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This is madness.

Dear, Michigan fans you got lucky. A win is a win but in all honesty you played terrible and you're lucky that clown missed his free throws!
Not really. They were the favorite. When will coaches learn to deny the ball early rather than just letting a team freely get to half court????
I bet students will protest Monday at Schools and blame the NRA for that Game Winning 3, Just Saying!!!
Guard the inbounds pass!
That was a gift from Houston couldnt make free throws and didnt press on the last play!!
What a great pic. Captures the spectrum of emotions perfectly.
This never happens to Michigan teams. I couldn't even go nuts because I figured there was an offensive foul, or it was late, or the clock was messed up, or some obscure rule that only happens once every 30 years. This was a long time coming for sports fans in the state.
Beautiful game and beautiful March Madness that's what March Madness is all about period
From jubilation to pure agony.... this is y we love March madness
Houston blew its own game away. My pick the rest of the way is Villanova if they keep playing good ball.
Does it really matter? You’re not winning the tournament.
That's the shot of the tournament right there probably one of the best all time. It was close throughout the game but Michigan pulled it off best of luck to them in the sweet 16.
As a Dodger fan im a little happy inside lol
Go Blue!
That sums everything up that needs to be said about this tournament. Still the greatest few weeks of the sports calendar, and it isn't even close.
Feels like your first win on fortnite! Lol not that I know.
You would THINK that Houston, of all teams, would have the sense after 1983 to play defense on the last shot.
Cam2cam, see you passion, play with my body for you, click link in bio 📹👄👌😘
That was sad Houston had that game but no disrespect to Michigan good game on to the next one
Man bun and done
I'd say this is sparta, but it's the wrong team.
Thrill of victory and the Agony of defeat.
THIS IS sparta. /racist kicks guy into well for no reason at all
I know something needs to be done , ncaa is such a scam
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So, some crazy Duke fan just sent me a voicemail threatening to kill my son, because I made a joke about Grayson Allen. That was messed up. You reading this Kenny Hall?????
ESPN is a disgrace to Connecticut Women's BB fans! You cut out a game that had already set multiple records and was making NCAA history! This is why DISNEY is replacing your babbling sportscasters!
Keep your basketball season Michigan. Just remember what happens during football.
Michigan is a final four team
What’s madness is not pressuring the inbounder with 3.6 seconds left. Especially when they can’t run the baseline. You basically gave them the ball at half court, Kelvin Sampson.
Houston missed 3 of their last 4 foul shots. They had the chance to salt the game away, but didn't do it & Michigan made them pay
It looked like Rahkman traveled when he caught the ball and made his first move.
Hollywood's World of Sports I follow both U of M and MSU and this was a very piss poor performance by U of M tonight. 8 from 30 from the 3 point line really pathetic and unnecessary. They did not move the ball around very well from what I observed. I really think the 3 point game has really hurt basketball on both the College and Professional. Whatever happen to good old fashion basketball where you were slugging it out in the paint. The game has gotten really soft but in other peoples the 3 point game is really exciting
This shot doesn't change the fact that Jordan better than Baby bron bron
That was a hell of a game, a hard fought game. Neither team led by more than 6. Shame either team had to lose. But the guy who missed 3 of 4 free throws will be kicking himself all offseason.
Later man bun!
Quentin Pham, college basketball March Madness is more exciting than the NBA playoffs.
Think it would have been a foul either way.
I worked at ESPN, one night, in the office, I was about to propose to my girlfriend when my roommate Joseph barged into the room out of nowhere, tripped and fell over, embedding a collector's glass in his eye. Totally ruined the mood. Now, I didn't know Joseph THAT well, don't even remember where he was from, but lets' just say I put my plans on hold to help him through his injuries. Joseph had gotten a big glass shard in his eye, making him completely blind in that eye. He was walking around with one of those cotton pads on his eye for a couple of months. Then suddenly, he disappeared, along with my girlfriend Apparently they'd bonded during the time after his injuries, and eloped together , left me behind without as much as a note. I tried to track them down, but never could. In conclusion, if it hadn't been for cotton eye Joe, I'd have been married a long time ago. Where did you come from, where did you go? Where did you come from, cotton eye Joe?
Tryin to be like John Stockton with those shorts.
Them shorts though, bringing out the inner John Stockton.
To hit that shot,in those tight a** shorts..... impressive 😂😂😂
Not nearly as ridiculous as to have to click on a link to take me to another page to watch a 30 second ad for a 30 second clip.
I thought for sure it was over, but this is March Madness, it’s not really over until the buzzer goes off.
All these teams pulling through just to lose to Duke later! Go Big Blue!
Love the old school short shorts
This was a heartbreaker since I was pulling for Houston. This is why teams need to practice more at The Free Throw Line--Houston missed here as well.
Mikey & Garrett - This was crazy!!! I honestly thought it was over or overtime with free throws, but I should have stayed tuned in!
My only question is if they still don't let Kelvin Sampson have a cell phone? He needs to make a few calls and cancel some plans.
He got some ball snuggers on though wtf..
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Michigan wins at the buzzer to beat Houston and move on to the Sweet 16!

Both Michigan teams are still in it, OSU fans must be thrilled
Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Michigan and Michigan St in the final.
Virginia is still gonna be the National Champs so it doesn’t matter 🤟🏾
Officials wouldn't let them play. I was rooting for Houston and the officials were so bad I was mad when Michigan was getting screwed too
Going to have to look at Wagner’s face another game
cincinnati winning it all so none of this matters
So, a 3 seed beats a 6 seed and it’s a miracle? Sounds about right for this tournament. But what I’d like to know, is how LeBron let the game get that out of hand.
At this point im just rooting for every underdog so my bracket doesnt look quite as bad lol Loyola Chicago for the title!!
Did ESPN hire a 5th grader to put in those little graphics or something?
I threw in the towel with my bracket early Thursday. I actually had San Diego State making it out of this part of the bracket. Brutal.
I tuned into Sports Center this morning to watch the tournament highlights. I quickly remembered why I avoid Sports Center in the mornings: Elle Duncan. She embodies EVERYTHING that's wrong with today's broadcasters. She was awful at NESN and it's hard to believe, but she's gotten worse.
What a shot! Man I feel for Houston. I know the feeling of losing in a matter of seconds. Congrats Michigan!
Per, there are only 4 perfect brackets remaining in the entire world. Unbelievable. This is the best NCAA Tournament of all time. You can not argue that.
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that EVERYONE thought Android 17 was dead.
Gotta make your dang free throws.
It won't be the last time Houston getting bounced in the 2nd round this year....
If that isn’t the definition of March then I don’t know what is.
It ain’t march madness without some game winning buzzer beaters.
Sux cause Michigan fans are in competition for worst fans of all time. This will be their 5th championship win of this year. They also just won football national championship for next 3 years.
Best buzzer beater game so far one of the top 5 games in the tournament so far . My sweet 16 teams today r villanova,Duke,gonzaga,Texas tech,Michigan,Kansas
Most successful day for my bracket so far!! OSU fans must be thrilled with this.😂
I’m not sure what is more amusing. Everybody becoming a comes a college basketball expert every March or a soccer expert every 4 years. 🤔
Not by their own doing or play..... Houston had them beat, and they just gift wrapped it for Michigan!
Well he got the shot down. Now he just needs to work on that mustache and those shorts. The 80s called and are pressing charges.
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When you hear the timer for the pizza rolls in the oven *ding*
Hopefully this puts an end to the man-bun
Worst officiated game I have ever watched. UNREAL shot. March Madness is the greatest thing on the planet
Three pointer from Steph Curry range while doing a full extension jumping jack. Just like Beilein drew it up.
Maybe the best shot to win a tourney game this decade
Don't really matter. UNC will slaughter them
cincinnati winning it all so this is irrelevant
Unc GOING to destroy them it's ok
How did LeBron let this game get that out of hand. Here i thought he was the best player in the world. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Greatest tournament in the world.
Don't matter who won unc will run through them both
Great shot but Houston totally gave that game away. 2 brick free throws and then they don't guard the guy throwing the ball in and was able to make a clean pass! But congrats to Michigan. It's all about survival!
Go Blue. It's not over till the buzz sounds. Way to not quit.
That dude shoots and runs like he has sugar in his britches! 😳
Still can't find Lenny.. breaking news 🚨 Virginia fan Lenny has committed suicide due to the team 💓 breaking L yesterday night are thoughts and prayers is with the berl family... 1 like = R.I.P
even better the suckeyes had to see that after losing
When you realize it is Michigan you are TRYING to eliminate
When she says she likes you.... But only as a FRIEND😎
Whoever isn't into March Madness has no idea what they're missing
Picture tells a thousand words. Glory of Victory and the Absolute agony of defeat in one picture.
This was as great as, if not greater than, Trey Burke's game tying 3 against Kansas
Houston was in the Roy Williams end of the game defense.
Careful running in those shorts
Refs tried to hose Michigan, Poole had something to say about that.
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1 thing Coach K and I agree on. Amazing female. Pioneer in Title IX and loved the state of TN
Coach K is a class act and one of the greatest coaches in NCAA History.
Women's basketball owes its popularity to Pat Summit.Fantastic coach and person.
Coach K with some class!!! 🏆🏆🏆 Congratulations 🎉
Lebron james and the cavs are going to destroy anyone that get in their way in the playoffs there will be no mercy only humiliation disgrace and suffering not even Divine intervention will stop the king from claiming his 4 ring
Here come the affended feminists because he called her a "lady"....
She’s a better coach the coach k sorry not sorry she did this while uconn was getting all the top recruits. Yes I know tenn got some too but no where near as many as coach k or uconn
Coach K shows class like Beilein. Izzo needs to learn from them.
He’s right, she would still be coaching today. What a classy thing to say by Coach K.
It's disrespectful to call her "the lady" when you clearly know her name and what she did for basketball!!! Sounds like he is ashamed to say her name because her accomplishments are better than his!!!
Does it matter? I mean Auriemma is going to break it and it won't be close.
America's Got Balls How many wins would he have if he never paid a single dollar or gave a single incentive to new recruits? 🤔
Pat Summit was the real deal. As a Tennessee fan of course I'm biased but had she not left us prematurely her record would have been unbreakable. I'm glad coach K paid respect and I may even pull for Duke because of it.
Pat Summit a classy coach & is missed in the world of women’s basketball. Thank you Coach K for the kind words.
Too bad the NCAA is bought off and none of the coach K wins should count
Summit was the best B Ball coach period. Coach K is a class act. He also can coach very well but Summit is the head of the class.
I agree I can't stand Duke but coach K demands respect.
Hate duke not gonna lie I'm a gonzaga fan but I respect the hell out of coach K for how much of a class act he is
He's not lying! PAT should still have this record.. Life cut way tooo short
Not a Duke fan... but coach K is a class act.
That show Coach K has class & respect. #respect
Pat was a great coach could’ve coached men or women at any level the game of basketball misses her dearly one of the best teachers of the game ever RIP
Coach K all the way
Real recognizing real classy coach k RIP to a true goat in Summit
Pat Summit Is still the better coach.
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Triple-double No. 70 for the LeBron James, who becomes the 6th player in NBA history to reach the mark.

LeBron James is the Greatest Basketball Player Of All Time whether you all like it or not. #KingJames #TheChosenOne #StriveForGreatness
NOTICE:Cavs only surface when their team lucks up and but are no where to be found after a blowout!25points 9.6rebounds 10 assists 2.4 stls per game...Russell Westbrook is the best basketball player in the world!!!😆
LeBron James or James Harden get a triple double, it gets called amazing. Russell Westbrook gets one, gets called a stat padder.
Playing catch up to Russ 😂 only 1 Triple Double King around! It's BeastBrook #ThunderUp
Absolute best all round player to ever play the game..LeBron James is the Greatest Athlete in the World. Period!!! Haters can bring up whatever they want, it doesn’t matter. He is the GOAT.🐐
What about Russel Westbrook having 100 triple doubles?. Smh
So, they keep talking about how LeBron has played 15 seasons 70 ÷ 15 = 4.6 Wouldn’t the “greatest player who ever lived” average more than 5 triple-doubles per season? 🙄
So it's come to this now? LeBron and his Cavs narrowly beat a mediocre team and they're worshipped like they decimated the Warriors 135-70? Pretty pathetic but okay...
Lebron is a great player but if he had the heart of Jordan he would be the best player of all time in the NBA plus more championships! Bottom line!
All these jokers saying this makes Lebron the GOAT yet Russell Westbrook has more in a shorter time frame. 6/6 is all that matters and Lebron quit vs the Mavs
LeBron James is as good of a basketball player as there has ever been. Same goes for MJ, Kareem, and Magic. You can try to put them in any order you'd like, but those 4 are above anyone else, ever.
All you Westbrook fanboys shut up .. what has he ever done besides get stats lol he hasn't won anything LBJ is the best there is and the best there ever will be.
I still can't ge over the "MJ, Magic, Bird, and Kobe would never leave their teams!", crap. Magic walked onto a team that had a friggen GOAT candidate on it in Kareem, a guy that won an MVP in Magic's ROOKIE season. And, I believe he more or less said he wouldn't come out unless he got drafted to LA. Then, the friggen Lakers were somehow in position to draft ANOTHER HoFer to magics team before he even reached his 25th birthday. Oh, and he had an all-time great coach for most of his career and played in a virtually forgettable Western Conference during his prime. Bird didn't have a Kareem but I do believe the team added both Parish and Mchale within his first 3-4 seasons and those Celtics teams eventually had stupid depth. Kobe basically didn't talk to any teams and wasn't going to cooperate unless he was drafted to LA. Walked onto a team with multiple all-star level guards in their prime and didn't have much pressure to develop quickly because guess what...Shaq friggen O'Neal also joined the Lakers in 96'. By the time Kobe came into his own and was ready to contribute Shaq was in the midst of a GOAT level peak/prime and the Lakers added ANOTHER GOAT level coach in Phil Jackson. MJ is the only player drafted to a comparable situation to Lebron and he didn't win anything of consequence until the greatest wing defender in the history of basketball hit his prime and Phil(GOAT level coach) Jackson was able to fully implement his system. Oh, and all the great teams of the mid-late 80's were WASHED by the time Jordan began winning rings. Lebron's second best player during his first run in Cleveland was either a post 30 years old Big Z(3rd tier star at BEST) or Andy Varejo. But, yeah Lebron should've just stuck it out in Cleveland with Boobie Gibson and the corpse of Eric Snow while the Celtics and Lakers had multiple HOFers on them. What a joke.
On the verge of having 30,000 points 10,000 rebounds, 10,000 assists in his career. 1st and last to do so. I'll say hes the greatest small foward all time.
eh, whatever...the Cadavers won't even get out of the 1st round in the Eastern Conf. this time, with their awful D, and that horrible coach, and a washed up 35 or so year old player who loses the Finals every year
Congrats. Pretty sure Westbrook had 70 his rookie season. But nonetheless congrats, after 15 seasons you did what Westbrook did in a year.
I’m kinda disappointed in LeBron. I thought that LeBron would of had a Quadruple-Double in his career like Akeem Olajuwon twice and David Robinson once.
Bron doing all.this patting hisself on the back to distract ppl from the fact that he lost so many chips and about to lose again...its getting sad
ESPN in full chugging mode of the Queen's juice.... WTF, what color socks does she wear on off days???.... 'Bron isn't THAT great
Bring back the rules of the 80s and 90s and let's see if he can do it. Then I'll consider being impressed by the imposter king.
Triple doubles are worthless. KD is better than everyone but Lebron never gets TD’s. Stop caring about stats
Who's the greatest Saint? Which sin is greater than the other? You can't measure. Please everyone let's stop it. Why are we talking about this? Atleast talk about March Madness
In related news, Lebron James is said to be in recovery after breaking his arm patting himself on the back. He’s said to be recovering nicely
Anyone who watches the game tonight could see he was going for triple double, he was taking away rebounds from teammates. Its what he does pad his stats
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Coach K stands alone at 1,099.

He's a good coach, but with the talent Duke have every year he has kind of underachieved.
Been quite a "trip" for coach k, especially over the past 4 seasons.
Biggest whiner in basketball
after the tourney when that FBI report comes out some of those wins bout to be vacated...
Incorrect. Harry Statham of McKendree College in Illinois just finished this season with 1,122 wins. He was either fired or retired, so Coach K will almost certainly pass him next year.
Nah Villanova's Coach Jay Wright is much better he takes mediocre Talent each year and takes em on a national championship run Duke gets the best players in the country every year
Gotta give him credit on this one. The man is a class act. After the game the reporter brought this up and he immediately brings up Pat Summit. I'm sure he knew what he was going to say, but he could have just said yep I'm awesome.
ESPN why don't you talk about Trey Young, like you have all season!!
I will never be a Duke fan but coach K is without a doubt the best coach of all time & a class act
Pat summit career and life cut way to short
Paying players is really paying off. Like Carter this year.
How much has he cheated (as has the others) and not got caught for it! NCAA and college athletics are a joke!
Worth every penny. (Not that's he's paid, what the players were paid)
Give Bo Ryan a couple Mcdonald All-Americans every year for 20 years and see what he could have done.
Ole Dean and Ole Roy have/had MORE CLASS! So did Pat Summitt! Coach Krybaby is another Geno Auriemma...has a ton of talented players, but they're often one and done, and their fan base is sooooo obnoxious!
He's also a weasel....that's a fact
He’s mr nice guy when he wins, but a poor sport when he loses. He lied about the Oregon player, which was disgraceful .
Congratulations Coach K I’m so proud to be a Duke fan. He build a great program and he is a well disciplined coach. Just like Wooden, Coach K has no scandals in the basketball program
Ah, hate Duke, but got to respect Coach K. Only till more recent years has he been going the 1 and done route, but back in the day, I couldn't wait for them devil's to graduate. So many big college names that seemed to get hurt their whole NBA careers.
No way Duke isn't cheating. Is it a coincidence that their recruiting picked up big time when Jeff Capel joined the staff after getting in trouble for paying players at his last job?
I'm a N.C. State fan ,but I have so much respect for Coach K ,he's not only a credit to the city of Durham N.C. , ,he's a credit to the whole state of North Carolina , he's a good man.
No gray hair either, looks like he will be coaching for another 30 years
Only reason hes won that much is because he runs a good program that recruits well and then he puts the players in the right position to win ball games. 🙂
John he isn't the greatest of all time If he would of gone against Chamberlain,Russell Thurmond Karem they would of ate him alive
As better of a coach he is than geno ....geno record gonna be over 2k....because there's uconn woman and the field
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I'm at the point where I'd rather see teams like loyola win even though it ruins my bracket.
Didn't Tennessee put out videos and hashtags #dontpickus ? I guess they meant it 🤔
Vols shot way to many 3s. Should’ve fed the ball down low.
The MVC making noise... like always...
Sometimes the basketball gods want you to lose. Sometimes they want you to win. This was one of those times
1, 3, and 4 is gone........The script writers must have bet the house on Kentucky this year.
Love seeing Sister Jean on the sidelines...even though every time they show her she's alone and looking for someone to high-five...someone show her some love!!!
As soon as I saw him driving, I was yelling, don't let him shoot. 😢 Oh well, happy for this team and the 98 yr old. Will be cheering for them the rest of the way from VolNation! Still hurts, though...
Joshua Allan Keighan Roser.... this south bracket is getting out of hand
Kentucky looked very good last night to I pick them to win it all
It's Tennessee men's basketball who cares.
Sister Jean's team is moving on!!
It’s that Dang sister jean.... she did it again....
It’s always a team like this every year most of us are aware...but their run ends in the sweet 16 like most of the teams that’s like this.
All these people talking about cheering for them now even though it ruined their bracket. This March is destroying dreams.
Next we are going to hear Villanova had a upset. This tournament is madness!
Sec is best conference we going to have at less one sec team Kentucky Auburn just not playing at all go get it for sec sec sec sec
Dudes name almost looks like Clutch on the back of his jersey at first glance
Just glad a Valley team made it further than Wichita State!
Good ole rocky flop
Tommy Dee an "onions" moment?
It's the sisters blessing.
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How's the mood in Chicago?

That is how I felt when Trump won the election still do to this day.
LeBron James is the Greatest Basketball Player in the World and it's not even close. Point Blank. #KingJames #TheChosenOne #StriveForGreatness
3 murders so far and the night is young.
And about 99% of them never heard of them until two days ago. Smh
Ah, look. Just like cub fans, Chicago residents are at it once again by bandwagoning Chicago area teams
Cubs are gonna win the World Series again this year -- watch and learn baseball fans. You said they couldn't do it, but they did. #GOCUBSGO
Is March madness bigger then ncaa football
Loyola is the last team from the state of Illinois to win an NCAA men's basketball title.
Sister Jean had something to do with that last shot going in!
Do they have ceilings in Chicago?
Best Chicago sports story since 2016's Cubs and 2015's Blackhawks.
My bracket is going good. I had them in the sweet 16. I still have all 4 final four teams left.
And Chicago continues to be one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country despite all of the garbage the Trumpsters spew.
Dont let this distract you from the fact that the cubs won the world series in 2016.
It’s like gryffindor won the World Cup of quidditch 😂. Congrats Loyola!!!!
An upset for sure as seeds go, but not really. Anyone who researched Loyola Chicago knows that they are very talented, well coached, and a great group of guys! I put them in my elite 8 and will be cheering for them To get another win. Let’s go!
Be happy for the people of Chicago. And I'm sure DePaul and Northwestern fans are joining in the celebration
Meanwhile on the Southside of Chicago, 5 people have been shot dead in the last 10 minutes.
At least that's the mood for anyone not at the Cavs-Bulls game! Lol
Another Fortnite victory!!!
I’m loving all these busted brackets though. So many awesome huge upsets. Gonna be one of the best tournaments in history.
I love my Vols, but we played a pretty sloppy game today. Those guys were on point and got it done. Good luck to them. I'll be pulling for them.
Sister Jean and the Loyola - Chicago Ramblers are my darkhorse!
Bradley how close are you to this school?
So wtf are these losers cheering for?
ESPN13 hours ago

"How's your bracket?"
-Sister Jean, probably

#harrypotter was in Gryffindor last night! Who's next?
Feels good to be one of the many few people who picked them to go to the Sweet 16.
I picked them to beat Tennessee
Dude that’s Professor McGonagle. What does Gryffindor have to do with March madness? I had UCMB in the elite eight so my bracket is still tight. Expeliarmus with this nonsense.
Espn knows how to beat a dead horse ...
My grandpa said "why do they keep showing that old hag?"
Another early exit for a Rick Barnes coached team? Color me shocked! 😂😂😂
I’m 98 years old and still smart enough to pick Cincinnati to the Elite 8👵🏻
Picking Loyola is about the only thing going right for me lol
I have to know. Is that a pimple near her lip? Just curious.
She got them in Bracket to Sweet 16. After that Boo
So many cowards behind keyboards having something negative to say about this woman. And the people who have done it should probably check their own picture or look in the mirror before criticizing.
My bracket is busted. I had Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff in the Elite 8!!!
She looks amazing for 98. So sweet when all the players hugged her after the game!💗
She didn’t even pick Loyola to go past the sweet 16 in her own bracket lol.
Got this one right at least...smh😂💀
Its great to see Hogwarts getting love in the tournament.
Idk who this lady is but She must be a Gryffindor fan.
Love her!!!! My bracket is busted, but her optimism and faith made it more ok!
She thinks she’s at a duel between Burr & Hamilton. Let’s play 🏈
She was the luck for the game 😉 lol Morgan Kaylene Bridges
Dominick ate the bisquit...
Best story of the Tournament.
Sister Jean called for the high ball screen at the end!