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Dramatic video shows North Korean soldiers firing at and chasing a defector as he attempts to cross the border into South Korea

Libby Toscano why can't they just let these people go?????? this is what America will look like the longer he is in the white house.
Jek Ellar Talingting US soldiers chasing, bombing, killing: no one bats an eye. North Koreans chasing North Korean Citizen: everybody then fckin cares!
Maitreya Gaur How terible must be the living condition in NK, when people think its better to die trying to escape this murderous regime.
Sparta Veliu The point is why ( we people care ? ). North Korean haven't done a threat to humanity . And why usa trying to daclear war with them which isn't usa business .
Chameera Chandrabaya Yapa Abeywardena CNN Isis has been defeated in Syria by Vladimir Putin and Syrian government forces ... Surprisingly this seems to not be news for you ... Compared to the coverage you gave on Isis and its danger to the civilised world say a year ago, this is an event where the world has been saved from the most ruthless form of terrorism known to mankind ... And this should be by your standard a year ago headline news worthy of a months coverage... Why is this not news for you ...?
Timothy Kizito If an American soldier or Secret agent did that and left for Russia, it's treason and the US government would want his/her head. Dead or alive. So let's let that sink into our heads first.
Jek Ellar Talingting What if this man is a spy? You know NK now's bein threatened by all other asian nation and western countries, and information leakage is the very last thing they would want.
Judy Canale how do regimes and dictators still exist after what the world has gone through? Humanity has not improved...we have learned nothing as nations and societies from wars and other sins against each other. Shame on us
Erwin Vazquez That was worth living a life in a free Country☝🏼 the entire country should rush the border for freedom. The Country’s leader is poking at the sleeping giant that guy knows what’s coming.
Max G. Duenaz Let's not pass judgment PuTinRump's United States of AmerRussia will have us the same way.... hope you trumpanzees love it you moronic dips....
Jesse James This guy has just exposed himself to a whole new world and the truth that NK isn't the superpower that little dwarf keeps telling his citizens that they are.
Lily Nicolson When will this all end ? When will all races lives in peace ? When will all this war and pain and fear ends ? When will we love our whole wide world ? When when when ?
Nana Kofi Agyei I'm very sure those guys in that part of the world ain't part of this planet....Ruthless and very crazy folk brainwashed by the walking doughnut 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🍩🍩🍩
Dorothy Rose Webb Ley the peopke leave of their own free will This really is comunism How come kim jon ill was educated in swiserland ????😃😃😃😃😃
Daniel Issacson That's exactly how American will look like in 2020 American citizens jumping the Mexico/USA great Wall !!!
Roy Strait The reality is NOW his 3 generations of Familly is going to a work/rehabilitation camp for the rest of their lives!
Gewan Smith Dasai It seem like the cameraman was in all angle it cannot be a cctv camera because it was shaking wonder if it's real
Adnan Mursal Fake news!!!!.. that's an actor paid by imperialist USA and fake Korea.. true Korean citizens are happy and healthy. Stop spreading fake new CNN.. no wonder Trump hates y'all smh
Thomas James MacDonald Me trying to leave work early.
Becca Cara Martinez America MUST take out Kim Jong-Un. This fatso is slowly killing his people with hunger (North Koreans have parasitic worms in their bodies). This maniac should NOT be allowed to live. Please send in SEALs to get the job done. Enough is enough.
Zimm Scott Gonna be what the US/Canada border will look like in a few years.
Kyi Jackson Kind of how our cops shoot at unarmed people who are running away from them?
Niraj Prajapati Good South Korean soldiers. How terrible must be living in NK that a soldier is willing to put his life in danger by defecting!
Helio Perez He heard the McRib is available at the South Korea McDees!
Shanel Benson-White Good for him. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Kudos to the soldier and medical team..
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President Donald J. Trump still believes Roy Moore can win -- and more importantly, two officials said, Trump didn't think he would be able to stop Moore, so why risk another failure in Alabama by speaking against him and having him refuse to step down?

Shanene Wright Sooooooooo, according to Trump, A black guy who shoplifts should be in jail in China for 10 years, a black guy who kneels should be fired but a white guy who is a self proclaimed “religious child molester “ should be in the Senate. Makes sense. 🤷🏽‍♀️
C.J. Brown In 45's eyes: Marshawn Lynch, NFL kneelers: a problem Ray Moore: ignore, excuse, part of the good ol' boys club no matter what bad he's done.
Marcus Oliver Moore is already looking forward to meet Barron Trump. He was totally astonished how tall and handsome that young man turned.
Libby Toscano if this does not prove to those idiots who keep voting these mentally disturbed republicans in time and time again that this is a problem, then we should all pack up and move to the Netherlands because this is the end of our democracy as we know it.
Patty McCalister If Alabama has any conscience, morals, values or just plain common sense, they won't vote him into office. Now the time for Alabama to show the rest of the country, that we don't stand for immorality!! It's up to THEM!! Do the RIGHT thing Alabama!!
Paul Stuart What a hard choice. A child predator or someone else............ We all see now where Alabama and the president stand. And it’s not with America.
Lincourt Ellen Because 51% of Americans are female and a good majority of males think that a 30+ year old man dating teens is just creepy.
Cheryl Turcotte I am so ashamed to live in a country where a sexual predator is president and child molestation is fine as long as a tax cut for the rich is approved..The republican party is broken.
Roger Strong Trump can’t function without a republican majority in the senate and will say anything or back anyone, no matter how vile to maintain it!
Carol Mayer You keep showing the comments from DT supporting Moore and saying the Democrat is bad on crime, weak on the boarder and will raise Taxes. Of course we all know DT would never lie to the American people for a political reason ;-)) (barf) You never give the democrat a chance to speak to DT's remarks. What are the real positions of each candidate because DT has no credibility on anything in the eyes of the majority of the American people. CNN should be ashamed of these reports...yet you continue to air all the talking points made by DT and nothing else of value to the voters of Alabama. It is pretty clear who you tell me how much did you get paid to focus on DT's big mouth and the pervert Moore. You are Just another hooker network. .
Gregg Millis The President campaigning for a child molester to get his tax plan passed. You people (supporters) are dumber than a box of rocks.
James Dalton Kerner Beyond disgusting that the so-called leader of the free world chooses to gain an R vote in the Senate over the safety and welfare of a child!! This, while a young girl of who was stolen into sex trafficking and killed her predator after years of abuse, sits in prison, ineligible for parole until she is 67 (currently 26 yrs old)!!! Priorities????
Jeryll Bushman This is so embarrassing for our once great nation. Child molestation being approved by our so called president. Destroying everything that’s been achieved since FDR. What the hell is happening.
Ross Cooper " There is a special place in hell for anyone who would support a child abuser for the U.S. Senate." Ivanka Trump. " Special place in hell " indeed!
Bobbi Smith When you don't demand standards from those running for leadership! What does the wife really think? How could she 'stand by her man' - you can't tell me he's stopped his predatory nature
Maria Spida So this is how he makes moral decisions? Welcome to the New Age of Trump, folks. You‘re a pedopile? Its’s ok as long as you’re a winner and make me look good.
Carmen Ortiz Trump your just another bastante as Moore. You have a grand daughter is all am gonna say. Until them we shall see if your feelings are the same you pig
Maria Arena I don't want Moore to back down, this was a scam brought on by the dem. party, and as usual it backfired and now it's coming back on them.
LY Young Trump is a sick pervert....period. He shows his true colors at every opportunity. #crook #criminal #PERVERT #moneylaunderer #racist
Gerry Len Trumps ok with it. Because birds of a feather, flock together. Trump likes his a little older. None the less they are two peas in a pod.
Robin McFetridge Trump is proof that a sexual predator can indeed win an election. That's a very sad commentary about our country.
Bob Cresanto John Conyers paid an accuser $27,000.00 of taxpayer money to shut up and go away quietly. That's exactly what Bill O'Reilly and Harvey Weinstein did... paid off or threatened women to shut up and go away quietly.
Adni Mlk Adni I am at a loss as to how Trump supporters can be "OK" with a man that endorses an "alleged" child molester, whilst, he himself is accused of numerous acts that brings the office of the Presidency into disrepute. I feel sorry for the Americans that didn't want this! Trump and Brexit supporters share a lot in common!
Ibrahim Shettima Kuburi Jr. Sometimes last year the demoncraft and their Allies open the Pandora's Box. Guess what unless Jesus Christ comes down to fix this. The show will continue,. If Trump is Bad, if Moore is bad, if Bannon is just a lost cannon and Alex Jones is just a conspiracy theories,. So who are the good guys, Roothchild, Rokerfamily Soros, ClintonS, Bezoos,. the list goes. even God will have top time looking into this people rap sheet. I was here.
Gilberto Celestino Hernandez Jr. If moore wins, I think he will, it shows how demented and twisted the people of Alabama really are. Don't get angry at them, pitty them.
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The days of net neutrality are numbered.

William Horschak Another prime example of why if you're NOT a millionaire, you should never (ever) vote Republican. All these guys care about is giving massive welfare packages to their donors, and footing YOU with the bill. Sure, (just like the corporate dems), they'll play identity politics. Make you believe the GOP is really about flags and patriotism, when it's really only about giving massive handouts to the top 1%. So pray tell any of you Trumpians; why do you vote against yourself? Why do you vote to give yourself a massive tax increase and allowing Repubs to cut funding to services you'll definitely need (medicare/medicaid), just so a few super rich guys can buy a few new yachts? Nope, I'll just wait for strawman arguments involving Obama or Hillary in 3....2.......1.......
Jacob Lee Trump supporters are seeming to have some sort new found revelation that net neutrality is bad. Don’t seem to realize how isp monopolies is a horrible outcome of the birth of internet. It’s just unavoidable.
Justin L. Whitley Who is LOVING this post?? What is wrong with people? This is the epitome of huge corporations controlling the public. They will control your speed, how you use it as well as what content you're allowed to see. This is fascism. Those totalitarian screws are turning a little tighter and the internet as we know it could be over. Everyone is so wrapped up and distracted in sex scandals that no ones noticing this. It's what happens when you vote for Republicans. Fear the government, they say...but while they're telling you that, they're just taking and taking. No more decent healthcare, a huge tax hike and now the internet. STOP. VOTING. REPUBLICAN.
Virginia Kavanagh Drew Just another way to control public knowledge by blocking sites that the "big guys" don't like or that have something to say about their behaviour. They could easily slow down access to certain news organizations (starting to follow now?) on a whim. This also runs contrary to the first amendment calling for freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
Matt Maxwell This is what “helping big business” looks like
Melanie Yvonne This guy has a very punchable face.
Marie KJorsvik Can someone please help me understand this more clearly ... Or should I say those with true unbiased information not the hump supporters
Jerry Cook Another win for Americans... I am tired of all the winning! And destruction and deplorable decisions.
Hansel Junior And we are becoming the new China and North Korea, where the internet it's control by the government 🤦‍♂️
Bonnie Ericson Yoo #Twitter call this number no matter where you are 202-418-1000. Say , "I support net neutrality" or one day this app could be illegal
Isiah Bender Rodriguez it is so easy to call your representatives and complain and get outraged. make sure your voice is heard especially if you live in an area where they support the fcc. make sure to tell them we want the internet to remain free!
Emily Leivas It figures, anything that President Obama approved & has name on it TRUMP wants to reverse. He doesn't care if it is good for the country. He is so envious & jealous of President Obama he will cut of his own nose. I guess by reversing everything President Obama did, TRUMP thinks he can wipe President Obama out of the history book Instead it proves what a idiot he is!! I can only imagine what history book (or what ever they will be using) will write about the worst person to sit in the Oval Office. I guess he is freeing up the internet for his Russian buddies. They won't have to hire TROLLS. Russia can just post their propaganda & so can ISIS!!!. TRUMP won't be happy until he distroys the country & Russia can step in. Well if he isn't impeached in 2018 we will take back the house. Then in 2020 we will take pack the senate & dump TRUMP. We will ELECT a Demorcate President & repeal every executive order & everything TRUMP has done. If it a law then the Democates will be in control & we will amend any law or change anything he has done. So jump on board the dump truck is in gear & head to the White House. We will clean out the White House & fumigate it!! WE ARE TAKING BACK AMERICA THE LAND WE LOVE ❤
Robert Washington For you Trump voters this means no more Pornhub.
Chad Kirtland This is the direct link to the FCC public comment page (Purchased By John Oliver) Click "Express" and leave your comment.
Mindy Oakes This is dangerous. This is a step towards state-owned media.
Tee Wayne What else can we do to become more like North Korea?!! 🙁
Patrick Smith Is this a done deal or is there anything we can do about it?!
David Anthony Do any of you know what Net Nuetrality is?
Carol Lamont Yet another terrible decision by Trump.
Chisala Chisenga net neutrality? definitin? anyone?....dont ask me to google am in china where its banned
Faddy Dair Hassan Slender Never Get tired . She only gets Thirsty - Faddy Lamar #Somalia :DDD
Jon Russell Days numbered? We’ll see how long that s*** lasts.
Ibrahim Shettima Kuburi Jr. Bravo! AT&T, Time Warner marger coming soon.
Cees Nijland Hahaha more more US turning into a Dictatorship, next move forbid all TV station except Fox
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Researchers have uncovered a 1960s sugar-industry-funded study that they say links a high-sugar diet to high blood cholesterol levels and cancer in rats. The study was never published and has been forgotten until now.

Christopher Jensen Don’t worry. Anything you eat and do gives you cancer. We are all walking dead according to these lame as researchers.
Emily Rose Finally, the truth outs! A high sugar or high glycemic diet converts to fat in the blood/high triglycerides and increased inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation is at the root of all cancers.
Kevin Mayhair CNN: Making job companies like American Crystal Sugar look bad for over 50 years. I'm sure they'll want to lobby for more sugar tax because of it, which doesn't hurt the companies. It hurts us, the consumers.
Kevin Mayhair No more Sugar Bowl? Great now Alabama will have to play in the Stand Up for Cancer bowl. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it. Nonetheless Roll Tide Roll🐘🏈🍧!
Melody Taylor When you all can tell people how to cut sugar cravings that would help too. There is a root to everything.
Sucio Lucio So, like cigarette companies, they’re going to have to makes ads telling us how bad sugar is for our health.
Andrea Gay Kearney Kaufman Thanks a lot greedy sugar industry. I lost some relatives decades sooner than I would've had to. Nah, I didn't need their love. I just needed your SUGAR.
Lisa Rose You know it’s messed up when cannabis is illegal, kills cancers and sugar is in everything we eat, which causes cancer. Society is backwards🙁
Bumble Bea Old news! It’s what brings the government $$ by keeping folks sick. Sick=Doctor visits=Pharmaceuticals=Poison(Drugs)=GREED
Lisa Rose I know a few big telly tubbies, and I can tell you now they don’t care...they are so addicted to sugar that when I tell them it causes cancer, it goes in one ear and out the “ohh that’s terrible” *continues eating twizzlers* I feel bad for them because they will be on meds for the rest of their unfortunate half life. 😕
Phil Neale Studies in the 70's have been known to be wrong because they gave too much of the subject to their animals to get a true outcome. Saccharine for example.
Mercy Chioma Umeizudike Of course sugar facilitates cancer cell growth. I thought everyone knew that.
Lisa Flomo You don't need studies to know sugar is bad for you
Jessica Bent Just like microwaves are safe for cooking food 🤔 I believe a forgotten study on that also
Lance Free High sugar diets aren't healthy? What!?
Peter Rieser Sugar is the real drug problem in this country.
Robert H Johnson I guess that’s what is killing America.
Eric Ison An apple is not a banana a man is not a woman - confirm or deny. No talk, no chatter... simple answer.
Ty Olshefsky So sugar is bad for you, like really bad? Didn’t see any of the warning signs here.
The law of attraction / the secret A new beginning is on your horizon but you must have the courage to push through. Declare your struggles over. Declare your enemies defeated. Declare yourself victorious. Do this with passion. Your own self-talk is a very powerful tool in cultivating your belief system and ultimately your results. If you are defeated in your thoughts you will be defeated in your life. If you are a champion in your thoughts - your success is inevitable.
Harris Roberts Are all these biotech researchers from California? If so, then go away.
Where There is Love There is Life To create the life of your dreams, the time has come for you to love You. Focus on Your joy. Do all the things that make You feel good. Love You, inside and out. Everything will change in your life, when you change the inside of you. Allow the Universe to give you every good thing you deserve, by being a magnet to them all. To be a magnet for every single thing you deserve, you must be a magnet of love.” ~Rhonda Byrne
Kevin Redd Glad it’s being released now
Nissa Higgins Well.... I'm sure it wasn't forgotten.
Alex Tanjuico 🎶 Sugar! Ahhh honey honey! 🎶 🙃
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It's not easy to finding a vessel that's designed not to be found -- especially one that might have lost its ability to communicate

Leanna Dietczhe Can you even imagine being on that sub? Not knowing if you'll be found or rescued while you slowly drift down further and further waiting for pressure to crush you? Or perhaps sitting on an ocean shelf waiting for oxygen/food to run out.
Frederick Huicochea Somehow for the last couple of days I have not been very optimistic about this outcome. I feel like other circumstances have taken place that have sealed their fate days ago. HopeI am wrong!
Jose-Marie Katende Over the years, the Navy has planted sophisticated tracking satellite surveillance systems on Marine life like Dolphin, Grey whites and even Octopi for this exact reason. To find enemy deep-sea watercraft without even being there. Not sure anybody knows the magnitude of that operation but it sure would come in handy now, even if it mostly dwells on luck and that fish being in the right place at the right time.
Paul Nedley As an ex-submariner, I'm hoping these guys can be saved, but the longer this goes on, and the weather conditions on the surface, do not bode well.
Margie Peterson iIdon't think this SUBMARINE went missing by it self. A few years ago a Plane with over 200 people on board was "SHOT DOWN", know one was allowed to collect their bodies for a week. Just saying.
Kevin Durrell Remember two days ago when Trump supporters wouldn't shut up about the border agent killed? Turns out if you show them a shiny object they get distracted and go away.
Caitlynn Jennerr Similar to CNN finding real news.... never going to happen
David Jones maybe new subs should have two ways to communicate?
Blaine Elliott Shows us that our military isn't that great
Chris Gagnier they most likely sold it to North Korea
Michael Olague It's been almost a year and we still can't find our president.
Ryan Dooshka They probably went rogue to traffic some cocaine somewhere
Marc Breslin The Hunt for Red October
Maya Lamkin Even this is FakeNews. Unbelievable.
Hope Cooper "It's not easy to finding"...????
Maximilien Schmitt Olala l'angoisse Baptiste
Aaron Day Nice job
Abdullah Gheedan . There are in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Sirya, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Armenia, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Uganda, Chad, Angola, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bhutan, Philipines Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Italy, France, Britain, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, the island of Tobago in the Caribbean, Cuba, Canada and the USA admierers of the vocational education skills at King Abdullah II for Excellence School in Zarka, in which I train students on many scientific vocational skills such as health, industry, agriculture, home economics, economy, technology, hostelery and tourism. Hoping every one can benefit of what they learn. Please take a look at the photo albums on my facebook page Abdullah Gheedan, as these skills havs been taught at our school in spite of the lack of resources. I hope you like them
Brian Clemente This stuff usually only happens to Russia and China. Looks Like America is losing its superiority
Cameron Brien Billy Toucanpants
Davey Geez Yes they are very hard to find. North Korea has dozens of these class subs also. Imagine one being turned into a giant nuke
Nick Harmon Russians got it
Tobias L Reid They are dead even if they do find it how do you get people out of the sub when all that pressure is going to kill them if they escape
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JUST IN: A US Navy aircraft carrying 11 crew and passengers crashed into the Pacific Ocean, southeast of Okinawa

Nicolai Olbæk Hansen Do people not know what an aircraft is anymore since I have seen multiple times people ask how you crash into the water... well when the aircraft can't stay in the air it falls down and if there's water under when it falls then it crashes into the water... at least understand the headline before you comment people
Laurie Sharper I was going to make some comments then remembered this is our military and 11 families are about to get the worst news. My thoughts and prayers are with the families. May God protect and comfort you in the days to come.
Joseph Sky Ejeh I didn't read the post but I know Mugabe will sit with Trump in Las Vegas, Zimbabwe to talk about how Mourinho can improve Ronaldo Laliga goals in MLS...
Carlos Zavala God I hope we don’t get attacked or invaded bc it seems every other month another one of our military ships is being sunken. But that’s what this nation gets when it elects a moron who blinded the fools. Now if we get attacked you really think trump knows how to protect a nation???? Hahah I’m guessing no...
Aliza Doolytle Keep up the rescue efforts! So far eight have been rescued! Let’s get the other three and then find out what happened!
Vollie J Hollands III This image doesn't go with the title. Looking at the image I read the title as "an aircraft carrier has crashed". I think a picture of the plane that crashed would have been more appropriate.
Kevin Smith This is Just for the people that cannot comprehend the logic of a navy aircraft going down into the ocean. All 4 branches of the military have there own aviation department. The navy has search and rescue planes, choppers, pilots, fighter pilots modified attack jets, modified bombers, also have the navy seals that are fond of both air and sea to enter it's area of attack. The marines also have it's own air capabilities to launch from carriers and land bases. It's so when one unit needs support on the dime it does not have to go out side it's own branch as a first resort.
Jacqueline Gonzalez Wow this is so heart breaking.... Sad day for the families who are about to receive the bad news now during the holiday...praying for them all...
Megan Mora The Chinese have been getting incredibly aggressive in that region and tension has been high for a while. I would not be surprised if this is how WWIII begins.
Frederick Bonilla Melgar Hajaha...c9mments more...understand first b4 commentttttt.....but to the family of the victims..hope u overcome ure Gods name..
Cassino Kalu The only best soldiers we have in the world Zimbabwean soldiers who don't crush with situations, Children were allowed to play with loaded armored vehicles and no one was hurt
Teddy Newell Really sad that most didnt even read the article, did not offer sympathy to the family of those lost and made it political. Prayers to the families of those lost
Monte Tolley I see most on this thread can't read ....IT WAS A AIR CRAFT THAT CRASH IN THE OCEAN . ...they probably got Twisted when they got News that Trump endorsed a Child Molester for Senate ....
Bamidele Sunday Today am very sad to hear this may God let see if the drown one among them can still be rescued and any dead one among them may their dead never be in vain may their soul rest in perfect pease on the bosom of living God amen
Lisa Kohb This is bs! This administration needs to start funding the personnel and staff; stop short changing them...
Teresa Crain My thoughts and prayers are with the 11 men and their family. 🇺🇸⚓️🇺🇸 I just laid my husband to sea. That was his wishes🙏🏻
Ricardo Turla A navy aircraft crashed, but the headline picture is an aircraft carrier... 🤔🤔🤔 i hope you'll the crew.
Craig Hobart Its okay guys. Populist Donald that was going to pull our troops from all across the world isn't a real person. Compromised Donald that has no idea what he's going to do next... will do whatever mother Russia and Daddy Fox News asks him to.
Ajoy Sankar Chakraborty Okinawa seems omen to US. Better leave the place.Instead of forgiving Turkey,Trump may try Halal(sacrifice) to revert.
Sherry Belle Somebody has to tell these ppl if it's a liberal or conservative situation. They're losing their minds!!!
Kyle Poynter They crashed into the ocean huh?
Doğan Özol Exactly where mongolian ships sunk in 1299 on the way to japan and mongolian empire did end. Japan did named this kamikaze also godswill. İn 1942 was there again a is japaneese bermuda polygon.
Matte Olwenny I will revist you through your childrens children for up to 10 generation or even more due to your evil doings, i will forget not the evil things you have done. Thus says the lord. Could this be what witnessing??
Gerald Anthony Don't worry trump will take care of this.
Ken Mendoza Bolor So much hate in the comments section and no sympathy over plane crash victims. So sad.
CNN3 hours ago

A batch of documents reveal frustration among staffers at the Department of Interior over coordinating travel for Secretary Ryan Zinke's wife on an official trip.

Clark Stone Entire administration is nothing but a bunch of grifters looking to line their pockets at America's expense.
John Lockwood Like redneck relatives, you got to nail down every and anything they can steal. Because they are gonna try and steal it all.
Jan Thornton It’s fine if she goes, but they need to pay her own way. A staff needs to deal with frustrating things that are considered normal, like having spouses together when possible if one of them travels a lot or works long hours. Get over it.
Martha Perry but he needs her with him, like his bud Pence, otherwise who knows what deviant behavior might occur..course they could both grow up
William Horschak Can we please start locking up these crooks who use our taxpayer dollars for their own personal leisure? This is the same crooked POS who helped get that bs deal for his friend, who owned an "energy company", with only two employees, in Puerto Rico.
Althea Bentley I just read the entire article and found nothing wrong with the situation. I'm sure you have better things to report on
Tracy Taylor In this picture Pence is praying to keep his eyes off this woman while endorsing a child molester to the senate.
James Lee A bigger question. Let's investigate (D) John Conyers . . mistress travel with him at taxpayers expense. Wow..the old coot can barely stand up; what do they see in him??? Oh, I forgot..$$$$$.
Darrell Davis Man, Trump sure knows how to pick them. They're all losers, like him.
Janet Wade Luty Is there a boot camp for Public Servants we can send these self-serving profiteers to? You know, where they can learn to SERVE THE PUBLIC instead of themselves?
Yan Zheng Blood sucking the taxpayer money this administration
Gerald Anthony Hey cnn you're reaching, just stop and enjoy the time you had, because now it's over. MAGA!
Ian Juan Francisco The swamp is overflowing with dirtier sludge.
Jeff Roach The Orange bog overfloweth...
Deb Sorrell It's okay, it's take your wife to work day for this administration... again...
Chris Spalding Jesus saves, and so can you at Cadence Bank.
Dewey Cox She's just as "indigenous" to the US as the injuns
Richard Durham Next up will show she has shares in Whitefish 😡
Mike Reynolds the Swamp was drained and freshly stocked with republican carp
Maya Lamkin Meanwhile Trump is grabbing the Establishment swamp and their FakeNews by the p*ssy. Lol.
Braxton Mealey CNN=Crappy Nutty News
Tom Thurlow What happened to "Drain the Swamp"???
Jill Tanner I'm curious, is she pregnant?
Josh Farrar Who cares? Lol
Brien Vitz Lmao....more BS from CNN
CNN3 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump said of the national conversation about sexual harassment is "very, very good for women" and he is "very happy" about that. He also defended Roy Moore, whom he says gives a "total denial."

Tina Rice Just when you think the deranged lunatic, couldn't get any lower. Chump says hold my beer and watch this. Such an embarrassment for this country. Anybody that can still support this pig, is majorly lacking in the brains department and morals department.
Derek Irish Trump then said: "I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it, you can do anything... grab them by the pussy."
Russell Chikandiwa Why does the editorial say it is double talk? I thought the fairness of the law was one is innocent until proven guilty. Perhaps President Trump is right to label CNN as fake news......... Your bias towards him is so ridiculous
Cornelio Gonzalez he's trying so hard to double talk through this and not stir up all the allegations against him..can't talk or buy your way out of everything Donnie, they're coming for you very, very soon...
Gerald Anthony What a great man we have in the white house, such strength and intelligence. A real role model for all. MAGA
Loren Lipps Trump and Putin will be stealing the election for Roy Moore. Roy Moore was losing ~~~ now they say the election is close. Just as with Trump ~~~ Trump was losing and then they said it was close then no results at all were coming out to the last moment and then it all came out total Trump with nothing saying Hillary. The results will be changed and they will try to say Roy Moore won. They are changing the results ~~~ hiding ballots ~~~ and stopping people from voting. It will probably be jist like the 2016 election. We will see.
Agbeje Martin Mr President himself has the moral loads of sexual harassment on his neck. Now, Mr President has judged it very, very good for women, is he ready to let those women pointing accusing fingers of harassment against him speak and be heard? Here is a man who has agreed to groping ladies but denied harassing them, can the President tell the world the difference between groping ladies (against their wish) and sexual harassment?
LaTanya Missy Davenport-Williams Did anyone actually think him or the rest of his party would do anything more? This shouldn’t even be a partisan issue! Sadly, they can’t even draw the line in the sand for child molestation! Sick!!! So what’s this about Making America Great again? NOT!! I’m so ashamed of my country right now!
Teryn Sanders Nice headline wording Makes it look like Trump says that sexual harassment is "very good for women" But he says that the fact that these incidents are coming to public light is good for women. And by no means does restating that roy moore denies the allrgations imply a double take, or even a defense of roy moore. 1. It only states that roy moore denies it. It does not convey personal opinion. 2. Roy Moore is innocent until proven guilty. From now until such a time the court finds him guilty, he should be viewed as innocent.
Jackie Emerald Typical. He is the guy who said he believed Putin didn't interfere with the elections, and what - a day later says he has faith in US intelligence agencies that found he did. He says whatever is convenient at the moment. He doesn't care or believe any of it. What matters to Trump is whatever his definition is of winning. Convenient, advantageous, tell people what they want to hear. That to Trump is the definition of "truth."
Connie Crucilla That's not "double-talk". It is allegations and has yet to be proven. If he is found guilty then it would be time to bash the President if he CONTINUES to defend. Come on people...The law is "innocent until proven guilty" and the President is following this law.
Elaine Herron The president doesn’t want a democratic senator from Alabama because he will be weak on crime. Well, mr. President if Roy Moore is elected you definitely have a person strong on crime! He apparently has no problem committing crimes of the worse kind....just like you!
Tom Thurlow Ivanka Trump said there is a special place in hell for people who sexually abuse children, and that she had no reason to not believe the 8 women who have accused Moore. For some reason she doesn't believe the 16 women who have accused her father though... 🙁
Daniel J. Cantu So on this standard alone, Bill Clinton should have been thrown out of office! Don't give me that "he was impeached" bullcrap, because he was acquitted by the Senate and finished his term! Yet the left hail Slick Willy!
Rhee Livingston Is this coming from the news organization that not only supported Bill Clinton with knowledge of his predatory ways but helped to covered it up? You guys realize that you have no credibility because you are hypocrites and liars, right?
Pius Enyiah Bayo There was a time a politician could go down by simply giving a nod to these kinds of behavior.. shame on the US to have been brainwashed,stooped so low and allow this liar dictate the narrative
Vanessa Lynn If Moore gets elected after all of this like Trump did, the U.S. will be the laughing stock of the world. What a terrible fall from grace.
Bryan Holmquist It’s “very, very good”? I shouldn’t bother asking, as I already know the answer, but is that really all his limited intelligence can come up with?
Norman Fields He supports the women who are coming out to accuse Democrats. Republicans who are accused are innocent because they say they are. (him and Moore)
Jacob Baughman There you go women of the world, there you have it straight out of horses mouth, women don’t have any rights to tell there stories about a sexual attack by men and then be called a liar. Is this what you want for a leader to not believe you when you come out to tell your story not just one woman but 9 yes 9 woman came out and he called all these 9 women liars. Nice going TRUMP!
Richard Durham Amid the national concern with sexual harrasmment Trump announces a special counsel will look into all 16 allegations against himself. He also stated that Moore's history makes him a good fit as a GOP senator!!!!
Emil Losange He is so afraid that this hole thing is going to back lash agains him, and it eventually will, he is not qualified for this office and he is making a mockery off the hole nation!!🤡
Daniel Ely Wasn't it a year ago he was doing the exact same thing as Roy Moore, just a bit louder and boisterous in his own denials?
Wendy Templin Trump doesn't care all of this coming out now bcuz he's being watched like a hawk. Read the stories of things he said/did to 17 women. Plus accused of rape and attempted rape 3 times. Plus has how many baby momas, lol? If he were a woman he'd be called a ho. But forcibly kissing women is not ok. He can't get away with it right now but he sympathizes with men like himself (Moore).
Jimmy Holland Remember literally the last 20 years when everyone was saying hay juanita mrs wiley and flowers had ben sexually assaulted but no body in the Fake News media wanted to talk about it till last week sometime? #PepperidgeFarmRemembers
CNN4 hours ago

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she supports the repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate, but it isn't clear if she will support the tax reform bill as a whole.

Linda Winston Tcimpidis If the mandate goes away, so does coverage for pre-existing conditions, children covered to age 26, and premiums will skyrocket.....
Steve Genow All well and good, but where is the Republican alternative to ACA? Where is Trump's "insurance for everyone, at lower cost and with complete coverage"? Easy to take something away, especially when in 7+ years the Republicans have no replacement. Repeal and replace becomes chip away piece by piece until it crashes, then give the savings to rich people (and call it tax reform).
Dan Foote Senator Murkowski ought to rethink this stance on this incredibly poor bill being floated for approval. Should she vote in favor, it will be clear to Alaskans that her positions are not for but against them. There is nothing in this tax bill that supports anyone other than the wealthy. This bill is simply legalized theft, if it passes.
Ifeoma Adannia Timothy I don't really care anymore. Let them vote whatever they want. America will crash on all of us. What the heck? One has not experience any peace of mind since republicans took over the WH. 2018 is here. We shall speak on the poll.
Emily Christine I understand that the "affordable Care act" has its problems, but why do you have to repeal it all? Why can't we just fix what isn't working? If it is repealed I will lose my insurance. I have a preexisting condition that requires medicine and invasive treatments. So now because some parts don't work, I'm going to lose my insurance? What am I supposed to do? Suck it up, get over it?
Viola Faria What are you going to do for the people of Alaska when they have no health insurance and start dying, or do you even have a conscious
Heather Wells When every non-partisan projection shows that this bill will do nothing but harm the middle class, destroy healthcare for the poor and elderly, and send more money to the rich who isn't really known for sharing the wealth, I can't help but wonder what kind of people want this kind of thing.
Jeff Bulger Lisa Murkowski-You know they only put the repeal of the mandate in there to help get the rest of their corupt bill passed!!!!!!
Julie Doepken UGH. Why? Lisa. I'm so weary of your partisan're making noise to support trashing the individual mandate (yay, you're a Republican partisan player!) but won't quite support the tax bill yet (yay, you're looking like a reasonable moderate!). Make up your mind. Having more people in the insurance markets helps keep costs down. It's not a perfect system right now, so FIX THE ACA instead of continuing to try to sabotage it. Please.
Judith L. Corey Over 80% of those penalized by the fine make under 50k a year...Maybe they can’t afford the largesse so other people can get insurance for free?
Robert Rios This is why we need to take out big business out of government!!!!!!!! The healthy is suppose to take care of the sick! That's how it works!!
Aaron Sayers Fraud. Ran as a Democrat (what she is at heart) and lost so she switched up real quick and ran as republican and won... crooked bia
Edwin Perez Another way this country has been sold out. Add one provision to win a vote and sell out the rest of America to preserve her own state.
Craig Hobart When you don't know whether to screw over the people you live in Alaska with... or to screw over the people whose money made living in Alaska tolerable.
Bodi Probert Repeal the mandate, don't force us to buy your crappy program, some of us hate it, hence Trump!
Carmen Denise Removing the mandate is a good beginning. Repealing the ACA fully is better. It has wrecked havoc on the economy and hurt countless families and businesses. The premiums are not affordable and the deductibles are ridiculous. When something is made mandatory, of course competitive pricing ends.. Obama should be ashamed of what he did to Americans....and that does include Democrats. He handed the insurance companies billions in profits with the mandates. Shame, shame, shame on you Obama.
Cregg Lancaster It's really not that hard to develop a medical delivery which gives a base of care in which people don't die from a lack of care and purchase beyond the base for voluntary care or to avoid wait times
Joel Hammer alaska is full of dumbshits apparently.
John Plunk She's already said the Alaskan oil drilling tied to the tax bill is right up her alley. I think we can count on her vote. Drill baby drill !
Anne Dale Did the GOP buy you out Lisa Murkowski ???
Travis Clemetson This “tax reform bill” is anything but tax reform
Mark Rubello Letting people have choice is a good thing! Stop forcing crappy Obamacare on people who don't want it!
Ryan Dooshka Doesn't matter. I refuse to buy insurance pay the penalty anyway. My body. My choice. Sorry insurance companies. Womp womp.
William Lashley Good, if Obamacare is so great why does it need an extortion clause anyway?
Sandra Kaye Hansen Come on, Lisa. Alaska and your country needs you.
CNN4 hours ago

Dramatic video shows North Korean soldiers firing at and chasing a defector as he attempts to cross the border into South Korea

Diamond Dennis Very sad and scary. This is why forced patriotism isn't something to aspire to. The right to protest a country that has failed you is a right we should all hold dear. And a country that listens to the cries of its people is a country we should all hope to build.
Steve Catman Sure bomb North Korea but then deal with their allies China and Russia... you're so dumb you must of voted for Trump
Chidiebere 'Andy' Ndukwu A moment of silence for those North Korean soldiers who allowed that guy escape over the border plus them getting to find out from international media that he actually survived the shootings...
Xander Shah The smartest thing to do is to built reinforced wall around North Korea instead of Mexico boarder then bombard whole North Korea to end this drama forever!
Unes Walter Back in the times with the east german wall, this was nearly a daily horrible drama when thousands of east Germans got killed by attempting to cross the border to west Germany, just didn't had that video/media coverage as it is now. Terrible just terrible...
Randy Lock-Lynn Someone risks their life to get out of the country and these soldiers go out of their way to shoot them. What a convoluted sense of patriotism these people have. I know they'd probably be shot themselves if they didn't seem to at least put effort in to stop him but my hope is that some were intentionally missing him.
Mihael Širka But why is he running from NK? I mean they have a socialist government. According to some people socialism/communism is the best form of government.
Jaime Herrera Looks like police in the USA chasing a black guy.
Skyler Gilbert can we all take a moment and realize the amount of courage it took for this guy to do this? absolutely incredible. hopefully the guy pulls through.
Cj Gonzalez So Bubba was from Bayou La Batre, Alabama, and his momma cooked shrimp. And her momma before her cooked shrimp. And her momma before her momma cooked shrimp, too. Bubba family knew everything there was to know about the shrimpin' business
Mario Guajardo North Korea violates the armistice often but unless you live in South Korea or are stationed there you never hear about it
Michael Jacquan Mabry My my wife and I where at the hospital during that time the same day... he was transported to the same hospital later on that same evening.
Nick Zaharakis Unfortunately as a human race we are very devided...but it is to blame North Korea on this ...because if it was a normal country this guy would never come to the point to risk his own life just to pass the boarders sad
Louis JaJa Boston This happens many times. Why try to find a dumb reason to start a war, a war you won’t win! These ppl are not Isis with ragtag weapons. They are capable of nuking the US and wiping out millions of Americans. Is that the road you want to go down?
Ryan Gallagher Best part of this video-" he's still not conscious, so at this point we are still uncertain on why he was defecting.." Really? Pretty sure it's because North Korea is a hellhole, stuck in archaic times, ruled by a tyrant who couldnt care less about his people.. I think we forget how lucky we are sometimes to be living in a country where we don't have to worry about getting our entire families decades of hard Labour, imprisoned and starved just for saying the wrong thing. Or singing. Or driving too far down the road without getting permission to go where you want.. I could go on and on here, but I'd say that you can bet the farm on the fact that he was defecting because North Korea is one of the shittiest places on the planet to live..
Charles Russell Do you really think that North Korea cares about violations to the armistice? Afterall, didn't they declare it invalid on Mar 11, 2013? I hope the soldier recovers and leads a happy and fulfilling life.
Eul Kim Americans keep wanting reasons to go to war. This is prob a minor incident other than the fact that a defector went through the DMZ.
HeuHau Langel If you defect you will be shot and killed. The rule applies to every countries. Since this happen to be a NK soldier, western media are using it to spearhead their propaganda. And some of you will be brainwashed by the media. SMH.
Lindsay Ralph Now everyone will hate north Korea and love trump and he can start a nuclear war with them so we all die! Good timing
Ahmed Hassan Obviously these bullets where directed at the South Korean side why didn't they return fire and let this be the start of the war. Always nothing but war of words and deterrence.
Ron Anderson It sure tell you clearly that North Korea is NOT a free country if someone has to escape - no one has to escape out of Canada or the USA - think about it - when you have to imprison your people - something is WRONG !
Kay Kobby Kwist When you try to run from the heat of your own leader this is what you get..I just hope he was able to cross that border without being hurt..That North Korean leader is just too stubborn
James Holdet It's a shame when a country would rather kill you then to see you leave their country. What is the reasonable logic about that.
Paulette Koss How long will it take under a Trump presidency will it be before we all race like that for the borders to escape forced patriotism and authoritarianism.?
Albert Yuen Nah, he ran to the border cuz he thought a taco bell was there. Ran to the border to get his runs at the border. So sad.