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Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and other schools impacted by gun violence are invited to participate

Ah, so they’re exploiting them to pander for votes and getting free labor out of it? Glad to see the democrat party hasn’t changed since I last checked my very broken watch.
Just in case you haven’t seen this. Keep your eye open.
“Not respecting the results of the election is a threat to our democracy!" - Hillary Rotten Clinton 💩👎🏼🤮😡
👏 Awesome! These kids are bright, strong, and courageous. They'll make great leaders one day! Continue the good fight!✊
They will be indoctrinated by removing their brains and there by forcing them to spout only CNN news as their opinions going forward.
Maybe they will have them run their personal errands and drive their kids around. Oh wait that’s the Republican Party...
Are they going to teach them how to rig primary's against Bernie?
Will they invite those who were affected who also support the 2nd amendment???
Go for it. I would not want this to be a missed opportunity. 😊
Hope they can get along with the MS-13 interns.
Cáscaras de huevo Lo dejan bailar con cáscaras de huevo, Molerlos bajo sus pies fríos, Como los miembros del clan lo recibieron bien, Desde el exterior de lo cual él se retiró, En las primeras horas de la noche furiosa. Bailaron, estas personas bailaron Folklores y Bwola bailan hasta el amanecer, Como ojos indiscretos miran en secreto, En el pregonero de la ciudad del este Gire como un tornado hambriento. Lo envolvieron en un círculo irregular, Como la Gran Osofia de Londres, Estirando sus irritables cuellos en pasión Para echar un vistazo a la joven África; Él vale la pena saber que viaja. Los hombres del clan, con pajitas en la boca, Sentado en la parte posterior de la olla Lacoi, Como un recuerdo estampado por mitos, La larga historia contada que trajo el Oeste, Los ancianos se sentaron relatando los días pasados. Las manos de África resbalaron y se derramaron La sangre de su hermano de sangre fue desterrada A la tierra de nieve del hombre blanco llena, Bienvenida por manos que castigan, Pidiendo algo por su libertad. Detrás de barras metálicas alojadas libremente, Siete años de noches, no pequeñas pruebas, África escapó cuando el oficial recibió la dosis, Bosque disperso de cervezas para su llegada, Lo dejan bailar sobre las cáscaras de huevo.
Can't wait til they run for public office.
I bet none will be from Chicago.
And would that change anything?
And get strap by her🤣🤣
Democrats like free handouts...
Intern? Like Lewinsky? Lol
I thought they already were.
More brainwashing..
More brainwashing.....
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How do MLK’s words inspire you? Even in death, his example changed America forever. See how in #1968, a 2-night CNN Original Series event starting Sunday 9pET.

The reason a lot of people did not understand a peaceful protest, is because they are opposed to the very idea of peace itself.
He said dont judge a man based on his color but content of his character. But now the democrats judge only in the color of one's skin.Mlk would be disgusted with the democratic party and with the Obama's in particular.
Explain that to the continued racism , injustice inequality and bigotry
His words hold me up when I tire of standing against discrimination and sometimes I get so tired
Injustice anywhere is the threat to the justice everywhere
To view character and qualifications and fight for fair justice for all.
Yes, but there is no such thing as unlimited credit.
“I Fear I May Have Integrated My People Into a Burning House” – Martin Luther King Jr.
#FakeNews #MAGA
The Black Community Isn’t it Dr Martin Luther King Jr.
I don`t know about that one !~?
Do you think this news is real or fake?
Well, I don’t spend a lot of time on balconies.
i had a dream that gas prices will be less than $2!
“Not respecting the results of the election is a threat to our democracy!" - Hillary Rotten Clinton 💩👎🏼🤮😡
My pistol license isn't a hunting permit, and neither am I foolish enough to believe it doesn't happen.
People tend to want us to remember him for I Have a Dream but they don't want us to is Dr. King was shifting because he saw that folk just was NOT going to do right by and for the Negro people! And Negro's are shifting now in 2018!
You can either live for nothing or die for something. It will always be better to die on your feet than live on your knees. Unless you’re an escort, then yeah, living on your knees pays the bills.
It's a great quote from MLK, too bad the youth in Chicago don't live long enough to read and understand it..
Are you proud America?
I see an example of Martin Luther King walking around every day with their pants down to their ankles
Hey CNN Do you have a reporter in Gaza to report on the War crimes being committed there ? Much easier to just sit in the studio and talk about rubbish instead ?
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A Virginia congressman and his wife used staffers in his office to carry out personal chores, according to Politico, which cited multiple unnamed former employees who detailed a toxic work environment

He has violated the law. He needs to pay back the money, resign and serve his time.
🌈🎉Not only have Trump’s policies benefited women, his administration is full of dynamic, intelligent, exceptional woMEN in a variety of roles. They include Sarah HuckaBEE Sanders, Kellyanne Conway, the former Hope Hicks, and Nikki Haley, just to name a few. 🌈👍🏻
Not surprised. The president probably uses his WH staff to apply his fake orange spray tan & comb over his toupee. 😂🤣
Republicans. They think the country is their playground and taxpayers are their bank account. Disgusting.
Another corrupt Republican. Party of the people?
I guess he found out he has to pay dog sitter if he resigns...
Are u kidding, I've typed my boss's kids paper, picked up film...get her jewelry back when she left it at a hotel, picked food, got her car and put it gonna parking lot, etc...
These guys really do think they are royalty
In the spirit of the #metoo movement, I will now suspect every politician to be corrupt and guilty as charged until said politician proves otherwise. paint the fence....Danielsan....wax on wax off....TERM LIMITS PEOPLE....2 TERMS....THATS IT....then we'll see who wants to be a public servant....
They should have told them to F-Off and left!
There is no limit to the corruption and bad behavior of members of the Republican Party and this administration.
Wow this is crazy. I wonder why people have a little position which our people voted in. This goes to a lot of people's and now they think they can do other people wrong or in other words use and abuse their staff. So so sorry to hear that him and wife abuse their authority.
Oh wow he prayed on it. He probably heard voices coming from his checkbook that said where else can you get free help?
That’s not right and I bet he either didn’t pay them or left it up to the taxpayers of his district.
OMG, that made me laugh. Not right in this day and age, but when I was young I worked for a man in New York City. I used to buy shirts and ties for him when he went on business trips and bail his daughter out of jail when she got arrested for protesting the war in Vietnam. He was a great boss. I loved him dearly
Rep. Barnes, of Alaska, had her staff walk her dog during session. At the end of session, I saw him carrying her personal belongings from her apartment. Other duties assigned.
And Tom Garrett, I mean God, told Garrett to carry on and continue to push his greedy, selfish ways on through Congress... as this is the new GOP
Think and pray a little more!
Wow, and he's a republican? Who would have thought?
No surprise whatsoever. Corruption at every level it seems.
Former unnamed. If it is such a big deal step up at one we hear no longer will be silenced.. Then it’s former unnamed sources.
Somebody needs to take him down a few notches
They were paid but not out of his pocket I bet
Did anyone bother telling this pompous twit that it’s not the 1850’s anymore? They’re not your house “servants”, pal. Plantation mentality, I swear some of these people have...
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Ten sailors were killed in in August 2017 when the destroyer collided with a merchant vessel near Singapore

Plead guilty because of guilt or plead guilty because of a plea deal? There have been numerous shipwrecks in that region, so much so it doesn’t seem like a coincidence. Or maybe it’s just
A letter of reprimand and 3 months pay docked!?! 10 lives lost!
How is it possible with all the tech onboard?
To much reliance on technology, need to have a firm understanding of seamanshipn the Royal Navy could be able to help you with this
Was he drunk ???
If it would have been me, i would be serving a life sentence. Something needs to be Done about this. Only 3 months suspended pay????
Camilla isn't exactly charitable enough to say the least to welcome Meghan the new addition to the family & into the Royal household or be aware people in glass houses should not throw stones or gutter snipe at a beautiful woman Harry is lucky to marry. I have all my bullets in tact unlike Camilla who has fired her last one but I will not be content not using them if necessary in the future.
How many people had to screw up for that to happen?
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US warship cannot duck an incoming ship. Like that how to duck China's RPGs or Dongfeng missiles?
Would have been nice to have training dollars. But a global society doesn’t need a military, right? Repetition is the key to no oops in the military.
The former administration cut the military budget to no end, its a wonder there were not more accidents.
“Not respecting the results of the election is a threat to our democracy!" - Hillary Rotten Clinton 💩👎🏼🤮😡
If only John McCain would have been half the hero his dad was instead of the singing traitor he turned into
So 17 people died because they are cutting corners or skipping training on two separate events. Wow people's lives are destroyed and these are the results early retirement and 3 months dock.
Navy Blame Game so they feel good about themselves. Wrong. So WRONG.
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To bad they just rely on the the know how many hundreds of ship anchored in Singapore 😀😂.
Even the name of the ship is bad luck..😀😂😂😭😭😭
If it was the little guy he would be in the brig forever!
what a slap on the wrist.
Imposible work should be done.
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The announcement comes days after Parkland student activist David Hogg called for a "die-in" to protest Publix's support for an NRA-backed Florida gubernatorial candidate.

The NRA still has nothing to do with the shootings. It would be like blaming Ford for car accidents.
Thank you David Hogg for being the best endorsement the NRA has ever seen. You are the reason the NRA exists and is flourishing.
🌈🎉Not only have Trump’s policies benefited women, his administration is full of dynamic, intelligent, exceptional woMEN in a variety of roles. They include Sarah HuckaBEE Sanders, Kellyanne Conway, the former Hope Hicks, and Nikki Haley, just to name a few. 🌈👍🏻
Stay strong David. Keep up the good work. So proud of all the young people from your school and around the country. They are our future, and most of them are very smart and educated. We as adults need to support them. GOD BLESS OUR CHILDREN,
So all these "Einstein's" making the comment over and over that CNN is "fake news" Explain to me why it only has become "fake" since the orange moron took office ? Just a thought 🤔 Get a life SMH
Good job, David. Personally I feel that every corporation should "suspend corporate-funded political contributions." The country would be a whole lot more honest. And more represented by the American people than the money. ✌✌
Kudos young ones are enforcing the changes you want by being vocal and actively involved. Wishing you well and May those who lost their lives as a result rest in peace and their families find comfort.🙏
Good for David Hogg and good for Publix. Even though it’s my favorite store, I would have to reconsider shopping there. They made a wise decision. No need in alienating customers.
David Hogg, ruining more businesses and selling more guns everyday. What a guy 👍
This is mature , caring thinking...Good for all these students who are not giving up...especially since how many school shootings have happened since Parkland..Blessings to all...
This kids is going to finally get the blood soaked politicians to wake up !!
This kid is going to be in politics soon. A welcome change.
Love this kid.
Please don't give up. You will get there, vote them out
Onward and Upward, dude. All of you are an inspiration to the next generation to take back the U.S. from Morons.
And another shooting today at another school. The blame lies squarely at the feet of the adults.
Don't let that distract you from the fact that In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them...maybe you can hire The A-Team.
Hey Publix, Can’t believe you’re shocked that people are upset. Good call in reconsidering your donations to NRA puppets. Except that you already gave him $700K.
Good Publix. I spend a lot of money with you, and I’d hate to stop. Kroger’s already cheaper, you don’t need anymore reasons for people to switch stores.
when you have a generation that is being murdered. Yes enough of them think that! then what can be said to calm them down after they witnessed such evils first hand? What elese are going to do hand them bibles and say catch a bullet with this and god will aim the bullet so U won't die?! There are to many organizations in america that are not our parents or grandparents places of comon view anymore. It's just our parents and grandparents dropped the ball when the money changers moved in and did nothing!
I was so disappointed in Publix for getting involved in politics! They heard form a lot of customers!
Jimmy Hartman as soon as I went to Publix and laid down this happened. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe we can get David Hogg on our moonpitch team.
Glad they suspended political contributions. I was getting ready to boycott them as I have other businesses
That it how you lead a protest. It is disappointing to hear that Publix would support any candidate, it doesn't make sense from a public relations standpoint. No matter who you support, you will have angry customers.
Goid for them , civil minded young people will show the adults how to encourage corporations to stop supporting pro gun violent political candidates either Republicans or Democrats. Good work!
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- The prescription opioid oxycodone
- Four kinds of synthetic surfactants
- Seven kinds of antibiotics
- Five types of antidepressants
- More than one antidiabetic drug
- One chemotherapy agent

What do you expect? They were created to filter the water of our oceans, lakes and rivers. If you put a bunch of that drug water in a tank and placed some oysters and mussels in; the water would be filtered clean and the mussels would absorb the toxins. There’s a reason why God says not to eat them, He didn’t create them as food. There ya go... 😊
You would think it would be a steroid problem...mussels ...steroids ...
I'm ordering my seafood from Washington.
I don't eat seafood at all. But we need to Educate people not to throw away old drugs down drain toilet. You should be able to return unused drugs to pharmacies for disposal.
trump lied when he said we will stop the drug
Maybe we shouldn't be dumping so much crap in the ocean.
Clean up your sewerage systems then! You have a problem!
Awesome to know that our EPA or FDA won't be doing anything either! We're winning bigly! *laced with sarcasm
People are focusing on the drugs themselves. They should be focusing on the system and how many doctors have turned into legalized pill pushers. Better than prescribe for the symptoms than solve the problem.
First Morgan Freeman? Then this? There’s only so much I can take, please just stop it!
Whatever doctor is selling OxyContin to shellfish needs to be in jail.
Well, look what we humans have done! We are not protecting our earth and our friends on this earth! Makes me so sad.
No need prescription,just gobble a ton of these!
I think we may have already passed the Point of No Return... and that's a scary thought we haven't really adapted to yet. 😢
Many many people think it is just fine to flush their old prescription drugs....they should return them to a pharmacy for disposal.
Well, they're doing their jobs I guess. Can you tell if a mussel is hooked on the oxy though? Or - more scientifically - can scientists tell what reactions the animals are having to this smorgasbord of chemistry?
Oh great now the clams are hooked.!
It won't be long before the earth cannot sustain us anymore
If I ever can’t afford my meds, I’ll just picked a pound of mussels
...........So what drug cartel became suicidal and dropped all their drugs in the ocean? Even they are patriarch based
""The doses of oxycodone that we found in mussels are like 100 to 500 times lower than you would need for an adult male therapeutic dose," she said. "So you would have to eat 150 pounds of mussels from these contaminated areas to even get a small dose. But just the fact that it's present tells us it is getting into our waters, at least in urban areas.""
Same is in most tap water. Waste water treatment plants don’t have the capability to filter out pharmaceuticals from human waste or dumped pills so after it’s treated the water, and drugs, go back into the waterways.
How much medicine needs to be dumped in the ocean, that it shows in the seafood? It’s a interesting...
Mussels are gonna have to go to rehab... they are always looking for their next fix.... unbelievable...
So are people developing a habit of eating mussels?
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C.J. Harris is a standout strong safety and helped lead Warner Robins High School to the Georgia state championship game. He also takes cannabis oil to prevent his seizures.

Georgia has some of the most backwards marijuana laws in the country. Oh and it's astounding the NFL will tolerate everything but smoking weed or kneeling.
The LEFT push pot cause its a easy way to control you.
This is CBD oil from a hemp plant. If taken from the mature stalk of a hemp plant grown in Europe it is federally legal in all 50 states. Even with trace amounts < .3% THC. This is not marijuana and it only serves the medical benefits to many people and no psychotropic effects! People please do your research on the subject.
Give him his cannabis oil and let him keep his dream. It works.
Correction, medical issues may prevent him from playing...
This is a miracle plant. No other plant on earth helps with so many different types of medical issues. Free the weed!
I'm proud that he's a strong football player, but I'm not for the cannibas oil. Congratulations!
Take the Guns and Legalizes weed yeahhhhhhhh
Rules are rules!!!!
He should be able to pass a drug test. CBD oil has negligible THC.
Let him play!!!
This shouldn't stop him from getting to play, with that said though I'm not really sure why anyone wants to play football anymore with what we now know about the levels of brain damage that they're finding in a shockingly high number of players. Someone with a seizure disorder should know about that especially. The last thing that he probably wants is a brain injury.
Would they do the same for insulin shots? No? Then sue.
My question is this.......Are you able to play with opioids in your system? How about amphetamines?
Life over football. One day people might realize big pharma is the shepherded
Instead of afc and nfc, it should be republicans and democratic teams. The rivalries would be great.
Let him have his oil. It helps n its for medical reasons.
Make your children buy drugs from your gov't, good quality, good taxes. Let us be the "Role Model of America."
Ohhhh, hes not taking steroids or enhancing drugs, or doing some real bad drugs, well his not quality , NFL takes only real drug addicts
OMG!!! This is miracle other plant in this world helps with so many different types of medical issues..... Awesome☺️☺️☺️
I’m willing to bet this time next year that rule will be overturned.
The NCAA is terrible
Just other reason why it should be legal
Has someone who is also epileptic, I'm glad that the cannabis oil works for him because it does not work for everyone
Crazy but hey we will give you a cortisone shot though
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"I can say this, the man who pinned me down had handcuffs on him today"

so, what about the women who have accused trump of the same thing.....why is he still in the WH?
Odd that she was so receptive to him when she wanted to be a "star". Sounds like "buyers remorse" to me.
I hope Weinstein rots. Also, your daily reminder that the President of The United States has 19 sexual assault allegations against him as well.
It sucks for dudes when these chics bang them to help push their career then years later they’re mad at themselves for having sex with someone disgusting so they come out with these allegations. Pound Me To
I honestly don't understand how women can be knocking her and the other women involved in this! Until you have walked in their shoes don't judge! Unless you are perfect, don't judge! Unless you are God, don't judge! You are the ones that appear small when you do this! Of course, some of the posts will be "fake/bot's".
Go away, Rose McGowan.
Ok so that’s Harvey, now Morgan is on the way. What about tackling the other elephant in the room..... I mean OrangeoTan 🤔
Spare that, did you complain back then?!
I have no sympathy for Harvey, but all these women only started speaking after they got what they were after!!!
First of all, I'm not saying what this man did was right by any means. It was disgusting and wrong. That being said. You can't rape the willing. No one held a gun to these women's heads, and told them that they had to be movie stars or that they even had to have a 600 million dollar movie career. The only reason that Weinstein had any power over these women was because they decided they wanted to be somebody in this world. As Axl Rose of Guns & Roses said it best. "You can taste the bright lights, but you won't get them for free." In other words if you want to cross the bridge then you got to pay the toll. These women could have chosen any other number of careers in this world. They could have been scientists, astronauts, or professional athletes, and instead they decided they wanted to be entertainers/actresses.
She is one angry woman, but seems she has every right to be. It took longer than it should have, but at least now the guy is going to have to answer for what he’s done in a court of law in front of a jury of his peers.
I am proud of these women for speaking up..just hoping that a message is sent to young women to stop putting yourself in these vulnerable circumstances...stop going to private office meetings alone and stop going to men's hotel rooms after hours for supposed business meetings...c'mon use some brains and prevent a lifetime of suffering.
Ok rose thanks. You can go back to being out of the spotlight again.
Let us hope Stormey Daniel's case works out so well
My question is... all this people are being charged... when this goddess we have in Charge is going to have his handcuffs on?
Wow a lot of men on this news feed are not following Melania’s Be Best
Really. I know it's hard to believe that a man you may have admired, or any man, could have done something wrong. And if you're a woman, it's easy to believe that you were the one who did something wrong. The #metoo movement exists to put an end to the men who have done something wrong. And start a conversation of support for the women who need to come forward.
Too bad these women did not speak up sooner to spare someone else the same. They wanted to be rich and famous, so they kept quiet as long as it benefitted them to do so. They were victims but also enablers for not speaking up at the time.
You women here bashing Rose, how dare you! Either you're very lucky or you're hiding your own pain. There is psychological disbelief, shame and many other factors in place where you are paralyzed and can't speak up, humans do this. What do you mean don't go into offices alone, you're pitching an idea/job. Men need to control themselves! Quit shaming women for men's inability to control their behavior!
GOOD GOD! Why are so many women on this post advocating or condoning RAPE?!? I get why piggish sick men who do not value a women's ownership of her own body are expressing their twisted RAPE condoning views, but women? WTF.
You can't rape the willing. Now a days every body is after a buck or two
So she has never reported this crime to police and is not testifying against him for raping her ? But she’s in Good Morning America ? I’m sorry , but how does this help women to come forward and prosecute rapists ?!?!
Sorry, but I'm not lumping old pervs overstepping their bounds in plain view of witnesses with a stone rapist. Yes, God yes a systemic problem exists, I now many cases, but in many others - some of y'all women are just too precious and nice, CLAP THE GUY BACK - RIGHT THEN AND THERE!!
Why did these woman wait so long to speak up?Had they reported it when it happened,maybe they could have prevented others from going thru the same.What was the motive for the silence until now?Not speaking up helped put others in the same situation.Do they ever think about it this way?Does any body?
CNN3 hours ago

This hair-raising footage shows lava moving through Leilani Estates in Pahoa, Hawaii. For more than three weeks, smoldering lava flows from the Kilauea volcano have spread into residential areas and forced thousands of residents from their homes

Anyone else thinking they need to get the hell out if there? I mean roads twist and turn and you could find yourself stranded fairly quickly if the road has already burned up...
HELLO!! IT'S TIME TO GO!!! What if the roads become blocked? What are you breathing in now? WHY ARE YOU FILMING THIS? GET OUT!!
Terrible loss. When will people stop building in active volcano areas, on cliffs over an ocean or hillsides subject to landslides? Insurance companies in the Midwest (and I am sure other areas) will not insure homes in flood plains. Why not make these areas public preserves and avoid this terrible loss?
I think they should have dug huge ditches to contain the lava. I'm talking about many meters in depth and dozens of meters in width to stop the advance of this lava! They still can do this!! Come on!
Can we please get Tommy Lee Jones in there to help? In all seriousness this is so terrible and unimaginable. Unreal.
If you haven’t been there take some time to at least GOOGLE “Kilauea and Pahoa Hawaii”. Look at a map a find out where they are being affected. Know what you are talking about before you comment. It is a terrible experience for the people involved and I hope the best for them.
These people who build near hurricanes, floods and volcanoes are not thinking straight. If I can’t find someone who’ll insure my property, there’s a big chance I shouldn’t be there. Why sleep with an eye open? Oh well, for all I know, there’s people living in Death Valley without AC.
To be honest, I don’t know who’s dumber, storm chasers or these people in the video.
As I was swiping through my timeline, I thought this was a scene out of the movie Volcano until i went back to get a better look. Talk about art imitating life. I guess it’s not a sci-fi movie anymore.
Warning keep your distance! Be careful and be safe. Madam Pele shoots lava fire bomb several hundred feet. In any direction if you take her for granted.
Those guys got a nerve to be near lava is worst I ever see, I don’t mind about other than hurricane, tornado 🌪 or other mother’s nature but this one this is really outrageous danger don’t stand there. U gonna be real sorry it would burst on you. I don’t understand them ..
What can those inhabitants do if this volcano is more strong than what has been thought and estimated ?! In front of such powerlessness, they have just grin and bear and pray !
Waaait....whaaat!?!? The Earth is ALIVE??? CNN wants us to believe this is the only catastrophic thing going on right now that needs our attention??? People. We all know there's volcanoes there. Get out.
They keep telling them it is time to go before they get blocked in. With them still there I would get me and my people and be gone. I am not risking my life and the life of others for idiots.
Hopefully Trump shows up soon to toss some paper towels to the residents affected. That always makes things better.
It's amazing that you can hear birds chirping in the background of the audio...seem they would have flown away before lava reached the area.
Feel sad for those affected of this eruption, i think it's over a long week already. Keep on praying and be safe guy's.
What are those people still doing in there? No wonder there are fatalities. You know is coming get your belonging and get out.
I know there are constrained places to live in Hawaii I can understand that but I would not live next to a volcano not even if you paid me.
This is Hawaii's way of letting out anger that Obama came from there.
Man the thing that pissed me off the most in this video is hearing the Coqui frog now found in Hawaii instead of keeping it exclusively in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
What is wrong with those people still there? Waiting for someone else to put their life at risk because they didn't go when they were supposed to?
Sad, but predictable. The same can be said about earthquakes in the san francisco area. One day it will happen.
It’s Madam Pele’s land... She created it, she can destroy it. She’s just “cleaning” house as we locals know.
This is very sad but u made a choice to live there knowing there was a chance this would happen very sorry for the loss
CNN3 hours ago

BREAKING: Ireland has voted overwhelmingly to overturn a constitutional ban on abortion, an exit poll from a national broadcaster suggests.

‪This is the problem with "democracy". The majority can vote to legalize murder.‬
So sad. I understand that a woman should choice on HER body. If a woman don’t want a baby she should use contraceptives. But as soon your pregnant it is not only your body, o body of an entire different human been is inside and you can not decide on her/him. A woman can decide not get that human in your body BEFORE taking contraceptives.
Proud to be Irish ☘️🇮🇪. Our women can now get safe and proper health care.
Ireland is evolving while our country is moving backwards
I am happy for the people of Ireland in this development, but it is so disheartening to see other countries making such progressive moves while here in a America we are going in the opposite direction.
God knew us from the womb and has numbered our hair!
Who am I to judge, let it be between her and God, it's her body let her make her own choice and it's none of other people business!!!
No woman wants an abortion, but the choice should be hers, nobody else's. Edited to add: No woman wants to NEED an abortion.
This is wonderful news for women all over Ireland. Their bodies. Their choice! <3
Isn’t it amazing that a catholic country can vote this way but we are moving backwards? Great job Ireland!! I applaud the decision!! A woman’s right to choose should be just that!!
The world is going to hell in a hand basket. Also the world is following right along the instructions in Revelation.
Don't want an abortion? Don't get one. #problemsolved
Yep.....mind your own.....ITS ABOUT CHOICE☆
I wish we could directly vote on gun control in the US instead of having to rely on our NRA-supported “representatives” to do the right thing.
I agree with this decision. However woman shouldn't use abortion as a birth control method. Men and women need to take more responsible in prevention!
Hoorays for Ireland...coming out of its 'dark ages' while America is entering into its new 'dark age' with Trump and company.
Welcome to the 21st century Ìreland!
A day of celebration for women’s rights 👏
No one is pro-abortion. It’s about women having a choice. They were the ones forced into those awful homes, in Ireland. They were homes run by nuns. So much abuse and so many secrets. I’m glad for this change. It’s said that around 7,000 newborn babies die everyday. That’s because of a lack of basic care for mother and baby.
I understand the complexity of this issue but could you stop celebrating as though someone just won a footy match? Respect.
If Ireland can turn around on abortion then we certainly should be able to enact common sense gun reform.
This is wonderful. nobody wants to need an abortion, but it should be up to the woman whose body is carrying the child. Men and government have no right to police these choices.
Congratulations & well wishes to Ireland! #CantLegislateMyBody
That's incredible. I'm so happy for the women of Ireland. The government should not tell you what you can and cannot do with your body. ❤️❤️❤️
A woman in Ireland died due to a complex pregnancy that threatened her life because she couldn't get an abortion. I hope that was a wake-up call to their citizens.