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Houston Texans rookie Lonnie Johnson Jr. paid for the funeral of a 14-year-old boy from his hometown.

Lonnie says he has lost a lot of people close to him and that he just wants to help out 🙏

No father should witness his son's funeral, none. My condolences to the family.
I want to say a good story but horrible that a 14 year old passed away but bless Lonnie for doing what he did.
Prayers for the family. But this dude is 💯. Much respect to him to go out of his way and do that.
Perhaps if the public heard more stories like this instead of AB drama etc, support for the NFL and its players would increase. God bless the family and Lonnie Johnson for his selfless giving.
good job for this man.. but the Jaguars are still winning the AFC South! so.....
It seems to me that the Houston Texans have a knack for drafting players of good character.
See THIS is what should be talked about in the media more often. THIS is a true example of a professional athlete. ESPN less AB more about this man.
This man isn’t a high paid player either. Great thing to do young man. You will be blessed for this. #Texans
The Texans are putting all the other teams to shame. First Hopkins now Lonnie. Much respect to him and condolences to the family
Pure class from this young man. Terrible circumstances to have to do something so caring but amazing on his part. Not a Texans fan but I’m definitely a fan of this man after this!💯
Lonnie KNOWS where he came from! Kudo's to him! Hope he has a very successful and productive season!!
So much respect for the maturity of this young man opening up his heart and giving back to society......
That's awesome in his first year he already helping out
Great gesture from a young man. Unfortunately it's for the worst occasion. Stay blessed kid.
Heck yes the kid drowning was big news in my area. Even though Lonnie is from my high school arch nemesis respect for doing this for the kids family
Wow. Gary, Indiana is no joke. Dangerous place. Props to this guy for not only doing a great gesture, but for making it to the big leagues out of such a tough environment. 👍🏻✌🏻
Good for him but he needs to stop spending HIS money on his old community. That’s how you retire broke
And he probably doesn’t want you to post about it. Real people move in silence.... let this man be.
Bigger than sports no child should be buried by their parent.
That’s pure respect and a giving man right there. All these athletes complaining about not making enough or they deserve more because they think they are the best. That’s money talk. Use your money in a respectful way man. Do it for causes. Portion your money to the disabled children that can’t be a star like these complaining greedy players. This man Lonnie is a one of few good hearted athletes out there that will continue to give
They pay the big bucks to the wrong people .. , RIP mate his playing for you and your family
Athletes in the position financially to do so, should follow this man’s lead. Job well done sir! ✊🏽
If he grew up in Gary, I understand. I don't live there but I've heard stories.
Mature beyond his years, what a gentleman for doing that! Certainly made a fan of me and I hope with helping this financial burden the parents can have one less negative from this tragedy.
"When u realize u did more cousins than Kevin"
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After signing a $30M guaranteed contract in March, Antonio Brown now is facing the possibility of making $158K in 2019.

(h/t Field Yates)

"Yeah, I seented AB do all that stuff, your honor"
I never thought that I would make more money than Antonio Brown in a year... and by I, I mean me and my fiance. And by year, I mean 2018 and 2019 combined.
I made 27 bucks on a 30 dollar bill while serving last night feeling pretty good about that
I would be happy with the $158!
I love how $158,333 is just said like it’s not an amazing salary for most people.
AB-"I dont need football. I'm an entrepreneur. I'm involved in stuff outside of football that makes more than football can give me." NFL-prove it.
He has been released by 12.5% of the entire AFC this season.
I'd love to make $158k in a year.
I'm happy when I make $158 bucks a day 🤣
Man that's tough. I make 70k working 60 hours a week all year. Dude will only make 3 times that and he worked really really hard that one game.
Congrats to Antonio Brown for being undefeated as a Raider and a Patriot.
When your face is beat as bad as the dolphins on a sunday
I wish I made 158k for nothing
What an amazing fall from grace. Will be interesting to see if he ever plays again.
I wish i could play one game and make $158K... not bad for a few hours of work. I can put Josh Gordon back in my lineup.
Antonio and kapernick can have some play dates now and watch games together.
A lot of people wish they made "only" $158k this year.
$158k ? How can he live off of that ? Thoughts and prayers....
Still More than what I have made in my entire life
He owes the Raiders $217k in fines still
I’d love to make $158,333 in a year
And I will shed zero tears
I hope he flips burgers in 2 years suffering because of being a pos
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A timeline of Antonio Brown’s last few months.

He’s done more in the last few months than I’ve done in my whole life!
Happy Gilmore just accomplished those feats no more than an hour ago.
All the talent in the world but continues to destroy what could have been a sure hall of fame career.
Y'all forgot, he started out the year as the first person booted off "The Masked Singer" That's three jobs he's been fired from this year
Let him be the example to those who are lucky enough to make the NFL. GOD gave him the gift and ability to be one of the best,instead of embracing it and being humble,he CHOOSE to boast etc and threw it all away......
Released from two different NFL teams in the span of 13 days. Think of how many guys are sitting on practice squads willing to suit up for one game. This is when his arrogance is truly noticed. Sad waste of talent, good luck in the XFL.
Patriots just dropped from Super Bowl favorites to Super Bowl favorite
I just love it when life teaches a man how to be humble and appreciate what he had..... this guy is just a plain and simple joke!
Antonio Brown is the fastest Patriot to go through New England since Paul Revere!! Lol
A timeline of Antonio Brown's last few months.
might I remind everyone, the Steelers got a 3rd and 5th round pick for this clown. Sounds pretty good about now doesn't it. 😜😜😜
I'm not the biggest Antonio Brown fan. But he needs to get help. All of that talent...
As a top fan, we are hoping this is the last of his timeline in the NFL.
Antonio Brown is catching more cases than passes this season
The NFL rigged the whole Antonio Brown saga from the time he was traded by the Steelers to the Raiders, and then released to be picked up by the Patriots. All to be shown as an example to the entire world, because Trump is office. Whoa D
Everyone is responsible for their own actions and the consequences of those actions. Look in the mirror AB because you are the only one to blame for your situation.
But undefeated as a Patriot!
But what has Lebron been up too?
I wonder will he make another video running all hysterical jumping up and down about being free?😅😅🤣
He needs to start practicing with Dancing with the Stars now it's all he's got left.
I'm a fan if Antonio Brown only because of his talents as a football player, however he needs to realize that every action causes a reaction. May be this will show him that his talents alone are not going to get him by. SMH All that talent being wasted because he's got personal issues that he needs to address.
Somehow josh Gordon lasted with the pats but not Antonio brown 😂😂
‪Just imagine being the fan(s) who bought ABs jerseys while he was with the raiders, and then patriots. 😂‬
Talent always seems to get extra opportunities in sports, but I can’t see anyone dealing with Brown again. I think he’s played his last game in the NFL.
Antonio Brown is still time best receiver in football
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Breaking: Antonio Brown's brief stint with the New England Patriots is over.

What a career! Undefeated as a Raider AND a Patriot. Congratulations, Antonio Brown!
As a Raider fan I truly hope he can see the light and correct his ways. “ For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” Matthew 16:26
And just another reason why the Steelers were thrilled to see him go!!
Former football star here, as a former great athlete myself, I understand the temptations of being great and maintaining excellence. I knew this when I considered going to the NFL, but I’ve been retired since 76. Brown and I had very similar skill sets. Reminds me a lot of myself during my exceptional career. But we played in different eras. I would be willing to mentor someone like him to have him become like me. Yes I was great and still feel a connection to today’s other NFL stars.
Patriots went from “We winning the Super Bowl” to “We winning the Super Bowl” in a matter of a week.
As a Patriot's fan I couldn't be happier. I hope he never plays again. People like him don't deserve the money and accolades.
I'm not stop...probably the NY Giants. Our wonderful team has not done enough stupid yet to kill any hope of success for the next couple of years.
I’m so thankful for everything that Antonio Brown has done for this organization. Retire that number!
Instead of the Pats scoring 30 points in the Super Bowl... now they will only score 27 points and still fall short to the New Super Bowl champs the Dallas Cowboys..
He could have been of the best ever had he acted more like Deandre Hopkins. He threw his legacy out the window with those antics.
Sad. HoF talent, but for whatever reason, made extremely poor choices in his personal life that eventually bled over to the professional. I hope he finds peace before it's too late.
Patriots should retire his jersey. True Patriot! God bless him
The perfect role model for young athletes to aspire not to be.
When Belichick walked away from his Friday press conference because too many AB questions, that was enough.
Tom Brady: Hey Josh! Josh Allen: Yeah Tom? Brady: I know someone who has changed his mind about not wanting to play in Buffalo and needs a job now. Allen: No thanks. I like having a receiver named Brown who I can pass deep to rather than having a receiver named Brown who makes unwanted passes at other people.
As a Raiders Fan I’m happy about this
Thanks AB! I traded Edelman thinking it was going to take away from his targets with Gordon and Dorsett also in the mix.
Yesterday I traded away Antonio Brown for Tyreek Hill. #fantasyfootballwhisperer
I want to see the people that bought his jersey
will he still live with Tom and family?
This dude can’t act right can he one clear cut example of a spoiled overpaid brat who was never grateful for his god given talents
Antonio Brown, the gift that keeps on giving
When the New England Patriots think you’re a bad guy, maybe it’s time to stop and reassess things.
You done messed up, when the patriots release you for "Morality reasons" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Patriots paid Antonio Brown 10m for one game and it was against the dolphins. What a move 😂
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That look you give when your parents are also brother and sister.....
When your girlfriend breaks up with you and says "but you're still my favorite brother"
When your girl broke up with you but she said yall can still be cousins...
Just a heads up unless you didn’t know.
The face of cousins offspring!
My grandpa and my dad have something in common. They're the same person.
In case y’all didn’t know
Baker mayfields cooler more laid back brother
When Uncle Daddy tells you that Auntie Momma can’t make it to your birthday.
Wasn’t that the dude that said “hEy yOu gUYs” in the movie??? You were good in that!
When your uncle says “ let’s go play in the basement”
Nobody: 5th graders when they touch the door frame:
Yes lol. Then on Sunday
A new Deliverance Re-Boot in the making....starring as the Boy playing the Banjo:
I came here for the Felipe roasts and it is glorious.
“Y’all got any of dem fried taters?” Mhmm
Because of a damaged screen I can't see what is there in the picture, but from reading the comments I can easily deduce that the wedding was fantastic and everyone had a really good feast. I wish the couple a happy married life. Thank you.
ya'll clownin, but the impact he left here on the Palouse will never be forgotten #GOCOUGS
Felipe is a dolphins Fan!
"I like crushing White Claw cans on my head and botox lip injections."
Feel like this guy is being shoved in our face . ESPN be like “Look! This guys good! He has a cool mustache, he looks like uncle Rico and did we mention he has a cool mustache?”
When your cousins mom is also your mom
When your cousin Billy Ray is looking super cute in them Wranglers
Has Felipe taken over Facebook yet?
Any dolphin fans?
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Sunday's Baltimore Ravens–The Kansas City Chiefs game might just be the start of something great.

Let them show us that they can stay consistent before we crown them. I feel like every couple of years we hear this. Rg 3 and Andrew luck perfect example😂😂😂
Everyone has forgotten about what Lamar did last year also 😂 “ 2 good games “
They pitched us this last year with Mahomes and Mayfield. They're looking to put someone on this pedistal with Mahomes. Keep looking.
Loved Lamar since Louisville days. Guy is the new Mike Vick.
The ravens scored a bunch of points on the dolphins and now they are legendary... ok ESPN..... ok.
great match up but too early (way to early) for "is this another HOF to HOF competition.
ESPN jumping to the gun with this comparison. Yes, Jackson has had an incredible start to his season and Mahomes looks just as good as last year but neither of them are at the point of thier careers to start comparing them to Brady and Manning rivalry. Rememeber what peoole were saying about Cam Newton? Look how he has been the last 3 years. Hes fallen off the great QB debate. Jackson hasn't even had a full year under his belt and his first 2 games this season came against bottom tier teams. Once these guys can establish a few playoff wins then maybe you can start it but this is the second game verses one another so lets chill here and wait a few years to see how it plays out.
Wayyyy to early for this kind of talk. A rookie season starter and second year player. Come on.
I haven’t been this excited to watch a football game in awhile. Let’s hope the refs decide to let them play
Which since it’s being hyped like this it’ll probably be a turd... that being said I hope it’ll be a great matchup - both guys are fun to watch.
Baker and Mahomes is a more likely legendary match up than Lamar and Mahomes
As a pats fan, I will say these guys will be the next QBs to lead the league for 15 years in the future... Both are very exciting to watch and seem to be maturing very well so far in the league... They both still have a long way to go to be the Payton, Brady, Brees, Rogers of the league thou... Let's revisit in ten years to see whos still on the field
I mean, I'm a Chiefs fan and a huge Mahomes fan, but... can one of them win something first before we make this comparison?
"Electrifying" and "Baltimore Ravens quarterback" are two phrases I never thought I'd use in the same sentence.
And, in the infinite wisdom of the NFL… They have not moved the game to prime time.
Lets be real Lamar is not going to be that guy. This is more like Brett farve and mike Vick.
Let them actually play a game against each other. The Goff-Mahomes matchup last season was EXTREMELY exciting and entertaining 👌🏽
Over hyping Lamar a little no?
Ravens’ Lamar Jackson, backed up by Trace McSorley, are the real deal so far this year. Go Ravens!
Who cares, Lamar Jackson is better and has much less talent around him than Patricia
I truly hope that's what this becomes. I'd love to see a Lamar Jackson style player stick around for a long time, and have success. (Chiefs fan who assumes Mahomes will be around a long time)
Wouldn't go that far but I do see these kids always in the playoffs. Let's wait till we see head to head in an AFC Championship game
I hope it's just as good, if not better, than the Chiefs/Rams game last year.
After 1 great season as a starter, every espn and nfl network talking head has put Mahomes into the HOF...too bad actual game play over the span of several seasons are the things that determine this.
Enh, probably more likely it's Deshaun than Lamar. Let him have an entire good season before we coronate him as the future of the league, but I will say that it's really cool that the 3 most promising AFC QBs are blackish
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Still the same Stephen A. Smith 😁 (via ESPN First Take)

I would love to watch this guy place and order at a Taco Bell but would love it even more to watch his take when he opens the bag to find out they got his order wrong.
Just an illustrious illustration of an academic and adolescent athletic accomplishmentarism now illuminating within hourly intervals of sports journalism excellence!
I wish he would speak up when he talks. So soft spoken.
This young lad has turned out to be a fine gentleman with all these soft spoken words and the knowledge of the game! Thank you S.A. Smith you are a true example of pure Impact!
His hairline was playing “Sorry” and pulled the wrong card and moved back 6 spaces
Louder doesn't mean smarter, it usually means the opposite and he's the loudest of all so that should tell you something.
Either Ludacris could play a young Stephen A. or Stephen A. could play an older Luda, either way, almost identical
Looks like Ludacris and Waldo Faldo from “Family Matters” had a baby.
I think it's cool how Stephen A. Smith was Ludacris when he was younger.
Younger Stephen A looks more annoying. But I gotta admit I love listening to him on my way to wherever
Why can i hear this picture?
His face looked longer & lips looked bigger back in the day.
Even his pictures are loud and obnoxious
Amazing after all these years the clown make up didn’t smudge lol jk congrats on Steven A success
Did he suck at analyzing sports back then too?
Look at old Calvin from Paid in Full!
So he has always been a a-hole? 😂🤣😂🤣
Last time the cowboys won a super bowl Stephen A smith hairline was 2 feet forward
i bet he just yelled out his thoughts during games
Thought it was my man in the glasses from Paid in Full
Is that ludacris?
The most annoying person in all of sports! How do people like him!?
So that's where little Penny ended up!
No he’s not. That forehead is now an eighthead!!!! Lmaooooo. “Lebron James is a L A Laker. Kobe Bryant’s team!” - Stephen A. Smith
Still an unwatchable person. Has some great points. Just can’t talk. He always has to over animate
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Russell Westbrook and James Harden are getting ready for a battle this season 🥊

(via UFC Performance Institute, h/t ESPN MMA)

“I want to hit the bag!” “No, you hit it last time, it’s my turn to have the ball, I mean bag, James.”
Wait I can’t wait for these two to play together again. At their best, they’ll be as fun as any other team.
UFC Performance Institute is on the line, they are asking to be removed from this post because neither Harden nor Russ would take any instruction and they don’t want these “combinations” to portray their training methods.
they'll finally be able to beat the warriors this year due to Russ being good in the second round and James being great in the first
My grandma hits the bag harder than both of them
Sharing the same bag? That won't last long.
We’re all safe!
I think i could take Westbrook.
They probably will be Fantastic together ... we’ll see... the battle for the west is going to be intense.
Westbrook was only holding the bag when harden hit it because he thought it counted as an assist 😆
Looks like two 4 year olds at their first day of Karate...
The league is safer for having seen this. I’ll keep my money on the 89 Pistons...even at their current age! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Why does it look like Westbrook doesn’t know if he’s left or right handed
So why the first thing come to my head was the scene from Coming to America with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall having fights with those sticks?? 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Truth be told, I’m really surprised Russ isn’t slapping the bag.
Love these two as basketball players but their ability to throw punches...
Somehow, James Harden still drew a foul during this video
Right... because toughness is so* needed in today’s nba. Especially the way Harden gets “fouled”
I would love to see James Harden in an all offensive fight... How long the dude gonna last 30 seconds?
That is the skinniest heavy bag I've ever seen. Secondly, the need to stick to basketball because their boxing skills are horrible. 😂😂😂😂
The heavy bag was photoshopped in. They're actually already fighting each other for the ball.
Why is James Harden built like my Grandmother?
That's more painful looking for them than having to pass the ball🤣
Please get those two brothers off that heavy bag and put a basketball in their hand thank you
No I see why basketball players can’t fight.
ESPN22 hours ago

"I wanna feel the burn."

Aaron Judge doesn't care for your champagne goggles 🥽🍾

Amazing what the effect of steroids and PEDS can do 🤣
What are they celebrating for? They haven’t really accomplished anything.
This just in, Aaron Judge has been moved to the IL with vision issues.
You gonna feel a loss to the Astros too 😂😂. In the words of Usher “ let it burn “ 😂
Usher said the same thing and look how that turned out
Enjoy winning the AL East. You'll be lucky to get past the Divisional Round with that joke of a starting pitching staff...
ESPN on the Yankees nuts and they can ride it when the Astros send them on their way out!!!
Breaking: Aaron Judge out indefinitely with blindness
Gladiators don't care about piss champagne In his eyes, the burn is part of the victory! (Gerard Butler Voice)
Calum Fitzpatrick crazy how they celebrate winning division titles with champagne in baseball. Guess its cause of the amount of games they play
Hm the Astros won 100 games and clinched a playoff spot before and what happened did they lose that report 😂😂😂
Never used goggles in the old days. Toughen up
You have to enjoy it because you never know when you'll have the opportunity to celebrate it again. Look at how far the Red Sox fell off this year. Baseball is a cruel mistress sometimes.
You’re gonna feel the burn when you get bounced in the first round.
Is that what Chapman or German’s girls said??
Have fun Destroying the twins in the first round
Baseball has to be the only sport where they celebrate just making the playoffs this hard.
He just came from South Beach. He knows how to party.
That's cause of Fresno State days
As a top fan I can assure you that the Indians will sweep the Yankees with little problem
Then he’ll go blind and turn into the old man from The Sandlot
Breaking news! Aaron Judge out with eye injury as Yankees prepare for playoffs.
Two weeks later, Aaron judge goes blind
Is that cuz he doesn’t want to see the Yankees’ 2018 ALDS stats against the Sox anymore?
Wanna feel the burn? Go to taco bell.
ESPN23 hours ago

Bartolo Colon went to a kids pickup baseball game and showed no mercy on the mound 😆

(via Bartolo Colon)

The catcher was doing a great job for a kid.
Bartolo is such a great dude! He seemed to always have fun playing the game.
How awesome for the backstop! What an amazing experience!
Billy Madison accomplished that feat in dodgeball no more than an hour ago
I'm 32 years old. Any pitcher that I traded for in Ken Griffey Baseball when I was 8 that still loves the game the way this guy does deserves some respect. I love it
He was def taking it easy but much love for not being to stuck up to show some love for the kiddos
Props to the kid not backing down and staying in the box
That field looks alot like the Oakland Coliseum, The A's chances just got better.
That's awesome! to give the kids a chance to see what it's like to face a real life major league pitcher.
Edgar I'm dead at the fact that he just happened to be riding around in baseball pants and then decided to smoke some kids at a pick up game 😂
Bartolo showed up in baseball pants and cleats, he didnt just happen to be driving by, he was on a mission lol
Evidently Bartolo just roams the world in baseball pants in case this scenario were to play out at any given moment.
Hopefully he'll developed the boys into major league talent...this catcher could be the next Pudge Rodriguez.
I could watch this all day.
Bartolo has always been a role model for us fat lazy athletic guys.
Bartolo Colon...the only pitcher to toss donuts & eat them at the same time!
Love this! The reason he did this is because it happened to him as a kid....... 1 of these kids will do this again some day! MY MONEY IS ON THE KID HE STRUCK OUT
For always getting picked last in neighborhood baseball
“Heroes get remembered, legends never die”
He’s still got it! This man is a freak of nature to be able to throw a baseball for this long and no appear to be in the slightest amount of pain.
It’s good to see at that age he still has a love for the game
Bartolo Colon once told me if I believed in myself I can do anything. And I grew up to be Guy Fieri.
I thought he was facing the Orioles here
Now imagine what he could do against The Orioles, Tigers and Marlins...
This is actually footage of him at Marlins practice.