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The protests erupted after Puerto Rico's Center for Investigative Journalism published leaked chats between Gov. Rosselló and his inner circle, including profanity-laced, homophobic and misogynistic messages about fellow politicians and members of the media.

Thanks trump 👎
Get out another Democrat.....screwed the people....
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3/11/19: The Islamic Roots of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Extremism and Anti-Semitism. > ‪5/14/18: AL Shabaab Jihadis Horrifying Mistreatment of Women in Somalia.‬
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This new design might actually make people want the middle seat

I just like the window seat apart from the views i think it make me feel lyk i can jump out from the window if the plane want to crash. Even when i know its impossible 😏😏😏
How about the window and aisle seat passengers STOP BEING SO SELFISH with the arm rests. That is a cheaper solution.
Airlines charge too much for anything! So stop worrying about seats 💺 and give me a ticket that’s under $100 for anywhere domestic that’s less than an hour that isn’t southwest & spirit ‼️
So middle people will now be able to view the screens of others' devices more easily. Fabulous 🙄
I prefer window but I'm grateful for anything.
I have to fly but due of physical medical retaining water and CPD I would be in such pain sitting in a 17 hrs flight. And need to move. Sitting on a tight seat feels very restrained and can’t move
Make the middle seat higher instead!
No way the middle will never be a good sit even if it meant getting a refund
Not likely
Now being in the middle really suck you gonna get breathed better hope they breath is fresh😂😂😂
I’d like it better if the middle seat were higher .. I hope the people next to you have good breath
Nice nod to Jane Austen there. 🙂
Nothing will make me like the middle seat! Will gladly give it my middle finger 🤣. I abhor it to the core....past experiences haven’t been pleasant.
Window seat👌🏻.. shout out to Delta airlines , south west , jet blue , y'all the best airlines
Kinda like how no one wants “the squad” even in the US anymore. #GoHomeIlhan
So simple; yet so effective. Somebody needs to get the Nobel Prize for this
I dont really care where im sitting. Im scared of flying so i dont have time to think abt sit im just praying all the way 😱
I’ve been tempted to sleep in the overhead bin...might be more comfortable. 😂
Peasants...pfft..fighting over inches
Passengers shouldn’t have to fight for elbow room, the middle seat should get both arm rests you heathens.
Nope. That brings you even closer to their smelly bums
I have a solution! Use... 2 seats. 1 window seat and 1 isle seat. Both are equally desirable. No one will ever want that middle seat idgaf how comfortable it is
If I can't get a window seat I don't book the flight. I absolutely hate the middle and the aisle
Umm, why would I want to be lower than them, and what if one is a lady breastfeeding and I see her nipple? I may not go to heaven.....
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The agency concluded there is not sufficient evidence of the chemical's dangers to justify the ban requested by environmental groups and a group of states.

I don't want you to hv credit for articles. Now is not the time.
I've left every flower, bud, weed, out for the bee's and have seen very few up until now. I'm getting very concerned about the population.
Ban it at the state level, then at least the blue states wont suffer, and the red states...... well I don't really care, do you?
Could CNN consider posting the research that alarms them?
When the bees go, so will we. Yay humanity!
Okay I'll buy that as soon as they put a teaspoon of that crap in their water cooler.. I would like to see how safe they really think it is
Remember who's ruining... I mean running... the epa, a drumph appointed oil beneficiary
Gee, I wonder what these holier than thou Pro Lifers "think" 🤔
What agency?
Don't mind the numerous cancers our children will develop.
How corrupt can American Companies get? They serve their leader well.
so just study the death and sickness it brings.... so again we have to fight like it is th 1960s.
So, not enough people have died? WTF? We make policy based on how many people have died instead of how we can make a better world where everyone is healthy? Oh, no. That is evil socialism, where everyone contributes and everyone benefits.
This entire admin is so maddening. It is purposely destroying everything that dems/liberals care about. It doesn't care a whit about the people, the wildlife, the environment or the land, as long as they can get more money to get more power to stick it to everyone else. It is appalling and despicable. Do something about this Congress! You have the power to do something - do it. And the media needs to constantly talk about this stuff and the crimes and stop giving oxygen to whatever the latest shiny coin is.
Improve your ratings in one easy step, start reporting the news fairly. I know you think you would lose viewers that hate President Trump but if you were to report the news instead of trying to skew the news to Play to those who hate the President, you might just be able to get numbers matching Fox News. Seriously, cnn use to be the go to channel, now you are seen as a joke. It has to do with so many of your journalists wanting to create news instead of reporting news. Just a suggestion from someone who use to view your channel.
Tell the US citizens.
Pure evil greed.
If anyone wants to join a football group all about talking football, free agency, the draft, and just talking smack on another team and their fan base, click the link and see what we’re all about. Whenever it hits football season, were doing pick ems, wagers, fantasy football, and everything else you can think of.
Just checking my top fan badge
The only people wq
Money speak for all to clear cancer
Well duh. Look who is the head of the EPA.
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President Trump says he will nominate Gene Scalia, former Justice Antonin Scalia's son, as secretary of labor -- replacing Alex Acosta, who resigned over the fallout from the plea deal he negotiated for Jeffrey Epstein in 2008.

"Administration that has done more in the first 2 ½ years than perhaps any Administration in history!" - poor deranged donnie - still can't let go of your jealousy of President Obama. You will never be the greatest of anything ever!!!!
Makes sense he'd pick his son. A lot of people are saying Antonin Scalia is being recognized more and more.
The worst merry-go-round circus clown show "any president" (even in the history of the world) has ever had in his administration lol
It’d be nice if there was an actual UNION person as Secretary of Labor.
When trump leaves office he will spend some time in the courts from all the investigations surrounding him and his family, he won't be president and he will have to answer to all he did. Just a private citizen. 2020
MAGA 2020 Thank you CNN for your fake “ news” and blatantly fake polls! Worked great for crook Hillary!😂😂😂
Cool. More swamp creatures to fill the swamp. Where's swamp thing when you need him?
Another Do Boy ACCEPTING the secret handshake job. Omarossa must be ticked off....
Well if he's a good guy like his father he'll be out within a few months
Aaaannnndddd the early retirement now makes sense.
Here's one thing about Trump's appointees.... They'll only be around a few months.
Send Trump back to Germany 🇩🇪 SEND HIM BACK! SEND HIM BACK! #SEND_HIM_BACK!
Nice to know who all the racists are. You work for trump you get the label. No excuses now.
Another one he will throw under the bus soon and he will leave with a bad reputation
I see Trump winning the next election it will be a walk in the park.
Our POTUS is patriotic & the left can’t stand it. #JustBeingHonest ✌️🇺🇸
So he’s not draining the swamp just refilling the swamp with younger turds. He must be one of the “best people” he knows but we have yet to see.
His father was a known racist, I'm sure his son will be too . The apple never falls far from the tree.
First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist Then they came for the trade unionists And I did not speak out Because I was not a trade unionist Then they came for the Jews And I did not speak out Because I was not a Jew Then they came for me And there was no one left To speak out for me MARTIN NIEMOLLER
Failed Administration remember this I only hire the best people 🚮 #AnyBodyButRacistTrump2020. If this is Winning we Americans would rather lose 🚮
Dems are sooooo funny ,not intelligent, just funny
Senate vetting and confirmation to follow
Cronyism is alive and well at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ....
Nothing like hiring friends and family. So wrong on so many levels
If this guy has any morals he will decline..or his father will roll over in his grave
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The announcement represents the company's fullest accounting to date of the cost of grounding its best-selling jet, which hasn't been able to fly since March.

I’m sure this whole fiasco is much cheaper than giving pilots decent training and installing an indicator light.
There's a really great old Leadership video about silos, echo Chambers, fear of retaliation, and group-think out there for years, based in the Discovery disaster.. this looks like a great opportunity to update that leadership training video...
That much money to be taking
Good. Hopefully the losses combined with fines and lawsuits drives them out of business into bankruptcy court
A clear example of a bad costly business rush!
'...Boeing will take a 5 billion hit for killing a shitload of people...' -there i fixed that for you.
It was irresponsible to allow these planes to fly placing hundreds in danger on this doomed flight in the first place.
5bil? meh - that's lunch money for the single largest corporate welfare queen in America:
Time to buy stocks😁
Which is nothing compared to dying in a fiery crash...
It has only itself and it's corrupt, uncaring business practices to blame. Shame on them and their corporate greed.
AFRIKENSAFARIS.COM Africa's leading Travel Website!
Announcement is illuminati
I am a top fan for CNN. I can see clearly now that I must die.
wow when you can take a 5 billion dollar hit ...
Somehow American Taxpayers will take a 5 billion dollar hit.... right CNN?
Just here to see who blames Trump and to earn my badge
Impeach trump.
Sucks to suck
Whomp whomp
Eddie Olkeriil Joaquin Diego Robert Caguin Jr.
Send Trump back to Germany 🇩🇪 SEND HIM BACK! SEND HIM BACK! #SEND_HIM_BACK!
LIST with for Marketing and Booking campaigns! #BookviaAfrikenSafaris
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"On the first night, you have two progressive champions that I think are going to push the rest of the field that is offering more moderate, more centrist positions."

Alexandra Rojas reacts to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren going head to head in an upcoming CNN Democratic debate.

You can’t help but laugh at the democrats. They are crazy as hell.
Reality check... The American voting electorate is 35% conservative, 35% moderate and 26% liberal. This is basic math proving her political ignorance. These far left candidates cannot win in a general election. The most qualified candidate running is Former Vice President Joe Biden and he is leading in every single poll. There's the obvious common sense candidate and then there's the faux-gressive left tea party Version of "love" for "unrealistic free empty promises" and "feelings over logic" that will end up costing us another four more hellish years for their bs purity tests and identity political theatrics.
Can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this 🤡 democratic debate 🤡! Keep us updated CNN ok! 🤣🍿🥤
They are not going to win! Get over it CNN
Civility and Democracy matter. Vote Blue, always Blue.💙
Nancy Pelosi is right.If Democrats want to maintain their hold on the purple seats that they won, then they need to keep the extreme left at bay.Otherwise, it will be Carter all over again.
This array of bozos is a great reminder as to the depth of insanity Democrats have sunk. They make Jimmy Carter seem palatable. Wow!!
Another Donation to Bernie..... CNN and MSNBC underestimating him like they did in 2016..... #Bernie2020
Never will they be the president of the United States
I’m glad to see Biden get another chance with Kamala. Hopefully no guffaws on his part. She’s a much tougher opponent than Trump who doesn’t know policy and is totally full of it.
It bothers me that the mainstream media continues to use the word "centrist" when they really mean conservative. Those are conservative, right wing democrats. Not centrists.
Trump Supporters if you attack any of the Democrats there will be Civil War... Be Very Careful when you spew hatred on social media... You guys know how it ended for nazi supporters after the world war... So please dont even think....
We all are looking forward to hearing, "I'll give them the most 'free' stuff," "No I will," "No one can give them as much 'free' stuff as I can..."
Sure if you want a Socialist or a Communist to rule your every move. No thanks TRUMP 2020!!!
Tulsi Gabbard will destroy Kamala and Biden in the debate and surge to the top. Tulsi will be the next president.
Kristen & Elizabeth for 2020!!! Two of the best candidates.
What a bunch of clowns. One thing for sure the American people do not like what the Democrat Party has become. It's become clear they are the anti-American Socialist Party.
As usual, they ignore Tulsi Gabbard... Pathetic corporate attempt to manipulate public opinion.
Fact #1 NO one lives forever....... Fact #2 we will all be judged ..... fact#3 You cannot take anything with you when you go , so tread lightly and make your decisions like Jesus would
The circus is coming to town It’s like when all the clowns of the Republican Party came together
The election will be won or lost in the moderate suburbs of MI and PA. Progressive purity pissing-matches won’t change that.
Too many candidates. It's ridiculous. On one side you know who you are going to be up against. On the other side you have no clue.
Promises to be electric as the candidates are released from their cages.
Politics aside... anybody notice how they're covering this? They don't care about policy, or what's good/ bad for the American people. This is sickening... this is what's wrong..the media... owned by 6 corporations dishing out what we're allowed to know, how we are allowed to see it. Left right.. they all have the same goals.
Such a waste of productive time and money on these large numbers of 'contenders'. Have the parties decide internally first on 3-4 candidates max and then let them debate.
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"It feels good to be home," Omar said as she returned to Minneapolis for a town hall meeting after attacks from President Trump.

The President had tweeted that the Somali-born Omar should "go back" to her native country and stood silently for 13 seconds at a rally on Wednesday night as his supporters chanted "Send her back."

I have respect and admiration for this woman. I am hoping she has a long and successful career.
O how the left loved to twist things. And they wonder why there looking so much support
Stand strong sister!
You are destroying the country that gave you hope and protection. Work for the advancement of America and stop all these stories. Pray for the peace of America.
God bless you always,in the land of the "free and the brave."
So inspiring I might marry my brother for tax fraud.
She is a smart beautuful politician. What a classy way to react! Her people love her. They know she's American citizen having done the necessary things. They voted for her. They want her to represent them.
She isn't wrong. She is truly a proud American ❤♡ and 💙🇺🇸
I am beginning to believe she actually believes her own crap!
Yes she’s inspiring people, to vote her out, inspiring people to hate the country, inspiring people to use the racist card when ever someone has a different view than hers, so inspiring... 🤦🏻‍♀️
You are full of hate for this country, you said so, don't try to cover up like you are so sweet.
Welcome home, Congresswoman Omar! Keep up the good fight. We love that you intimidate the Russian puppet. Impeachment then prison for Donnie Moscow.
Hang in there, you have much more support than this guy has and I am glad you live in Minneapolis!!
YOU ARE i NIGHTMARE!!! NOT a DREAM!!!. And one thing if it's true you are married to your BROTHER,,,Well, how low can you go??? That's not inspiring!!! The problem is, YOU SUPPORT TERRORISM, that makes me an enemy of YOU!!!
Dream of shariah laws
Omar and the other 3 represent everything that America aspires to be. Trump is the worst possible example of hatred and vile.
and she married her brother to gain entry into the USA
Ilhan's vision for America will be much more accurate 100 years from now than Trump's, and if your face was ever photographed at one of his rallies, you better not be surprised when your grandkids have to change their last names.
What inspiring about you, you done nothing for America
She is the perfect example of the American dream and the president of the United States and his "supporters" can't handle that...sad.
À Président must not say those words.... people in the country have to learn to accept each other
Our deliver is coming and I promise is not Donald trump So Americans you officially coursing your selves Read your Bible And god is an control Donald is just a troll for Lucifer God bless America
Attacks? That’s something somebody physically does, an action, inflicting harm. Insult? Definitely. Lets keep the knee jerk emotion triggering buzz words in perspective shall we?
So true..Trump just dreams of being in love with Sick Dictators and beautiful women he can sexually assault and his Riches and how he can use and play and lie more to his supporters..
Also you are smarter than he is he is afraid of all of you!
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After calling on his 2020 Democratic opponents to reject money from insurance and drug companies, Sen. Bernie Sanders says he'll return donations he received that violate that pledge

He's a great man, and most influential person of the 21st century. He is heads and tails the best option to take on Trump.
The most honest candidate of all.
Everyone else is taking millions of dollars from super PACs and multinational corporations. I am voting for Senator Sanders in 2020!
Does this mean he makes love to sheep? I need this in layman’s terms. And I’m a cnn top fan! 😬👍🏻🇺🇸
How do people not understand that candidates don’t directly collect all their donations? Checks are sent, donations done online, etc. “He shouldn’t have accepted it in the first place” like Bernie Sanders is the one processing and collecting every donation sent to him personally 😂😂😂😂
Hey gotta hand it to him, he lives an honest life and tries his best to learn from his and others mistakes.
Well thanks for getting the headline right CNN! I am so looking forward to President Sanders!!
– What the American People clearly want and need are more elected officials that will actually start putting the best interests of our own US CITIZENS first and foremost, and that includes appointing judges and others that will do the same.
Headlines 🤦🏼‍♂️ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ "As done previously, we will be donating any contribution that does not meet the parameters of the pledge to groups combating the health care crisis created by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries," campaign national press secretary Sarah Ford told CNN. "This pledge was launched yesterday with our full knowledge that some money may need to be returned," Ford added.
When you make a pledge, keep to it when no one is watching, too. That is INTEGRITY. When you take action to rectify when you are caught, it is DISHONESTY.
Integrity: Doing the right thing when nobody is looking. Bernie doesn't want their money.
Good for him. Unless a candidate take the money directly from the donor they really don't know who's donating.
Now that funny! He received money and was using it while he was calling out the others🙄
An honest man how refreshing. #dumptheorangekoolaid
You think he would have been rejecting those donations years ago. Wake up, Bernie! It's time for shuffleboard on the lawn.
I sure hope he wins but whoever is to run against the republican we must vote for, to stop the end of America.
Dear Insurance and Drug companies: donate to Trump.
So now you got caught you will ..... 😐😒 move over and let someone else work you’ve been in this 40 years and what have you done nothing
He is now accepting donations from Depends adult diapers
He’ll return the money that violated that pledge..? He shouldn’t have taken it in the first place. With his socialist views, did he plan to distribute it evenly among America?! 😂
Return the newspapers you stole off your neighbors driveway would be a start...true story!
He has since purchased a comb! Attaboy Bernie! Lookin' suave and debonair.
Why should any democratic presidential candidate listen to a guy who is polling neck and neck with Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson? #goawaybernie
Lol. Returning donations doesn't mean they don't support your agenda that benefits them. There was a reason they donated and it wasn't for the write off. Nice try though 🤣
Oh please, why did you not put the number? You just said "over $200", you saw the number, why not put it? You're intentionally being vague.
CNN posted an episode of Cuomo Prime Time.2 hours ago

"A President should not be a punk. He should be the guy who separates those in conflict, finds a way forward, whose very presence inspires people to be their best ⁠— not their chanting worst."

- Chris Cuomo #ClosingArgument

Great job! You can hear the frustration in your voice. You're sick and tired of this man and so am I, ❤u
You should be horrified by the actions (or inaction) of our President. If you're not, I don't want to know you. Honestly, I don't.
And the media should not harass the president. They should be the guys that report news, not their own narrative - inspiring people to love their country - not telling them America is evil. The leftward media is shameless and shameful.
Well said sir. Just when I am about to give up on CNN - this. Thank you for this reasoned and thoughtful piece.
Well said Chris! Sad that folks think it’s ok for this man to treat people the way he does. We are all human. No one has any right to degrade anyone else because we don’t have the same skin color. How sickening!!!😡
We were doomed from the very beginning with 45. Sad.
Trump brings out the worst in America. Not the best. We as Americans are better than trump and his supporters.
To all who say he is the best president, why when he has shown who he really is without the sheep skin on. I guess y'all fit the saying, birds of feather flock together. And please don't say you are not because you cannot allow someone to say something about a female, who could be your mother, sister, aunt, wife or daughter. This is not right and in order for it to get better you have to admit that there is a problem.
I'm so surprised that what is not right is acceptable as norm. President of America continously lied and cause division, still many applauded what is not right.
Not my respect....cannot wait until he is gone.
Just a distraction from the fact your brother was an Epstein Lolita Express passenger. 🤷‍♂️
He became president literally for being a divider, it’s like expecting Voldemort to teach tolerance between muggles and wizards.
What you, Chris, and many people are missing is that Trump is not a ‘politician’... like many in your family. You’ve been raised around ‘politicians’. He’s not the norm. He was elected to drain a swamp. He is not a charismatic ‘say what they wanna hear so I can get votes in and get rich’ kinda politician. He’s what you get when people are fed up with the direction our country was headed bc of ‘career politicians’ and spineless, scared, politically correct candidates. He doesn’t have an array of speeches under his belt that promise things that he can’t deliver on. He’s brash. He’s blunt. He can be rude. He’s not ‘polished’, like you are used to. He’s rough around the edges and is a fighter who doesn’t stand back and take crap. But he’s done a lot of good for AMERICA. He’s the AMERICAN President. We’re FIRST in his eyes and in his policy. He’s never gonna be a smooth talking politician, but he’s proving that his eye is on the American prize.
A great analysis of Trump and the (R) party as a whole
Our POTUS is patriotic & the left can’t stand it. #JustBeingHonest ✌️🇺🇸
Well, that definition of a "president " definitely leaves trump out 😂
Trump has got to be one of the most smug, arrogant, distasteful, crass, unfit-to-lead, unprincipled, waste of human breath on this planet. He has no business disparaging ANY U.S. citizen. He’s just foul.
“Send them back” was a patriot chant not a racist chant. I’d chant it too!!🇺🇸
Trump is amazing, his bluntness, and nothing you can do to stop him from being reelected
He isn't mentally capable of rising or improving himself. His stupidity and ignorance limit him to the gutter level politics he wallows in. He's an empty hole that tries to fill itself with money and fame and that is all he will ever look for, it's all he knows how to do to make himself whole. he was broken from the day he was born.
God help me I hate this man and what he is doing.. Trump is doing nothing but bringing so much hate and division to this country.. He is the sorriest President ever!!!
I agree FORMER President Obama was a terrible President. He stirred the racial pot whenever he could.
“Lock her up”, “send her back.” All aimed at strong women, who happen to be his personal kryptonite. Meanwhile, he does a masterful job distracting us while Epstein mulls his fate and human misery escalates on the border.
Another Hitler has been born inthe name of Trump... Idon't know if those who support him are normal!
He was absorbing the hate. It’s his nourishment.
CNN2 hours ago

This is not the beginning of a joke

I read this a couple of days ago! They took them back to where they belonged but they found their way back 😂.
I hope they fed the babies!!!
Smile and wave...
Tatum Ozen
Well, someone buy them some sushi and send them on their way.
😀 😀
New poll: 7% of American adults think chocolate milk comes from chocolate cows. 96% of these 7% are Trump supporters.
Jaymison penguin eating sushi. Your next tattoo. You’re welcome.
Lilly Soriano
Sydney Levalois
Hey. Do you guys deliver?
Got any grapes?
Alexandros πήγαν για σούσι
Lindsey Rodriguez
Ronnette Van Horn
I can haz the sushis? 🐧🐧
It is not.