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On This Date: 54 years ago, Muhammad Ali KO’ed Sonny Liston and created this iconic sports photo.

And Danny Devito was in the background to see it all...amazing
😇Memory Listened to this fight on the radio with my Dad, laying on the living room floor ❤️
Greatest of all-time. Mayweather could never have a legacy like this
Danny DeVito watching behind Ali.
Draft Dodger enough said
Dear ESPN, This is the actual image that became the iconic sports photo of Ali's KO of Liston on this date 54 years ago. It was taken by Neil Leifer and published in Sports Illustrated. Please give credit where it's rightly due.
Danny devito doing photography in the background
On April 28, 1967, boxing champion Muhammad Ali refuses to be inducted into the U.S. Army and is immediately stripped of his heavyweight title. Nice post, ESPN, on Memorial Day weekend.
There’s a great story behind the guy who took this picture. Basically, his seat got stolen by another press member, so he had to move to the other side of the ring. Lucky him! 🍀
Greatest of all time.
Danny DeVito was there taking pictures?
Correction: Mr. Burns KO’d Sonny Liston and created this iconic sports photo.
Great Human being! Wish we had more like him (especially in these times)!
And he opted to not partake in a pointless, blood filled military conflict. A true hero and logical man.
And to think I was just floating around in my dad ball sack. Around this time
One of the best sports photos ever.
Muhammad Ali and Pacquiao is the best legend of boxing history
greatest boastful boxer of all time!...😂😂😂
I watched with my dad on a black and white television. Started my love of boxing
One of the iconic pictures ever taken.
I’ll never forget when Will Smith knocked out that bum.
He was still Cassius Clay at the time!
The greatest athlete in the history of all sports 🐐
When boxing was actually it's a track meet.
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Diana Taurasi looks at how Klay Thompson opens things up for the Golden State Warriors' offense in the latest episode of "Detail," exclusively on ESPN+ 📋

Unless your name is Kobe, or possibly Michael, you shouldn’t be doing Detail.
Diana taurasi : “That play right there is good and golden state warriors is the best team in the world ” Please Bring back Kobe 👌🏽
The thing that makes detail good is Kobe.
Wtf, Kobe’s voice was different.
Diana Taurasi talking about about basketball like an expert is like any guy talking about childbirth. She is a clown.
kevin durant reaction after the critics said the warriors dont need him to win
Diana Taurasi: "Klay Thompson basketballs very well. His basketballness is good"
Next on Detail. Evan Turner failed but let's credit Klay. He had no chance to contest a Klay 3 point attempt. He was supposed to follow Draymond. GS would've probably scored a different way but this was just sloppy defense.
Seriously, The Minnesota Twins broke an MLB record tonight and this is what you post:-(
I know Klay Thompson very much respects her opinion and will appreciate the feedback
Wow cool post, thanks for sharing. ❤️
Klay is a key player for GSW, they’ll win the championship.
🤣🤣🤣 wtf, Kobe had the day off
This is a job ONLY for Kobe! 😕
I think this woman knows basketball more than most fools commenting here.
Dude should be on All NBA team
This man lost a lot of Benjamin’s for not making the All NBA team and like Chris Rock before him would be wise to pass on the Bentley and opt for the much more reasonable and affordably priced Altima. Thank you for reading my comment.
So is this an attempt to make us want a woman coaxh? Fail
Who gives a crap what kobe thinks
He doesn’t get enough credit for his fine play.
Hashtag 4th team all nba
Players need to be taught how to set screens😐😐😐
Beautiful 40 yard curled shot in the top corner, no keeper could stop that, oh wait this is netball, sorry.
So sick of golden state can we get someone new in the finals plz
Back in my day...passing was we loved.. Giving nasty passes. We used to show off..ipassing the ball is just you scoreing your self..same feeling ..that no look pass was how .Magic brung back ..
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James Holzhauer cruised to his 27th straight Jeopardy! win Friday to push his overall winnings to $2,065,535 💰

Wow great story. Thanks for sharing guys 🙂
Great story! Thank you SO much for sharing.
Great story! Thanks for sharing!
Great post ESPN. Thanks for sharing.
THANKS for the spoiler....we love catching up while watching eatig dinner during the week 🙁
Some of y'all have too much time on your hands. It's either happy Gilmore or wow, cool story thanks for sharing
Great story ESPN. Thanks for sharing...
Great story ESPN. Thanks for sharing...
Congratulations James the higher IQ in the History of Jeopardy !!! No one can beat him ! Before was Ken Jennings ! Now it’s you .me and my friend watching you we scream that yes he will reach the 2M more than! God bless you ! And your family.
Very well deserved Champion. Kind and humble.
After taxes he took home 30 grand
The Best way to earn Millions. Un like maga Gamblers over time or sports stars.. he truly earned his millions
Wow thanks for the spoiler!
Thanks for the info, I was wondering how close he was to breaking the record.
Am I the only person who wants him to finally lose?!
And James donates some of that money to 3 charities so far. Good going so far James! Keep rocking the win!
Dude has the fakest smile on the planet.
Yeah and it only took him 27 took the last guy 72 to hit 2.5...I’d say James is on pace to smash that number
At what point does Ken Jennings walk in and go, hold my beer?
There should be a limit for appearance s...
The Wilt Chamberlain of Jeopardy Jeopardy more coverage than hockey!
He’s the Tom Brady of jeopardy
ESPN will cover Jeopardy! but not college wrestling.
I honestly think he’s a robot designed by NBC to boost ratings. They won’t have to pay a robot either. Have you seen his attempts at humor and sarcasm. They’re so robotic.
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Kevin Durant says he's just like any other human being on social media.

He’s such an emotional lesbian
Most sensitive athlete in sports history
I hope kd stays at golden state. They would be easily the best dynasty ever! They are so much fun to watch!
sad the hate kd get because he made best decision for his career
Lol this is the most triggered basketball player ever.
KD is as real as it gets. This guy never shy away from social media thinking about protecting his image.
The way he speaks hurts my stomach. I used to be such a fan of his. Not sure what happened or is happening to him lol
Right but just be you. Don’t use a burner and pretend to be someone else defending Kevin Durant. Lol
Scientists claim the clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings. Still I feel Kevin Durant a bit more sensitive.
I don’t think he cares as much as people think
"Human being"? So is that what they're calling SNAKES nowadays? 🤔#IveGotQuestions
He’s hurt and it shows..he knows he’s soft
Why you join a 73-9 team with a championship and two finals appearances tho.
What about those burner accounts?! Thinks we forgot.
All these negative talks about The Warriors & KD are just meant to trivialize their greatness.
Keep doing you. I'll keep watching!!! Love from the 405
Was it him this time or his alt account?
Of course he's QUALIFIED.....I mean he was the one that made a billion fake accounts for his schitzo personality 😄😄😄😂😂😂
Wow dude cares way too much about the average fans opinions of him 🤯. How do you even sleep 😬
I see the problem. KD seems to think that social media responses and qualifications are related. It’s the complete opposite.
Hold up.. That man has a pink iphone?
Ppl talk big s*about him on social media he shouldn't be criticized for clapping back to bs commentary
kevin durant reaction after the critics said the warriors dont need him to win
it’s not the fact he left OKC for a better opportunity, it’s that he went to the record setting already championship team that he just choked against being up 3-1 the season before. He could have went to the spurs, clippers, celtics, ANYWHERE but Golden State or Cleveland at the time. Weakest move in sports history
I pee on the side of the toilet bowl, so it doesn’t make noise to wake up the kids.
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The St. Louis Blues celebrate their 5-1 victory over the Sharks in Game 6 to move on to the Stanley Cup Finals 🏆

Quest for the Stanley Cup has the inside look at teams' journeys, exclusively on ESPN+

Our Father who art in St. Louis, hockey be thy name. Thy will be done, the Cup Final be won, on our ice, as well in the stands. Give us this day, our hockey sticks and forgive us our penalties, as we forgive those who hand passed against us, lead us not into elimination, but deliver us Lord Stanley Cup... In the name of the Fans, Lord Stanley and the St. Louis Blues. #Amen #PlayGloria
Bruins in 6. We've suffered long enough without another title in Boston.😎
Fy blue 2019 Stanley cup champion bruins
I know 0 hockey but this seems like an easy run for the bruins.
As an Avs fan thanks Blues! Beat Boston...
What the hell, with all these Lebron not being in the playoffs posts I forgot all about the NHL playoffs
Stanley Cup final are on ESPN starts to cover hockey
This happened like a few days ago, a little late espn
Blues winning in a sweep of boston. Islanders swept penguins Hurricanes swept islanders Bruins swept hurricanes.👀👀🤔🤔
Not going to happen 49 and counting
Stanley Cup Final (no “s”). C’mon ESPN at least act like you’re trying.
its gonna go 7 games with 3 ot games
Let’s go blues!!! But it’s always pens nation baby 🐧
Team full of role players. They knew what they were doing when they put the team together.
Since when did ESPN start caring about hockey?
ESPN your network sucks nowadays, leave all NHL coverage for NBCSN to handle it. Way bother covering the NHL when you lost out on renewing national TV rights when NBC sports group completely caught you off guard and securing NHL rights 15 years ago.
Oh no! The Sharks blew it again. Imagine that.
Andy Kruczyk what’s happened to every team after they’ve swept their opponent in the playoffs so far?
Well, I don't feel so bad now that they swept my Lightning in the 1st round!
Jbo looks like the kid in the movie "the new guy". lol
It’s really cute that you made it there but you gone in 4
Blues going to get served by the bruins period.
Still, don't let this distract you from the fact that Golden State Warriors our well rested and are ready to win another Championship this year
I'm glad to see this sport still going on. I would have never knew if this wasn't posted
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“F---ing great bet.”

—Tiger Woods on the fan who bet $85K on him to win the Masters 😂

Y’all looking at the greatest athlete of all time.
God, I love people that cuss. Inflection is key and nothing exclamates that better than a cuss word. It's really the only way to communicate.
I love Tiger....what a great answer
I'm very happy for Tiger. He is on track now. He deserved that big win.
Real classy.... such a mouth. Jack and Arnold put him to shame. He took the Gentleman OUT of the game of golf, congratulation. 🙄 Taught all of the impressionable young junior golfers that it’s okay to slam your club in the ground and curse GOD **** IT! Or JESUS ******! Yep, all the role model you need.
Absolutely love Tiger Woods one of the best
So crazy 😜 that everyone was hating on this man when he was down on his luck and life issues now everyone’s had a change of heart and back at saying he’s the best well he’s always been the best you all just gave up on him and filled the timelines with hatred so here we are and everybody loving him again 🤦‍♀️ band wagon fans
About as great of bet as the guy that bet 85k that Tiger would miss the cut at the PGA Championship
Good bet. Betting 100k on literally ANYONE to win the grand slam: terrible bet.
That's adorable and everything but Shooter McGavin is the greatest golfer of all time
Tiger - "I like pancakes" Everyone - HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Looking forward to seeing him play in Columbus next Saturday
Old heads when a young guy says this: “wow, I hate how these guys aren’t humble anymore” Old head when Tiger says this: “wow, I love this answer. Tiger the GOAT”
I don’t think there’s room for that type of language in golf. Get it together tiger, for the kids.
Tiger woods on him risking 100k on him to win all 4 majors. Bad F***ing bet!
I mean if they guy can afford to lose $85K he's doing alright win or lose. That's like one of us losing $100.
Espn must be bored I guess waiting for next lebron post!
Tiger has a sense of humor 😲
The greatest athlete to ever do roids and get away with it.
It was an insane bet. Who has $85k to just bet on a single player to win golf tournament???
Goodbye fried rice... hello fried chicken
Tiger didn’t cuss everybody knows the rules
And that’s why America loves tiger ........
Incredible at golf, incredible at quick one liners. The GOAT
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"Every play. ... I'm just sitting on my couch like, 'are we going to guard this pick and roll? Are we gonna stop turning the ball over?'"

—Kevin Durant on getting butterflies while watching the Golden State Warriors on TV

“Man I can’t wait to get a 3rd ring, this time from my couch.”
Secretly hoping the Warriors lose so it looks like they actually need him....
Another ring KD didn’t earn
“Every play last night I’m sitting there thinking....if the bucks win I will join them....if the raptors win I will join them”
KD actually hoping they lose so it would appear as though they need him
He needs the Warriors more than the Warriors need him 😂😂
They never needed u Kevin. U needed them.
Slither on to the next team
“"Every game. ... I'm just sitting on my couch like, 'can you guys lose ONE game so I don’t seem totally useless?’” —Kevin Durant on feeling dispensable while watching the Golden State Warriors on TV
What you should really be asking is “are they even gonna lose a game without me?”
I would have wanted to get away from Westbrook too
Who’s the chick in the hoodie?
You never saw him this engaged at OKC
I didn't know snakes had feelings
Why is he on the couch and not the bench. 👎
Winning with and without you.. It's almost like they didn't need you...
What he meant to say is “I’m sitting on the couch trying to decide what super team to join next season.” 🐍 🐍 🐍
I welcome the 2019 NBA champs, the Golden Snake Warriors*
“Every game....I’m just sitting on my couch like, ‘does Golden State even need me to win the Finals?” - Inner Kevin Durant to Kevin Durant
They’re doing the samething they did to take you out the playoffs when you were up 3-1 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️ nothing changed ❗️
Best player in basketball
Butterflies hoping they lose without him that obviously hasn’t happened
Lol it looks like he combs his beard everyday with another Nappier beard
Are “we”not gonna lose with me on the couch?
Probably the same feeling he got watching the warriors when he was still with OKC.
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Max Kellerman said what he said 👀 (via ESPN First Take)

And Max Kellerman is arguably the worst sports analyst at ESPN. Lol
I have nothing but respect for Kawhi. And I wish and pray he goes to the lakers.
This dude changes his opinion on players more than he bathes probably
Congrats Max, you’re now the new Skip
If Milwaukie comes back and wins it this week, Max Kellerman: “Giannis is the greatest player in the World”... 😂
Why is this breaking news? It’s true. He’s also the best 2 way player in the NBA 🤷🏾‍♂️
Some of y’all saying KD 😂 KD on a team that doesn’t even need him lmao
I thought we was crazy when he said Leonard was more clutch than Kobe until I saw the stats and he proved it once again with the game 7 beater .. now he’s saying this and it seems weird at first but when you think about it it makes a lot of sense .
He’s definitely in the conversation. It’s between him, KD, Harden, Steph and a healthy Lebron at this point. But when you look at the difference between the Raptors with Derozen and the Raptors with Kawhi, it’s hard to deny that Kawhi has turned the Raptors from a pretender to a legit contender for the title.
Great 2 way player but Lebron is da 🐐 until he retires
Nobody cares what Kellerman says, and I’m not even a basketball fan. Unless it’s boxing, he’s a useless troll
Max Kellerman is the worst sports analyst of all time. I said what I said.
When did Kevin Durant change his name 🤔
Max Kellerman didn't even play basketball so his opinions can be kept to himself
Hi I’m max kellerman, I’m about to make an outlandish statement so I can get clicks and views.
Max Kellerman shouldn’t be doing ANYTHING BUT BOXING!!!! (And even that’s a stretch!)
dude he's good, real good. like a baller. for sure. AND there is NO WAY IN HELLLLLLLLL, that he is better than Lebron James. Sam Gasquez Max Kellerman I'll wait..
ESPN needs to fire Max Kellerman
Max Kellerman says that about everyone. Just last month he said KD was the best basketball player in the world. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Sorry, but nop. LBJ and KD over him.
Max Kellerman is the best journalist in the world! (We're playing that game where we say things that aren't true.)
Max Kellerman, the Donald Trump of the sports world. Both really know nothing, just like Jon snow.
Yeah, no. Best player in the East? Sure. But I’ll take Curry, KD and LeBron over him.
Max kellerman makes ESPN hard to watch. The whole group of kellerman. Smith, Bayless, cowherd, are horrible. Cowherd was at least cool until he left sports nation.
Max Kellerman knows nothing about basketball & we all know this he just started watching like 3 years ago get him off ESPN stick to boxing
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Djokovic or Hulkovic? Joker smashed the floor with a medicine ball 🤣

Probably tried to pick it up and Just dropped it.
He’s also good at throwing tantrums and smashing rackets when things aren’t going his way #brat #NadalBetter
I guess stuff like this happens during the offseason...
This dude skinnier than dady long kneck 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂
pretty sure he has the pocket change to pay for the repairs
Someone explain why this is funny to me I don’t get who either of those people are
Only fair to issue him a full one RG tournament ban if he can’t respect the facilities
That's why he rolled that ball away like it was full of air.
Thanks for sharing
Weird flex but ok.
Harry Gallagher we’ll all have Serbian strength by the end of next year
Overrated prick of a player
Its a setup!
More GOATavic am I right
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Kawhi's postgame interviews would make Coach Pop proud 😅

Love his demeanor.....He's there to win and NOT smile for the camera
I can't help but like this guy. He defies logic. He's so boring that he's entertaining.
"What's it take to beat this Milwaukee team four games in a row?" "I don't know, I haven't done it yet." 💰
He is hilarious. I love his interviews. 💯 #terminatorJordan #lilfundamental
The most laid back, humble SUPERSTAR (in any professional sport) of all time!! The dude never gets rattled, and always keeps his composure!! #trueprofessional
Warriors won’t stand a chance without Zaza Pachulia
I love this guy. So bland but so intriguing...
her: "Kawhi how did your team manage to out score the bucks down the stretch after being down early?" him: "we put the ball in the hoop more"...
Raptors gonna pull an upset in the finals...remember me..
Spurs fans left the group
Cool, calm and collective while giving an awesome interview. Doesn’t get rattled on or off the court. A perfect ball player for anyone’s team. My husband really likes Kawhi. He’s pulling for him to lead Toronto to upset the Bucks and Warriors.
Bro said let me get in the locker room
"I mean, I haven't even gotten in the locker room yet. I can't just give you the whole speil"
Shame things ended that way with him in San Antonio. He really is the perfect guy to play for popovich
Best player, most humble and most professional player in the league.
The iceman. Great talent and a cool guy.
These reporters ask the dumbest questions. Good responses on kawhi's part. Series isn't over. He's obviously happy but not content just winning three.
This dudes social skills are worse than Simmons jump shot.
These in-game sideline and postgame on-court interviews are as worthless as a brick parachute.
Ask stupid questions get stupid answers
hes practicing so when he gets to the Lakers hell be prepared for show time!!!
Top 3 in the nba and second next to lebron 1.lebron 2.kawhi 3.durant
Not sure why Raps get so much disrespect.. It is so hard for us to build a team as for whatever reason we cannot attract any real free agents. We have had to build pretty much through the draft and international signings and gambling with big trades. We have been one of the best teams in the east for the last 5 years and get disrespected by the refs on the regular. Hopefully the boys can break the ceiling and make it to the finals and that will be enough for Leonard to stay or to hopefully attract more free agents.
Where's all the Bucks fans who kept talking about whipping GS in the finals?
He will go back to San Antonio. Just needed some time away lol