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"A huge statue of Jeff Goldblum is not something you see in London every day." A 25-foot, 330-pound statue of Goldblum sprang up in London last week to celebrate 25 years of Jurassic Park. Here's how some people reacted. they could’ve done a dinosaur like the logo, they could’ve even done John Hammond in memory of Richard Attenborough but nooo they did Ian Malcolm with his shirt open and spread out like he was on the table.
What a way to wake up in London! A 25ft Jeff goldblum! Can he go on a tour on and come up to Cumbria! 🙏😂😂😂
Was the "nip slip" (that's intentional) really necessary though?? This is one odd looking, oddly posed statute......
Obviously waiting for that giant statue of Marilyn Monroe that was put up in Chicago a couple of years ago.
A T-Rex would be much better than this half naked ugly statue 🤓
Place baby blimp Trump there instead it well make better sense .
Really? A Jeff Goldblum statue? Your artists were so preoccupied with whether they could they didn't didn't stop to think if they should. 😂
"Sculptors...uh......find..a way"
can you please put this at my house????? i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The biggest WTF in history!!!
Almost as cool as the David Hasselhoff shrine in Berlin Germany.
I have always referred to Jeff as THE POSER. He will be quite proud of this pose I'm sure.
Oh, my eyes! ..... I could’ve gone all day without seeing that🤣
*steals the statue and the police chase us* "Must go faster!" I need a woman to scream several expletives.
I guess we all have some kinda hero in life. Now THATS a fan
I'm getting a sweater; it's a little nipply in here.
Came here for the Jurassic Park jokes, was not disappointed.
Emily Althea, please share this glory with Roberto! 😂
This is the best thing by far
Pearl Arck best see this majestic monstrosity b4 you leave....
This is why I love London.
I give it 10/10 Goldblums. Brittney Cambria
Matt Furtado we need this for our front yard
Amusing for like 10 seconds then sorta weird
Meg Bo Nicole Bolger you need to take a picture of this for me.
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"We are reducing today the size of the editorial team by approximately 50 percent and re-focusing much of our talent on breaking news -- especially in areas of crime, civil justice and public responsibility," read the email

Fox is almost all opinions. And it has been this way forever. I was at Sky News for a while in the 90s in London/ even then it was starting to go toward too much opinion. Sky is Murdoch also. CNN intl and BBC were and are mostly straight forward news. This stupidity of ‘fake news’ is just that - stupidity. Fox had always been mostly opinion.
Now if only CNN would do the same and reduce their staff to 0 with we have one less news agency spreading hate, cop hate, race hate, president hate, anything that divides America that's the only news CNN is capable of. And no CNN is not on my follow list news feed. I just like to look at their web page periodically to enjoy watching democrats have breakdowns.
Democrats need to start worrying .trying to get rid of ice with a 80% approval for ice will not get you elected
Don’t all these pro-Trump comments seem scripted?
Did I miss something? Does CNN own The Daily News? Is that why so many comments are a bashing of CNN? Why are trump supporters cheering people losing their jobs? I thought you were all about making America great? Does the concept only apply to businesses/employees that support trump? If you really are making America great shouldn’t it include everyone?
So, all the Trump bashing has hurt their agenda. Actually pushes people away from the Democrats.
This should make Trump happy. We all know how much he hates the media... Like he can read anyway.
This is sadly the way lots of newspapers are going, regardless of the political leanings. People don't subscribe and daily readership is down.
all we want is honesty, no bigotry, no favorites, no political sides.
Fake News is not profitable. CNN is next.
#cnn fake news
Good. I'm tired of reading people's opinions about the news. Tell me the what, the where, the who, the why and the when. Don't tell me what you think about it.
First we had personnel departments, then human resources. Now we have: "The unsigned email was sent from Tronc's "talent and engagement" team." Talent and management? Corporate lingo gets more imaginative. But, sad to see this happen. A lot of good people are losing their jobs.
Sorry some lost jobs, but a news company needs to be mostly news. Leave the other crap to TMZ or something else from the grocery store.
News paper are dying
Trumpster alert: pathetic that you think any criticism of Trump is fake news, a term Trump himself coined when newspapers tell the truth about his wretched presidency. Vote blue in November.
The NY Post has been bleeding for years. Daily News more popular
I need help from u,I need two hundred thousands to Start up something pls
Glad to see you can't tell the news anymore trust is what you don't have
#FakeNewYorkTimes #Evaporating #Sad #ServesThemGood #LetTrumpDoHisJob #WalkAway_Campaign #WhatAreYouWaitingFor
Right.. it's called the digital information age.
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Papa John's took an extraordinary step to keep its founder at a distance

Support your local family-owned pizza shop. It will be more freshly made and taste better.
It's his company! He can take it if he wants. The people worried about it need to go start their own company. Come on people.
Papa John’s pizza tastes bad because it is made with hate. But even if it wasn’t, it would still be crappy. The only good part of that pizza is the pepper they toss in the box.
about time someone fought back against this stuff. One mistake should not end a career or a job... apologize and move on.
well he is the founder of the company and he should still have a say in his company get over it. Why dont they change the name papa john if they are soo worried about it
A Hostile Take Over??? Its a Pizza Place its not worth it ... Pizza isn't being made like it used to be .... He made the Place he can make another one ... All his Products can Say THE MAKER OF PAPA JOHNS
What a sad sack John Schnatter is.
He was responsible for awful pizza. Everyone that runs it should go. Dominos did a turn around and is now decent, but PJs is still awful.
Papa Jones, Roseanne, Trump... Why can't conservatives ever take responsibility for their own actions?
Worst most disgusting pizza ever . A cardboard with yucky topping, cheapest ingredients ever. Not even fresh veggies , or real cheese, I wonder if the tomato sauce us made from tomatoes.
He owns 30% of the company so he has a financial stake in it doing well. Unless he is an idiot, he should realize he is bad for business and just move on. The more removed he is the better the chance that the company escapes from this.
He should grow a braincell and sell his stock back.Drop the ego and get what you can and get out.Its the only way to save the company,by completely doing a changeover away from even his name.Redesign every store front.The stock price will only get lower.
Can we just all agree that Gino is obviously the superior Papa in the pizza game?
He sure screwed us over on our Pizza order last night. Burned pizza and delivered it anyway. Sarah Warsham. Warsham Weston. Sean Nelson. Whitney Heuermann.
He has run his mouth so much that I do not buy Pappa John's products anymore.
Never liked that pizza so to me it does not matter
Somebody probably should.. their pizza is terrible.
My guess is he's going to take over Papa Johns and rebrand it "Master Johns."
Eating papa johns is like eating a poison pill. The garlic sauce saves it
Hey whoever still eats this ! Why? Find real pizza in your local neighborhood! Anything is better!
Papa John's is garbage just because it's way too expensive
Well the dude did give up his yellow camaro to start up papa johns 🤷🏻‍♂️
All right wingers are self destructive and aholes
Let him, we can take it down in a day.
Trump supporters are showing there true colors .........
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You often hear about brain-eating amoeba during the summer, but while the parasite is common, infection from it is not. Here's what you should know.

There’s a brain 🧠 eating 🥄 amoeba right now in the White House 🏛 who is actually eating the brains 🧠 of his zombie 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️ cult followers. 👁👃🏼👁 👅
For those thanking god for Trump, please make certain you and your children and grandchildren volunteer to be on the front lines for this war you are so enthusiastic to enter.
Maybe this can explain Trump's bat sh*t crazy behavior over the last few weeks and his inability to string a coherent sentence together and use words 'would' and 'wouldn't'...something is eating his brain...
A little boy died. Kyle Lewis was only 7 years old when he died due to this amoeba infection. Kyle Lewis. A human being. A child. He is gone. And apparently so is empathy.
So that’s what’s wrong with liberals. I was wondering..
Does anyone else see a person on a motor bike passing 2 trees with toucan Sam chasing them?just me?
Come on you obsessed Trump haters let’s here your comments about he must be suffering from this.
I thought Trump just had a syphilis riddled brain...but this works too...
Given how much Republicans love pollution and polluters, it isn't surprising that it's dangerous to swim in American lakes or rivers or even in the waters off of southern coastlines, where E-coli bacteria is almost always present.
How can anyone ever find this funny? Blocked that MF the instant I saw the happy emoji!
#7: it affects suburbanites who are also communists and materialistic globs who expect everything handed to them without contributing to the system
Thank goodness this brain-eating amoeba only targets conservatives.
So this is what's going on inside the head of a liberal. It all makes sense now.
Before I saw this news, I only knew that amoebiasis is a parasitic disease that causes illness in the intestines. From this report, even if the environment is very good, you should pay attention to it. After all, life is only once.
Deffinetly thought the picture was a crop circle lol, then I read brain eating amoeba....🤦‍♀️
The cause of TDS has been found. Thank you CNN.
Bheja fry
Good news.Liberal party loyalists are safe.
Looks like an amoeba on a bike.
Beware, yes! It will also turn your hair an orange color.
Shani Smith
Bruni Roldan
Luis Escobedo Edgar Escobedo
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We're watching US markets open as earnings season is in full swing. Shares in Tesla are down 4% after it reportedly asked suppliers for refunds. Fiat Chrysler is down more than 3% after the sudden resignation of its CEO.

We're watching US markets open as earnings season is in full swing. Shares in Tesla are down 4% after it reportedly asked suppliers for refunds. Fiat Chrysler is down more than 3% after the sudden resignation of its CEO.
Going to BUST big time soon...all Trumps idiotic moves are coming forth..King of Bankruptcies doing only what he knows..bully, brag, lie, and when nothing works; blame..worst pos potus ever...
Isn’t it tragic that allowing another country like mexico to vote in our elections and socialism is ok but goes against our fabric called America ..BUT let’s worry about Russia ..hmm
Watch how trump supporters love to give trump credit for this when it’s been at 25k since Obama was in office.
Qué raro el que renuncie alguien relacionado a la industria automotríz, cuando habrán otros capacitados para asumir el cargo vacante.
Paul M trial starts tomorrow, Maria Butina deemed a flight risk and kept in jail, Carter Page a Russian agent, Michael Cohen has Trump on tape discussing paying off a Playboy Bunny. The noose is tightening and 45 decides to yell “Squirrel!” We are not looking away!!!
Only one that’s winning is the top 1 % and Wall Street.... Middle class and lower income families don’t see much from Trumps economy... tax cuts are eaten up by higher gas prices and cost of living .... we need change of a president
wow still over 25k
I hope someone tells this to Trump but today in History the 14th Amendment was ratified saying if you are born in the United States you are a United States citizen I would love to see his face if someone told him that
6 months ago, the DOW closed at 25,000. It’s stuck.
No Russia today???
Lol 😂 more panic selling that people with short positions are pushing
Still Obama’s economy? Asking for a friend
Is the market playing party as long as you can in anticipation of the impending crash? The fact it doesn’t reflect the fact of the tariffs should concern us.
Market still strong. Love my President.
Well, when your owner can't decide if he wants to make cars, spaceships, or bad jokes....
Casos y cosas de los índices bursátiles.
This happened due to freight budget of #Canada is not being discussed. Canada must provide a fresh list on other than purchase table. Bill grant will rise. It is not sure why Justin Trudeau ignores place inhabitant's welfare all the time? He must hire Shah Rukh Khan along with Akshay Kumar for improvement. CNBC The Toronto Star
Not a good news.
Jake Miller the beginning of the end👀
Thanks Idiot.
Stephen Stewart
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After visiting the border, US Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad issues a call to action to affirm what it means to be an American. “I love my country, but I don’t recognize it today,” she writes for CNN Opinion

I don’t recognize it either,That’s because it’s becoming Russian since comrade lying Dump stole the election.
How foolish. Everything she says about her life tells how wonderful America is. Nothing has changed but her attitude. Everyone has a chance and nothing wrong with protecting borders to continue this wonderful life.
I haven't recognized it for the past decade. It's only just now beginning to look like my country again!
I agree, the hatred we have in this country today is really disturbing. Decency has gone out the window today. We are all americans, we are on the same side people! Americans before Republicans and democrats. We may not agree on some things and thats ok! Its healthy, u dont have to hate the person for not sharing your view
I wouldn’t recognize Iraq today either!
Benedict Donald has 15% less jobs created per month (189,000) than Obama averaged per month in his last term (217,000) How do you anger Traitor Trump and most of his supporters? State a fact. They don't know how to verify or disprove it and drank too much Kool-Aid to believe it.
That America was always there. Before Trump, it was on the end of the bar, drunk at the American Legion all week.
No more posting about the Toronto shooting CNN? It’s been 7 hrs since you posted a story about it. Why?🤔
Read the article before you start spoutting racially bigotted remarks!
Us natives haven't been recognizing our country since 1492 that's when Freedom died occupation begins
It's not surprising an athlete doesn't understand constitutional law or how the Supreme Court makes its decisions.
Her father, Eugene Muhammad, is a retired Newark, New Jersey police officer, and her mother, Denise, was an elementary school special education teacher...
And here we have another installment in CNN’s ongoing anti Trump propaganda crusade
I think this Olympian has already made her mark & has been accepted by all of those who will accept her as a great American. Using her repeatedly to drive home a point is exploitation, CNN.
How bout cnn change it's name LON (Liberal opinion network). Between the"news journalists" and the liberal guests, seems appropriate
The USA is now governed by a Fake Patriot and Fake Christian. Leaders who don't listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say. Andy Stanley.
I'm ready for all the drama, got popcorn and drinks ready, let's not miss a thing.
It's becoming more and more just a memory
No hija no Uds no aman Países, Uds aman Idolatrías, Figuras religiosas y son capaces de cualquier cosa por ellas...
“I love my country, but I don’t recognize it today,” Trump and the GOP are destroying America day by day for Putin.
She's famous because she wear a scarf...but then isn't that's why the Pilgrims left England for religious freedom away from persecution....America welcomes all but you have to accept our values, the reason she doesn't see the old America is because LIBERALS have ruined it....wait TRUMP will fix that.
I know . That's why we started fixing it in 2016.
I realize that summarizes the essence of how I feel.
less than 1% of the US Olympic team is Muslim.. but yet CNN finds the 1% of Olympians that bash the US... interesting. whats wrong, the other 99% who wouldnt bash America were not worthy of running a story on !
Congratulations go for it and for representing the USA....A good thing..
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A wave of garbage was filmed rippling off the coast of the Dominican Republic. An environmental group is working with the government to clean up the area, and says it has collected at least 30 tons of plastic

This is the 3rd day in a row you, CNN, have posted this article/ news. It IS important, but seriously could you post a “new” article/news??? Rereading the same article with no updates is not news worthy.
This is how Panama City, Panama is specifically Costa del Este with all the garbage and neighbors fighting a brand new recycling center. It’s very sad we treat our planet this way. Education is critical
This is disgusting, what's up with people? There are containers everywhere to collect this garbage. Think it is someone else's job, think again. Everyone needs to do their part please.
We thank you for sharing CNN.Every city should have a digital billboard showing this scenery to remind us how far we have come in preserving our water and environment.More we see more we shall be conscious about it we feel.
What can I do to make a change in my own town, city or village? Read up on your local recycling facilities rules for what can be recycled and how to prepare recyclables properly .
This is so sad! The island is beautiful. When I was there I noticed that there was no recycling of plastic bottles. Coming from California, it was a little weird. But I did find hope. I volunteered with Fundación Vida Azul on a beach clean up and partnered with Green Love to at least get the word out about recycling. I hope and pray that something is done and that there are more organizations helping the environment.
We are a disgusting race to say the least. We’re come so far in trying to better the environment, yet so many don’t see the need... yep... disgusting, disturbing and disgraceful.
We spent 6 weeks in Sosua and could not believe the garbage on the streets, riverbanks and saw one bay at an abandoned resort overflowing with garbage.... very sad
You can collect all of it as far as I’m concerned but who is going to show the Dominic people how to not keep throwing garbage into the ocean?
Look at all the millions of dollars the impoverished nation of Haiti could be earning by just recycling what is off their coast in international waters! There are most likely international environmental groups who would help finance marine recovery vessels too!
Humans are pretty piggy. Really make a lot of horrible messes that are bad for everyone and everything.
Dominican Republic is a s*** hole.... they want to take away my straws and plastic utensils because of countries like this...lmao
Is that from ships throwing their garbage overboard? Or how else can that amount of garbage become sea-bound? We humans are destroying our planet.
Tell liberals to clean it since they believe in this fake garbage
The islands have no garbage control. Appauld to see what they have for woods FILLED with garbage and they dump in the ocean as well.
Is this what the “Blue Wave” looks like?
Hate the way humans package merchandise worldwide. They spend more on packaging then on the product inside the package. Then after it breaks or quits working after one day, it then gets thrown into the garbage as well. But at least the unemployment rate is low from doing all this garbage. lol
eventually all of our own beaches and harbors will look like this...
Great let's spend another trillion dollars on moon rocks.😒
This is sad and so disgusting
Should we outlaw, plastic bottles , bags, ect.??
Melissa: this is what I was talking about in DR
In all fairness, despite the fact that, yes, we pollute our oceans and throw away plastic that kills wildlife, exterminates coral, and will never biodegrade, this video and the horror it depicts are the result of a specific event and is very misleading. The Santo Domingo area was hit by a tropical storm right before this that washed a good deal of its trash, including half of a landfill into a river that goes into the ocean a few hundred yards from here. It normally does not look that way.
Apparently, the Democrats have taken over the Dominican Republic.
Not my beach. Not my campsite. Not my problem. Tell the dolphins to clean their room..
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When historians look back on the Trump presidency, Brian Stelter writes, they'll say that last week was the moment something changed -- the week when uncomfortable questions about Russia moved into the mainstream in a whole new way.

The traitor and his followers are desperate!!! Now this is a hoax? 😂😂😂😂 last week he said something different and then he showed the world that his interests are with Putin! Keep defending this clown!! I blocked 13 trump followers today, I suggest we all block them!!!
It's sad day, we have to face, when our President sides with a foreign adversary over our FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Defense Dept findings that the dicatator , he is standing next to ORDERED the cyber attack on the US. He fact, he claims this dictator, that kills his political opponents, uses chemical poisons to kill his opponents and an innocent citizen in another country said he didnt do it even though a US Grand Jury heard the evidence and ussued an indictment of 12 Russian miliarty officers fir their hacking. Sides with the dictator against American citizens and law enforcement.
It's unbelievable that Trump supporters can hold their nose and still support this guy! Can they not see the damage that he is doing? Trump's behavior is not as disturbing as that of the Trump supporters and Republican members of the house that allow this behavior to continue and actually believe that he is a good president! I'm sure that Mike Pence would make a better president! Are all Republicans delusional? Is there no sense of common decency left?
How does Brian Stetler change a light bulb? He doesn't. He lies and says he changed it and then all the liberals sit in the dark and say that he did agreat job changing the light bulb.
Trump July 22, 2018 tweet: "So President Obama knew about Russia before the Election. Why didn’t he do something about it? Why didn’t he tell our campaign? Because it is all a big hoax, that’s why, and he thought Crooked Hillary was going to win!!!" Once AGAIN he is denying that Russia attacked our election. The guy is demented.
I have read through the comments of the Trump supporters, and it is very clear to me that they are the hysterical ones today who are seeing boogy men and conspiracy theories everywhere. There is one word to sum up conservatives today - fear. They are afraid of their own shadow. The only thing that is bring down Trump is himself. Everything he has touched in the past has turned into a disaster of his own making. Now his presidency has become the biggest scandal of all of the American presidents in history. You who support Trump are going to see your world collapse around you. Again, not by any liberal / leftist conspiracy. It will be by the hands of Trump himself, and the Republican party. Meantime, enjoy convincing yourself of the opposite. It's false bravado. Nobody today believes in what you do other than yourself. Soon Trump will abandon you as he scrambles to save himself. Trump supporters will be thrown under the bus, just as Trump has done to anyone who is no longer useful to him.
There needs to be a new requirements for a person to be able to run for the highest office in the usa. Everyone who runs for president has to be evaluated by a top mental health care professional. Look who is in charge of our country,,,,enough said
Sad how he repeats the same "misinformation" over and over again and people buy it that it's a fact or the truth some one can repeat the same misinformation over and over again a million times that still don't make it the truth or facts but he repeatedly does this on a daily basis it like he must think if I sell them enough on the misinformation and lies enough they all will believe him
Traitor in chief has cornered himself and looking to start a fight with Iran. Guess who will come to his rescue Vladimir Putin. The Traitor in Chief will then say see how useful his daddy is 😜
History will forget this unqualified pos and only remember him as a failure as a human being.. kids will soon realize that they were smarter then him just in the 4th grade. Because that’s how embarrassing he acts and only speaks in 4th grade level..
In order to be a good liar you have to have a good memory. trump is not a good liar, he finds it impossible to remember what he says from one day to the next!!
First it was the Liberal Media, then just the MSM, then it was ALL MEDIA, then the Democrats, then the FBI, then the DOJ now its the Senate. When we gonna throw criticism towards Russia????
Hey....choose one.......witch hunt.......or hoax.......either one he's lying.......fake news.....he's telling the truth......everybody else is lying.....but thats ok because he has no moral compass.....he speaks the truth.......(alt fact).....haven't heard that in a while.....other words....lie....but this is where we have come BACK to white is right an everybody else is wrong....I weep for America
He is 72 and in 2 yrs will be 74. I am a conservative republican and I did not vote for him and I would NEVER vote for someone that old and I'm 71 myself. Donald J Trump should retire to his Trump Palace in FL and the sooner the better.
Trump supporters 6 months ago:“There were no meetings with any Russians.” Trump supporters 3 months ago: “They just forgot to report the meetings with Russians.” Trump supporters last week: "There's no evidence of collusion with Russia!!" Trump supporters 3 days ago: "Who cares if the Trump campaign colluded with Russia?" Trump supporters yesterday: “It’s Obama’s fault for not stopping the meetings with Russians.” Trump’s supporters today: “It’s the Secret Service’s fault for not stopping the meeting with Russians.” Trump supporters tomorrow: “Трамп собирается сделать Россию великой снова!”
Introducing the one and only, delusional, President of the Electoral College, Donald "Bone Spurs" J Trump.
Something changed... for those behind The power curve! Where y’all been? Pee pee tapes and money owed to Russian oligarchs.
When historians look back at the Trump presidency, they will marvel at his ability to overcome a corrupt congress on both sides, a corrupt intelligence and justice department weaponized against him, a biased disengenuos press and still managed to deliver on the agenda he promised the American people who duly elected him.
Trumps dictatorship relying on fear to his weak base. I’m beginning to understand them now. They don’t read or care about facts. All they rely on is twitter fingers who gets his orders from Russia (because they own him now) or his buddy on state run TV.
I’m wondering if Putin is threatening the lives of Trump’s loved ones if he doesn’t follow through all of his orders?! Everybody knows Trump receives laundered money and owes Russia millions. I find it interesting Trump will cowardly commit treason with Putin by his side then act like a furious lion with Iran who wants peace.
If someone says its raining and another says its sunny and dry, YOU do not have to report both sides. Look at the window, INVESTIGATE, report only the TRUTH.
What's pathetic is that since January 20, 2017, you could say something SHOULD have changed every week, then every day with the amount of shocking horrors this *president has spewed, tweeted and done. Trump has had an inexplicable love-fest with the Russian murderous dictator, but his Helsinki "summit" with Putin and invitation for a White House repeat hopefully has caused the blindfolded people to gain their sight!
These Trump supporter comments are very strange. It seems they would jump on the hoax scenario, and back their man with something other than the press as conspirator. It must be a terrible conundrum for them to not feel comfortable naming the FBI as the enemy. Who really has motive to perpetrate such a hoax.. hmm. Maybe the people who actually orchestrated (meddled in) the election to further their 40 year effort to undermine democracy; U.S. oligarchs, Koch and their paid operatives in Congress. The motive is to throw suspicion of collusion to Trump and Russia.
Not smiling too much, are you donnie? You look scared, unhappy, and worried.. Good. You should be. Your days are numbered Mr. Deal Maker.
I believe the only way America is going to redeem itself is to impeach this guy and show the world he does not represent us. ☹
CNN4 hours ago

It’s like a real-life Iron Man. This flying suit was built using 3D printed parts, specialist electronics and five jet engines. It can soar at speeds of 32 mph and climb to 12,000 feet.

You only have to carry a backpack full of jet fuel which probably weighs quite a bit. And I'm guessing about 2 minutes of flight time before you run out.
I have never seen this rig get anything but a few feet off the ground.....i love the idea.....but I really want to see that footage....
This reminds me of when the first airplanes were made, no one would imagine that they'd get to be so sophisticated.
I think what we need is an individual transportation revolution in a less superman suit style... oh, this is still nice in the art performance
Oh my God, You kidding me?!!!--- Jim you following these?-- (Jim is my Best mate) Jim you there, mate?!!--- Jim passed out Wondering, 12,000 Feet!!
this is nice, but what was it made for?
What happens if you inadvertently lift your hand to scratch your nose while in flight?
John McCain was a ‘rat’ or ‘stoolie’ telling on other U.S. officers being held captive at the Hanoi Hilton prison. When McCain first went to congress, members of congress turned their backs on him and did not communicate with him because of this, and also how he disgraced the military and his fellow officers who were severely punished by the North Vietnam guards and commanders of the Communist prison by McCain ratting them out. I am also led to believe that McCain was referred to as ‘the canary’ by the other officers for telling or squealing on the others. If you search the internet you will find some of these articles about what McCain did to his fellow officers in captivity and the stories of the other brave officers who reported on McCain upon returning to the United States. He was also given special treatment by the communists while in prison, because his father was a 4 star Admiral. Donald Trump was and is CORRECT!
I like were this is going for the possibility of emergency 🚨 response and rescue and military extraction for wounded soldiers high tech support ....... hell yeah
There's a fire extinguisher by the side in case of explosion
Meanwhile in African electronics , no need for all this wahala . Just fly away .....😂😂😂
Perfect for getting over border wall !
He's an oil trader..should give us some jet fuel stats here! 😂
ok, but can it make a laser sword out of nothing?
Looks like more like Firefly than Ironman.
Cant wait to take it to the grocery store. No more traffic jams..
I hope it doesnt explode one of these days.
and now were are supposedly only 75 yeas away from a real light saber too.
KAMI instead of your dinosaur? A bit more expensive I think!!!
Jamal Malik, it looks like your dreams of seeing one of these keeps getting closer and closer.
Pretty sure iron man could beat a 40mph speed limit
Many things are possible by technology
I'd hate to run out of fuel while high up in the air, or over deep water!
Not sure what the purpose might be, but I hope he doesn't have engine trouble.
CNN4 hours ago

The controversies raging around the Oval Office underline how President Donald J. Trump is increasingly taking control of his own defense and is willing to dictate high-risk political and legal strategies, Stephen Collinson writes

My dream is to wake up to silence from this man for just one day at least. Nothing on the news, internet, nowhere. Just one, happy, normal day. On the other hand. If he had a stroke, that would be many days of sweet silence.
He seems to feel that the only thing that can save his Presidency, is to distract, misdirect, make false statements and blame others! It's not working for those who take the time to check facts.
He is attempting to distract and divert focus on all that is Russia to suddenly Iran. How obvious and predictable he has become in his unpredictable style
Tomorrow it's Hillary's turn for blame, Weds is Mueller and Thursday Barack. Like a washing machine, cycle repeats itself over and over again. Thank you Angela Merkel et al for taking the reigns of the free world.
I don't care what he says anymore. He is a liar and a crook. He is unfit to be the leader of this country. I say don't put him on the air. Let the fourth estate keep an eye on him and only report on what he does not what he says. Why? Because like I stated above he is a liar and cannot be trusted by what he says.
CNN has been hosting treason and societal disruption for two years. Anarchy is also a bad thing. Just remember that I would charge you all for violating Section B of the Fed. U.S. Code of inciting riotous behavior. This would include Obama for his speech from Warsaw, Poland, which I still believe triggered that gunman in Texas to kill those four officers.
Which explains the chaos and lack of a clear direction in regards to all aspects of domestic and foreign policy. Trump acts on complete impulse then the White House and State Department spend days trying to clean up each mess as he walks back his constant screw-ups.
And how do we know it is DT? Who else has access to his twitter account? For all we know, DT is playing golf while Agent Miller stirs the is well known that he has used unsecured systems in the past.
Everyone needs to ask themselves why are they behaving the way they are and talking down to others. This is happening by members of both parties. In case you all have forgotten, we are still all Americans and want the same things out of life. Stop being so politically charged that it defines you. Instead of calling someone you disagree with an idiot, try to have a civil discussion with that person to see why they believe that way. I think you all will be shocked at just how much you may agree on.
The animal is cornered. He will become very dangerous as the investigation wraps up and focuses on his crimes. He will try to start a war to give him a little more time. Please remember that he doesn't care about anyone but himself. He has no ability to care about others.
I am very much looking forward to the day arrogant, delusional Donald Trump has to walk back his statement that he could "stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody" and not "lose any voters.”
It's so funny and a pattern with CNN Facebook posts. The first few posts on any fed are from racist, ignorant Trump supporters...Just an FYI...Not sure why that is since Facebook is allegedly taking care of the BOTS....However, my new thing is to just scroll down past about 5-10 of the initial posts and then rational and intelligent posts begin! Don't know why the haters even come on here, they are definitely not gaining any points🤣
Please remove him from office, he is not fit for office or for making decisions or comments that can and will gravely affect the people of this nation. Remove him now and stop / reverse all of the changes he has made His is unfit for the job.
Maybe he's getting to his breaking point?? I don't think he's been "thwarted" or disagreed with so much in his life, and it's affecting what brain cells he has left!! We'll keep the straight jacket handy!!
He was never mentally fit to begin with. Among ALL the rest of his liabilities. Put him in a straight jacket and admit him in a hospital for the mentally I'll before he out does himself! Because he does nothing but put us all at risk!
He's worried about the investigation running up to the midterms. He has a tool in his box to shorten it, sit down with Mueller. But, he doesn't want it to end, he thinks it will be a plus for Republicans to keep it going, rather than the whole truth coming out before.
Just let him keep digging his own hole - at some point, he is going to do something so undeniable that he will have to be officially, permanently dealt w/ & then this farce will be over. Unfortunately, there will be chaotic destruction to clean up after him no matter when he finally vacates DC.
He doesn’t know what’s going on or how to handle himself so he just goes in full offensive mode .... no thinking required! All we can do is pray he doesn’t get us in big trouble!
Frustration? It's hell out there for chefs in western democracies, they don't know what to serve Americans any more, is it burgers or borsch?
When he goes low, we go high! Focus on higher thinking and the elections. ln the future we need to consider not only making income tax returns mandatory. But we also need to consider mental fitness...understanding the mentally unfit WILL vote for folks who think and act just like them. This political period is a stain on the image of the U.S. If Trump's bipolar messages irk you, disgust you, offend you, make you weep for state of our country, vote! Vote local, vote nationally! Remember that local politicians ascend to Washington while few are watching out for wolves in sheep's clothing. Be aware. Stay Focused. Vote him out in 2018 and 2020. Let's wash our hands of this debauchery.
Let him crash an burn.....crash an burn....I weep for the real problem is people are listening to him ....why because it's like the good ole days .....problem is with everyone else (non white).....he's doing this for you..because you can't make the hard guess what it's going to be everyone else fault when he crash an burn again I weep for America
Like a fam member who's overstayed their welcome & won't go, you 💘 em & all but ARE 2 "scared" ask them 2 move on. Ima KEEP sayn til he's officially #out! When IS he leaving? Time 2 clean☝the "mess" left behind. You've made an impact & glad you enjoyed yourself, but you gotta GO bye-bye. #1termer!
Except for the most craven I wonder why folks don't make a public statement and resignation. I think it would say a lot of good things about them and certainly help the country.
Who are we going to blame once we find ourselves in a new war? Not him, because he certainly should have been watched better from day 1
Or, as of last nights, demented, all caps tweets, he's willing to launch nuclear weapons on Iran to change the topic. This insane mobster-wannabee needs to be in prison SOON. Hopefully they are just giving him fake nuclear codes.