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In the latest "Detail," Kobe analyzes how Jaylen Brown should apply pressure to to the Cleveland Cavaliers' defense.

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Detail Curse. SMH. Kobe still beating the Celtics even in retirement.
Both Kobe and LeBron would make amazing coaches, if they ever decided to pursue that. I've never understood why it is so "either/or" with these guys. Magic or Bird? Both.
I'd appreciate Kobe not teaching these great young talents how to play better in the middle of the ECF lol 😂. How bout do a detail on how the Cavs role players can do better 😐
This is stupid. It’s easy to coach when you’re just watching the game from the side. It’s different pressure when you’re in the actual moment.
It's important to tell the truth Though it may sound a bit uncouth LeBron's long in the tooth From strong faster youth He should join Shaq & Charles in the booth🎙
Tatum the key to the Celtics not brown watch when Tatum makes a shot all the Cavs just looking at each other they have no answers for him he gets 22 Celtics close out if not Cavs win on to game 7
Kobe exposing the fact that the cavs have 6 men on the floor JR knew that he was supposed to be there for he 3 that’s why he didn’t have the look for the pass...#rigged
That's Mamba Mentality. Another reason no one try to compare Kobe to anyone. He is an incomparable student of the game .
I’ve only seen previews of this show Kinda seems stupid though just him explaining everything we just saw
Yeah .. Penetrate and dish ? 😂
When you aren't up to the level of this guy, but want to critique his game. Lmao
Zack Casto listen to this, Kobe Bryant telling someone to pass the ball! 😂😂
Kobe 5. Leflop 3. Kobe didn’t sell his soul twice for rings .
Jordan, Kobe, lebron. In that order. You don’t get drafted to win at stats. 🤷🏾‍♂️ the more people know that the better.
im mad ur only coaching up the Celtics dont want bron to get no ring huh join the hater list kobe
Kobe trying to make sure lebron doesn’t make the finals
Of course he ways anything Celtics can do lol. He knows 2 more rings is all James needs to close the door on mj
Tatums the key. If his jumper is on early it’s over.
Apply pressure on defense. That is a lost cause.
Love when Kobe does this because they lose every time keep it up Mamba
Charles, Kobe just double cursed us. First Tatum, now brown. Toast
Tye Alford what if MJ put out detailed defensive schemes on Kobe? Buddy doing too much.
Why hasn't he critiqued LeBron yet?
Antoin Wagner have you been listening to these?
Every time Kobe does a Detail that team loses.. 😂😂
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The Boston Celtics are one win away from eliminating LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Please baby Jesus let it be Rockets Celtics!!!!
I bet Cavs win Game 6, come back to Boston for Game 7, where LeBron puts on a historic performance in a win, breaking Celtics fans' hearts once again, and appearing in his 8th straight NBA Finals
Cavs fans we good 🤷🏾‍♂️I talk to Bron earlier and he said Adam Silver already had a conversation with the refs 💯 We are In good hands.
Well according to ESPN post Celtics didn’t even have a chance agains bucks leave alone 76ers forget it about cavs now we talking one game away 🤷🏻‍♂️ Celtics plays as e team with out Kyrie and Hayward imagine the Celtics team next year 82-0
Hate to say it- Celtics winning. Good news is Lebron comes back to Miami where he belongs, alongside his brother DWade
If Boston want to make it to the Finals they better close it out if Cleveland wins tonight LeBron James will not lose a game 7 mark my words
They're 1-6 on the road... LeBron has an NBA all time best 33.5ppg in elimination games... Its going back to Boston... This game will be a blowout..
Celtics fan here. Celtics better close this out tonight, I don't want a game 7 with the best player on the planet on the other team. But the way these two teams have been trending it will probably go 7. Celtics are undefeated at home all playoffs so I'm not too scared but I want to avoid that situation all together if possible. Its absolutely dumbfounding to me how bad the Celtics play away in the playoffs the past two years. Their only away win this year is against Philly in game 3, which went to OT and was won because Brad Stevens drew up perfect ATOs. If Celtics get out to a lead after the first tonight I think it's over. First quarter is super important for them
Why is it that Celtics' fans, who have the MOST championships in NBA history, think that the outcomes are rigged AGAINST them?
We all know Cleveland won't be able to beat GS, although I hope Houston wins that series. So let's see a different showdown...let's go Celtics!
The refs with the assist to send it back to Boston for game 7!
Lebron looked awfully tired at the end of last game. Hoping this series comes down to more than just fatigue. Would be a shame for lebron's Cavs to get bounced because his body is simply too exhausted.
Gut tells me Cavs but I really hope the C’s can finish them off. LeBron is obviously unbeatable in elimination games the last 7 years expect the finals. As always, I think Horford needs to step up big for them to win though. He makes everyone around him better when he’s playing well. Also limit TO’s and control the pace. Pressure is on Cleveland, let’s finish it! Rockets/Dubs most likely going 7 so some rest would be nice. If not, right back at home for game 7 ☘️☘️
I really believe that this is the game the celtics need to take.... Pressure is all on Cleveland tonight... If this series reaches game 7, it doesn't bode well for the celtics as all the pressure will be on them, true this young team has handled tough situations to this point, but game 7 that is a different beast....
I would love for it to be Boston but we all know it's going to be GSW VS Cleveland pt 4 since Chris Paul supposedly hurt his hamstring and will miss Saturdays game
Korver only played 18 minutes, LeBron all of a sudden tired and didn't play as hard, love kept off court all of 2nd with 2 fouls, iggy hurts leg, Paul hurts hamstring... Yeah it's all set up for cavs warriors once again.. If refs can't rig it then the coaches will
The Celts should just pack it in and rest up for Game 7. It is clear Silver gave the order to the refs that the Cavs are to win, "Whatever it takes".
Celts/Rockets would be the death of the super team. The league is short on talent as compared to the 80’s/90’s. They can’t afford to all be on the same team until more HOF talent gets in the league.
No matter what the outcome Bron Bron is in a game 6 with a team that is young and missing their stars. Not the 🐐 Bron Bron. Sorry dude. Where ya heading next year? Celtics? ☘️☘️☘️☘️😂😂😂😂
Lebron James is my favorite player of all time, so I'm hoping for a Cavs win. I wouldn't hate it if the Celtics won though. I'm just hoping for a good game.
Come on Celts!! Hope you meet the Rockets after that. Some finals with team spirit oriented players instead of some with opportunistic players and scripted stuff which make our game boring would be sweet 😉
I would love to see Boston and Houston cuz I have never got to watch Boston in the playoffs cuz I only really started watching basketball was 4 years ago
Depends. If Boston gets up early and LeBron’s teammates go MIA causing him to expend lots of energy then I expect LeBron to check out in the second half. Just like he did before the last time he bolted from Cleveland
What ever happens LeBron needs to leave Caveliers and go to a team that can put up double digits like he does. He's carried this team the entire season and it's time for him to move on
It's going 7. The Celtics are allergic to winning on the road.
ESPN posted an episode of First Take Your Take.7 hours ago

Stephen A. Smith debates First Take Your Take winner Luca Rosano on where LeBron should play next season.

Stephen Smith is arguably the biggest idiot on TV. Lebron should go to the lakers and win a ring because other big stars have gone there and won? Is he up for the challenge? That’s stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. How about going to New York and bringing a championship to NYC - a place no one has been able to win in 50 years. If Lebron brings a title to MSG and puts the Knicks back on the map then he’ll go down as the real king and the greatest ever.
Wears a shirt like this after he ditched Cleveland for Miami years prior. Everyone wants to hate on KD but it’s okay for this man to go wherever he wants.
That guy lost the debate by contradicting himself, he said that he should stay in the east it's the easiest why to another finals, but also said if he leaves the east for the Lakers he's taking the easy way. What the heck? If he signs with the Lakers it would be a harder road to the finals because it west is deep, if he took the Lakers to the finals he would he sealing his legacy by taking three teams to the finals. No other player has done that If he won one with the Lakers, he would be in pantheon of greats.
Lebron in Lakers is quite interesting. If he emerges and beat the challenge of wearing the purple and gold, then for sure a lot of critics that includes me, will finally start looking the other version of LeBron.
ESPN just announced we will be seeing a lot more of Keith Olbermann! Not me I would never watch that liberal bafoon
I agree with Luka partly, I don’t want LeBron to the Cavs but if he does it won’t tarnish his legacy . I just think 🤔 why he go to the LA Lakers and hope Paul George follows when he can he and the Cavs bring Paul George or other players to the Land. And there is nothing wrong with building a superteam whether with Cavs or a different team, LeBron did not invent the superteam
Wherever he goes, there will be 2 rules. They have to have 2 stars so Lebron can continue to try to beat Golden State, and he has to have full rights to have those stars traded for other star players in case the 2 there don’t work in his system
If I was LeBron James, I would just get a kick out of how many people love to discuss, debate and analyze where I am going this summer. It was an interesting topic at first, but then it got overdone. I am just excited for the games.
My question is this. Cavs fans burned LeBron's jersey when he left the first time. What will happen to him and his reputation in Ohio; a state he was born in, if he leaves a second time?
It’s funny how the rockets have the warriors on the brink but the “greatest player of all time”got beat in 5 last season WITH Kyrie .. “but not even Jordan could of beat that team”
Lebron needs to 3peat with Lakers to get to number 3 all time great after Kobe and the goat MJ..truth
These NBA CEOs and owners really should do away with the East vs West and just take the 16best teams.
All I want is for him to go home after tonight
Some Sixers fans and Laker fans and the rest of the team in the NBA are rooting for Boston in a chance on getting LeBron James wear he might end up somewhere else next season
Lebron is like herpes one espn, cant ever get a day off...
Sorry Stephen A. Smith LA doesn't want Lebron
Lakers. Los Angeles is where he lives. This needs to happen. Fate.
Stephen couldn't debate am idiot Not qualified
He'll stay in Cleveland if they can unload a couple contracts and convince another star to join him otherwise it will b L.A. but no rings there for him tho she done
Luca looks like a bumble bee stung his face and he’s allergic
Is this even worth watching?
Lebron is staying in the land
On July 11, 2018, LeBron will announce via INSTAGRAM, that he is staying in Cleveland.
What are you guys even talking aboot aye?
I think they mean he's from "Lebronto," Canada
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One year ago, the Vegas Golden Knights didn't have a player.

Now, they’re 4 wins away from a title.

Literally the greatest story to come from the NHL and it gets overshadowed each night on reports of what LeBron ate for lunch ...
The NHL set this team up to be good from the start. Ask other expansion teams if they were given the same.
Obviously NHL needs to look at expansion protocol for the next one. VGK didn’t build anything they were handed a golden egg.
Fixed! New market to sell, and Vegas market, the market that was known as the taboo city for sports team, 500-1 bet.... a lot of laundry wise guy money here! Gambling dictates sports with TV networks
Only in Hockey. Everyone couldnt wait for this historic rivalry, Washington vs Las Vegas! Huh??? Only in Hockey.😂😂
The expansion rules set Vegas up for success. This would never happen in any of the other 3 major sports. With that said, it's still impressive to put it all together in year 1. I hope they win the cup.
Uh, ESPN, what's this? This isn't a LeBron post or a post crying about the NFLs new rule? Seriously, wtf are you doing?!
what an amazing story. Who would ever think that once the gambling capital OF THE WORLD gets a team, it would immediately be the best team. Total crazy coincidence. I get goosebumps.
They will win becaus of the massacre that happened there, just like nba rockets will win because of the Santa Fe shooting , Houston flood and New Orleans kratrina and so on
Laura, remember last year when none of my friends liked hockey and now they are the BIGGEST fans ever?
They are making a joke out of the rest of the league. This is a team full of players that weren’t wanted on their original team.
The same people complaining about Vegas being in the Finals didn’t say a word when they saw their roster at the start of the season. Not one person looked at the team after the expansion draft and thought “wow, this team could win it all”.
Crazy how it took them one yr in the franchise to reach to championship series but yet the browns can’t even get a W
being from Vegas and knowing nothing about hockey, i am now an official Golden Knights fan lmao
For every saying they was given a great team
I’m not a fan of hockey but it seems there is more parity in this sport than any other
I can’t believe the UCF knights are playing for the title
Bandwagon fans. So funny to see people drop their "favorite" teams for another one so quickly 😂
I never go to ESPNBA for my hockey news.
How can people really think Vegas was set up for this much success? Y’all need Jesus
Griffin Pardales John Collins technically they had reid duke playing soccer by himself over a year ago
One year ago was the last time #ESPNsucks posted something not about lebron!
Hopefully the refs don't keep making those phantom calls for Washington during this series
Good story but not really a far stretch with drafting rules nowadays
Whatever happened to the very 1st player?
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Kevin Durant disappeared in the 4th quarter again and Stephen A. Smith is NOT having it. (via ESPN First Take)

He disappeared because it’s rigged, cp3 got “injured” and now the warriors will win game 6 forcing a 7th game. It’s all about the money, they’ve been doing this for years.
why does he have a platform? He has no credibility. After game 1, he was screaming about how it's over and that Warriors will go on to sweep or win 4-1.
Kevin Durant: My next Chapter: The Houston Rockets
I agree with Stephen A. Durant has disappeared and is not a true leader. He doesn't want the ball in clutch situations and he needs to step it up!
Don't nobody cares what this dude Stephen A. Smith has to say, actually, I wish he would just be quiet. Has he ever played the game, if not, then his opinion means nada to no one. Just talking out the side of his neck.
KD disappeared because of bad coaching. Even now, Kerr is riding the coattails of a star, first MJ and now Curry. Game is on the line and you go to Draymond, who fumbles the ball to the other team? Bad coaching.
Someone should start to track the picks these sports casters make so we can rank them on how often they are correct. I have the feeling Stephen A would also be disappearing if this was done.
Stephen “a-hole” Smith needs to lay off the blow. This dude was sweating through his suite and screaming like an idiot last night and here he is this morning doing the same thing. Drink some water and get some sleep man, and definitely calm Down...
He used to do the same thing with OKC. He's an outstanding player, but when it counts the most he seems to disappear.
Tired of all that extremes. This Stretch could happen, period I can already see stephen A. Come up with some BS about KD being the best Player ik the World in a few weeks, when the warriors will hoist the trophy
Guys are going to have bad games......I hate that every time a star player has a bad game they have to magnify it like they're the worst player in NBA history just because they have a television show.
Durant IS... Mr. Unreliable. He earned that title in OkC and is carrying on the tradition in... 🤔 Oakland, San Francisco, Golden City, wherever the Warriors play.
kevin durant looks worn out by the time it's the 4th quarter of the game in the last several games. he's getting up there in nba playing years that's for sure.
This is why I keep saying they rack up all kinds of stats til it's pressure time LeBron to so they can be compared to the greats like Jordan and kobe,no killer instinct to b had between these 2 they've always needed help
Do you still remember that he bet his life for 76ers going to Finals. They are going to Finals. Were they at now?😂😂😂
Everyone keep saying Stephen a is wrong lol but kd has been awful in the last two 4th quaters of game 4 and 5 so I mean he's a huge factor for GSW but he has been disappearing in clutch moments these past two games
He is a garbage player. Hes bor unreliable during times you actually need him. Sit him for all quarters except the fourth, then maybe he will be hot. Rockets have this series, and boy am I happy. Choke central in the bayyy
Same goes for curry tho, he hasn’t played how he usually plays. Both of them really need to step up more. Especially curry.
Was up on warriors and choked so he joined them. Great shooter but mediocre rebounder and average passer. Put him on Cavs replacing the King and they have trouble beating the Knicks. Do not compare him to the sling who in his 15th season plays more minutes then KD. Lucky Cp3 is injured or the Warriors would be done😳
Unacceptable.... Stephan A Smith! Your like Oscar the grouch in a garbage can with your useless intellectual knowledge!!! A five year old speaks more actual legitimate stats then this idiot
He never was a leader and only won because if he surrounding talent. Like Draymond, whose now been exposed as an overrated thug. KD will jump ship next season and find another loaded unit.
You can not argue with an idiot. He’ll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. That’s my take on Steven A. Said the Warriors would win the series 4-1. 😂
This Ninja prolly averaged 0.2 ppg in the 4th quarter of his High School games and sure nuff prolly never got on the court in college.....STFU
Exactly why he had to run from OKC, so his buddies could carry his sorry 2nd place self across the finish line.
Hmmm amazing how both the Eastern and Western conference playoffs have pushed to be on pace for 7 games. It's like ever other games someone forgets how to shoot not matter how good they where during the regular season. What an amazing coincidence.
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Life measures the odds against you. Sports measures heart.

Nice. So, if people don’t like him and don’t want to root for him, they have problems...wrong. CP3 is easy to root against.
So at the pre-draft combines of major sports they measure "Passion"??? Yeah right. You 4'10" with the heart of a lion you ain't getting drafted to play Center for the ______.
CP3 is kinda like a little Draymond. I get that he’s a fierce competitor, but he crosses the line sometimes. He’s not that hard to root against...
Aside from Cp3 himself, that is a great statement.. But he is s good example.. he has heart mixed with skill. Not always perfect but who is..
Were about to see how good Houston really is now. Cp3 is done for the series. Hamstring injury isnt something that u get over in a few days.
Those 3's by CP were luck but I still want to see them in the Finals over the Warriors BUT ONLY against LeBron if not, I don't care lol
Naaah he's a cheap player. I'm not rooting for him or against him, I just want to see some good basketball
But as WE ALL KNOW CP and Harden some how go missing in big games I hope that's not the case this year....
Austin rivers is not rooting for him for sure
This bum shimmied his way to a leg injury. Can't wait to see him try and play in Oakland next.
Ive Been Saying This Whole Series He’s The Guy Houston Needs To Step Up Most Because He’s Been Trying To Get To The Finals His Whole Career And Now Is His Time But....
Hall of fame player and doing his best to win. Those type players should make miracle shots sometimes. That is what separates them from the norm. I have said since January that it is the Rockets year. Warriors are down a little this year and Houston spent the money and built the team to beat the champs. It will happen
So we are going to ignore him repeatedly punching guys crotches in college?
Warriors & Cavs both coming back to win their series. The NBA is still upset about the bad ratings last year so they're setting up dramatic comebacks by both teams.
This guy is such a savage when it’s game time
How bout pj tucker the most underrated player in the western conference finals
Chris Paul is the truth. A real point guard. All the naysayers can eat their words now.
All those push offs show a lot of heart and determination...
What if you are a Warrior's fan or something?
Paul & Griffin were injury prone all the time w the Clippers. Another injury for Paul isn't unusual 😒
So I’ve got problems for not rooting for him? So I’m not entitled to my own opinion? Ok.
Cp3 is the last of a true point guard ,
I like CP3 but you playing my Warriors so I ain't about to "root for him'.....
That injury he has is a sign of aging 🤭
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"The NFL not only doesn’t care that its league is starting to have an old-man-yelling-at-clouds kind of feel, but they also don’t seem to care that it is alienating many of its black and brown fans."

“Brown” fan here 🙋🏻‍♂️!!! Stop generalizing and speaking for us. I for one am happy the NFL is showing respect to our country with this decision!!
Why does Jemele Hill still have a job lol.
Nothing says "America" quite like forced nationalism!
It’s called a business! They were doing what’s best for business not what’s best for everyone’s personal agendas. Need to stop being so emotional.
All this patriotism going on, please have the same energy when veterans are committng suicide or you pass a homeless veteran on the street. Y’all don’t care about the military. Save that BS
So this so called journalist admits that other sports have rules in place that require players to stand for the national anthem. She also admits that the NBA has such a rule “but it doesn’t FEEL suppressive” How in the hell does one league have the rule and it’s OK but the NFL has the rule and it’s oppressive or according to her its suppressive? Her article seems to be more about her hatred for President Trump, than the NFL rule?? So much for objective journalism🤔😂
Nevermind the new NFL National Anthem rule. The real issue is why does Jemele Hill still have a job? This is a bigger problem. You can't allow someone to keep writing crap like this.
The owners kind of have to appease their fans SO THAT THEY MAKE MONEY!!! The players are just a revenue source, just like I am to my boss. Suck it up pansies or go try working somewhere else.
Maybe next time at work when ny boss yells at me, I'll just take a knee and see if they change their mind.
school shootings every other week but people care more about a person kneeling for a 2 minute anthem
A Commander in Chief who publically humiliated, slandered and disrespected a colleague, Veteran and POW (all on the job I might add) but people not even seeing the hypocrisy of it...
We watch football to escape the everyday issues we are dealing with as a country. There are other ways to protest other than kneeling. How about not playing? How about donating your paycheck to your cause? How about taking your cause to the streets and bringing the media with you?
The NFL's downfall has already begun. No matter what side you're on in this issue, the league will continue to lose business. It's just a matter of time now.
While most of the league is black majority of the fan base is white. NFL isn't about it's employee's it's about the fans. Fans want them to stand so that's what should happen.
Frustrating that those on the left get to pick and choose which freedoms and liberties are represented by the American flag. In their eyes, it seems like the First Amendment is the ONLY one that matters since they feel like that is being infringed upon. But when it comes to 2A, it’s “outdated.” In my opinion, if those that served this country in battle are offended by folks kneeling for the national anthem, that’s all that matters. You have the other 99.99% of your life to fight for and protest inequality and police brutality, which I agree is still a problem in this country. Just like a player can’t utilize his/her 2nd amendment right inside a stadium, the owners have the choice as to how the players should act when representing their organization. If you don’t agree, stay in the locker room and protest during your post game interview when millions (probably not for much longer) are watching.
The NFL created this controversy? I think you’ve done a great job blowing it out of proportion and keeping it in the news for the last two years. You’re just as much to blame as the NFL if not more so.
Paid athletes are nothing more then employees of the team's and owners of those teams! A new policy in any job is still policy! You do not like it? Find a new job! Just like the rest of the world! In past jobs I've put aside my pride, and provided for my family! Get over it and play football, or don't and get a new job!
Does anyone else find it ironic that Jemele Hill is writing for The Undefeated after she was defeated to the point that she was DEMOTED?
She has made a valid and true statement. The NFL only cares for it's best interest, they care nothing about the players or the fans for that matter. Trump is the real reason behind all of this. A good majority of African Americans spend good money each year on season tickets, not to mention what is spent on merchandise. They will start to suffer this season, guarantee it. Just like papa John's did.
So, the NBA is ok for having the rule but the NFL is disingenuous? How does that make any sense? Whichever side you're on the kneeling has hurt business. Protest all you want but you then can't complain when no one shows up or buys your crap and you make less money
>Kap sits during anthem for 3 games, no one cares >Veteran says he should kneel instead of sit >game 4, Kap kneels and media loses their collective minds For the sake of justice Dr. King spent many many nights in jail, if you think some players won’t pay their fine as long as they keep getting the attention they’re getting you’re mistaken
Let's not forget young fans too. Apparently, the NFL wants to see its fan base die off in 20 years and let the next generation watch the NBA instead
I love my country & our military. But if everyone will remember, before all players remained in the locker room until after the national anthem was played then came out, if the NFL went back to that, problem solved!
“ESPN has lost nearly 13 million subscribers in the last six years, from its peak of 100.12 million in 2011 to 87.22 million in the most recent estimates, according to Nielsen.”🤔
“what the firm reportedly discovered was that the majority of African-Americans, Latinos and millennial fans did not support disciplining players for not standing during the anthem. White, older fans did.” No matter who you are or what you think about the NFL’s national anthem policy, the way Jamele Hill shamelessly and manipulatively distorts the truth in these two sentences is an insult to your intelligence.
ESPN10 hours ago

The Indianapolis 500 is the biggest spectacle in all of racing ... and to make sense of it all, you've got to bring in everything from the White House to the Pyramids.

"Biggest spectacle in all of racing"? Maybe biggest for America but this weekends Monaco F1 Grand Prix will have much more viewership worldwide.
I just consider Sunday the greatest day in all of motorsports. Monaco GP, Indy 500, and the Coke 600
Just rich guys with racing teams hiring other guys to design, build and race cars. Kind of like owning race horses, sports teams etc.
They hit 233 mph going into turns 1 and 3. They exit 2 and 4 at 226 mph and never touch the brakes.
It's just a bunch of people driving in a circle
Alli Maurer here's that graphic I mentioned to you about how large the track is
I’m pretty sure the Daytona 500 is the biggest spectacle in racing.
Cars going in a HOW is this awesome to watch
Kyle Peeler told you racing is the most attended sporting event in the world. That stadium is huge
Sven Gustafson you’re honestly the only person I could think of who enjoy this
Julian Toohey, good for a laugh this video
Kevin Jensen ok, this is pretty crazy.
Rather watch the Monaco Grand Prix .
Lol... Nobody cares
Knoxville Nationals for me.
It’s that freaking big.
John Liss I tried to tell you
So not the daytona 500?
I love this video awesome.
Um Le Mans?
Steven Kasprzyk not just a weekend in May
Noe Arteaga that big
ESPN12 hours ago

Draymond Green is not giving up.

Your mediocre play is part of the reason you guys even need a game 7.
So we gonna act like shawn michaels didnt screw bret hart at survivor series? bret hart was leaving for wcw in 1997 and vince mcmahon thought he would leave with the title. shawn michaels applied the submission to bret hart but bret hart never tapped out. nonetheless vince told the guy to ring the bell and michaels became champ.
Draymond looked like dez Bryant yesterday fumbling the ball!
This team is a disgrace. All of that talent and bout to get eliminated by Harden and Paul??? I don't ever want to hear about this group of chokers being named amongst the all-time great teams. Never again. Team is a joke
Draymond get the blame but your scorer KD had 0 4th quarter points 😂😂
It might be Draymond, but, you guys will show up at Toyota Center to be defeated by this brave Rockets Team. #FromALakersFan
Why do people call this warriors team a dynasty and amazing they had to add top 3 player in the world to win a championship and now when they lose it'll be the biggest waste of talent ever comprised
Still baffles me why they completely abandoned ball movement and are trying to play ISO all of a sudden. Play the way you've been playing the last two years and you wouldn't need a game 7.
Harden: knock knock Draymond: who's there? Harden: shh Draymond: we're gonna- Harden: Even before you start..that was a preemptive shh..just know i gotta whole bag of shh, with your name on it.
We all know the NBA is going to make sure there's a game 7. Warriors could shoot 0-60 and the NBA will make sure they win someway. Same with Cleveland. They are going to have the refs call fouls on Rockets just for looking at the Warriors! Watch, Warriors will go to the free throw line twice as much as the Rockets.
You guys are fools if you don’t believe it’ll be a game 7 and hmmm ....I believe the 2 known chokers belong to the Rockets 🚀 Preach on Draymond!!!! See ya in 7
Green..! 😂😂🤣 Irrelevant... petty, dopey Rodman-wannabe motherf......... 😂🤣 Owned & exposed on both ends of the floor.... 😂🤣
That cat need to STFU and just be thankful that David Lee hurt his ankle bad back in 2014 or he'd still be a benchwarmer
This Quote is going to turn into a spingebob meme " 2 days Later. (Green) were a group of champion and well be back next year and if you don't believe anything I say believe this 😂😂😂
Sounds like he’s in denial. Lol they are just worried because they felt like they were gonna be untouchable for at least a couple more years to come.
Cool I believe it! But please believe this...YOU are not Magic Johnson so play within your skill set and don't turn the ball over!!!
Yeah that’s what happens when you have 4 allstars and arguably the best bench in the league. Lmfao. Warriors fans and players acting like they shouldn’t 3-Peat at least is cute. Deserve more slander than any team losing!
Can we just talk about the play were durant came up to ariza pushing him into another GS player while ariza just had his hands in the air and they called it a foul on ariza. NBA isnt even trying to hide that they influence games lol
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Harry's, and he ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS. And a Motec exhaust
Air Gordon and the crew all have opinions too. If the conversation was about Lebron vs MJ the narrative would be well MJ didn’t need a Game 7. Well the Chicago Bulls are being compared to the Warriors as the greatest team. Nobody knocks the warriors for being down 3-2 something I don’t recall the bulls ever being. It’s fake news lol
Are there any pictures of Draymond Green where his face isn't all contorted with his mouth wide open?
Honestly if y’all play the way you did in game 5 you won’t be champions and your place in history will be remembered as the best team ever assembled to not win the Championship.
Please stfu dude!!! Can’t stand this guy!! He’s all the bad parts plus some of my boy Rodman but less interesting lol
The game was close in the 4th and these dudes are passing up layups for 3s, then they brick the 3. Steph and Klays 3s are streaky now and they’re in denial. Live by the 3, die by it. They got away fm selfless ball and they all are trying to be hero’s now.
Shut up and get it done....ya'll talk to much and shimmy to much....stop being overly confident and pulling for gs but with or without chris paul they can get bounced out this thing in 6 becouse houston is hungier and they ain't playing and the Champs ain't playing like champs but more like chumps.
ESPN13 hours ago

On This Date: Muhammad Ali dropped Sonny Liston to create an iconic sports image.

Is that Danny Devito at the bottom left with the camera?
Picked up this baby about 10years ago still hanging
Lebron James would’ve done it better
R.i.p. to the Greatest Muhammad Ali His can't hit what the eyes can't see float like a butterfly & sting like a bee rumble young man rumble
In my view this fight was fixed Sonny Liston was the best puncher this division has ever seen but owned by crime.
Liston didn't take a dive. He got hit by a quick right over Liston's jab called an "anchor punch" my Angelo Dundee. Watch the fight Liston manages to get up and continue fighting due to a long count be the ref. If he went in the tank wouldn't he have just stayed down?
From what I remember about this picture is the photographer got it at just the right moment when Ali was swinging his arm. He didn't pose his arm that way the photographer got it when his hand right there.
Listened to this fight on a old tube radio with my grandpa, then actually met him at Las Vegas Airport for a leon spinks fight, he was very cool
This isn't the famous photo....Leifer took the photo and the photographer across the ring would be between Ali's legs
Lets give John Rooney some credit for the photo. All them cameras and he was in the right place at the right time.
some scientists did a study of Ali's punching. Clocked in at 1/100th of a second. Bruce Lee also produced similar results. I wonder what that would be in mph?
Iconic photo of a fixed fight,....
Why come none of the millennials are saying Ali not the greatest Jordan the only so called greatest to be challenged
"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. I'm smokin' Joe and I knocked out Muhammad Ali" - Joe Frazier
Never knew Danny Divito was a photographer.
Not a fan after how he treated Joe Frazier.
Telling him to get up cus he took a dive
“Weezy beat the beat up like sonny Liston” 😂 Kevin Brown
He was a very bad man, but the greatest of all time
Wanna be a dummy then bet yo money on Sonny
Chris Maxwell float like a butterfly sting like a bee
Michael Martinez you back peddling that draft dodging post bruh? What happened? 😂
that was in maine, one of my 6th grade teachers was there got to his seat late and missed it.
Happened at the androscoggin bank colisee. This picture is hanging outside the building and I see it every time I go to a L/A Nordiques hockey game