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Montana GOP candidate Greg Gianforte has been charged with misdemeanor assault after he allegedly body slammed a reporter.

Patrick Meyer Unfortunately it's unlikely that it will affect the outcome of the election at all. It's just another indicator of where the Republican Party is going if its candidates think it's okay to assault other Americans
Rish Tanna If he can't handle a few tough questions, he's not fit enough to serve in gov't.
Max Echevarria Trump attacked this country in a way no terrorist ever could. He allowed our democracy to be tampered with and undercut our intelligence that will never be forgiven. We are not perfect but we are the best.
Stephan Arcieri Some reporters deserve more done to them. Good for the congressman. Reporters and the media are garbage and detestable human beings anyways
Anindya Dutt Public officials and representative should get stronger punishments as they influence the larger section of society and this act is against the very pillar which holds them accountable... SAD to see him get a slap on the wrist for this.. it will just encourage more people to muzzle and slap the PRESS around
Peter Sullivan Well we have a sitting president who encouraged his followers to assault people while he was on the campaign trail. So I'm not surprised.
Elvis Centeno Reporters can be obnoxious, very unfortunate for the candidate not to control his temper, the reporter is very happy about the outcome of this closed encounter of the body type.
Dalton James Tiffin FAKE NEWS, SNOWFLAKES. A journalist attacked him with three-syllable words, actual facts, and science. It's all part of the liberal agenda to destroy REAL PATRIOTS.
Wal Sis I’ve always thought my neighbors were quite nice people. But then they put a password on their Wi-Fi.
Craig Goodsir That's his political career over. He will be remembered for the shortest political career ever.
Tim Chang U can bet if the average citizen did this, an arrest is going to happen. Why not this eejit ?
Dema Chenzom Body slammed by one of the leaders?????????? How are we going to stop bullies in schools then?????
Raymond Nichols I wonder if Alex Jones will say Soros paid him to do this?
Robert Turner Trump cultists on here taking up for violence against an innocent man doing his job. You all have hit an all-time low. Wow! Even for Republicans, this is truly deplorable. This isn't some street brawl, it's a reporter simply asking questions to an elected official. A REAL MAN would answer the questions with honesty, with class and dignity. Something current-day republicans have none of. None. If you take up for this behavior from any elected official, YOU'RE A FAKE AMERICAN.
Steve King How long until he is pardoned by Trumpy and ends up in admin...?
Shashwato Lad He doesn't look much bright 😂😂 All his misses is cauliflower ears
Jillian Brwn 3 cheers for Greg! Reporters have lost their minds in thinking they are more important than they are.
Ashley Horn Routh Good. You're not above the law, politicians (including you, 45)!
Ron Riley Why did he only want to call the police AFTER confirming he had to leave??????
Stan Baker Since when does alleged news make headlines? Oh yeah, these days........ALL THE TIME!
Emma Deschamps You know your country is in a bad place when this incident (and the horrifying response from the campaign) is not the most disturbing news of the week.
Kneenuh Karlroveisevil Ortiz good, shouldn't have taken that long.
Suzanne de Sousa How very very disturbing....just a pack of bullies in tailored suits.
Dennis Moore Wall Street Journal Two of the state’s major newspapers, the Missoulian and the Billings Gazette, rescinded their endorsements of Mr. Gianforte in the wake of the episode. Following interviews with several witnesses, Sheriff Brian Gootkin issued a statement saying he had found “probable cause to issue a citation to Greg Gianforte for misdemeanor assault “ He added, in reference to the reporter’s injuries, “the nature of the injuries did not meet the statutory elements of felony assault.” The citation called for Mr. Gianforte to appear in county court by June 7. If convicted of the charge, Mr. Gianforte faces a fine of up to $500, up to six months in jail, or both. (The Sheriff had donated $250 to the Gianforte campaign)
Frank Parillo This guy is an American hero. Extra points if he slammed a CNN reporter!
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He pleaded guilty to raping his drugged younger sister. He was granted probation and is expected to serve just 4 months in jail.

Hung Bui Incest, rape, admit to guilty charges... and 4 months??? While people with small amount of marijuana gets... 20 years...? 🤔🤔🤔😒😒😒😧😩
Lena Rushing The judge literally doesn't care about the victim at all. Really? The stigma, he deserves it! He drugged and raped her. What about the psychological, mental, and physical pain he caused her? What about the stigma of rape victims?
Dalton James Tiffin I bet he didn't want to "ruin his life." The American injustice system at its finest. Fox News edit: Teen gets probation for unproven sexual allegations. #alternativefacts
Ashley S. Card It's nice to reinforce to women that they're no longer protected under the law. Not only is this man a rapist, he's a paedophile, and committed incest yet justice still doesn't prevail. This judge should be removed from the bench.
Paul Gerald Hoover Rape is one of the most disgusting crimes you can commit. It's a violation of someone's personal space. Rapists/sex offenders need longer prison sentences; they will never be rehabilitated and capable of being functioning members of society.
Chelsea Mei Bates This is an absolute disgrace. The judge thinks the stigma will be punishment enough, but we all know that 4 months in jail will not do any wonders to a man who is so psychologically corrupt that he would rape his own sister. He *will* do this again. Think about the pain that she, the victim, the survivor, will have to live with for the rest of her life. Think about her. Think about his future victims. Another exemplary example of how corrupt our justice system is. What message is this sending? Why report a rape when time and time again we see that these perverts are only getting a slap on a wrist? What's the point? Who gets punished more in this situation? "No" didn't stop him, and now the law won't either. I hope this girl gets the support and the counseling that she needs to cope with this amount of betrayal of trust and violation of integrity and humanity.
John Nord There is a stigma here indeed... One upon a judges head who would rule in such an unjust, unfair, and rediculous manner. Gross.
Tyler Waltz How does this keep happening! How can rape and hate crimes get pathetically short sentences? This is immoral. This is disgraceful! This is not justice.
Amanda Rose This is unacceptable on so many levels. It is sentences like THIS that prove we have major issues and flaws in our legal system. So very disappointed. Where is the justice here and why was this not taken more seriously? Smh... we have a long way to go.
Tami Amaral Good old boys club where you don't want to hurt man but could care less what the victim suffers and will for the rest of her seems that they have made it so hard for woman to ever get Justice for something they did not deserve. But to this courrupt system it is sending a message that women's rights don't matter at all.. what message is it sending to our daughters and granddaughters.. Sad time to start holding all this bunch of courrupt judges accountibal for this crap.
Cynthia Perry-Traynham Oh goody, now give him a mommy hug and a little yellow pill, and send him on his way to realize his full potential as you tell him to now scurry off and go produce some daughters and perhaps a Son to carry on his legacy not breaking the chain! Awesome!!! Idiots
Ginna Bellamy Wiell heprobably should move and have some plastic surgery so nobody can recognize him... I wouldn't want to be in after only doing 4 months in jail after all that s*** public hanging should be brought back to make examples of pieces of s*** like this
Robert Mouton Wtf lock him up. What this is not ok need to get rid of this judge. Wrong if it was the judge kid ? He would lock that mf for life.
Matthew Cole He was sentenced to four months but I wonder if he will survive it once word gets out to the other inmates about what he did?
Nataly Pavlou What an utter disgrace!!!! What about the message this is sending?? What about when he actually comes out of jail?? This is the so called 'American justice system'
Fay Jeffries Are you showing your white privilege much? It's beyond comprehension that a judge would sentence this man to four months.
Steven Wyman WTF? There should be a nationally mandated sentence of 10 years (at least) for rape, and the power for judges to go lower than that should be stripped from them. 10 years, no chance of early release, period. At least.
Andrea Kramer-Adams These types of criminals only escalate their crimes. When this guy ends up attacking, or worse, murdering someone, the judge should face charges as an accessory.
Sandra McCann There needs to be an overhaul of the judicial system. Like now. This is absolutely disgusting on so many levels. I'm sending light & love to this young woman because she's going to need all the good vibes she can get. SHAME on you a Judge Follett. SHAME ON YOU! 😡
Ginna Bellamy I'm just curious what the parents say haven't heard nothing out of them and if there has been any statements made by the M please somebody send me a link
Lin Black I'm starting to think male judges should not be allowed to adjudicate rape cases. Stigma??? Someone that rapes their own sister doesn't care about stigma.
Bakar Jabbie Ok now? People are really sick in they head,but only four month?if he can rape his own sister he will rape any body!that men deserv a voluntary castration or a longtime in jail.
Aitalas Acrario This is just wrong. People like that needs to be institutionalized and be psychologically evaluated. Giving the perpetrator a 4 month jail sentence and probation for his crimes it's just unbelievable. A petty theft crime could automatically require you to serve at least 1 year jail sentence. Where is the justice?
Kiran Mahnaz Seriously only six months in jail for raping his own sister? ?? This is pathetic and ridiculous. .. Wow it is allowed to rape mother or sister and get jail only for 4 months. .. Awesome Justice system...
Shelley Roe I'm seething with Anger...I truly can't form a thought right now other than to REMOVE THAT JUDGE FROM THE BENCH!!! Shame on that Judge...Prayers to the young girl on getting the proper counseling and support she DESERVES...Justice Failed her...😡😤😡😤😡
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A normal bedtime routine turned into a trip to the emergency room when a 3-year-old experienced partial paralysis because of a tick bite.

Shelby Lynne Hofeldt Why did the parents wait until the next day to bring her in?! The poor girl couldn't stand at all, obviously there was something seriously wrong and they just put her to bed?! Wth.
Dwight Huth Why health care with coverage for pre-existing conditions is vital to national security and national defense. One area that terrorisrs, Russia and China can cripple the U.S. is by developing a blood born pathogen or zika like virus inside of ticks that would cause severe fetal development and other medical conditions that would not be covered as a pre-existing condition under Trump Care. Ticks would feed on deer and other animals spreading the pathogen that could effect humans when they eat the deer, chicken, pork or steak. Leaving fish as the only meat. Ticks would also feed on humans spreading the disease that would cause problems for the civilian populace as well as the military.
Jacob White Well Lyme disease has been a huge problem for ten plus years now and still nobody seems to want to talk about it.
Carol Paul Roemen My dog was bit by a tick...His hind legs were paralyzed for 24, thank God, he's back to normal. ..very strange
Kristy Leeper Emerald Renee Leeper they need to be careful this summer...
Bert Barretto Those crawling ticks remind me of Trump, his minions, and all the rest of the Republican party. Blood sucking greedy arrogant godless Neanderthals
Snapper Cooper Check ur self good ticks stick to bottom of nut sacks an in side but cracks
Juleo Green just ask billy a crooked hitlary you got to be careful camping out in them there woods HA PRAYERS FOR THE KID
Brian Krieg Well ticks do carry various diseases
Makoto Hanazono CNN = Conspiracy News Network
Edward Jl Booth My partners kid had this fifteen years ago
Mil Tan
Jeffrey Gon Oh look its a picture of liberals.
Camila Candanedo
Romeliza Monic Cordon I hate surot
Vic Bacud Surut💪🏾
Dawn Franklin Robin Jones just to add ⛽️ to your 🔥
Dreima Flores Pedro Cruz omg this gave me goosebumps
Rebecca Garcia Dang-awan OMG
Snapper Cooper I heard if it bite ur dick u want get hard for a month lol
Robben Adele They shouldn't have waited till the next day, poor girl, may God's able hands be upon you and heal you up sweetie.
Craig Schroerlucke Fake. Oh, I actually have Lyme from a tick bite.
Sabrina Dharmaratnam 👺
Ifeoma Ada Ezeh It's good to start your day with laughter. And laughter will never depart from you all day. Watch this clip and thank me later. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
Ryan Bertumen Martin Buds Anjielet be aware.
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Meet the rocket scientist in charge of the Girl Scouts:

Dalton James Tiffin FAKE NEWS! THIS IS A LIBERAL AGENDA TO DESTROY MEN, women can't do science, because science doesn't exist. Yeah, I drive a car, but it's nothing but American Exceptionalism and Jesus that built cars, nothing to do with science. 🤡🤡🤡
Lisa Marie I think Girl Scouts needs to work on their programs for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors.
Justin Sallee Im thankful they hired a educated person and not a Trumpee... There is hope for the future!!!
Shane Ellis ✓ Don't let this distract you from the fact that In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.
Mark Hammond Better watch out for the trump idiots. they're going to attack these children verbally.
Mark Hammond Meet the one-sided evil individual in charge of the country.
Peggy O'Neill Drabinski Mark Hammond is correct, but attacks may soon start going beyond verbal. Republicans are losing it.
Michael Mills Going from 100,000 a yr as a rocket scientist to 400,000 as the Girl Scout CEO its a no brainer.
Peace Ichipi That is a good one. BRAVO.
Elsa Martí Women making us proud <3
William Diaz So cool why do girls want to be part of boy scouts ? I dont understand
Lito Villegas Rocket Scientists? But, she doesnt know how many genders exist.
Mark Hammond thats how pathetic they've become
Raziahamad Khais Be prepair.
Kittisak Jane Rakthong
Randy Boone Cool
Zahid Hasan wow
Susan Lewis 🖕
Max G. Duenaz 👏👏👏👏
Betty Ashmore 👨
Mira Mousawi Open web site to see 313 Mods
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This is the future of driving: Self-driving and electric.

Scott Sanford The Chevrolet he's referring to is the Bolt, the Volt is an advanced hybrid that is far more representative of the immediate future of the automobile than a pure electric. Also, no thanks on the switch to autonomous vehicles, particularly heavy duty commercial ones, until such time as the open sewer known as the World Wide Web is made more secure. Not a week goes by without a story about the latest massive data breach and things will only go from bad to worse when the same unsecure internet allows a hacker to take control of a 4000 lb. vehicle, let alone an 80,000 lb. one.
Donald Cox The technology has already been around it has just been suppressed by fossil fuel industry. Which is why it is so expensive now. No worries they will put a price on the sun the wind and geothermal energy, safe,renewable energy will carry a much higher price than fossil fuels!
Ben Padilla I'm shocked CNN is actually spending some time and resources to do some other news rather than just bashing the Donald. 24/7
Carol A. Stollorz Those that own a Tesla recount the difficulty of finding charging places along the road when they travel, and the waiting at places where the population owns cars that need to charge.
Richard F Jacquin How can the average consumer realistically afford $40,000 for an electric car, PLUS the amount of money its going to cost to keep it charged?
Abraham Sung #fun,#roadtrips,;Fun short road trips always puts a smile on everyone.. You could roll down a window and enjoy the rays of the sun.. What more can ask for ?
Luke Heilig What bout all da jobs that people r goin lose and then next thing u know most people in later years wont know how to drive a car unless a machine is doin it.
Jesse Guy CNN, can you find someone that can actually identify vehicles correctly? The Volt gets between 38 and 50 miles per charge and has a rage extending gas engine. It cannot go 200 miles on a charge. The Bolt is a fully electric car with a 200+ mile range. The only thing the two vehicles share is the manufacturer, they don't look anything alike. How did this make it past editing? Oh, yeah. You don't edit.
Treblig Arellano One thing is afraid of, I know computer played a big role on this technology, if what if a computer is hacked, can you imagine the damages it may bring to motoring public?, death is certain.
Anaekwe Okey These cars would probably suck just like anything that uses battery. We still prefer fuel and thank God for Toyata that consumes less fuel.
Morgan Williams Not good!! How many people - truck drivers, taxi drivers will loose their jobs. Then it will be ships and planes next. Not good. Not good at al 😔
Masoud Vz Wait for it ... Ohhh, No, I don't trust it!
Nick Clay For visually impaired people, like myself, that can't drive, this is EXCELLENT news.
Jerry Brown CNN you are a disgrace to the news community and humanity.. A bunch of LOSERS! Your nothing but Enquier news!
Christian Martin Yeah but out of my budget. I'll stick to my 2002 Saturn that runs on gas because it's less expensive and gets me where I need to go. And it's still under 100k miles.
Daniel Caudle Suuuure, just as soon as computers and infrastructure is 100% reliable and never crashes or has a computer glitch.
Mark Hammond Until a bunch of people start dying riding in these then it'll be a big problem.
Peggy O'Neill Drabinski Republicans will consider this fake news as they're still getting over the horseless buggy taking the place of the horse.
Jaison Tyler I'll stick to the V10 Gas hog
James Valeros Errr... No. Petrol forever.
Mazen Baban Better find away to stop texting while driving
Tim Gillis Screw e-cars, where's my jetpack?
Kittisak Jane Rakthong
Ad Hoensbroek Trumpanzees still think climate change is a hoax haha
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"This latest controversy couldn't have come at a worse time for Republicans," writes Chris Cillizza

Bibba Elizabeth Clearly this doesn't affect how Republicans vote...the more awful the person is, the better chance they have to be
Alicia Mae This isn't going to change anything for his voters. He got angry for no reason, beat up a reporter doing his job and lied about it afterwards. He's a republican, this is apparently what they do.
Graham Parker It shows where we are as a country when bodyslamming a reporter is an "error". In no other cycle would that have resulted in anything else other than instant disqualification.
Marcus Shelton Choke slamming a reporter then lying about it is an "error"?
Guy Huffman We thought this when trump said "grab em by the pussy" too... that didn't stop the republican "party of family values" from voting for him.
Robby Robinson It won't make a difference. Most ballots have already been cast. He'll get a slap on the wrist and yadayada
Ganesh K. Nathan Well nothing to be surprised there,this is what GOP thugs masquerading as Congressmen & candidates do to people who don't agree with their weird views!
Michael Filley it goes with the trump plan, make the media the enemy, and try to harm them, even if it is against the law, the current republicans don't really care about the law, constitutional rights or corruption,
Alec W. Lao Egregious and unbecoming for a law maker. However it's fitting for a GOP with their typical bullying and heavy hands on others. Ben Jacobs you're a hero reporter and Bravo for calling the cop on that PoS.
Jennifer Marie It's disgusting that folks are still supporting this jerk. Fox News was in the room and even they say that Gianforte's statement is not accurate and that he did in fact assault the journalist, grabbing him by the neck and throwing him to the ground. When did America become a country where so many embrace this type of thuggery and mistake it for strength? Sad.
Tom Hardee The worse you are, the better your chance for victory. The neo-GOP way. P.S. Lock Him Up. At least for a week or two just so he can get a better feel for the privatized prison system.
Jason Moody CNN I still don't think you get it. It's like Anderson cooper said. If he "trump" took a dump on his desk republicans would defend him. Same goes for every other republican candidate. This guy will still win the election tomorrow because all of the people there are republican and they don't care about morals. All they care about is getting a republican elected.
Joshua Keefer I wish I was a Montana voter. This would have secured my vote. It is about time the abusive media got what they deserve. Journalists have become propaganda pushing paparazzi.
Alex LaCasse Made a massive error!? He assaulted someone. I'd call that assault. Not an error. Should read: "Gianforte assaulted someone." Who is this Cillizza guy and why is CNN so obsessed with him?
Norma Earls I'm willing to bet that Gianforte will win by a landslide BECAUSE he roughed up an obnoxious "journalist" who wouldn't leave him alone.
Scotty Libuszowski I'm sure he's still in jail like anyone else would be, pending a judge's review of his (easily proven) guilt in committing assault and battery.
Brahim Mahamat Zene Obimi Can't wait to see him in jail and convicted of felony battery. Maybe he will end up in the cell next to the Pervert Trump. LOCK HIM UP!!!!!
Anita Unger In any organization, or company, when your 'leader', your commander in chief, your boss releases will see the subordinates, the citizens emulate this. This is the sole reason why you want a leader, a president, a commander in chief, a boss be a person of great quality. Missing Obama, not because his is Liberal and not Republican, but because he was a a great leader, commander in chief, boss, husband, father. He is a great human being and served his country well..
Brandon Caldwell #fakenews Every recent special election shows republicans are failing according to CNN, and then GOP wins! This time will be no different.
Joe Costantino And right now Vince McMahon is probably hoping that he doesn't win so he can work him in on some angle on WWE Raw. Maybe pair him with Randy Orton in a tag team match against two reporters lol
Ryan King Perhaps the best punishment is election. This sideways clown can't weasel away if he's in office. If he loses the election, he'll sulk away. He'll slither out if responsibility. But another slice of scum will follow right behind. I say he deserves years of painful public prodding. EAD dude.
Conda Morgan All these republicans have been behaving as savages for so long they forgot where the line is. They feel invincible
Sharon Allen Montana GOP hopeful charged with misdemeanor assault against Guardian reporter. Late Wednesday night, Fox News producers who were in the room at the time disputed the campaign statement, they say Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck and slammed him to the ground. They also say at no time did Jacobs show any aggression toward Gianforte. The maximum penalty if convicted of the assault charge is a $500 fine and 6 months in jail. America does not need thugs in office. These people are supposed to represent us. If they do not have better control over their tempers than this, they do not belong in office!!!!
Leigh Ann Pullen Gargis If he can't handle the media or anyone for that matter asking a question that he hopes to be elected to answer then he doesn't need to run at all. They think they just run for office and never have up really do any work. And anger management classes could help too
Joyce Hudson Bell Republicans have become the party of thugs, liars and thieves. America is on its knees. I've never seen so much dishonesty in my entire life. When the head thug is forced out will there be a country left?
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UK's Home Secretary slammed the US leaks on the investigation into the attack in Manchester, England, as "irritating."

Nicole Smith So long as we have this clown as president, our allies will continue to be upset with us. He's nothing but bad news.
Nancy Stern Shame on the NYT s for even posting this in the first place knowing it was classified. It just shows the lack of integrity within our mainstream media. I hope whoever is doing the leaking needs to be charged.
Espinoza Ramon CNN and the U.K. Official Home Secretary Amber Rudd, Would've rather have Obama call the terrorist a disadvantaged, confused, person of interest that was college bound but resorted to workplace violence cause he once submitted an application to work in that arena, but was denied employment because the corporation was islamophobic and the southern Canterbury poverty law center deemed them racist cause Manchesters flag resembles a confederate flag.
Kneenuh Karlroveisevil Ortiz If CNN reports 2+2 = 4 and then backs it up with a calculator and a video of that same calculator finding that 2+2 does in fact = 4 and you still don't believe 2+2 = 4 that says more about you than about them. just saying...
Jeff A. Johnson And yet... the people who are directly behind these lapses in judgement which risk security & safety of Americans can only say in their defense : "WHY IS THE MEDIA REPORTING ON OUR MISTAKES?"
Dallas Kiedrowski This administration is so disorganized and irresponsible. Isn't this what everyone was worried about with "the emails"? I'm sure the hypocrites will come up with some excuse as to why it's different for Trump. Get over your pride and admit this man is in way over his head.
Tom Thurlow Trump is one of those cases where he is actually too dumb to have a security clearance. They should keep all the secrets as far away from him as possible, since he has no idea what is classified, and what isn't. Part of the problem is he refuses to read anything for himself and insists that his subordinates read everything to him. So he never sees any of the warnings that say "Secret (Code Word)" or "Top Secret Very Sensitive", etc...
Nancy Stern Even this article has yellow journalism, we should believe some unnamed source above someone who wast actually at the meeting and said nothing inappropriate was said? Notice not a one of them has come out and called McMaster's a liar or challenged his statements.
Douglas Foster An unnamed source just told me that CNN has unnamed sources that told them that Anderson Cooper wear's Depends adult diapers that doesn't leak. CNN may want to talk to him and find out where he bought them.
Thomas Nguyen If I have a chance to tell the whole world one thing about this administration is that Trump does not represent us. Please think about all the people that don't agree with this man!
Lucas Martins '"Just days after President Donald Trump was REPORTED to have revealed highly sensitive, LIKELY Israeli-shared intelligence to Russian officials in the Oval Office." CNN definitely does'nt run on facts!
Chido Chuba Funny how Trump is being blamed here. Isn't it the same leaks Trump has complained about? Aren't the people who leak such info the 'anonymous' sources CNN frequently quote in their articles?!
Eli Arias Trump is the President obsessed with what he could do that he doesn't stop to ask if he should. It's like a child playing with a new gun only he has it pointed at all of us.
Phil Charles Markham I would bet even the USA intelligence agencies have begun to withhold sensitive material from Trump rather than risk the idiot blurring it out or sharing it with his ol pal Putin.
Anthony Cooper It's the tweeter fever, if the boss loves it , I guess the other tweeters think it's Ok. His people don't know what it is to be in Washington, and they have no sence. It's his people alright, dummmmmmbbbb and dummmmmerrrrr in the big power of washingtonnnnnn.
Mardon Day I laugh at the comments here, Blaming Trump for the Leaks, the deep state and Obama left overs are the leakers, nice try to spin CNN though to make it a bash Trump article.
Steve Higgins And you idiots voted for him! America you're a reality tv show. The entire civilized world would be better without you. Just go away. Please.
Dayee Mouwon I always wanted to be the first to comment, but there is no way. Who are these people who comment at the speed of light? What Internet do they use? What do they live for? Where they live? What do they eat?
Jim Huston This guy is too dumb to be kept in the loop. Put him in the corner with some crayons and a coloring book and have 2 grownups watch him at all times.
Louie Espiritu Kalman They were protesting the refugee ban just two months ago in Manchester. Now they need someone to blame! Don't blame Trump, blame yourselves!
Danial R McClinton They need to be upset with CNN and the mainstream media. Because they know who is leaking national security information. And they know that the person doing it is commiting treason.
Akuku Francis Trump's admin clearly going all wrong about things. Inappropriate remarks miscalculations and systematic errors I see Doom ahead
Austin Bennett The media is not restrained and has no respect for anyone. Yes Freedom of press is important but at the same time there needs to be a line and limit to what and how they should report the news.
Harvey Olwethu Harvey Is not irritating,but good riddance,I dint support any sort of killings but why u talk when it happened in America,uk&france?as we speak American&Europeans soldiers are in middle east bombing people every single day,and no one gives Adam,Palestinians are being slaughtered by Israel forces every day,look in Iraq,Afghanistan,Syria,Yemen,Libya,just to mention a few,Americans are there killing people,and u can't see it reported in media because those media house are being controlled by Americans,we are being fooled into believing that Muslims are terrorist,who told u that in those Muslims countries there's no Christians?
O'segun Paul Andrew CNN and its co leaking collaborators failed to identify and share the NYT story that published the leaks. Here is a part of it from AP and Fox: --------------- Multiple U.K. news outlets reported Wednesday that British officials were furious after the New York Times published forensic photographs of parts of the bomb that killed 22 people and injured 119 others outside an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena. Investigators worry that the leaks, which they believe to originate from the U.S. intelligence community, will complicate the probe into what they've described as a "network" surrounding suspected suicide bomber Salman Abedi. Greater Manchester Police said late Wednesday that six men and one woman had been arrested in a series of counterterror raids across Manchester's sprawling suburbs. "We are furious. This is completely unacceptable," a Foreign Office source told the Press Association. "These images leaked from inside the U.S. system will be distressing for victims, their families and the wider public. The issue is being raised at every relevant level by the British authorities with their U.S. counterparts." The leaks to American media began hours after the bombing, when multiple news outlets reported the suspect's name based on leaks from U.S. officials briefed by their British counterparts. Investigators did not name Abedi as the suspect until the day after the bombing.
CNN4 hours ago

"At a time when the very rich are already getting much richer while the middle class continues to shrink, this is a budget for the billionaire class," writes Senator Bernie Sanders for CNN Opinion

Nathan Bray Having 3 houses on a government salary is immoral. How do you get well off enough on a government check to do that? Maybe some greasing of the palm...?
Spencer Davis Buchanan It's immoral to take other's property because you feel they make too much. It's immoral to force people to buy products they might not even need. Let people take care of themselves. Let them give charity on their own. They don't need the threat of government guns.
Marilena Gironda People voted Republicans knowing these were the consequences. This is what they want. I am speechless but also tired of trying to make them understand. They don't. This is what America wants. 👎
Joe Haffield Socialism Bernie. Ask Venezuela how well that's working for them. CNN even ran a story a few days ago how families are fleeing to America to escape that crap.
Elizabeth Joy Bernie is absolutely right. Then again, 45 never claimed nor has demonstrated morality on any level. He is Satan incarnate who won appealing to the most base and corrupt in this country.
Adam Franklin Wakefield What's immoral is creating a victim mentality to make people believe they need government to survive. That's my opinion, so let's be respectful.
Miroslav Patrick Henry Trump said in the campaign that if I voted for Clinton, I'd be stuck with a criminal president under constant federal investigation from day one. Turns out he was right. I voted for Clinton and I'm stuck with a criminal president under federal investigation since day one.
Michael Rushing No sh#t Bernie! The craziest thing is that most Trump supporters, don't care if they have NO Healthcare! What matters to Trump supporters is doing away with the ACA, they would sacrifice Children, Mother , and bank account! The want anything with Obama's legacy destroyed, but it's not about Race! I know , OBAMA made Race Relations Worse! Yeah Right!
Bud Hill Wow, the ol' Bern cares about the impact of government on the middle class. He must have forgotten what he said in Texas, when he told small business owners that they must fully pay what the government regulates for health insurance.
Antonio Santiago Of course...anything Trump does even going to sleep or ride a car is immoral from all of you guys. You do not accept that he is making good in the Oval Office. Even his trip abroad is immoral too. That's okay with you guys?
Tadeo Richards opinion is that you play captain hindsight. What youre speaking of is a passage from 1984. How about we start addressing the true root of the problems. We have a part of our government with more powers than originally believed and in my simple minded opinion all you are doing is shouting out the obvious without addressing the real issues. Every political system has a set of rules that in order to maintain power at any level you have to follow the "rules for rulers". Even you Bernie would have to address these rules in order to stay in office and most likely already do. I love your ideals....but ideals without practical application/knowledge are just as effective as sleeping on someone's lawn to make change.
Jonathan Rocker The only ones who should suffer as a result of this president actions are the republicans that put him in office. I believe that is coming true. Wriggle in pain. You deserve it.
Rob Gervais "At a time when the very rich can have 15 kinds of deodorant while the middle class continues to shrink, this is a budget for the billionaire class," writes career politician Bernie Sanders
Joe Villarreal It's immoral because it puts people back to work? Wow! Both sides should at least agree more Americans should be in the work force instead of dependent on the government. Especially as the economy continues to improve. 🙄
Tom Thurlow I don't know how anyone that calls themselves a Christian could say it is morally acceptable to gut programs for the poor, the widow, the orphan, the disabled, the mentally ill, and the handicapped, in order to give huge tax breaks to the multi-millionaires and billionaires who don't need the money, and will just put it in offshore tax havens???
Ruth Barner Stockwell Trumps trips was nothing but a nice Holliday, on the tax payer expenses. What has he accomplished from day one?? When are the republican going to wake up?"
Justin Sallee Donald Trump is in the WWE hall of fame, And he hasnt even body slammed anyone yet... What a joke of a President...He needs to fire his whole cabinet and replace them with professional wrestlers.. Bill Goldberg as head of security doing the Sphere on people for no reason everywhere he goes.. Fire Spicer and hire The Iron Sheik, he will tell it like it is....Ric Flair would be a great replacment for Kellyanne Conway Just WOOO chop people and putting people in the figure four.........Fire Linda Mcmahon and Ben Carson, hire The Million Dollar Man and Virgil... ...that would MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!! His approval ratings would soar.
Dennis Reinert It's a good thing it national mental health week maybe Bernie can get some help and because he only paid 13% tax he can use the other 37% that he himself said the rich should pay to pay for his treatment.
Scott Eisenacher And I know 100 who will continue, including Bern himself. Sorry, you sir are a living, breathing example of the hypocrisy that the DNC perpetuates daily.
Dayee Mouwon I always wanted to be the first to comment, but there is no way. Who are these people who comment at the speed of light? What Internet do they use? What do they live for? Where they live? What do they eat?
Leslie Jorgensen Gruen Agreed, this is a budget to help the elitists and the last thing we middle/lower (there is NO distinction anymore) class want or can afford.
Nick Toon The pendulum has swung too far right. The party (GOP) will be over by mid terms. The only thing that could save that party is impeaching Trump and putting a centrist in the WH.
Ben Padilla Bernie became a 1%er the day he endorsed Hillary somehow he was able to afford to buy a beachfront property right after the endorsement (her "charity" account apparently was very lucrative enough to take of them both).
Erika Valdez I crié when Hilary was elected for democrats now im crying because Trump is there putting in risk our future. He is a completely ignorant😡
Olivia Berenice Ponce You wanna talk about immoral you Bernie Sanders, Mr. free everything. And your idea is to take the money away from the rich and give it to away to people . You know that's theft right?
CNN4 hours ago

There was urine in all 31 of the pools and hot tubs in a recent study. Here's how researchers can tell.

Justin Sallee The President would LOVE that pool!!!! Donald would never have to pay Russian sex workers for Golden Showers ever again.....Thats like a GOLDEN OCEAN!!!! This could greatly reduce the National Debt.....He is going to be Bigly excited to hear!!!! Trumpees will be all over the public pools now...
Stephen Ross Why test a pool to see if it has sufficient chlorine when it would be a lot more fun to show up to a crowded pool with a urine test strip and then announce out loud how many gallons of pee are in the pool and see how quickly everyone scrambles for the exits.
Randy Mennie When my kids were small we had a pool party. Before lunch I noticed that hardly any kids had left the pool to use the washroom. I needed some way to change that. After lunch I told them that there was a special ingredient in their hot dogs that turned their pee bright pink. That's all I said. There was a steady stream of kids using the bathroom after that.
Scott Kelley If they didn't want people to pee in pools, they shouldn't have filled them with water and invited people into them.
Joseph Weatherly There's already flatulence and dead skin cells in the air we breath, small amounts of urine in large bodies of water is the last thing we should be worried about.
Stephanie Mauser So, my question is, how do they know what proportion of this sweetener was pee'd out, and what just came off sticky little kid hands and faces? Or adults, for that matter. This gets close to asking the same thing: "I would ask how they are going to establish how much ACE-K people have consumed and therefore how the level of ACE compared the amount of urine present," he wrote in an email. I am too tired to give the paper a thorough read, only gave it a quick scan, but I see nothing to show that they took into consideration that ppl get into the pool with food residues on them.
Brian Haflin Jr. Do you want to know what's in water coming from your sink or tub? That would also shock you!
Alex Mislock Himlyn Jones There's also traces of human feces in restaurant food. And if your mom/wife/whoever prepares food at home is unhygienic, then in home food too!
Lise Melin ...and yet, we're still alive and kicking!
Jacob White I remember my friend pooped in the ocean once and it started to float away along The waves
Lisa Tofany Groos It's bad manners to relieve oneself in a pool. Just get out and use the restroom.
Rachel Bennis Exactly why I don't swim in public pools and hot tubs. People are gross and lazy. Disgusting 😝
Wynter Muszanowski Just throw some coconut oil in there. Apparently that fixes everything.
Steven Pembleton If you pee in the pool I hope you catch something you nasty excuse for a human being
Amy Hadad DeAnna Haddad Mayada Hadad this is why the only water I am swimming in is my bathtub!!! Lol
RM Prasad This is why Im so disgusted with public and hotel Pools I'd rather float around in my own tub just gross😝😝
Stephanie Maloney People should realize how many germs are on everything we touch daily. You'll be fine.
Ashtin Newlun Pee in the pool. I don't care. Just please no floaters.
Ashley Sullivan I'm sure it's still a lot cleaner than lakes, rivers and oceans.
Chad Myers Stick to these stories CNN.. Justin Salleeis a racist bigot and America laughs at him
Heather Brewer Aspartame can get in the water through other means than just urine. Soft drinks?
Stacy O. W. Kettelson Tracy Presley I'm going to buy them test strips for us... 😉
Janat Omed This is WHY I don't use public pools🏊. I knew people are peeing in there. Ugh 😑
Lonewolf Howl Stop peeing in the pool poo pee heads! 😡 wow try saying that 5 times fast
Amy Sheridan It's a disgusting description of the way to test mainly swimming pools that are used by many people. What about backyard pools? What about the chemicals that my parents used in our pool in Toronto in the 1970's? This is CNN not the CBC. Why use tests from Rio Olympic pools where there were known problems with the swimming pools and it was all over the news? This is old news recycled. I want to know how much chlorine and similar chemicals I got in my body and the same for my relatives there and also friends and neighbors there in the 1970's in Toronto. That you all are using water from unnamed cites in Canada 🇨🇦 from who knows when doesn't help matters at all. All water is very different especially with lots of Chlorine and pool treatment tests and chemicals. None of this was clarified by my parents or anyone else and I do have major heart and other health problems now. What the H**l? Am I supposed to sue the Province of Ontario for non-disclosure? It's been long over 30 years!!! This is old BS news!!!!
CNN5 hours ago

He was wearing clown-like makeup and gloves laced with three-inch blades

Fabian Tepezano Crazy, ugly, ignorant, and is a clown. He must be a trump supporter.
Eric Richards White people- start raising your children to not be psychotic killers.
Simon Teixeira Clowns are scary, look at the one we have in the White House.
Justin Sallee Donald Trump is in the WWE hall of fame, And he hasnt even body slammed anyone yet... What a joke of a President...He needs to fire his whole cabinet and replace them with professional wrestlers.. Bill Goldberg as head of security doing the Sphere on people for no reason everywhere he goes.. Fire Spicer and hire The Iron Sheik, he will tell it like it is....Ric Flair would be a great replacment for Kellyanne Conway Just WOOO chop people and putting people in the figure four.........Fire Linda Mcmahon and Ben Carson, hire The Million Dollar Man and Virgil... ...that would MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!! His approval ratings would soar
Julia Vrooman People who keep saying he must be a crazy liberal (as if that's even relevant in relation to a crazy clown killing?): there is a more detailed report by the Denver Post which provides evidence that he was a Nazi sympathizer. Go back and check who the KKK and Neo-Nazi leaders were publicly supporting during the election and then rethink your position.
Allen G Denni WHAT IS THIS WORLD ROUNDING DOWN TO ¿ What are ppL thinking? Where do you even shop for gloves laced with blades? Excuse me sir, what color would you like those in ? Do you have a blade type or length preference......SIR ? IJS...SMH
Jeff Sanders before i read the story i'm guessing Florida
Johnny Rangel Just because he's a clown who happens to have a knife doesn't mean he's bad!...........Not All Clowns are Wacked Out Losers!! A good 20% might be O.K.........
Fiona Morris I bet you he listens to Insane Clown Posse and drinks Faygo.
Mila Cockrell NEVER TRUST A CLOWN!! If one approaches you, throat punch it and run for your life! 🙅🏽🤡👎🏾
Terry Koenig Mental illness isnt treated. Maybe ppl.will.just ignore it. Truth is, this sickness can be a timebomb. Most arent violent but all it takes is a few
Barry Runyan Make up like the Joker and claws like Wolverine. He should get an insanity plea for mixing DC and Marvel.
Mandi Kitt Just... thank you for not taking the mugshot while he was wearing the clown makeup. #smallblessings
Shawn Gorman Eric Richards he's white? he's not. White like George Zimmerman?
JC Adia CNN when do you start pushing a fake narrative to protect this criminal like you always do with criminals ? CNN=FAKE NEWS.
Kelly Watkins It wasn't the first time either. He attacked a man last year? Should have been in prison, in a straight jacket.
Michel Gauthier Oh they are going to love this clown in jail.
Pat Massey I'm a white guy. If a kid, or friend of mine starts being a weirdo like this I will make sure to find them drowned in the tub mysteriously.
Jenn Sung Denver is great. Please keep moving here. The clown killings only happen like once a month.
Joseph Garza You'd think he'd be happier in the photo - IDK.
Leeza Adriatico Nonthaveth WTF IS GOING ON WITH THE WORLD?! #mentalillnesscannotbeignored #weareoverrunwithdrugs
Garrett Ogle So, he has gloves with "blades on the fingers," but he uses a common knife, to strike a single cut across the neck? What?
Scott Wallace "It was not immediately known if Gulzow has an attorney or why he was reportedly wearing the makeup and bladed gloves." Ahhh, because he is really as crazy as he looks.
Alex Garcia Jackie Gonzalez I'm scared now especially after that movie we saw 😔
Ryan R Henry looks like a liberal