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Cricket fans, get in here:

Guillermo Villarreal woah woah woah there ESPN... we are still trying to make America aware that they can play Soccer without hating on Mexicans, maybe next decade we can introduce them to cricket.
Jack Williams Don't everyone get in here at once, I don't know if Facebook can handle it
Jesse Britton Annnnd....crickets...
Chuck Hadad Scalabrine.
Kevin Rosas Malinga has the best hair, he wins.
Kamran Stanikzai Warner by Ghale and Rashid by Narine
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A fan picked up a fair ball in foul territory to give it to a young kid.

But then ...

Morgan LeClair Eject the fan. Don't take the ball. Give a man a radio and little power and next thing you know he's taking baseball's from children.
Thomas Howell Honestly, as a long time Braves fan, I'm disgusted that this happened. The child did absolutely nothing wrong. Let the kid keep the ball. Your job is not that serious.
Matthew Myers Bad news - as a masochistic idiot, I was watching the game live. Good news - the Braves announcers mentioned shortly after that the Braves were going to give the kid a team autographed ball.
Josue Lopez I don't blame the fan; he probably thought it was a foul ball. Absurd security guard. They should've just called it a ground rule double, let the fan stay, and let the kid keep the ball.
Andy Wright It's all good, this kid is going to make out like a thief once the Braves hear about it. He'll get another ball, tickets to another game and like a signed jersey or something. But really, these ushers and security guards think they need to do everything by the book, but they just end up causing a PR nightmare for the club, your job is not that serious, use some judgement.
Patrick O'Meara The Braves have had a lot of fan interference on doubles down the line in the new stadium. I have no doubt they have stationed guards in those areas in foul territory just for this situation. It was a live fair ball and stopped a potential triple as the ricochets are odd off those walls. Should the fan have been ejected? Yes. Should the guard have taken the ball from the kid? No. Should ESPN write their headlines smarter? Absolutely.
Mark Perez You can tell that security guard waited his whole life for that moment! Lol
MJ O'Cray Erik To add insult to injury for this game... Douchebag attendant takes ball from little kid, ejects fan who thought it was foul.
Ralph Monk Rules are rules. That little kid doesn't deserve a ball just cause he's little. What's the cutoff age then?. You don't win them all kid.
Matthew Myers Sweet under armour gear head to toe on the security guard. Gotta keep cool in that 68 degree heat in case one of the 50 fans at the game decided to get crazy.
Paul Roy "Thank you for dropping a weeks pay to bring your family to the game. Now give me the ball and get out." Was this a United Airlines sponsored night? lol
Eddie Freeland You need to escort the security guard out of this game. Yes what the gentlemen did was wrong if he knew it was a fair ball. The KID had nothing to do with the play An he is being totally EMBARRASSED ON TV. As for the security guard he could of handled it much different. If anyone needed to be EJECTED it's the security guard.
Dan Larson If you pay attention it's the kid's dad who gave him the ball. As he's being told to leave he hands the glove and sunglasses to the wife. Regardless the kid should keep the Ball.
John Samoilis The guy who took the ball off the field of play needs to be ejected no doubt. The kid didn't deserve to have the ball taken away. The kid now got a signed ball and free tixx to another game. The security guard shouldn't lose his job as he was trying to do the right thing. It is a teachable moment as the park is just over 1 month old with possibly many new employees who didn't move from turner field. Lets all chill out.
Jared Shyne Fan shoulda been more aware but I don't know if he intended to interfere. BS that security didn't give the kid the ball back. (Unless he did after the clip was cutoff)
Dmitriy Yevseyev Johnnie on the spot. That guard looks like he had too many Red Bulls or something else. But seriously, give the ball back to the kid. It's only a single ball that makes a big difference in a kid's life and only costs pennies to the club.
Robert Lancaster This guy is actually a mini-legend at Braves games. He wears cleats and sprints every where he goes... just like he does in the video. He takes his job very seriously. He's got a little Radio in him, but he's a good guy. Just got a little excited on this one.
Nate Dowdy I think the security guard made a difficult, but good decision. The dad made a mistake, but it is written on your ticket that you have to come to the game attentive at all times. All fans sitting in those seats should only be allowed to sit there if they have in depth knowledge of the fair/foul rules. Kid shouldn't keep the ball either because even kids are capable of knowing the rules at a young age. Learning moment.
Brandon 'Robs' Robertson Braves announcers said the PR crew gave the kid a team signed ball after this... he came out golden!!!
Ursula Williams There's just some things you don't do. Really, take the ball from a kid? Hope some higher ups saw this and the kid and family is invited to another game. In a suite. With merchandise. With a meet and greet with the team..
Andrew Glen Martyn I thought by MLB rules that if a fan interferes with the game ball that it is an automatic ground rule double just like the tv announcer stated in this clip. When did they start kicking people out of games? This is wrong what this security guard did
Jim Bright Good news is that little boy just got a care package from the team...hopefully a meet and greet with his idols. Common sense has to prevail. Give the security guy a break though...just doing his job, maybe too well, but if he didn't react he'd probably be in trouble for that too. Those people are third party employees not employees for the team. Hopefully this was worked out for all.
Dave Murray So I guess not only do the braves upper management and players suck, the security guards do too? Stay classy, Atlanta. Maybe this new stadium will last longer than the 25 years turner field did.
Andy Yang Yo, that security guard knows he's doesn't work for the secret service right? Anyone else see him knock the fans hat off too? It was prolly on accident but if the guard had some chill everything would have been a lot smoother. Chill dude. 😂
Reinaldo Castro What a testostrone charged dipchit that guy was.. Take the ball away from that kid..? I wouldn't be surprised if that idiot lost his job.
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"He would want his most treasured items on display for all to see."

Curtis Desmond White That was his wife right, wrong or indifferent. Unless he had it in writing not to sell his stuff , she has every right to do with his possessions whatever she pleases.
Brad Young OJ might be getting out soon, maybe he can get Stargell's stuff back for them. 😂
Dom Bueno Pete rose should be in the hall of fame like if you agree
William Woodard The family should get together and buy the property then they can do with it what they please.
James Allison He was fun to watch and the Pirates were great back in the day.
Eric Hardy Memories sometimes hurt. But sometimes you wanna share those memories too.
Adam Young Josh Young Wow crazy they can just auction away his NL MVP award. Never realized they can do that.
Zackery Ivey JustinandHannah Ivey I just need to get two doubles with this man, and I. Can't. Do. It.
Juan Torres In other words: "we're broke we need the money." Why don't they send that stuff to the BBHOF
Patrick Blake Stupid jerk!
Mark Maydole We were family...
Sal Martinez Married a bit$@ that sucks...
Sandra Pete Hawkins Hope not
Stalin Arteaga
Luke Kolar Who?
William Davenport Incensed?
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Call it ... May Madness?

ESPN Esports with more:

Rob Favilla ESPN covers this and considers it a sport, but they won't cover the NHL on the majority of their sports show....They really are scrapping the bottom of the barrel
Nowlan Savage Alex Odenkirk David Devore Kyle Bennett Keegan Buttimer they wanted me on blitz crank support but I told them that it wouldn't be fair 😂
Brian Daly Do these people get paid and NCAA players don't...?
Steve Weller Whatever happened to MLB season, the NBA Finals (and Lebron jokes), and the Stanley Cup Finals?
Jake Parsons Competing for the golden pocket protector.
Chris Prete If you live in the south it might rain tomorrow...have a good day.
Alex Reyes Jack Spence may madness oh no is this going to become bigger than march madness? My money is on yes
Ittai Stern Matthew Bohensky I'm sure u know some of the students participating in this tournament lol
Robert G. Warner III Your entire network is a joke.
Lee J. Irwin Go home ESPN. You're drunk.
Tom Campbell The downfall of ESPN continues...
Chad Capeloto Felipe Brown does asu have a team?
Raghav Suresh Junsok Ko thanks and gig em
Billy Fairchild III Call it BORING
Derrick Lollis Id rather watch this than baseball
Chad Garlick Mayhem..
Zeke Spiro Um no
Zach Collins No.
Carson White Clay White colleges have gaming leagues?
Ben Huschka Flash A Masterson, Jason Varney,
Henry Barrett Brian Tsao
Chris Rhodes Mason Redmond
Delfino Archuleta Marcus Jones
Eden Piacentini Alan Quintero
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They're in a pot with FC Barcelona and a handful of other big clubs.

Steve Choo This is why many have argued over the recent years why the UCL is unfairly grouped. A prime example is several years ago when Dortmund won league and were red hot, yet they got put into a horrible pot while 4rsenal got seeded higher since the UCL looks at the past 5-yr performance. Either way, glad to see that this upcoming season has the potential to have 5 English teams. One of them, at least, better make it to the quarters or semis hahaha.
SG1 Sports We are giving away a brand new PlayStation 4 with MLB the Show 17! See post at the top of our page for details. Winner will be announced this Saturday!
Eric Walz I never knew how confusing it is to how the Champions League is set up.
Garet Kimmet At least we made it. That's all that matters. CAMPEONES CAMPEONES OLE OLE OLE 🎶🎶
Zane Smith Oh Hank Peters you excited to get beat by Messi and the boys
Carlos Eduardo Eduardo Meus parabéns vai para o crack Thales Neves atacante do barrafutebol Clube Teresópolis Rio de Janeiro golaço de cabeça do crack sucesso nos Gramados de futebol de Teresópolis Parabéns Thales continue assim sucesso
Joshua Puli What a joke of a club.
Josy Banner
Brad Young Soccer? Who watches soccer in North America?
Adam Galante Oluseun Taiwo "other big clubs" lolol at espn
Tom Jacob Out in the group stages for sure
René Mejia Theee chaaamppiooonnnsss
Angel Mejia Ayyyyy Don Benito Hernández let's see what they made of
Jimmy Koah Chelsea>>MU
Patrick Manyara pogba ameshikana kabaree
Corey Watts Matt Watts have a read
Ralph Aguilar Rick Martinez! Oh yea
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Tough luck for the Jimmy Grahams of the world.

Karpinski Daniel I'm ready to go in, coach, just give me a chance. I know there's a lot of riding on it, but it's all psychological. Just gotta stay in a positive frame of mind.
Tom Little Well its his fault this is even illegal to begin with, he hung on the crossbar and bent it so bad they had to stop the game to fix it.
Stedman Holsey Well the dunks will be more valuable considering the risk factor now involved. It adds some edginess to the dunks done by those who dare cross the line. Lol #PowerToTheDunkers
Tyler Casement Lol such a joke. Might as well make a full list in alphabetical order for what's allowed and what's not
SG1 Sports We are giving away a brand new PlayStation 4 with MLB the Show 17! See post at the top of our page for details. Winner will be announced this Saturday!
Seth Dinger That's ok..hes only missing out on like 2 dunks a year
Scottsdale Mall The NFL sucks these days. Every fan in the world know Gooddell is a joke.
Kurt Snedeker My thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy Graham during this very difficult time in his life.... #pray for JG
Kevan Pierson That's because they think it's a waste of time trying to fix it afterwards.
Stone Quillen Chase Gannon Jarrell. They say they are gonna make changes for the better but still have this 🤔🤔🤔
Marvin Cohen But you can do a jump shot through the crossover with the ball since using the football as a prop is legal
Christopher Sennello He hasn't played with the Saints since 2014, which was probably the last time they were legal. Goodell is a laughing stock.
Jordan Fowler As they need to be after they've had to stop 2 games to my knowledge because someone bent the crossbar.....
Taylor Fisher Still the No Fun League
Rocky Mak He can: Do a hook shot Make a layup Make a double-pump-switch-handed layup
Brian Bro But he doesn't score TD's anymore. He doesn't play with friends Breez anymore. Just kinda a regular tight end
Levi Palmer This makes sense only because it delays the game if the uprights get messed up.
Nick Poer What if you wanna do a finger roll instead of a dunk, is that ok?
Mark C. Shelton Legalize it with an NFL dunk contest for 2017/2018 season 😄👍👍
Ashraf Ahmed Rodger godell is a joke
Dalton Robert Pepple They should have a hoop they can dunk the football into behind the endzone.
Charles Lee Snow angels ok but no dunks... Wwwwhat?
Derek Kirkland The No Fun League!
Drew Roth Good he's not on the Saints away
Mark Georgescu However blocking is still legal. Oh, wait...never mind.
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The team that watches rose ceremonies together ... stays together.

Matt Scully After week 17 they'll be able to get together to watch the playoffs too
Narin Lityouvong I wonder what color rompers they all wear while watching
Mark Georgescu
Peter Holley I bet Tom Brady and the Patriots get together to watch game film, not the bachelorette, no days off.
Daniel Dmdp Kozy Moses Maylor Jr. Jeff Tyson this honestly would be our football team lol
Justin Weber They can all watch it together while resting they're injuries. IR party!
Steve Weller In other news, there's a traffic jam on I-695 this morning
Kyle Fill Thanks TMZ
Joseph Drago Another shameless plug for the bachelorette by ESPN. They become more sad with each passing day .
Frank Bruner I guess you will have company next week Cheeto 'David Finley'
Billy Soares Matt we have confirmation, Ravens will go sub .500 this year
Zach Medford Matt Long, will you please send this to Robertson. Smh, what's wrong with his team?!
Nick Roberts Daniel.... you think Horsman and Mark are following their teams lead?
Alora Hasson Paul Piccotti let's add them to our potential bandwagon team list
Kevin Bingham II We going 0-16 smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
Brennan Blackburn
Tom Dymock This is amazing😂😂😂
Josh Cotterell
Derek Davis
Tess Jones Caroline, I want to join this party so bad!
Aaron Zeigler Ravens 0-20 including preseason
John Noth
Timothy Ty Christen Mmm thanks espn.
Jay Guy
Paul Bruce You can't make this stuff up Joshua Moser 😎
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"Golden State runs splits and all that stuff, but these guys are running all kinds of s---. I'll be like, 'F---.' They're running all kinds of s---, man."

Erica Castro Brad Stevens is an actual coach who has control of his team
Josh Martin Mark Duncan Zaza will be matched up with LeBron because his "performance" against Leonard is the only reason the Warriors are still relevant. Meanwhile, Green will be playing only to neuter LeBron so he can hang his yambag on a mantle in his living room.
Brandon Mendell NOW GOLDEN STATE DID BLOW YOU GUYS OUT BY 35 in January this year. I'm JUST Saying lol But everyone knows the Cavs arent scared of the dubs. Should be a good finals.
Zaareb Anwer Maybe youre just a bad coach?🤔 After all you got a stacked roster and not only do u place second in the weak east, but now u having trouble vs an IT'less boston 😂
Cully Ecklund You can run all the plays you want but if you can't put the ball in the hole it doesn't matter.....the Eastern Conference is weak other than one team.
Chris Conley To be fair, when playing the Warriors you have to kill yourself trying to guard everyone all of the time. The Cavs went into the Celtics series expecting to guard IT and do little else.
Jeremy Paulison Systematic complexity and being a good offensive team aren't mutually exclusive. The Warriors may not be easy to stop, but guarding them doesn't require a lot of switching. Golden State just finds the weak link on defense and has whoever they are guarding attack and create for others. I can see how Boston has to be very difficult to guard now, because Cleveland is basically gameplanning for an entirely different team with IT out.
Shawn Harless Is it just me or is Boston a better team without IT? I mean don't get me wrong, dude can score almost at will but he can give up just as many points. His defense is atrocious.
Kevan Pierson The Celtics are averaging 45 wide open shots per game against the Cavs defense since IT went down(that's 52% of their total offense). If the Cavs give 45 open looks to the Warriors team averaging nearly 30 assists a game, then it'll be a 45 point loss in every game. The Cavs defense ain't ready for this sea monster that they are about to see in the NBA Finals. It's looking like an easy sweep for the Dubs.
Bonz Element Lue just saying its harder to defend a team with so many movements and not having a go to guy to predict the end of the play.. In some ways he's just justifying there past 2 games
Erik A. Krueger You just asked for a 50k fine from the NBA because you couldn't convey your thoughts clearly enough without profanity. I hope it's worth it. Smdh.
Quinn Jones It's funny guys saying brad actually controls his guy. The Cavs caught up to the Celtics last game because they stopped distributing the ball.
Steven Kelso Warriors will sweep the Cavs. Last year doesn't matter, the fact is that they went up 3-1 against the Cavs and then were just gassed and blew it--most likely a symptom of winning 73 FUGGIN GAMES during the season. The Cavs didn't change their play at all in the final 3 games, the Warriors just played worse. Oh and NOW THE WARRIORS HAVE KD!
Peter Smith the celtics are playing like the warriors, but the dubs have more accurate shooters...if lue finds celtics hard to defend, he is just like saying about an easy sweep for the dubs. spurs are realy a great defending team but if you look how the dubs break their defense, that great offense, man. what is killing the cavs is not the Boston's offense, but it their defense. so sad they ran out of gas since midway through the 3rd...the cavs rely mo on one on one and 3s...but if u look back how the dubs defended mills, green and manu from the arc, i would say love would find it difficult even to hit the rim. if the warriors stay healthy it will be a sweep.
Chase Fan This was a play that Coach Lue drew up right before the Warriors game in January. Him and his staff were at the same restaurant and he left this chicken scratch. It didn't work....but he does tip well 😂
Raul Lazo He would know what is tougher to defend, A.I. teabagged him on live television trying to play defense. Oh the embarrassment. #stilllakersthough
Mark Tuason Maybe its because Brad Stevens knows how to make something out of his team instead of having 4 all stars carry his name ehem ehem
Mike Nelson Maybe because Brad Stevens is an actual coach. Where as people remember Lue for being crossed up by A.I. being stared down by A.I. then unceremoniously being stepped over by A.I. Lue ain't a coach, he's LeBron's yes man.
Justin Price Let's fast forward to the finals! I'm tired of the yapping! And I want GS to win and not just because I'm a fan but oh my god can you imagine what Cleveland will have to do next year to get back! Go get melo or Hayward or butler and then GS grabs bosh or griffin and it's like an all star game in finals I'm sooooo down
Alex Liu Well if Celtics are difficult then Warriors will be even tougher .
Mike Fiscer Ty Lue is over rated as a coach. It was obvious during game 4 when he left Lebron in with 3 fouls and got a 4th in the first half, as a coach that's an unwritten rule. Never leave your best player in with 3 fouls in the first half.
Matt Auffrey Elgin Baylor lost 8 NBA finals over the course of his career. LeBron James: "Hold my drink"
Gohan Lee better coach and no real star. make your team hard to defend but you have to hit your shots and not turn it over
James Fairhurst Guys he said in some ways.. We all know the warriors are better overall.. Read the title of the article
San Jay Brad Stevens! Real coach
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They're MLS players. They have contracts.

But ... they don't have teams?

Evan Escher Isn't this basically the same as NFL practice squads?
Tlaoli Garcia Al read this
ESPN9 hours ago

It feels like playoff beards have always been a thing.

But they started with one dynastic team in the 1980s.

Jim Powell I see ESPN finally discovered hockey, and now they feel like posting about every tradition they discover, even though we've all known about them for years.
Lallan Alex Lomax Don't let this distract you from the fact that the Rangers blew it against the Senators
Adam Taberman Justin Paulick I instantly thought the dude in front kinda looks like you. Similar facial structure.
Andrew Padaetz Butch Goring...
Tanner Jones Or you could add a playoff Mullet like Patrick kane does!
Ken Blanda Kevin Robson Jr. Their faces 😂
Bobby Troyer Mark Golabek
Zach Trabalka Chris Trabalka