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The rare synchro-flop from Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid 😂

(via NBA on ESPN)

I think flops should get technicals
Man 2k19 need to fix the glitch smh
When you accidentally double tap circle and then switch players
Flop? Ben got undercut and embiid got basically crosschecked...gimme a break
ESPN is quick to call out a flop on someone else not named LeBron James.
Two free throws for Harden.
Lebron watching this, proud as hell.
Simmons caught a knee to his back and Embiid was shoved.
Start suspending players that do this
Ben Simmons is now the front runner for ROY
They should be ejected from the game for that stupidity.
Flopping should honestly be a fine
This is one of the main reasons why the NBA is just plain stupid. Plus I bet they got the call. Flopping, traveling and no defense. One on one "basketball" ruining the game.
And this is one of the many reason why the NBA is trash and boring to watch. NCAA basketball > NBA.
I wish they both tear their ACL during this staged flopping. Stupidity
Thanks for ruining basketball guys
I'm just here to see who else has the badge.
Looked like the both slipped on imaginary banana peels
Soccer players are jelous now...
I'm ready to see a torn ACL/MCL on one of these floppers when they flail about. Maybe that will scare enough guys in the league to give up on the Flop.
Space jam 2 is about to come out. Aliens already stealing talents.
James harden approves 😂
If this is what basketball is coming to I’m done watching
They Been Watching Too Much Soccer.
Well embiid actually got shoved in the chest while mid stride
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What Isaiah Thomas thinks could've been with the Boston Celtics ... 💭

People after hearing Isaiah comment
I'm just here to accumulate enough points to earn a Top Fan badge.
I mean, I appreciate your heart bro, but since you left Boston you've played a total of 41 games and been a backup point guard.
A legend in his own mind.
Man had like a season and a half where he was great for Boston and he think he Larry Bird. 😂😂😂
Top fan badges are worth more than Kevin Durant's rings.
Why's he riding the bench for Denver then
The warriors lost today so.......
You guys are missing the point: As a C's fan would you rather have a point guard who really wants to be there and win a banner even though he probably can't, or alternatively a primadonna who is much more talented who appears to hate your town but could more likely put one more banner on the rafters?
im not tryin to sell you SHORT... but you maybe getting a LITTLE ahead of yourself...... Isaiah Thomas is small.... lol
Dude you got injured and you still haven’t been the same if you was with the Celtics still we would of been a first round exit
He would have been defensive player of the year and mvp too💀😭😭😭 #JokeyJoke
love IT. but how with a broken back?
Nothing against Isaiah Thomas. He's a good player and he's a lot better than anyone expected him to be as a late second round draft pick, but Kyrie Irving is a major upgrade.
At the end of the day, the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead, Seattle threw the ball, and Boston would not have won a championship..
This cat averaged 29 a game TWO years ago. Crazy what injuries can do to your career.
Boston was never winning a title with him hahaha. Stop it. I’m a Celtics fan and i knew this
What does this have to do with Zion??
um NO, remember when the celts actually took a game from the cavs when IT did NOT play? that was the hint right there...
Shiiiii, All kyrie saw when IT was in there was barbecue chicken. 😂
Can we get over the Isiah Thomas and Celtics trade? He has been with 3 teams since and we are still talking about it.
I mean with that lock down defense of his 😂. When the Celtics were on defense with him in it was basically 5 on 4
What’s the lesson here kids? Don’t smoke crack.
He’s talking about 2k I think 😂
2 Free Throws for Harden
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Ronda Rousey and Travis 'HAPA' Browne DESTROYED the security guards on WWE RAW 😳

You know its fake when travis Browne knocks someone out
I will never understand how this is entertaining
Who remember this game
She's even more unlikeable in WWE than she is in real life. Impressive
This is almost as believable as Mexico paying for Trumps wall.
WWE needs to hire Holly Holmes and Amanda Nunes for security
Jesus. Take some acting classes or something. This is just painful to watch.
She even sucks at acting 😂😂
🙄 80s porn has better acting.
They may have won tonight but there’s no bigger power couple than ESPN and Lebron.
Rousey’s over the top horrible acting is a ratings killer
Well one thing is for sure . ESPN cares more about the WWE than the NHL .
If it wasnt for the fact that she could literally eat me and my future firstborn alive I would totally find Ronda Rousey super attractive
She got holly holm to thank for her wwe career 😂
WWE working Trav in is desperate
Their sex is probably angry
Travis Browne couldn't beat women or anyone in the octagon again, so he went to WWE.
Rousey seriously 😳 go back to real fighting and wrestling.
In real fights it was both of them getting knocked out consistently before they left for staged comedy
Terrible actress. She won the razzie award. *edit*
This is not kayfabe
How much do security guards get paid in WWE?😂
Crazy that NHL is a real sport and ESPN is posting WWE... 🤦🏻‍♂️ #ESPNFail
I guess it might be just me but Rousey seems to have no body shape whatsoever and her acting is worse
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Amazing 🙌

This high school athlete with a disability hit the shot of a lifetime.

He scored in his own basket
Not a disability, it's a different ability. 😉
Props didn't better than Carlton 😂😂😂
Yeah, he definitely scored on his own basket😂 Good shot though!
I scored four touchdowns in a game for Polk High back in the day, never got a highlight. This dude drops one bucket and gets on ESPN.
Wiggins for this guy straight up
Messed up!!! but first thing I thought of lol smh
We need more of this stuff online. This is what sports should do, bring out the best in us.
Anyone who makes fun of this is definitely going to hell.
Its obvious James Harden was fouled in this clip.....
Why nobody playing defense?
I didn’t realize Shawn Marion played at that high school
More people watching this happen than attend a WNBA game.
As a Laker fan. We offer the Anthony Davis package along with Lebron James for this kid. Welcome to Laker nation kid!!
That is amazing to see how happy he is!! We take so many things for granted and just a basketball shot bring him so much joy!! I could feel the excitement in his heart!!
Bring him to the Lakers... our team could use a little bit of excitement lmao
Her screaming made me jump! What an awesome shot he made though!! These are fun to watch!!
Oh my goodness best day ever for this little guy ❤
Lakers looking to make a trade as we speak.
Better than the current day Cavs
I believe that’s the wrong hoop.......
He took fewer steps than Harden...
It’s great that he was happy about making the perfect shot. Probably made his day.
I like to think the entire game was made up of nothing but amazing shits like this😂
So,we not gonna call the travel? Smh....
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Stephen Curry's range: Anywhere in the arena 💦

The dude is a cheat code..
Best shooter of all time hands down
He hit that from the 3 point line...... the OTHER THREE POINT LINE!!!!!
He didnt call bank though...shouldnt count
Stephen Curry drinks his own pee
*Mike Breen voice* "Curry for three.....BANGGGGGGG!!!"
I’m convinced he sold his soul to the Devil.... just how?
Aliens shouldn't be allowed to play in the NBA.
Steph curry single handed made 2k online quick match not fun anymore because of shots like this. Catch me on mycareer 😂✌🏻
The best PG ever 🤷🏽‍♂️😂
This guy is unbelievable
Lebron couldn’t do that Lol 😂
He sold his soul to LaVar Ball.
And at the same time, him and klay are a combined 4-22 😂😂😂
5 point shot if behind the halfcourt line?
Can't even do that on PS4 NBA 2k19
Dat boy ain't no joke 😳
Block by james, LeBron with the rejection .
He’s so sick... Steph Curry is the best shooter in the history of baskeball!
Ya one 1-7 from 3pt land he’s great
Just another day at the office for Steph.
New rule, shots from behind the half line are 4 points!
That looked effortless
It's like this dude just be in the court all day practicing these types of impossible shot for other dudes shots.
Test his blood for performance enhancing magic.
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Dirk Nowitzki just passed Wilt Chamberlain on the all-time scoring list 👏

NBA should change its logo to this for one year starting next season
Remember when he beat D Wade and LeBron in their prime?
The Only NBA Player That Doesn't Have A Hater !!! Congrats Sir Dirk 👍👍
More meaningful than Lebron passing MJ
Severely underrated player. One of the greatest power forwards of all time. #Facts
More meaningful than Lebron's rings
This is more meaningful than KDs ringssssssssssssssssssss. 🐍
The 2011 Finals were legendary for Dirk and the Mavs. Not so much for their opponents who choked. Not naming names so a certain fanbase doesn't get all upset 😂
He’ll never score more than Wilt did off the floor.....
Hell of a player and a class act. Congratulations!
This man is a legend, I dont know of anyone who dislikes this man
Best foreigner ever in the nba
This isn’t Lebron or Zion whoever posted this is fired
Best European player ever to play the league!!!
Dirk please play 2 more years and pass Michael Jordan!!!
Dirk nowitzki. The only people who don’t like him are the players he accidentally kicked in the nuts on his step back. And I bet even they forgave him
Lol all these funny casual players saying how great dirk was for beating lebron and wade but fail to mention how dirk and #1 mavs lost to a #8 seed gsw 😂
Remember when he choked as a #1 seed vs an 8th seed? People always forget that.
Yet Wilt slept with more women than Dirk #GOAT
And ESPN thinks GS vs SA is a more important game.
Class. As a Rockets fan I'd love to hate but I never could. Congratulations
His band Nickleback is awesome!
Finally some decent content on here
Man I couldn’t stand Dirk when he came into the league he would kill my lakers and my rockets but dudes the truth all respect congratulations
I passed Wilt a very long time ago on the all time scoring list a long time ago. And by scoring I mean.....Women.
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Stephen Curry is a cheat code 😱

(via NBA)

Cheat? Why bring the patriots into this? 🤦🏽‍♂️
Best shooter of all time
Lakers not gonna lose a playoff game this year. 💯
My mind combined words and read that as: “Stephen Curry is a chode”
Lebron cant do that.
I was like, 8...9...holy cow...10! And then I realized it was on a loop.
No lie when I was younger. My buddy Xavier Butler and I were at the park playing some ball. This kid walks up and asks to play against us. This kid proceeds to sinking 3 from all over screaming FLAME ON each time he shot. He was shooting exactly like this. Sinking EVERY SHOT HE MADE! (He played a lot of NBA STREET apparently) To this day we not sure who he was, but that kid was a boss. He was about 13 years old lol
Greatest shooter of all time? I don’t see Larry Bird in this video...
but right now he's bricking all his shots against the spurs
It’s confirmed he not human
1.Steph Curry 2.Ray Allen 3.Reggie Miller 4.Steve Nash
That’s not Steph that’s God shooting from heaven
The greatest shooter of all time. We all agree.
They used magnets in the basketballs.
Don’t let steph’s shooting distract you from the fact that James Harden is picking Arizona State to win March madness
Everyone knows that’s one of sweet spots in NBA Jam. Steph Curry is NOT a cheat code, he’s cheating the system!
That’s some NBA Jam stuff right there
Greatest pure shooter to ever play the game! I've been watching for 30+ years. The only one who comes close in my opinion is Bird. Of course Ray Allen and Reggie Miller were pretty special too!
Manute Bol could block that shot
He's a real basketball head.
That’s how Alex English used to shoot his turn around jump shots..
Steph Curry and his superstar crew lost to a bunch of “scrubs” here in San Antonio.
1. Reggie Miller 2. Steph Curry 3. Ray Allen 4. Kyle Korver 5. D. Nowitski
Greatest three point shooter of all time
This is how my shots look, except higher arc and nowhere near the net. 😩
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What a moment in Boston for Isaiah Thomas 👏

If you can read this.. You’re not Mayweather..
Boston did my man wrong fr 😐
Could of sworn he retired as a Piston in 94
Tbh this was probably all he wanted from boston after what they did
If it were up to the players, they’d trade Kyrie for IT straight up
I don't care if he's a better player, I'm never gonna love Kyrie like I love IT.
The worst player in celtics history. Would take Fab Melo any day over this bum.
“Boston loves Isaiah”. That’s rich
Rondo is somewhere
Santas little helper finally got his video.... back to the work shop little fella
Nice to see Lawrence from Office Space at the 53 second mark.
Boston ended this mans career
They did not do this for Paul Pierce or Antoine Walker. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤷😁
The cornyness lol nosa big up bruh wish u the best
Well deserved👏 Boston Loves you I.T come back home!
What does this have to do with Lebron or Zion
Glad to see him with the bright green sneakers...his message that he wants to come back home
I thought Isaiah Thomas played for the pistons?
So instead of paying him they made him a video... yeah that's about the same 🤷🏿‍♂️
Sign him Boston, even if it's a bench role.
Poor little guy, still waiting for that Brinks truck to pull up.
What a sad fall from grace he's had. He never should've left them trade him from Boston :/
A year too late ain't it 😂
They don’t need another moment they just won their 3000th super bowl and 900th World Series
Isaiah’s still in the league?!
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Love 'em or hate 'em, you'll have to decide what to do with Duke in your bracket.

Fill out up to 25 right now in ESPN's Tournament Challenge!

UNC over Duke in the final 👌
Simple, they lose to UNC in the final.
I'm definitely rooting for a Duke elimination at some point for less coverage of Zion.
Can’t believe ESPN let people speak against Zion University and post it
Puke won't get past Michigan State.
Take the d and the e off and you have the right team 😀😀😀 #BBN
It’s simple they lose.
I'm not a Duke fan. I just like to watch Zion play
LSU knocking off Duke. Lol jk no chance
Doesn't matter. Red Raiders taking it ALL. #GUNSUP
Out in the second round! #BookIt
Here come the grown men hating on a kid post
I don't know who can beat Duke in their bracket. They may walk into the final four, and just take the rest of it from there.
Michigan gets it done.
ESPN has a hard on for duke and Zion. ESPN is some how wishing that lebron can magically get on duke for the tournament.
"Certainly Duke is Duke. They're on tv more then, Leave it to Beavah, reruns."
I got them losing to Gonzaga.
Only a 1 seed because Zion came back... overrated imo
A quavo sounds like it’d be a good addition to a garden salad 🥗
Refs will make sure they get to the final four
Purdue beats Duke in the final
I have them winning it all in one and losing in the first round in another.
I hate Duke...that's why I only have them winning their region.
I don't even watch sports and can tell you DUKE is going to win.
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Wait until the end 😳🐰

Do y'all not see dude who threw the ball also push dude in the air an extra 2 feet?
Kobe at 34, playoffs. Jordan at 34, playoffs. Kareem at 34 playoffs. Stockton and malone at 34, playoffs. Lebron at 34, 10th seed
Watches dirty dancing one time
And i had the time of my life and i never felt this way before
"Wait until the end" *5 second clip*
The dude literally threw him up there
The dude got lifted an extra 2 feet
Can someone answer if this is legal or not in real life
Do you want an RKO outta nowhere? Because that’s how you get an RKO outta nowhere!
Clay Matthews was flagged for this.
Now that’s what a cheating strategy!! Hahaha That was awesome!
Wade letting Lebron feel like he was the man for finally winning a championship
Nobody puts baby in a corner
Lebron already is already flying this team out to LA for Lakers tryouts.
We’re ganna ignore that push off
Illegal...At least in High School...Rule 10 Section 4 Article 6E
he got 2 assists lol if his hand placement was off.. it wouldve been awkward 🤣🤣🤣
Cleveland calling him right now 😅
New meaning to the word assist
Why is he the only person not in an orange or white jersey? Does he go both ways? 🤔😱🤣
He didn't jump he got lifted 😐
The Lakers could use a guy like him
That’s dirty...dancing
The Dirty Dance Jam
How is that not a foul?