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25 years ago, Shaquille O' Neal went OFF with one of the craziest triple-doubles ever.

When the autistic kid wants to answer the question
I got him beat in blocks theres way more then 15 women that blocked me
againts poor era it's not empressive though soft player back in his time far from NBA players now a days. I bet Capela can guard young shaq for sure.
This is what a true big mans stat line should look like.
28 boards and 15 blocks? Insane.
And you wonder why this guy clowns on Dwight
I was home on leave from the Marines in ‘95. Magic we’re playing the Knicks at the Garden , so I snagged 2 tickets. Who wouldn’t want to see Ewing against Shaq. Both had the night off. Fml
Waiting for another Shaq to come in and shake up the league.
He recently had an even more impressive triple double. 12 doughnut breakfast, 11 hot dog lunch and 15 rib dinner
#2 Greatest Centers behind Olajuwon
dude behind Shaq wants zero smoke 😂
There will never be another like Shaquille O’Neal he broke so many rims and courts they had to “Shaq proof” them ...
Ok, you can clown embiid, howard etc 😂🤣
You probably will never see that stat again
Most dominant nba player on history
a force like no other. He was the lawrence Taylor of Basketball. a force/nightmare matchup for anyone in his way.
SHAQ spelled backwards is GOAT!!
"Nobody does it with blocks" -Hassan Whiteside 😬
Shaquille and Dennis Rodman greatest Defenders.
Is it sad I'm from Tampa and I forget Orlando still has an NBA team? I mean, they kinda disappeared when Shaq left.
Big men these days have more skill and finesse
Doesn't LeBron play for the Lakers?
Orlando should have drafted Chris Webber would have been fun to see those two together
Could you imagine shaq in todays NBA
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Week 13 CFB Playoff Rankings:

1. Alabama Football
2. Clemson Football
3. Notre Dame Football
4. Michigan Football
5. Georgia Football
6. Oklahoma Football

UCF deserves to be there
Michigan would dominate Alabama
Switch Michigan with UCF so Alabama can shut UCF and their fans up.
Ucf gonna win back 2 back championships
Can't wait till Ohio state comes and stomps Michigan they will have no choice but to put us back in!
Quit hating on Michigan we got this 〽️🔵
☘IRISH☘ Haters always hate.. We are used to it and actually enjoy it.. GoND
Nobody wants to watch ND get smoked by real competition.
And no Ohio State in the top 4, great days for college football
ND will crush Bama #steamrolledtide
Use this as a I hate Alabama button
LSU at 7 is a joke haha
Michigan will lose this weekend.
Someone beat Clemson so they get knocked out
Michigan should be below OU and GA in my opinion lol butttttt GO IRISH!!!
Not after buckeyes spank *ichigan
Sad the way they’re treating a team that hasn’t lost a game in 2 years
Just skip the foreplay and give Alabama the national championship already Oh and UCF
Bama beats Georgia & Ohio State Beats Michigan putting Oklahoma at 4 for the playoffs.
How great would that be if all four of these teams were to lose this weekend?? Ohio State is going to beat Michigan, Auburn will beat Alabama, South Carolina will beat Clemson and Southern California will beat Notre Dame....ahhhh it will be glorious!
Change the system....The 5 power conference champs, plus 3 at large teams...easy
Thank God for Michigan and Notre Dame or we would just be watching rematches
Notre fame gonna get killed just lil they did last time in their overrated undefeated season. No better than UCF. This playoff system still has flaws.
UCF is the peoples champ.
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Adrián Beltré hated having his head touched.

So of course, teammates and opponents touched his head all the time.

Absolutely played baseball they way it should be played. Hard and fun.
After his head gets touched
Wasn't he also the player who got thrown out for moving the on deck circle as a joke?
That glove throw at the end is the best
I havent watched baseball in years but i will miss seeing this guys highlights, both performance wise and humor wise
I love how the commentator said that he didn't like having his hair messed up when he has been rocking that same short fade for his entire career😂😂
Papi used to get him all the time in Boston. Most entertaining baseball games.
Adrian Beltre is a class act. Baseball will miss him. I wish him a happy retirement and we’ll see him in Cooperstown in a few years.
I always loved how Andrus and Beltre joked around!!
Greatest 3rd basemen of all time
So the helmet was fine but not the actual head
Elvis Andrus made a living getting on Adrian Beltre nerves.
Adrian beltre was one of the funniest guys to watch. Got ejected for moving the batting practice circles
I'm going to miss watching him so much.
I remember Cabrera messing with him....😂😂
FIRST BALLOT. Cheers to your career Beltre! I enjoyed watching you play every minute.
He was a good personality for the game....
No you missed the best part when Mike Trout rubbed his head
Haha this will never get old. Beltre you will be missed
That is some funny video. Kudos on his great career
Him and Felix also exchanged classic jabs...
He’s my spirit animal...don’t touch my head
Best thing I've seen all day
Beltre : I hate you touch my head all the times so I'm retired😂
Correction; ANDRUS ALWAYS TOUCHED THE HEAD. Best BFFL in the sports world.
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On This Date: In 1982, the band was on the field.

The band played better defense than the chiefs and rams
Anybody know who the poor band person who got trucked was? He’s a legend too 😂😂
The marching band refused to yield...
i think the weakest part of the Stanford defense was the woodwinds section
I could listen to Joe Starkey scream "THE BAND IS ON THE FIELD" every day for the rest of my life. I've never been that enthusiastic about anything.
And that trombone got destroyed.
Stanford’s horn section always was weak on kickoff coverage 🏈🤪🎺🎷
In my NCAA Football 2004 for gamecube I used to do the historical moment's and you could actually do this play and the band was really on the field and you had to dodge them. Man old videogames had such cooler features.
John Elway's final college game
Imagine Joe Buck with the call: "a few laterals....he dodges some people....and scores..............."
All this talk about getting rid of the kickoff means that something like this could never happen again.
Only the most amazing, sensational, dramatic, heart-rending, exciting, thrilling finish in the history of college football.
Wasn't John Elway the QB for Stanford at that time?
I think I see Mike Tomlin...
that poor trombone player at the end... #PancakeBone
elway and heartache would walk hand in hand until 1997
I wanna see the 30 for 30 of the band member that got trucked
Nowadays this would've been reviewed, and it would be clearly seen one of the "passers" knee was down before the ball was out of his hands, haha.
The most overblown play in the history of sports. AHH...the massive battle between 2 teams that entered the game at 5-5.
Miami vs Duke did it better
College game day Berkekey December 1st!
Was against John Elway
Is this the last time Cal was relevant at football?
You gotta wonder if the band had never ran onto the field, could that Stanford defender have ran down the runner before he got into the end zone? Otherwise the defender had a whole sea of band players in his way slowing him down trying in order to try and catch him.
Nowadays that would never be a score.
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On This Date: In 2012, Grinnell's Jack Taylor scored an NCAA-record ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT POINTS on 52-for-108 shooting.

Records don’t count if all the players are white.
Jack can be seen every Wednesday and Sunday playing pickup ball at the local YMCA.
Must have been fun to be one of the other 4 guys on the court that day.
When asked if he would speak to the media after the game he said, “I’ll pass.”
At around 70-80 someone has got to take a flagrant 2 for the team man
Lol people talking about his percentage like 48 percent is a bad day.
In order to truly appreciate what Jack Taylor did that day, you have to understand the Grinnell Basketball program's philosophy. Also, if you knew Jack personally (a good friend of mine and I happened to coach this HUMBLE kid when he was in 7th grade) you would understand that he would not choose to ball like this if it were up to him. This was a full TEAM effort, Coach included. It was the pre-game plan for Jack to be "the guy" to score. That is how they do things in Grinnell. If you notice, his teammates don't shoot many of the shots because they feed him the ball. Anyways, regardless of it all, a truly amazing feat and Jack has been blessed with amazing basketball talent. I'm grateful to have been a part of it.
I scored 209 points in NBA 2K18.
This dude missed 56 shots sooooo I can’t be that impressed
Clay Matthews was flagged for this.
Missed more shots than he made. Freaking ball hog. He's Teen Wolf minus the hair.
It's like Allen Iverson, Victor Page and Kobe Bryant all had a son together and taught him their passing skills.
I’m guessing he didn’t pass all game ?? Wow
Somewhere Kobe is smiling..
Did any of the other player even shoot the ball once?
It's a real make or miss league. Half of graduates go on to the priesthood and the other half work at a Chic-Fil-a.
I wouldn't let history be set against me. I'd have to pull wat that college kid did the other day and lay this dude out
That's called a ball hog
Not anyone who commented here , accomplished that ..... none !!
I'm guessing his team still lost because he is obviously not a team player.
Still tougher opponents than UCF’s schedule.
Sounds like a ball hog.
This is Grinnell College System basketball. They just want to break records and make people notice them. Even if they lose. Coach Arseneault planned for this to happen and wanted him to shoot the ball all night. The entire team was in on it. It's just what they do
Inside news thats the goat scalabrine white mambas son
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Monday night's game was one for the history books 😲

The only reason the rams won is cause they scored more points.
Pat Mahomes threw 8 TDs. Just two were to the other team lol Update: one was a fumble. So 7 TDs lol and tossed another on the ground for the other team.
So the fools saying zero Defense. Um I saw 2 ints for TD and 2 strip sacks
Mahomes is a gun slinger. He will throw picks. He has the guts to unlike half of you have the guts to do anything rememorable
Patriots still taking it all
It will be the Saints and Chiefs in the super bowl
Yea 6 TD, but how about that interception stat? Brees is the true 🐐
"Breaking Records" because the rules have been changed to favor offenses and make the game "more exciting".....
We, REAL Americans support señor El Chapo, and will continue to free him in even greater numbers than last time
6 tds is kind of ruined by the 5 picks
You forgot pathetic excuse for defenses
Had you told me that the Chiefs would be on the road, against a 9-1 team, have 13 penalties, and 5 turnovers, my assumption would have been that they got blown out. Losing by 3 after that is actually a testament to how good they are. If they meet again in the SB, it's not likely that Mahomes turns the ball over that much.
I'd watch game of TDs over a game of punts any day
I hope we see Rams vs Saints and Steelers vs Chiefs would be awesome games!
First to have 5 turnovers too on MNF but no mention of that today anywhere 😂
It was just a show case game to get people more involved in Fantasy sports to make the NFL worth watching since there are no more big hits allowed. This was an agenda game meant to pile up big stats and promote Fantasy as a reason to watch games from beginning to end, as well as gambling that is now allowed in every state (the game went back and forth with the spread but landed right on the number in the end). Success for the league and the blind masses never knew what hit'em...
& NO " D " Saints would Kill both of them in the same night !
Was he the first to have 5turnovers too?
Awesome game both are great teams
ESPN forgot and Zero Defense
Everyone going to dismiss the 5 turnovers? Had this been Brady, everyone would've questioned his abilities and say he should retire.
Does this count the touchdowns he threw to the Rams D??
5 turnovers on the road and they still kept it close. Still pretty impressive unless you're an insecure fan of another team
Yea great there was no defense, what is so exciting about that?
The NFL is becoming Collage football 🏈 also fantasy football has taken over people like Bob Kraft owner of the Pats has a big investment in DraftKings So what’s that tell you
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That Monday Night Football game was ______.

Well this is an ESPN post so I'm going to have to say.... LeBron
a Big 12 Defenseless game.
......Called by the worst booth in MNF history.
Proof that the Saints are the best team in football.
Anybody that said there was no defense didn’t watch the game at all. There were at least 3 TDs alone from defense.
I'd comment, but I might get flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct 🤷‍♀️
I'm amazed at the amount of angry, upset, snarky comments. It was a fun game. We watch for entertainment. Be grateful for what you watched and move on. Had a blast watching these teams last night.
tHeRe WaS nO dEfEnSe... 3 defensive TD's
Patriots lost the Super Bowl to a backup quarterback
“Rematch on madden tonight?”
I love the people on here who are commenting that the game lacked defense or was defenseless.... yeah it was an offensive shootout, but there were 7 combined turnovers... how does that make defense irrelevant?! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Rigged to be high scoring for ratings thats why they brought in a "special" crew of officials
Two of the worst defenses ever.
Could of sworn this was a college football game
Facebook's suggested friends, are all of the people I've been trying to avoid for years.
Everyone saying defenseless didn't watch. 16 of those Rams points are defensive.
Great. I won both my fantasy games.
Looked like a good ole big 12 game 😂
Unfuckingreal. Keeping it one word
Well you know that word won’t be, “Defense.”
Can we replay the Saints game? ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️
The two best teams in football just wish the refs would have stayed out of it
Horrible. Who wants to watch zero defense?
The best Monday night football of all time if u don't think u must not been watching the game i still belive in the Chiefs that they can make the Superbowl
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891 yards. 10 TDs. 2 star QBs. 1 Monday Night Football to remember.

Me watching all the touchdowns
Super Bowl teams don't give up 50 points. Saints vs. Steelers
This is what I remember
He couldn't ketchup to them Rams thou
I literally walked up to a COMPLETE stranger in the mall and exchanged jerseys ! That’s how good of a game it was
People will never be satisfied, there's always a douchebag with a negative comment, this game should of been a super bowl game, I'm glad it was played here and not in Mexico
Remember when the NFL had defence? Pepperidge farms remembers.
trubisky will put up those numbers by himself against the rams december 9th
Goff is not a "Star" his coaches have a scheme that put people in the right place at the right time. The Rams are good, and lucky. They are not great.
Watching that game, I couldn’t help but think the Colts can keep up with either team. Our zone would work well against both of them. We don’t give up the deep ball like both teams were doing tonight. They’d have to put together 8+ play drives to score against us and our offense feels like it’s just as potent.
First Playoff round for both teams they will lose
Mayfield is the real MVP of this league #BROWNS2019SUPERBOWLCHAMPS
Lebron is 3-6 in the finals, all 6 finals losses against underdog teams #Horrible
Mahomes for MVP Gonna have more yards and passing TDs than Brees
Well...this is going happen when the NFL circumvents the rules to favor quarterbacks. Why even play defense anymore?
Any defense played? Just asking for a friend
I wish they would have swapped jerseys... Incredible game!!
They have just begun. AMAZING
I wish Dallas had 1 of these guys!
What an incredible game to watch!
Awesome game to watch. Really excellent football!
So Rams and Chiefs don’t believe in D. Ok. Got it. What a freakin circus act this game was. Only thing missing was a tent.
The defense was for both teams was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hell Brees and Fitzpatrick threw for 856 yards combining for 8TDs and ZERO turnovers in week 1. These 2 "star QBs" combined for 7 turnovers.
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After Monday Night's game, Jared Goff and Andrew Whitworth met with the families of victims of the Thousand Oaks, CA shooting earlier this month.

Already doing more than the "president" has done
Big Whit we miss you in Cincinnati. Glad your part of a winning team you deserve it. First class athlete
Great moment after a horrible 2 weeks here in California.
Felt like I was watching Manning vs Favre tonight
Fantastic game and hope to see the rematch in the Super Bowl. Whether you like the Rams or not this is classy by these guys. Use your popularity for good. Nothing wrong with that.
I am a Chiefs fan, but gotta love the Rams. This was an epic game. Love the fact that the players made the effort to meet the fans.
First class right there
Class act. Gotta respect that
This was the best of sports tonight.
As a patriots fan I'm proud of the LA rams mate
Andrew Whitworth is the epitome of class. We miss him in Cincinnati.
See, folks? True masculinity is NOT all about anger, hostility and aggression. Real men show their true selves in compassionate gestures like these.
Anyone that says anything negative here should have been a victim at that bar.
As a Seahawks fan, obviously don’t like the rams, but this? What a treat for these families who’ve had a rough few weeks. Can’t show anything but respect and love for Jared and the rams organization. Awesome
Andrew Whitworth is an amazing dude. He’s always really down to earth.
Class act, you can tell he was sincere about it too. Great to see.
CLASS ACT, from the players, to the owner, PROUD to be a Rams fan!
That’s how you human.
Ask them how that strict gun control helped.
I miss that guy being in Cincy. Class act.
Just want to thank the Bengals for letting whit go. He's the heart and soul of the line. Huge difference with him in. Whole line has gone up last 2 years with him anchoring it down. Might have to send a cincy fan a Christmas card lol. Candice Elizabeth
Goff was clutch in the end and Mahomes choked in the end
I’m sorry call me what you want but bc you met with these people it makes you a class act 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ #notsorry
NFL Players done more our Donald Duck. Me Me Me .......All you do is talk.
Whitworth is an A+ human being.
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Patrick Mahomes threw the most pass TDs in Monday Night Football history.

Don't worry ESPN I fixed it for you.
He had 8 tds! 2 of them just happened to be scored by the Rams.
ESPN left off the turnover stat 🤔
This guy is a great quarterback too 😂😂😂
Let them do that against my cowboys number 1 defense. My cowboys will beat them
Choked in the last 5 minutes. Drew Brees is the MVP/GOAT!!!! ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️
He couldn’t ketchup though.
Only had 5 turnovers too!
Drew Brees = MVP #WhoDat
The Rams and Chiefs have scored more TDs in 1 game than the Bills have all season. The More You Know. 🌈⭐️
With 5 turnovers that cost them the game lol
Guy has one bad game and the haters come from everywhere
Great game, great coaches, great QBs. It’s amazing how many negative comments are on here. I guess that’s what happens when they run out of hot pockets and Mtn Dew in moms basement.
The young guy struggled a bit but he's still the most exciting player in the league by far
Dude is 23. Unreal numbers. He’s gonna be a STAR! Nobody thought we would be 9-2 at the beginning of the year. Looking forward the rest of the season! Haters gonna hate. #GoChiefs
37 tds and almost 3900 yds after week 10!!!
He’s gonna be better than Brady
Only the chiefs can put up 51 points and still find a way to choke twice in the last two minutes 😂😂😂
And 2 picks that cost them the game!!
Somebody had to lose that game. That was insane
MVPs throw game winning touchdowns not game sealing interceptions. #DrewDat
Damnnnn he struggled with some turnovers for ONE game out of 10 and look how many haters crawled out to start the commentary 👀
Quite a few mistakes, but man he is a baller. Isnt scared of the moment, and when he makes a mistake he comes right back out guns blazing. Mad respect for this kid. Hope he has a great career.
Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.
Mahomes and Goff look like the future stars of the NFL once Brady Rodgers and Brees retire.