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Baker Mayfield will not be a captain Saturday, and neither will these three Jayhawks.

Joe Keltner Hey now. I'm not a fan of either. But from what i seen. 1 total disrespect of sportmanship when they wouldn't shake hands. Then i seen a very late hit on qb then him grab his junk on sideline. If anyone should get the axe it should be the 3 morons on who wouldn't show sportmenship at start
Joseph Lofland I could care less about these two schools. But kanas disrespected baker he taught them a lesson. You earn respect or you take it. Kanas got what they deserve. Yea baker made some comments but they weren't really bad and he wasn't giving them the bird. #freebaker
Anthony Batiste I see y'all trying to take the emotions out of sports. Y'all want a bunch of robots with no personality
Chuck Duckworth That is appropriate too. College sports is for student athletes - who are "students first". You must learn from your mistakes, and that move was a mistake. Not the end of the world - but a teachable moment. Congrats Coach.
Michael J Kroll Well Mayfield, you need to grow up and accept that what they did was unacceptable but your rant was as well. Be the better man.
Milt Dymond Not a fan of either school, but to me, it looks like Mayfield is looking at the kids, and reacted when they wouldn't shake his hand Just my opinion, no need for personal attacks
Joseph Browning The NCAA states "The refusal of these student-athletes to shake an opponent's hand during the pregame ceremony is contrary to tradition and inconsistent with common courtesy," But the guys that these players look up to and idolize are allowed to kneel during the national anthem?!? What were the repercussions from the NCAA of the New Mexico players that knelt during the anthem?
Jim Dunlap This is what students learn in college these days. Their liberal professors must be very proud of them.
David Collins Bakers first mistake was running from a cop and then resisting arrest. The same action that gets other kids shot. Now everything he does is scrutinized to the nth degree. He brought this on himself folks. Behave like a thug, get treated like a thug.
Nathan Armolt Aww let's just the fun outta the game. I wouldn't shake the hand of guy I'm trying to beat either before the game. Afterwards yes not before the game. An not making Mayfield a captain is a slap in the face. Oklahoma wouldn't be winning without him....
Janae Filer I was definitely disappointed in the players that chose to act childishly and showcase unsportsmanlike conduct. They should have swallowed their pride and shook his hand.
Allen Fieldhouse Sanders And now KU athletics is going to ask for $40 million plus for a football team that hasn’t had a winning season in almost 10 years! Hahaha what a joke
Nick Carter As they should. Kids right beside them to see their bad sportsmanship. Nice up close lesson for the children! smh
Bryan Ohlsen So what. Captain there means buck private in rest of football world when you play for
Chris Skipper Those KU players were horrible sports and deserved an asswhoppin ....which they got. Way to be big and bad 1-9 KU haha
Mark Lehtomaki Baker Mayfield is a rah rah guy. NFL defenses will prob chew him up and spit him out. Johnny Manziel 2.
Dezmond Jones I think what the Kansas players did was more disrespectful than what Mayfield did
Freddy Castillo Still not better then Lonzo Ball. Lonzo is a better QB and the next MVP and Finals MVP. Agree and go on with your life. Big Baller Alert!!!
Nancy Baker Watching CBS sports, they are discussing Baker and the Heisman. The panel for the most part are supportive of Baker for Heisman. One of the panelists when given a choice of A-does Bakers actions last weekend affect your vote for the award or B- it doesn't matter. I liked his response: There should be one more choice C- hell no, he said it doesn't affect his vote. He said if anyone used the incident to make a statement against Baker, they should lose their Heisman vote. That's my kind of sportscaster.
Nancy Baker U imagine the ovation he is gonna get when he comes off the sidelines going to be epic I'd like to know how many decibels it is.
Joseph Matthew He was disrespected, and they didn’t like when he gave it right back...nothing to see here.
Nicole Jones Hell yes!!! Baker shouldn't be the only one punished!!
Matt Bjork Love Baker. Hopefully it's just one snap. I love his fire
Aaron Pilotte Too bad, kid deserves the heisman. 🐸 ☕️
Chris Peitsch KU's captains have led them to 1-10. Good ideas to find other leaders...can only get better.
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"They're soft."

Ed Chesiak I'm so sick and tired of even seeing this POS photo let alone his uneducated comments...when will his 15 mins of fame be over?
Justin Bledsaw You mean the same guy who just a few months ago was adamant that his son would only play for the Lakers? Interesting...
Ryan Cooper Breaking news: Lavar Ball is now the head coach of the Lakers
Nathan Koehler I don’t disagree he’s a good dad. But with his boys stats and being taken #2. He’s going to ruin his boys career with his mouth. His talent is being outweighed with baggage
Kate Alyssa I am so sick of the Ball family and hearing about them daily!! Deprive them of all the exposure please!! Deprive this family of all oxygen so their blown up egos go away forever!!
Mike Krueger This man is an idiot wrapped in a moron stuffed with stupid and apparently the apple didn't fall too far from the tree!!!
Jeffrey Alan This dude..... I used to think he was kind of smart for marketing his brand. Now I think he is "that guy". You know the one that cusses out little league coaches and embarrasses the hell out of his kids.
Zachary Harris This kid will be out of the NBA before you know it because his dad can't help himself.
Robert Richter And sick of hearing that he is a good dad. At one time a good dad was someone who taught good morals, lead by example, had high expectations, caring, loving, part of kids life in a positive way, respected his wife, its been downgraded. I hear people saying he is a good dad because he is part of his life. That’s it....It reminds me of the Maury Show where the “dad” says he buys diapers and occasionally sees his kid” and the audience is impressed! Cheers and claps. Is it because there are more deadbeat dad’s around and therefore expectations are lower?
Steve Cochran Oh dude, this guy is starting to go too far. Victim mentality. Wow Magic needs to shut this guy up before he becomes a major distraction. Lonzo is a rookie And he is doing well. Some more training and he is going to be ridiculous
Douglas Hummel There's obsession and then there's ESPN obsession of the Ball family. It's like a demonic obsession with these people by ESPN.
Hugo Deleon It’s not like garbage Lonzo is balling anyways. Dude is straught up trash. Yeah he had a triple double here and there big deal. Literally anyone can get one nowadays if they play hard enough.
Eric Pemberton Didn’t read the article but the media needs to stop putting a mic in this fools face & writing articles about him. This dude is just an overblown “THAT little league dad”
Chris Barrow But I thought he was already better than Kobe, MJ and LeBron?! Now he's not being coached right? Make up ur mind LaVar, is he the GOAT or not man? I mean, we all know the real answer to this lol he ain't staying with the Lakers his whole career and LaVar is gonna be his downfall
Warren Reid If you think about his statement. It’s not far from the truth. Look at the NBA as a whole. It has become soft over the years. A lot of these players couldn’t play in the 90’s. It was to physical back then. And he knows his son the best. Maybe he’s right.
Mark Rogers The kids shot sucks, second kid is a criminal and should have his scholarship revoked and third kid is not going to High School. Great family!!! Daddy already had one HS coach fired.
Thomas Tautges this guy never seems to accept his faults,, his kid has got to get more aggressive on the court,,, he threw his kids into that life,, wanting a billion dollar show deal,, going to shoe companys for them to push his logo,,LOL,, wow ,, he really thinks he can treat people with no respect and build a business on that,, fricken bone head,,LMAO.
Jimmi Stepanik This just in... LaVar Ball is the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. For his first move he’s drafted his two other sons LiAngelo & LaMelo & put them in starting positions. He also drafted himself to play at starting PF. You can all have an opinion about the drastic moves for the team as of late but honestly one of them is bound to be a steal. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Ray Klempay Maybe Lonzo and daddy big mouth would be better coached in the D league. I’d send them both packing. Kid is ok not great. Dad is a cancer on any team.
Roger Copenhaver It’s seriously time to cut this guy off. The media loves him because news about him gets clicks and matter what the news is. The media is to blame why this guy is still in the limelight.
Vincent Colassi Lavar this isn't college or "BBB" league anymore its the NBA. Guys get exposed all the time coming out of college like this thinking they are the next great thing. Lonzo lacks heart & a drive to be aggressive around the paint, not to mention his defense is CRAZY soft against NBA guys. Maybe Lonzo was just raised soft lol.
Paul Givens Everything is the fault of everyone else. Narc all over. The horror stories we're gonna hear about this guy will make Todd Marinovitch's dad look like a loving doting father
Scott Scheben If he had talent and could play ball maybe they could coach him. Coaches can not do much if you don't have talent
Cody West His dad is going to get lonzo in trouble with the Lakers. Basically telling magic Johnson that he decisions are causing his son to not be a good NBA players isn't the smartest thing to do. Especially when they could have taken someone like Jayson Tatum
David McGee It's not the Lakers coaching problem....Lonzo Ball is not at the NBA talent level...he's already one of the worst free throw shooter in the league
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The committee is big on the Miami Hurricanes.

David Fitzpatrick So if UCF wins out. And blows out the team in a major bowl game. The playoff committee will put their heads in their behinds . Knowing that they screwed the pooch. However I think Miami will win it all. And Clemson is knocked out with the 2nd lose.
Mike Stauner They're big on padding Alabama's cupcake strength of schedule too, apparently. Meanwhile they criticize Wisconsin for their strength of schedule but i don't see Wisconsin playing Sister Mary's College for the Blind in week 11...
Nathan Young It's literally impossible for Miami and Clemson to play each other in playoffs cause of the ACC Championship, somebody has to lose..
Bryan Bartlett I love how they keep Alabama and Clemson away from playing in semifinals so they can possibly match up in the championship game. We're not stupid NCAA, we know what you want!!
Richard Garner the acc and all its higher ups better hope and pray both Clemson and Miami make it out of this week because if they both lose I think it will eliminate the acc from the cfp
Austin Rusch High on Miami but not Wisconsin? Typical for ESPN and NCAA Football committee. It’s all about the offensive power houses. I think they forgot defense wins championships. Wisconsin will prove that this year
Tom Allen What the committee doesn't want a Wisconsin big 10 title Clemson over Miami,. Georgia over alabama, one loss ou... Ucf unbeaten
Charlie Bernie Gotta take care of Pitt first on the road. Won’t be an easy game.
Jessica Marciniak When Miami wins. College football wins. You're welcome 😁 []_[]
James Wood Steve Nash is the best PG of all time
Dustin Joseph Miami beats Clemson in ACC title game Wisconsin beats Ohio State Bama and Okl handle there business Bama plays Okl Miami plays Wisc in playoff Bama vs Miami for the title!
Matt Campbell All the UCF fans should give it a rest lol. Seriously guys lol
James Durham The final 4 will be Miami Oklahoma Wisconsin and Auburn in that order Miami vs Auburn Rose Oklahoma vs Wisconsin Sugar Miami vs Oklahoma Natty Miami National champs
Matthew Ayala would be nice is they could be even a little on UCF....
David Greeno Todd Schwer, we watching if this happen
Janelle Pacheco Julian Pacheco 🙌🏼 the coach in the back is me right now.
Kyle Holysz No one is as excited as that coach tho...
Kevin Greene Ol preacher man will choke during the big game
Paul Gill Until they meet Clemson in the championship game.
Matthew Essex No way on this Earth VA Tech deserves a NY6 bowl. Absolutely no freaking way.
Howard Stover Can Miami beat Clemson in the ACC Champions Game; Of course not, their coach is Mark Richt
Benjamin Cooper IV Wisconsin fan's --- please be happy that anyone is even paying you attention.
Mike Tracey Miami will beat clem in the ACC showcase then sneak by Bama to win the Championship #Canes6
Erik Zaleska Keep up the hate and will keep winning.... Let the hate flow, just let it happen.
Nick Richard
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The Miami Hurricanes jump Clemson in the latest College Football Playoff rankings.

Chris Chenault So let me get this straight .an undefeated Wisconsin team can’t get in but if the buckeyes beats them they might get in ??? How sway
Justin Michael Kelly Should be 1) Miami 2) Alabama 3) Oklahoma 4) Wisconsin 5) Auburn 6) Georgia 7) Clemson 8) Ohio state 9) penn state 10) tcu Committee continues to ride Clemson and talks about their wins against ranked opponents but they forget their close wins against unranked bad teams and the fact that despite kelly Bryant getting hurt they got outplayed by Syracuse who is currently 4-7. Last I checked Bryant is one player and he doesn’t play every single position. Had he stayed in that game they still would’ve lost. Clemson has no business in the top 4.
Troy Wiegand What a joke! This committee is totally protecting Alabama!! Keeping 3 loss LSU and 3 loss Mississippi State in the top 20 is padding their sorry resume in case they lose on Saturday against Auburn!!!
Benjamin Spencer This is joke.... total joke no way you can have two loss teams let alone three.... ahead of UCF... the thing is rigged..... look at the setup..... of the system and who is on the committee....
Anthony Henderson Yup, setting up the following scenario (assuming everyone takes care of business) - Miami v Clemson is a national elimination game - If winner of Alabama v Auburn wins out, they get a spot - If Oklahoma takes care of business, they get a spot - Assuming Ohio State beats Michigan, winner of Wisconsin v Ohio State gets the last spot. Playoffs end up Alabama, Miami, Oklahoma, Ohio State
Michael Juchau Clemson lost to an unranked Syracuse. They have no business being there. They need to be at least 6. And that’s generous. Miami, Alabama, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Auburn, Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State, should round out the top 8
Ryan Graves I don't understand, Clemsons best win is auburn at home, Wisconsin destroyed michigan and Iowa, Clemson best auburn by 3. There other "good" wins are Virginia tech who isn't good and louisville who isn't good.
Rory Belmudez Ahhhh good ol THUG U way over rated like usual.... I see Wisconsin got shafted for being undefeated. Like always BIG 10 getting screwed.... GBR and BOOMER SOONER!
Ronald Cooper Well it looks good for #UGA, Clemson or Miami gonna take a loss, they play each other, Bama and Auburn play somebody gotta lose....Ohio State probably beats Wisconsin....#UGA needs to win out!!!!
Bob George A 1 loss Alabama would still be in the top 4. Miami or Clemson will not be in the top 4. I think Wisconson might get back in if they win out. Oklahoma has to win out too. So in 2 weeks it will be in no particular order: Alabama Oklahoma Wisconson Clemson or Miami
Carolyn Dewhurst Such a flawed system!!! How is an undefeated team behind a team with three losses?! UCF is blowing out their opponents and deserve some respect!
Brad Betow No respect for Wisconsin, and all the love in the world for the overrated ACC. Must be nice to have practical bye weeks in the middle of conference play as you go against UNC, Wake, and Syracuse... oh wait didn’t Clemson lose to one of those...
Kenny Liechty These really are pointless right now. Either Miami or Clemson is going to drop out after they lose. I think we are going to see Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State in it again.
Joe Kornecki A lot of football to play, yet. But I agree with these rankings as of now. Miami and Clemson play in the ACC Champ, and Alabama plays Auburn.
Evan Oliver Y'all chill... clemson/Miami will be settled on field.. Wisconsin wins big 10 title they are in. Sec champ gets in. Okie if they beat whoever they've already played again (stupid big 12 title game).
Steven Shelton I don't think Wisconsin will get in the top 4 even if they go undefeated. If auburn beats Alabama, they'll jump into that spot.
Alex Pynsky Miami will play Clemson in the ACC Champ game, so one of those teams will be out. Wisconsin wins out and they are in.
Kim Bristow When Alabama can spend a season undefeated while playing tougher teams, only then will I ever agree they should be in the top 4 let alone 1
Mike Conte System is rigged for the conference's benefit. Clemson doesn't belong anywhere in there. They're staging Bama, like always. Took them long enough to pay attention to Miami this year.
Bryan Dickerson Osu getting clobbered by mediocre Iowa alone should eliminate them. The fact they’re even in the top ten right now is a joke.
Brandon Barnes This 4 team thing is garbage. They need to make it into a 8 team playoff that way you have the undefeated teams in front and some loss teams can sneak there way back in.
Craig Thompson It will all work out. These rankings are ridiculous. Miami plays Clemson, Alabama, Auburn and Georgia will eliminate 2. Wisconsin and Ohio State eliminate another.
Pete Donato Wisconsin beat Ohio State, and Northwestern, who else....... Clemson crushes Miami. Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Notre Dame. ND gets all the help they need, and sneak in
James L. McCray Scenarios... •Alabama loses to Auburn but beats Georgia they’re in... •Winner of Clemson and Miami is in... •Auburn beats Alabama then they’re automatically in... •Oklahoma wins out they’re automatically in...UNLESS...Wisconsin beats Ohio State then the committee may let the unbeaten Badgers in •OKlahoma better pray Ohio State and Alabama wins because If they don’t and Auburn and Wisconsin wins then OU is outside looking in... -a lot i know lol...but this is my opinion...may the best teams win ✔️
Tyler Crandall-Ziegel BEING undefeated means nothing, but if OSU somehow BEATS an undefeated Badgers team, then they can get in? Where's the logic?
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The Cleveland Browns are 0-10 but they can still make the playoffs.

Here's how. (h/t MrMolonLabe/reddit)

Andrew LaFlash So you're saying there's a chance?
Shaun Kipp I'm not even a Browns fan, but I want this to happen so badly.
Eric C. Brown To steal from former Bucs' coach John McKay, they "are a few plane crashes away from being a playoff team."
Chris Sparling It's funny... the hardest score line to believe is the Brown's beating anyone.. The rest could happen..
Mike Brady Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.
Richard Munoz Well, at least we know the next Browns loss will officially eliminate them from playoff consideration. Now that we got that out of the way....
Mike Soto Why would any college player want to be drafted to a team that has been rebuilding for like 20+ years??? It’s like your NFL careers end before they start lol
Jordan Goodman If the rest of the AFC and NFC drop out then they might have a chance. And that’s coming from a Cleveland fan. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Justin Warenski If the Browns making the playoffs would cause Trump to give up his Presidency, would players throw games to make it happen?
William Chris Could've saved the time and just said "if the Browns go undefeated and the AFC loses every game here on out, the Browns sneak a Wildcard."
Kenny Flanagan There is only one thing stopping this from happening. ...its the Cleveland Browns. The universe doesn't care about the Browns.
Adam Martinez Add this to the list of "Reasons ESPN is garbage". Ripping off original material from someone else, trying to pass it as their own, and not giving credit.
Brian Brengard So you are saying there's a chance...... A post not about social justice or Lavar Ball... ESPN I am so proud of you. The chance that this trend continues.... lower than the browns chaces at the playoffs.
Joaquin Campos My question is what sad Browns fan would waste the time to do this? Just wait until next season to draft another QB and repeat the process!
Austin D Van Fleet First thing on every week “Browns beat....” No, there’s zero chance of them making the playoffs. 6 of these 47 things are Browns wins, we all know, that’s not gonna happen till teams start sitting players for a payoff run.
Adolfo Castanon Mari I’ve always imagined that the Browns lose intentionally all the time. It is part of the team’s charm. Every season, fans hold a pinch of hope and then they’ll get punched by reality all over again.
Thom Leavell If the Browns had drafted Uncle Rico and Al Bundy in 2012 instead of Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson, it would change absolutely nothing.
Jake House As a football fan from Indiana, I can assure you... The Colts will do whatever they can to lose all their remaining games this season lol
Wayne Vondenhuevel I haven’t watched the first nfl game this year after all the political junk. And I have to say I don’t miss it. I have found that I don’t watch as much college football either. I have been going through a lot of changes this fall. I’ll see y’all Thursday.
Dan Asnis No matter what the NFL says they are not the real Cleveland Browns they will not win anything until the give the team's pre 1996 History and Records back to the Baltimore Ravens and start fresh with a new identity.
William Harrison Dont let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running 3 civics with spoon engines. And on top of that he just went into Harry's and he ordered three T66 Turbos with NOS. And a Motec system exhaust
Giselle Martinetti As a Steelers fan, i want this to happen! I mean, we’ve already clinched our playoff spot being that we and Cleveland are in the afc north, but this would be hilarious .....🤣🖤💛🖤💛
James W. Kasper Been a Browns fan for life (1958) and counting, but I think I have a better chance of winning the lottery, getting bit by a shrk on dry land and lightning hitting me simultaneously than this to happen. Put your $1 bet on them making the playoffs with a Vegas bookie, that should pay off well if it happens.
Jim Longano On August 21st, during a preseason game against the New York Giants, approximately a dozen members of the Cleveland Browns kneeled in prayer during the National Anthem, making it the single largest anthem protest against police brutality and racialized violence in the NFL. Because of this, Donald Trump will not allow the Browns in the playoffs.
Mark O'Brien There should be a rule in all pro sports that no team can make the playoffs with a sub-.500 record. I don't care what that does to ratings, viewership, or whatever. You don't reward mediocrity.
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He was projected by many to be the No. 1 pick.

What now?

Jalen Sheldon *76ers management breathing intensifies*
R.j. Contreras Play another year in college. Going into the NBA unhealthy isn't good. Play a full season and get back into rhythm. Don't end up like Ball who was hyped up and was projected to be a star his rookie year, and sucks. Lol
Orin Mangold Not sure about his draft prospects (he’ll still be a top 3 pick), but I wonder what Dad’s job security will be like a Mizzou? 😂
Jackson McCutcheon I just feel bad for mizzou. Blue-balled with a taste of having a good season.
Matt Ainsworth No idea because I’m not gonna pay to get past that paywall
Doug Kramer I think he will return to Mizzou next year to play a year with his brother, just my opinion
Kurt Snedeker I'm sure he will have somebody take good notes for him the classes he will miss while he is having surgery..
Jose Berrios I would not take a chance on him after that kind of injury with a top 3 pick.
Matt Auffrey Doesn't affect the top of the draft as Liangelo Ball will still go #1
Chase Wilson It means the 76ers will draft him and he'll become part of "The Process"
Travis Stanke Karma for Mizzou hiring his dad so he would come play at Mizzou
JP Euston Play another year in college with Bro, Dad! Go Mizzou!
Khemet King Calnek It means he's coming to the knicks!
Jim Dunnells Irving missed most of the season. Was still 1st pick. This won't make him slide past pick 5.
Matthew Kirkwood No 1 pick over Marvin bagley and ayton
Patrick Thompson Done. He won't be the talent he was with chronic back problems.
Nicholas M. Cummings Does he stay in this draft?
Kevin Hodges Jontay gotta ball out for MPJ's sake. I wanna see those brothers on the same team some day
Lynda Clark I wonder if his dad remains coaching there.
Larry Kpadehyea Means that a good team will draft him and that should make him happy
Breeze Dale Jeremiah tilmon would carry the team, watch and see
Chris Pugh How are you all missing the fact that this is an insider post?😂
Tyler Erickson The first and only time he will be a Missouri tiger
Nick Calvelli
Tristan Pullam Paywall clickbait don't bother
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He's been a historically bad shooter, but is filling up the stat sheet.

What we know about Lonzo Ball so far:

Rob Kelly Boggles the mind that ESPN is obsessed with an at best Ricky Rubio when Ben Simmons is the most unique PG since Magic Johnson.
Travis Hay Here’s what we know....he’s a rookie being asked to carry a team of young players. There’s gonna be some growing pains. Some adjustment period. Y’all can give up on him all you want. I’ll remember that when he’s holding the Larry O’Brien trophy in a couple years.
Chris Shea Lonzo doesn’t deserve all the coverage he’s been getting at this point. But that being said, I think he’ll end up more like Jason Kidd. He doesn’t score a lot, but he makes it up with his sheer number of rebounds and assists.
Terry Poulos He'll never be an adequate shooter. He is what he is. Role player. Dish for points and get a few of those long rebounds from the record number of threes being jacked up in the modern game. Makes decent players look better than they are. Also, Ball can't play D. At all. On the plus-minus scale, by end of career you're looking at maybe a 2-time all-star who will never be the primary go-to player on any team
Cody Michael Johnson Bruh... stop with this Lonzo nonsense. He aint that good. It was fun while it lasted but shows over, hes an average rookie. Please start doing articles on the rookies who should actually be getting attention like Jason Tatum and Dennis Smith Jr. Lonzo aint even the best rookie on the Lakers. Stop with this nonsense. Im losing mad respect for you guys.
Steven Shelton If he passed, rebounds, and can play lockdown d in the next couple years, he will be a key piece on a great team. Scoring is not his thing and casting him as a scorer ruins his role. He could be a key role player, but getting 20 a night will never help his team, regardless which team it is.
Josh Morr Remember when the knock was Ben Simmons can't shoot? Wel he's putting up 20 a game and filling the stat sheet.. Lonzo just isn't as good is all..
Gabe Calderon ..He’s the next Rajon Rondo. At best. Okay scorer at best but can pass and rebound. With fast hands on defense (Though that’s a stretch)
Sleek Brandon He's not a starting PG for any NBA team in the first place. The Lakers definitely took a step back in the team rebuild by selecting Ball in the draft! I know he's only a rookie but even in college he wasn't great to be a #1 pick or even a top 3 pick. Magic Johnson needs to pay more attention to the court than to the Dodgers baseball field before he find himself either fired or he's forced out of a position with the Lakers again like so many times before
Tommy Trang RIGHT now, Lakers are wishing they drafted jason Tatum , he looks the best outta this draft so far ... Ball is too soft & not quick enough thus far .. guess we all have to give him 3-4 yrs & see what happens
Sean Evans ESPN is not only a sports source.. They know how to create controversy.. They know people either love or hate lavar .. Therefore it moves the ratings needle.. Lonzo will be fine as the season goes on, as chemistry gets better ,shots start falling.. Most all rookies are playing as expected so far. Ben Simmons is ahead of the curve having a year to adapt to speed,physicality, mental part of n.b.a...
James Sievers Never in my life would I have believed espn would give this much attention to an average player just because his dad is a raving lunatic and terrible person. It’s mind blowing. Guess they’ll be laying another 100 workers off soon.
Randy Osborne Then have him not shoot and focus on being a distributor and game manager since he his great at those things. Work on shooting in practice and maybe add it back later.
Steve Ruegg What we know so far is that ESPN is obviously getting paid by the Ball family to continue to shove this less than average player down our throats.
Deryn Rich His shot is broken. Anyone with eyes can see his shooting motion is all time bad. Cant shoot your way out of that. He does have the skills to be an all time great passer though. Well see where this goes but his nonchaulant attitude doesnt really make his upside look too high.
Jeremiah Williams It remains to be seen. I'm not making excuses for the guy, but he is a one and done rookie point guard. More athletic point guards are scoring better than him but I'm sure the transition differs from person to person. Look at Kuzma. A couple of years older and more ready right now, and he is their leading scorer I think. He averages more points than Ingram, who they want to be the star. I know one thing...patiense is short in pro sports today. If ball is playing like this next year I wouldn't be surprised if they shipped him out after his second season
Tea Rhone The kid is within the top 40 in the league when it comes to rebounds, assists and steals... look, not everyone is going to have an immediate impact on offense and just be extremely polished. The unbridled ignorance and lack of patience astounds me. You're a fan so be a fan. Watch from afar and quit being so critical over a kid... I could name a bevy of players who took a few (if not several) seasons to become the juggernaut(s) in offense that they eventually became. This kid isn't going anywhere but upward. If the first 17 games of his career are his absolute worst of his career and he's already in the mix statistically with other professionals that are *polished, well... He's not doing incredibly terrible, is he? There's much more upside to his game as he doesn't feel the compelling need to hoist 20-25 shots per game. Let the development come while subtracting such asinine and unnecessary judgment.
Steve Christy Nowhere near being the next coming of Kobe. Remember, Kobe did better straight out of high school than this guy has done after being at UCLA. But his dad will say that's because of the slow white guys.
Brandon Barnes Lonzo-"Man its about time they stopped reporting about stats have been terrible and my dad is really ruining my NBA career, and my brother just got arrested in a forgein country, surely things cant get any worse!" ESPN- "Hold My Beer"
Exel Mori-Ramos No. Right now championship competitors are teams with multiple attackers and 3-4-5 dimensional offensive weapons. In order to compete that way, offensive efficiency is crucial. For Lonzo to be relevant in the NBA- rookie or not- he has to be more efficient with his scoring
Mike McMahan over rated. the only thing he has to compare to a good player is that he looks like he is 40 already just like lebron always did.
Jesus Ferretiz When the 27th pick is averaging double the points on a higher field goal percentage overall and is only making 11 thousand dollars while ball has the worst shooting percentage in the draft while making 33 million dollars
Dustin Goza Y'all gotta give the kid some time lol relax y'all. Y'all acting like he's had a full year or two and is a scrub. He already has two triple doubles. Give em some time, it's not his fault his dad is a loudmouth.
Cosmo Jones Pulls from hip double motion shooter NBA coaches will try to bring shot up to shoulders probably going to take weights can't take on good defenders yet but in the open court in transition he is a passing Houdini
Richmond Ras The media needs to stop hyping Lonzo up. If this kid turns out to be a total flop, we won't hear the end of it. Just let him play and stop writing an article everyday about this kid. If anything, his dad needs to feel the backlash of the community.
ESPN15 hours ago

Who will accept the final rose?

The College Football Playoff and The Bachelor both return on New Year's Day.

Tyler Bruce C-A-N-E-S CANES all the way
Evan Warren Dominic Jesse I think it's about time to stop watching ESPN. Why in the hell are they mentioning the bachelor now????
Chad Wyrick How about who is going to make the decision to expand the playoff to 8 teams? You have ZERO idea the chaos that is going to come in the next few weeks.
Kristen Broyles Fiore You're so handsome Sebastian, you deserve the final rose 😍😘😜🙌🏻
Dan Sweda Bama has an easier schedule than Wisconsin
Tyler Scacco We can all agree, the huskies are not gonna be in it.
Rob Ferguson Well it won't b them Boomer Sooners
Gina Seghetti Erin Ward WHY does Jordan Rodgers have to ruin such an exciting time that is CFB Playoffs??
Kirby James My Canes winning the ACC And going to the playoff sounds good to me.
Janelle Rodriguez-Mena Ernesto Perez omg best day ever. Starting 2018 on the right foot 😁
Nico Lopez Kaylynn should be a great day for football!
Jenna Beatty Steven Mendoza they didn’t even consider UCF. Rude. But they invited the oriole bird? Lol
Annette Marie Leo Jordan, the bachelor, and the Canes? I’m not ok you guys this is my peak Lauren Seaton Marya Zdechlik
Grant Mayfield Nicole I’d watch this before the actual Bachelor lol
Hector Rodriguez LOL. He takes the Cane. I wish I was on that show to find a beautiful woman
William Smalls III Erin! Lol... good thing you don’t like football
Evan Todd That's funny I see a lot of mascots. Like Brutus, Pistol Pete, Sooner, and others
Adam Mihalko What does this have to do with Lonzo Ball?
Chris Gonzalez Not sure If JoJo was more in love with Jordan or Aaron Rodgers
Grant Mckenna Kali Stewart can’t wait to watch the bachelor with you
Ian Loveland Ali Lehman you better choose the right one to watch 😳🧐
Hannah Peterson Mitchell this is the best thing i've ever seen
Jake Coleman Shawn Coleman this show is like made for our family😂😂
Brittani Owens Abbe Kimpler two of my favorite things in one video
Mia Lenling Ana Lenling what a perfect day for us 🤗
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The NL MVP is now MLB's most powerful negotiator.

Will it lead him to the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Brendan Bonesso And if he wants to choke like a dodger, he'll choke like the rest of the dodgers lol......but we all know he's going to San Fran.
John Perez Giants, Cardinals and Red Sox have a better chance of getting Stanton. I'd throw in the Cubs too if they decide to dump Heyward's contract. But my top two destinations for Stanton are San Fran and Boston especially if they choose to get rid of David Price's ridiculous contract.
Daniel Jenkins Well seeing how the dodgers can’t afford him I would say he’s not becoming a dodger. The dodgers are in a lot of debt as it is and are trying to get rid of some of it not add 300 million to it.
Adam Nutt I don't think the Dodgers have expressed any interest. It seems pretty likely he comes to the NL West, but it's in orange and black.
Adam D'Zurilla Olney is right: If he wants to be a Dodger there are plenty of ways for the Dodgers and Marlins to make that happen. Do they need him? Not especially, but he'd easily make them the most dangerous offensive team in all of baseball bar none.
Manuel Artigas So the dodgers are probably gonna end up paying a gon after he leaves, and theyre still paying josh beckett, carl crawford. Remember those guys. So no they cant afford stanton rn. Will he become a giant that remains to be seen.
Javier Roy Dodgers have not express really any interest. Don’t think he will be coming to LA but the Giants would make more sense to Stanton since he wants to comeback to the west
Manuel Artigas Also im sure barry bonds being a part of the organization could help sway him to sf he did coach him in miami. And look at how much hes changed hitting wise.
Raul Navarrette LA Dodgers?? Doesn’t he wanna play on a team that has a REAL chance at winning the championship? Certainly not one that chokes
Chris James Wieringa I have a gut feeling that he'll go to the St Louis Cardinals because they lost Albert Pujols and they haven't quite been the same since., Giancarlo Stanton wears Cardinal red for 2018
Jesus Mendoza Even if Dodgers get him they still suck they made history already the worst chokers on postseason
Fred Parra It doesn’t matter who offers what. It’s doesn’t matter how much someone offers. If Stanton doesn’t want to play on that team, he won’t approve the trade. The cards are in Stanton’s hands.
Loren Mischel if i was stanton.....???,id say yankees,but giants,cards n cubs r good fits as well,duno about dodgers tho
Ryan Rylander At this point I think he wants to win. Really the only variables are winning + culture + climate + cost of living. He'll have his numbers wherever he goes. Aaron Judge is the only other player that can match his power so one of the 2 will be the league leader in HR's. He's also already guranteed the remaining $295m as he is under contract. I can't see why he would turn down a contender that won't lose too much; unless the weather really really sucks and the cost of living is very high + high taxes.
Gonzalo Garza Is there any indication that he wants to be a Dodger or is this simply a pathetic way to get fans into a comment wars.
Chris Volkernick Red Sox really need someone in their lineup to replace Ortiz offensively. Lack of offensive power really screwed them last year. But from what I hear Stanton doesn't really want to play in Boston sooo 💁
Earl Miller Why break the bank for 1 player, that's dumb lol. That's the reason why they're not keeping him in Miami......and the giants don't need him anyways. We only spend on home grown talent...not free agents from other teams lol.
Robin Green I'll hate seeing him leave Miami but imagine him in a real hitters ball park he'll break Bonds 75 hr when his regular flyballs become homers
Chico Flores Victor Zurita take his contract don't have any more players to sign did the Yankees go out and sign Kershaw when he's a free agent
Kevin Andrew Stott Not really the Marlins could always say we're rebuilding and you're staying through it too if you don't wave your no trade here or there
Christopher Rowe So if every fan and every writer suggests that he COULD go to any team (and he can theoretically with the no trade clause) then it really isn't insider information to suggest that he might go to every team.
Charlie Cordova Isn’t it a curse to sign one of these guys? You can’t afford quality to surround them and they will never live up to the contracts
Matthew Shaker John Perez how do the sox have a betyer chance of getting Stanton if he has already said he won't come to Boston and he has a no trade clause
Mike Cottos Shocker of all shockers espn predicting a huge free ageant going to LA. I'm so shocked why not throw boston and NY in there as well just to make the trio complete
Alex Moz Gonzales Desperate times comes with adding another 100 million payroll.. Dont make it too obvious of buying a championship.
ESPN16 hours ago

Hockey players:

Tough during their careers ✅

Tough after their careers ✅

Tyler Buckley Two incredible athletes hanging out. Jeremy Roenick and Kevin Durant.
Adam McAllister CNN, man viciously attacks harmless snake.
Quadray Poinsette Kevin Durant to Phoenix Suns next year confirmed
Michael Croy I live in AZ but obviously being somewhat smarter than the beat hockey player I wouldnt go within 20feet of that buzz worm. If I ever get one in my garage I’ll call him to get it out.
Courtney Thomas Snakes grill looks like a hockey players too
Samuel Maxwell Sanderford That's more stupid than tough.
Larry Witte No one tougher, or plays harder than hockey players... NBA players r a joke... (not all, but a lot)
Kyle Phernetton And following the trend, Barstool posted this about 22 hours ago. You have to stop.
Wes Anderson David MikeShanePatrick I know my man didn't just catch this snake with a 60 degree wedge
Jeffrey Michael Smith Why people with money willingly live in Arizona is beyond me.
Mike McLeod Leave the snake alone. That’s why you don’t have rats or mice around
Scott Taft Roenick is the man! He was fun to watch in his prime!
Marc Friend Looby Out of all your golf tricks, haven’t seen this one yet Mike
Juju Washington NBA and NFL players would have run away from that snake as fast as they do child support.
Nick Carter Idiot trying to look good for the camera could have gone horribly wrong.
Abishia Dively 100% Wild Caught, Free Range, Organic Strip Chicken right there!!!
Rye Ler As a Penguins fan I can say this is the highlight of your career
Frank Leonard Is that a diamond back?
Mia Swick Skultety Dude has obviously handled a snake before. Just another day in the desert.
Yogi Barno So nobody else is hearing a gas leak just me ok👌
Jacob Posey Aaron Hanna was this your problem as well. Lol
Elias Möller Vamos ESPN! O GRÊMIO É O BRASIL NA...OPS, emissora errada 😂😂😂
Emily Suzanne Debbie Watson this is you.. But with one club and a completely different outcome
Ryan Conley Joe Kennedy, using my daily tag to show you how these AZ hockey players do it.