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JUST IN: House Intel Committee scraps its meetings this week amid growing division that threatens to derail probe into Russia and the Trump campaign

Todd French The "probe" will never find truth and its only purpose is to appease the public through deception. The American govt is corrupt to its core.
Steve Schoenbaechler I would want to know exactly what was Nunes doing at the WH in the first place? He stated that he learned something that Trump should be "made aware of" or something like that. If so, that is entirely wrong and Nunes should step out of the chairman position on that committee, if not step off the committee itself. Nunes and none of them answer to Trump. They all answer to us, including Trump. Second, exactly what was the information Nunes was communicating to Trump? I would want to know every step he took there, and why? And, if he was doing "a little investigating" himself, just what did he learn? Bottom line, Nunes should have stayed away from the WH.
JB Carlson What?
Dwight Rowe This whole Russia/Trump debacle wreaks. Doesn't even come close to passing the sniff test. Wreaks of White House cover up. Nunes has lost his credibility. Not the type of position one can easily restore credibility too.
Tim Hoefling If Nunez was a Democrat, leadership would have removed him from the investigation immediately, just so that it didn't seem like there was any form of corruption. I wish Republicans would stick to that high standard.
Janice Gilbert John McCain is right. Time to hire a special committe. Republicans are not doing their due dillegence in maintaining separation. Nunes believes he serves at the pleasure of the president. Wrong. He should be privileged to no more information. He should be removed from this committee before we proceed. Get it done this week.
Kojo Eli Bibah Trump and his cronies are on a mission to destroy legally constituted democratic institutions which make the US democracy the envy of many. And the sad aspect is many Americans simply do not care. Sad spectacle..
Don Zambito I'm sure this isn't just a Republican thing but I'm stunned how people who are intimately close to a candidate during an election can later hold a position that requires impartial observations...I don't care who you leaves the door open for questions
Roberta Prives Smith They scraped meetings Because they have no proof Linking the trump campaign To Russia. This is just A pathetic excuse for why Hillary lost the election Crybaby sore loser democrats
Ginger Spelts Democrats are losing their credibility. They have been going on and on about the Russians for six months now with no evidence of collusion and they are constantly wanting people to resign or recluse themselves and Maxine Waters saying Trump supporters are not patriotic is just ridiculous. Most people would like them to start working on stuff to help this country like healthcare, jobs, tax reform, infrastructure........
Adam Azus The "Trolls for Trump" are already on the job with their coordinated flood of posts that involve "Lie, Distract and Attack"!! Don't fall for it. Internet troll - Wikipedia "In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion"
Robert A. Murray Yes, they would scrap meetings! Democrats want to limit the inquiry to focus on as yet unproven...and by the statements of former Obama officials Brennan and Clapper...illusory charges of a Trump/Russian conspiracy to rig the election in his favor."So far such a scandal has not emerged. But Trump’s opponents continue to push the Russian narrative not because it is believable but because it exhausts and obfuscates likely illegal surveillance and leaking." And Republicans wish to concentrate on the very real evidence of intelligence leaks to a variety of mainstream media organs."The real scandal is probably not going to be Trump’s contacts with Russians. More likely, it will be the rogue work of a politically driven group of intelligence officers, embedded within the bureaucracy, who, either in freelancing mode, or in Henry II–Thomas Becket fashion (“Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?”) with Obama-administration officials, began monitoring Team Trump — either directly or more likely through the excuse of inadvertently chancing upon conversations while monitoring supposedly suspicious foreign communications."! As usual, Victor Davis Hanson's analysis is both clear and plausible!
Barry Cardiss Bush got clean away with a whitewash enquiry into 9/11 & Clinton's take millions from Middle eastern concerns and then there's the terrible Haiti scandal ... Silence .... .. sad
Linda Har I don't think this America is going to sit idly by and let Russia continue its destruction of our democracy. Nor will they sit idly by and let this intelligence committee's investigation be sabotaged by Nunes and the Whitehouse. News flash...the Russians didn't just influence our elections and then "left". They are STILL embedded in our government. This SHOULD frighten all of us!!!
Becky Roberts Harmon The FBI and the NSA are investigating trump, family, and friends. The Senate investigation continues. Nunes will be out soon and I hope the replacement is not as bad as he is
Vern Vartdal The GOP can't even be impartial on matters of national security! It is a traitorous group. Party is everything, country is nothing.
Christopher Lee Miller Steve Schoenbaechler let's not deflect stay on subject once you admit you have no clue about this topic I'll be happy to discuss other topics with you.
Dan Stringer Can you imagine the backlash if Dems had done this during the 47 Benghazi investigations? Time for a special prosecutor, this mess stinks.
JD Ramos Get rid of that stool pigeon Nunez. He is there to ensure the investigation fails. 20 years more for him when he's caught colluding with 45's administration.
Adam Wise That's because they don't have any evidence! They've never had any! This whole thing was made up by the Democrats to cover their embarrassing loss to Trump!
Bonnie Jean Russia interefered in elections. And continuing to stir up trouble for U.S. govt. Got Don and WH, Congress and press twisting themselves into knots. What a successful campaign.
Crystal Sujeong White This is exactly what the president wanted and why Nunes met with him - to scrap the investigation - letting America down one day at a time 😢
Darcie Watts This is just a cover up and a distraction from the truth. PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! Step up to this and call congress and complain. Let your VOICE be heard!!!This is not good!!! This is so embarrassing for us as Americans. We are being mocked daily and look weak because TRUMP continues to get us in this mess and continues to lie. Praying for us all and praying the truth comes out soon because I don't believe anything from the current administration or TRUMP!! He has lost all credibility with me and that's just sad!!!
Susan L Whitesall Thinking we need to get up on our feet, mass writing and calling on this!! Or just argue and speculate on FB about it. We are letting this Whitehouse do what no other even dared or wanted to do and we should be peacefully in the streets by the millions demanding to know, one way or the other. Now! They work for us!!
Susan Totten Soooo if they scrape the meetings and the committee goes down the tubes, what do the American people need to do to get this going again?? More out cries at town hall meetings that our representatives don't want to have ?
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Some Republicans are worried Donald J. Trump's EPA administrator may not go far enough to roll back its environmental and climate regulations.

Alfred Valdrighi While some of these guys are very ignorant about climate change, a lot of them are playing dumb because short term profits outweigh long term ramifications of their actions. Especially when most of them will be dead when things get a lot worse. They know and don't care.
Craig Goodsir This ridiculous environment policy will meet the same fate as the health reform policy. The conscience of the members in Washington outweighs the stupidity, and that is the only thing maintaining America's credibility.
Justin Meredith Are they angry he's not having meetings around a flaming "garbage mountain" bonfire while shooting aerosol double fist style into the atmosphere? Gotta show the Ozone who's boss.
Gary Borgnis Donald was given a chance and has proven repeatedly he is not up to the task. Being able to campaign is much more different than being able to lead. It's time for all Americans to admit this was a mistake, do what's best for America and work together to get rid of this guy now before he destroys all of us for the 2%.
John Venturino Jr. Climate Change is just a changed name of Global warming that's all it is. If something like that were real and people were serious about it. Why did they take money and run like Al Gore did? Earth changes on its own it has nothing to do with us. It's all just an excuse to push clean energy. Which until people can afford a $50,000 hybrid. Clean energy will not be here any time soon. I drive a Bravada with catalytic converter and have no money to buy anything better. Got nothing handed to me.
Todd French Of course. The world should put a ban on America. Oh, wait, this country was permitted to build the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world and they will just take what they need when they choose to do so. This country is more dangerous than North Korea.
Bill Zarek Well if you think about it this makes complete sense, after all, the whole time the Trump administration has been in power it has been nothing but an out of control, dumpster/tire fire from day one. What a bunch of jerks.
Nathan Terry Republicans only deny climate change and oppose regulations to protect the environment because they've been bought by the fossil fuel industry.. just look at the secretary of state.
Chandler Smith Since climate change is apparently not a thing does this mean that I can do a straight exhaust dump with my car man with all that additional horsepower it will be like having a new car.
Lloyd Best I used to have reverence and respect for governmental persons and positions of elect, I believed they held our best intrest and were ethicly beyond reproach, I believed they worked to better our society, to enrich our lives that allows our nation to prosper. I believed they were genuinely concerned about our collective quality of life. Beyond reproach pillars of the government to be admired and looked up to. People who excelled through the highest educational levels. Officials who were "really in there for us." THAT'S GONE!
Greg Bacon Every creditable scientist in the world has said climate change is real and we should address it. A talking Cheeto says it's a hoax and poof people believe and blindly follow!! Seriously?!?!
Garry Levin U.S. Senator Susan Collins, Senator Angus S. King, Jr., Congressman Bruce Poliquin and Congresswoman Chellie Pingree -- the efforts to undo the EPA and backtrack on environmental rules and regulations which are critical to Maine and the nation must not be accepted -- you need to speak out and fight tooth and nail at every opportunity to protect our environment -- do not let the nation go backwards so that wealthy corporate interests can further line their pockets
Jeremy Scheeler Why do Republicans always feel so challenged by anyone that swings farther to the right than they do? Not one dares let their level of ultracon insanity be outdone by the other.
Karen RBreen This whole presidency is just an awful mess. Humans are doomed, the Earth is doomed...ugh. We have to push for new Congressmen in 2018. Please get out and vote.
Laurie Dhandapani Those congressmen should be made to drink the water, inhale the air and live in the treeless landscape that they want to create😳
Melissa Short Green These policy rollbacks are the direct effect of putting a fox in charge of guarding the hen house. 🤦🏼‍♀️
Ben Leienberger Sounds like the conservatives maybe going to war with Trump.
Tizzie Cregan Do they think that water, ground, and air pollution are aromatherapy or something?
Tim Koch Yes, not enough Americans will suffer respiratory illnesses, heart attacks, birth defects, etc. Another GOP death panel.
Lisa Lehman Carson Wow. These people really don't care about anything except money.
Bill Bry Aboish the EPA all together.. Criminals, all of them.
Ben Ayt climate change hoax finally put to an end by the Donald
John Baldea KILL those JOB KILLING REG'S FORCED on America and Americans from obamaass through executive orders.
Melissa Connolly Do these republicans not have families that they care about? It is amazing they are so short sighted
Lenny Dopkin What the 🦆 is wrong with these people? Don't they have children and grandchildren?
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Donald J. Trump is re-upping his complaints

Amber Janae Deflect. Deflect. Deflect. His number one tactic. Sorry dude, all eyes are on you. Hillary and Bill are done....nobody cares anymore except your fanatical followers. Just put your big boy pants on and deal with it. If you have nothing to hide then it shouldn't matter and you can focus on governing and not unfounded rumors, if they are in fact unfounded. But of course you lack the maturity to do that.
Drew Gurski Just another disgraceful and pathetic headline. Most Trump supporters have walked away. Record low 36% approval rating. Only supporters left are extremists and conspiracy theorists that feel ideology is more important than FACTS, his base that he's always catered to. Former Trump supporters were sold lies by a conman. They've all walked away from the emperor with no clothes. They now see he offers nothing but empty threats, lies and exaggerations that can't be fulfilled. The mark of a true conman like Bernie Madoff. He's not repealing and replacing Obamacare. Mexico is NOT paying for a wall. He's NOT banning Muslims. He's not locking her up, and he didn't drain the swamp. Literally has no idea what he's doing. Transactional real estate deals do not translate to leading, governing, and negotiating within government and politics. Republican Party is done once Trump is gone. Watch the response from Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Devin Nunes, and other Trump backers as they try to distance themselves. Hypocrites and shameless.
Don Welton If Donald Trump is above board, and has nothing to hide, he should welcome an investigation of himself, and his entire administration, in order to clear the air and assure the American people that there is no impropriety, and that he can be trusted to serve as the president of the United States.
Amy Garcia Who cares about the Clintons right now Mr. President! You sir ARE the President not her and your disgusting lies and wrong doings are under investigation. Quit deflecting and playing the blame game for your wrong doings!
Mike Trelinski No, let's keep investigating Comrade Trump, instead. If Trump points to someone else and accuses them of something, he's projecting: he's the one that did the bad thing. Also, the probability of Trump telling the truth given any statement is pretty much zero.
Adam Azus "The Administration and its supporters accused the media of making "wild accusations", putting too much emphasis on the story, and of having a liberal bias against the Administration. Nixon said in a May 1974 interview with supporter Baruch Korff that if he had followed the liberal policies that he thought the media preferred, "Watergate would have been a blip". The media noted that most of the reporting turned out to be accurate; the competitive nature of the media guaranteed widespread coverage of the far-reaching political scandal. Applications to journalism schools reached an all-time high in 1974."
Ken McWilliams Trump will be impeached within a year. Who's taking the bets?
Geert Delmulle Can we STOP these smoke screens an deflections, already?! Trump's the perp (and the perv, too). Investigate him, already. You *know* that's where the problem is! Investigate it, prove it, and deal with it!
Sharon Khouri Since 45 is in a position to do a lot more damage, I think it is fair he is a priority. And if he has nothing to hide stop hiding so much. Transparency in Government is something we should all be looking for.
Tim Hoefling First you say we should investigate Hillary just to trick people into voting for you. Then once you win you say that she's a pretty nice person and that you're not going to investigate her. And now that you're an under investigation you want to investigate her again? I can see through you.
Charles Thompson Just to remind everyone, they have investigated her...for years. This is a call for intimidation of an opponent he has already bested. There is no point for this, except some hope to draw away the spotlight from his own failures.
Kon Stewart I'm a conservative (a REAL Conservative)... And i(as have many others), have become totally exhausted and disgusted with his lies and when confronted, he quickly points his fingers at others. I am sick of him. Give me back George W. Bush. Give me back George H.W. Bush .. I was supporting JEB Bush. I do not like him, nor do i approve of his bigoted views, but i would even takes Pence right now... just dump Bannon with the Orange Troll. Country before Party.
Kathryn DeChick Who's the president? Stop this deflecting crap and do your job. Blaming someone else for everythingvyou screw up on makes you look smaller, incompetent and pathetic.
Pat Roberts She's been a great shield for him to hide behind for a couple of years so it is, for him, common sense to use this ploy again as his deeds become more outrageous daily....he's turning our country into his nation as the family takes over right before our very eyes. Diversion is the art of deal these days. Does he know that only a 2/3 vote is needed to stop all this in its tracks? They better consider their options as he sucks the life out of what we once thought was a democracy. BTW, his 'trump card' is still hate.
Tami Martinez Sorry Trump. You are the one that needs to be investigated. Not just the whole Russian scandal, but your business ties and someone should probably investigate your children as well. If you've got nothing to hide, you wouldn't be fighting it so hard.
Talitha Campbell Timmons Why do we keep giving "life" to this kind of accusatory always they are nothing but elaborate diversions of the current situation at hand...lack of responsibility for his incompetence... #whatever #entertainon
IQbal Manzoor That is why a brainless can never lead a country . If you are president , then they will surely investigate you not clinton .You are such an embrassment to the whole world
Stan Stewart You KNOW he's desperate when he tries to counter charge to investigate Clinton. They spent 3 years and over $12 million doing just that and found NOTHING. We all know if they had found anything on Clinton she would have been charged/jailed. Nice try Donald, but you have to own your own actions on this one.
Judy Clarke Clinton again alternative facts you and the Russians put out there such an embarrassment to the country. ...when he forgets to take his little orange pills he rants and tweets ....What is he doing for the American people to make America great again except for his family inventing position for his son-in-law giving his daughter a position just to waste taxpayers money. ..I wonder how many millions have been spent for them since THEY took office. ..
Sabrina Wills You should've already been impeached for all the crap you've done. You are always trying to stir the pot so that the focus is not you. Whatever you are the worst president in history.
Lory Martin Sorry, Donald you are the President now and are subject to ALL of the scrutiny that comes with the job. Since there is considerable concern regarding Russian influence on the 2016 Presidential election, why don't you announce that you welcome the investigation as they will find no wrong doing on your part? I doubt you can say that. As for the Clintons, they're the most publicly investigated couple in history, and nothing of any substance is ever turned up. They are private citizens now, and Trump is a public servant.
Mike Spragg wow....hes still going with the whole "lock her up thing" all while he is under investigation?
Jennifer Gianelli-Kensel He has been trying to deflect since the beginning of his campaign!! Most of us can see through it now. Somehow he convinced a lot of people that he was not lying and we all have to pay for it!!
Francisco Veloso If it isn't obvious by now Trump is a coward still hiding behind other people's to cover up your own no one can say Hillary was perfect but you mr. Trump are not. You have about as much as skeletons in your closet as she does perhaps given the type of business you do even more so there is no Hillary to hide behind and point a finger to it's just you. and if it isn't obvious by now those with rationality sees right through you.
Donalea Loewen I guess wiretapping allegations didn't work, so now I'll go on to the next deflection...give me a break, trump. You are so far in over your head right along with all the people you have in your administration. Why don't you make it easy (and cheaper) on all of us and just resign?
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Lawmakers want to question Kushner about meeting with Russian banker and ambassador

William Martin Does anyone find it strange with this web of deceit? I am not sure what to think anymore. He met with the bank as a trump advisor and not a private contractor....but then it says that he was trying to attract financial backing for a building project. Yet the White House says that he was acting as a trump advisor and then Sean spicer confirms it, but yet the bank has a different story. It seems like they are getting tied up in their own lies. What is it? Was he a private contractor or a trump advisor hired by the government and then illegally using his White House ties to get a financial backer? Insane!
Tristan Selzler In other news, y'all keep waiting too long. IMPEACH
Judy Clarke That is why he and his father in law are close he is doing the dirty worked for trump they all are involved with their Russian Connection. ....time to impeach the head and get the rest out. ...why have so many Russian in your administration he brought other people there for show but pick the one's with connection to Russian time to wake up and see what this man is doing before it's too late. ...TROJAN HORSE
Adam Azus "The Administration and its supporters accused the media of making "wild accusations", putting too much emphasis on the story, and of having a liberal bias against the Administration.[32] Nixon said in a May 1974 interview with supporter Baruch Korff that if he had followed the liberal policies that he thought the media preferred, "Watergate would have been a blip".[34] The media noted that most of the reporting turned out to be accurate; the competitive nature of the media guaranteed widespread coverage of the far-reaching political scandal.[32] Applications to journalism schools reached an all-time high in 1974."
Lance Grÿ 🚩TRUMP is a deceptive conman and a christianist - an imposter who tricks, fools, and lures naïve and sinister followers like a Lucifer✨ Christianist - A person who claims to be a follower of Christian teachings, but actively engages in acts, deeds, and messages that are contrary to the teachings. In short, ignorance of the script of the 'Sermon On The Mount' Matt. 7:15 - Beware of those who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves🐺 Never trust anyone who constantly says "Believe Me!" for he is manipulating you like a serpent🐍 TRUMP is the most deceptive 'leader' this nation has ever far. Yet some sinister media networks are promoting him more than any candidate or president in history. There's a reason for that. He has repeatedly proven himself to be a greedy, misogynist, xenophobic, narcissist, sexist, gambling casino profiteering, pathological lying conman with the highest unfavorability rating in history - A man who provoked violence at many of his speaking rallies. Only 26% of the electorate voted for him. Half of the electorate did not vote. 74% of the electorate did not vote for him. TRUMP has a serious moral deficiency and a penchant for deception...although many of his more sinister supporters are quite pleased with his deception. Deception is his cornerstone. *Even the most naïve, foolish, and sinister among us are beginning to clearly see his deception on full display.
John Polly Lock these aholes up! We need to make an example of these traitors
Lillian Beltran We must all be patient with regards to the Trump-Russia scandal. Let all agencies do a thorough investigation because we need every member of the Trump campaign and cabinet to be locked up for life. Therefore we need all facts to prove that Trump is a traitor; beyond a reasonable doubt.
Cyndie Metellus That is a good idea. Transparency is needed. It seems like there is something hidden about the involvement of Russia in the past election. It will come out pretty soon.
Doris Ann Dowling No doubt about it. Trump is a Traitor as well as his whole family. Trump is a greedy, lying , con man pillaging the WH and manipulating Congress and H of R, he has Russian ties up to his teeth for corrupt purposes. The Illegal Immigration is a frontal base for hiding corrupt deeds. America needs to impeach and slaughter the current admin asap!
Cheryl Darling Stewart Good, i hope he slip up and they all slide out of the white house, trump impeached and their 15 minutes of fame calapses before their eyes....
Jack Burton Waterboard him to find out the truth! Trump says it works and he told us he is smarter than generals!
Nnamdi Ezeanochie Recycling the same old lies everyday doesn't make this witch hunt by The Democrazies and their liberal snowflakes in the MSM anything near Truth. Disgusting to see this comedy drama unfolds everyday.very Shameful Propodanda and Fake News!!!
Terence Smith You want to make America great again? Well it will be great when Trump, Ivanka & Jared are led out of the White House in handcuffs. Throw out Ryan, Spicer, Conway, and Spence & America will be truly great. The Trump Administration and those who are complicit with them (Paul Ryan) are a bunch of criminals who are breaking the laws. My gut tells me they all conspired with Russia to tamper with the election.
Stephen Ross Not as much as John Podesta and his business dealings with Russia that profited him millions or the Hillary uranium deal that was all part of her pay to play criminal Enterprise.
Prashant Rai So Russia is ruling America?? Cool!! I didn't knew American system and press was so weak that it allowed it to happen!!! Same press and people who said Iraq had chemical weapons and led to war. So called unintelligent intellectuals!!!!!!!!! They will take America to drains. Trump much better than them - McCain, Dick, Hillary, CNN, NYT
Lorraine Hodgson Why would he be meeting with a Russian banker whose bank is under US sanction. Even if this was in relation to his personal business, is it normal for American businessmen to do business with US sanctioned companies?
Adrienne Nathan That would be the reason for the creation of a new position in the WH administration for him on yesterday... diversion from the focus of collusion.. These people are clueless about running this country and it's time to face reality... Paul Ryan.. they should have never been allowed to run on the Republican ticket
Donna Charlton Just wondering which of 45's buddies will be the first to rat him out and tell the truth.....for a reduced sentence?????? Loyalty seems to go out the window when you are facing possible collusion with the enemy charges.
Stephen Ross Eight months and still not one shred of evidence. The one thing we are 100 percent sure of is that if Hillary had won there would be zero talk about Russia.
Lorraine Anthony Even if he were to be oath (he won't) he's a wordsmith (early on before Cannon he wrote Trump's speeches) so he'll be able to talk in circles
Vern Vartdal Espionage. Something for something. These folks are traitors to our country and if you support them you are too.
Cu Sue What is anyone surprised; does anyone did research on this man with sweet face ? You do know his father went to jail for federal crimes right ? And that Chris Christie was in charge of that ; but hey non of these information is important for election time!!!!!! Crazy people
Maria Sousa OMG, drop it already. If the Russians are really coming and the sky is falling you need to turn your attention to Uranium One. Giving the Russians the right to explore 1/5 of the uranium production in the US should be considered treason. Why on earth aren't people worried about this instead? Do your job, CNN!!!!
Mike Erosenko Hey CNN didn't Hilary also have meetings with Russia and made some money right ??? This is why no one trusts you fakenews biased liberals
Sonny Bowen Seems they have all had unofficial meetings with Russians --- but for what purpose, and to what end...??? Glasnost? Rosneft? USA or CYA?
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"I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to play golf.” Here are the many times Donald J. Trump criticized Barack Obama for playing golf while in The White House. So far, Trump has visited golf courses 13 times in his first 66 days in office.

Mark Anderson Donald Trump is a pathological liar, a complete fraud and a two bit con man. He is dangerously delusional and a poses a bigger threat this country than Russia and Isis combined
Paul John Streetly When is this babbling pumpkin faced scumbag going to be impeached?? He is turning America into a global laughing stock, meanwhile Russia and China strengthen their positions unhindered 😏
Caroline Don A man that speaks badly of another man is testament of his own character. Trump needs to back off in regards to speaking of Obama all the time and just focus on what he is 'supposed' to be doing which is called presidency!! 😒
Tim Harris Only truth he ever uttered was 'The Election Is Rigged' ...... but he rigged it, so...there's that.
Mario Bratfisch He should play Golf the entire four years, well at least he'll have less time then to destroy America... worst President ever.
Paige Beerman It's ok because he's the greatest. He's greater than everyone. He makes everything great.... OBVIOUSLY JOKING! He's a complete dildo.
Donald Presnell Yet, he'll say "I never said that"...lmao. Supporters are occult, ignoring all of the very serious character flaws. How do we reconcile with the 61 million that voted for him and that remain staunch supporters of, how?
Robert Barker So IN the article, CNN admits that during the 13 "visits" to golf courses, he has NOT played golf every time, and actually held Presidential meetings. So yes, he stayed at a golf course...probably because he OWNS and LIVES at severl GOLF COURSES.
Michael Roode Trump is a babbling idiot who doesn't think before he opens his big mouth.
Anthony S Dingle And sadly, his supporters, who were right there with him complaining about Obama and golf are completely fine with him playing golf and traveling away from the WH at least 13 times in 66 days. Pot, meet kettle!
Kennedy Freeman Trump knew how use cheap politics on americans & it worked for him? If he cared for the poor & middle class, all his cabinet woundnt be filled with very rich people, pretending to be working for american people, yet they are only cutting taxes for their bussineses!!!, the man lies as he plays golf& americans believe. Believe or not in america, under capitalism, there is no equality, it is the system of halves & halves not.
Oswaldo Montenario Man I just can't handle all this winning!!! Obamacare repealed. Wall built Travel ban Border tax ISIS wiped out within 30 days Term limits gone Infrastructure bill passed Tax cuts Beautiful healthcare So much winning, I'm literally tired of all the winning already!
Dwight Rowe Each day that passes, who he really is presents itself. America's biggest mistake ever. Pathological liar. Morbidly self absorbed.
Darcie Watts This thing because I cannot respect him because he gives zero about life and people. He refuses to apologize and admit he was wrong about Obama,Failed embarrassing at his so called health bill, blames everyone else for his wrong doings and acts like a child that is having a meltdown. He is trying to undo the good PRESIDENT Obama did for us. He wanted to slow climate change. With the signing of this bill today he is going to hurt us more. This is unacceptable. I cannot believe this !! Praying for us all because we are losing. So much for "so much winning" . All i see is hurt and lots of losing.
Linda Critelli Big difference from vacationing and playing golf with tax payers money VS going to your own golf course for free and conducting governmental business with foreign statesman who like to be entertained. HUGE DIFFERENCE! They are just up in a tizzy because President Trump is getting things accomplished.
Alia Fernandez Awww....It's getting harder & harder for frump supporters to put on that confident "I <3 frump" attitude. You were absolutely played bigly. Look how easy that caca falls from his mouth.....13 times in 66 days...gtfo 😂
Fred Steinhaus He lied about holding meetings you idiot!! We have pictures of him playing golf 21 times!!! That is 21 days out of 66 days as President!!! Trump has the lowest approval rating for any President in his first 2 months!!! Historical low!!! 36%!!!! The Royal family is showing the Emperor has no clothes!!!!
Roger Riggins CNN is like an annoying visiting a golf course the same as playing a round of golf ? We'll never know the truth, just the Democrat talking points from the loyal lapdog of the party, CNN.
Pam Demirbacak For some reason Trump is OCD with Obama. He is out to undo everything whether it was good or bad that the Obama administration did. He refuses to recognize or accept that his actions have caused major chaos. He thinks he is above everyone. He has split this nation in two. He is costing you people millions of dollars. The cuts he has purposed is to justify his spending while it weakens the structure of this nation. There is right way and a wrong way of doing things. So far this guy is slowing destroying what this once great nation stood for.
Gene Witt Slap the Orange Imbecile in the face with the bottom of a Middle Eastern sandal and then impeach him! Impeach the Tang Tyrant and bring back the Black skinny kid from Chicago. I want my country back!
Renee Mehrdad We are all aware of his BS to get to the White House, those who still back him will never see the truth. They are the remaining racists left in this country. Sad to see we still have left overs from the 60s,
Charles Thompson The saddest aspect of the times we live, hypocrisy is irrelevant. I can't be sure if these people don't understand what that means, maybe they don't care. A hypocrite is one who says one thing but does another. It means your word cannot be trusted. These people say what the moment requires. They don't seem to care that a hypocrite is one without conviction, and they currently are in charge.
Paola B. Sur I see a lot of people here commenting and outraged but I am sure many of you are third party voters, didn't vote, or worse even voted for him. To you I say don't complain. You put him there. The rest of us have to endure this the best we can, laughing, crying, and mostly resisting. But you, this is on your conscience, so next time please make a better choice. Just saying...
Becky Sweet I would rather he golf every day, than keep signing these exutive orders that are horrible for our children's education, our planet's environment, worker's safety....let him golf every day.
Diane Collum Of course he has visited the golf course 13 times while in office and all at our expense. You still believe he's working for your benefit? He's only cost this nation money.
CNN3 hours ago

Clad in blood-red robes and white caps, they are protesting against tighter abortion laws in Texas that would make access to common procedures more difficult for women.

Janice Seppala Why don't you worry about the babies that are already here. Or, help the children in foster care. Or do they not matter as long as they are born? Help teach these girls and women to use birth control before you protest abortion. If you honestly care about life, take care of the lives already here.
Sara Wells If you think dystopian fiction about an oppressive theocracy is a criticism of you, you might be the problem...
Bobby Lamb To pro birthers...I much rather see my tax dollars pay for the small cost of an abortion to low-income mothers, rather than waste a lot more of my tax dollars for the next 18 years in the form of welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid for that child of the same low-income families.
Cassandra Debbie Sandra Jr. Abortion is still murder in my eyes, those babies deserve the right to live. It's not up to you to decide wether they live or not!
Pilar Brown But knowing how ridiculously dingbat right-wingers are, especially Texans - they probably think all women should wear Handmaid Tale garb...
Kim Picard Yes let's all remember the thousands and thousands of kids that are here that go to bed hungry, that are neglected by their crackhead mothers, that these people give 2 shits about.....but let's stop women from being able to direct their own lives. #canthaveitbothways
Dane Campbell They should voluntarilly wear that stuff full time so we all can recognize them and know of the gaping hole in their humanity before approaching them.
Olivia Boles We don't need a dystopian theocracy to know the effects of these policies. We need only look into the not-so- distant past. Restricting abortion access actually raises abortion rates, increases DIY attempts, and creates back ally abortions killing more women and children. The MOST pro-life you can be is pro-choice, and an advocate for family planning and resources. However, "pro-life" people in their anger achieve the opposite.
Tim Carter Isn't it crazy how, when a dog gets pregnant, it is taken care of and loved? When it gives birth, the owners will bend over backwards to find good homes for the puppies. But when women get pregnant, we fight over whether to keep or kill the baby. That is a shame!
Js SB Why they don't used birth-control first place, why killing babies (or virus choose job killing human plan , enjoy life ( everywhere tomany virus this day
Dyna Dania Yes! Abortion remains a murder. It may happen in case of serious health problems.♥ Give birth to beautiful babies! don't kill them.
Duane Nachbaur Stop getting knocked up with babies you dont want to begin with. Abortion should be reserved for the sickly, the raped, the way to young and the situations where the baby will be worse off for being born.
José Carlos ReiseSilva Paula Rego, a famous Portuguese Painter said she had 9 abortions and it was horrible. Her paintings express the depression and horror of abortion. Have you aready read the life in an abortion clinic? Please read. Doctors and Nurses alcoholic, people with nightmares, personalities disturbes, the horror of throwing babies into garbages, some coming out alive and being killed AND women in the recovering room all crying as the one who delivered babies were all smiles. Better before issuing sentimental information get the scientific info.
Shirley Lebovich your body becomes a tool for those who decide its time for you to have a baby. Failure means you no longer are a good tool, and you are discarded. You have no say in how you feel about pregnancy, and must bow down to those that say they know better. Excellent comparison
Dasia Vanity It depends on the given circumstance. But no matter what, a woman should be able to have the jurisdiction over her own body.
Elijah Arms Just because the women has the child does not entitle her to 100% control, that's logically not equal , the man should never get to decide fully , but men share the responsibility of making the child as well as financial care legally assuming that the child is born, whether the man wants to keep the child or wants nothing to do with it he should have the ability to sign his parental rights away , men shouldn't be left in the dark without a decision at all, that's the opposite of true equality.
Mostafa Elhalo Republicans always say that people should have the freedom to choice health plans, own guns,..etc. But when it comes to women's freedom to have abortion, sorry women, you have no freedom to choose...Republican either believe in the people's freedom to choose or not..
Juan Sara Olivas At this day and age every woman and young girl Knows about birth control and pregnancy. Every woman and young girls Knows about sex. It's all over in movies, social media and music and books. Only a Fool is not educated in sex or pregnancy. If you can afford to buy cigarettes or a pair of shoes Then you can afford a pack of condoms. There is absolutely no reason why a female should get pregnant and then think it ok to go abort (murder) a child just so she doesn't have to have any responsability.
Michael C Pendry "...a society that reduces women to servile, child-bearing flesh vessels." I can think of a prominent society and culture that does that today, but it wouldn't be PC to state the obvious.
M Ann Brown Good. Although I doubt any of those ignorant old men in charge have ever read her excellent and prophetic book, Margaret Atwood would be proud of these Women for standing up to them.
Lewis Jonathon Iffer I never realised just how backward the US really is until reading the comments here on a daily basis. There's no difference between you and the religiously fanatical third world countries you despise. Every day proves it more and moves you further away from a civilised free society.
Lauren Adams Texas is the most hypocritical state when it comes to being pro-life. They cut funding for foster kids but refuse to let a woman have an abortion. Representative Tinderholt introduced legislation to charge woman with murder when they have abortions! Also Texas is a right to work state, so if u get pregnant even though you took contraception you can't miss work for 1 day to give birth without risk of getting fired! If you're a woman in Texas, you can't effing win! So many forced births and woman can't afford it, it's sick! We have news stories all the time about kids here getting abused, sodomized, raped, left in hot cars, this stuff is terrible, but this is exactly what you get in a State that is so against abortion!
Kevin Brown So brave...and proud....of exterminating the unborn...WOW! Your disgusting disregard for the " rights " of the child in the womb is grotesque...
Brad Davis Unless pro birthers are helping raise the children they force to be born and help pay the life long medical bills of the children forced into a life of constant suffering , then you need to stfu and mind your own fkn business
Ronja Marie Don't want an abortion, don't have one! Keep your opinion out of my uterus!
CNN4 hours ago

A 200-pound gold coin worth more than $1 million was stolen from a museum in Germany

Ricardo Maduro Plot twist: The coin was later found in the museum's soda vending machine.
Brian Manning My friend Walter is 300 pounds, and he's only worth like six bucks.
Craig Goodsir Trump's Secret Service crew must have been on duty for the thieves to be able to walk out with that.
Richard LaBelle Find the PBS article about gold mining in Guatemala and see how valuable gold really is vs. human lives. Heart wrenching!
Mike Szwarc Umm how with all that surveillance and security? Must be inside job. The thief is an idiot nonetheless can't sell it or profit on it ever.
Jaz D'oray Brooks First fetty wap chain now the museum gold coin security must not be that good now days if shiii just getting taking like it was a kid at the candy store n why wasn't their overnight security patrolling the Halls in the museum🤔🤔🤔
Tim Gileo I was awarded a few years ago when struck awards for the artworl on the coin which was partially it's reason for existing. That and Canada mints coins for other nations so call it a calling card.
Syble Cloum Well that coin looks really awesome to me I also think it must be at least partially an inside job but there is a market for things that you cannot sell private collectors pay Megabucks for things like this and they keep them in their private collection for them just knowing they have something that no one else has they have so much money that pay anything so beautiful coin
Erik Staehle Rick Harrison will give you 500,000$ for it..maybe 525,000$, though you could get Chumlee to give you 600,000$ if you're lucky, hah
Mohammad Javad Keshavarz 62. God is the Creator of all things, and He is in Charge of all things. 63. To Him belong the reins of the heavens and the earth. But those who blaspheme against the revelations of God—it is they who are the losers. 64. Say, “Is it other than God you instruct me to worship, you ignorant ones?” 65. It was revealed to you, and to those before you, that if you idolize, your works will be in vain, and you will be of the losers. 66. Rather, worship God, and be of the appreciative. 67. They have not esteemed God as He ought to be esteemed. The entire earth will be in His grip on the Day of Resurrection, and the heavens will be folded in His right. Immaculate is He, and Transcendent He is beyond the associations they make. 68. And the Trumpet will be sounded, whereupon everyone in the heavens and the earth will be stunned, except whomever God wills. Then it will be sounded another time, whereupon they will rise up, looking on. 69. And the earth will shine with the Light of its Lord; and the Book will be put in place; and the prophets and the witnesses will be brought in; and Judgment will be passed among them equitably, and they will not be wronged. 70. And every soul will be fully compensated for what it had done. He is well aware of what they do. 71. Those who disbelieved will be driven to Hell in throngs. Until, when they have reached it, and its gates are opened, its keepers will say to them, “Did not messengers from among you come to you, reciting to you the revelations of your Lord, and warning you of the meeting of this Day of yours?” They will say, “Yes, but the verdict of punishment is justified against the disbelievers.” 72. It will be said, “Enter the gates of Hell, to abide therein eternally.” How wretched is the destination of the arrogant. 73. And those who feared their Lord will be led to Paradise in throngs. Until, when they have reached it, and its gates are opened, its keepers will say to them, “Peace be upon you, you have been good, so enter it, to abide therein eternally.” 74. And they will say, “Praise be to God, who has fulfilled His promise to us, and made us inherit the land, enjoying Paradise as we please.” How excellent is the reward of the workers. 75. And you will see the angels hovering around the Throne, glorifying their Lord with praise. And it will be judged between them equitably, and it will be said, “Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.”
Christy Abbott-France Trump going at it anyway he can to get the money for the bill he handed to the Chancellor? 😛
Jason Bowers $1 million face value. gold value is $20,051 a pound. 200x $20,051=$4,010,240 that is its value. cut it up and melt it.
Fidel Palomo Pinal-Ortiz Come On! get over it. It's like a just One third of any 45 weekend vacations at MARtial-LAWgo.
Eric Stonewood Fate This just happens when Germany is occupied by refugees from Mid-East...
Anthony Ramirez Under Angela Merkel, there is no law and order in Germany.
Lourdes Batista Robbers are watching to much t.v. In jail. Specially the series how to steal and get a way with it.
Jonthan Fricks A smart bunch would cut that up and spread it all around the world.
Randy Barnett I bet is was the Russians. Or maybe the bigfoot in Oregon. 😂😂😂
Tim Adkins Just check security footage for the largest pockets, duh!
Zeb Mcrae if their smart this coin is already in a hundred different pieces
Merl Smedley They can't even protect their borders so how are they suppose to protect a coin.
David Samuels III Where are the cameras 🎥 or is this a inside job?
Ahmed A Hassan ...On the next episode of Pawn Stars.
Stephanie Guccifer Check Hillary and Obama's pockets. Oh that's right! They get their money by stealing from our government and from George Soros...and from foreign countries for selling America's secrets! My bad.
Pgmd Encarnacion someone strange case but the robber going to enjoy 4 million us in gold dm
CNN4 hours ago

What they do know is the deaths were isolated to one building.

Cassandra Debbie Sandra Jr. Perhaps trump threatened to deport them, so they died of heart attack due to the shock in their sleep. Animals too can have heart attacks btw!Rip reptilians
Almazan Hayawan Meanwhile more then hundreds are dead everyday because of the chaos that Obama caused in the middle east by supporting terrorists in Syria but no one cares
Julio Bogarin Isolated to one building more than likely it's the water supply
Leslie Ann Armistead My heart breaks for this whole situation. All the hard work and research for nothing. I hope this gets figured out quickly rip reptiles.
Melissa Parrett-Widau Athena Christodoulou Lane...What did you do?? This is really sad!!
Brian Kaniela Flinn I don't know whether to pronounce that title like herpes or herpa derp. Either way that's unfortunate.
Ben Ayt easy climate change cause it... Al gore said it caused brexit too. obama said it cause ISIS. and i say this guys are idiots
Levi Miller perhaps trump threatened to deport them, so they died of heart attack due to the shock in their sleep. Animals too can have heart attacke btw!Rip reptilians
Binyamin Elkaim it is happening. it is unexplainable. what do you think about this people?
Monet Olivia Brinkman Maybe it was that escaped poison dart frog? Or was that from another zoo?
Loren YellowBird Jr. Trumpcare! Smh... See what happens.
Dennis Edward Christopher Himebaugh Sounds like "Ectormilia". A highly communicable disease that spreads like wild fire attacking kidneys.
Bruno Santuario Eu sou garoto propaganda mundial da CNN. Separem meus 30 milhões de dólares.
Yolanda Allen Well you know southerners put down kerosene to burn and kill snakes
Yvs Mrls Too much garlic-eating people in that particular building.
Christopher Mueller I hope that they root out the cause as quickly as possible.
Jenn Minnix Niggle David Teyber this made me think of your expertise
Tony Vaccaro Blame it on TRUMP and his Screwed Up Healthcare
Barry Atkinson Because they are in a zoo maybe.
Anthony Ramirez The green death...
Josh Lane Citrus!!
Rudolph Goliath They do knox know what ville happen now
Jay Stephens Is it herpes? Poor little creatures.
Korry White "Herpetologist" sounds like they're in the wrong field.
Korry White They had dirt on Hillary!
CNN5 hours ago

He suggested Russia's alleged involvement in the 2016 US election could be considered "an act of war."

Jordan Michael Andress You know it's bad when this warmonger starts making sense...
Deedee Isie It's not an act of war Just investigate and impeach this buffoon. Simple
Rita Harken Taken from an article written by Michael Moore 3/25/17 in Global “ The Democatic Party needs to declare a National Emergency. For the first time in our history, the President of the United States and his staff are under investigation for espionage. This announcement, by the head of the Trump-friendly FBI, is a shock to our democracy. The Democratic leadership in the House and Senate needs to bring a halt to ALL business being done in the name of this potential felony suspect, Donald J. Trump. No bill he supports, no Supreme Court nominee he has named, can be decided while he is under a criminal investigation. His presidency has no legitimacy until the FBI – AND an independent investigative committee—discovers the truth. Fellow citizens, demand the Democrats cease all business.” “The American people have a right to know if their President is a crook.” Said by Richard Nixon. Former newscaster Dan Rather even predicted that Trump’s so-called “Russia scandal” could be the next “Watergate”.
Jeremy Davis So basically Dick Cheney is saying that the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States is an act of war upon the country. He's literally an orange atomic bomb.
Andrew Tomelloso And you Cheney made a very serious effort to lie to the American public about Iraq having wmd but that was lie just go away and shut up your not credible to open your mouth
Mike Vincent Where was this outrage when we had actual evidence Hillary and the DNC were caught rigging he primaries against Bernie? The head of the DNC had to step down though no one called for Hillary to step aside. Now we have nebulous accusations of "Russian interference" and suddenly blood-gargling warmongers like Cheney are coming out of the woodwork to delegitimize Trump. Does he realize his presence is just driving more people to Trump's side?
Carla Pugliese even this crook know donald and russia is more of a crook than him.....the world is watching america fall and nunes is a coward jerk who thinks this is russia if he has kids how does he face if this election has taught america anything it is that your vote counts this is what happens when people say i don't like either of them and don't vote....better to go with the devil you know than the devil
Jenn Holt The election of Trump has made us grateful for the 'normal' republican options we had before. If we survive this, I'll never take another republican presidential candidate for granted. There is something to be said about men who know how government works, how the separate branches work, how to play politics.... no matter what party
Jools Melville Guys, what's the big deal really? US rigged (sorry, "helped in the name of democracy"!) Russian elections back in the 90s, have you forgotten already? Just like US have been methodically & consistently meddling in the internal affairs of the rest of the world for the past god knows how many years. Quite frankly, what you sow is what you reap,16641,19960715,00.html
Codrin Chaleru Why doesn't the entire west completely isolate us from Russia. All Russian embassies kicked out of every country. We know they're used for spying. And completely lock Russia out of our network.
Jeffery Jumper Democrats complain about Republicans being warmongers but they want us to agitate Russia. We should show strength and keep Russia at arm's length. But you do not want to play war games with Putin. Better to have cautious relations then to plunge into another cold war. Keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer. You all have no idea what goes on every second of every day in the operations of the CIA, NSA and FBI. Just keep trashing your president with your honorary Facebook degrees in world finance, politics and human services
Merrialyce Krosigk Blanchard well, judging by the huge number of the current White House Trump people and Trump and Trump's picks for Cabinet and Agency Heads, "a very serious effort" to interfere in US election seems to have worked pretty well. I've lost count of those who appear to have at least passing contact with Russian spies/with Putin, with Russian business tycoons, including now AG Sessions, KelleyAnne's husband, the Trump Boys, Ivanka, Trump himself, Michael Flynn, Manafort, and All Rabbits Friends and Relations.
Behzad Alavi Shameless. This disgrace to humanity is responsible for taking us to Iraq and Afghanistan that resulted in more than 6,000 dead American soldiers, nearly 1 Million dead Iraqi civilians, and a power vacuum that was filled with ISIS and many other terrorist groups. You belong to prison sir. Just shut up already.
Todd French Ah, Satan's right hand man. Cheney is a cold blooded killer and terrorist. He, Bush Jr, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell should have been locked up and fiorgotten about;
Scott Adams Thanks to CNN and other corporate-controlled "fake news" sites, war criminal and traitor Dick Cheney is allowed to spread his b.s., when he should be locked up awaiting execution for orchestrating 7 war game exercises and a two hour stand-down in US air defenses on 9-11, for falsifying intelligence to create war in the Middle East, and for his involvement in mailing Anthrax to opponents of his policies. It would have been nice if CNN would have followed up on these stories; but unfortunately their agenda is to spread lies and propaganda.. Please someone from CNN explain how exactly the Russians managed to hack all the voting machines and rig the election?
Scott Buettmann Says the P.O.S.Traitor who announced on Sep 10, 2001, that they misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars. And on 9/11 was involved in murdering thousands blowing up the twin towers, shooting a missle into the Pentagon coincidently at the very office the 2.3 trillion info was stored. This trash will burn in Hell for eternity with Bush, Rumsfeld, Silverstein, and many many more !
Jools Melville Hating Russia is a very very new thing. You didn't hate Russia six months ago. Fight the fog of gaslighting and remember -- you know you didn't. It all started when Donna Brazile got caught giving Hillary a CNN's debate question. She started ranting about Russia then. We laughed. But they just doubled-down. And doubled-down. And doubled-down. And now, here we are. They made this in you. And you don't even know why you hate Russia. You can repeat stuff about election hacking but when presented with the actual (still unproven) charge stripped of the incendiary words, that is, the US got to see the inner workings of a political party and decided that it was too corrupt to lead, you can't really say why that's a bad thing. You just know you're meant to think that way.
David Nixey What exactly did Putin do? Has Cheney spent all his oil money from Iraq and afghanistan he has to start war with Russia? Why must he send so many people to their death? What is wrong with the current government finally opening up communications? Why always war from Cheney? I feel his greed and power along with his warmongering must end.
Logan Ryan Steeves Russia has invaded Ukraine. Russia has also been caught trying to affect European countries' elections. I've been questioning the whole time why the world is sitting on their hands!
Sunondo Roy He could have had so many wars with a knob with so little brains. North Korea, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq II, Syria and the mother of all skirmishes, a land war in Asia! Inconceivable!
Allen Palenske CNN owned by Time Warner who was one of the top contributors to Hillary Clinton. Almost a million dollars, they can't get over the fact they backed the wrong person, so will continue to bash President Trump forr the next 8 years. They twist the facts around until the truth is lost. Time to get rid of CNN
Adam Wise The US has interfered with elections all over the world! A little turn about is fair play! Especially if all they did was to expose the Democrats to be the lying scumbags we've always known them to be.
Gerald Soileau I liked Bush Jr... Coming from a man that doesn't know gun safety (ask the man who he accidently shot with a shotgun while dove hunting), I don't think he is qualified to say what's an act of war.
Sunondo Roy He thought he had caught a free ride with a knob. Little did he know America was saving the best knob for later. Regretting he caught the early train and let Bannon hitch a ride with this noob.
William Scott Neo Cons bromance with DEMs. They have returned home to the hard left. They (Neo Cons) were of course Trotskyites in their origin, which makes the whole Russian angle ironic.
CNN5 hours ago

Stabbed 32 times by an ex-boyfriend, Melissa Dohme would have died had it not been for Cameron Hill -- one of the first paramedics to arrive.

Michael Osterman Not only did he stab her with the switchblade initially, he went and got an even bigger knife and came back and continued stabbing her. Thankfully, she survived and will now live a happy life with one of the men who saved her life. Unfortunately, that sub-human ex-boyfriend was only given life in prison. He deserves a far, far worse punishment.
Scott Sutton This is going to sound crass, I don't mean it that way at all. People often bond emotionally after a traumatic event that is shared. Glad they found each other.
Jonason Jah Canopy Wat a world. Stabbed 32 times and she survived? Showing a sign of gratitude in advance too? Waoow som human beings exist, some are dead but forcing to live.
Josh Stenger Awww love. I'm so happy to see that they took a stab at marriage 🙂
Jonny Zywiciel My heart is bursting at this story 😩🙌
Mike Jones Do we have to promote monogamy? Is it really necessary to shove this down our throats and push this conservative agenda? I'm just asking because that's EXACTLY the same thing I see when CNN does stories about non-monogamy or gay marriage or trans people in relationships. It's awfully hypocritical to complain about gay marriage, trans people in relationships, and people in non-monogamous relationships and accuse the media of "pushing the 'liberal' agenda" but applaud when it's something that's in line with your conservative/Christian beliefs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Jeff Elder Hey, this time I had to actually search down through a few snowflake posts before I found an anti-Trump rant. It hadn't bubbled to the top yet! WOW! You guys are making PROGRESS!!!
Oona Powell I like that she had a year to heal before they started dating. It makes me believe she didn't quickly become dependent on a new man in her life. That would be unhealthy, given the nightmare relationship she just got out of the hard way. I hope the coward who stabbed her is in jail.
Shyma Shahwali What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...❤️❤️❤️happy days ahead..amen
Daniel Beal If you can stab someone 32 times and not kill them then you aren't very good at stabbing.
Lindsey Iahn Beautiful story, glad that they found each other and that she's not afraid of a loving relationship. ❤❤
Charlse Onen I thought you weren't supposed to "tap" the people under your care. Where's your ethic man?
Royalene Gustafsson What a beautiful outcome! I hope your lived will be very beautiful together.🙏🏼🌹
Joe Still Is Melania going to do the same?
Ben Ayt liberals and love are oxymoron. they kill themselves like liberals. to all the fallen men who died because they told their liberal wife about their life insurance... RIP
Vineet Umraniya May they live happily forever. 🙂
Thomas Verborg This isn't cute, it's unethical. Whatever. Screw the rules
Wajheen Shujaat Good for her. As for her ex how cruel and deranged can a person get. Seriously, sometimes just want to hide from humans
LLins Omoudu Life has a funny sense of humour. I Wish them all the best in marriage
Semia Kerssenberg Chloe Downes what Will happen if you meet up with that freak
Neville Johns I wish them well they both deserve all the happiness in the world .
Ahmed A Hassan OJ Simpson is not gonna find this article amusing. Just saying.
Annie Elizabeth Suter What an amazing story. Wish them both pure happiness!
Tabitha Lynn Matheney Yay. So happy for the two of them! Her story is truly amazing ❤
Michele Ohlrogge wow this is something you would read in a book or watch on a movie or tv show.. Its sad what happened to her, but she got herself a happy ending.