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And the best teams heading into the 2018-19 season are ...

Wrong. Lakers should be 2. Lakers are gonna win the championship this year
Lakers should be at least at the top 4 idiots.
Y’all sleeping on Spurs ...Pop gonna make Derozan great! With LA!
Thunder get rid of melo and go up 14 spaces 😂😂😂😂
The best player in the east is pretty sure the bucks are a top ten team maybe not top 5 but definitely top 10
Am I the only one that doesn't think LeBron to LA makes them an instant competitor? 2 years down the road might be a different story.
So the pelicans didnt sweep the trail blazers?
OKC jumped 14 places by releasing Carmelo? Philly dropped 3 spots to 4? How were they ever #1?
Wait Washington adds Dwight Howard a still 32yrs young 16 and 12 Dwight Howard with Wall and Beal. They get no love, the only reason Washington finished 8th was because Wall was hurt and they were already limited on the bench. They addressed the bench ads well as swapped out Gortat for Howard(whose better btw) and they not getting no love?
The Jazz just spanked the Thunder silly in the first round, and are young and improving. How are the Thunder ranked ahead? Lakers will be Better than the Thunder as well.
Wow I'm Surprised ESPN doesn't have Lakers at #1 considering Lefraud Shames is there now & we all know how much ESPN loves Leflop!
Jazz are definitely better than the Sixers, Raptors and Thunder. People let their prejudice and preconceived notions about the State of Utah blind how they assess the Jazz (Utah actually has a much higher quality of living than almost all of the U.S.). Keep sleeping on the Jazz, America. #GOJAZZ #TAKENOTE
You have a starting lineup of: Lonzo Ball, Kent Caldwell Pope, Brandon Ingram, LeBron and JaVale McGee. Smdh, and some people think that's a top 4? Where's the spacing? LeBron will be 34 years old in December, and has played non-stop for going on 15 years. I don't care that he's an uber-athlete, he's not going to be able to carry teams at the same level forever.
So disrespectful not to list the spurs.20 plus seasons being above 500 mark.not saying championship,but come on even at trading their best player away pop will still lead them to a winning season possibly first round of playoffs
#1 - who cares, it’s July 23rd. Basketball doesn’t start for over 3 months. #2 - there are only 3, maybe 4 teams that have a chance to win the championship. Great competitive balance!!
This is insane. How could you place Lakers on 9th spot if Lebron now has better teammates than last year? Should be number 4 or 5 at least.
Hey where's my Knicks ? After all the moves and the draft they should be , just kidding they will suck again
The fact that ESPN sleepin on the Spurs actually makes it more glorious when the season is coming to an end and we're #3 seed (behind warriors and rockets)
This Lakers team now is slightly more talented than the Cavaliers last year. That puts in perspective how much harder it is to get to the finals in the west.
So the Nuggets that can't even make the playoffs have a better chance of winning the Championship than the LeBron Laker's?
Disrespectful to the pelicans, they swept the trailblazers without boogie, and they only got stronger with Randle and Payton
Spurs will be top 6 come mid season... pop and a bunch of guys who everybody has counted out is dangerous!!!!!
The Jazz destroy okc in the playoffs and somehow they are ahead of them in the power rankings....? hahaha sports analysts are a JOKE
Don't under how people don't see he took the worst roster in history nxt to Philly when Iverson was there to the finals,compare to this laker team who needed a Veteran who is now LBJ!
I don’t understand how the Jazz or Nuggets are in front of the Lakers? However, i can argue that the Lakers should be #5 or #6
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Heisman Trophy winner.
Baseball player.

Tim Tebow has embraced every twist and turn.

If you hate on Tim Tebow for following his dreams and his never say die mentality, you’re an awful person.
When michael jordan went to baseball he got destroyed by everyone but since this guy talks about God if you say his stats suck in baseball than you are some kind of demon lol. I have never seen so much love for a guy who is below average at his sport
If you follow his Facebook page, it’ll take you less than a day to realize how awesome of a person he really is. People laughing at him and throwing hate are just plain scumbags.
When your whole team had a longer career than you at the highest level of completion...Tebow overrated 🚮
Michael BC Rice, Bwah ha ha Stop Stop! I’m laughing too hard. You base everything on a Heisman. Hmm, think of Heisman’s given out to busts, which TT is. Novelty is all TT is.
Man... he’s such a great guy but, I can’t say I was sad when he left the Broncos. Just was t a good fit. I’m happy for him tho that he has a great job now.
One of the greatest MEN of sports of all time. Class act, humble, and gives back to his fans/community. It was never about the top dollar contract. He is a role model for all aspiring kids. And all he has ever received is ridicule for his faith. What a shameful country that this man gets ridiculed for his faith and women abusers get top dollar contracts
Hell the Mets are such a mess move him up... let's see what he's got he succeeded in Triple-A and double-a move him up to the majors
I don’t care what they say about this guy!!! This guy helps a lot of unfortunate kids back in the Philippines,,, he has a big heart!!
Why does espn follow this cancer still
The Danica Patrick of every professional sport he tries.
Yep , belongs right there with Ryan Leaf , Vince Young , Johnny Manciel , not good enough for pros.
Wtf did Tebow do to y’all? I see a lot of hate for no reason
People will hate you for being negative. People will hate you for being positive. People will hate you for simply being. Props to Tebow for bringing positivity to everything he does
Cody Nash I hope the Mets bring him up soon.
I will never get the tebow hate and he crushed my wildcats every year. Just a bunch of miserable people
He needs to do TV. He has a face and throwing arm for television 😂
Time to bring him up to the majors
Good guy, about average as a quarterback in the NFL, glad that he's doing ok.
“NFL QB” and “baseball player.”
Professional Joke
Tebow still wants to play football? 🤔 hmmmm
Tebow is a class act
Definition of class act.
I ❤️ this man!
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Isaiah Thomas told Adrian Wojnarowski he wouldn't have been opposed to becoming a Celtic again.

Trade Kyrie and picks for an all-star center. Start Rozier. Bring back IT.
The league is soft now, it's not like it used to be in the eighties, nineties, and even the early 2000's. All of these guys want to team up, and be buddy-buddy. There's no more fierce competition anymore.
He still doesn't understand that none of these teams have loyalty. Ur only wanted as long as ur useful. That's every teams mindset. He's a fool
dude is a virus to any team he joins since he left boston. all set
His career is over hes playing for the veteran minimum he plays no D hes done
Terry Rozier is just a one hit wonder.
Marcus Smart plays defense tho, that's why he got the contract
He's a good player but they don't need him
If Chandler Parsons makes what he makes, IT should at least get more money than he is getting even with the injury problems.
They have Irving and rozier. All they need is a solid center. Don't waste your money on Isaiah.
The Celtics don’t want him. He hurt himself with his Brinks Truck comments. No loyalty from either.
What you say after you already have your contract in hand
We have irving and rozier... only need 1 good center...
He’s only 5-9 that’s why he’s not sought after more. Has nothing to do with his talent.
Trade rozier and a couple picks for a rim protector and then next season sign Isiah Thomas as the backup of kyrie
Yeah you can come off the bench I’m forgiving
Of course he’d go back, they are contenders
They ship this dude around like a Amazon package.
Riiiiight now that they're really good he changed his tune
Wait till next year when Scary Terry most likely goes elsewhere, it just might happen.
I liked his play and heart. Wouldn’t mind at all seeing him back in the green and white
He said learn from my story and he didn't even learn 🤣
Says the guy who roasted the cavs in late night shows months after he was traded.
Thank god he didn't!!!! Over-rated midget
Glory daze are behind u now buddy...cuz he aint makin dat $$$ anymore. We got “SMART”
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Groom says Roll Tide. Bride says Geaux Tigers 😬 (Jonathan Campbell/Facebook)

whenever you hear "ROLL TIDE" at a wedding, the bride and groom most likely had the same last name before the marriage
ESPN is so embedded in the SEC they post Home videos on Facebook...
Georgia should've won the National Championship and UCF Knights deserve to be called National Champions
When the same family trying to figure out which side of the church to sit on lol.
That's the 1st Time in 7 years LSU out did BAMA! 😂 ROLL TIDE!!!
I can guarantee you neither the groom nor the bride have any actual affiliation with either university.
Love college rivalries!! I’m Penn State and my husband’s an ND fan. I always say he’s not a real fan because he didn’t even go there. He says he’s the true fan since he didn’t need to go there to still be a fan. It’s always a fun banter. My MIL paid for this and we walked into a mix of the PSU and ND fights song.
I give them 7days max of non stop fighting about that before he leaves her for his for his cousin and her sister and she eventually get his brother and her cousin (they are also cousins ) and they fall back in love at Grandma's annual BBQ /the Russell family orgy 2k20 and he dies 5 years later from a heart attack while his step father-in-law makes his move and he catches them in his bed room she dies at 19 4 children with 5 or more disabilities from the incest none of witch are his
LSU is garbage...Bama owns them 52-25-5 all time and has won the last 7 straight, meaning there has nearly been two full recruiting classes graduate without knowing what it feels like to beat Bama
Swear to God my bride does that to my Marshall Cake. It's going on the floor. #TheseColorsDontRun #WeAre
Very nice. Even on a cake of course the best is on top, as #1 always is, holding those tigers where they belong. I so love all the jealousy. Until someone changes the way it is, words mean nothing. ROLL TIDE. !!!!!!!
It’s college football. Grow up. Your wedding cake has a team logo on it. I’m embarrassed for you.
Barstool Sports had it first.. ESPN it sucks to suck doesn’t it.. #givemebarstoolorgivemedeath but hey, one stolen video everyone knows the rules.. Ps. You still suck
Breaks it off with his girl , goes to Alabama, plays well, becomes a pro, plays well, she comes back to him once he famous, they do it, breaks it off again..
Kept waiting for LeBron James to be somewhere in the video. Can't believe ESPN actually posted something without him in it!
Rachel Meyer Borel, I bet they (a) didn’t get married during football season, much less (b) have to hide in the bathroom at the reception to watch the game! 😂😂
Patrick BoylanBoylan, your wife can make this cake and have Georgia colors on the inside! Best of both worlds. For your daughters 1st bday.
I feel bad for their future kids.
Patrick McClellan. Maybe not these teams but this is our personalities and looks like something we’d do to each other. 😂😂
Just awesome 😂 I’m a crimson tide faithful but this is just gold #RTR
I love this! Shoshannah Fast Chad Fast.... I’m guessing that’s like someone putting Michigan colors in your cake?
Could we do this to you and Trevor Fisher’s wedding cake and just make the inside baylor? Lol Shelby Brown 😉
Now thats how a good hearted rivalry should be
He’s about to hurt someone....I know that look! Go Hogs!
This was the longest mildly funny joke.
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It was an emotional day for Tiger Woods.

Tiger will win 2-4 more majors. He's getting close,his body didn't fail him today. He hit some bad shots missed some good puts. He could have stole this one easily. For those of you doubting him. You will all eat your words. Great effort from Tiger this week.
No matter what anybody says, he’s the reason that anybody has watched or cared about golf over the last 20 years. I’d like to see him get at least one more major under his belt.
Am I the only one who sees the meme possibilities in this photo?😂
Why do we always see stories about him instead of the guys that won?
It's funny all the negative comments given are from people who will never golf like tiger....u can hate behind your phone or keyboard, but at the end of the day, u have a normal job, and hate on someone trying to get back to were he was....being a bully is awful sad
I love Tiger and he'll always be one of the greatest athletes I've seen in my life and he is the greatest golfer I've seen in my life. I'll never forget that playoff win before all the chaos happened. Too bad he lost his family and essentially his game, which in my opinion is punishment enough. I'll always love and respect Tiger, even for all his unfortunate mistakes.
Was an amazing performance, but lets face the facts. Tiger Woods will never win another major championship. According to, he has a 13% chance of that ever becoming a reality. Young mans game now.
If his back holds up, he can definitely win another major...never forget how special this golfer is!!!
Soooo wheres the talk about Molinari??? Oh wait theyd rather talk about a former top golfer who clearly is on the downside of his legendary career. Hes not the same and has a few jolts of his old self. But ESPN still talks about him more then the winners. Why cause its means more to them. We all can scroll by these posts but when nearly every post ESPN has on FB has been about LeBron James or Lavar Ball or Tiger gets annoying Its too much much when growing up ESPN was the go to sports channel but instead most of us use other sites. I get it Tiger had a great tournament and was like his old self but for oncr talk more about the winner
Oftentimes it's better to teach your kids how to lose rather than how to win, because we lose more often than win in life anyways.
I know it’s never been part of his game, but I would love to see him take few more chances..Saturday he hit driver on 9,10,11,12. Made 3 birdies. Sunday hit irons on every one if there’s holes or 3 wood I think once. He’s always been able to recover from bad shots so I would love to see him just blast the driver
Too many haters on here, same ones who bash Lebron, only contest you guys are winning is a sitting on the couch tourney.
That was the first time in about 6 years that I've watched golf. Was glad to see him playing well again.
This is the first time in a long time Tiger looked comfortable. Didn’t seem to have any pain or anything like that. I don’t ever see him being the Tiger we all remember but he can 100% win another major if not more. If you look back on it his putting has been killing him. If he can tighten it up, he’ll win.
He’s just good for golf. Some of you goons commenting prob haven’t watched a Major, ever. The others who comment intelligently, prob woke up early to watch the last round. Scott Wallace like why with some people? 😑🤦🏻‍♀️
Being contrite in the face of past failures is a difficult thing to do. Eldrick seems to now understand his own mortality and place. His kids are the mirror he needs. He can win a major or two more, but he won't catch Jack. He missed that train. I don't think that matters any more, not to him.
As long as he’s a dad not just a father. In the end, that’s what matters. He made a lot of mistakes. But who hasn’t. Not a golf fan but respect for getting up and handling your business
This is best showing in a major in a long time when he wasn't hurt. You always look back and what could have been if he didn't throw his life down the toilet for casual sex and ruining everything. He could have beaten Jack's major record. Yeah his back did fail him, but also he mentally went down the tubes too. Hopefully his back won't fail him this time.
We need to put on the brakes (especially Ian O'Connor) on Tiger. Anyone believing he's going to win 2 or more Majors all of a sudden all need drug tests. Let's calm down. The only reason he was in contention to begin with is because it was a difficult course, and the weather only cooperated on the third day, which was the only day Tiger was under par. He was even on the other 3. I love Tiger, the golfer. He was the greatest of his generation, by miles. But it's a young man's game, as with any sport. ESPN, as always, is overhyping another superstar (like LeBron). Tiger is great for golf, but let's not get carried away and think the old Tiger is back. That isn't going to happen. He's 42. And only 10 times in the history of the Majors has someone over his age won one. I believe he might be able to win one but there are so many solid (young) golfers in the field. Let's just enjoy the fact that he is out there and playing. He's a legend (on the course) but not the coming of you-know-who.
No doubt they are proud of you! I have been a tiger fan my whole life now to back when he was untouchable on the course! To be honest I never thought I would see him back in contention on a Sunday in a major, now I have no doubt in fact he can win another major! With all the injuries and set backs This Sunday was amazing to see you fighting till the end! This is why you will be the greatest to ever do it in my opinion right next to jack
ESPN, you must stop. Tiger will never win a major. One good major in the last 10 years doesn't mean he is back. We realize he attracts viewers thus helping your brand, but he is done; was done long ago...
Like to see him win another major. Going to be hard since so many good young golfers now. Still the tough competitor and no real dominator like he was. He'll get one for the kids.
Why is Tiger the only player where a spectator would yell something when he’s getting ready to strike the ball on the 18th hole? Golf suffers when he’s not playing.
Chronic back pain is no easy feat to live with let alone play a pro sport. I wish him all the best, but he should give his body a break and go secure some endorsement deals.
After they gave their father the emotional support he so desperately needed... They both zoomed off with their custom made "Jet-Pack/Flame-Thrower hybrid" on the way to their own French Polynesian island where they will dine on the flesh of endangered species while making their personal caddies battle to the death with 9 irons.
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Joel Embiid with the stare down 👀

(via djib2.7/Instagram)

Wow, he took a basketball, awkwardly spun around a person much smaller than him, jumped approximately 3” and placed it through a basketball hoop. He then proceeded to stare at said person. Wow.
No one see the massive carry in the beginning?
Too bad he couldn’t do that to the Celtics 😂
That was the mightiest carry I've ever seen
So dude dunking on a bunch of amateurs that have never, nor will never sniff a second of playing in the league is suppose to impress? Miss me with that crap.
This dude is such a goon 😂 impressive dunking on a rec player who’s a foot shorter than you 😂 Embiid is a total jabroni
Andre Chris lol dude a legit 7'1. He should be able to back anyone down, why he acting like he just backed down prime Shaq?
I love the carry and then the feet shuffle. Followed by a stare down of a guy 40 lbs lighter and 5 inches shorter. At what point should I have been impressed?
This is why I would rather my kid learn how to wrestle and play a contact sport because there are more life lessons to be learned and learn how to respond from being humbled. It’s easy to act like that when all you are doing is putting a ball in a hoop.
Haha that’s like a 30 year old man that plays home run derby with kids and talks crap after hits one out.
Swear people get upset over anything now a days. Obviously he's just having fun with them, doesn't look serious at all.
Cool, he's an NBA player that has that guy by like 8 inches. That would be like Aroldis Chapman blowing away some dudes in a random adult league and fist pumping off the mound.
I'm glad he's having a fun summer punking on 6 foot dudes at the Y and dunking on goals attached to scissor lifts. He can watch these "impressive" videos and idiotic stare downs while he's on the bench hurt all year.... again
I love this guy. He plays against this bums just for the love of the game. Thats cool! Then stares at him after the dunk 😂 he cracks me up😂 gotta love him!
WOW!!! So impressive to see him do that!!!! I wonder how he would do against KAT if he wasn’t hurt every other game. Real impressive though pal, Incase your ego wasn’t big enough
Incoming butthurt people talking about how it's against a random dude and that they hate Embiid. He's literally dicking around, it's a joke
Yes but he carried the ball so it’s called traveling!!!!!!!!so just let them run with you the ball, that’s why I don’t watch the NBA!
Looks like hes got around 8 to 10 inches on him and at least 50 pounds. Dont even know if the guy is a pro ball player. Other than that, its extremely impressive...... Kinda sorta.
This type of weak/whack 3 second clip is being taken as some kind of footage that you should drop a jaw too... even more Lame than the weak dunk
I’m not impressed. If anything it makes him look like a bully. He backed down a high school kid that is 5’9. I can do that to 10 year olds in my neighborhood...
Is this where I overreact to an NBA player having fun and playing with a fan who will most likely remember this day for the rest of his life?
I mean not for nothing but ive heard the NBA has considered raising the rims...maybe its doubt theres alot of great athletes but this seems bushleague
Getting tired of this guy acting like he done summin in the game. I mean, ye he done more than me lol, but it doesn't sit right seeing him jaw at guys like he is a seasoned vet
Dude is clowning a 6'3 guard...we'll see if he does that vs. the rest of the NBA. The only dude that could get away with all that was Shaq. He was truly unstoppable.
He's just checking his temperature. Nothing more. Glad to see the young man didn't flinch or back down. He was looking for the next play.
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Drew Brees sliding into next season like ... (via Todd Durkin)

Anyone else think of Heavyweights when seeing this?
Am I the only one who thinks if drew breeze didn't make the NFL he would be a pissed off cop
This is the 6th level of the Perkis system...the 15th level is way more intense...he’ll be doing it by Labor Day...
Most underrated Qb for the last 10 years , he gets no respect and hands down has top 5 stats year in and out!! His yard at crazy and yes I said it he will break Peyton Manning’s total yards by the end of his career
This guy serious Lmfao bro you a qb over 30 only thing you need to do is make sure you can still throw. How is this exercise helping a qb please tell me.
I love seeing all the "Hall of Fame" QBs on here telling us all what Drew Brees should be doing in his workouts. I bet the only workout yall are getting in is lifting the TV remote. #WhoDat
Imagine if brees was on the patriots. They would've won a Superbowl every single season with at least a 14-2 record every single season.
I'd take Breezus over Brady any day of the week
I'm sorry but if I'm starting a team today Brees is my QB every day of the week and I'm from Wentzville/Folesland lolololol
Bryan Jimenez didn’t Pablo Francisco have a joke about this exact exercise?? “I got the idea by smoking a lot of pot. And then I slid across the linoleum floor to get some captain crunch, and that’s where I came up with the lazy sh*t.” 😂
Today is evaluation day the key word is value Do you have any? Not yet by the end of the summer this camp will be filled with skinny winners
Greatest QB of his generation. Haters will say Tom Brady.
Matt Kelly let’s get you in the gym doing some of these. Remember layups and short jumpers no need to shoot 10 feet beyond the arc just yet.
He tryin to escape them blitzes straight up the gut. That's his only weakness; he can't see over the line that clearly and if you blitz there, most times he's misses his progressions
This looks like a hockey drill more than a quarterbacks. But maybe he knows something we dont?? #BREESWINSTHESTANLEYCUP
This just in: Saints hire Austrian Fitness Guru "Lars", who's still salty over his lack of intimacy with Nurse Julie...
Stuart Trahan need to see if I can get my hands on that Under Armor slide board. The potential is endless lol
While Brees is getting ready for the NFL season Daunte Culpepper is fishing on Lake Wauburg. Way to go Mueller and Saban.
That's fine if he's playin' in the Ice Bowl. Otherwise, the slide technique is useless in the Super Dome...
Jennifer Menster Kendall Jackson meanwhile Sham Newton is being teased by kids and Matt Ryan has two first names and sucks.
He's going to slide right into that Panthers defense this season 💪🏻 #blewdat
Not as impressive as that soccer player doing that slide in the Geico commercial
Prepping for this years SB 😉⚜️🖤
I’m a Packer fan but whoever says Brees is irrelevant needs to rethink steps in their life.
ESPN shared X Games's video.20 hours ago

The ultimate wake up call from Harley-Davidson in Minneapolis this morning.

X Games
Harley-Davidson Flat Track Podium! 🥇: Jared Mees Racing 🇺🇸 🥈: Briar Bauman 14 🇺🇸 🥉: Jake Johnson #5 🇺🇸 #XGames Minneapolis 2018
This is a less exciting to watch than Nascar. And I put Nascar under watching paint dry.
Kim O'Donnell Shufelt Jay Teal your calling?
This is a very specific event....
Oh look a paid commercial by a dying brand that cant keep up with the times
An American version of Speedway motorcycle racing
Really NOT representative of flat track racing!
Harley Davidson is the best!
Chad check out the flat track
When there is no football....
Mikayla Livingston lucky you're a vampire so you were awake anyway, these things are loud
David Meyer heck yeah!
Def my kind of racing thanks Bryce Maurer
H-D Needs to step it up them Indians are crushing them?😫
Dennis Glass
Brad Utterback
Luke Evans
Levi Schoeman Karl Herman Sean Gwillim
Robert Be
Nick Giordano
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Sue Bird has officially played in the most games in WNBA history.

The real record should be the person who has watched the most WNBA games. That takes dedication and probably about $20.
All the men hating on this post would not score a single bucket against Sue Bird 1 on 1
That's nice, now give her a $30 million dollar contract. The WNBA is an economically viable corporation. #equalpay #equaltalent #billiondollarindustry #facetiouspost
Now go whip up 500 sandwiches.
Career 38% three shooter 85% free throws 5.5 assists and 1.3 steals. Tell me she wouldn't make a difference in the NBA too
I'm here just to see the angry responses to the sandwich jokes.
Serious question, In 25 years is the WNBA still around?
Here’s history for ya. For 24 years, I haven’t watched one game, the fewest in history
500, the same number of people that watched it live.
If she plays a game and no one was there to witness it...... Did it actually happen?
I don't understand. Is masculinity so fragile that men have to flock to a WNBA article to make fun of the league and women's sports in general? We get it...'gurlz R teh sux!'. Great. Point made. Why not appreciate the athletic ability of these women and the fact they are given an avenue to display it?
Congrats to Sue bird daughter of legendary Celtic Larry Bird. So inspirational. Plus her batting average is outstanding. Can't wait to see her in the rink next season
I used to laugh at the jokes on the WNBA, but its getting old now. If you don't watch it, why comment?
Respect! These women can play! Time to start treating them, like the professional athlete's that they are!
It's a sad thing to see how this sport has going downhill. They look more like they bout to play soccer than basketball. It's look likecompanies said" you either show my logo on jersey, or burn the WNBA down. But what do I know🐸🍵
The WNBA is a quality league. But, I just think it should be played during actual basketball season. Most of us had no idea their season was even going on right now. We are all thinking NFL and college football, MLB, and maybe PGA Tour right now.
Would be nice if they’d bring back the logos on the jerseys instead of these companies being represented
22 years and only 7 triple doubles! Just shows you how much of a GARBAGE league this is! ESPN and #nba should just stop trying to make this irrelevant!
It’s crazy how little press coverage she gets for playing at such a high level for so long. Hopefully with the growth of the NBA the WNBA will become more popular and players like her can be household names.
The WNBA is watched so little, they’ve completely erased even having the team names on their jerseys and resorted to advertisements. Lol
Seriously, no one cares. Thats why womens sports are played in the summer when nothing else is happening. This wouldn't even be post worthy any other time of year
So why do we still live in the age where guys think the only thing women are good for is making sandwiches?
All the guys that hate this you won’t last one on one against her lmaoo
.....yea, but how many sandwich's has she made?
So what? Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago
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President Zlatan? 🤔

Who would you rather have for president. Trump or Zlatan? Like for trump Haha for Zlatan
Americans get mad when they see Z make a statement like this..but seeing who our president is it’s a realistic dream for anyone.
I love how no one has pointed out that you have to be a natural born American citizen in order to be president.
Still better than the current Orange one...
I have never even heard of this clown
Zlatan doesn't become president, President becomes Zlatan.
Who is this guy? Foreigners can’t be president anyhow
For the egg heads that think soccer is nothing in the states you might want to do some fact checks. That being said give it another 8 years especially when the World Cup is back in the USA and hand egg will be a thing of the past. As baseball already is. Basketball is the only thing that will compete with the beautiful game . There’s a reason why it’s the most popular sport in the world and it’s taking over 😉!
Don't you have to be born in America to become president of the US 🤔
No he wouldn’t, more than half the sports fans in America don’t know who you are bc soccer is not king in America. It is probably the 7th most popular sport in the US behind dodgeball and quidditch. + the whole immigrant thing
But still better than a D.Trump😂
Suppose Nancy sees me coming out of the shower and decides to come on to me. I'm looking good, got a luscious V of hair going through my chest pubes down to my ball fro. She takes one look at me and goes, " Oh, my God, I've had the old bull, now I want the young calf," and she grabs me by the weiner.
Yea OK whatever, Soccer aint that big in this country so you ain't that important and also you have to be born here to be president.
LeBron is only a king. Zlatan came in a king and left a legend. For those that don't know who he is, he says your not important enough to know who I am. They wanted Zlatan I gave them Zlatan.
Soccer sucks it's a communist activity filled with athletic want a one can score in 90 minutes ties. Offsides rule is comunist. It's the biggest particapation trophy activity ever. Although the actors that come out this bs is amazing plus who can deny the miracle water. But above all its embrassing to call it a sport. Marshall MJ Jones
yet.. galaxy is in 4th place.. really changing the game huh? k. tell that to the 3 other teams ahead of them, not including eastern conference teams with more points.
Dude chill, your tips in the 5th rated sport in the country! I am not even sure you out rate the WNBA for viewers!
Lol David Beckham already beat him on his own beat lol. Why do these wash up soccer player come to mls lol because they can’t dominant oversea anymore with them elite soccer players they come dominate in the minor league of soccer that is in mls
He’s representing Herbalife with its hyped voodoo health claims and a questionable pyramid scheme practice. Sure, he’s qualified to be president.
Am I the only one who thinks he’s talking about the United States soccer presidency, not presidency of the country? Though it is Zlatan so who knows.
He'd be wasting his talent at MLS if he was here. Good thing he stayed in Europe.and played for some of the best clubs in the world.
Reading some ppl comments. Like yeah I get it you have to be born in the US to be president. Want a cookie? It was imo more of a joke.. more so saying he is a beast in football. And yes "soccer" is not that popular in the US but that can change and I hope it does
Z didn’t change American soccer culture. The response, and way Atlanta United plays as a newer club changed it.
Neon, if not for the law about being born in America....and being a minimum of 45 yrs old, he's right
Wtf is he on about? Really it’s getting annoying every time he opens his mouth just play and shut up. Jorge Arroyo