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"They are using the same do-it-yourself, mass-murder tactics -- as we saw with the horrible assault last week in New Zealand against Muslim worshippers." Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said that the primary terrorist threat to the US remains from "Islamist militants and those that they inspire," but the threat from hate groups "should not and cannot" be ignored.

While New Zealand’s leader is taking care of her citizens, showing concern for the victims, calling for unity, and passing gun reform, our leader is whining about jokes about him on late night talk shows, calling for censorship, attacking a dead war hero, dividing our citizens, and setting a bad example for our children.
Trump has been tweeting in defense of Islamaphobic Fox News host for 3 days straight now, right after this attack. This is a white nationalist administration. Election Day is in 85 weeks. Join us:
Ms. Nielsen, hatred is already here. We have more mass shootings than any other country in the world.
She should resign
She makes me sick
The baby jailer needs a nice cold box in a supermax.
This show with don lemon is a joke. It's not news. It's not facts. He just making drama to keep a job. Because he has no other talent.
She can say whatever she wants but post 9/11 white identity extremism has killed more "Americans " than any foreign contingent of militancy.. #NumbersDontLiePeopleDo
Republicans are scared shitless.. That much is obvious. #GodBlessAmerica
WHEN will they EVER get it??? The greatest threat to all of us is DOMESTIC, not foreign!!
Wait. I thought we had a National emergency at our southern border? I am confused?
When you don't have a diverse White House,things like this happen. I can truly say this is a WHITE house.
9/11 was an inside job 🚴 Research building 7
Trump wants to arm the teachers does He wanna arm Muslims now?
What a complete nut job!!
This may be of ignorance, but if Muslims wanted to March down the street carrying torches, yelling anti Christian chants would some people still feel they are within their first Amendment rights?? There is no difference between radical Muslim terrorist and radical white supremacist.
The vast majority of terrorist attacks in the U.S. are from angry white men, who fear diversity and inclusion! Trump/Pence and MAGA are our worst threat.
I beg to disagree. The primary killers of Americans in America have been white supremacists and boyfriends with trigger tempers.
When has the left started caring about Muslims? The hypocrisy from the left is mind blowing and in many instances devilish.
Whenever there is a terror attack the first instinct is to blame the Muslims its very insane. #WhiteTerrorist
The Democratic congress now has two Muslim jihadist that hates Jews. Hitler would be proud of today’s Democratic Party.
Killing innocent people unarmed make him a terrorist, no religion support that killing.
no, most hate crimes are white supremacist, look at the facts
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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says "you will never hear me mention" the name of the alleged Christchurch gunman: "Speak the names of those who were lost, rather than the name of the man who took them."

That’s a man with a pure heart ♥️It takes love to be able to utter the words of forgiveness. My heart aches for the victims and their families. Such a loss. I am sorry New Zealand 🇳🇿
This is a real leader. She has shown grace, strength, empathy, and action at every turn.
Can we trade for her as our president
What a wonderful human being.....a true leader with a real heart..... NZ you are very lucky people. In this ages and time few leaders share the pain and grief with the people....NZ you are teaching the world a great lesson of kindness, empathy, tollerance, and times of tragedy...... I salute you and much respect.
Brilliant Leader.... May the world leaders learn from her ....
Huge respect for you lady (y)
MadamJacinda Ardern,your address in parliament is making me enotional,i cant stand myself. Youre an epitome of amazing leadership, full of empathy for your subjects in New Zealand, May you have long & healthy live,
Republicans hate her because they know if she lived in America she'll be dating a black guy lol
White nationalists help isis and isis helps white nationalists. I’m a Muslim by the way and I denounce all types of terrorism
I agree. Give a murderer attention, and he wins.
Extremism doesn't go away just by ignoring it.
Trump will win again in 2020 can't wait 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Why can’t we as a Nation of 335 million find a leader like her. How did we end up with this psychopath.
Who loves Trump as much as me?
Amen Prayers for your country
wow wow wow! such powerful words, its hard not to weep when speak Jacinda. we are so lucky to have you leading our country in a time like this xo
This is America is what real leadership is. Trump needs to take some serious notes or have someone who can write more than there name do it
Can she run for President over here! Just asking?
Good for her, we should always only say the names of those that were lost to gun violence NOT the one that pulled the trigger.
🙏 “We pray that anyone organising, carrying out or covering up information about shootings (including Politicans and Media) are removed from all dimensions prior to the end of APRIL 2019” 🙏 (please say aloud and by the power of intent we pray as one) Look up THE BOOK “BLACKMAILERS GUIDE TO NEW ZEALAND” BY GREG HALLETT (Jacinta apparently features in it ..... )
নিউজিল্যান্ড প্রধানমন্ত্রী jacinda ardern বলেছেন " আপনি আমাকে কখনো শুনতে পাবেন না " কথিত ক্রাইস্টচার্চ বন্দুকধারী নাম: " যারা হারিয়ে গেছে তাদের নাম বলুন, যারা তাদের গ্রহণ করেছেন তাদের নাম থেকে."
9/11 was an inside job 🚴 Research building 7
Wow! What a good leader, we need her in Africa
You are absolutely right, calling his name gives him cheap popularity.
Sounds like bill Clinton 😂
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Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell on the Judiciary Committee's request for documents: "I do believe we've seen already in daylight, broad daylight, obstruction of justice, abuse of power and a corrupt presidency, and these documents will affirm that."

The worst president in American history!!
#witchhunt Rep Swallwell! How about you fix CALIFORNIA first with all our high taxes and illegal immigration!
Look man this country was in trouble when it ignored the Constitution by letting a criminal and a man with questionable Behavior occupy the presidency when while he was a candidate was paying a settlement for defrauding people with a fake University and paying hush money against campaign finance laws and then denying it but I'm sure his lawyer told him if I do all this criminality for you and we get caught we're going to jail the lawyer is already in jail no Wonder the fake president is tweeting like a lunatic have a nice day
No proof yet cnn runs this too keep their 🐑 fed and hyped up lol
Where is the evidence Dumbfck...
Swalwell should have been swallowed!!!
I really like this guy. He works very hard and takes his job seriously. Yes, I could see myself voting him for President.
Y'all have been saying that since day 1. 3 years later who is the President an who can't accept the results of the election. You've not gonna impeach Trump just like republicans didn't impeach Obama. Get over it Trump is your President \
Swalwell and Lemon both drama queens.
Something about Swalwell seems very unlikeable
If we saw all that in "broad daylight" would we need these documents to affirm anything? FAKE NEWS!!!!
A lot of Russia bots in here
Waiting on Russia fake dossier & Fisa.....karma is coming.
Without question, Eric holds the record for biggest putz in Congress (neck and neck with Schiff)
Good to see ole Swallow Well on with Don Lemon, his name alone turns Don on
Nothing new, now what’s the plan to hold them accountable?
Russia trolls are busy here tonight defending trump 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Trumpie proved he has lost mental capacity this weekend. He will be removed from office soon. Both by GOP congressmen and right Supreme Court Justices. Just watch. They have no choice. Fireworks will fill the skies with celebration.
35% of the voting public is Trumps base - not bad. 37% of the voting public is any democrat candidates base regardless of who. The rest of us are Independents like me. We Independents will decide the 2020 election. Sorry but, so far no named candidate qualifies.
This just in from the future. TRUMP WON 2020
Is he talking about HIllary?
All of this is HYPERBOLE.... Even Mueller could not find anything against OUR President - no one can.
they wish. Congress left and right Obstruct Justice every day,
We’re still waiting on Mueller! 😂😂 #Trump2020🇺🇸🇺🇸
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren said her father had a serious heart attack and was unable to get back to work, so her 50-year-old mother was forced to take on a minimum wage job to support the family, speaking during a CNN town hall

As a non native - actually as just a human being with empathy - I'm going to ask everyone to cut the snide snitty native american comments. She was told family stories and there wasn't any dna tests back then I'm not going to blame her for believing her family! And as it happens she does have a tiny bit of native dna so her family wasn't technically lying!
So much ugliness in this comment section. Why are you guys throwing rocks at someone whose family suffered tragedy and she managed to make it through? That could be you. Your story is more likely to end up like hers than all the rich jerks you worship.
So she consulted the village elders and went on a spirit journey to become a man.
1) 50 years old is still in working age range 2) if they were so poor, howd she afford college? 3) oh, wait, thats how, she was Native American then, she could get special scholarships. 4) raising taxes makes the poor poorer, whats her plan to pay for things?
How can you trust a person running for President when she has lied about being a Native?
Fact one: It is impossible to love people and kill babies. Fact two: Science has proved a baby (fetus) is a human. Any science deniers? Fact three: History of killing babies and racism are tied together. 👶🏿❤️👶🏻🔪😓💔 Truth remains true, no matter how many times it is reposted. Babies are not bots, they are 100% human beings.
What Indian tribe did she work for, the Cleveland Indians? Or maybe it was the Atlanta Braves...ohhhh I know, it was the Washington redskins
Lol loved it when the guy called her out on her "Native American" fraud
She seems to like to exaggerate stories..i am half native not 1..1/5 cherokee princess like she claimed...her dad pribably had a mild indigestion and mom had to work part time for 3 days.
So what happen to that little thing called “white privilege”?
I can't wait to see her face when she loses
Oh so is that why she pretended to be native?
Boy it would seem that Elizabeth's father didn't really plan for his life did he? Not the government's job to take care of him. He shouldn't have made Elizabeth if he didn't save enough money to allow for emergencies.
She is 1/1024th certain she will win the nomination.
Life on the reservation must have been tough
Am I the only person on Earth that no longer cares about Elizabeth Warren?
She has no charisma. She needs to drink more beer.
I find this story to be 1/1024th true 😂😂
Did he lose his job as Chief of Tribe?
How does your upbringing be a qualification for anything!? If you suck, you suck. period!
She had made some good statements tonight, but not our candidate. She doesn't have a chance.
I hope someone fact checks this native American’s story.
Oh the comments. You’re all so original.
Sounds like times were tough on the reservation for her.
We all have struggles doing life grow up
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"John McCain is a rebuke to Donald Trump from beyond the grave and he hates it," says GOP political strategist Rick Wilson: "[H]e hates it because Donald Trump knows that John McCain was more of a man than he could ever possibly hope to be."

"My father was his kryptonite in life, he was his kryptonite in death. On a personal level, I agree with you, all of us have love and families, and when my father was alive, up until adulthood, we would spend our time together cooking, hiking, fishing, really celebrating life, and I think it's because he almost died. And I just thought, 'your life is spent on the weekend not with your family, not with your friends, but you're obsessing, obsessing over great men you could never live up to.' That tells you everything you need to know about his pathetic life right now." — Meghan McCain
Trump is jealous of McCain and he knows he can never measure up to the American hero.
President Donald Trump, my mentor. You are loved by many Americans except some hateful liberals, Mr President please never mind their jealousy and their agenda as you always do. May God guide, protect and bless you for Americans, Amen🙏.
I loved McCain too, he is more man than Trump could ever ever be...
Trump is the worst President ever. Republicans party needs to get another candidate.
It doesn’t take a person with an advanced degree in psychology to see Trump’s narcissism and lack of empathy, his vindictiveness and pathological lying, his impulsivity and callousness, his inability to be guided by norms, or his shamelessness and dehumanization of those who do not abide his wishes. His condition is getting worse, not better—and there are now fewer people in the administration able to contain the president and act as a check on his worst impulses.
I think people are more upset that Donald was able to achieve things john never could. John was a great man, and Donald is a great president. There is no competition here. We are all Americans and human beings. Let the man rest. #StopTheHate
It takes a sick and sad individual to continue a fight with a deceased man!
Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought. To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that the coward fears. To be led by a fool is to be led by the opportunists who control the fool. To be led by a thief is to offer up your most precious treasures to be stolen. To be led by a liar is to ask to be told lies. To be led by a tyrant is to sell yourself and those you love into slavery. Octavia E. Butler
this man is ill. I think we should stop making his tweets news. He has never faced opposition to anything he says and does so he continues. This man is ill.
the same man that left his wife after she ended up in an accident and ran off with another woman, please he wasn't that great, even if his daughter chooses to believe the fary tale
Dear CNN, when and how are you going to admit to your viewers that you've been lying about Russian collusion for the last 2 years? You are fake news.
McCain is a traitor , that killed over 100 sailors because of his negligence and never got punished because of his dad was an admiral
Trump continues attacking a person that is dead, because he is not capable to attack a person that is alive. McCain was a hero something that Trump will never be.
Didn't John grab that fake dirty fraudulent dossier and carry it around like a trophy? Then he put all his eggs in one basket, and so did the biased mainsteam medias and a crazed democratic party. I'm sure the President is pissed off. The Russia Hoax is geting exposed now. And it's gonna show it was a hoax. Then guaranteed the mainstream medias, The Adam Schitty's, and all the haters etc will not apologize for manipulating their base and creating a frienzy for almost 3 years now. Demeaning the will of the people. Their self-righteousness will not allow for self-awareness and a moral integrity to get the best of them.
You are a piece of work to defend loud, lying Trump when he insults a prisoner of war and a man who has passed away. This president has no sham, and wantbeven apologize for anything. People who think that he is ok to do thid, have no heart.
Why Trump is attacking the late John McCain? That’s only prove that even in death McCain will always be a man of better character and sense of service to his country
Trump was after the Immigrants, then it was the Muslims, then the African Americans, then the journalists, and scientists. Then it was everyone else and now its dead people? whats next, the animal kingdom followed by the super natural?
McCain ruined his own name by going a long with the hateful Dems and tried to ruin the President and get him out of office. It is fact now that he tried to to get the President out of office by playing dirty. What u do to others can come back on yourself, it is called Karma!! Now in his grave the true man of who he was is reveled!!! Even after death you can be caught!!!
Trump could piss on his supporters faces and tell them it was diet Coke and they'd not only believe it, but drink it too.
love it Rick when you take on the deplorable traitorTrump !!! Real Republicans speak up,the rest just republicons, phony,hateful,enabling putins pupet ,destroying your country.
Say it again for the people in the back! He doesn't give three fcks about anybody but him! He would throw his own mother under the bus for fame!
John McCain baby toe toenail is more man then trump....
Im still waiting for this boxing match between Trump and Joe Biden.
Trump is weak and a coward. You just can not be anymore dirty and low to criticize the dead, and who's family is still grieving. There just are no words to describe what a waste of human space Trump is.
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Used soap from Hilton Hotels is getting a second life

I work at a Hampton Inn Hotel and we've been doing this for a while now. Im a housekeeper so theyve been having us tie little bags to our cleaning carts and everytime a guest checks out and they leave the soap, we've been instructed to collect as much soap and the little shampoo bottles. Once we fill our bags up we put it in this tub and my manager request for it to be picked up and taken to be recycled. They basically break down the soap and make new soap. Ive worked there for about a year now. So they've been doing this longer than ive been working there. But its just now something being mentioned to the public about it.
Come on folks... Read. NO they're not just taking used soap and moving it to another bathroom. Like all recycled goods it gets reprocessed and sanitized. NO these recycled bars of soap are not going back into hotels, but into communities in need. It's helping people AND the environment by reducing waste. I'm sure they could use recycled soap in hotels, but I'm guessing customers aren't on board with that based on comments I'm seeing.
Going vegan will save the planet not recycling soaps.
🗣I bring my own cleaning solution, toiletries, lysol, wipes, sheets and towels. I cannot trust anything in the hotels nowadays!!!
Mmmmmmm can’t wait to get someone’s pubes on me.
Somehow I doubt that will save the planet
Novel idea here and Im not looking for a Nobel prize or anything, but have they considered using liquid soap?? All the cool kids are doing it!!
This is why I bring my own toiletries and I spray my sheets with lysol
I would be more impressed if they than handed the new bars out to the homeless.
Sorry I dont trust their sanitizing.
Everyone is commenting without reading the article. Shocking.
Fabulous idea. If you take a old stocking and put all the bits and pieces of left over soup in it. Then tie it to your outside tape. It would be a nice idea for when you need to wash hand outside after working in the garden. Or for kids playing outside.
After reading so many negative comments. No wonder the world is what it is today. Shame on all of you negative nelly's.
Ewwww, I mean, hey that's great!
The hotel i work at has been doing that for a while now
I so wish the headlines would be different so these idiots that don’t read one bit would read that this is actually a good thing. 😂😂😂.
Old news!! Most hotels send in the old soap to be recycled.
They recycle soap in Africa it's cleaned ground up and reformed into new bars and sold to the poor
When you stay there, take the soap and lotion home and donate it to your local shelter.
Recycling soap so it doesn't end in landfills, & is given to those who don't have any? How evil of them. 😐
Trump has new Stormy weather scents in his hotels.
Mom! There's a ball hair in my Irish Spring bar!
Liquid soap would be smarter
I was kinda grossed out till I read that they sanitize them 🤷‍♀️😓
Please use even smaller size soap bars, or half that size 1 or 2 inches sizes.. Not sure to re-use for hygienic reasons..
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"This is a very troubled man," Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio says of President Trump's latest tweetstorm.

"This President is being owned by a TV show and a deceased senator. This is something that Americans have never faced before. I think we are all right to be concerned about it."

The more it's discussed, the less power the conversation has. All of it falls on deaf ears after awhile.
I was on a mental health board. The author is correct; trump is a SOCIOPATH.
I can't believe after what happened in Charlottesville there are still trump supporters. Makes me sick
I don’t care what you think!!! TRUMP !!!!!
And there are people that actually think someone this weak minded and thin skinned is getting re-elected. Comedy.
CNN and Democrats are being owned by Trump.
How original..Another anti-Trump Guy pimping his book aided by CNN
Hearing him speak or tweet every other day , I am still in a state of shock how he got there !
I imagine Trump's diary reads something like Mein Kampf
His base will accept all he says.
He’s right the president is a mentally ill
Ah yes, I was wondering when I would get my daily dose of fake news
CNN, when are you going to admit that you've been lying about phony Russian collusion for the last 2 years?
Impeach his nutty , egocentric butt.
Sounds like 36 psychiatrists, psychologists and social worker who need to lose their credentials. You cannot diagnose someone without actually meeting them. Stupidity at its finest.
Is anyone with me , l start see a backlash , people start realizing this president is unfair criticized
Sorry this isn't breaking news, hell most of us been knew this.
Cue the poorly educated, gullible Trump supporters who will happily lay down their lives for the draft dodging coward, trust fund baby, and cult leader in chief, Donald Trump.
Gotta Love how CNN digs up all these has been kooks to support CNN's TDS drug addiction ... :p
Not just any TV show, a RERUN of a TV show. Good Lord in the morning, c'mon. Embarrassing.
I remember in Obama's speech on race in Philadelphia when Barack called President Reagan a racist long after the man had been dead.
Wow it was nuts, I just read through them and he certainly isn't a very happy boy.
He’s telling us what the greater god already knows...he’s a bloody nutter when will the American people who put him there wake up ?
9/11 was an inside job 🚴 Research building 7
Fake news CNN reported on Trump
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That's a loss potentially amounting to 50 million songs

People affected found out via their AOL account.
All 27 remaining MySpace users are extremely upset by the loss.
I felt a great disturbance, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, but then were suddenly silenced.
that's nothing compared to losing 275 million USD to a 16 yr old kid,huh CNN,huh..huh...huh? That's just to the FIRST kid,4 others are patiently waiting their turn ! LOL,LOVE IT.
Bring back Classic MySpace - you SOBs! Was way better than Facebook!
Wow, I'll need to close my MySpace account using my 56 Kbps dial up AOL connection that I got on CD in the mail and downloaded to my Commodore 64 computer.
I Hope my pictures are still there.. I haven't been on it in about 10 years, but I still care about them😁
Why MySpace, we forgot you were there. You may go now.
I think the real news here is that MySpace still exists
MySpace?? MySpace?? Why does it sound so familiar??
How can Myspace apologize? I thought they were dead?
Sorry, I was busy rearranging my top 8 friends... what happened?
Why did everyone stop using Myspace I mean you have music and customized your page. Facebook is all newsfeeds and advertising. I might take a look at mine sure its been a decade lol
If your still using MySpace to store any file, you deserve to have it all lost.
Honestly MySpace has a better home screen or news feed than Facebook.
I want MySpace to apologize for not letting me access my account anymore so I can’t get my photos off there 🤬😂 Gabriela Pappalardo
Kids these days dont know about this! 😂😂😂
I thought myspace was gone like8 years ago lol I should log in 😂
44 million post grunge songs about unrequited love .. the world is better off that this happened ..
They lost all my work and friends when it switched over to look like g+. inexcusable really. Never went back
I couldn't even find my old Myspace account last time I looked and that was actually probably a blessing in disguise.
I didn’t realize this was still a thing. I guess ole Pirro ain’t the only old dinosaur having a bad week.
They are trying to make a comeback. Don't believe the hype
I logged into my old account about 2 years ago. Now I get a bunch notification emails of people adding and following me. I know they are all bots. lol
Top 8 friends- I lost all them too. -thanks Myspace.. d¡ck move bro.
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.2 hours ago

"The President uses racism as political currency," says Bakari Sellers. "That means he allows [white nationalists] to continue to breathe, philosophically, and vote for him."

Trump is influencing more hate today than 40s Germany
You do realize most of Trumps closest friends are Jewish? Every single accusation against Trump (Russia, racism, etc) has been proven false. The race card doesn’t work in 2019. You can’t keep playing it.
CNN, the enemy of the American people.
And another post by CNN that spreads hatred against a certain people. They wanna say Trump's words cause hate ...HA!! CNN are the Masters at it. The globalist favorite propaganda spreading tool.
Trump should be removed from the Presidency for the same reason that Steve King has been censured (and will be removed from) Congress. His white nationalism is more dangerous than his mental instability, and that’s BAD.
Show me one actual bigoted quote from the President.
Once again CNN missing a point.. did you mention the Christians being slaughtered in Africa.. pick a hate stuff again!
Keep Trump off the 2020 ballot, regardless if he shows his taxes or not he's highly unqualified always has been and proved that through the term
Trump is supporting more hate today
Oh please... Everything is racist in swollen liberal heads. Thousands of Muslim terrorists murder millions in the name of Allah, so now what? Are you going to see a “connection” there? Just sayin’ #fakenews
YES Donald Trump is a racist in every way !
CNN - the billion dollar in-kind contribution to the democrat party. Giving a platform for smears, and mind-readers.
White people who love America has liberals scared. And they try to label it as racism to distract attention from their own racist ideas and actions.
Why on earth would CNN host Rick Santorum? He is not a good source for any legit journalist. Doesn't Anderson Cooper aspire to be a legit journalist?
Cnn uses racism as political currency
Rick Santorum is also a racist.
Trump upset about SNL,but not killings in New Zealand...🤔🤔🤔
Well I always told my kids you run with 💩 You become 💩 and Trump followers prove how true that is
Trump so racist, the former presidents had no issue with him donating did they!
Bakari Sellers is elegantly thoughtful.
Just like the KKK of the sixties voted for their members to hold key offices so nothing would be done about their brand of immigration control.
Most of the people saying Trump is a racist, are white! How come Trump was never called a racist, before he beat Hillary?
And if Americans are buying racism, what that means?
When someone allows racist remarks and racist act of violence to continue and doesn’t speak out but allows it to continue is racist. So that’s why the GOP shut there mouths. Shame
Go away Rick Santorum. You’re another deplorable republican😡
CNN3 hours ago

The weight of the terror attacks on two mosques in New Zealand and the thought of what could happen if the gun fell into the wrong hands inspired John Hart to turn in his firearm. "To my mind, the tradeoff of having the convenience of that weapon versus having it misused, it just wasn't worth it," he said.

How refreshing! I just had a Republican say on another CNN post about Jacinda from New Zealand, after she said she was going to do something about banning assault rifles. He said there’s no way they are going to take away in the US! Republicans act like the government is going to take every one of their guns away. 😂😂 They are P A R A N O I D...their guns are more precious to them than innocent victims deaths in mass shootings and gun violence deaths everyday in this country. It will never change with Republicans at the helm! They think they own this country!
I wish there was a hundred thousand like button that I could use to honor this gentlemen.
I'm a Liberal, a Democrat, and as a responsible gun owner, I would NEVER hand over the firearm I use for protection. Get the millions of illegal firearms off the street first, and then we'll talk about it.
We can all turn in our cars to stop drunk driving!
You know who’s not gonna voluntarily give up their fire arms? Criminals!
Unfortunately, criminals can find any kind of gun they want. The average person turning in their gun won’t make a difference!
I wish the gun-owners in our country cared more about innocent lives than their firearms.
I can go to New Zealand and Rob this guy now LOL
An Australian has to leave Australia where semi automatics are illegal, and go to New Zealand where military styled weapons are easily available to comment those heinous crimes against humanity. Gun laws work!
Too bad this will never happen in the US. As a nation with more guns than people, and who has kids doing active shooter drills, we clearly value guns and the profits of the gun lobby to saving lives. Anyone saying more guns makes us safer obviously hasn't seen any data or research on the subject.
If you outlaw guns? Then only outlaws will have guns!!!!
CNN is beating a dead horse with this New Zealand attack
He will get his 15 minutes of fame..... congrats!!!! When guns grow legs and walk out of my house, only then will I get rid of them !!
Most people have an opinion one way or the other. Nobody here is an expert including me. We won’t know if it’s a gun problem or a people problem until we experience a semi-auto free US. When I was a kid, nobody had AKs or ARs and I delivered the newspaper and don’t ever remember a mass shooting much less 1 or 2 a month.
Thank you very much Mr John Heart I applaud you that's what we all need to say NO to any kind of guns
The bad guys already have one less good guy does...
It is not a gun problem. By the way, every weapon fires semi automatic.
Rip Brothers and sisters , we are not of the same religion but i feel like we are connected one way or another much love.
That is fine. If a person feels that way about his own property it is his own right to do it. As for me, I have my guns in a safe and I am armed even when at home. It would be unlikely my guns would be used for the purposes such as what happened in Nee Zealand.
It's sad that a professional journalist doesnt proofread their article. Hey CNN I can give trump bashing opinions too. Hire me!
These mass shootings sure have me thinking about giving up my right to defend my life and family😂
Doesn't want the wrong person getting it, so he gives it away...
The difference is making that choice your and not government thrusting its will on you.
There was a hit-and-run car accident, so I'm giving up my car to prevent other accidents.
this generation takes your guns.. the next one will take those who disagree with them. for color or lack of, for religion or the wrong one, or having an original opinion. it is the Nazi way.