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Cats. Dogs. Hamsters. Ducks. Horses. Pigs. Lizards. Macaws. Chinchillas. Go to a shelter for the animals displaced by the Camp Fire and you'll see just about every type of creature that people keep as pets.

Has anyone noticed how cnn doesn’t say negative things about democrats? 🤷🏼‍♂️
I keep a sky screaming Liberal as a pet and feed it Trump tweets
Sounds like there are plenty of exotic comfort pets to go around. #AdoptDontShop
Make America Great Again!
If I could I'd take them all 😢 ❤
How many chinchilas to make a coat? Asking for a friend.
Why do people not take their pets with them? I could never leave my pets behind!
Have Merry Christmas give to
Any Z biscuits
Animals have souls too:
Keep voting for Democrats. This is a preview of what the radical left will spend eternity in.
Isn't it interesting how isis ran out of money as soon as Obama stepped out of office.....
It's liberal world of lunatics what do you expect
Clintons stole billions from Haiti and left Americans to die in benghazi
Obama never did anything for black people let alone Americans
Hillary Clinton said all black people look the same and called them super predators
Donald Trump 2020!!
since you can't find any real news, I'll help!
George Soros gathered Jews and confiscated their land in the holocaust
#Donald is a masculine given name derived from the Gaelic name Dòmhnall. This comes from the Proto-Celtic *Dumno-ualos ("world-ruler" or "world-wielder"). ... The feminine given name Donella is derived from Donald. #IvankaJ ...#MyNameIsDonald#Puttin
That's Democrats-love animals, hate people.
Iran will pay for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. U.S should build a coalition israel, saudi, UK, France in order to counter iran terrorist activities worldwide
whats next? hmmm super hurricane?
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Trump sides with Saudi Arabia: What does it mean for the world? #CNNTalk

CNN International
Trump sides with Saudi Arabia: What does it mean for the world? #CNNTalk
I’m actually shocked that the guy on the panel is judging Khashoogi on the relationship with the Brotherwood... Shame on u...
Obviously the old axiom is applicable to the individual..."everything has a price"...if the price is right.
Money is more important than human life. This means all life. The love of money is the root of all evil. We are supposed to love life!
Saudi Arabia is never to be trusted. He wants something and he will get it, indirectly!
45 has been in bed with them ever since they fronted the money for "his hotel," so why is anyone surprised?
what might be the next case and how would that be any different from the khashoggi is far Superior to the makes it...
America first? No American is safe in Saudi Arabia if the crown Prince can order their death without consequences. Saudi Arabia has wronged us more then Iran. 15 participated in 9/11.
This journalist IS our business. He worked for an American company. He was exposing Saudi Arabia. If he can be killed without consequences, so can any other American in Saudi Arabia.
Khashoogi was a voice for the voiceless in Saudi Arabia, the world knows what goes in that country but chooses to turn a blind eye.... MONEY AND OIL TALKS,
This is not what America has or should stand for especially in the 21st century. He is setting us back for his personal finances!
I am an American. It is our business. He was an American National. I absolutely care about foreign relations and human rights.
It means those that support this are inbred racist and that America loses moral high grounds/fabric internationally once again due to this "president".
The reality is that we will be seeing pictures of even more slaughtered children on our screens as a result of these arms sales!
Extremely disappointing US Non leadership with complete lack of morals! We look up to America as a champion of human rights...#NoLonger 😢
The moral compass is only activated when America has something to gain... which begs the question, is it really a moral compass?
Obama sided with Iran when they kill and in prison people. Or did Obama do anything when Syria used chemical weapons on innocent people except make a threat that he did not back up with action.
Did you guys felt this way when the Iranian government killed it's own people in the streets a few years ago, Obama said nothing about it to get his deal and paid them billions also.
I’m sorry get real. We did nothing about Rohingya nothing about Yemen nothing about killings in Syria North Korea etc What moral compass? Grow up.
no wonder we have continuous wars, all about the dollar, keep all those manufacturers in business, hence more war, non stop relentless
Let's not side and, ruin the world economy and we all can pay 10.00 a gallon for fuel. I agree, sad what happened and never should have
Evil, corrupt regime slaughtering over a million in Yemen using American arms. Supported by an evil corrupt man. No surprise.
Have we forgotten that it is the birthplace, initial indoctrination + training of Osama Bin Laden. A sign for caution, Donny
The Saudis will never come thru with their deals. Hopefully the Royal Family will overthrow MBL. Already talking about it, I read.
The US needs the Saudi badly to stabilize Middle East from ongoing onslaught by the Iranian and Russian.
By the way where is Russia in all this saga. They are missing a great opportunity to display their supremacy if at all they do have supremacy in the world arena.
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The lawsuits come after a CNN investigation revealed a chemical was added to the water supply for 10 years without U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approval

Trump 2020!
This is war against humanity.
There's something rotten in the city of Denmark
God bless CNN..
Let me guess - chemical was hydroxic acid?
The South is doing their own version of Jim Jones's koolaid. Chemicals added without approval from the EPA.
Fake news cnn stealing Alex Jones's story?
Hi 🙂 Everyone, the Lord says: Never forget these words that I am giving you today. Teach them to your children <3 Repeat them when you are at home and when you are away, when you are resting and when you are working, Deuteronomy 6:6,7. Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their life. Listen, and I will teach you what the wise have said. Study their teachings, and you will be glad if you remember them and can quote them, Proverbs 22:6,17,18. And this is how anyone can become a citizen of heaven: Believe NOW and say: Thank you Lord Jesus, you loved me and you died in my place for my sins. I rejoice that my name is NOW written in heaven, Amen! Galatians 2:20, Luke 10:20.
Jesus control boil freak water more
Drink up theres a pattern to this nasty water.
Hi 🙂 Everyone, children are a gift from the Lord; they are a real blessing. Psalms 127:3. 🙂 A child is happy, humble, teachable, innocent and pure. The disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” Jesus called a little child to him, and said: Unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, Matthew 18:1-4. And this is how anyone can become a citizen of heaven: Believe NOW and say: Thank you Lord Jesus, you loved me and you died in my place for my sins. I rejoice that my name is NOW written in heaven, Amen! Galatians 2:20, Luke 10:20.
Hello, Everyone I have to give this testimony of how Prophet IKOKO intervene in my marriage, as I had a problem with my spouse 4 years ago, which led to our Break up and was even about to be divorced.. I was not myself again, ever since then my life have been filled with pains and bitterness, i couldn't imagine my life without him. I saw a testimony about a great man called Prophet IKOKO and how he helps people around the world, that he can bring back lover within few days, actually I laughed it off and said I am not interested, but due to the love I have for my husband , I consulted this great prophet and to my greatest surprise after 3 days my husband called me for the very first time in 4 years that he is missing me and that he is so sorry for everything he had done to me,he said he want me back and we are going to spend our life together and promise never to hurt me again.. I still can't believe my eyes because it's highly unbelievable! All I can say is thank you to Prophet IkOKO for bringing back my husband to me and my kids and for anyone who might need the help of this great Prophet, please permit me to drop his mail here: Prophetikoko@gmail .com are you investigating Flint too?
Kiev not Enstein, this is Adam and Eva;) ....
Jeg kan ikke drikke vandet i Danmark!
This is what small government and lower taxes gets you. Morons vote republican.
Jerry Wix
Becky Williams😳😳
So 8 years of obummer and he did nothing about it..pretty much what he did in 8 years nothing..well he did do something..let men use the lady's room. 👏👏👏
That explaIns why most of them voted for Trump.
Make America Great Again! Trump 2020
A lot of things are added in stuff that people consume, all these new diseases, viruses, physical, mental and increasing psychological effects can not just come out of the wood work
Shut down CNN fake news tabloid terrorists
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The judge ruled that the federal female genital mutilation law is unconstitutional, and that Congress does not have the right to criminalize the practice.

Cutting off the clitoris in the name of religion? It’s child abuse, actually it’s sexual child abuse.
So it's okay for a religious group to cut people's body parts off, but it isn't okay for them to wear headscarves and facial coverings?
DOESNT ANYBODY READ? The judge did NOT "legalize" the practice of FGM. The judge correctly ruled that the constitution limits the power of Congress to pass general criminal laws. The court did NOT say they have a right to practice FGM and did NOT create some religious right to FGM. The judge, who by the way is a rather conservative Reagan appointee, said this needs to be a State matter. It has to be a state law crime prosecuted in state court. Conservative super hero, late Justice Scalia, has taken a similar position numerous times. It's about the constitutional limited power of the federal government. READ. READING IS A GOOD THING. TRY IT. THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE.
If it were men being mutilated I'm sure the judge would have ruled differently.
They need to rewrite this prosecution and go at it again. Horrific practice now permitted by ridiculous bureaucracy.
I wonder if the ruling would have been different if it was a male mutilation case.
How about they do a hack job on their genitals and lets see how they like it
Someone had better get justice for those little girls. This judge can burn alive.
I’m not a lawyer but it seems like this judge is overstepping their bounds by dismissing how congress has ruled on this topic. The horrific nature of the cases aside, wouldn’t this set a precedent for judges arbitrarily deciding for themselves if congress is right or not? Also, who is this judge? Is he famous yet? Because he’s about to be.
I’m 99% sure that if they’d chopped of little boys’ penises they would have gone to jail for a very long time. When are we going to be better?
I did a group project on this topic in H.S. and we were so angry and saddened about this practice. I remember my teacher saying, "we do this to baby boys everyday in America (circumcision)" and boom my mind way blown, we sure the hell do. **No need to comment how horrific female mutalation is, because I agree
Do WHAT? This practice is even banned by the WHO.
Muslim privilege. If he was a Christian he would have been in prison.
So are they free to continue ruining girls’ lives? The only reason the practice exams is to prevent women from enjoying sex. There is no medical benefit for such a procedure.
Boy I would love to wipe that smile off both their faces, pigs (with apologies to pigs).
If you actually read the article, the judge isn’t wrong unfortunately. This is the state’s fault for not having a law on the books to cover this, and on Congress for overstepping their authority.
I can see this being accurate IF the person with the genitals wants them to be muilated. A person can't decide for another person.
I'm going to go with less than 5% of people commenting actually read the article.
Suppose male genital mutilation was a thing? Yeah. How many men just involuntarily covered their jewels upon reading those seven words or could realistically exist in a life without pleasure😡
So, according to this judge, child abuse is legal as long as you say “god told me to”? Really???
They should go at it from a medical perspective. You should be trained and licensed to perform a thing like this. This ruling is sad.
😢😢😢😢even in those days ,for them women is just an object to be used that can’t even feel any pleasure. I don’t think such thing should be accepted here in America.
Just wondering why circumcision is not considered genital mutilation. Is it because it has been a part of western culture for so long that we don’t even see it?
So can the state take them back to court? I don’t understand, do they just get off Scott free? This is absolutely ridiculous. I get that Congress can’t make these choices, but someone has to. What now? These horrible people destroyed these young girls’ lives?
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Bitcoin prices are down more than 15% in just the past week and have plummeted nearly 70% so far this year.

This is still a thing?
It was a dream, but reality set in. This is not the currency of the future. Everything will become electronic transactions as most of it is now. Blip coin has no future.
Just great....and now I can't afford to buy a Unicorn
Lol. Ignorant people who know nothing of crypto.
I’m so glad I didn’t buy into that pyramid scheme.
Didn’t know Chuck E Cheese tokens were even valuable
So graphic cards are cheaper now? LMAO
Fools and their money are soon parted
...what was supposed to happen with make believe money?
Slowly dying. The banks are killing it!
That will be the day that I find my lost 50 bitcoins. It will be worth. 50 cents.
Would have never bought into that craziness
I bit some people lost a lot of $.
Let it come down a bit more , I will still buy.
Bitcoin really went to down yesterday made me lost little out of my savings
A guy I work with made over $40k in 2 months and cashed out. Another saw how much he made and lost $28k. It was so comforting 🤣
500+ different blockchains. Anyone can start a Crypto. They have been totally diluted. #cryptotothecrypt
I recall CNN supporting this scam with breathless abandon at one time.
Riskiness of virtual currencies 👎
Was nice whilst it lasted but the bottom is in sight...worth : 0.00
It's like a pyramid scheme that has run it's course. There's nothing to back this "money" up.
“Money isn’t real, George. It doesn’t matter. It only seems like it does.”
When it's worth nothing, like it is, nothing
soon. It was way over valued for a long time
All it would teach you. Dint bet against the dollar. No natter what. We make the world go round. Paper or not. China will never be able to be us because they are not fair and people can not trust them.
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The Camp Fire ravaged Northern California quickly and ferociously. Now flooding, mudslides and rivers of charred debris could do the same.

In England we dont have any landslides as we pick up all the soil and pack it into little bags
California please turn to Jesus Christ, only Him can save
So what does Trump suggest North Californians do to stop the floodings, use their mops???
More people have died in Southern Cal From floods and mudslides than from earthquakes. 🇺🇸🌵😎
Self-described 'Christian' Republicans give Christian's a bad name. Judgemental, hateful, vindictive.... WWJD .....
California the city of sin
Praying for all in California!
Trumpinski will save the day with paper towels and play doh! Oh what a great dam it will be. The biggest greatest dam.
Can we all say forest management now?
Why have so many horrible people decided to make fun of the tragedies California? Remember when America would try to pull together instead of tear ourselves apart?
How much can California take, now it's floods and mudslides. Then follows what?? A hurricane?
"Suddenly"? This happens every rainy season in SoCal...
You can replace all the rakes for shovels Mr Trump
QUICK! How can I make this about Trump....? - every comment on every CNN story
This is a reality people is facing already.
“Could”, just stick to the news.
Liberals are destroying California
Lending my FREE idea/advice... The only thing you need to prevent less mudslide damaging is using those Tarps they use on Football & Baseball Fields for rain delay's they need like 1000's upon 1000's begin laying & draping them at the VERY top of the hills and work the potential path of the water downhill. Which they should of began laying down last week too late now. YOUR WELCOME to whoever takes this idea and works it!
I am very worried about that happening
Grab your rakes people!! This is our time!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
SON: Mummy why did aunty Lillian name her daughter GOLD? MUMMY: Son sometimes mothers name their children after what they like best SON: so what is behind my own name? MUMMY: Don't disturb me "DICKSON" am very busy in the kitchen
Hosts ... you're sounding drugged!!! What the heck!! 😡😡😡
Time to get back to reading Revelations.You have the anti-Christ in the White House.
I think that mother nature is trying to tell all the people that keep building on that land. Stop building on that land!
Someone on youtube predicted this weeks ago
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Researchers have discovered a gigantic complex of 200 million termite mounds in northeastern Brazil, which may be up to 4,000 years old and covers an area about the size of Great Britain.

In my country, we rake the ground to prevent this kind of termite problem. Rake it, rake it real good!
thats a lot of republicans in one place
How do you miss something the size of Great Britian??
Okaaayy!!...Now please do not disturb them!! Before you unleash the next plague onto the planet.
Who knows maybe we have dinosaurs hiding underground somewhere
Too bad their president is hell bent on destroying their environment.
Britain after Brexit
Behold… The land of nope. Bordered by a thin layer of no thank you. That’s huge though...
The next caravan.
There's probably sealed boxes of democrat votes fro Broward County there!
They discovered? Who told them the locals didn't know about it before now? That's how you claim to have discovered cities of old when locals are already there.
Termites living in world's largest forest ecosystem, how surprising.
Scratching northeastern Brazil off the travel list.
Just some bugs. Minding their own business☕🍵🐸.
As large as the size of Great Britain? Maybe it is the Termites' version of the UK? It should be called the United Kingdom of Infraorder Isoptera
We thank you Trump
And they just barely found this❓❗😱😂
This is a real life movie situation
May be this, may be that. Guess that means they don't have a clue.
I'm thinking if human didn't exist, termites will probably rule the world.
Ancient termite civilization 🤔
Kinda proves how tiny Britain is 🤣💁🏾‍♂️
are the termite wants to take over the world !
Get ready for new invasion from Amazon ,come over eat the bad Roman lettuce we have,they must be Aliens hiding under ground
Visit kerio valley in Kenya for more and taller ones.
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A federal judge blocked a Mississippi law that sought to forbid most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy

If a law can't make a man get a vasectomy then don't tell me what to do with my body.🤷
You see a burning building, and notice there's a freezer containing 100 frozen embryos at one end, and a lone three-year-old child at the other. You only have time to rescue one or the other. Which do you choose? Any sane person picks the toddler. You know the difference. "Pro-life" is a misnomer. It's pro-birth. I see no protesters lined up outside clinics willing to adopt all these "potential" children. It's about wanting control of a woman's body, not about actually saving anyone.
Sickens me that people are so pro -life but it doesn’t bother them when they see a homeless family out on the street
I love all these pro lifers on here.... these are the same people who complain about giving Medicare and welfare to people. I would also like to know how many pro lifers have fostered or adopted children. Now before you go crazy on me, I have never had nor would I ever, but i believe that a woman should have the right to choose.
Women, stand up for our rights. We are not going back!!!!!
Right wingers only care about zygotes.. they IMMEDIATELY start hating them once they become actual living people. P.S Just look at that Confederate flag.. what a bunch of un-American traitors over in Mississippi...
Seriously why does anyone care if someone they don't know terminates a pregnancy? I don't get it.
“When did looking out for the life, health and overall well-being of a child or its mother start getting labeled as extreme in this country?" This judge saying this says it all! A woman’s health is between her, her partner, her friends (if desired), her family (if desired), and her doctor! Why is the government involved in this? There are procedures in healthcare - colonoscopy, liposuction, endoscopy to name a minimum - that are far more dangerous to undergo but do not require even half of the paperwork, checks, waiting periods, etc. than an abortion does. Why? Who is in charge of writing these laws that they feel they can have and flex this type of power over a woman’s body and over her health choices.
My body, my choice! People want to tell people what to do. Fine if one does not want to abort, but if I want to do it, it is my body, my choice!!
Abortion is Murder.
The legislators in Mississippi should be focused on are stricter sentences for rapists. Including court ordered vasectomy.
That flag screams participation trophy
That flag is just....horrendous on so many levels
At 15 weeks of pregnancy, I was able to feel already my little one. As a mother, I can’t understand why would a woman wait so long to end a pregnancy if they don’t want the baby. To me, after 8 weeks of pregnancy is just plain and simple cruelty, unnecessary suffering to a baby. Even at 10 weeks you can see the baby jumping and trying to grab something. How can anyone harm a baby after 15 weeks is beyond my comprehension.
Abortion is actually advocated by God himself in Numbers. Read your Bibles, don't just hump them and hope that you'll absorb the knowledge via osmosis.
Sad irony. People want women to have the choice to murder a life and everyone flips out and turns on a man who doesn't wanna pay a woman for a kid. Sounds like more of that ridiculous feminism that's trying to destroy the men of America.
What about the rights of the unborn ??
What do men know about damage done to the female, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, to make rules the don’t understand about? All they know is impregnate but not taking care of the child afterwards. Well obviously science is not accepted by this administration anyway. DOJ We rely on your power.
As a labor and delivery nurse for 18 years, I can assure you this is not a decision to be taken lightly as having seen every gestational age. Terrible the disregard for human life. Even more, the selling of fetal parts. If a mother wants to donate with consent as in donor situation, that’s one thing. Gd help us.
I'll never kill my children for anything #IamProLife
Adrian S. Keels I'm all for a woman's right to choose, but if a woman waits until the 15th week or later, someone else needs to make a decision for her...
First trimester prenatal screenings are safe to perform after 10 to 13 weeks of pregnancy. This law will make women to have very short time window to see if there is any abnormally of the pregnancy. Second trimester prenatal screenings won’t be able to do until 15 to 22 weeks of pregnancy. This law will completely forfeit some vital screenings for prenatal health.
Hey all those people could have voted I dont feel one bit of sorry for women in that location, people only vote till it effects them enjoy your treatment
I am pro choice but a baby after 15 weeks has arms legs a brain. I had to unfortunately hold mine at 12 weeks (lifeless). Please do not wait that late.
CNN4 hours ago

The governor of Easter Island has urged the British Museum to return one of its famed huge statues, which was taken by the British without permission 150 years ago.

They need to return the stolen African artifacts too.
Why sugarcoating, they stole it.
if all artifacts in uk are returned to their rightfull owners who were robbed by the brits the museums will turn into ghosthall
"...taken without permission 150 years ago" just say they stole it
"Stole it". Ha! More like conquered it and made it their own. Do you see whats coming out of these comments? Now people want the British Empire to return everything they ever gained. Sorry, you fought, you lost, and you sucked horribly at it. "To the victor goes the spoils".
South Africa wants the diamond they used on the queens crown.
Colonial theft and the loot is scattered across Europe in museums that hold hostage indigenous/ancient artifacts. Heartbreaking.
They need to return them to every country, it's sad visiting countries and looking at replicas in their museums
And our Koh-i-Noor, too. With interest and apology.
They can return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece also
Wasn't everything in the British museums stolen elsewhere in the first place?
Thank goodness Donald Trump is still our president🙏🙏🙏
There was a kid who stole my pencil in 3rd grade. I want it back.
They haven’t learned from the Killmonger incident
The British Museum still has the Sphynx’s beard as well... #GiveItBack
And the ancient Egyptian artifacts too
when will they return the the artifacts they stole from Edo.
Certain items should be returned to their native lands. But only when we can be sure these items will be properly cared for... in this case I say give it back
The British doesn’t love art, First they took Elgin Marble of the Parthenon 🏛 in Greek. Second, they also took the Moai 🗿 in Ester Island. They doesn’t protect the art, but they detroy the art to bring to their home.
England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 we ant giving nothink back
Look at that statue, it's pissed!
Tell the ottoman aka Turkey to return all its stolen.
Make a copy than send it back.
Keep dreaming. That won’t happen. They would first have to return all of the Greek artifacts from the Acropolis that remain hostage with the British museum..: How about thousands of years worth of priceless art/history that belong to the Hellenes? Why is that not spoken of?
Definitely not gonna happen. One thing I know for sure is thieves don't play fair. it will be discussions after discussions until the owners tire up
CNN4 hours ago

A group of nearly 40 US industry groups representing manufacturers, retailers and farmers have asked President Donald J. Trump's administration to remove the duties

Oh wait - so the Bankruptcy King isn’t a financial genius after all ??!! 🤣
Oh, he’s too busy explaining why he’s letting Saudi Arabia off the hook for murder, pardoning a couple of turkeys (and there WILL be more), fighting with the press for asking meaningful questions ... and so much more. It’s NOT ‘Murcia first, it’s 45 first. #SAD
Trump has managed to desecrate free trade and damage NAFTA, just because he wanted his name on it.
How about Canada and Mexico doing the same? Amazing that after decades of the USA being robbed, they want this President to bend over like his predecessors. Here's a newsflash... it's NOT going to happen unless it's reciprocal. Get used to it for the next 6 YEARS.
He should not lift these tariffs. Let the people that voted for him feel the pain! Pain is the aonly way some people learn!
We have been subsidizing farmer's and dairy farmers for 60 yrs..The tarrifs will change poor trade agreements,for the betterment of farmers pockets..
Booming fast economy with no long term plan...a rushed tax cut with no quick money means disaster...ummm the first sign now is the stock market which is already a complete mess
And they probably contributed to his campaign. You got what you got, he made it clear what he was going to do, so live with this mess.
so there goes chances of Trump's 2nd term victory, arrogance will be the biggest enemy of Trump.
More BS reporting from the corrupt leftist media
Um are these the same ones who voted for and got tax cuts this year? I don't understand how that went wrong, please explain.
Lol what....they don’t trust him?🤪
What do we expect? Anyone with common sense can see that tariffs and trade wars are no good for anyone's economy, especially when our economy is interconnected with the global economy.
The farmers are the one paying the price,they're hard working folks,they dont want no hand out from the government, removes these thariifs asap for our farmers...
You got what you voted for. Live with it and vote for him again in 2020. Some people only learn in hard ways.
They put tariffs on our products. Give it time
Leave them till its signed why lift itll make it easy for then to back out and renegotiate
They voted for him. A couple of months ago they acknowledged that times would get tough but it would get better and dump would make up for it. Thoughts and Prayers.
you dont fight a land war in moscow in december, and you dont fight a trade war with china , ever.
Hope JT just doesn't deal with Cheeto at all till they at least get someone in there who's not so demented..
USMCA, not NAFTA anymore. When free open trade exists in other countries then we'll talk about our tariffs.
Really! Have they finally decided that they aren't winning enough!
"Trade wars are easy to win." Donald Trump
you got whaqt you voted for guys. Trump will not back down, your heading for bankrupcy