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Celebrate with caution.

Tony Battalio Like this pic of my dog for no reason
Louis Erickson III Ya'll see the thirsty girl walking by in the back?
Tom Rosenfield Eric Phillips the gap has turned into a trench
Ken Knight All the water, gatorade, tackling, f-ing stupid. I've played basketball , baseball, and football....lots of celebrations without stupidity.
Anthony Pac Cruz I don't care what anyone says, Meredith is 100% to blame for this nonsense. I don't know what she did, or how she did it but that look on her face has the answer written all over it....
Tanya Nulik Steadman Is that a tooth??? Look on the blue of the seat in the stands you don't see anything & then a little white things is flying in the air.
Sean Javery Jimmy Collins haha and lucus duda is off of the Mets. Today is a good day
Vinny Candaffio Seriously though, remember what happened to Kendrys Morales a few years ago
Marcell Greenway Corey Reimer what are the odds?!
Greg Heitman You know ESPN, I feel like this Facebook post is another small yet important example of how your content has been on the decline for the past few years. I'm a die hard New York Yankees fan. Tonight, they had a game that went 11 innings and Brett Gardner, who is a leader on this team and is having one of his statistically best seasons ever, blasted a walk off homer into the right field seats. This is an incredibly exciting moment for not only of the biggest sports teams and markets in the sport and country, but an exciting moment for a team that started off hot, was struggling, and is now on another good streak with this awesome walk off win added to the mix. instead of reporting that out, however, you have to share to your followers a meaningless video about the POSTERBOY AARON JUDGE and how he got his tooth knocked out celebrating. You take away from brett gardner and the rest of the team, and you take away from the MOMENT of a big baseball win and the allure that it has by making stupid posts like this to get clicks and likes because it will go "viral" in the same vein as something like a gif on the internet or a TMZ story. ESPN is slowly deteriorating with its content being focused on things like this, and is doing harm to baseball in general in this way and others.
Jacob Moore He's the only one tall enough to chip his tooth on top of someone's head
Samuel Losoya
Josh Foltz I can still remember Kendrys Morales breaking his leg on home plate after hitting a walk off grandslam. Huge blow since the Angels were sick that year.
Bobby Joyce They should just line up in a line for high fives. I'd imagine you can break your jaw on a helmet? Don't know, haven't tried but could have ended worse.
Joey Caldwell Jon Bonilla you blocked me for no reason lmao you angry weird little boy
Cameron Travis Juan Chavez maybe if he was just a little taller
Kim Young Meredith Marakovits just walking by looking like she is in a music video !
Alex Wentis Derek Smigiel good thing we didn't celebrate our victory! I like my teeth!
George Saburit III Man that face is already busted lol
George Murphy See that blond?
Chris Guthart Maybe he can get his Michael strahahan gapped fixed as well 😂
Ronnie Milo I'm a Yankee fan but does every walk off win have to be celebrated as if they are Kirk Gibson winning game 1 of the WS?
Josh Mouat Meanwhile, the Aaron Judge celebration tooth sells on eBay for $4k
Andrew Lewis theres a huge gap in right field there, almost as big as judge's gap now
Marco Antonio Rojas 🗣Hey girl catch this helmet ... 😖 shoot I missed it .. girls :: ummm is ok babe I can fix that for ya in the locker room
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Like brother, like brother.

Julian Mobley Man.. we gon have to deal with this family for the next 20 some odd years?? Jus fu,kin kill me now
Jon Klinger Why are y'all hating so much? Jealous of a kid having fun playing basketball ? Like it or not the ball family is making basketball fun again if you can't beat them join them you look dumb hating on kids. 😂
Damon George And take the L. He might be a good player, but he is too short (might get a growth spurt still), and I'm afraid that he got a scholarship offer bc of his big brother. Hopefully his Dad doesn't mess it up for him. Lavars act is getting played out. Zion was the real draw at this game...
Gerrett Johnson Reading these comments are disturbing and disappointing!!! I pray this Young man reach his goals! The hold family!! It's a powerful movement to see Lavar Ball lead his children in that direction to fulfill their goals!!
Robert Lind He is the next Lebron
Michael Richardson Hating on a 15 year old kid. Your lives must suck!
Edward Contreras Watched both line stream games of the BBB team so far this week and here is my assessment. Lamelo is a great talent and has a feel for the court that you would expect from a much older, more experienced player. Unfortunately his defense is also that of a much older player. The BBB team work their collective butts off on defense which is awesome, it's also the reason they are competitive even against much bigger teams. If Lamelo would stop jacking up shots from 30 feet out he wouldn't have the abysmal FG% that he currently has in AAU competition. He needs to attack the basket more and keep his team involved, not only passing when it will result in an assist. Lavar (or someone) has those kids playing hard all game, they also seem to be in better condition than the teams they play. Lavar is not a good X's and O's coach, you can tell from his demeanor during timeouts, he's too busy complaining to the refs to fix the holes I'm his press and offensive sets.
Reggie Robinson All the hate that this kid is receiving is crazy. All this kid does is go out and play the game he loves at a pretty high level. You grown folks should be ashamed. Some of you actually hoping these kids fail. If they fail they may be the ones the shoot you in the back.. karma is B!t@h remember that!
Ron Kneemence Why is this even news
Josh Burton Juan Covarrubias this caption is so bad 💀 it reminds me of that headline "The name is Bond, James Rodriguez"
Kelly Kell Omg a HS kid scored 38 points WOW JUST WOW OMG LIKE WOW!!!!
JaclynStacy Hale Since when is 13 for 31 good at any level? I was average at best and could shoot better than that. It would be like me saying my boys hit .450 in baseball as a sophomore in high school and suggesting he is Mike Trout. Doesn't work that way. Be better @ESPN Your desperate. If the kid proves himself to be worthy then long term then we can talk about it then.
Howard Rodriguez This family is constantly in sports news Chris Matysuk at first cause of dad but these kids making some headlines to think we might have to professionally watch these kids for next 15-20yrs
Thomas Pruim On how many shots? If you shoot 50 shots a game, you better put up those numbers. All I see is an inefficient player.
John F Pflaum STOP Covering High School Sports! ! !
Loren Wesley Again ESPN!? Why r u making a big f'n deal outta nothing? Its sickening! 😝
Daniel Hernandez Since when do you follow high school basketball so closely?
Steve DeVere It's amazing how much Espn loves posting about this family. This week Espn has dropped more about aau basketball more times than in their entire existence. Unless it's an actual televised sporting event, I can't even watch Espn anymore. Zero entertainment value.
Jose Gonzalez He has a good feel for the game. He can finish with both hands, he's probably gonna grow another inch or two. They just have to take that green light mentality away.. pulling up from half court wtf .
Marlon Gaines Almost gets triple double? Almost does not count. Either he got one or he didn't. Sheesh ya dying in July huh?
Jonathan Megna Stop complaining guys. You guys are the reason why ESPN posts about the Ball family. If you ignore them, it will go away. Unless you like complaining and want more Ball
Brandon Marcel If you are going to cover non championship high school basketball games with such gusto, is middle school golf and private school polo next on the agenda
Andrew Truckenmiller Quinn Bauer LaMelo could be a star player in college as well we the NBA in a few years. He's like the Tyus of the LA area both getting offers and a lot of hype at a young age.
James Taylor Forcing very selfish shots, taking 85 shots a game and pretty much ignoring your teammates because daddy wants and thinks you can win every game single handedly, yeah, you should have 38 pts!!
José Omar Moncada O He missed a lot of shots! Why don't you say that. He's been playing for himself and not for the team. That's why basketball is more of a show right now than it was win the 80s - 90s
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To many adults in the room, Ball has stolen the joy from youth basketball.

To his young supporters in Las Vegas and beyond, he’s returned it.

Thomas Caldwell no one cares about this IDIOT he is going to ruin his kids lifes
Bel Obeso Wait for the day Lakers will eat nothing but dust..they will be murdered in the play-off by less favored team in the west. Much more by the Warriors in the next 5 years.. Humbug!!!
Jordan Pruitt Over 75,000 people were watching his son play against Zion last night via live stream, zions game tonight didn't even get 1/4 of those numbers. That should tell you something.
Xander Washington Remember when ESPN wasn't obsessed with the Kardashians of basketball? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Shawn Theman McAfee Sr. People really don't know most of the things he say he is really just joking to get a reaction.
Gerrett Johnson I really love what this man is doing and have done so far!! I see disgruntled people that hate to see other people do well in life! Any man or woman should always be happy for someone that is doing well and Doing right by people! Especially young kids who need some type of direction!! This man have taken care of his family and provided an outlet for his children to Be successful and rich!!
Joshua Brewer By the way ESPN has posted 44 articles in the last 12 hours. 2 of those have been about the Ball family. The reason you all only see Ball articles on your feed is because it's the most liked and commented of all 44 by a large margin. But keep commenting "stop with the ball love affair" and adding angry face emoji reactions and it will keep coming up. If all of You actually cared about "real sports" articles like you claim to, there would be more than 60 reactions on other articles. Y'all retarded.
Trenton Bush Lavar actually gives back to his community; even more to our youth... Lavar Ball for mayor !!! .... No, too early??! 👀👀👀
Jason Dent With a father that acts like he's his lotto ticket and he's so beat into submission that he accepts dad's wannabe reality? Yeah, lets encourage kids emulate that.
Holly Cobble Whether people like him or not...move on ESPN. I don't follow "LaVar"; I follow ESPN so let's make more than 10% of your articles about actual sports and not the Ball family.
Kevin Biesty This joker is the biggest clown in sports history! Please stop helping stupid people become rich and famous when they have no talents or brains worthy of any type of notoriety.
James Berryman ESPNWhy do you hate so much on Lavar Ball? He's a teacher, leader, and role model to some. Why is it that ESPN for thr most part hates on Lavar? Is it because you don't makr any $ off of BBB? #LavarBall #LaMeloisaStarinthemaking #stopHating
Steven Mouser This guy talks up his kids as if they are the greatest basketball players to step on the court. Sounds like a proud and good dad to me. If I had the platform, I would speak of my children the same way. He sees endless potential in his children. We need more fathers like that.
Richard Rico Forsman The style of ball they teach and gun, either a layup or jack a three..and absolutely NO defense. May as well teach it because thats exactly what the NBA is becoming.
Vince Ruffo Lavar Ball is awesome!!! He's better than ESPN because unlike ESPN he is entertaining and makes me laugh out loud, literally!! His appearances are fun, his comments are out of this world but entertaining, and he really genuinely loves his kids. Haters hate because they can't duplicate!!
Brent Middleton I'm still waiting to hear from people what this guy has done wrong! He has raised his boys and is helping them to some measure of success. He coaches other youth, and gives them similar support. I have yet to see where this guy has done anything crimi
Aten Williams In a game to 100 total 3 pointers the quickest would you take 3 on 4 Steph/Seth/Dell Curry or Lavar/Lonzo/Liangelo/Lamelo Ball?
Brad DePaul He is cocky. But he's real to. People can't handle people being themselves. Hell look at our president. People don't like him but he's being real. Not that I agree with it. But no one can say he's not being real
Gerardo Olmos Well if espn eats this up. Then when my kid has a chance to go professional expect me to di the same to get the attention. If lavar can do it so can anyone.
David Keefer So it was ok for him to take his kids off the court while winning because he didn't like a tech on him. He taught his team if you don't like something just quit it ok.
Daniel Clemons ESPN must have a marketing deal with this guy for him to get so much attention for being a nobody riding his kids shadows.
Juan DelaCruz He stormed off and removed his team because he got a tech for cursing in front of the kids at a Ref... Wow ESPN is really DickRiding LaVar 😐 Mr. Metcalf why excuse him for that? Even making black culture a joke... Wtf ?
Lee Gates Guy loves his kids and knows how to pull in money. Not a fan personally, but he knows what he's doing.
Jamel Townes Lavar is a genius, Lavar is wholesome. Lavar is a national treasure.
Jvon Wallace To all y'all hating on Lavar Ball "stay in yo lane."
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Over in Aussie Rules Football, something incredible is happening.

Tom Manu Does anyone outside Australia even know what this is? Aussie rules absolutely sucks! Probably why only Australians play it.
Ian Wilz I wish AFL was still shown on ESPN like the early days. Really got into it a decade ago when I spent time ski instructing down there.
Geoffrey Shenefield Aussie rules football used to be shown all the time late nights on weekends on ESPN. Now we just get stupid poker games and drone racing...
Matty Croucher Mitch have the bombers ever been on ESPN
Ken McElhaney 'bout time you guys at ESPN noticed. This season has also experienced some stunning games, making it one of the best in the past decade.
Tom Campbell Just stop, ESPN.
Josh Kimbell I like watching the All Blacks play so I'm curious about this as well!
Ian Wilz Better than Lavar Ball and the drama in Cleveland.
Michael Aneser Sydney's defense has been off the charts as well lately
Joey Nault How do you have a 48.7% chance at 0-0 lol
Brett Adum adelaide crows or die
Adam Easton Better than WWE. Thank you.
Gavin Loge What does this have to do with lavar ball though?
Fav Chalatenanguense I was hoping someone saved me a click.
Kalani RC Revier West Coast Eagles better pick up the pace!
Jason Banta Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...
Mike Rykaczewski Timothy Wong Justin Lrnr my team is doing so good!
Adam Johnston Chandler Sease
Chris Lesley Jesse Brown
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Vince Lombardi would be proud.

Will Wheaton One of the best and most unknown traditions #GoPackGo
Oscar Hills IV Boycott the NFL #Kaepernick Join Kaepernick at
Trina BMar More sensible than a Rolls Royce... ✌🏽
Gary Gelder BEST training camp tradition EVVVVVER
Anthony Leno Sr. The Packers are still an horrible organization and have the Most overrated QB... I hate Brady but Brady is 100x better than injury prone Rodgers and Rodgers is a cheater
Mike Gallo In other news - Some jackA$$ rolled into practice with a chauffeur in a Rolls Royce- #COWBOYS
George Mota
Tony Gutierrez The Pittsburgh Steelers are arriving by limos, firetrucks, the Packers are arriving by bicycle & the Dallas Cowboys are arriving by Stage Coach!
Austin Alexander Must've run out of checks to give
Hamza Ali Ahmad, Naresh Meanwhile people pull up in Rolls Royce🤔
D.O. Wilmoth Thought GBP would have updated this tradition like their O/D schemes.
Jordan Aguilar Little known fact: they keep the bikes
Christian Cheech Lomeli
Alex Jeffers Greatest franchise
Andrew Novotny Miami fan here, this is so freakin cool......
Jonny Lopez
Richard Montgomery Raider fan here, but gotta respect tradition
Leigh Radatz Attention, Antonio Brown!!
Jace Hartman Go Pack go!
Mitch Ryan #GPG
TBI Support & Awareness Where are your helmets? #tbiawareness
Kathie Wheatley Simple healthy entrance
Timothy Abell 😊
Reef'r Don Taylor
Chris Willette F*** the packers
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Curtis Granderson wasn't ready to let go of Lucas Duda ... literally.

Scott Kutschbach niceeee didn't even know mets traded duda....bad trade for mets haha
Amanda Shaffer Well if Curtis needs a new wrestling buddy, I'm available. Jus sayin.. 💆🏻
Scott Landing Bring back Ike Davis!
Amanda Fuentes Sad to see him go , he was with the Mets for 10 years. Say what you want , the Mets have always been a very home like family oriented emotional team
Morgan LeClair As history has shown, Mets players don't take too well to the idea of being traded.
Ryan Williams Granderson should've never left detroit
Matt McNulty Duda was a good guy, he'll be missed
William Mcquoid What did we get in return?
Peter Doucette Grandy won't be far behind him.
Mauricio De La Cruz This is funniest thing I've seen all day
Dustin Musick Alex Stead when you have to swing
Henry Moses Ardon Duda sucks. Dude bats like .230 the Mets did good by getting rid of him
Curtis Olexa Hilarious
Arm Jesus Hung It's only the beginning
Eric Mills Met fan here! I was.
John Loggs Sann Antonio Granderson is next
Robert Beagle Where is he going?
Mario Ricaldi Ahhh !!!! Come back Lucas!!!!
David Ward Duda will be missed good player. 👏.
Maria C. Cruz I hate goodbyes too.. Kathy Mennona
Albert Destrade Abel Perez
Gerald Anthony Laur Marie
Sean McCarthy Christina McCarthy
Atse Theodros Matt Gasiorowski
Pharaoh Graham Will Badenhausen
ESPN9 hours ago

Brutal. 😂

Morgan LeClair My dad beaned me in a batting practice session because I crowded the plate too much, I know your pain man.
Gabriel Coralat Lavar never got the chance to block lonzo's shot when he was 3 cause he really sucks.
Brandon Parks Try having your dad still beating you at hide and go seek. 19 years later and still cant find him
Camden Sheffield Just like how the NBA blocked his trade to LA
Jared Camara Its how you learn. I'm good at basketball because my older brother would never let me score and he would call double dribbles on me until I would cry. I was like 8 years old and didnt even know what double dribbling was.
Kyle McLaughlin make him learn to create angles
Darrell Henry Don't make his son get Western Conference Finals involved. Paul doesn't know how to handle it cause he's never been in one 🤣🤣🤣.
Abdirahman Omar Thats nothing. I block my future sons from seeing the day of light by putting on a condom before I have sex.
Wiji Fullon Valencia that is how you make a great player! show them no mercy, dont tolerate them, let them learn!
Jonathan Vinh Too bad Kobe Bryant steph curry don't have this luxury
Nicholas Aaron Holland-Reed Lol must be still mad at MJ for not missing a shot to give kids free pair of his shoes at his camp
Cody Phillip Carmona My dad threw me in the deep end when i was 7 years old
Scott E P Forman The son will learn from this and will end up being an nba superstar.
Kevin Wojtek Welcome to #HTown! Just lucky lonzo wasn't there cuz he's the bestest evar!
Jeremy Gallup As a father you're always gonna block ur son its too easy!
Dan Molden And he's better for it
Michael Richardson Never let someone beat you. My son will earn victory. Never given!
Rome Barnes O now u wanna play defense gtfo
Gail Grieco This is having fun and learning
Nicholas Watson CP3 is all about winning
Soraya NY No mercy, real life.
Bryan Sirota CP3 Jr. a future Clipper!! haha
Zach Strong Nick Strong I fully expect you to do this to your kid
Richard Andrade As he should
David Ryan Kniseley He gone learn today.
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This high schooler's dunk had CP3 up off the bench →

Scott Turner If you think his reaction is more important than the dunk then obviously it wasn't that good, or you just suck at your jobs, considering how many people you've been laying just sayin
Ryan Mcneill Triplett NBA players at HS games? When did this happen? Pretty cool for the young guys though.
Craig Reynolds You know what's a better highlight than watching Chris Paul be impressed? Actually seeing the play that impressed him.
Stephen Michael Murray I thought that was gonna be better than it was. Pretty basic.
Johnny Dhermy Actually this guy has a sad story. He suffers from a rare condition known as Pneumoniae perfecta. When he was young, his mother told him he was worthless and abandoned him at a hospital. He grew up in an orphanage and was bullied for his looks but he always tried to stay positive. He told himself that he would always believe in himself and achieve his dreams, no matter what others said. When he got older, I completely made this story up and you've wasted your time reading this.
Lee Fullmer Former basketball star here. It's so refreshing to see these young kids play their best game. They try very hard and I respect it very much. As a legendary high school star that I was, it's very humbling to see kids that were almost as good as I was before my injury. It's like they're my sons.
Nicolas Deanda Look at the kid in the hat and the kid in the yellow shirt reaction!!! 🤣😂
Marcus Ramírez It's cool because he's a Rocket now! 😉
Travis James Schmitter I refuse to click, someone describe in detail how great this dunk was.
Zachary Vorwerck Thought we'd see the dunk lol. Just got CP cheering. Alright cool a link. Doesn't work lol.
Benjamin Harris Headline should be "Defender gives up on block. Allows easy dunk. CP3 in attendance."
Ray Fett Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fell asleep before I even started to watch it the high will never end for ESPNBA
John Bolstridge I watched the video 3 times and never saw a dunk... just some random guy in a black shirt waving his arms and yelling
James Wallace This is the same guy who gets hyped over picking up the 7 pin for a spare.
Marcus A French Breaking News: Chris Paul torn hammy, out indefinitely
Nicholas Smith Why would they post the bit of Chris Paul instead of the dunk?! Who cares what reaction CP3 had?!
Steve Baumley CP3 is looking like Kevin Hart.... Same little features and tiny black outfit and movements... LOL
Nick Mirra Strong dunk...nothing special, the defender was scared and didn't really contest it.
Wyatt J. Coté The kids in the background deserve a nod too! Hahaha
Christopher Tamucci Soooo can we see the dunk?
Kyle Isbell So the reaction is more important than the dunk?
Kyle Young
David Hughes Zion, had to be lol.
Christian Cheech Lomeli
Anthony Ray Hill Jr.
ESPN11 hours ago

"O.J. will not be a part of our functions."

Montclair Patricio But according to our justice system he is not guilty so why the fuss?!?!
Temar Sims If you're cool with OJ getting off for murder, then you cool with this guy as well.
Stephen O'Brien I'd love to see him try and kick O.J. Off that very public campus!
Matt Gilles I'm sure Ohio State would welcome him as one of their own. #goblue
Chris Crandall I bet he feels like someone gutted him with a knife....
Jason Lynch We'll take him back on the Bills. He'd probably be our best player.
Dontee Jones Don't want him to mingle with the other felons on campus?
Fav Chalatenanguense What's worst? That the NMAAHC (African American Museum in Wash. DC) doesn't have any mention of OJ displayed or the fact that Kaepernick donated a signed jersey and the museum still has not displayed it?!?
Aaron Rodefer
Chris Goodwin Hmm seems like the coach just said he wouldn't be invited to football activities such as practices so where did all this talk of "campus" come from? ESPN you do know there is more to a campus than just a football stadium right?
Austin Alexander How racist!
Demontez Fisher I don't think he was planning on coming there. He's just happy to be almost free 😂
James Presutti He is 70 ppl...let him ride off to Mexico...He no longer is relevant.He knows not to attend HOF Weekend in Canton, Ohio.He needs to lay down n chill for whatever is left.
Miesha Parrish I'm sure O.J. Simpson visiting USC is the last thing on his mind.
Anthony Mcclain Like that's what he was dreaming of for nine years to go to usc, LMAO
Marcus A French If I was OJ, this would make me so angry I would just want to kill someone
Doug Baileey Sorry as your team is you should be happy anyone even thought about yall
Brian Nguyen Why is his jersey up at the colosium & they have his heisman he won on display then?
Craig Smith That just shows how well our criminal rehabilitation system works in the eyes of the public
Gary Russell It does not matter. He will be way too busy tracking down the leads he has uncovered on the murderer of his wife and friend.
Ross Christian USC acting brand new Like they weren't a mess the past couple years. Steve was an alcoholic, Pete Carroll was a liar, Lane was a loser (no really, he lost a lot). Not to mention the Hero who saved his "nephew " 😂
Nicole Ennix OJ needs to go sit down somewhere! He needs to just stay out of public view, including USC! Hopefully, he will take his $5 million pension that he still has and live out the remainder of his life in Florida or an island somewhere!
Dom Patete OJ got the shaft!...psychopathic murderers do not let themselves be insulted or made fun of....and OJ did a great job at that when he played Nordberg, in Naked gun......Aaron Hernandez looked like he was going to kill the whole team during his Pats Hazing.
Ike Okoye In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.
Allen W Kvamme Not judging him as a good person. But you can't deny the talent. He was one of the greatest players that went to USC. They wouldn't have the rep they have if it wasn't for him coming from USC. Good football player, maybe not a good person. Big difference.
ESPN11 hours ago

Kevin Durant isn't just there for vacation.

Isaiah Greathouse Racists hate LaVar Ball and his kids. They hate a strong black father like LaVar yet at the same time talk about black kids not having strong black fathers. You just can't win with these Trump supporters can you.
Aaron Rodefer
Nick Peiffer
Thanh Phan Let's hope dude doesn't get bitten by a cobra 🐍, Karma
Mike Smith
Matt McLaughlin Durant looking to join to Cricket team once he heard how dominant they are.
Danny Campos He's there's to judge the cupcake competition
Peter Daniel Mulenga In India they love "snakes"
Kourtney L. Terry
Jerron Harris He's looking for another 73 win team to join.....
Joshua Ray Schmidgall And people care why?
Ivan Caldera
Troy Gann Not the best face of the NBA to send over there..
Tom Hunyady Love the Morrissey shirt!
JO Bernard Teach the men not to rape
Ronen Huang Snakes are liked in India. Lol
Robert Dean Cobras 🐍 over India
James Lee Haygood Mani Dhaliwal
Jenny Kaur Ankit Patel
Dean Cannestra Raihan Bal
ESPN11 hours ago

Kirkpatrick wants a special place for his over 700 (!!) pairs of shoes.

John Garcia I remember when women had shoe collection.... Earrings, necklaces, rings, shoe collection..... Hhmmmmm
Ďřë Şmøøvě ESPN 30 for 30 "am broke"
Samuel Parker I love shoes, especially basketball shoes, I admit, but these athletes... 700? Most of us probably couldn't name 700 different pairs of shoes, even of we're counting different colorways
Tracy Alderson No wonder why some of these cats demand so much money. Apparently, they need shoes, and lots of them. Retirement savings? No!!! I want shoes!
Mike Taylor Shows that these guys make way too much money.
Chase Roark He has to fill it up with something. Sure ain't gonna be super bowl trophies.
Nathaniel L. Robinson Haven't played a good game yet tho where your focus fella
Tyler Vincent Broke in 10 years I bet
Eric Bethke And this is why majority of athletes go bankrupt.....
Matt Auffrey Random fact: Nas wrote Gettin Jiggy Wit It for Will Smith
Tyler Homerick You need a special closet for your shoes Mike Woods lol
Thomas Dohm I think he needs to find "a special place" for whatever is alive in his hair.
David Hasemann This is the best you got, ESPN?
Joe Manzi Then when he goes bankrupt we'll see him on a 30 for 30 and people feel bad
Santos Cardona Thug
Mike Familetti
Dan Noviski Horrible story who gives a fook!
Temar Sims A bunch of women and their shoes.
Mike Cad Help a young business owner out and follow @capitalbst on IG
Shauna Marie Such a girl.
Tim Davis And this is why you bengels will be a 3rd place teem.
Brandon Crawford This guy needs a special place for a financial advisor.
Dakota Rayy Here come the "he could donate some to the poor" people.
Aaron Ahrens
Michael Boresow How about donating 500 pairs for kids that might need them?