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The Los Angeles Lakers take over in overtime and outlast the Thunder!

Best part was when the game was won, to see how happy Chandler was for Zubac. A genuine embrace.
Like if Lonzo is better than Kyrie
Russel Westbrook after going 7/30 shooting and taking the loss
Kuzma is the Lakers future
Zubac needs to start for the Lakers
My top 3 Lakers All-Time Bigs. Dont me @ 1. Zubac 2.Jabbar 3. Shaq
Westbrick shot 7-30 and it’s okay but if Ball shot 7-30 everyone screaming Bust
It's ironic, I had the brew, she had the chronic, the Lakers beat the (former) Supersonics!!! #itwasagoodday
The Lakers are 1 win out of 3rd place without LeBron. This is easily a conference title team with a full roster
Seriously get Kuzma to the all stars game!
You can't spell choke without OKC!
Westbrick.. Imagine letting harden and durant go just to keep that ball hogging brick shooter 😂😂
lol Thunder couldn't beat Lakers without Lebron in their own home. Russ is nothing but a stat padder!
And people say westbrick is the best pg in the league 😂😂😂 7/30 shooting
Zubac, Kuzma,Ingram, Hart and Lonzo were the guys who took over. Those idiots who are think they need to be traded should use tonight as learning tool. They are developing and come playoffs this team with Lebron and Rondo will be a nightmare for everyone
Lakers! Lakers! Lakers! Watch out NBA! LeBron James is coming back.
Yea the Lakers didn't beat the thunder, Westbrook beat the thunder 7-30 from the field jesus.
We winning the championship you heard it here first lol
No need for superstars. Rebuild around this young core.
The way the youngs took care of business its legit to say that +LeBron the Lakers will be in the playoffs...excuse me Jazz Clips Lakers deserve to be in the magic 8!! 💪
Everytime we think lakers will win they lose. When we think they'll lose, they win.
Watching these young guys grow has been a pleasure..
Westbrick really put on his gameface and came to choke lol.. refs tried to hand Thunder this one and they still lost
OKwesuCk back at it again...
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Tom Brady = 🐐, according to Robert Kraft. (via Mike Reiss)

Asking Robert Kraft who the best football player ever is is like asking Lavar Ball who the best basketball player ever is.
But he’s also a cheater and was suspended for cheating. Cheaters can’t be goats 🐐
Not even a Brady fan..he is the greatest of all time.
I mean, what’s he supposed to say? “Nah, I’ve seen better.”
Anyone who says he’s not the best ever is delusional.
The true great ones don't have to cheat to win!
Biggest cheater of all time
and sacrificed millions to keep teammates in town
Without Bill he would have 0 rings.
The ONLY impressive SB Brady actually played was against Atlanta. The first 3 were because of the defense. That’s why they went on a 10 year drought. If it wasn’t for Pete Carroll dumb play call...he’d only have 4... So many question marks in Tom Brady’s career.
Tom Brady is the greatest ever. The end
Videotaping opponent's practices along the way didn't hurt. Getting a phantom bulshit Tuck Rule call didn't hurt. Having Vinatieri on your team didn't hurt. (Adam won some of those) Getting home field advantage after signing players with fumblitis that magically vanished after playing with deflated footballs in inclement Massachusetts weather didn't hurt Seattle which had dominated all game decided not to run the ball into the endzone. That decision cost Seattle the Super Bowl. A fluke. The Patriots won the Superbowl on a fluke. Your goat was on the sidelines
Greatest player should not have to cheat. Tom is a byproduct of Belichicks refined system. The patriots dynasty will continue long after Tom Brady has retired as long as Bill is the head coach. Remember that Brady was a 6th round pick and there was a reason that he wasn’t scouted higher. He has always had a great, balanced, and well coached team around him
Those 1,000 rushing yards cemented that
Wouldn't even take him over Young or Aikman.
tom brady is the best QB ever, but the GOAT is Jerry Rice.
Cheaters never win Tom Brady....Hold my beer
Jerry Rice is the greatest. He set records that will never be broken. Brady set records, that have already been broken. And some day, a quarterback will come along and win six super bowl rings.
Same guy who thinks his Mac and cheese is #1 😝
Truth hurts huh? Get ready for #6 everyone. #patsnation
"Patriots owner heartily endorses long-time Patriots franchise player"
It's all fake because of the rules. He is playing a version of touch football. Montana, Elway, Marino, couldn't imagine how good those guys would be with the same rules.
Greatest QB: Brady Greatest football player: Charles Woodson 〽️💙
I’d say greatest QB. LT changed football, Walter Payton did everything, jerry rice has records that’ll never be touched. Hard to convince me he’s the Goat of all players ... and I’m a huge Brady fan
Well he's clearly not biased at all.
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Russell Westbrook training his son Noah for the 2036 NBA draft 🏀 (via Oklahoma City Thunder)

Get a DNA test. That’s harden’s son with all that falling down and nobody around.
After Russ lifted the kid, Steven Adams should have lifted Russ. It would have been like the Russian dolls of slam dunks.
Kid sucks, he missed that wide open lay up at the rim 🤦🏻‍♂️😩
Isaiah Thomas doing shoot around 🏀
Some of y'all laughing about a guy spending time with his son but yet y'all are the same ones who are backed up on child support and their is a step daddy raising your child
Better teammate than KD...
Kid already better than me 🙁
Rare footage of Russell Westbrook sharing a basketball
The kid is set for life his dad is rich and he gets to play basketball with the great future hall of fame dad he does not know how lucky he is great memories 💯🙏✊
Teaching his son how to toss up bricks already.
Yall wierd for even commenting negative things on here.just a father thats in his sons life!! creating a memory ..wierd mf's
Breaking: Russell Westbrook and Isaiah Thomas seen practicing together
He's a better shooter than his dad
man, this is pretty cool. i wish i had a son. kid is going to play sports for sure!
You sure that's not James Harden's kid.. he floppin. lol just kidding..
Already has a higher basketball IQ than J.R. Smith
Dude his son sucks at basketball
James Harden gets 3 free throws.
Kids breaking his own ankles, now that’s basketball talent
Kevin Thorsby isn’t this Isaiah Thomas warming up with Russell Westbrook? I thought he played for Denver.
Blind Lebron homers be like "he sucks compared to Bronny
Why ya'll throwing shade this a sweet moment between father and son ya'll really need to take your hate somewhere else
The kid's got skills!
Somewhere Lebron is cringing
Will he teach him to pad stats though?😆
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If NBA All-Star voting ended today, LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo would be the team captains.

Jokic should be starting but won’t because fans are stupid.
Rose should not be on here... #facts
Fans shouldn't be allowed to vote.
Luka don’t deserve to be a all star
NBA players should vote, not the fans
Let's get Doncic past LeBron!!!
Popularity contest instead of nba all star 😂😂
Vucevic should be here.. FANS SHOULD NOT BE VOTING.
Ben Simmons = Guard Luka Doncic = Frontcourt ... Wut
Russell Westbrook is the best all around basketball player,Kevin Durant is the best scorer,Stephen Curry is the best shooter,Anthony Davis is the best big man and Kawhi Leonard is the best two way player!
I find it funny how many LeBron haters there are on ESPN posts and he still receives the most votes. 😂
As a Lakers fan sorry LeBron is not an All Star. All Star Game has become a popularity contest.
You've got to love the irony that the two guys pictured are two of the three that shouldn't be making the ASG. I love watching Doncic, I've always been a big Wade fan, and I get that Rose is a feel good story with his comeback; but don't let feelings get in the way of guys like Jokic, Lillard, and Bradley Beal getting the honor of being an All-Star.
Crazy how Jeremy Lin and Zach Lavine have more All Star votes than Bradley Beal.
Damian Lillard should be here
L for not including Steven Adams on this list as he has more votes than Klay Thompson
Boogie and Lonzo are both top 10 in the West in voting for their position groups. This is entirely meaningless.
As a Celtics fan James Harden not a starting guard right ( top 2 ) is absurd. That man's back must be hurting carrying the Rockets right now.
This voting is a Joke true basketball lovers look at this in disgust
Personally I think Brogdon should get in too. Hes been crazy and set to break the free throw percentage record
Luka is only in here because the NBA is marketing him as their white knight. There hasn't been any great white players for awhile, and now luka comes in doing pretty good and now the NBA is all over him. They are trying to market the crap out of him. And if you can't see this y'all are as blind as Stevie wonder and Helen Keller combined.
Rose: 18.8 ppg, 2.8 rpg, 4.8 apg Russell: 18.4 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 6.4 apg Who is the real all star?
What a joke. how long has it been since Lebron played or better yet how many games has he missed and people are still voting for him enough to be a captain.
There is no love for Nikola Jokic, DeMar DeRozan & Dame Lillard?
D wade getting votes is a joke he hasn't been all star caliber since 2014
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Stephen A. Smith shares his thoughts on Kyrie Irving's apology to LeBron James:

(via ESPN First Take)

Regardless of what people say about James you can never say he wasn’t a role model for every kid in the world. Absolute class act.
Stephen A Smith hairline bout to move forward an inch for admitting he was wrong
Sounds like Kyrie trying to get recruited to L.A.
Lebron is never the issue. He’s perfect
Lebron been taking hits by you and lots of haters his whole career and that hasn’t change his appreciation for the game, not to mention his willingness to help others no matter what they think.
experience is the best teacher
Kyrie shoulda been the MVP that series
Especially by Stephen A. His whole commentary changed on LeBron when Kyrie wanted out of Boston. He co-signed that foolishness.
I think everyone deep down knew that Kyrie Irving just wanted to be for a team what LeBron was for that team. It is really cool to hear him say it though and I’m not even a LeBron fan. That’s the kind of guy you want to play for. Kyrie has his head on right and always has.
No, Kyrie used this as a way to get into his teammates ears in Boston without directly saying it to them. Sure, he better appreciate and respect LeBron for what he did for his career, but it wasn’t all about that. He sent some backdoor statements off the coattails of LeBron and his leadership.
And because of this moment is when I knew I was the greatest ever.
I don’t know what Kyrie is trying to pull here, but he was not the problem. Besides Wade, no other “superstar” wants to play with LeBron!
It’s really hard to like LeBron. Even as a Laker fan.
A guy apologizes..makes sure every knows it...a guy accepts his apology, makes sure every knows it..and a third guy makes sure everyone knows his opinion of the apology...what the hell is going on here?
Stephen A Smith’s opinion means nothing. Probably thinks Magic and Bird are still in the league
Hmmm is Kyrie tired of Boston already ? It didn’t take him long to realize he isn’t going to win a chip in Boston and they have cold winters. LA Lebron is starting to look good to Kyrie, and if they get Anthony Davis, they could compete with Golden State maybe.
Is there a way to watch and follow ESPN and block Stephen A. Smith? I like espn but I'd like to never see him again and he's everywhere.
It goes both ways, i do believe KD left bcuz he got tired of playing with Russ but u think Russ didnt probably think the same. U can tell what type of man they both are. KD quit on him simple as that. Russ would have never did that to him and imo Russ would have fit better with another star to fit his play. Harden got traded bcuz Brooks and Presti didnt wanna give him big money to play off the bench. He was due his big contract and they just didnt wanna commit. Ibaka got traded bcuz they wanted to get younger and more talented which they did. So far Presti has kept this team competitive and thats hard when u trade away all ur main pieces except 2 when 1 stayed and the other got away bcuz u though he was going to resign. If KD wanted to leave so bad then he should have made that decision so he didnt leave the organization that treated him good and loved him to be left with nothing in return. Its whateved though bcuz now we have a good OKC team that will only be better at the end of the season with Roberson being back maybe by playoffs and we will make a trade before the deadline. I always saw KDs potential to compete for the best player title, but when he left that title went downhill. U cant be the best player when u join a team like the Warriors. U have to prove to everyone and urself that u can go somewhere where they need u and beat Lebron. Until he does that he will never be considered the best player. Imo, he cant carry a team to a finals and yall will hopefully see that if he leaves the Warriors. He cant be the main guy bcuz hes not a main guy.
Don't wait until somebody apologize then Stephen A Smith now want to apologize your Stephen A Smith your apology is fake
I mean they only tore down a whole city. Kyrie can go to hell. Hope he never win another one.
Yea what a way to put words in his mouth
Someone please tell me how this overly opinionated jack ass is at all relevant?
mad respect earned for kyrie, way to man up.
To have a "thought" one must have a brain.... that immediately disqualifies this tool. His loud mouthed ignorance use to be slightly amusing in VERY limited doses.. now his whole routine is just pathetic
Is that mayonnaise spewing from your mouth or something else
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DraftExpress has an updated best available for the NBA draft.

if Duke doesn't win the Championship this would be quite embarassing
RJ Barrett is more skilled. Zion is more flashy and athletic. If I’m a GM, I’m taking Barrett. Just my opinion.
Them Duke boys should be available after the first weekend of March.
Ja Morant will be the best in this class
In 10 years Zion will be like Blake Griffin and RJ will be like Harden......history repeats itself.
Looks like Michigan will be great again next year, its really nice having kids stay longer than a season as a freshman. Imagine Zion as a senior, glad he is dipping, bye bye. #HAIL #GOBLUE
Nassir Little is not anywhere close to #6
This is trash. I’d take admiral schofield over all of em. Go vols.
Ja Morant will end up being #1
Ja morant is the best all around on this list, come on up to Chicago bruh
Top 3 picks in the draft and they still won't win it all...overrated
Ashton Hagans should be on this list post haste.
Disrespect towards Rui from Gonzaga! ESPN sucks.
I like Battle, Syracuse, maybe 5-15
I'm a big U.K. Fan and I'll tell you at this point Keldon isn't top 10, probably not top 20
Morant best player on this list. Hard to shine at Murray St.
I feel so bad for Shareef O'Neal. He should be on this list.
Bulls need to keep tanking for Zion or Barrett
No love for Grant Williams yet. I get it. But I have a feeling about the young man.
Mark my words by the end of the season Ashton hagans will be on that list I don’t want kentucky to lose him but he’s definitely a special talent
And how does this concern lebron ESPN?
A.J. Rose looks like your team is sitting pretty good... you should just buy championship tickets now bc no way they're not making it
Ja is the most complete PG in this draft
Rui from zaga should be a lottery pick
For someone strange reason Nick Mayo isn’t on this list
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After a whirlwind week, Kyrie Irving has a new perspective on leadership and his time with LeBron James.

In other words I want to come to Los Angeles
Now everybody come back to Cleveland and Hug it out...please
Espn about to ride this quote until the internet crash
Lmao he saying sorry cuz he knows how hard it is to win by yo self..lebron is mvp for a reason
KD: I had to call westbrook, to invite him to join gsw for my 3rd ring.
Shouldn't apologize. He's responsible for one of Lebron's three unearned rings
The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.
Everyone wants to lead until they realize it is no where near as easy as it others make it appear to look.
Thank you ESPN we get it..
I can’t win a title without you Bron🥰
Can he also apologize to every normal person for saying that the Earth is flat?
To be honest Lebron learned how to win a championship through D Wade and Pat Riley.
Once he realized how difficult it is to try to lead...he smartened up.
Lefraud the greatest choker/loser in all of sports.
I wonder if Lebron has called and apologized to all of the players he's had traded and coaches he's had fired?
He realized he didnt want that responsibility on his shoulders alone.
I'm sorry Charlie Murphy I was partying
He is becoming a Bronsexual!
Just call him in private...all this Soap Opera stuff between men is bizarre. I'm surprised he didn't buy Bron Bron a new purse to smooth things out.
Lebron need to apologize to Curry
Wasn't as easy as u thought, shut up and play, especially when you have a guy named Lebron James on your side
If kyrie becomes one of the great ones at the end, you can look back at this week like the turning point of his career.
Lebron to Boston confirmed
#humility many Americans need to learn it, and learn it quick
Hey look 👀 Espn is talking about LeBron. That's a first..🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
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Father Prime still lookin' good at 37 🎂

Best player right here to ever suit up for the Heat!
that hairline still in tact
I never thought thirty seven was senior citizen.
Bulls and Cleveland did a number on wade
Pretty much the same haircut the whole time. That's awesome
I like him and all but 37 isn't like a old age or nothing.this post was some of his play that is what is impressive.
That was kind of creepy.
Does he still wear women’s clothes?
For a while there he was turning into Luol Deng lol
Lebron is light years ahead of wade. LEBRON GAVE WADE 2 RINGS
It’s weird that he’s so old.
Father Prime? You gotta go back to his 1st title with LeBron to say he was in his prime.
Didn't appear to be aging until the final still.
Inventor of the nba flop
Wait a minute... when did he joined the Bulls? I am so behind NBA ...
I love D Wade's game I'm thinking youngster Donovan Mitchell in Utah has some of his same attack
Bet y'all won't do that with LeBron, his hairline would be playing hide n seek
He probably got heavy eye bags since the newborn baby tho
He ain't even age for real
Lookin good? He looks like Stay Puft marshmellow man this year
Someone want to go to L.A.
These videos are so damn creepy
His knees aren’t looking good. Only plays 12 games a season 😂
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This is going to be fun 🍿

Imagine blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals and being so insecure you have to go recruit two more superstar players
Fun for who? The NBA playoffs have been a snooze fest for the last 3-4 years. with the exception of that act of god when the cavs won in 2016. The warriors having all these all stars is terrible for the league.
This a very poor idea of “fun”
LeBron bout to beat them concreting him as the greatest ever
The Warriors had about 15 fans 5 years ago...Amazing what winning will do.
Antwan Brown I am not a GS fan. Don’t blame GS for making great moves to build the best team in the NBA. The last time I checked, “Free Agents” and “free” to sign with any team. Don’t blame the players for making good business and “success” decisions AKA winning a championship. The goal is to win championships. That’s why you are in the NBA...bottom line. Ask Charles Barkley (or fill in the blank) what his goal was throughout his entire career! Who are you all kidding? We would all do the same thing as KD did. If you dont think it’s fair what GS did, then blame the owners and the NBA leadership! #Fact
This is why basketball sucks now.
This is no fun. This is the end of the NBA or at least in decline
Still won’t beat Houston
Going out on a limb here and I’m gonna say GSW will win the NBA Championship this year. This is probably the worst competitive era of the NBA.
What does Draymond have against using verbs?? What did the English language ever do to him??
What’s fun is watching Luka come in and win ROtY, no contest. I can’t wait to see my team grow.
Sad that he had to be hype for a 5th all star to return to the lineup to determine this😂😂😂
Everyone needs to stfu. This is the NBA you all asked for and this is now what you get. Have fun with this bullshit noncompetitive league. Th NBA was the best back in the 80s and 90s. Warriors will be NBA champs for the next 5 years.
It’s a joke if they don’t win a championship 🤷‍♂️
Everyone complaining and saying "It's an all-star" team don't understand. Two drafted players that become all-stars, added another all-star (it's crazy that an all-star in the NBA went to a good team huh?), and then picked up Cousins this offseason. Cousins joined the Warriors for 1 year ($5.3 million) so he can prove to other teams that he can still play and play team ball. Also, so he could learn the championship mentality. Smart move on both sides. This is not the NBA I grew up with, but no sport ever stays the same, they are always evolving. Just enjoy the crazy, record-breaking year that the NBA is having.
Too bad there’s only one ball.
I bet the Warriors fans that been around for 30 years are just going crazy right now knowing that their team is by far the best team in the NBA and they were there before it ever was even a product.... I love it
Old heads be like “97’ Bulls would wupp this team!”
Kind of lame if you ask me 5 all-stars on 1 team makes the NBA pointless to bother even watching no team has a chance!
That’s how you know he’s nervous😂😂he’s that hype for the 5th All-Star to come back
When he says all hells about to break loose I think he means attitude issues between him KD and boogie so the team will be like the bengals and implode
The 80's had the Lakers and Celtics winning 8 titles combined sprinkle in that 76ers title in 83 and the Pistons in 89...the 90's had the Bulls and Rockets combine to win 8 titles with the Pistons in 90 and the Spurs in 99....everybody seems to claim those t2 decades were more competitive...although they were great but how were they more competitive with only a few teams winning it all like this decade
It’s crazy how they all feel so accomplished this is the almost the equivalent to the USA team vs anybody else ; how people can watch this is beyond me & BTW Draymond talks a lot for the weakest player on the squad 😭😭
Andrew Hagins Demarcus Cousins comes back tomorrow lol “Bath that’s a little easy why don’t ya just give em the trophy”
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Golden State Warriors win their sixth in a row!

Nobody plays defense, Jesus
Curry is better than Harden😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️
0 defense. NBA is trash, next
I’m so glad I got to see the pelicans play against team USA Today
Rooting for the Golden State Warriors is like going to a Casino and rooting for the House.
KD ruined the NBA. #CupcakeSnake
Team defence is dead. I’m badly craving the 90s!
Not bad for a team assembled with all stars and MVPs
NFL > NBA at least you have no idea who’s gonna win the championship; this is just pathetic literally 5 all stars on a team vs 1 or NONE
GSW fan since 2016 here! Stand up!! Best in the league, no doubt! Maybe next year, NBA!
Jesus was this the NBA all-star game? 287 points... must have been 10 James Hardens on the court.
These total points scored are ridiculous. No one plays D anymore. No wonder guys breaking 50+ point game records left n right. Everyone's a long range shooter and no Defense
Curry Mvp > Harden traveler
The best three point shooter in the world and in NBA history. ..yes.. and it is a fact
Bucks will win it this year friends Durant will be gone after this sesaon
This is turning into 2k with the sliders all the way up with these kinds of scores 🤣🤣
No defense was played on this night!
Basketball is trash nowadays
Cousins suits up on Friday OMG 😯
Durant stays in the offseason.... Just watch
Am I the only person that didn’t watch this game but just saw that score and thought... holy 💩 that’s a high scoring game....any D?
F*** Golden State warriors
If both teams score more than 100 points, there isn't enough defense played. This score tells me these teams didn't even TRY to play defense.... This is why I don't like basketball
This is what the allstar game scores looked like in 2005.
People are seeing these scores and instantly mentioning defense, or rules. And by no means am I saying that isn‘t a part of it. But I honestly think the biggest reason for it is the pace of the games. The coaching approach. I’ve never seen so many 0, or 1 pass possesions in my life. Guys taking deep jumpers in tranistion. Long rebounds. Hard to play good defense when nobody gets set up on either end.