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Three more climbers have died on Mount Everest, bringing the toll of those dead or presumed dead to eight across the 2019 climbing season.

Thank you for watching the CNN Communist News Network. Where our sole purpose is to feed you one sided biased opinions, misleading headlines, factually inaccurate politicizing, race baiting and especially character assassination of the current President. We do so because our Democrat Chairman Jeff Zucker told us to. Our ratings are taking a nose dive, but to us it's totally worth it. Enjoy the show. 😂
Report: 13,500 patients infected or died of infections in Israel hospitals in 2018 Some 13,500 patients in Israeli hospitals died or were infected by illnesses while receiving care in 2017, an internal Ministry of Health report revealed yesterday. This is an increase from four years ago, according to the Jerusalem Post which reported earlier this year that “between 4,000 and 6,000 patients in Israel die from complications of hospital-acquired infections every year, in many cases from antibiotic-resistant bacteria, according a State Comptroller’s Office report from 2013.” Antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections are considered among the greatest public health challenges globally, but the Israeli State Comptroller report had attributed the main causes of the spread of such illnesses to the “poor hand hygiene, lack of hospital visitor awareness regarding the spread of infections, hospital environmental conditions, an insufficient number of healthcare workers and inadequate isolation of patients with infectious diseases.” #ThisIsIsrael #BDS #JerusalemIstheCapitalofPalestine 🇵🇸
Fake NEWS should be letting it's sheep know about DECLAS!! This will prove the COVERUP has been by the democraps!! TREASON of trying to unseat a sitting President!!! THE GREAT AWAKENING! TRUMP2020
I so wish Trump was a Mount Everest climber this year.
They were Democrats...they jumped off the cliff cause they didn't get their way.
Liberals will blame the mountain not the climbers, smh
With all the politics and bad news out there, I would like to invite you to join the BBQ PIT FANS Group. It’s for everyone! We can all agree on good food!
Uh, no. I believe they claimed their own lives by climbing a big mountain in the sky.
The money for poor children in Yemen or Gaza
Did they find Hillary's emails or CNN's fake news sources up there?🧐
They choose to go up there knowing full well that there's a big chance they won't be coming down.
And no this has nothing to do with Trump and no I won’t vote for Trump
I think it’s time to think about what hobbies we chose
Wow, maybe try regulating the amount of people up there at any one time
Trump an extremely stable genius.😂 He is a unstable lying ignoramous 🐵 LOL LOL
CNN has laid off over 100 people because they are fake news 😆
CNN claims this is Trump's fault
What is going on with this mountaous trip?
I blame it on the Climate Change ... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I rather go to Disneyland.
The mountain is now the victim.
What is the point of going there?
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A woman who went missing more than two weeks ago in Hawaii after a hike has been found alive.

Watch the moment when she was rescued.

A woman hiking alone. Leaves cell phone behind. The last time I did that was never.
thank you Father for helping us find a lost person ...thank you for our president ...
It's Hawaii.. just head at any direction to hit the coast line.
Grateful and blessed th is wom an was found alive and well. God bless the rescue team for their perseverance . Mahalo e Ke Akua!
At least she had her cloths on. She tapped out just 7 days shy of the 21 day challenge. Extraction was excellent. Her PSI improves to 6.8 😀😀
God was watching over her. I am so glad she has been found safe and alive.
Wow! 2 weeks! She definitely had a guardian angel looking out for her. What an incredible story! Standing ovation to her rescuers!
Wow.... CNN actually doing a legitimate news story. Haven't seen this in years.
Thank heavens her friends and family never gave up hope.
So sick of these "adventurers" putting themselves in these situations and then having to be rescued. They need to pay for these services. Glad she's alive, though.
Awesome.. thank God .. could have been tragic..
It’s Hawaii. Easier foraging in the woods there. She had a clean water source next to her. Don’t have to worry too much about hypothermia. And she probably kept her wits and didn’t panic too much. Good on her. It looks like her survival was due to her skill and willpower.
Thank you Jesus for keeping her safe and to bring her back to her love ones. Only you alone could do this. Thank you Jesus also for all the resources who never gave up, God bless you all.
How did she survive for 2 weeks, did they say. She might of had backpack with food or water.. but 2 weeks is long time..
Hard to believe 🤔 she moved to quick to that rescue seat ... she seems to have a lot of energy. She supposed to be scared and worried because of the 2 weeks she was lost without any hope. Not buying it
lesson if you get lost in the forest make sure it's hawaii where strawberries and guava grow wild
Actually 2 1/2 weeks, she went missing on May 8th today is the 25th. 17 days missing. Thank God
Thank you Lord Jesus she is safe😘❤️🙏💪👍👍
Congrats and thank you search and rescue team.
To the people judging her for leaving her phone behind...there was NO cell reception. It wouldn’t matter if she took her phone or not.
How can anyone say she faked this?? Did you see her legs and she had lost 15 can't fake that. I thank God she was found safe.
Glad that she was found! I’m so happy for the family ❤️
Thank Allah she was found.🙂🙂
Thank god that she’s found alive.
some happy news for a change! I hope she will be okay!
CNN posted an episode of Anderson Cooper Full Circle.1 hour ago

Maria Paxtor just told her two young sons she’s going to lose the fight with cancer soon. She wants to know that her boys will be taken care of, but their dad, who is undocumented, has been banned from reentering the country. Family friend Emily Pryor, who was with Maria when she broke the news to her children, tells their story on Full Circle.

You want to know how to make America great again? This will happen when Trump supporters either leave the USA or get an education! I know I’m dreaming about the “education” part so I hope they just all leave. Trumptards have disgraced America like nothing before in US History! MAGA really means “Morons Are Governing America”.
Bunch of selfish Trumpsters! This country is falling apart because you guys have no heart unless it has to do with something for yourselves
What a heartless administration
They have foster homes in place for that as for the dad he had more than enough time to file for legal citizenship.
For the love of God. This is not my country.
Those kids should follow their father. What is wrong with moving to where their father is?
Such a sad story. Let this family be together! Shes dying, do the right thing.
Perhaps Children should go back to father. He is their only family. Looks like a loving family in pictures. I would rather my children be with me than alone in the world when I am still here.
According to the comments, our humanity is lost
Trump is very sick and desprate he is afraid of congress and people knowing about his financial records
This Administration is the most heartless group ever!
It is sad. Heartbreaking. However he was here illegally, and only made an effort to become legal after his wife, who is legal, was given her diagnosis. Why did he not try to become legal when his sons were born, or from the beginning? Why didn't they mention his attempted illegal entry in the 90's when they sought help from a lawyer? If they had simply done things legally from the beginning they would have been separated during his 10 year ban for attempting to illegally enter, but he would be here now. They are obviously a wonderful and loving family & my heart goes out to them but they waited too long to decide to follow the laws in their new country they claim to live so much. If I moved to a new country I claimed to respect & love so much i would certainly make an attempt to follow their laws. I'm a big meanie for pointing this out, I know. I am sure their are people in similar situations or one a just as dire, shall we let them all in as well? And who's to judge what problems are most severe. They should have followed the laws in the first place, they didn't and probably never would have if she wouldn't have gotten ill, why? cause it was easier not too. I won't even get into the rest. Time for them to face the consequences of their decisions. I've had to do it, and I know its not pleasant, but cause and effect....
Prayers for this dear family. How incredibly sad.
I just stopped by to read the hateful Trumpanzee comments!
These trumps putting ignorant heartless comments just proves the humanity in our country has been lost trumps have so much hate in them it’s unbelievable
Kindly respect family values OK
I heard MS13 is recruiting
This is so sad. But Miss cant you adopt the boys?? Just saying so their mom's heart will be at peace before she quits this world. This is truly heartbreaking and as you stated youre close with the family.
Congress, change the laws!
I keep saying it...unveiling times. This is the heartless administration I’ve ever live through.
I am cheerfully delighted and flabbergasted with enormous gratification and appreciation for dispensing such an awesome information in other words wow cool post thanks for sharing
Leave all thing to the God bless you and your family Don the Con try to blame Obama for this in 3...2...1
Meds have stopped working for the woman. Put her on Cannabis. She has nothing to lose.
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Washington D.C. is all politicians and monuments, right? Think again. W. Kamau Bell is in the “Real D.C.” talking to the regular folks who make D.C. anything but regular. It’s an all-new #UnitedShades, Sunday at 10p ET/PT on CNN

Yeah that’s cool, but let’s talk about the fact that CNN just had surprise layoffs that took out a whole division. What’s the matter? Not doing too hot? Not a lot of people watching these days? I guess you could always....learn to code
God bless president Donald Trump, greatest president this country has never seen
Love this series. Educational, provocative, and I see why you won an Emmy.
It's a city that intentionally does not belong to a state and will never have a Senator??
WKP used to live right here in Oakland 😀 Good man, good words.
How did he get a Kikuyu name ?
DC elected a drug addict into office twice.
Gentrification did a number on DC
Kanye West 2020🇺🇸
CNN completely glossed over the crime and the economic disparity in DC. Oh one comes to this network for facts
taxation without representation
Fair and balanced
WWII veteran Jack Gutman gave an emotional interview to Martha MacCallum Friday, describing his time serving in the war and his battle with PTSD. He's encouraging anyone with PTSD to get help, saying, "There's light at the end of the tunnel."
Taiwan government prosecutors and police collective Breaking the law
Pretty sure D.C stands for District of Columbia. But ok whatever you say
The political Left, the side that God does not stand behind !
Congress SUCKS.
Enjoy your layoffs CNN. You deserve it
When I went to Washington, I wasn't interested in "shades"; I wanted to look at history.
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If you're still deciding where to take your summer vacation, 2019 brings major anniversaries, new flight routes, buzzy museum openings and more.

Maybe avoid the travelling for a while Yanks, you aren't the most popular people on Earth.
I absolutely love Nova Scotia! For anyone who has never been there...go! CNN’s little summary of Nova Scotia doesn’t do it justice. July and August is the best time to visit and there is no shortage of things to do. Besides the Jazz Festival, there’s the Buskers, Greek Fest, Lebanese Fest, outside concerts, the Bluenose marathon, historical tours (if that’s your thing) about the Halifax explosion and the Titanic, there is incredible restaurants...and if you’re a fan of seafood, NS is the place to get the best you’ve ever had. And the beaches? Beautiful and some have white sand (you won’t get hypothermia...the water is warmest in August and September). The nightlife is never a disappointment...Halifax has more bars per capital in Canada...I’m sure having 4 universities in the city helps with that. If you love wine, take a wine tour. NS has some of the best wine ever. Literally! When we visit, we buy cases of Benjamin Bridges. And last but not least...the people! They make NS amazing. You will meet some of the best, friendliest, generous, and hilarious people you could ever hope to meet. Nova Scotians make perfect strangers feel like family and they are always up for a good time. I did my undergrad in Halifax, and after my first week, it became my favourite place. You won’t regret the visit.
Why is CNN contributing to global warming by encouraging more people to fly, when air travel leaves an abysmal carbon footprint? Why isn’t ACO leading a demonstration to prolong earth’s life expectancy past 12 years over holiday air travel? Shouldn’t Democrats be using get-a-way vacations as a way to shove the earnings gap down the throats of their uneducated base?
Time is running out for all those who have chosen to reject God and live life on their own terms.. The Tribulation and The Great Tribulation are coming very soon . The World is at relative peace compared to what it will be like then. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news that God provided the way for man to be freed from the penalty of sin (John 14:6; Romans 6:23). But not all people will be saved from hell; only those who place their faith in Jesus will go to heaven when they die (Acts 4:12). The gospel of Jesus Christ is the best news anyone will ever hear, and what a person does with this news will determine where he or she spends eternity. God is calling you to choose life. Call on the name of the Lord and be saved (Romans 10:13). So please believe that God sent His one and only son Jesus Christ to suffer and die on the cross to shed His blood on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins. Believe that Jesus died and was buried yet arose again in 3 days and ascended back to Heaven and is seated at the right hand of God The Father. Believe that without a relationship with Jesus Christ as your Savior you are headed for Hell and an eternity in The Lake Of Fire And Brimstone. That is The Gospel Message Of Jesus Christ, believe it and be saved
Yashwenee Lepas Ni boleh lah singgah kat Chicago or New York instead of Toronto . Time for you to apply American Visa .
Kenya is da best 8th Wonder of the world
Great CNN, encourage the use of more jet fuel... Not good for the climate change
"MAIDUGURI NIGERIA" worlds no1 best tourist attraction state..
Come on people leave political bs alone for a minute. Pack a bag and go somewhere where people don’t speak English. Maybe gain a little understanding maybe some appreciation maybe just maybe see things in a new light.
Happy to see my homeland Kenya on the list
Shame Cuba isn't on the list. It's one of my favourite vacation spots.
Ian Tony Denny Singapore?
Tooba Sheraz hmmmmm 😏
Janeece Burnette 👀
Stephanie Korle
Keiara Chandani Watkins
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Amanda Eller got lost between two waterfalls down a deep ravine in a creek bed.

"We were freaking out," one of her rescuers said. "We were trying not to trip over ourselves trying to get to her too fast."

Its nice seeing trump supporters on every CNN post. Who knows, maybe they will finally learn something.
She staged this just to garnish some attention.
Planned ; rigged looking for a book deal, movie. Today show, ect.... congrats.
I'm not sure how you get lost that badly on an island especially one that size. Don't you just go downhill until you get to the ocean?
Finally a great story of survival and people want to try and evaluate it and shove their will into it. She literally did everything right. She told others where she was going. Parked where she should. Once lost or stranded stayed where she was instead of wandering aimlessly and this is what made this a success and allowed time for rescuers to find her. Based on the buddy system theory there could well have been two stranded. She was also obviously well prepared to survive and forage for food. Great job rescuers.
While I am so happy she was found, when are these people going to learn the BUDDY SYSTEM. How much did this prepared..
I’m very happy to hear she is safe...This is exactly why you should notify someone, anyone if you are going hiking, climbing or walking alone. You never know.
I was praying for a positive outcome even after they thought the worst. God is So good.
You Americans seem to really have time to do such like kind of things. In some places in Kenya you get lost trying to either graze your animals or looking for water.
Thanks be to God. Another miracle. Hurrah! Thank you rescuers for putting yourself at risk. Great teamwork.
Wonder if she will do an episode of Naked and Afraid, after her survival experience?
Thanks God 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Someone found alive after missing
We thank God for this incredible news
And that is why it's important to pray for everyone. I pray every morning, that anyone lost in the wilderness or in the sea to be protected and found in Jesus name Amen. So I want to thank God for answering my prayers. 🙏
Sounds like she went chasing waterfalls. There's a whole song about why you shouldn't do that. Seriously, though, glad she's okay!
Glad she is okay, but she shouldn't have gone alone.
I have been following this story, so happy she was found safe & alive. Her friends & family never gave up & she had some survival skills.
How tf do you get lost on a island for two weeks? Not up for debate. I lived there for 4 yrs.
I wonder if the Rock will play the guy who rescues her in the movie?
Credit to being healthy, and an outdoors person! So glad they found her. Well done rescuers. Rescues like these are what keeps them going, I’m sure ❤️🙏
Lol was she LOST or kidnapped by the others...Where's Locke, Jack, Sawyer and Kate? 🤔
At least she got stuck with a water supply. It could have been much worse.
Some good new! And example of what good health can do!
I’ve been following this case since she disappeared. I’m glad she’s found alive.
Put this women on Naked and Afraid! Lol. Glad she’s safe!
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Face the past. Heal the future. The emotional journey when victims and offenders meet face to face on Van Jones’ new CNN Original Series, The #RedemptionProject. Sunday at 9p ET/PT

I'm so confused why people follow pages like CNN just to complain😂😂😂
I think it’s a great program.
This is a very good program in very interesting do yourself a favor and get a little education on this matter
I’m sorry that young adults are abusing these medications that help other adults to live with cancer and many other painful diseases and injuries so they don’t take their own lives. No one puts a light on governments denial of treatment that saves lives . The focus is always one sided. It’s not republicans or democrat. It human forced suffering. Rich ppl never suffer it’s middle class and poor. This is so wrong
FOX NEWS Spewing HATE and Division! The network of Satan?SATANIC ,madness , SATANIC UGLYNESS!!
Saturday, May 25, 2019 World Peace TOGETHER WE AFFIRM LASTING PEACE IN THE WORLD. The song “Imagine” invites listeners to imagine a world in which we are at peace with each other. We can choose to accept the invitation to imagine a world without boundaries or conflicts. We picture people living in peace and working together for the common good. And as we imagine, we pray. We turn to God in faith, adding our prayers to countless others also praying for peace. Together we form a collective bond that is a powerful force for good in the world. Our actions reflect our peace. We are ambassadors of peace, cocreating a harmonious planet. Together we can make a positive difference. Together we affirm lasting peace in the world. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.—Isaiah 2:4
It’s just a Nothing burger right Jones 😂
he was 1st to call russia hoax a "nothing burger"
He's the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. He can walk out on anybody that he wants to, especially a couple of insignificant fu-☆heads that choose to continue to disrespect him as an extremely smart capable President, and as an honest hardworking man. He supports the country and all honest citizens and Patriots. I applaud and appreciate his actions, and support every endeavor he chooses. He has saved us from the tyranny of Communism, and the corruption of the hypocrisy of liberal Democrats. Hail to the Chief!
Finish the wall...
Cnn the network that is trying to divide America. It the network of hate
CNN should apologize to the American people.
Tim pools second yourube channel has more viewers than CNN
CNN clickbait with racist, race baiting White Lash Jones.
Nobody cares
Crap!! I work in that area several times a week. If I knew that racist piece of shi7 was going to be there, I would have been more than happy to ______________ (fill in the blank, because I don’t want the Facebook gestapo to ban me, again).
well maybe van how about we start with the border you do know mexico is run by drug cartels
Christians say you have reason to be afraid! are you afraid? to exist in this realm... they say you could be locked into an eternity in flames! if you don't know... and desire the earning of an eternal paradise with him... do you know that... that's about Jesus!
Van Jones is a known racist.
Stephen Colbert has more viewers than CNN
Why do good people have to go to Hell? We'll talk about this and more in our workshop. Come! Join me... grab a snack... no... that's a snake! put that back where you found him. Come with me now if you want to survive leaving the way of profound ingenious clay burto on hymn ok he bae orb no way knouylobpqf2ztiscerok
The day two like poles will attract each other, I will support gay
CNN clickbait with racist, race baiting White Lash Jones.
Wouldn't it be nice if Democrats loved America as much as they love illegal immigrants, murdering unborn babies and disparaging brave police officers?🇺🇲
CNN3 hours ago

Richard Phillips spent more time behind bars than any other wrongfully imprisoned person in America

No amount of money can give back the time and life experiences taken from him. $1.5 M is an insult. He needs a public apology, a proclamation & key to the city, a building named after him, a law /bill named after him, honorary degrees, a life time pension, a 3500sqft home, F150 truck, Mercedes S 650, lifetime tickets to Super bowl, NCAA Championship games, full wardrobe all 4 seasons, 2 German Shepherds, a 100k job in case he wants to work, a top financial coach/planner, free cable, free internet, free coffee at Starbucks and McDonald's, And its still not enough. Folks, time is the one thing you can't get back. I Pray this man has a long healthy and happy life.
Clown Narcissist Nobodies CNN is losing viewers and their ratings tanked . Seems people are tired of the democrat crap show and numbers of Americans will be voting for Trump than ever before .
They should provide him with free health care forever, a nice car or free Uber rides forever, buy him a nice house, no taxes ever owed the government ... a lot more could be done. This is a sad story for sure . Being wrongly accused of things is never ok. I would be upset if this was me. God Bless this man forever.
They gave a white man about 10 million for 8 years! That is Not enough money! This man’s life was Not the only one destroyed because of his wrongful conviction. What about his family?
Should be a million per year he was behind bars.
How is 46 years only worth 1.5M???
I would have rather had my life. That money is nothing to what they took from him. It should be a lot more than that.
Thats not enough to live on. He has no job experience No references No credit Owns nothing Awful
Ummmmmm NOT ENOUGH. Start paying a $Million per year you had someone wrongly locked up and watch how fast people stop being wrongly jailed. You have to hit these prisons where it hurts, their pocketbook.
All he gets is 1.5 million? Hmmm. Figures, he’s a black man.
That is an insulting amount of recompense. May the Lord bless this man for the remainder of his days on earth and forever in the afterlife.
Is he going to be taxed on that?
1.5 mill / 46 years comes to a whopping 32k per year. Whoever came up with this number for this man just knew he was cheating the system himself.
Oh you mean will ONLY get 1.5 million that I’m sure they gonna tax.... they’ve given this same amount to people wrongfully imprisoned for less time.
That's not enough for a man loosing 46 years of his life .I would rather be free for 46yrs.
Really, they estimated for him to make above poverty wage for a wrongful conviction? Why not 50k a year? This man lost so much time...
So his life was worth about $32,608.69 per year. I’m glad he’s out with some starting off money after the lawyers take their chunk. Unbelievable
1.5million? That’s it? 46 years, does that even include lawyer fees or court cost? So many families will refinance their homes just to find a good lawyer! They should purchase a home and have to pay for any psychology needs he may have.
I must say he looks pretty good for so many yrs in prison . Bless him...
1.5 for 46 years of freedom, spending time with family, creating your own family, creating memories??? That’s not enough money. Nothing can replace 46 years , but 1.5 ain’t enough!! Yes I said ain’t 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡
No amount of money can compensate for the injustice and the lost opportunities and life experience foregone by this man.May those who denied this man the enjoyment of life which he justly deserved suffer eternal perdition in this World and beyond.
🤦🏽‍♂️......Of course that's all he would get. What a joke!. He's a strong man though to get wrongly convicted for another mans doing and still have a positive outlook. Stay strong brother!..🙏🏽💪🏾
1.5 million per year he spend in Prison sounds more like it !!
46 years in prison. I can't believe this is all that he is getting. This man should be able to live like a rockstar for the rest of his life and so should his family
That does not even compensate his losses, let alone his family's losses. No amount could adequately compensate but 1.5 million is insulting given the unimaginable losses suffered by his family.
CNN shared a post.3 hours ago

A diner who ordered a nice bottle of red wine at the Hawksmoor restaurant in Manchester, England, got something a bit fancier than expected -- a bottle worth £4,500 ($5,800).

Probably tasted like a $5 dollar bottle of Boone's Farm.
I went to this Cuban restaurant once, asked for a glass of the house wine, and the sommelier opened a $200 bottle by mistake and served me a glass... which I drank from until the maitre d’ unceremoniously yanked the glass off my table. Needless to say, it all went south from that point on...
Why should a bottle of wine be sold for $5800, are u going to be tipsy the rest of your life?
5 day old post! Everyone seen this last week 10 times.
Anybody ever see a $5800 bottle of wine in USA after Obama?
You know there's something wrong with the world when a bottle of wine (95% water) cost £4500.
wow, CNN found a 2 week old story and ran with it
The bottles look completely different. The restaurant seems to think that this was an easy mistake however it took effort to mistake these two bottles. 🙄🙄🙄
I saw this exact same article two weeks ago though.
"The wine went out and was served to the customer. The customer didn't know and it was only afterward that one of the managers picked up what had happened." They didn’t know. Because you can’t tell the difference. The only purpose of a $5,800 bottle of wine is to tell people you paid $5,800 for a bottle of wine.
Kathie Kavasilas Iaconetti, Margaret Liverano I'm guessing neither of you were across the pond to enjoy this moment 😁
I bet that restaurent doesnt put the cheap wines next to expensive 1 anymore
This story has the highest ratio of irrelevance to coverage I've ever seen
The customer probably didn't notice the difference. People and their obsession with old wines.
It must have been the the water Jesus turned into wine back in the days.
Cnn is like a shampoo bottle repeat repeat repeat.
How does a bunch of smashed grapes cost that much, people can’t even tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine they just claim to know
Nothing on a restaurant menu is worth $5800, unless it‘s a used Ford Focus.
Did the Queen of England stomp on the grapes herself????
Someone didn't get a Christmas bonus lol
It was probably a liberal who still complained, blamed the server with obstruction.
I think this is a funny story. I enjoyed it. I have never seen it before. So why the heck does this have to turn into a trump thing! Trump followers have to interject him into everything and take away from the interesting story.
waiter would have gotten fired immediately in the US
I guess this will pass as news nowadays... still better the reporting on Kim and Kanye 😒
C'mon this bit has been circulation around for weeks now.
CNN4 hours ago

The whale was a female and was so young that "her teeth haven't come out yet."

Don’t eat plastic then. So much for the theory about Whales being intelligent.
Plastic ends up in the ocean mainly from third world countries mismanaging plastic waste. China is by far the worst offender. The media wants us to think that it's western nations doing this and therefore we have to give up plastic straws because of climate change when in reality, these articles should be run in Asia. The countries that are polluting the most largely don't care and until they take steps to reduce their pollution, any measures western countries take is almost insignificant on the global scale.
I can attest to this tragedy. I’m in Governors Harbour, Eleuthera, Bahamas and the beach is completely littered with plastic, big and small. The locals tell me that the cruise ships and freighters DUMP their trash in the ocean as they travel. We have to STOP this. The ocean is being treated as a toilet and it must stop . People speak out, our marine life is truly being killed by the hands of ruthless business entities.
This may be the saddest thing I have seen so far this morning, but leave it to the comment section to make a joke about it like this isn’t a problem we as people are creating.
Human beings should disappear from this beautiful planet 🌍
I cannot believe the total ignorance and lack of respect for other life on this thread. What has humanity come to?!?
This world is undoubtedly better without humans.
Poor baby 😞 I hate the human race so much.
Manufacturers need to use less plastic wrap for shipping. What's wrong with just putting it in a cardboard box and using paper.
Her body, her choice.
And this will continue until this becomes an issue. What are we leaving for our grandchildren? Sad state of affairs within the human population let alone the sea life.
If our depraved govt won’t act we need to pressure corporations to. Finding a biodegradable alternative to plastics has to be a priority. what do we do about it? Complaining and pointing fingers are not working.
Doesn't affect the human race, do you think some will care
We have to do better.... this is shameful
My local beach has just opened after extensive improvements and there’s fishing wire all over the place. If people would only pick up after themselves
Need more fish to clean up the mess Democrats make
We never used to see dead animals full of plastic. I wonder how this happens since man has no effect on the environment? 🙄
There’s more plastic than fish, mankind’s destruction of our natural resources.
People aren’t throwing plastic in the ocean in droves. It comes from flooding and tsunamis around the world for the most part. The only way to do away with plastic on the ocean is to stop using plastic, which will never happen.
Very sad,no one cares like they use to🤨
I avoid using plastic but l just don’t understand people who doesn’t care. It breaks my heart.
I wish every single human being became aware of the damage plastic is causing to our entire echo system!
We are killing wildlife on this planet. It makes me sick. We need to protect creatures large and small who cannot speak for themselves. One day probably in the not to distant future a child is going to say, “What is a Whale”? It’s something they’ve only seen in pictures. Because they are extinct.
Hmmm so u selfish SOBs try not using plastic all day evryday..js..