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He's a US citizen who was born and raised in Michigan. He's a Marine veteran who served in Afghanistan. And last month, he spent several days in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.

CNN, as always aborrent and repugnant. The correct headline should read. "Marine arrested by ICE is suffering from severe PTSD." The most important fact about this story is the reason he got in trouble and what needs to be done to save his life.
Not white enough 4 trumputhinskin
God bless genius Trump, fearless warrior, faithful family man, cunning with world leaders! #MAGA #Trump2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Seriously questioning how many comments are from people who read the article. He was the one who reportedv himself as an illegal after setting a fire in a hospital. And I don't blame him either, he is suffering from severe PTSD, but authorities have to work with the information at hand until the facts can be found out. He was in custody for 3 days.
This country...smh. This country.
Beyond unacceptable. The people who did this should be punished accordingly. This wasn’t a “mistake”.
Ted Cruz was spot on about Media! CNN just proved it!
New Term. Get used to it cause Mueller is coming. #TRUMPERTANTRUM
why did he tell authorities he was an illegal though
Not white enough to be a legal citizen? Smith, Todd, Jones etc last names might have saved him from ICE.
Based on the comments it seems 90+% of the people here didn’t even read the article, they couldn’t wait to put their 2 cents of outrage.
Thank you for your service! Apologize you have a racist, demonic, leader...
Sometimes I think ICE has no clue. There’s no oversight! This Marine should sue for millions.
It's like the ERO just rounds up anyone brown...wait they do.
This is a totally wrong on so many levels
Unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable. This hero (who has done more than any of us) needs help, first thought is to toss him in the custody of ICE??? Shameful & unacceptable...
Why take away someone who's serving our country as well? I thought we've always wanted to have a stronger military.
I pray that he will be able to get proper help and care for his issues with PTSD. So sad we continue to neglect our veterans.
America struggles with human rights
Ice detained him because he said he was here illegally. He suffers from PTSD and had been arrested for starting a fire in a hospital. He needs help and will get it but ice didn't detain just for the fun of it. In order to put a detainer on someone in custody they do a brief phone interview and then they can put an ICE hold. This poor man might not have had a clue what he was saying 🙁
Yeah they treated him differently than another merican in that situation. They based it on race. Not on an completed investigation.
Doesn’t makes sense you serve you get a green card and even citizenship
The headline in no way depict the true story.
This gives more details. ICE f’d up.
Trump supporters have blinders on to what's going on right in front of them and nobody seems to know why. He's doing nothing for them. They elected a racist incoherent know-nothing cry-baby with a criminal empire and they're willing to burn the country down and ride it out till the end rather than ever admit they might have made a mistake.
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Over the last 290 million years, asteroid collisions with Earth and the moon have increased as many as three times, according to a new study

Dinosaurs never was,everything that existed from the beginning are still here,both humans and animals,there is nothing added,and there is nothing missing@according to a new study.
CNN, What you need is Jesus! Thank you.
This is a direct result of #Trump's #ClimateChange #Collusion with #Russia, and the #GOP has done nothing! #BlackLivesMatter!
I love how anti-Trump people can twist a story that has nothing to do with Trump and make it about Trump for their commenting purposes.
Time to call Bruce Willis, Matt Damon, and Steve Buscemi!
And how would they know that asteroids hitting the earth and moon have increased compared to 290 million years ago that’s just a bunch of nonsense no one know that it’s impossible to know
So it be the End of times Revelation 20 kjv bible
Could be a product of the second law of thermodynamics. Entropy is a real SOB.
If that's the case how did China make it up there then with the Soviets? And how could you handle the blaring sunlight as well if it's the obvious "dark side" that is almost always facing the sun?
The number has increased but the average size has decreased. It's not the frequency, it's the size...😉
It’s time for Trump’s Space Force to save the day. Oh well! There goes the planet.
Astronomers and Paleontologist can really lie to us and we can never prove them wrong.
I’m waiting for climate change being citied as the reason for this.....🤔
Is this news some sort of jab at the Chinese moon mission?? I wonder...
Oh no, lets vaccinate against astroids .....🙄
Thanks Hillary!
Which essentially means "any day now" ....
Thanks Obama!
I just want a 50 mile meteor to end it all
Call it the Pelosi.
And it's all Trump's fault, right? lol
We must build a wall to protect our earth, and build it great.
where can i watch cnn news?
Global warming...
Finally some great news
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Elite UK universities Oxford and Cambridge are renowned for stringent admissions policies and student populations weighted in favor of private schools. One state school bucks the trend.

LMAO!!! Are we pretending that today's college admissions are what they were 30 or 40 years ago? Come on people, they may have been "renowned for stringent admissions policies", that was a long time ago.
Nope. Fake news. Again
Incoming the miserable, bitter, insecure, low-lives. Congratulate, don’t hate 🤗
For all the ill-educated people who have something bitter to say, these kids were given a ‘Conditional Offer’ based on their projective grades. If the meet they grades come July or August this year, then they secure their places at Oxford. They don’t just get to enter because of socialism or some race-tokenism like some of you are implying. These kids are already brilliant and have potentials, hence why they are on the offer list. Now put that on your meth pipes and crawl back to your gutter of insecurities. 🤷🏾‍♀️
So the new socialism is hand picking a few from the poor masses and sending them to elite schools to become elites?
CNN race baiters.
The insecure-ones see black and brown faces progressing, they instantly go into rage. I love it 🤗
I hope they aren’t sending members of future grooming gangs. What a waste that would be.
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RECALL ALERT: Perdue Foods is recalling 68,244 pounds of gluten-free chicken nuggets sold across the US over fears of wood contamination.

Trump recalled nancy from her europe vacay...saved her from pouring carbon emissions all over the Atlantic Ocean ... Trump cares about the environment! #MAGA
Government gets shut down, FDA inspections can’t properly be conducted, more recalls will be made on top of the common recalls annually in the United States. This administration, president and Senate Majority Leader are holding the country hostage and have failed America. Vote them out and kick them to the curb.
They tasted A-Oak-K to me.
Wood is edible.
It's the wood that makes it good.
I don’t buy processed food anymore
The wood is the most natural ingredient in those nuggets 🤷🏾‍♂️
They took out the gluten and added more fiber!! Good for them😂
I keep hearing of artificial eggs, meats and's scary and important to build your own gardens and the government should have enforce that "ALL" ingredients are on all labels including fresh or dried foods in relation to GMO is important too
How the hell does wood get into a chicken nugget? Is wood a common ingredient in their recipe, and this just didn’t get chopped up enough? Disgusting.
Last I checked wood is gluten free 😜
I knew something would happen related to food; I just did not know what it was, but I knew something due to the lack of inspections would come up. I hope those nuggets do not have splinters, please get an ultra-fine magnify glass to check. Please please. I do not want people nor animals going to ER with splinters stuck down their throats and guts. Please be safe people.
Who eats chicken these days when there's plenty of fish in the sea Japanese be laughing chopping on some whale
Fiber! It’s added value - fiber in those nuggets.
There’s no gluten in wood... right?
Gluten free now its not wood free lol
Sawdust gives it a nice texture... 😂
chi nugz give me wood fo sho
What are "Chicken nuggets"?
More fiber to the diet.. !!
They put all sorts of junk in nuggets Just dont buy
Why would it even be in the vicinity?
No need to report this here, leftists happily eat wood.
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The only known surviving autobiography of a Muslim slave in America is now online after the Library of Congress acquired and published the essay

This is a very interesting article and historical document. It's pretty sad to read the comments from people that don't comprehend (or sadder still, who choose not to comprehend due to their own biases) why this first-hand account is so important.
Can you imagine a news channel that dedicated half of its social media posts to anti-black articles like CNN does with their anti-white posts? Pathetic CNN! #fakenews
I'm very much proud to be black man
Race is a hot topic at cnn.
What's the link to download it?
Ahhhhh Amerikkka the great , how great u are ..
Up to date with breaking news ,as usual
It’s fantastic to have his writings preserved 👍
This is about an important historical document.
There are people who always try to cover Black history but thank God, it will always find its way to the open.
Thanks for this history
I drove through the south recently to see what Martin Luther King Jr went through ...this article is amazing.
Nancy please step away from the plane, its for my lovely wife!
Good job, this a good article. Actually, this guy is from my hometown in Senegal, he has very interesting history but i have some doubt in mind that there are some modification regarding his path..; i really want to know (when) his writings were traslated to English, and why we could not find the original
More of the democrats legacy unveiled........Awesome CNN !!
James Fullwood can you get me a book on this man
Ah cnn…. you've outdone yourselves this time
The enslaved ancestors were either Muslims or traditionalists not christians ... Christianity was forced upon them by the slave Masters . Take note .
What I take from this article is Muslim slave traders also had Muslim slaves...
I guess we need more immigrants to islamize this fake drug country USA so as to make it a peaceful nation coz it is the world's threat to peaceful middle east and Muslim nations
Rahman ve Rahim Allahın adıyla ( Ey iman edenler, Yahudiler, Hıristiyanlar, Müslümanlar, Allahı çokça anın. Onu sabah-akşam tespih edin. ( Ahzab Suresi 41, 42 )
Oh Trump supporters are gonna complain about this. Could it be because they’re.............. racists.
How many from slaves of Muslims in Africa and the Middle East?
Why it sounds like all slaves in America were Christians
Moslems nations remains the biggest slave owners in history esp black slaves America did their best likewise western nations in abolishing slavery
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🌱 Life on the moon was fleeting ...

Another proof of "China's products don't last long".
The fact that the seed germinated even for a day shows promise for future tests and potential habitation. They have found water in the polar region, and it wouldn't take too much to establish fertile ground. I can't wait to hear about the next development.
Failure is a major part of science and the first step towards success. This is fascinating!
Is there any necessity of plantation?. Instead we should do plantations here to control climate issues in the Earth.
let them continue joking with God, one day na one day.
If Matt Damon can grow stuff on Mars we can grow stuff on the moon!!
It was never supposed to survive the lunar night, this headline is misleading
Maybe they need to hire a pot farmer,stoners figure out everything
Ah, ya think! Plants need oxygen and water to survive. Are there people out there that really thought that little sprout would flourish.
I guess it didn’t “grow” according to plan. 🥴🤣
Failure is an option but we learn from it and do better next time
We have just one planet and it is the only one that makes cocoa crops for chocolate!!! Let us be more caring for what we already have.
Priceless and informing article, from CNN that doesnt have anything to do with politics or smashing of the voted electoral officials.
Looks like China will just have to take it home and eat it. Smooth move, China. The breadth and depth of your cuisine knows no bounds, does it?
is there CO2 on the moon for plant growth?
Nothing from China lasts
We never know it might be that they hide something🤔 what if it did really grow and we are all blinded and later on one of this days they already send somebody to kive ✌🏼
I know it's like "oh, sucks to suck, Losers," but it's actually objectively impressive that they engineered a plant that could grow on the moon for any period of time.
You will never be God Only earth was given to a man
What do you mean, you forgot the water??
Failures are the pillars of success!
Wait a minute, let’s not go all willy nilly and exclude the possibility that those plants escaped.
Still progress is made by trial an error..I agree fascinating!!
Maybe the dark side of the moon wasn't a good place to try ?
A clear signal that God placed humans on earth, where He felt we would have the best chance of surviving and thriving.
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The historical park honoring Martin Luther King Jr. will open Saturday for 16 days to ensure it's open in advance of the MLK federal holiday on Monday and the Super Bowl in February, the National Park Service said.

So to be clear, CNN is the enemy of the American people. 🇺🇸
MLK was Republican.
So you are saying, despite of Delta loosing 25 mill monthly, they still managed to help the MLK museum to be opened for it's federal holiday????? Awesomeness!!¡!!!!!
Maybe Nancy Can get a discounted fair though Delta 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤪🤪🤪
***Revelation 12*** Hello, hope you and your family are doing well. I am the Revelation 12 woman and also the front-runner announcing the return of Jesus Christ. Please confirm this with The Holy Spirit. Visit my YouTube channel and Facebook page to learn more. May you be blessed! facebook/amanda.roux.BrideOfChrist
What liberals brought to the forefront, no conservative can ever rip asunder.
why would it be closed in the first place? Its already paid for.
Look at that, America learning how to function again without federal involvement!
I'm sure you can get a chain gang of minorities to help clean the park after ppl leave
Thank you, Delta. No thanks to the Trump-Bannon-Miller plan to have the private sector take over all government functions.
I just love reading all the comments!!! Great job #deltaairlines
I hear mcDonalds are staying open despite government shutdown...
Delta should help build the wall
If any one more deserving of this honour its Martin Luther King Jr.
Thank you Delta Air Line.
democrats call this MLK's vanity project, and the walls at park are immoral....
Noticing a trend? The government is shrinking
Crystal your employer is unreal
Good for Delta, I love flying with Delta. Is a rich and reliable airline company, I am so proud that Delta help the Government, just like in the past Government help Delta.
Please spell “its” correctly.
What is the President doing for MLK Day? Hiding out in the WH? Melania already has skipped town!@!
Thank you Delta!!!
Capitalism done right.
African-Americans are 17 % of the U.S.population, they commit 63% of the murders in this country.
Thank you Delta
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Because of the shutdown, enforcement activity for potential violations of election law has stopped.

Cnn isn't news
Trumpty Dumpty didn’t get his wall. Trumpty Dumpty had a stock market fall. All of Putin’s hackers and all the Fox and Friends couldn’t help get Trumpty Dumpty elected again!
Fund the wall!
I can still count my blessings that I do not live in the US, what happened to your country guys?
But has not stopped democrats from partying in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Vegas... such a corrupt useless "party" the communist democrat party... Why was nancy going to brussels and afghanistan? Are democrats running a shadow government?
How is the 2020 election “heating up?” Who is the one person the dems will back to make a race when they have like 40+ potential candidates. Hey look, another dem wanna be prez! Hey look, Trump’s winning! Lol.
Republicans always find a way to cheat!
A FEDERAL APPEALS COURT JUST TOOK A BIG SWING AT PLANNED PARENTHOOD--The panel also dismissed Planned Parenthood’s claim that the CMP videos were “deceptively edited,” a soundbite that redounded across the press after the tapes first appeared. “The record reflects that [the Texas Office of Inspector General] had submitted a report from a forensic firm concluding that the video was authentic and not deceptively edited,” a footnote in the decision reads. “And [Planned Parenthood] did not identify any particular omission or addition in the video footage.”---🧐🧐
Bernie and Beto are the only ones I care about
Maybe this is why tRump is stalling—just until they get all the computer hacks in place.
Your works will show you where you will be - HEAVEN or HeII. Prepare for Eternity.
The battle of Angels vs Demons continues. Democrats vs Republicans.
Gratulerer you've all done very well.
Rumors Ruth set to announce on MLK day her retirement, good for her, wish her the best!
Sounds like another great reason to fund border security and get everybody back to work
I'll Run, everyone vote for me!
they should be working without pay too.
Considering that I can't vote until election day, anything that happens now is irrelevant.
That's a relief for the Demostealelection party.
Oh by the way I pondered something else right now that probably will make every scary & worse than dumb troll factory member and manager in them want to throw themselves in jail. Your tech is eavesdropping on you, hence you those beautiful cameras the informant stated exists? Boom, your data collecting phones do that as well with the mics and camera filming features. Even worse if you were naked or having sex surely for it would be recording as it does with every one if your apps have control of your location data, yours mics and camera features...Your own side spies on you and if Putin had tech it surely is spying on him and all of the Kremlin.
Lawless 2020. Vote for me. You can buy me. Haha.
Soooo many nos in that picture. NONONO.
Doesn’t matter there’s no one to vote for anyway.
Be careful what you wish for!
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.4 hours ago

Anderson Cooper: Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani "conceded what the President has denied, that members of the campaign colluded with Russians." He now says he didn't mean to send new signals and was misinterpreted.

Was he hinting at what's coming up in the next act, getting ahead of special counsel Robert Mueller's next move? #KeepingThemHonest

He didn’t say that. Okay, he said it but he didn’t mean it. Well, actually, he meant it but you just didn’t understand it. Hmm... well, sure, you understood it, but it really doesn’t matter! And technically, if it does matter... HER EMAILS!!!
Rudy better be careful crossing the line. He could end up being charged as well. Then I will laugh and laugh...
Forget electric shock, nothing can shock you more than touching your pocket and not feeling your phone after coming down from a public bus....
I don't want impeachment for Trump. I want him in jail. I want his kids in jail. I want him to watch as everything he's built, be torn down and his last name forever be known to mean "traitor"
In court, all of the videotape will be viewed, & everytime one of them says something, untrue...lights, bells & whistles should go off, &the truth will be played, they should also get a quick jolt of electricity to raise them out of their seats!😄
Trump should be impeached or indicted already. Any of the two will work.
Two years and how much wasted tax payers money on this witch hunt ??????? Still nothing !!!! Enough
So many lies. So much confusion. All the Trumptards are gettin so befuddled over what has and hasn't been said.....
Rudy is getting senile and desperate. He said "truth isn't truth" in the past.
And now suborning perjury. What laws hasn't Trump broken?
My gut tells me that Rudy "Dementia" Giuliani wants to see his boss goes down in flames, so to speak. He does not mean Trump any good, in my view. That's a good thing.
Don’t you think it’s obvious they’re getting at least some info from acting AG Whitaker and purposefully moving this goalpost super away from center?
The word is MAY, may have but CNN always twists everything into propaganda to be repeated over and over.
Once youve told so many lies, you can't keep up with what you've said, so you continue to blunder all over. LIES on top of lies on top of lies. Really its a crying SHAME!
I won't every forget 9/11 and the way Rudy Giuliani faced cameras and said the calming, comforting and reassuring words we all needed to hear. He stepped up in a very heroic way, as many did, and became - America's Mayor. What happened that day crushed our feelings of security and hope for our land, our country, each other. I'm from Wyoming but was living in Houston at the time. I won't go into the reasons as to why but I was far away from family and friends and going through so very much emotionally. And on the very day my late husband and I bought our TV to put in our temporary apartment we learned from the store clerks something had just happened in New York City. We got the TV headed back to the apartment and plugged it in. To this day I remember everything about that day. All the reports, all the news. So that's what I remember about Rudy Giuliani. He gave me some of the reassurances I needed during that time. He told us all that we need not worry that as a nation we would get through this and I was a little less scared. I wonder if some part of him believes he is doing the right thing in defending Donald Trump. That his defenses will reassure us again. They don't. At least not to me. I thought of him during the following days after 9/11 to be a great man. And now it breaks my heart to watch him tell such obvious lies in defense of a very bad man. I truly saw Giuliani as man who rose up and became a symbol of strength for us all. He was a hero. But now - well - in a way it's like watching those towers burn and crash to the ground all over again. I don't understand his choice here. I don't understand why he has become this very bad man's defender. But I think I will hold onto a sliver of hope that he will realize he isn't helping a worried nation as he once did.
Trumpty Dumpty didn’t get his wall. Trumpty Dumpty had a great stock market fall. All of Putin’s hackers and all of the Fox and Friends couldn’t get Trumpty Dumpty elected again!
Rudy Guilani: "Crime isn't against the law!"
This man is a sorry excuse for a human being. It astonishes me that we let people like this run their mouths on television
An inconvenient fact, we cannot trust a word Rudy says.
pretty sure Putin is not happy with bozo the clown...aka Giuliani
Donny calls the Free Press his enemy ... but with a "friend" like Rudy who needs enemies?....
Government Shutdown! Putin getting his 💰 worth while getting a BJ from Trump's next Russian Bride!
Anyone with half s brain knows Trump is guilty...... just hope he pays and pays dearly!
This is choice!!!! Screenwriter's everywhere are salivating!!! absolutely drooling over all this priceless material being unveiled on a daily basis!!Mmm!! Mmm!! Good Gravy!!😁😁😉😉
"Clean up on aisle Rudy" 😂
CNN5 hours ago

"This document shows Trump Administration staffers plotting to create a humanitarian crisis at the border -- criminalizing the search for asylum, tearing children from their parents' arms, and expanding the lock-up of both parents and children," said Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley, who released a draft memo that details officials' plans to deter asylum-seekers

He’s not my president. I didn’t vote for him
Just remember anyone involved with this horror, there will be a day of reckoning. What you sow, you will reap. Believe it. What goes around, comes around.
CNN stop! I believe border patrol agents not your reports polls or sources
I CANNOT WAIT to see trump, all trumps, & accomplices IN CUFFS & LOCKED UP!😂😂😂
Trump and his cronies will die in prison. Republicans, figure out how you want history to remember you, because the final shoe dropped tonight. Trump obstructed justice. Full stop. Case closed.
Cutoff all freebies and they would quit coming.
The crybaby conservatives will cry fake news as usual 🤦‍♂️
Is it me or is it CNN. But I haven't heard anything bad about Democrats ever doing anything wrong on cnn?
Steven Miller is the man behind the curtain in this case, manipulating the master bloviator Trump to carry out his disgusting hateful plans. We're getting ever so close to 1939.
If only I knew anyone honest that will give the money I will donate $1,000 for them to eat and drink whatever they need no matter where they come from...I love children no matter whats the AGE GROUP CHILDREN MOTHERS AND FAMILY WE ALL STICK TO ONE!!!- IF ANYONE HAVE ANY INFO ON HOW I CAN GIVE TO SUPPORT THE END MEET IM OFFERING $1.000 I KNOW IT WON'T GO A LONG WAY BUT EVERY PENNY COUNTS!!!!
Sad part is they knew this would happen and yet they still choose to come. Kinda shows what they are running from is far worse.
Wow another bumper crop of 45 cultists blocked. Thanks
Trump has been caught in MULTIPLE LIES!! So TRUMPSTERS.....What's your problem with CNN lies? If you can brush off Trumps lies, why can't you ignore CNN lies?
Only God can save us from this goverment
I’m gettin tired of all this winnin
Documents mean nothing to cult followers. That's what America has become.
CNN is my fav news outlet. Cannot be bought like faux news!
Sadistic cruelty is the hallmark of this administration.
This is just hearsay! Show us the memo!
The memo was a draft written by the top officials at Homeland Security and was released by a Senator!
Can we keep Trump's scandals to no more than 4 per day. I'am really loosing track on all of them. 😉
CNN is bringing back a lot more old news and making them "BREAKING NEWS". What's up?? They know.
Heartbreaking. I can’t , for the life of me, imagine any human justifying how children can be such a threat . Evil, just evil. Racism knows no bounds.