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Stephen Strasburg's 420-ft HR is the longest by pitcher this season and the longest by a Washington Nationals pitcher in the Statcast era (since 2015) 🔥

Yankees winning it this year 💯⚾️
Dwight Howard is not a pitcher...he is clearly a catcher
Great Post. Thanks for sharing. Nice to see a pitcher come through. Wish my top fan badge did. 🙄🙇‍♂️
But did the announcer say he was 'helping his own cause?' Because it ain't officially a pitcher HR if the announcer doesn't say that.
My braves will bounce back in this series. Prior to our last series we won about 8 or 9 straight series. We were bound to lose a little bit sooner or later
I could very easily, watch an entire game of Baseball (however long that would be) and still not get what the hell, is happening. Good job to whoever in this video deserves it.
The Red Sox are the best team in baseball if they HAD SOME PITCHING
Nothing better then a pitcher hitting a homer off the opposing guy
Pitchers out here blazing it out the park , u know something is up with the baseballs ... let's go Nationals wooo!!!
Now the pitchers are hitting home runs record distances, and the MLB won’t admit the baseballs are doctored 😂
Love that he did it against the Braves in Cobb County. Just beautiful.
dodgers are on another level and this year NO-ONE is stopping them.
Still down by 5.5....score 30, still down 5.5...
I’m just here as a White Sox fan to remind everyone we are still terrible
As a new top fan, I can officially say, that was a nice touchdown ⚽️
I don’t even know who this guy is. Just posting for my Top Badge. Carry On...
Elbows that degenerate, arms that hammer.
I wanna see a freeway series, Angels beating Dodgers 4 game sweep.
Just goes to show any pro can hit a fastball.
Still better with the DH. Change my mind.
Just because Ohtani ain't pitcher right now just DH. Ohtani a hybrid boi he can hit and pitch, another bambino
Longest by *a pitcher My editing fees can just be deposited into my account.
Didn't realize becoming a top fan was so easy. I think I made 2 comments.
Now watch I bet on them tomorrow and they lose #tragic
Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago
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KD on the comeback trail 🙏

(via Kevin Durant)

That jumper is wet...😂 I’ll see myself out now
He is standing in the deep end but looks like he is in 3 foot of water
My question in all of this is what if he hits the rim and bounces over the side of the pool
I feel his pain week 12
Get well soon.
O I see his rehab is in California.
get well soon I dol love you
Rough life...
Easy money
Easy money
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Aaron Boone got tossed, and Gardner? ... We're still trying to figure out exactly what he was doing 😆

Gardner thought he saw a spider. He was trying to kill it. The ump didn’t think it was in the dugout. He said the spider was in the locker room and sent boone to go kill it. Gardner applauded the umps willingness to send Boone to take care of business. End of story.
Boone actually showing some emotion...amazing.
Durability. Checking the durability of the roofs. Looks sturdy to me. NYY can’t afford an OSHA inspection
My favorite is Hicks... he’s trying to contain himself.
Anyone see that old man in the other post stroking free throws like a boss? Good times.
I'd let them yell at me all day for this paycheck.
Thanks for the post! I love a good tossing!
Love seeing a Skankee get tossed! You could ejected the whole team and I would’ve been happy
He was hitting the roof cuz he learned not to throw his helmet and slice up his lip again
He’s making sure he installed his Sunsetter Retractable Awning correctly.
I’m still amazed there’s a helmet for Gardner’s head.
When your neighbors upstairs are being too loud.
Not really a call to get thrown out for. Gardiner needs to be drug tested
Pitch was a strike. Boone sticking up for his player is what it all about.
The most exciting thing to come out of baseball. 😴
I saw this live and still don't know what he was doing.
Sitting on my deck,drinking a beer, and watching the grass grow is infinitely more entertaining than watching baseball.
He's a fantastic manager,great guy i'm very happy with him.
Haha, this is what makes baseball great!!
That's OG. Kudos to you Booney for doing it right
It was a good pitch. Just another yankee having a roid rage
So they are paid millions of dollars to play a game and act like a child 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
I love umps as they just stand there and take the yelling in their face so well
whys he complaining? pitch painted the inside corner perfectly? 😂
He was practicing how hard to fist the ol lady when he gets home
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How? 😧

(via Thebalanceguru)

The OG splash brother in the back is better
Old man back there dropping em tho 💪🏿💪🏿
Grandpa in the background making buckets is the highlight of the video! 👴🏀🔥
Wow that's impressive at his age old school still has a shot
Paid more attention to the old man back there shooting hoops. He’s 100%!
Love how the guy doing the dumshit is gonna be thrilled he on ESPN page ... only to read the comments about Larry OldBird draining buckets 😂
Bernie Sanders in the background shooting “free hoops!“
That guy is awesome. Just found my new sports hero. I only hope I can still knock down those free throws when I’m that age 👨‍🦳💪😂😂
Grandpa needs to school Ben Simmons
That older gentleman must have been a great basketball player during his day.
Meanwhile, there’s about 5 beefcakes in the weight room across the hall wondering where all the dumbbells went.
I might be more impressed by great grandpa draining free throws in the background!
I'm just paying attention to the back ground... That's more interesting
I'm more impressed with the older gentleman raining buckets in the back! Release had a nice flick to it 💪
Old school with that burner 🏀💦
Vince Carter is draining those shots in the background
As a top fan I believe this video was set here to highlight how great of a shooter the old man still is
Uncle Drew in the back wasn’t impressed at all.
Big deal gramps in the back hit six free throws in a row
Is this why I can’t find dumbbells in the gym ever?
Well we all know the most impressive part is the old man never missing a shot
Gramps in the background is the 🐐
I’m impressed but at the same time did you have to take ALL the dumbbells 🤔
I know I’m wondering how Uncle Drew in the back has a more fluid jumper than I do😫
I'm more impressed with the old timer stroking those free throws
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In honor of Penny Hardaway Jr 's birthday, we take a look back at the relationship he had with Shaquille O' Neal.

(via ESPN 30 for 30)

What in the spray paint its going on here!! 😂😂😂💀💀💀
Still probably my favorite shoe ever!
Thumder & lightning!.... penny could have gone down as one of the greats if not for his injury. I miss 90's basketball
My favorite team back in the day love ❤️
You guys should have won at least one championship. It was a great team, loved watching!
Still the owner of the best sneakers behind Your Airness...
Crazy to see him now and how young he looked back then..
He was great. Too bad the injuries ruined his career. He was on pace for the Hall Of Fame.
Best running mate for Shaq. It's a shame that his career was injury shortened. Also, welcome back NBA duos!
Shame penny got hurt. Peeps forget how good he was.
What’s going on with Penny’s edges it looks awful. Is it just me or does Penny look like Juelz Santana?
Jeff Kerby it’s Penny’s Birthday!!! ESPN thanks I would have never known!!! Now I can sleep tonight. Happy Birthday Penny
Where can I find the rest of this conversation??
I love Shaq, but he does have an ego. I personally feel it was him that destroyed the Kobe relationship as well.
Penny birthday but here’s a video mostly about shaq
This FaceApp aging App is getting ridiculous
“In honor of one specific player, let’s talk about another completely different person”
Rather just see highlights of Penny
Lil Penny ads with Chris Rock were awesome
Whoever sprayed Penny’s hair on deserves the acknowledgement here!
Shaq was jealous of Penny. Shaq got hurt and Penny became a icon in the game. Shaq pretending he was having fun..nah he was mad. Shaq always wanted the spotlight. Went to LA expecting to be the only spotlight then Kobe developed and of course more tension.
They made a movie I don’t remember the name; with nick nolty as coach
I loved that shaq came to the lakers, but man, it would have been great to see them destroy the league. Also, penny's injuries didn't help
Yeah Penny. Mr. Penny "Annihilated MJ" Hardaway
It’s funny to look at Shaq now when he says that he was just trying to have a little fun. If he had come out and said that then, no one in the world would have believed him. Now that he has been in the spotlight for so long and we see how goofy he is, it becomes apparent, he really was just trying to have a little fun and joke around.
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Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge getting his summer workouts in 🐾

Good moves for a old guy.. I'm impressed
Great athlete in the day. Still remember him as a Blue Jay..🏀🏀🏀⚾️⚾️⚾️
Thank you for this post, my life has improved
I had anxiety that he was going to trip over the dog and break a hip. Thank god thats over
Top fan here just had express my badge in my fullest honor. I cant believe my hardwork has paid off. So many days of work i missed to earn this moment. I am truly blessed to live in my car, and constantly watch ESPN videos via facebook.
How dare he dribble around Isiah Thomas like that
That dog plays better defense than 99% of the NBA.
Double dribble. A Top Fan notices that kind of stuff.
This just in: New York Knicks sign Danny Ainge to a 12 year/450 million dollar deal
Someone get this man on the court. He could really help the knicks out this season
“According to multiple unnamed sources, this was Ainge getting ready to star in Uncle Drew 2 before Kyrie and the Celtics had their falling out. The studio was looking into casting already aged stars so that they wouldn’t have to spend time or money on make-up. They settled for Ainge. Contract negotiations centered around Ainge, his dog, a future second round pick, and cash considerations before talks stalled after Kyrie decided to team up with Durant on the New York Knicks.” -Courtesy of Chris Broussard
That dog deserves a max deal more than Kemba
Double dribble. The doggo forced a turnover.
That dog is a better defender than half the league
Dog is loyal to him. I wonder when he will trade the dog, just like what they did to IT.
I think I overheard a kid say “Weezy” towards the dog...if that’s the case. Danny Ainge is a 🐐
Better handles than Kyrie.
Then he traded the dog.. no love in business
Breaking News New York Knicks Acquire PG Danny Ainge for the whole franchise 😂
That’s the Kevin love on Steph defense from 2016
The dog plays better defense than James Harden
Not bad for a guy that had a heart attack a few months ago.
Watch the heart Danny !!! You already had 2
I could totally see me doing that! I’m awesome at basketball 🏀
Best handle in the organization and that includes the current players.
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"I am like a Ferrari among Fiats."

Zlatan Ibrahimović gives his thoughts on the level of play in Major League Soccer (MLS).

I mean all of our best athletes are playing in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, so.... Soccer is the most popular sport everywhere else in the world
We knew that already, however, the hope is that you can bring some notoriety to the sport and maybe lift it some for the future. Or at least I thought that's why he was brought over.
If soccer wasn’t only accessible to the rich and upper middle class in United States , there would have been much quality talents in America.
I don’t even follow soccer but this guy is awesome.
MLS will never be big in the US. So the level of talent won’t be there. But as a top fan I approve his comment
Hes here in the MLS because he's a Pinto in Europe......
The irony of people saying soccer is boring and yet they watch... baseball. Baseball is hands down the most boring sport created.
Comparing MLS players to fiats is actually really polite. They’re actually the equivalent to a 98 Honda Civic
Honestly, I used to love Zlatan but as a Barça fan, he lost my respect a long time ago with continuous insults at Pep. And now he’s biting the hands that are feeding him? I don’t care if he’s right or wrong, this is just straight up disrespectful to the organization you are working for.
He’s here for money and we are lucky to see it, and he’s right.
If Zlatan isn't pissing you off about how amazing Zlatan is, than you have failed Zlatan.
Soccer( or futbol or football) is the fiat of sports.
There wasn't a league in Europe that was willing to pay him. He comes to the MLS and is one of the most dominate players in the MLS at 37. He speaks the truth.
He’s not wrong. Mexico’s league is even far superior than ours.
If you're so great, why aren't the wonderful European teams employing you? Your level is the level that's willing to pay you. You're an MLS level player. If you weren't, you wouldn't be playing in MLS.
Top 10 Point Guard in nba history 1. Magic Johnson 2. Steve Nash 3. Stephen Curry 4. Russell Westbrook 5. John stockton 6. Rajon Rondo 7. Jason williams 8. Jason kid 9. Gary Payton 10. Moses Malone
Nobody here in the U.S. cares about soccer. If the MLS went away nobody would care. Soccer not even a top three sport in the U.S.
Do you think Sam Sweet was found guilty in the trial in the movie the Cable Guy?
I mean, the league might not be the best, but he also hasn’t been the best. He’s been an amazing player, but the way he’s played, it has been MLS level
Duh. Athletic kids in the US dont play soccer, its lame. They play football, baseball or basketball. Soccer pros from the US aren't our top athletes, not even close. In Europe soccer is the biggest sport, it draws the best athletes. It's pretty simple. Tell zoltan or whatever to pick a foot race with NFL wide receiver or d1 NCAA for that matter, he'd get smoked.
“MLS is not the level of Europe” Duh. We like Football, Basketball, and Baseball here. I guarantee the MLS is closer to the European leagues in soccer, than any other European leagues are to the aforementioned sports and their American counterparts.
He’s the Fiat in the European league tho...
Not saying we're at EPL levels yet, but a lot of MLS teams could compete in the championship level.
Oh no the US doesn't have a superstar soccer league. What are we going to do without great players in a nationally unpopular sport? All we have is the greatest football, baseball, and basketball players in the world
Our Athelete's in the US play other better Sports. Like Real Football. Basketball, and Baseball. Soccer is not our Only sport.
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Shaquille O' Neal was part of some iconic NBA duos 🔥🔥

As much I like Shaq,Kobe,Penny and Kyrie, Russell Westbrook is without a doubt the best all around basketball player in NBA history...
Shaq and Barkley on TNT
No question Shaq and Paul
Makes me wish Penny stayed healthy and Shaq stayed in Orlando
Shaq and Penny had so much potential
Most successful: Kobe and Shaq Most entertaining: Penny and Shaq
My favorite was with Penny in Orlando and I was heartbroken when he left, obviously the most successful was with Kobe.
Shaq and Penny. Horace Grant D Scott Nick Anderson #stopitfive My all time favourite starting 5. Hitting threes, posting up and tearing down backboards at will. Shoutout to Hakeem the Dream.
The best duo ever if both played together in their prime
Wish lebron got to play with a prime Shaq their would be no debate
As a top fan. Shaq and Charles are the best duo.
If Wade had the same Shaq that Kobe did they'd have won more rings than Shaq and Kobe because egos wouldn't have been a problem and Shaq wouldve been more in his prime
As a millennial who ran jv track in middle school, and has participation trophies to prove it, I can confirm with my expertise that Shaq and Kobe are the best duo.
Shaq and Kobe together got rings but man was it ever excited to watch shaq and penny on the court together
Easy, Big Fella and Uncle Drew. Next question?
Shaq and Nate Robinson on the Celtics. Not the best, but funniest by far.
If Kobe hadn’t acted a fool, he and Shaq could’ve been the greatest duo of all time. And they would’ve had the rings to show for it.
This is a stupid question if it’s meant to be serious.
Lake show only for time...but Penny and Shaq was the best. Just couldn't sustain.
Uncle Drew Lights Preacher Big fella Don’t sleep on them😎
Shaq & Kobe & Shaq & D-Wade Them duos won championships🏆💯
Shaq and penny. Wish the won a chip. My favorite duo growing up.
I say shaq n penny. That duo took out the the bulls.
Don’t know about the best, but I don’t know who didn’t get chills when Shaq and Penny came on nbc on nba!!!!
Shaq was at his most productive statistically and in terms of winning championships when he played with Kobe.
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23 years ago, Shaquille O' Neal signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

He won three rings and three Finals MVPs, the rest is history 🔥

Best general manager in history
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Zlatan Ibrahimović doesn't hold back.

He says he's the best player in Major League Soccer (MLS) "by far" 👀

In other words he saying MLS is trash and I'm just here to pick up the checks
In other news, water is wet. Zlatan continues to show us his brilliance is only matched by his honesty. We are blessed to have him among us simple mortals.
I just love Zlatan. The confidence is incredible and the arrogance is humorous. What a guy!
He is waaaaay too good to be in the MLS you all will see how blessed we are to have seen him play in America
As a respected top fan, and my obligation to maintain my professionalism, I am officially releasing a statement refusing to comment on this matter
The MLS is little league compared to the rest of the world
Being the best player in the MLS is equivalent to being the coolest server at Applebee’s
😅 but what zlatan was doing at 29 isn’t relevant to who the best is now in this moment. Love zlatan though one of my favourite personalities ever
Liam Neeson- “can you translate this for me?” This guy -“ Good luck”
this stinks of bitterness. He used to be funny, but now all his commentary is just getting old. We get it. You used to be great. But now you are in the MLS, just like every other player in the MLS
Can we get this guy his own show? This is great. He’s not wrong lol
Vela being compared to Zlatan lol. Only here in the US is this fuckery possible.
Big fish in a small pond. It's like saying you're the best looking person is the burns ward.
Coming to America to play soccer seems to be the equivalent of basketball guys going over to China to dominate
So happy to see someone be honest with American soccer, I dont understand how we can't even come.close to closing the gap between MLS and European soccer
I think the Premier League, Bundesliga, and Serie A are overrated. MLS players are on par with those players and if u put Atlanta FC against Liverpool it would be a toss-up
the best player and current MVP is Josef Martinez
That’s my zalatan.. no one can destroy him... he is himself and that’s why he is the best for him... I appreciate his ways.. good zalatan.. good... 👍
Well he ain’t lying. I believe Vela can still play in Europe but money talks and well he’s getting paid way better than at least 90% of the rest of the MLS players so 🤷🏾‍♂️
Two different ways of looking at it. Best at 29: Zlatan Best today: Vela
The problem with Carlos Vela is that he views playing soccer as a job not a passion so rather than seeking being the best he rather be making the most money and in a place people are not going to bother him Barcelona was ready to sign him but he said he wasn't interested
When can I look forward to an interview with the best player in the NBA's G-league?
Thank you ESPN. We care so much about soccer...
Putting a log on the fire for Friday’s rivalry, love it. Also if Prime Zlatan played in MLS we would have had to cancel the league.
He speaks truth. The talent level and difference in competition between the two levels is staggering.