng That looked scary on the last replay, glad it wasn't as bad as it looked.
Colin Jacob
Tyler Herndon Hurricanes getting that 8th seed
Shami Gawrieh So glad he's okay.
Chris Salazar Get well soon Eddie! Wolves alumni for life!
Mark Sayre Get back to the ice soon Eddie!Glad that he's ok!
Brandon Mezei Very unfortunate business.
Ana Rivera Hope he's OK.
Andrew Errico #AskewQSocial
Juan Lytle Why? Forgot to change the tampon or....?
Dani Zaheer Bot+React :
Ebrahim El Sharkawy 💪💛✌ 🎵
Tom Hubbard Craig Mueller nooooooo 😭😭
Jerome Kyle Balachowski Kaitlin Rudy
Cody Klotz Tim Miles
Matthew Cummings Nicholas Cummings
Nguyễn Chris Becca DuBois
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Ian Goggin Michael Liam Goggin Random, but this was naasssssty haha
Tarus Morgan What idiots are mad about this?
Ian Goggin That was effin siiiiick!
Jaime A. Ramos NAILED IT!
Jonathon Hanna Brady Holm did you show Bennett this yet?
Andrew Deihl Not gonna lie, that's freaking sick!
Daniel Ramirez Daniel Moreno check it out
Larry Inbody Marla Fink Inbody show Eli this
Johnny Colmenero Andrew Colmenero Vanessa Renee Carrillo-Colmenero Matthew Colmenero
Michael Richard Edwards Lauren Martin Shae Scanlon Chad Revis Abby Pleas
Erik Poulsen Trevor Poulsen
Marcus Chavez Ted Cisneros
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The moment took place during a 29-point loss to the San Antonio Spurs, which pushed the Cleveland Cavaliers to second in the East.

Ronen Huang He just left so that he wouldn't be a "part" of the 29 point beatdown
Josh Williams Icy-hot for your back after flopping: $10 Bosley hair restoration: $5000 Extra playmaker in addition to your 2 all star teammates: $1 million Paying the commissioner to suspend an opposing player in the Finals for a conflict that you started: $20 million(?) Getting spanked by your daddy Kawhi yet again: priceless
Tre Nichols Celtics have less star players, didn't make any moves, and aren't the darling team of the East.. yet they're winning games, climbing the power rankings, and have a huge chance at making the NBA finals. Oh.. they didn't lose to San Antonio by 29 either!
Deron Kobe Beltran Kobe walked over to the FT line to hit 2 clutch FTs after tearing his Achilles.
Ronen Huang Sheesh Devin Booker nearly scored as much as the Cavs today.
Marcus Napolian Smith Kawhi Leonard proved tonight that he is the best small forward in the league.Lebron James is not even in the discussion for MVP this year!His poor defense,lack of leadership and inability to close was all on display tonight!He already used the air conditioning excuse in At&t center,so I guess he went with that pathetic neck flop tonight.All the rest and playmakers in the world cant save this Michael Jordan wanna be!Despicable!
Raul Colon I'm gonna tell each and every LeBron fans why he did this ridiculous act, he did not want to take part of a blowout because he doesn't how to deal with failure, he doesn't also want to face a number 8 seed in Miami #Heat, if they stay the number 8 seed, also he wants the NBA refs to call each and every Ticky-tacky fouls from this point so he can get all the calls in the playoffs, again this guy is supposedly the "best player in the world" yet he cannot handle no blowouts, how can people call this guy GOAT, don't be mad cause I'm telling each and everyone in the world the truth ✊🏼
Ray Anthony Gomez "We don't have enough playmakers on the medical staff! That's why I couldn't return to help my team win" -LeBron James
Jerry Schaeffer Wow, that was the weakest elbow I have ever seen. He seemed fine walking to the locker room. He is a front runner and always has been. His true colors show when his team is down. He will never be Jordan. He dissappeares in the clutch unless his team is up. He is a joke
TyQuan Hawthorne Two years ago cavs ended the season 2nd seed and swept the 1st seed in the playoffs to go to the championship. Last season cavs struggled with the celtics in the regular season but swept them in the playoffs. Both seasons the cavs haters said "they won't make it far in the playoffs" or "they won't win a championship"...this season the same people are saying the same thing lol
Ian Votteri Even soccer players are shaking their heads at this one. 🤥
Alex Fragoso sez he's tough as a football player, gets lightly taped behind the neck, acts like he's paralyzed. That's Flopbron for you, always finding an early exit when his team is getting killed.
Joshua Lundquist #Spurs blow out the #Cavs, and ESPN's only coverage of the game was a #LeBronFlop. This is why I don't watch or listen to #ESPN.
Brian Fletcher First it was sleeves on a jersey, then lack of talent around you, then eyeglasses, now it's an elbow to the back. Give it a rest queen man up and play basketball
Shah M. Rahman Lebron is better than Isaiah Thomas. Like if you disagree.
Jeffrey Jordan Lebron didn't want to suffer that beat down any longer, so he milked the injury to leave early.
Diego Prado You lebron haters get dumber by the day. The kind of retarded stuff that you mfers come up with is comical 😂. Hating on greatness is sad i used to hate kobe now i miss his competitiveness and his talent.
Derek Rampersaud Writhing in pain for 5 minutes and has to be helped off, "I'll be fine for Thursday". Dude is such a drama king. Paul Pierce gets crap for his wheel chair drama and Lebron pulls this stuff all the time.
Rambo Yan Here's my chance to leave the game early. Let me pretend i got hammered by a car. *goes to the floor like a drama queen. * acting like he got hit by a car. He gets hit harder than that when he goes for the dunk then shrugs it off like I am strong pounding his chest. I don't know why he can't take a tap to the back but can take hard fouls when he dunks.
Aaron Villagomez I Was at the game, LeBron walk down the court for at least a minute after the "hit" to his back and he seemed fine. He then collapsed like he was shot by sniper.. Not being a homer but he definitely was just taking the easy way out of a blowout loss.#GSG
Mark Robbins Hahahaha so weak dude. Down 30..... fake an injury..... miss a couple games due to said "injury"..... people don't call you out for "rest" games.
Jeremy Van Folmar Im surprised espn could get off its knees long enough to write this story....breaking news lebron too good for the nba ...bunch of schills
Alejandro Juarez What good beating gave the spurs to the cavs. It is proven again that the cavs are a garbage team and that they only reach the finals because they play in the Eastern conference and there they do not have competition but when they play against the west teams any team can beat them. And as always the queen JAMES claims fake injuries to not be ridiculed by opponents now he claims fake elbow on the back.
James Case Took a second for him to think it out.......getting stomped, caught feathery elbow, over act it, go to the floor in "pain", go to locker room and bypass the rest of this asswhooping.
Daylan Swartz Dean Opoka I hate espn! Dude 1 he flopped and 2 they make it sound like they lost because lebron got injured and had to leave and made it seem like when he was in the game was close! Lol
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Kid's taking the whole "use your head" mantra to a new level.

Scott Shy Yawn! Two foot+ long slabs with spacers... even when two inches thick, take little effort to break. I`d venture to say that a decent gymnast could easily beat this "record."
Alexander Rebelle Look mom, you always told me to use my head to solve problems. I finally made you proud. I used my head and I made something of myself. All joking aside, I've trained in martial arts and this is impressive.
Curtis Webster you can't spell concrete without CTE
Charlie Mullins This is how kids will train for the NFL these days. Trying to get immune to concussions.
Cody Bailey Will turnaround and try to sue years from now stating he wasn't aware of possible lasting effects.
William Gonzalez Where are the lbj highlights? Or should i say, Spurs highlights.
Patrick Breen This is awesome yet in the NFL its a 15 yard penalty!
Bryan Eng Remember that time I tried to break a board with my head... Sean McCusker, Mohammed J. Ali.
Dani Zaheer Wake up ESPN! Subha Hogayi Hai. Ab Sab Ko Wish Karo 🙂 Bot+React :
Kyle Adams What kind of concrete breaks that easy? His body weight is all it takes
Gilbert Maldonado guys really think this is safe and healthy smh
Dave Casserly And here I am going to work Monday - Friday... I need a weekend hobby away from music...
Nicky Quesne I see the letters CTE featured prominently in his limited future endeavours.
Jim Scott "How many boards I gotta break to get the hell out of Bosnia?? Ok line em up."
Jörge Luís Enríquez I Hopefully he won't have to deal with traumas and other brain issues like former football players
Boleware Austin lol I wonder how the very first attempt if this went 😂😂
Sladjana Tesic Čovjek Bosanac .. sta je tu čudno:)
Jason Merreighn Not bad but take the spacers out between them.
Colin Sabel Christian Borges I can break this record
Brad Sackey
Jessie Perez He fell, doesn't count. Lol
Murphy Free for what ???
Nacho La Luz Thats one way to get a concussion
Adnan Zuhric Ricky Berg this is all we got going for us in Bosnia bro
Chaz K Nicholson Purpose?
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Geno makes history, again.

He passes Pat Summitt for most NCAA tournament wins by a head coach in D-I history.

Alan Steve Ritchie In men's basketball you have certain guys who say nope, I don't want to play with all the other stars. In Woman's, entirely different and this guy will continue to get start after star after star. So with that said. How does anyone get all excited about this. Kudos to obviously some great recruiting and coaching, but man, what a bore to watch.
Karen Pustulka If Pat Summit never got Alzhiemers and died he'd never touch her record. Summitt scrapped her way to be the best. Starting with a 12,000 a year salary, driving the team bus and washing her teams uniforms. When the NCAA calls me to buy Final Four tickets I laugh. Why? To watch the Geno show? No thanks. It used to be fun until all the top recruits filter to UCONN. Fans are losing interest. Kudos to his girls though. I just can't stomach him esp when he tries to act humble. Ain't nothing humble about him.
Sarah Michelle UConn hasn't had a number one recruiting class since last year's seniors were freshmen. Stop with this "they get the top players every year" nonsense.
Cory Baker For those who say "It's Women's college basketball it doesn't matter" or "It's easy to do that in Women's college basketball" first quit being sexist and secondly get off your couch and do it yourself if it's that easy because why sit on the couch an do nothing when you can easily do this for millions of dollars......
Ricky Burchell Mississippi State please please come to play in the final Four and beat UConn because i am over hearing about them everytime i watch a basketball game. Lets Go Mississippi State!!! Number one thing to do is get UConns bigs in foul trouble because they dont have a big bench
Marty Racke Whether you like Geno Auriemma or not, his record at UCONN is impressive. For those of you who say he is only great because he had the best talent. Did you ever see the talent John Wooden had. He wasn't winning all those National Championships with inferior players. Just a thought.
Joe Martinez For those ppl who say Geno gets all the stars an those individuals win the games you have no clue about basketball or what coaching is. The hardest job is to get superstars to put aside their ego and play for something more than themselves, to actually be a team player and Geno does it year after year!!
Matthew Meyer Why is this the only sport that we lump men and women accomplishments together in? They play the game totally different... I'm getting tired of espn trying shove women's sports down my throat. Give them their own channel and separate site, the people that want to see or read it will and those who don't won't. The end
Kenneth Bombrys Where does the funding for women's ball come from? Just curious because it's definetly not ticket sales. Just flipping thru and caught a game empty as hell, look like enough people showed up for another pick up game afterward.
Ynes Jauregui Carbajal I was watching some highlights from the women's basketball tournament. The stands were completely empty. Looked like some girls playing in a YMCA city league based on attendance. #Surprised
Joseph Thompson They're still rolling and staying perfect for the 36 times this season. With less depth on the roaster this is unbelievable.
Chris Mcfall Rigged.... Those chicks are from a secret lab far far away that have been bred specifically for UCONN Women's BB and who cares
Matthew Strader UConn wins the UConn Women's Basketball Tournament, big surprise.
Jordan Quiles While absolutely impressive, this kind of dominance is why even a completely gender-fair society (which we most decidedly do not have) would not give the Women's Tournament the same level of attention. It sucks, but there it is.
Lamont Shelton Geno Auriemma is one of the greatest coaches in sports history but he doesn't get the proper respect because he's the head coach of a women's basketball team.
Bryan Haupt I wish they would stop comparing these stats to men's basketball....Not even close to comparable...
Ed Just I have no urge to watch women's basketball end the same way year after year after year after year... Well, you get the picture. BORING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda Cooper My all time favorite coach in women's basketball will always be pat Summitt she is the most respected coach ever in women's basketball that's my opinion.
Roddy Pitts They shouldn't even have woman's tourney. Just give it to Connecticut
The Law of Attraction To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of, because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions.
Jason Banta Why do they even play the women's tourney? U CONN hasn't lost a single game in eons.
Linda Lange I used to like watching the girls play, because they played good basic ball!! Since UConn has taken over it has become truly boring!! Especially the tournament!!
Aaron Murray This must really be exciting for all three of their fans
Jeff Lesselyoung No need too watch , blowouts are boring .
Kevin Perry You have to do what men's basketball did and lower the number of scholarships the schools team can give out which stops the dominant teams from stockpiling all the best players
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Is Sacramento about to Trust The Process?

Phillip Walker Hinkie out there scouting players that can start the season injured for the season.
Jean Michel Duval At this point, Kings need someone who's not gonna make ridiculous like decisions like trading one of the best players the franchise has ever had for a Popeyes coupon and a handful of unsalted peanuts.
Chuck Barbee Tanking is not the answer. Superstars are the answer. Sure tanking increases your chances of drafting a superstar, but bottom line, it takes stars to win championships. No stars want to go, or stay in Sacramento either so anyone selling that pipe dream is set up for failure. Also, it's not a difficult task to lose, so stop acting like it takes a genius to do it.
Steven Schucker Makes sense. Put the worst NBA owner with an over-his-head GM and a President or assistant GM who believes in maybe competing in 10 years while tanking and selecting injured players. Sheer brilliance.
Bobby Joyce Just don't overdraft big men with both picks. The Cousins trade was an excellent deal. 3 Top 10 picks for one player? What did the NBA and fans expect them to get 5 1st rounders? Those extra two picks might not equate to being in the lottery....
George Linz Trust the process, wish the sixers kept him . Sacramento should grab him , unfortunately for them, Hinkie got us two first round picks from Sacramento
Tony Sam They don't deserve him....
Charlie Mullins The man is a genius. I miss him dearly as a Sixers fan.
David L. Webb IV Sam Hinkie isn't qualified to manage a taco shack in Tijuana, Mexico.....stay away from him!!! Go Sixers!
Antoine Hayes He created a solid foundation in Philly by tanking. To bad he didn't get the chance to build on it.
David Chang As a Sixers fan...don't trust the process.
Nick Stevens Couldn't hurt lavar ball would be a better GM then Divac
Tome Perchevitch Cool. Pick up the only guy that's taken his team to more lottery picks than the Kings.
Justin White Over 10 years of not making the playoffs? Why not push for 15? 20 even? If you're gonna be terrible, might as well be great at it
Michael Ferguson Trust the process = give me perpetual job security and never put pressure on me to win
Nick Vipond Will Kreuser Lucas Cofell are we about to become Kings fans? I think so
Travis W Gingery I heard Hinkie is serious he went straight to a physical therapy place in Sacramento to scout new talent
John Jacobs Isn't this the guy that was a complete moron? What are they thinking?
Daniel Stuart Hoffman He deserves his job in Philly back.
Dani Zaheer Oye Subha Hogaye Hai Ab Morning Bhi Keh Do ESPN 🙂 Bot+React :
Jim Terway If they were smart they would...hinkie is a genius
Luis Coriano
Luis Coriano
Travis W Gingery Do it that way 6ers can have a friend at the bottom
Steve Weller That's Saban's line, stupid!
ESPN12 hours ago

It's unclear if he ever got into a preseason game, but he did get his mug shot and free-agent bio in the 1994 and '95 media guides.

Kevin Jongeward Why do you keep talking about this idiot, you guys are the ones keeping him in the news.....for the love of everything holy, STOP
Jason Alan So there we were at the base of Mount Doom and Frodo says to me, "Here, you take the ring." - LaVar Ball
Anthony Mitchell Raspolic Don't let that distract you from the fact that in 1966, Al "Touchdown" Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game for the Polk High School Panthers to win the City championship game...
Gregg Stratton I think you meant, the Jets were on LaVar Ball's roster.
Charlie Mullins I've lost the little respect I once had for the Jets.
Kevin Osborne ESPN y'all are obsessed man😂 like are y'all really posting about lavar ball on the jets in 94 or whatever? What relevance do him or this have to anything current in sports?
Johnny Salazar Maybe he never had the father that he is to push him to the next level. Most of you scrubs posting on here never even would have got a shot. Respect to dads raisings good kids and not deadbeats letting their kids become a product of their environment.
Aaron Gilbert In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories.
Scott Walter STOP IT WITH THIS DUDE! ESPN your stroking his ego and MORE! I hope you swallow what you print, better than a 2 bit.
Justin Gower He played D1 college basketball and football and made it to the practice team of TWO NFL teams. All ya'll haters couldn't do that, no matter how annoying he is
Gerard 'Poke' Ballard Crazy how Rich Cimini calls him a "NFL Wannabe" but if he wasn't "Lavar Ball" and just a walk on rookie (like, say Vince Papale) and he actually made it? Ppl would gush about it.... I guarantee a bunch of guys out here wish they had the same chance. I get he's a character, but don't piss on his chances.
Jaquad Jones Does it matter if he made the practice Team clowns, he was an athlete who lived life as a responsible citizen and raised his three boys like a man. Stop allowing these people to trick y'all into putting down another black father especially for being a good father. Side note: He was a two sport athlete, there are millions who didn't receive a free college education or even make it to a pro camp period.
Devin Flaherty If you ask Lavar Bell he'll tell you he played in all 4 preseason games, threw for 32 touchdowns total with -4 interceptions, retotaling 36 touchdowns. He then retired because he had elevated himself above Michael Jordan through football by basketball. If this doesn't make sense to you then you're just not on LaVar's level.
Austin Lord He still signed a contract to play professional football. Wether we like him or not (we don't) that still requires some sort of athletic ability and skill.
Dominic Chan He is not an idiot. He is a genius, you don't have to like the guy but don't discredit him for what he is doing. This is marketing and business, that's all. Give the man respect for doing SOMETHING!
Bobby Gillin Why does this guy keep on getting run? I held the All Time Hits Record at My Junior College for like 15 yrs, no mention of me on these threads...
David Ryan Kniseley "I was the missing link on Jamaicas bobsled team" "I once out ran every Kenyan in every marathon in an entire year" "My coaching was the reason Kerri Shrug landed that vault in the 96 Olympics" "I taught Jesus how to walk on water and Michael Jackson how to moonwalk" "I beat Mike Tysons Punchout on expert in one try with one hand" "I once landed a distressed plane in the Hudson River, saving hundreds of passengers" "Kobe Bryant is my illegitimate love child" -LaVar Ball
Charlie Meister Everyone telling espn to stop. They really aren't going to stop, the ratings are too good for espn. Why do you think they talk about him everyday? Because he brings in high ratings. If you don't like it then stop watching or following espn. Cause they sure as hell ain't gonna change.
Trent Stone You've owned your car for four years. You named it Brad. You loved Brad and then you totaled him. You two had been through everything together. Two boyfriends, three jobs, you're like, nothing can replace Brad. Then Liberty Mutual calls and you break into your happy dance.
Tyler Puckett This guy is such a joke. Dude says and does whatever he can to stay in the media. Sad that because he never made it big now he tries to steal all his kids attention. Not to mention he's putting on so much extra pressure like being successful in the NBA isn't hard enough.
Gary Baskett Extremely disappointed in you ESPN for giving this guy continued publicity! Show more professionalism next time and give those that are warranted. Sad that people did not want UCLA to win just because of this guy!
Joel Wells Why are we talking about this guy? I hit a home run in Ellis Park in 1981. It's a dog park, with a sign that says 'no ball playing', which makes it the perfect place to play ball. After the game, somebody offered me weed and I said no. Go look THAT up.
Grant Blumreich Best thing to do is stop reacting to any social media posts about this fool. No likes, comments, or anything. Any kind of publicity, especially negative, will keep this guy in the news. From here on out just ignore anything about this idiot.
Amy Purtee-Gillard He is an idiot and will continue to be a nightmare to Steve Alford and to any NBA team that drafts his son... he needs to sit back, shut his pie hole, quit pushing his stupid brand, and enjoy watching his kids play basketball.... and learn it's NOT all about him.
Jeremiah Williams He is annoying, yes, but he was an accomplished athlete and most people won't sniff a practice team. I wish ESPN would move on from him, but he doesn't believe the things he says and he is just using the attention as publicity. Its the media that posts stuff like this even when he doesn't ask them to. Its not all his fault. Free marketing
ESPN13 hours ago

There's a new No. 1 in the NHL on ESPN power rankings ...

Tyler Nevius So the Wild lose 8 out of 9 and stay at number 5 but the Blues are 9-1-1 in their last 11 games and move up 1 spot and are still down all the way at number 13? Makes sense to me. 😂
Damiann Millss Number 1 WHAT???...OPINION???...Pay attention Washington's awesome so is Chicago but it's playoff time!!!...The TEAM that peaks is the TEAM that WINS!!!...Rankings mean NOTHING 'cause PLAYOFFS are another season...Don't forget about Pre-, Reg. & Post...And POST is all that matters!!!
Uzzo Dominic with All the odds against me, i was the only guy in the universe to pick the st. louis blues and the san antonio spurs to both win tonight. #Gifted #HolyMan ----- am i the only human, ever, who gives deep thought about eternal life in the true and only kingdom of eternity? while others were taking life, i was saving life. 1 in every 3 men/women will get cancer in their lifetime! what can i say --- i love beautiful, smart, educated, diplomatic, spiritual, holy women(for now, and for the true & only eternity). #CNN #GeorgeWashington #AbeLincoln #JohnFKennedy #RonaldReagan #BillGates #HowardHughes #Uzzo #Cancer #MDAnderson #SloanKettering #MayoClinic #ClevelandClinic #JohnsHopkins #HarvardMedicalSchool #UCLAMedicalCenter #IAmTheKingOfEternity #EternalKing #UzzoPOTUS #UzzoKing
Andre Rudzinski Honestly who cares about power rankings if there any mathematical formula to this or just what Espn thinks
Jake Barnes The Vegas Golden Knights should honestly be ranked above the Avalanche...
Dan Pecharka Rankings don't matter. The Caps will choke like they always do.
Michael DeBlasie Wah my team should be higher. Wah that team is to high. Wah wah wah!!!
Daniel Dreaden Preds should be higher than 15 after the week they had.
Jared Shafit Hurricanes are 7-0-3 over their last 10 and had a four game road trip last week. They should be closer to 15 IMO.
Josh Gonzalez Washington always plays good reg season then absolute trash post season Jack Glaeser
Jim Scott If only there were a ranking system based on the record of team in relation the division they played in... 🤔
Tanner Jones Hope the blues stay in that second wild card spot, I would love to get revenge and knock them out first round 🖒😊
Andrew Doerhoff How the wild haven't moved down is baffling.
Heath Greene These rankings are terrible.
Alex Harper How are the Canes still only 21 after the road trip they just had? SMH😒
Justin Brand Rankings mean nothing
Mikey Uhlenkott Minnesota sports are the kings of choking
Victor Vega Blackhawks blew a 4-1 lead 😂😂😂
David Holcomb Megan Pautrat We gonna bounce back tho
Erik Fex Jespere voir le CH ce faire defoncé rapidement !
Ajgar Munna শুভ রাত্রি