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Racers scream down a twisty, downhill motocross route that pours out of the Gothic facade of St. Paul, Minnesota's iconic cathedral.

Instead of jumping over the church, those liberal heathens should have went in the church to learn how to be good Christians. Trump 2016-forever.
Does the check mark next to CNN (fake news)'s profile picture indicate that it's authentic fake news?
Wow - Amazing .....!!! Plz ignore the trolls who are sure to follow with negativity ...!!!
CNN is fake news
Wooooow, great wonderful jump...keep in records guys
McCabe is going to rat!
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The 94 Winn-Dixie store closures are in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina

"Make America great again" strikes again. For someone who says that he's fixing the economy and less than a week we just seem two major corporations crumble costing the jobs of almost a hundred thousand people
I remember years ago when the same thing happened and a lot of the Winn Dixie’s in town closed. Then maybe a decade later they re-opened some back around town....and now closing again.
Why is so many companies closing , or filing bankruptcy. I thought Trump was bringing jobs, it looks like to me companies failing or leaving .
Looks like the South is "winning"!
Another sign of how great the economy is doing
Does anyone see the hand writing on the wall?
I hope CNN (fake news) is next.
More winning! #MAGA
Ali Vijay trump destroying America
Oh trump country!
Amanda Marie, do you still have a Winn-Dixie back home?
So much winning
making amerika g
Donna Keary ! I remember the film of the same name!
Fckn Amazon
Tiffaney Stickel
Julie Davila not sure if you guys go here still
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After days of digging through 950 tons of steel and concrete, the remains of all six victims of the pedestrian bridge collapse in Florida have been recovered.

I can just see all the Leftists, with coffee coming out of their noses, at the mention of 'prayer'. You will never get rid of it. Or us. While you may despise the fact, this is the Creation of Almighty God and He will be glorified in spite of your efforts.
Our country is falling apart, but why don’t we have a 30 million dollar military parade?🤔
Stop to pray? Instead of talking to your magic sky daddy who does nothing do your job. Ridiculous! Stopped to pray. Do your job and play pretend on your own time.
The comment section is illuminating. May the families of the victims find peace regardless of their religious or political beliefs. May those responsible for the shoddy construction and therefore loss of lives be brought to justice.
How did this become a left/right issue?
Here we go again with thoughts and prayers !!! It was the GREED of the REPUBLICON owned construction 🚧 company that made it fall - inferior to increase profits !!!!!!
Oh no, now you donnit have pissed off the everso compassionate, on the right side of history, open-minded, freedom of speech, freedom to protest, freedom of the press, fight for the rights of the disenfranchised leftist liberals with the single idealogically concept that they will not stand for in this the 21st century. "Prayer".
Lol praying? Did they arrest the engineers that designed it?
That would have been a bloody mess! Hope the body recovery team is able to deal with the mental challenges that are sure to surface.
So it seems to me like the intention was to make this bridge as cheaply as possible for the sake of saving money. I swear money is the root of all greed and Evil. whoever built that bridge should be ready for a massive lawsuit coming !!!
No excuses this should never happen arrest and charge project manager, contractor,and politicians that pushed through this job.
Those prayers likely had the same affect that they had after the last 46 mass shootings.
“Why do we need building codes, if negligent builders and designers are not going to follow them anyway?”
Thoughts and prayers.....yawn!! Boring! Pointless! Ineffective! Useless! Get over it
Nobody should build brigdes over a highway my opion God has nothing to do with it I think it's the enginers fault so stop praying.
No matter how you want to look at it these people were given those who died respect. It's as simple as that but everyone on here takes this all over the place. And we wonder why the country is the way it is. SMH!
The EXACT same 'stream line' construction 'technology' led to the loss of 11 lives and 37 debilitating, life long injuries of 48 construction workers on the Harbor Cay condominium in 1981 in Cocoa Beach, FL. The engineers poured 5 multi ton concrete floors with NO supporting infrastructure in place in an effort to 'stream line' the building process. It's very sad that this has happened again in Florida.
So a bridge build by Romans in 400 AD is still around but a bridge build by feminist SJWs in 2018 AD has already claimed lives?
This is Twice Florida State Officials have been responsible for the deaths of innocent citizens. First the school shooting and now this !!!!!!
cutting budgets to make the wealthy wealthier. Senseless Sadness that could have been prevented. Truly sad for these families...and scared for the future.
As with the Florida shooting, this should never have happened.
Fernando Adriano the bridge was brand new do you understand? That's called we used the wrong contractor
Took them too long for that digging,wit all the technology all the machines wit all the equipment at least they can lift the concrete and get them dead body out wit no time but didnt happen sad...
Now let’s start charging the negligent people responsible.
This was a moment of respect for those who died in the bridge collapse. .
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"I'll control my own guns, thank you"

I agree, in part. I will control MY guns, but, I also don't see the need to have an automatic weapon in my home, an d certainly don't see the need for a 'child' to own or use one.
Classic, NRA flipping the middle finger to the next generation. Careful NRA, they will be voting soon!
As a teacher I don't want any guns in my classroom, hallways, building, etc. I earned my degree to educate your child, not to possibly shoot and kill someone. Why is the responsibility yet again falling to the teachers to try and solve another problem in society? Lazy and dangerous "solution".
Peer pressure is a hell of a motivator. Gullible kids being exploited by twisted liberal nonsense.
Get rid of the politicians that take money from the NRA
Wish they would actually control their own guns. Perhaps then we wouldn't have massacres at schools, concerts, churches, etc. Students (all Americans) also have the right to attend gatherings without being murdered by someone who isn't controlling their gun and without a Government so deep in the pockets of the NRA they don't have the spine to pass sensible gun control.
If you think easy access to guns isn't part of the problem currently You are a fool.
If a child and or student is old enough to be shot with a gun, they have the right to have an opinion or voice on gun control; screw the NRA and their message.
All these shooters had one thing in common....none of them were among the 5 million NRA members.
In Chicago the kids walked out of school, walked into the nearest Walmart and destroyed the store in the name of social justice. According to anti-gun logic it must be the store's fault!
Politicians should stop taking money from the NRA regardless of their 2nd amendment position. The fact that they (the NRA) are suing Florida shows they don't care about state rights and the will of the people and only about their own interests which is political power. Not allowing logical change to take place with respect to gun control shows that they lack any interest in the American people and only about their grip on political power.
Beautiful Sunday morning here in PA.. no school today.. also no high school kids protesting either. Coincidence? #anythingtogetoutofclass
These students made the right choice. They are becoming the change they wish to see in the world, and they are standing by their words, giving substance to their statements. No longer should we tolerate the utter insanity of the NRA-backed fantasies that seem to pervade their members' most delusional dreams.
The weather is right, people, the weather is right. Let's roll!!. Vote the NRA sycophants out of office or never let them hold office in the first place.
If you think an ar15 is an assault rifle or think that ar stands for assault rifle and not Armalite rifle, then you shouldn't be forming an opinion on the subject.
While the majority of gun owners are responsible, the NRA will never admit that a small (infinitesimal) percentage will at some time abuse their right to a gun, and if an assault rifle is handy or easy to obtain, that small percentage is capable of many deaths... #persist #resist #vote2018 #fuckTheNRA
I wish people did control their guns, but they don’t. They keep them unsecured so they can be found by children or are easily stolen and become an illegal gun. We need to start charging people who are not responsible gun owners with the crimes their gun is used for. That’s the true reason gun advocates don’t want a registry.
Did you know that if we could just get non-NRA members to stop killing people then mass shootings would be reduced by 100%
NRA is in a sweat, they know that after the midterms they’ll be a lot less friendly pockets to grease, and THEN, we will truly start to see changes. I guess when someone as NRA friendly as Rick Scott actually does something meaningful, they’re worried other governors will grow a spine
Trump is the NRA's favorite bend over boy.
The peoples rights to bear arms and own arms should not and wont be infriged up .hey hey ho ho the NRA is here to stay and its members,shall not be infriged upon.i control my own gun
The students didn't walk out to protest "against gun violence", we all want that. They walked out to protest against the 2nd amendment, big difference,.another poorly and misleading headline by CNN
People are obviously NOT controlling their own guns given the level of gun violence in this country, no thanks to the NRA and their allies.
Some kids didn’t walk out because they want to join the military or law enforcement jobs and felt conflicted. Some kids walked out because they are scared and don’t want what happened in Florida to happen to them. Some kids walked out to honor the lives that were lost as a memorial service. That day was not all about protesting the NRA. Kids walked out because school should be a safe place for them and they want this! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I attended my very first gun show yesterday with strangers I didn't even know and guess what! (The AR-15's were there and nobody was shot can you imagine that) #stopblamingthegun #support2A #illcontrolmyowngun
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This single mother and her four children were living out of their car. Then a cop decided he had to do something

Working 2 jobs and cannot make ends meet. This is the new America, trump and the GOP are going to make it even worse, union busting on the way, etc.
There are many more GOOD COPS in this country than bad cops. Unfortunately, the bad cops get most of the media attention
McCabe leaked a fake story (the dossier ) about president trump to the media... knowing it was a fake story ... then .. . McCabe and James comey ( head of the fbi ...) turned around and used those media stories to help corroborate the fake dossier as evidence before the fisa court .... this is how they were able to tap the trump campaign and it’s what started the whole russian collusion nonsense we have heard about for 16 months ... McCabe isn’t denying the leak either. he is admitting it ... his defense is that comey knew about the leak so he shouldn’t be singled out ... they really did this stuff ... #corruption. It was all an attempt to smear Hillary’s opponent . They never thought she would lose .
Thank you for say "it not like she did not want to work" A lot of Americans aren't getting it. There are so many ppl working but that dang glass ceiling has gotten lower and lower for so many. And I live up north where they show living down south is cheaper. So if you're u seeing this oh man I got 3 jobs .thanks to God for having a loving family Im blessed to have a place to stay at night rent free I was literally raised by a village my mom aunt and godparents .I stay with my aunt rent free. Yes I got bills but I don't make even close enough still to have my own place. And yes I got a degree. An yes I'm working to further my education to get a better paying job but in the meantime man it's hard. I'm glad he seen she needed help not to be pushed aside. These also are the cops I know
All this negative talk everyone of you have someone in your family on that assistance too, yet you cut people down... Sweep around your own front door, before you sweep around someone else’s!
I see some of y’all saying “minimum wage needs to be increased”...i live in Colorado where minimum wage is $10.31, and every year the minimum wage will go up a dollar....but with that, so does the cost of, yeah, you make good money, but it’s $1,000 for a CRAPPY one bedroom apartment. You’re a single mother here and get a raise for $16 an hour, but it doesn’t matter cause your 2 bedroom apartment is over $1,000, you wanna feed your family healthy meals, and then you have other bills to pay and then try to afford a’s hard, yes, minimum wage needs to go up, but the cost of living shouldn’t go up as well, then it’s all just pointless. It’s a mind game, you think you’re alright cause instead of being paid $7.25 an hour you’re being paid $10.31 an hour....but your rent goes up. This country needs to care more about its people....a single parent should not have to work two jobs to be able to provide for their children, and a couple should not have to never see each other to provide for their family.
This is so awesome! We need more of this in the world. This Mom is getting a hand up not a hand out, and her kids are learning a wonderful lesson about kindness.
Bless his heart ❤️. In the richest country in the World, It shouldn’t be this hard to have a place to live.
I’m so glad she and her babies got some help. However, I’m stunned she was arrested for having an expired registration. That’s ridiculous.
I wish someone like that can help me. I am going to be the same way by the end of this month. This will never happen in Miami.
My father was deported when I was 12, leaving my Mom with FIVE children to care for on her own. Trust me when I say, your life can change in a matter of seconds. I never thought a few months time was all it took for everything to fall apart. My mom couldn't carry the weight of our entire family on her shoulders alone and we became HOMELESS. Thank God my Uncle had the heart to allow all 6 of us to reside in his home until we got back on our feet. Yet, he had his own family to provide for too. It was tight. 6 people on 3 beds, in 1 room of an unfinished basement. . but it was safe, and a better option than a shelter.. I bet MANY of you on here would say we all deserved to be on the street. My mom "deserved" to lose her husband and raise their 5 kids alone, because he was "illegal", right? Well, self righteousness is a SIN! Looking down on others does no good for anyone. Life is unexpected and cirrcumatsnces can change quickly, so appreciate what you have; it may not be yours tomorrow. This officer is an angel. We should all do our best to follow his lead and help lift others up!
It is sad when famlies our forced into having to thve like this just so they are able to keep their family together...I admire this woman and the fact how she must of loved her children......I am so glad someone finally was kind and careing enough to come forward as he did and help this family out....Would be nice if more people took the time to be this careing.....Best wishes to you brave mother and your children........
No one should be working two jobs and not be able to afford a place to live. Its beautiful how he stepped in to help this family but no one should be put into this predicament . This demonstrates why our minimum wage needs to be increased.
Only in America can you work two jobs and be living in a car. Outstanding work by this officer to do what many don't do and truly help out his community, but it is so inhumane that there are millions of individuals living that same life or a very similar one
Bravo to both families. And to the Walton family, this is the reality of some of your employees who make your fortune grow on a daily basis. Why don't you step in to make their lives better? Maybe take one less vacation, own one less mansion. You can afford to do it.
That's the real Policeman. Serving and protecting the people and sometimes going beyond the call of duty.
Glad someone with guts decided to step in and help. He saw that lady and them kids sleeping in that car. It takes a strong hearted person who loves and serves the lord to do that. The average person wouldn’t even care or look that way. It doesn’t matter what color u are, or who is the president we all bleed the same blood which is red, and we breath the same air which is colorless. She also had 2 Jobs so that shows she was trying
God is able just trust him he all ways make a way b strong an hold on okkkkkkk. Thank u sir for your kind heart ur a good man respect for what u have done.
This is what America was all about. God's own people until you all let politicians turn you down the wrong path. A country full of love, hope and trust. We could all learn from this. The cop didn't bring out money from his pocket. He simply used his contacts and learnt support. Life's not all about MONEY!!!
What an amazing story. Thank you officer❤️that’s what it’s all about caring for others. All officers aren’t bad people good and bad in everybody!
Beautiful! Remember we can not all step up as much as this man but we can step up. What you feel is a little favor or help may change a persons life.
That's why the minimum wage needs to be increased to $15. She has two minimum-wage jobs and can't make ends meet.
When all else fails... human decency prevails. This is the country we live in... hard working people that can’t afford a place to live and struggle to support their families. If it weren’t for people who choose compassion over judgement, where would any of us be? We all need to take a breath and help, acknowledge or extend a loving hand to that person you could judge but know better not to.
There are some good and bad in everything, but remember this is not his job as a police officer this is him just being a good human being. Now if you run that red light you might get beat down by the entire department. So don't confuse the two issue s. thanks
Awe man, even with the sound off this made me cry. It's appalling that a woman working two jobs can't earn enough to feed her family let alone afford an apartment. Your country needs a decent minimum wage.
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While her complete disconnect from the challenges facing the working families whose interests she is supposed to understand is alarming, it is not her wealth that is her real problem, writes Jen Psaki for CNN Opinion

She's doing a great job, dismantling the DOE!...exactly what America needs since the communist lunatic democrats have destroyed our education system. ...Wake up gullible sheep!
Fire for what? She's doing a fantastic job just like Ben Carson at HUD.
The only problem with firing her is the person with whom he will replace her. I have decided that Trump has no rock bottom. He seems, with few exceptions, incapable of appointing qualified, worthy candidates to posts. Perhaps his ego can’t handle surrounding his incompetence and lack of credentials with competent, highly qualified people.
She is doing exactly what Trump hired her to do, destroy the department from within. No doubt in my mind.
Can't help but wonder if there is an agenda to destroy the United States at play here, then DT will have to assume the role of dictator for life....
Trump will never fire her, or those like her.. trump has a serious issue of needing to surround himself with people dumber than himself.. the only way he can find himself smarter than who is around him.
Looking forward to the upcoming holiday ,ST MULLER DAY, the day Robert Muller drives the snakes from OUR WHITE HOUSE; It is unknown what date that will be , but it cannot come soon enough.
She donated $300k to trumps was all it took to get the job. When does the winning start exactly?
Trump should fire himself and save the U S some money and Mr Mueller time because I truly believe he will be gone real soon not soon enough I hope Mr Mueller clean the swamp
Quick we must attack the individuals who will actually affect change bringing hope to people through allowing local control to better education
Why would he fire DeVos. He could care less. He wants to keep the Evangelical vote. Period. She can completely destroy public education and college opportunity. No matter to him.
Is it really a surprised this woman is a complete and utter failure at her job?! She paid for it just like the others. She failed her confirmation. Bigly. DeVos is just another example of how the rich rule this country while the rest of us get screwed.
She as well as others should never have been hired. Privilege is why she was even given the position, because her answers proved that she definitely didn't earn the position!
Don’t fire her..... yet. Wait for another political issue to come up DACA, North Korea, Russia, etc., then fire her as a distraction. This method has worked so far.
Correction:. We should fire Trump first. We keep missing the source of confusion. #wish4a3rdtermObama
Everyone trump has hired, including Devos, has one job, to destroy the Department they run, divert all the money to a select few people.
Its nice that cnn has an opinion about our secretary of education , in a free society we should be able to criticize opposing views no matter how irrelevant they may be.
Trump does not fire incompetence. He fires disloyalty to himself, and anyone who can put him in jail...where he belongs.
Betsy Devos: No, I don’t know anything about public education...but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. 😱😂
The issue seems to be that we have no new information. We already knew - as did Trump and the Senate - that she was a know-nothing masquerading as an education advocate. She’s still that. Nothing has changed. Why would he fire her? She’s the least of his worries right now.
She should have never been confirmed. It was clear from her hearings that she wasn't qualified for the job.
Taking from poor giving to the rich. New policy for America. Cuts in educatoom. State house for Secretary of state. It is all to pay for privatization oh and presidenial golf outings. Oh and furnatire. Oh and military parades that's all more important.
She’s forwarding their agenda. Prolly reward her by allowing her to wave from a tank turret during his military parade. Carson will get to straddle a missile waving a cowboy hat.
He won't fire his token female. Also, I doubt he is informed enough to recognize how incompetent she is. She is a joke!
If this is Trumps idea of only hiring the best people for the position, he is severely lacking in leadership and knowledge. This woman is terrible at her job and has NO fundamental knowledge of the challenge of her position at all. She will not obtain it either by isolating herself from the failing schools! They show what doesn't work!
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An elderly man timidly asked waitress Evoni Williams to cut up his ham during a busy breakfast service at @Waffle House. She did and someone snapped a photo that went viral. Now, Evoni Williams has been offered a scholarship to college.

This is how you Make America Great Again. Not by insulting people, giving your rich buddies a tax break, spreading hatred or suing your mistress.
This is not amazing. This is what a normal person should do when someone asks for help with their meal. I worked at a steakhouse and cannot even begin to tell you how many of our waiters and waitresses sat down with elderly folks and cut their meal for them. America is in complete shambles if we have to treat this like some gold star of humanity.
The youth of this country are our only hope. Evoni you did a good thing without looking for praise or reward and maintaining the dignity of the older customer. We could use more people like you in this world.
Yep listen to these comments ...that's why it is a big deal❤ ...hateful ,bitter souls every where...spread some kindness ..respond appropriately.That could be your loved one needing the help
this is ridiculous. slow day in the news. and i’m still paying on my student loans. if only there had been a ham around.
Bless her HEART. ❤️ And the anti-CNN pro-Trump trolls on every single post are highly entertaining. #NotMyMorons 😆
I am glad for her. On the other side, sad sad times are these when an act of simple kindness is so rare that goes viral
There are thousands of people like this woman working 2 jobs to stay afloat. Being good and serving the community. Some on assistance themselves. College should be free for all.
Who orders ham when they can't cut it and doesn't ask the cook to do it? The waitress is not your mom, tell them you need it prepared that way.
It's not like she wasn't expecting a tip. This is a silly story and everyone in the foodservice business is rolling their eyes.
Nothing says America like wasting four years of your life stressing and depriving yourself of any actual human progress all for a piece of paper that will net you a job that anyone who has spent enough time in said job field is much more qualified to do. At least she won’t be going into crippling debt for no reason like most people.
A wonderful story in which the young woman got rewarded for her compassion and kindness it is people like her that makes this country great .
Beautiful story. Best to just ignore the Negative Ned’s and Nellies on here who find it necessary to undermine an act of kindness. Rise up.
There's so much hatred in the world today. We need more people like her to make America Great again! Do random acts of kindness.
By Texas SOUTHERN UNIV. 16,000 and a counselor to help get her enrolled. Do a good deed, you never know how you will be rewarded. She is 18 yo. and saving all her tips for college that could have taken years. This was out side of Galveston Tx. So very happy for her. TSU is a great school in Houston Tx. Also she had a day named after her.
Omg! A bunch of whining jealous imbeciles. If you or one of your family members had gotten this you wouldn't have a negative thing to say. Congratulations young lady.
Random acts of kindness are the best. Many should learn from her instead of taking the jerk path in life.
This is what life is about. Try your hardest to be happy for her. It feels so much better as a human being to be happy for someone else than to be jealous.
This happens each day across America by many different people passing along kindness; I'm glad your reporting one of the stories
Amen. What a kind soul. So proud and she is saving for college doing her best to get an education. This is what it’s all about! #wow
are people so mean and selfish these days that such a simple act calls for a day after her name? I thought that's just the right thing to do. congrats on her getting a scholarship but the West needs to teach it's people about helping each other out
This is what the world should be like ALL THE TIME..... kindness,compassion and unconditional selfless acts ❤️ May she continue to be blessed.
I know that's right sweetheart you deserve it and it's a great example of what being a humble human being looks like❤We ALL can use that example to remind us how kind we should talk and walk it out ❤
I'm not dissing this young woman. I think what she did was great. And she deserves a scholarship. What I don't understand is people's reaction. Isn't this something that any decent human being would do anyway? Why has this become the big deal? Perhaps this says more about our culture than anything else. It's really sad.
Thank you Miss. I worked at a library for years and we would assist patrons beyond the expected. It was nice when people noticed. Go out today and appreciate your service workers.
CNN3 hours ago

US cigarettes, sweetcorn, lipstick, American denim, peanut butter, cranberries, orange juice, bourbon, and motorcycles are all on the 10-page list

Let the games begin, maybe then Trump will have to see for himself that no one wins an economic war. How many times did he bankrupt his company? Now he is trying it with American. The thing about arrogant people, they don't know when to quit/ pull back in a game of chicken. Likely to cause a disaster.
This is not going to have a good ending. Trump and Putin are really good at destroying our economy and making enemies of our allies.
CNN is fake news
I guess we could pull all our foreign aid and Military out of Europe too....They need to be better business partners, America under a Real President is no longer going to allow this economic theft!
America is no longer the leader of the free world, therefore hardly any country would really cares if they pulled out all their troops and closed down all their bases especially in Europe , these countries are no longer looking for protection the American umbrella no longer exists , Donald Trump has already folded it away therefore they are not afraid of a trade war .
Well maybe it's time to start making all these things in America again. We could use the jobs and were all tired of other countries taking advantage of us.
Isn't the Euro turning into the same value as toilet paper??
It seems like CNN is hoping Trump fails. And it seems like they hope America fails.
Less peanutbutter sold to europe.. more in USA the supply...lower the price.. Same for Levis.. More supply in USa = lower prices. Things were cheaper in USA in many ways cause the US market was sold to..when companys started exporting to europe etc that reduced supply for US consumers pushing prices up.. So europe buys less..more for us in USA
If we only ban Trump it would be good for me! Import tarrifs on his whole administration!
Europe have been taking advantage of American companies for along time now unfear fines, and regulations to strip them of their cash. Europeans company don't innovate so they can compete, so the EU make it hard for American companies so EU companies can survive. they fine ways to fine, tax, and strip Americans companies of their cash to fund their socialist program s. while at the same time America and canada pay for their defence. aka. NATO
I'd like to see us pull our troops out of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia while closing all our overseas bases. If we were to maintain our current military readiness, we could do it for a 1/3 of what we spend now, and all of those salaries and support purchases would be spent in America. We could also start banning imported automobiles.
Isolationist policies don’t work in a globalization world. You can’t blame that on CNN or EU. As the children say~ he started it & that would be our President. We will reap what we sow.
Hey kids, in nasty dried up Africa AND oil dried up Middle Eastern countries...y'all will always depend on the USA....
Strange that countries with high personal taxes, high corporate taxes, shorter work hours, higher minimum wages and strong unions can make steel cheaper than US steel.
Economic war is at the door steps. WW3 is at the gates
The EU was set up as a trade cartel, thus the euro became their cartel currency of leverage , so the US is wrong for doing the same. Liberal dimwits
And how many european things would be hit? Could europeans do without or would they scream at the EU for making things costlier?
The EU trade cartel already has tariffs on American goods.
The best one would be stop buying oil in American money time for that to change. Why should USA benefit from a global market
If we start putting tariffs on their stuff, common sense says they’re going to do the same to ours. It’s not fake news, it’s just using your head for more than a hat rack.
Protectionism is the opposite of capitalism. Trumpitos don't realize this. They blow their horn that capitalism is king and they support the exact opposite just because their Donnie boy says so. Tariffs have never worked and it will ultimately be hitting the customers.
I can't believe that people think that eagle and arrogance is going to help the american people. Instead of looking up protectionism and what it has cost us the past you just blindly follow a man with no question. Thinking threatening somebody or say you need me is going to work. Even president obama proved it wrong when you put the tariff on the tire industry trying to save us jobs. A saved 1700 jobs and lost thousands and thousands more.
Where are the Trumptards that always flood every article of CNN with #MAGA? I've been scrolling up and down and can't find any.
Blacklist them all. I think we should stop exporting our energy to upper USA. New York would freeze in the dark. I don't want to charge them more. I just want to cut them off completely
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This school in Alaska is using the sound of real gunfire during active shooter drills

Leftist Liberals are Raising too many weak, sensitive, naïve children. It time they become realist and become educated on reality, that they’re dangers in life. As an adult the coddling stops and we have to deal with all dangers that may occur. In reality there is no such thing as a “Safe Space”.
This doesn’t belong in schools! How does one expect to learn under such circumstances? What is happening in America? 😢😢
How shocking and disgusting that school children has to deal with this kind of violence to be tortured with gun shot sounds and having to find a place to hide. 😢😱😳just now schools will have “bunkers”. SHAMEFULL 👎😪😢
what an amazing society you guy are creating. After spreading fear on the adults through TV, now you teach kids to live in fear at the school. You guys changed the view on a society of normal people where some can go crazy, to a view of the society where anyone can be crazy and start shooting. ...
Awesome so in the US with no real terrorism threats you are teaching your kids the same as Israeli kids where the terrorism threat is real. In US its not, its local kids people killing there own. Realistic gun control does.not affect 2nd amendment, it only affects business NRA etc
My sons school here in the uk have been doing school lock down practice with a alarm that goes off which I think is a good idea but for some students it’s scary. But better safe than sorry I really feel for you in the US
While I think that efforts to eliminate school shootings need to continue, I think it is a good thing to equip our kids with effective training. You're not showing them how to use a gun, you're teaching them how to stay out of it's path, and I think that's something we all want. Isn't it?
For what purpose? Either you will have terrified children who will jump everytime there's a loud noise, or they will become ear-blind to it.
When my father went to school he was on the shooting team and used his own gun he brought to school every day, no one got shot. What happened to us?
It is better to improve gun laws than to show such a ridiculous stuff...The point is why govt agencies are not taking against this escalation of violence..We need to grab the base and must be realistic toward this...
In Alaska I'm pretty sure all those kids have heard real gunshots before... we're talking about Alaska. Your just as likely to see a disgruntled bear there as are seeing a combative K2 addict here. Except you can shoot a bear.
Row Hausler, how ridiculously insane is this. A fire drill is one thing, but a shooting drill? So instead of putting things inplace like gun control whoops i said it, kids now have to prepare for another shooting basically hence the drill. Assuming kevlar vests are under their desks too. Lol
Great way to develop PTSD in children. Many kids already hate school, let's make them hate it even more. Fix the problem, stop making this political, America's gun problem is out of control.
Great. Now when they have to protect themselves against grizzly bears the students are going to be confused, run outside and get eaten. 🤭
That’s what it’s like living in the free world. Having to barricade yourself in a room til someone with a gun either cools down, tops them self or, in the case of a white shooter, get apprehended by the authorities. Man I hope Trump is nearby when the next one starts off so he can go in and save them. So ruddy bloody brave.
What part of "well regulated" is confusing? "Well regulated" no assault weapons for anyone and background checks or ALL purchasers. "WELL REGULATED" quoted right out the 2nd Amendment.
This is horrifying. No one has to tell me to love it or leave it - when my familial obligations are done here in 5 years, if we haven’t managed to vote in some serious progress, I am out. I’m just lucky I’m a dual Australian citizen and have somewhere safe and reasonable to go.
Ok I’m home schooling my child. Wow! America has lost every bit of common sense and is one selfish money hungry country. So instead of changing laws to protect people (our children) from gun violence, let’s teach them how to protect themselves by barricading themselves in a classroom. Lord! Yea that’s something I want to worry about while my child is in school. So comforting.
So, when there is a "real" active shooter, how will anyone be able to tell the difference. How will they know "this is not a drill"? Will they hear the intercom over the sound of gunfire?
This is digusting. Eventually the kids won't even react to the sound of gunfire the same way; they're going to become desensitized to it if schools keep sounding off gunfire in their drills. Kids are not in combat and in my opinion shouldn't have to put up with becoming used to the sound of rapid fire out in the halls.
🤔. We have fire drills in schools. We used to have films and drills for a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. Why not train in a shooter situation, it's a real threat like nuclear war was back in the 50s. Also it can prep them for adulthood in case of an issue in their adult life. There is no substitute for being prepared.
And to those against this..... get over! Kids are hearing real gunshots outside, they play realistic video games where they shoot & kill people.... and what if they were in a mall or other public place? Wouldn’t it be good to recognize what gunfire sounds like?
Isabel Schools how do u expect the children to react if they don't have these drills? Do you want more children to die? They need these drills to know what to do if this happens. Just like fire drills. Do you want them to stop with fire drills?
ok, we don't live in a perfect world. This is good, we definitely need gun control, but until we have things turned around, this will save hundreds of lives. way to go alaska.
I do not understand why US people live so hard without a simple way of limiting the possession of firearms. Perhaps because politicians work for their vested interests, not for their people. US people chose such politicians, therefore they should accept that kinda situations until the election revolution.
CNN4 hours ago

Unlike traditional methods of construction, this technology is intended to streamline the building process so that bridge projects can be completed quicker and more cost-effectively.

They've been using this building technique for nearly 20 years in the United States quite a few major Bridges have been built this way. 10 to 1 they're going to find out that the cause was a greedy contractor cutting corners and delivering substandard materials for example concrete or steel that did not meet specifications.
This is the results of deregulation, someone cut corners to save a few bucks and lives were lost because of it
Obviously that crap doesn’t work! Builders now a days are cutting corners left and right and put profits over people’s safety! Even new construction homes are half assed done and courts are getting flooded with builder law suits. I hope the responsible parties are made an example of!
Greatest and richest country in the world... always playing with people's lives to maximize profits for the 0.001% actually living the 'American Dream'!
FAST - CHEAP - GOOD Pick 2, because you cannot have all 3. If you want it (done) fast and cheap, it won't be good If you want it (done) fast and good, it won't be cheap If you want it cheap and good, it won't be (done) fast It applies to everything in life. Construction, development/deployment of a computer application, house/office cleaning services, manufacturing (think of a car, for example).... Clearly, with this bridge, they wanted it (done and delivered) fast and cheap. Result: it wasn't good, and because of that, people have died.
Saving money isn't always the right way to do things. Especially when people's lives are at stake if you do.
These same idiots also built the Selmon Crosstown Expressway which had a section collapse. WHY were they hired???
I guess in excitement of making the bridge faster and more cost effective, someone forgot to keep safety in mind. Some body gonna get hurt real bad in the court of law 😂😂😂 I hope no one was seriously injured and if there have been any unfortunate casualties than I sincerely pray for their well beings as well as departed souls.
That is the problem, building cheaper, you get what you pay for. I understand the people that built it had a failure before. It is so tragic seeing so many people killed.
"It was designed to withstand the strength of a Category 5 hurricane, the fact sheet said, and was supposed to last for more than 100 years." It was not brought down by a hurricane and definitely did not last more than 100 years. Someone definitely overlooked a flaw or cut corners.
This is typical of our society now. Everyone just wants to make as much money as they can at any cost. Results, sub par automobiles, electronics that last maybe a year, and bridges that fall after a few days. We really need to care more about building a strong society, msking quality products again, and feel free to make some profit, but do not need to make maximum profit.
The bridge should have been supported under until the vertical cables were in place. The span was to long with no arch to support the upper roof and vertical anchor castings.
You can't bet old fashion hard work. Just because it's new don't mean it's going to be better. And of course the ones who suffer the most is the common man not the god dam idtot that said this will work
Saving time and saving money, shouldn't be at the cost of loss of life. And the job is still unfinished, resulting in more time lost and more money lost.
Americans will gather and pray for everything they carelessly do but won't take the real issue serious. Cheap products putting lives in danger.
Time saved now wasted by the cost of lives. Sometimes it doesn’t pay in the long run as this can happen. It’s rare to have a catastrophic failure but when it does happen, you have to look internally to find the answers.
They were working on this bridge for 5 years. Wtf. It only took 5 years to build the golden gate bridge. Think they were milking the clock.
Hope all builders have learned this lesson! Disgusting! No shortcuts or cheapness when building such structures!! Ugh
This short-cut technology is actually life-threatening and should be discarded in a jiffy, it is not worth its brand. In any case any fast track process demands rigorous real-time testing before human life is affected.
they just focusing how to build the bridge fast but they never pay attention much to the importance of bridge foundation.
Well im sure they came in under budget and ahead of schedule, I guess that leaves them money to start all over again.... SMH
Correlation doesn't necessarily mean causation. People are far too quick to judge. Let's see what the investigators say. They may determine that the process was at fault but it's more likely that it's some other reason.
'Savings' using a cheaper, inferior and "ill-equipped" method and construction..... at the COST of ~6~ precious lives and their families = Really disturbing. My heart goes out to all who are impacted by this. So so sad. May you be comforted and held in love and prayers. ❤
Build the bridge, broke peoples heart. Did your technology made any kind of machine to repair their losts?
I don’t know for certain I’m not an engineer but this looks like the project went to the lowest non union contractor. With sub standard builders materials.