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This two-year-old came to the US to receive medical care. With his parents still in Iraq, he was facing a series of surgeries without them.

Julian Alexander Dent Thank you President Trump! Keeping us safe from infants, British school teachers and Mohammad Ali's children. We would have had 12 Bowling Greens from each of them if it weren't for you! #4moremonths
Josée Touchette He is full of joy and very brave! With such good parents, a lot of love and good cares he seems happy like any other kids now! Inspiring for those who complains for nothing sometimes.... Best of luck for the future for this lovely family!
Ariel Setchell Poor baby not only having to go through So much but also being here without all of his family. 🙁 wishing them all the best.
Maxwell Berger Yet why fly to America? I'm serious. Not being an insensitive prick right here. Why America, when there are so many other countries with quality medical expertise so much closer? Why does it have to be America when it's literally an ocean away. The child could have gotten aid so much sooner.
Victor Lawless Trump needs to look at the details in his ban and help these people. One is an American ally and the other group are Christians. They are not a terrorist threat to this nation.
Laura Lynn I'm so glad these parents were finally able to be with their beautiul child, finally he will be able to have the surgeries he desperately need and have his parents comfort him during these hard times
Rizza Velasco Ebreo Trump makes people suffered,most of them are children who's in danger,I wish all the best for this baby and for his family,am not sure who are going through right now,be brave and strong...
Louise Todd quite frankly in all essence you people make me feel sick as you bring out your dead and contradict yourselves..not to use the children as weapons..political tools..good luck to the poor baby but not to have the spotlight determining his care...
Craig Cleroux Agent Orange dropped by the Obama administration caused this....
Lindsay Domingue Sylvester God bless this baby and the people helping him become well.
Cytherea Yeriho Poor baby! There's never enough the world can do for the Yazidis. They've suffered so much.
Chubbs Peterson Awesomeness. He is receiving top notch American medical care. That's heartening to hear.
Benjamin Dee CNN you were called out by Trump for fake news. People this might also be fake news. CNN Trump called you out for fake news.
Yvonne Baker The good ole propaganda news using sick children to sway the public.'s not the sick children were afraid of..its the adult fighting age male who's seeking to come to America.but thank you propaganda bs stories for twisting it!!
Sandra Maldonado Trump will burn in hell. What a terrible human being he is.
Craig Goodsir Cruelty that should never, ever happen.
Kit-Kat Breault Poor sweet baby! Hoping he continues on the path of healing and recovery. ♡
Matthew Apsay If he were an adult, their would be outrage among Republicans because he is receiving subsidized or free American healthcare that is expensive. #RepublicanHypocrisy
Luke Burton Remember what country out of all countries care about people when your people wanna destroy us!
The Law Of Attraction Someone who is worthy of your love will never put you in a situation where you feel you must sacrifice your dignity, your integrity, or your self-worth to be with them.
Kenneth McIntyre Presents an obvious threat to our national security. Better check that bottle. Brave kid, good luck to him.
Louise Todd Fatty's treacle pie is bubbling..what say?
Sam U. El When we had a president with a heart and a soul
James Trapp There comes a point where you just start over and make a new kid.
Lori Koch Are there no skilled surgeons in Iraq? Seriously none?
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Think about it: when was the last time you saw a UPS truck turn left?

JB Carlson Love you, CNN, but this is very old news.
Sharon Weinberg Actually, I watch them turn left every day. Their offices are on my way home from work and inevitably I get stuck behind them. They don't take some right-turn route to go around the block to go back to the office. They take a direct route at 10 mph in a 45 zone, hold up traffic, and turn left.
Norman R. Skipper Chant Jr. Ok ok ok. Left turns are dangerous. USPS routes are also setup to always make right turns. Sorry, a left will be in there, no matter what
Aléjandro Colón Avoiding all left turns makes the trip shorter and more fuel efficient? Someone show me some data and explain, that makes no sense. Sounds like you have to do extra driving to drive around an entire block as opposed to making a left, or just waiting for that left turn.
Sheila Beaty Copney Every time they come down my street. They turn left to get on my street and then go down to end of the street and turn left again. If they just came the other way it would be right,,,,,,,,, but they don't. LOL
Bilal Anwar They implemented this years ago to save on gas, cutting wasteful spending by millions. I don't believe safety was their first thought...
Diann Weston Not true...I see the UPS truck turn left out of the subdivision on a daily basis...And sometimes it doesn't even come to a complete stop at the stop sign 🛑...That's dangerous.
Gene Parker Everything has to be serious. Calm down people. Shut up with the fake news bs. It is older than the UPS right turn story.
Stephen Tullius I talked to the Ups driver about this.... They stopped doing that 10 years ago... The company have developed their own maps that arranged their routes for them.... Saves them even more time and gas....
Dave Wosik I talked to a UPS driver and he explained this to me. The drivers have routes that they drive every day, and they have figured out how to do this. It actually makes a lot of sense and apparently it DOES save time and money.
Oluchi Enaworu Wow CNN? Nothing else to report? I've seen this UPS story 4 times this week. Well if you need a story, a raccoon bore a hole through my trash can so it could easily slip in. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Aaron Skoien It's either anti Trump propaganda or this kind of recycled garbage they share, that's it. CNN isn't biased? Lol what do you think?
Owolabi Yusuf Well I hope America hasn't turned left with this administration
Matt Romain At my old job the used to turn left every single day on the way back to the distribution center
Siretha Brown DHC, Thomas Perez need to be under investagation by the State Department is why so many America people was denied their unemployment benefits under his guide line as former Secretary of Labor under the Obama administration.
Michelle Jones In Spartanburg, SC, UPS trucks have to come around Hearon Circle, make a right onto Simuel Rd., go to the stop sign, then make a left onto Howard St (where UPS is located). I see it everyday.
Victoria Wise yeah but to be fair anything that has to do with the left is dangerous
Mike Junk Must have been really awkward for them when the decided to be a sponsor for a Nascar car.
Rei AJ Browning I love how this has been mind-blowing to CNN for the past week when it has been common knowledge for years.
Dina Najar That's impossible. You'd just be going around in circles.
Janet Elizabeth Schrader I wondered why they kept circling my neighborhood yet never left. Never left.. lol
Cyd Calamia Everyday! Is this the best "news" you can come up with?
Vlad Beliaev Liberals are truly violent treasonous pieces of excrement. They have no respect for free speech, no respect for the constitution, and no respect for our 45th President, who may well be the greatest President since Abe Lincoln from what we are seeing already. At some point, liberals have to respect that the people have spoken, delivering one of the biggest electoral college wins to the Republican Party EVER, and Donald J. Trump is their president too NOW!!! So let's all stand at the altar of Trump and be thankful for this incredible man!!! America is broken, under the rule of Islamic President Hussain Obama our country was almost obliterated and out traditional values destroyed but president Donald J Trump will return our country to its former glory and make America Great Again once more!!!
Sandra Maldonado If I read about this one more time, I'm going to yell 🙂
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Case in point: state marijuana laws.

SJ Khan Nobody is equal in the eyes of this White House. Not just States, but races, ethnicities, religions, genders, and even the Press. I am embarrassed every time my cousins in foreign countries call me to laugh at Donald Trump. I have to remind myself that the majority of United States voters did NOT vote for him.
Allison Holder Pacailler I swear, the Trump administration is trying to piss off even the most chill members of society (recreational marijuana users).
Umar Khan It's just an assault on Trump. CNN doesn't even pretend to hide its bais.
Jake Talenster Jeff Sessions said and I quote "good people don't smoke Marijuana." Jeff Sessions said and I quote "I used to like the KKK until they started using Marijuana." This White House is going to do everything in its power to crackdown on Marijuana as long as that man and people like him are in power. For profit prison populations are going to skyrocket and so is the bill to pay for all of them.
Julian Alexander Dent So they think transgender rights should be left to the states but we're going to pointlessly criminalize legal marijuana again wholesale? Scum.
Robert Stanz The Trump Administration is a complete mess. All he's been doing is pandering to his base. There are no principles. Just whatever Bannon and Trump think they can get away with.
Mark Melton Just so you liberals can get it I'll type slow. There's no federal law regarding transgender bathrooms, Trump simply said its up to the states he cannot enforce a law that doesn't exist the President does not write laws he enforces them. Are you still with me. Okay, now marijuana does have federal laws against it once again the President didn't write that law, congress did. So Trump said his justice department would enforce the law because that's what he's supposed to do. Now if congress passes a law to legalize marijuana then Trump couldn't enforce a law that doesn't exist. By the way it's the same for illegal immigration the laws are already written he's just enforcing them. I know that's a strange concept after eight years of Obama who ignored the law and ignored the constitution
Annie Baltierra Horsfield I guess we all know how deranged CNN is with C.Como's comments about what little girls should be exposed to...shame! Perverted CNN and their so called "journalists"!
Finkin Janice But that's because there is already a law on the books. Obama never went through channels to make it a federal law for bathrooms idiots!
Grace Victoria Hitchman Laird Marijuana is illegal under federal law. It was during the Obama administration as well. The Obama administration simply chose not to enforce the law. The Trump adminstration has every right to enforce the federal law regarding marijuana now. Obama is partly to blame for not even trying to repeal the federal ban on marijuana. If it wasn't Trump, some other president down the line would have started enforcing the federal law banning marijuana. I think marijuana should be legal and I'm not a Trump supporter, but this isn't some travesty of justice. It's just the law. Don't like it? Start voting for people who actually want to legalize marijuana in federal government rather than just ignore the law.
Patrick Cimo We did that report. And? We found they don't pose a special threat. No. I'm sorry? No thank you. Do what now? You're fired.'s a report... It's fired. You can't really.... Fake news. But you asked us to... Going golfing, bye.
Jan Uvena Pot who cares...The horse is out of the barn on that and my 11 year old is fascinated with Bongs in gas stations. Thanks for that! Pissing and shitting where ever you want to has to be a state's voted decision. Although my president I'm sure has his own opinion.
Dan Miller CNN - its great you are blocked. It's because you suck. CNN - the leader in attempting to divide the American people in exchange for media ratings.
Adam Miller CNN is fake news! Not a word posted to any social media about the 950 tonnes of Uranium being sent to Iran, the #1 state sponsor of terrorism. Instead they would rather post a speculative article about Cannabis or some girl hanging off of a building. No wonder only 6% of people trust the mainstream media.
Michael Moore But they are all subject to the same federal law, that is call equal protection. There are no special class with EXTRA rights or privileges !
Rebecca Sampayo Moreno Trump said the following in a Vanity Fair article, circa 1990. Hmmm... "Actually, it was my friend Marty Davis from Paramount who gave me a copy of Mein Kampf, and he's a Jew." ("I did give him a book about Hitler," Marty Davis said. "But it was My New Order, Hitler's speeches, not Mein Kampf. I thought he would find it interesting. I am his friend, but I'm not Jewish.")
Murphy Murfucious I believe whole heartedly the end is near. I believe that the Rapture is coming..It's the only way the liberal agenda can work.. Conservatives control the military, the police, and the majority of armed citizens..But what would change if the Christians all of sudden disappeared?? The balance would shift immediately to the left. I know not all Republicans are Christians. But most Christians are Republicans...listen I can't quote scripture like a paster..Truth is I've always had questions of why things are and why some things will never make sense.. But I'm also not blind...I see every sign aligning. I see all the turmoil and I remember all the stories and warnings preached about in church and school when I spent some years at the Baptist school..I remember preachers warning of signs to look for..Now I see them happening all around us...It's time for prayer. I mean serious prayer for those about to be left behind! Those are today's thoughts from Murfucious!
Siretha Brown DHC, Thomas Perez need to be under investagation by the State Department is why so many America people was denied their unemployment benefits under his guide line as former Secretary of Labor under the Obama administration.
Kelly Dom Fed law trumps (HAHAHAHAHA) State law in all cases. There was a little thing called the civil war when democrats wanted to work people to death and steal their wages and committed treason to do it.
Gary Frederick I am happy President Trump not attending Media Correspondents Dinner. Our leader, President Trump, is for the people, not overpaid news people that are selfish and elite. Majority of Americans have bigger issues than a rich dinner for elite news people that really are not important to Americans.
Larry ButterCheeks Liberals are insane. That being said marijuana should be legalized the fact that it isn't is even more insane. Should be a bipartisan issue.
Louise Todd Rumble in the Tummy..not to be confused with In the Glenn which the Mayor of London says is White Supremecy..I believe him..
Matt Henderson Well, look. I think it should be legalized but there's also no question that federal law supersedes state law.
Chuck Banister Republicans are utterly ridiculous. We are going backwards instead of forwards.
John Michael Link I have several un-named reliable sources that have informed me that CNN is fake news, therefore it is fake. Wow, this "journalism" stuff is easy. This is CNN.
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Only one U.S. city landed on the list. Is it yours?

Sriram S Vilayanoor How come New Delhi isn't on this list? Guangzhou and Shenzhen are worse than Beijing? That doesn't make sense!
Kelyn Powell As an Angeleno, I knew without a doubt it had to be Los Angeles
Samuel Palomata Isang araw magkasamang naglalakad si Digong at Noynoy patungong panaderya. Bago pa man sila makapasok ay kumuha na ng 3 tinapay si Noynoy at itinago sa bulsa ng di namamalayan ng may ari sabay sabi kay digong, "oh diba? Ang talino ko? Nakakuha ako ng tatlong tinapay ng walang ginagastos, di rin alam ng may ari kaya di ko na kelangan pang magsinungaling. Sabi naman ni digong, "matalino ka na niyan? Panoorin mo ko. Kinausap ni digong ang may ari at sinabing "bigyan mo ko ng isang tinapay at pakikitaan kita ng magic", dahil interesado ang may ari, binigyan niya ng tinapay si digong, kinain niya ito at humingi pa ng isa, kinain ulit at humingi pa ng isa. Nagtaka ang may ari at sinabing ano ginawa mo? Asan na ang magic? Tingnan mo ang bulsa ni Noynoy at nandoon ang tatlong tinapay na kinain ko.
Christopher Trench It's an error to exclude Nairobi from that list. The reason it fails to appear is likely to be that few vehicles in that clogged up city are equipped with satnav devices
Steven Ryan He that learns nought will never know how one is the fool of another,for if one be rich another is poor and for that should bear no blame
Siretha Brown DHC, Thomas Perez need to be under investagation by the State Department is why so many America people was denied their unemployment benefits under his guide line as former Secretary of Labor under the Obama administration.
Siretha Brown I just lost my respect for the Democratic party, for electing Thomas Prez for house chairman for Democratic party, the former Secretary of Labor for the Obama administration and why he was serving as Secretary of Labor there were lots of jobs lostes during the last 4 years from the America people , We america people have been deny of our unemployment rights under guide line of former Secetary Thomas Perz .The unemployment rates are high so high that it's been under cover, it's been undercover for the last 4 years that the America people has been denied of their unemployment for no faulth of our on, there's many record that can prove there more denied than eligibleabity , the State of Labor board can't print want wasn't approve ....No Respect !!!!
Jason Snow You sure it isn't Atlanta? I mean, have you BEEN on the interstates surrounding the metro area at any given time in the day? Does it take 45 minutes to go 20 miles in Los Angeles?
Nipaporn White Bangkok has the worst evening rush hour traffic in the world for a second consecutive !
Jason Farrell Don't let this distract you from the fact that today is "Nature Boy" Ric Flair's birthday. WOOOOO!!!!!
James Letizia don't even have to look has to be LA
Ann Reeve Sharpe The 405 at rush hour that would be all day long, Los Angeles CA
Nathalie Seroux Where are Manila and India cities??? I guess Kuala Lumpur is so bad after all.... 😕
Armand Ruiz wow, I thought Manila would have been on the top or top 10 atleast
Valvolini Bayagbag It seems to me … Metro Manila will break the record in less than a year because of Uber and Grab cars!
Robert Winthers We are so proud Seattle has reached #10 on the US level LOL
Nancy Arnott I knew it wouldn't be New York. We have too many cars here, but I know the congestion is far worse in other cities.
Marti White And....CNN is 'So Fake' that Trump Supporters are the FIRST, the VERY FIRST RespondERS on CNN NEWS. They actually Copy & Paste, just so they waste ZERO time TYING a Response..
John Michael Link I have several un-named reliable sources that have informed me that CNN is fake news, therefore it is fake. Wow, this "journalism" stuff is easy. This is CNN.
Ds Yang Manila is the worst by far. Bangkok is not even close.
James Johnson Deport everyone who is in America illegally, build a wall, and bring jobs back to America!!!
Ezeihedi Agatha Oby And where is Lagos, Nigeria? You drive out by from mainland by 5 a.m to be at office at Island by 9 a.m.... Leave by 4 p.m and get home by 11 p .m
Shelly Drake I've been to #1 it can take an hour to go 4 miles. When there I walked most times.
Nikhil Singhania Very much surprised nit to see any of the Indian cities in the list..
HM Spencer Finn Ramos-Suarez Where's Manila? 😡 It's probably somewhere up there!
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President Donald J. Trump tweeted that he will not be attending this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Wahib Bellia I hope Alec Baldwin will fill in. Alec, on behalf of all of us, please fill in and make our day. It will be a hell of a night, guarantee.
Nathan Terry What a snowflake. Does the Pussygrabber-in-Chief need a safe place?
Brian O'Fahey No problem, they can just give his seat to the winner of the popular vote. (To make a difference that night instead of watching Nerd Prom, help state-level Democrats out at:
Pat Cooper Miller Only "Real" presidents attend those! Who cares? He's a moron! I wish someone would "pay" me to protest! I would become a full time protester and still be able to feed the family!
Korin Luikart-santos He doesn't want to go because he wants to be in Florida instead. Let's face it. He can't handle all this. He didn't realize he'd have to give up his life in order to serve us.but of course he is only serving himself... and his friends.
Brenda Terrones He's scared! He can't face the press and he's trying to make it look like he's working more rather than attend the dinner 😂
Dillon Wheaton It's meant to be a comedic evening. But being funny requires a modicum of intelligence. And it helps if the crowd doesn't despise your existence.
Khushboo Uma Bharadwaj Most thin skinned person ever. Can't take criticism, can't take jokes but keeps demanding respect from everyone. Respect is commanded by actions, not demanded by bullying.
Irene Shaw It is because he afraid they might ask him a question. He cannot answer questions other than to say uh we have good things coming, I have beautiful and tiny hands but my manhood is fine or to say uh I will get back to you on that? he afraid he might have to answer questions that are real or afraid he might be roasted- I love to roast him LOL
M Hilal Arfeen Trump is trying to ban muslim countries but not those countries where he has personal goals and businesses that shows his hypocrisy and he is a laughing stock of the world
Bob Lendzinski It didn't matter how hard the media (mainly FoxNews) slammed Barack Obama. Obama had thick skin and took every joke in stride. Same with Bush, Clinton Bush41, and so on....
Steffen Fobe If he doesn't wants to be present, I would suggest the following: invite the former presidents still alive: Obama, Bush Senior (if he is going better), Bush Junior, Clinton and Carter. Would be great opportunity to have them together 😉
Brandon Lawson Lmfao, so he bans media outlets to the press conference, and now won't appear at the dinner because he is the biggest snowflake of them all. Irony. ahahaha Trump supporters call others snowflake but they voted for one.
Wendy Guerra Kehler Perhaps Alec Baldwin will go in his place. Now that would be worth watching!
David Sims I'm curious why is it so easy to refer to "The Donald" as President or President Trump but for the last 8 years you didn't refer to Barack as President Obama. Only Obama, or Osama...ijs
Nancy Rice making the White House Correspondent's Dinner great again
Tommy Calzadias He is so insecure and thin skinned that he can't tolerate a couple of hours when people make fun of him. Truly deplorable.
Alexis Corelis I think they should do a Clint Eastwood on him and set up an empty chair at the dinner and address remarks as if he is there.
Lisa Love Wow, reading these comments....people really are drinking his cool-aid. He has people believing everything is "fake news". Is there fake news out there? Yes there is. But everything he has toted as "fake news" has been proven true. How one interprets the facts is definitely up for debate...but its not "fake". And his lies have been called out the most yet his follows still drink it all up. Sad...really...sad. And on another note, he would never be able to get up there and make fun of himself or playfully make fun of the media so it is best he just skip it. It can go on, and be better without him. Just like our country would go on and be better without him.
Don Ankrom Conservatives go into hiding...Come out, Come out where ever you are..f'n cowards....! I hope the WHCA organization can raise some money now that he's not attending. Trump, his family and brand are toxic.
Mike Yuscavage This was going to be a small affair anyway. You only need one table to seat Breitbart, the hosts of FOX & Friends, and the president. Maybe next year...
Bonnie L. Pagenkopf What a WUSS! U shovel it out but can't take it! I'm amazed you'd pass up a chance to beat the press face to face! Shows what a coward you really are!
Nick Aguirre What a pussy. I take no delight in disparaging the office of President of the United States which until he took office I've held in the highest regard but he has proven to be unworthy of my respect. #notmypresident #donthecon
Cynthia L Spanhel Stop analyzing why he's not coming. He's not coming because he's a coward and an unmentionable. Please just go ahead and hold it with a stand in. It will be the most watched WHCD in history.
Edna Dinky Neal Of course he cancelled. He's no Obama and his attendance would have been a huge disaster. Just put a big life size cutout of him in a chair and seize the moment. Maybe SNL can facilitate it...that would be great.
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Natalie Portman, Oscar-nominated for a leading role for “Jackie” is an award-winning actress, director and activist who has done what many have tried and failed to do in Hollywood: be truly one of a kind. #CreatorsCNN

Christopher Walton When was the last time you celebrated a Veteran, CNN? Instead you bring attention to sub-humans who spend their lives pretending to be something they are not. It's why you are circling the drain.
Jacob Goebel Portman's best role, I think in most everyone's opinion, was Queen Amidala in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. It is disgusting that The Phantom Menace was not nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, as it is the best of ALL the Star Wars movies.
Frank Espinosa cnn is on there last leg james okeefe is releasing hundreds of hours of leaked newsroom footage. yeah, Its getting better everyday.
Joe Lodico Hope Governor Brown Tax Hollywood entertainment to pay for California budget. These protesters shouldn't ask our President for federal aid after saying "not my president ". And I will not watch.
James Goetz The future of thousands of unborn babies rests in the hands of eight people next week. That’s right: The Senate Judiciary Committee, with 13 members including 8 Republicans, must pass Senate File 253 by Thursday, March 2, 2017, or this life-saving bill will die this session. SF253 will establish in Iowa law that human life begins at conception. We have little hope the Democrats on this committee will defend life at conception, but the eight Republicans who serve on that committee include: 1. Brad Zaun, Chairman 2. Jeff Edler 3. Julian Garrett 4. Dan Dawson 5. Charles Schneider 6. Jason Schultz 7. Tom Shipley 8. Amy Sinclair Below is the pertinent wording in Senate File 253: “The sovereign state of Iowa recognizes that life is valued and protected from the moment of conception, and each life, from that moment, is accorded the same rights and protections guaranteed to all persons by the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Iowa, and the laws of this state.” With pro-life majorities in both the Iowa House and Senate along with a pro-life governor, Iowa has never had a better political climate to end the shedding of innocent blood through abortion.
Jacob Bilbrey Natalie Portman deserves that award for best actress this year, she was phenomenal as Jackie Kennedy!
Nathaniel Crnjak Stick to acting. Why do these actors and actresses think they need to tell us how to live our lives
Jonathan Oldfield She should win best actress for her portrayal as Jackie Kennedy! Brilliant performance!
Tony Ton Holy crap!!! At first glance I thought it was Bruce Jenner or catelyn whatever lolololol.
Jack Wilson Work From Home $35.75 Per Hour...... If you or someone you know is looking for a part time job or even a career change, please PM me. I have an opportunity with a financial services company available and we're looking for representatives. Must have a phone and a computer. Must be able to pass a background check. This is a legitimate 40 year old company and you can work from home as well as make your own hours. Opportunity for financial freedom. U.S. citizens only. Serious inquiries only. #CareerChange
Artis Lapsiņš I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere...
Michael Edward Carey Hollywood is just flush full of thespians and crackheads
Mark Spikes "White Helmets", mysteriously missing. Could it be all the lies CNN has told about Syria?
Daniel Errasti Was a Jackie movie even necessary? Good for Portman by making this movie more bearable.
Randall Re She's also for fake woman's rights complaining for more when not needed
John Michael Link I have several un-named reliable sources that have informed me that CNN is fake news, therefore it must be fake.
Felix D. Morales When is she going to do The Professional 2 for the honor of Leon?
James Wingate Anyone else notice that all these fake Russian trolls are back out in full force? They went away for awhile, but are commenting more than ever now that Trump continues to try to downplay his ties with Russia. I'm not talking about people who clearly live in America. I'm talking about people who don't even live here but seem to know more about our politics than we do (they're always in Trump's favor).
Theresa Lucero Jesus! I thought she died or something from that lead in. Thank goodness she's ok.
Diane Allan No..She's an award winning liar. Actors are just professional liars.
Pedro Alejandro Hahahahahaha this is why you guys go kick out of the White House!!!
Mary Smith Natalie Portman is a gifted actress & an intelligent, insightful world citizen. Impressive woman.
Michael Grooms She could win 10 Oscars but she will always be Padme to me. 🙂
Brad Sprague weird. these people live in fantasy land. it's just entertainment, NOTHING else. get a life
Amy Cranmer I have seen only Arrival, first year I have not seen any contenders. The only other film I am interested in is Fences.
CNN3 hours ago

The suspect is one of two women whom Malaysian authorities believe swiped the face of Kim Jong Nam with the VX nerve agent that led to his death.

Lonnie Santos Don't you just hate it when you go to rub baby oil on your bald head to make it nice and shiny and it turns out to be a VX nerve agent. Well butter my biscuit
Yvette Cathers How?? If rubbing it on him was enough to kill him, then she would have had to wear rubber gloves or it would have killed her, too. She didn't wonder why she couldn't get any of it on herself?? Lies. And not even good ones. And then she ran off. Why? If she thought it was a prank, why not stand there and laugh? No, she ran. Lies.
Bruce Warren If it was done by NK, so what? It's not like anyone can punish them and they don't care about being labeled a rogue state. They should have been stopped from developing nuclear weapons.
Antonella Fasone No way. If that was one of the deadliest substances on the planet she'd be dead too if she wasn't aware of how to handle it. Had she thought it was a benign substance like baby oil she would have gotten it on her just for the simple handling of it.
Laura Lynn Yeah that's just like one of those "ladies" said she thought she was part of a prank tv show and was declared false by the Malaysian authorities, this is more bs coming from those murderers!
Donna Gatlin The police chief said she knew she had something dangerous on her hands, by the easy she held them up, and immediately weren't to wash them. But you would do the same with oil.
Ryan L Deaver Those are some serious chemical weapons she had access to. This is not a street level prank 🙄 obviously. Just like 9/11 was not committed by some farmers armed with box cutters!
Pat de Valera This is such a disgusting act. But this man will not take away our resolve and this will not in the least distract us from the fact that in the year of our lord 1998, the Undertaker threw Mankind 16 feet off the Hell in the Cell on to an announcers table.
Siretha Brown I just lost my respect for the Democratic party, for electing Thomas Prez for house chairman for Democratic party, the former Secretary of Labor for the Obama administration and why he was serving as Secretary of Labor there were lots of jobs lostes during the last 4 years from the America people , We america people have been deny of our unemployment rights under guide line of former Secetary Thomas Perz .The unemployment rates are high so high that it's been under cover, it's been undercover for the last 4 years that the America people has been denied of their unemployment for no faulth of our on, there's many record that can prove there more denied than eligibleabity , the State of Labor board can't print want wasn't approve ....No Respect !!!!
Mary Wilkinson It does not matter What this woman. Siri Aisha saids she thought. She stole Kim Jong Nam life, she should be punished fully with all others involved. The evil woman saids she thought she was putting baby oil in his face, not poison, my question is why would you even put baby oil in the face of an unsuspecting person. My answer is you wouldn't, because you wouldn't even want to ruin another person's clothing! Kim Jong Nam didn't deserve for his life to be stolen.Kim Jong Nam life was, stolen with intent! No human deserves to be murdered.
James Goetz The future of thousands of unborn babies rests in the hands of eight people next week. That’s right: The Senate Judiciary Committee, with 13 members including 8 Republicans, must pass Senate File 253 by Thursday, March 2, 2017, or this life-saving bill will die this session. SF253 will establish in Iowa law that human life begins at conception. We have little hope the Democrats on this committee will defend life at conception, but the eight Republicans who serve on that committee include: 1. Brad Zaun, Chairman 2. Jeff Edler 3. Julian Garrett 4. Dan Dawson 5. Charles Schneider 6. Jason Schultz 7. Tom Shipley 8. Amy Sinclair Below is the pertinent wording in Senate File 253: “The sovereign state of Iowa recognizes that life is valued and protected from the moment of conception, and each life, from that moment, is accorded the same rights and protections guaranteed to all persons by the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Iowa, and the laws of this state.” With pro-life majorities in both the Iowa House and Senate along with a pro-life governor, Iowa has never had a better political climate to end the shedding of innocent blood through abortion.
Chris Wall I'm not buying it. The nerve agent she used was extremely toxic. The only way she didn't die from it is through an antidote. They issue it to the troops when chemical warfare might be used against them.
Kim Darling Sure it was just baby oil...which explains why she held her hands away from her body while she ran to the rest room to wash her hands...
Richie Carbone I have a couple crazy kids ...where do I get this baby oil?
Chris Dennis Were they rubbing him wearing a hazmat suit?
Jane F Savage Why didn't it kill her just handling it if it's that powerful?
Arch Spencer This is why I don't have people wipe my face with baby oil. Stay out of my bubble
Joseph Ahgo Someone gives you money to rub 'baby oil' on a stranger's face, when it is not Valentine's day.
Roger Farrish Jong Nam had information that would have indited Hillary Clinton
Jill Nesbitt I don't believe them. If they though it was baby oil they most likely would have killed themselves inadvertently
Tim Gervais If she believed it was baby oil why did she wash her hands so quick?... Baby oil wouldn't harm her...
Shantell Jordan This Is all straight out of a James Rollins or Steve Berry novel
Gabriel Slavescu Don't you just hate it when CNN couldn't blame this on Trump or Russians !!!!!!!
Derrick Edwards Exposed VX and only one casualty. Something doesn't sound right.
Jose Sampoll Then she was also exposed and touched the toxic substance, but nothing happened to her, hard to believe.
CNN4 hours ago

California Rep. Darrell Issan said a special prosecutor should investigate reported communications between the Trump campaign and Russians not Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Kevin Caloca Clinton had an affair!! Republicans gave us 2 years of investigations, a special prosecutor and impeachment votes. Steroids in baseball!! Republicans gave us 2 years of independent investigations, public hearings and perjury charges. Donald Trump wins The United States Presidency with the help of a Russia. Republicans say "we shouldnt be wasting time investigating other Republicans!" Give me s break! DO YOUR JOB! The American people deserve the truth!
Michael Horner Definitely need a special prosecutor. Congress can't be trusted. The GOP had more than 30 investigations over Clinton and Benghazi, yet aren't interested in investigating Trump.
Laura Lynn Frankly this investigation should be done independently from any branches of the government and no Trump appointee should have part in this investigation, transparency should be prime here mostly when we are talking about possible treason
José Galindo I concur. I don't trust the Great Pumpkin, his minions or his Trumpanzee cultists.
Cheryl Young Trump was in communication with Putin/Russia before, during and after election as Trump knew Putin was going to sway election in his favor! Trump is a con man and he cheats to win at any cost! He shouldn't be President since he cheated to win! Case closed!
James E. Garcia Drain the swamp! Now with Comrade Flynn’s, resignation the press smells blood in the water, don’t stop! Loser Comrade tЯump will never admit that he was elected by Comrade Comey and the Russians! But we will always know putin's puppet lost the popular vote, by 2.86 million votes, period..
Freddie Golino The democrats will never get it...They've lost 1000 seats over the past 8 years...Republicans now control the Presidency, Senate and House...Yet the democrats still try the same tactics....If you don't agree with democrats they call you a racist. Democrats continue to take the side of illegal immigrants and refugees over US citizens...Democrats are anti law enforcement. This is the definition of insanity...They are trying the same tactics over and over and continue to lose over and over. Lol
Eugene Stark Absolutely. Anything else would be a travesty of justice. I can hardly believe the Trump administration would expect us to trust an investigation headed by Trump appointees. Just how dumb does he think we are?
Tank Diaz you mean just how like the former attorney general loretta lynch investigated her best friend Hillary and none of you libs bat an eye lmao. Hypocrites . Let me just have a conversation with the husband of the person I'm supposed to prosecute in a private plane LMAO!! Hilarious
Jade Osa That should be a no-brainer. Meanwhile, let whoever is investigating really be an independent, otherwise, it will all be fruitless. We already have Cheeto Van Twitter trying to block the FBI from revealing information about the Russian hack
Quentin L Hayes If Trump had nothing to hide he should welcome an investigation by an independent source. I don't think Russia had anything to do with the outcome of the election. But I do feel there is some other shaddy dealings going on.
Travis Bourrie If it didn't happen EVERY DAY this would be comical. The sad thing is that CNN tries so desperately to convince us that they are REAL news... Idiots.
Sandee Lynn I appreciate the coverage CNN. All Americans should want a thorough investigation. If there is no wrongdoing, as trump supporters must believe, then why not be proved right? And if there is guilt, we need to know. We need to know if any Americans are working with the Russians. I don't think America can heal until we put this behind us. The sooner we get started, the sooner it will be over
Manu Kang Those of you saying Republicans can't be trusted I agree with you. But don't suffer under the delusion that Democrats can be trusted. Our congressman or senators of either flavor will not work for our benifit unless intensely scrutinized. Unless questioned and made accountable. They will continue to make shady deals and sell out the interest of the citizens to protect their power base. Never assume that an elected politician will do the right thing.
Greg Prince Issan is one of the first republicans to figure out the election in 2 years is going to be a statement on the 8 year old in the White House. If they want to have any chance of surviving they better start sounding like statesmen even if truly they don't believe it. Honestly I think he's full of it based on his previous record.
Ben Leienberger Totally agree. How can he be impartial when investigating the man who gave him a job. Clinton lied about getting a BJ and we have DC asking for a special prosecutor. Trump openly admits sexual assaults and they say he is a trustworthy guy. BS
Tina Avitia Well OF COURSE! Any puppet of the drump will not be ethical, honest & open to whatever the investigation discloses. As for going out & buying a weapon, REALLY?!? Wow, what ridiculous nonsense is that? What we need is for somebody to stand up & do the right thing for r Country, according to the Constituion. . We've had ENUF of drump doing only what is right for him & disregarding what r Country was founded on & what has made it the Greatest Country in the world, BAR NONE!
Evans Parker This may be the 1st time I've ever agreed with anything out of this Guy's mouth. The better news is that if this guy is going after Drumpf, I have to believe a large chunk of the party will follow.
Mack Warren As a Independent ...This is what the difference in the parties are...There are Republicans challengeing Trump....With Obama... Know one in his party would do anything against him...You had the IRS,..Fast and Furious...Libia...Going in with no plan after, just like Bush did in Iraq...Both a disaster'...Taliban 5 Trade...I could go on but not that kind of time...
Vanesa Dragicevic Republicans or Democrats, you are all American. Do you not want to know the truth? This is serious people.Why does Trump not want to disclose his Taxes? Something stinks!
Mark Anderson The only way that we will get to the truth is with a special prosecutor..... Jeff sessions is controlled by Donald Trump and will never know the truth..... we need to know if Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to get elected president of United States. Free and fair elections are the Cornerstone of our democracy
Jan Rostkowski In the unlikely event that Don the Con had nothing to hide, he should encourage and welcome such independent investigation. It could clear him of all these nasty rumors. But since he was put in place by Putin he rather has his lapdog AG do the so-called investigation. Comey, Sessions, Putin, it must be nice to enjoy the protection of all these powerful people...
Leslie Detwiler What are you waiting for Issa!! Do it NOW!! Do your job and don't protect Trump. Appoint the special prosecutor, hold hearings, DO YOUR JOB!
Priscilla Nevarez-Fuentes Congress lets get a backbone and do what is right or the people will hold you accountable!!! We need a 911 commission to hold Trump and his team under investigation for not only the American Elections but still communicating with Russia which is a Treasonable offence!!!
Irma Blanco I was shocked that Darrell Issa actually said this. But have to give much credit to Bill Maher for putting him on the spot and not letting up. 👍🏼
CNN was live — in Atlanta, Georgia.4 hours ago

We're in Atlanta at the DNC winter meeting, where former Labor Secretary Tom Perez has just been named party chair.

Lynn Bowman Knowles We in Canada do love the Democratic Party in the USA. Your day will come and we hope it is sooner rather than later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Babatunde Lewis In order to succeed in 2018 Democrats (Liberals, Centrist, Progressives) must work together to the defeat the conservative status quo
Chris Anderson Hey, democratic party leadership, have you learned your lesson? We are the party of working people, so please, don't allow the bright lights of Wall Street lead you astray ever again.
Randi Schreffler Wade The giant has been awakened! We cannot let big money continue to increase their wealth on the backs of the poor and middle class! We cannot let bigotry and arrogance win!! We WILL persist!!
Alana Godwin We have two choices. Them or the party of 45. If you want affordable insurance and education, a safe environment, and fair wages, there's only one choice. Make it work.
Amb Roberto Sherman Smart move democrats! Great way to start! Now looking forward to uniting and making our party very much progressive. 2018 and 2020 is our time to rule and we must start now!
Rodrigo Juarez It's over. The democratic party has no hope. It's beyond redeemable.
Santiago-Anita Cavazos It really shouldn't matter who won, just that we are all going to work together to a common cause. Please stop all the negativity. You're either part of the solution or part of the problem. You decide.
Hector Rivera Haters back off! We Democrats are coming. We will be resurrected. To lead a free and Democratic country.
Jacqueline Coleman Perez and Ellison working together plus we keep the congressional seat.
Vonda Lee Chair Perez and Deputy Chair it, do your job and reunite this Dem party!
Susan Wade To those that think that the Democratic party does not represent the working class, do you honestly believe that the current president does? He has done nothing but screw the middle class in the last month.
Patu Jume SHang Please stop the negativity brothers and sisters. Because United we stand.
Hector Rivera Haters back off we are coming! Democrats will dominate again!
April L. Jones Democrats must work as one team; united we stand, divided we fall! We must listen to the views of all people no matter their nationality. Also inclusion is paramount!!🙏🏿
RoseMary Chavez Jaurigue Time to unite! Ellison will be working with him as his Deputy!
Jessica Smith Energy...enthusiasm. Ready to dethrone the Orange King and his minions!!
Leslie Batchelor Looks like the DNC doesn't want a real change in direction.
Shahab Khan It is time,to leave the Democratic Party and establish a new party - the Democratic Party is a party of the elite progressives and does not represent me anymore!
Suellen Harris Time to unite behind the chairperson and start winning state and local elections
Christy Collichio So proud of my Party! Way to go Perez and Ellison now let's get to work!
Lynette Brimble Since Bernie Sanders has congratulated Tom Perez and looks forward to working with him, Berniecrats do the same.
Alex Vail calm down people... this is the reason why we have the guy with the orange hair... THINK...find maturity in the problem and will bring benefits...
Laura Manos-Hey We need everyone now. We need the establishment democrats and the most liberal of progressives. Hopefully we put the good of us all over the instinct to fight amongst ourselves.
CNN4 hours ago

DNC elects former Labor Secretary Tom Perez as its new chairman over Minn. Rep. Keith Ellison in a 235-200 vote.

Colton Thornton Democrats didn't learn a thing from the election. The people rebelled against Hillary and Corporate/establishment Dems and now they elect the most establishment candidate. Congrats, DNC. You just handed Trump the election in 2020.
Aaron Jardell So again they don't learn. The other guy Keith Ellison was the one who should have been chosen. He was more of the Bernie, Warren type, and that's what the people wanted.... Nope they stick with the establishment nominee. There goes 2020.
Rodrigo Juarez It's over. The democratic party has no hope. It's beyond redeemable.
Danny Ringwelski Let's give Tom Perez a chance before we judge the outcome. I am surprised the republican and democratic parties have not collapsed with all the divisions in both party. Be happy and hopeful Perez will give Sanders and Ellison a voice in the party. More division will give trump victory in 2020.
Dexter Torres Disappointing. More of the same outdated, insider, establishment views and strategy. It's tired, out of touch with voters and part of the reason the election was lost. A missed opportunity. Now more than ever, the Dems needed to revolutionize and reinvigorate the broken party with bold, new ideas to go against the orange tyrant, not pragmatism. The same as it ever was.
Jenny Bronson I wasn't hoping for an establishment vote, however I am happy that Perez immediately appointed Ellison as deputy chair with no opposition. They are trying to unify and that's better than nothing.
Tiffany Basdekis I think I'm done being a democrat after this. I'm registering as an independent. Completely disillusioned with how the democrats have failed to learn a single thing, from the new chair to voting down the ban about corporate $. I will still do everything in my power to resist Trump, but honestly I'm disgusted.
John Williams Whole lot of Trump trolls in this thread trying to divide us. I'd have preferred Keith, but I'll take Tom, and I'll support the hell out of him. As long as we're divided, Trump wins.
Quanna Pac This is why democratic get beat up almost every election cycle! I like Tom Perez but just because he came from Obama administrations doesn't mean he shouldn't have won the seat. Ellison was the right person for the job young and ready to fight. Yet the democratic still want to hold on to the old ways. Ai ya ya🤦🏾‍♀️
Gary Spain Better than Elliison as the GOP would have had a field day cutting him up given his past ... and that fact that #45 actually endorsed him. Perez extremely capable.
Alan Redbird First Hispanic ever to be the DNC chair. Making history! Wish you the best of luck on getting the Democratic Party together to lead huge campaigns in 2018 and 2020. Defeat Cheeto and the republican party!
Anisah Johnson Umm, if the people wanted Sanders...he would have won the Primary and the election but he didnt! Bernie doesnt even want to run again and wanted prople to vote for Hilary so he could make his changes with her help! But noooo so many of you people would rather vote for him when he had zero chance of winning! Grow up, put your big boy pants on and do whats best for the majority of the party and not just a handful
Kasie Logan Republicans named him the most dangerous person in the obama admin. Rewriting corporate laws and defending workers. Great choice!
James Roule Trump just lowered the debt 12 billion dollars in te last 30 days while Obama raised it 200 billion in his first 30. Democrats are not going to see the White House for a long long time at the rate trump is working
Somto Onyechie Democrats thanks for handing us the 2020 election by going pro establishment with this Obama administration phony looking forward to beating a deplated party in 2020. Go trump
Jemima Thompson No matter whom the Democrats elect, it will still be a party of losers and anti-Americans. SHAME on Democrats for creating chaos in this country.
Francis Singh Vary happy. It as a close vote and it's time for sanders and Clinton supporters to join together keep the grassroots going and our best to kick trump out
Ryan Goodrich Bad choice. Hopefully there will be splinter party, because I can no longer support the Democratic Party, who continually places establishment people in power. This is not what the people want, they showed that in the last election. Had the DNC supported Bernie instead of Hillary we may have had a chance. Good luck DNC, you will no longer see my support.
Troy Wood So-called Dems complaining about Perez, who really does understand workforce issues and can appeal to blue collar workforce that drifted to Chancellor Trump, is what I find disappointing. Feloow Dems quit crapping on each other and unite to save the Republic from Supreme Chancellor Trump and his minions.
James Mercutio Escalus Brownlee I supported Keith Ellison, that being said I wish Tom Perez the best of luck in making sure the DNC takes the fight to Trump and his agenda.
Uchenna Oguekwe For those saying that Dems didn't learn anything from this past election, we loss because rural white working class voters who normally vote Democrat felt left behind after they lost their jobs and felt we were not running candidates who speak to the issues that matter to them. When President Obama won and the Democrats won both houses, they did it with a 50 state strategy. They specifically ran Democratic candidates who can appeal to all different Democratic voters. That is what is needed and what Tom Perez wants to reimplement.
Jacob Rasmussen Probably the right decision! DNC chair is really a full time job! Ellison is a member of congress and was talking about resigning to be DNC chair! I think he should keep his seat in congress and let someone else worry about organizing and changing the infrastructure of the DNC! He'll still have a big role in that as Deputy chair without all of the headaches!
Josh Breedlove Perez was the most liberal member of Obama's cabinet, but he's now considered establishment? And not progressive enough? Now, he installs Ellison as deputy... and the far left is still not satisfied.
James Gray I'm not sure what all the hate about insiders is. If you look at all the major economic stats on America over the last 75 years the country has done very well with the establishment. The real issue that is facing America is the concentration of wealth. America has created tremendous wealth in the last 25 years...the problem has been the wealth is horribly concentrated. The only party that is offering real solutions is the Democratic Party. The Republican Party does not acknowledge wealth concentration as a real issue.
Rick Bresnahan democrats still control "education", and the media. since we wont take those back, time is on their side. "When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already... What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community." Adolf Hitler
CNN5 hours ago

"I anticipate we'll see more of the trend that has been building in Hollywood and I, for one, am very happy about it."

Sarah Knight CNN....please report some real news tired of the Trump bashing everyday ...was a big fan of CNN now everyday all it is TRUMP we get it you don't like Trump move on get back to better NEWS!!!
Mike Hernandez Well, that's the audience's business, I won't watch that event where a bunch of self-indulging hypocrites with a talent to impersonate people, and no more, pretend to lecture Americans on how they should think.
Frank J Chatraw Jr The Oscars, and all the other award shows are just an opportunity for a group of entitled millionaire celebrities who make their livings pretending to be someone they're not, to pat each other on the back and then feign courage and outrage with their political speeches.
David Johnson I haven't watched the Oscars in years & all this posturing sure won't bring Me back. They need Ricky Gervais to Host but they don't have the guts because He'll turn a mirror on them!!
Debbie Warnick All the nasty comments but I bet you enjoy their movies and the rest of the entertainment they work on. They have just as much right to voiced their opinions as anyone. Most of them lived out of cars, waited tables and so on before they "made it". Sounds like a lot of jealousy to me. They worked twice as many hours than most of you. They hate trump and he deserves every single bit of it. Hypocrites!
David Wilson Donald Trump is the Biff Tannen of the Movie Back To the Future. Arrogant, self righteous. It would be fitting if he started calling people buttheads, and landed in a pile of manure.
Laura Scarborough Harding I can't tell you how far back politics at the Oscars goes but my first memory was when Marlon Brando refused his Oscar and had a Native American decline it on his behalf. That was in the 70s. It outraged people then, and it will outrage people 100 years from now. But that outrage hasn't and won't prevent it from happening.
Ambotzki Butchokoy They throw everything on Pres Trump. All of them failed miserably. From the time he's a candidate and now a President he still winning and standing stronger. Enjoy your pain on your agony of defeat.
Alfred Gonzalez The Hollywood Hypocrites will Bash President Trump about the Wall . While being protected from unauthorized ppl coming into their event . Surrounded by Walls and Heavy Security. Because they want to be safe from ppl that shouldn't be there.
Sunil Sunny politics should always be kept away from award shows,Coz most of the actors has no idea about the real problems faced by a common man.All they care is thier fame and nothing else !
Thomas Beane Okay, for the love of education, people stop saying that the film industry shouldn't mix with politics. It shows that you know nothing about film history. There have been films with political messages in the U.S. since the film industry started. In 1915, The Birth of a Nation addressed the Civil War, slavery, and the KKK. In 1940, Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator changed public opinion about Hitler and delivers one of the greatest monologues in cinematic history. In 1962, To Kill A Mockingbird takes on race issues in our nation. That's just three examples of dozens. Film and politics are often mixed and it's nothing new. Even the superhero films are about social justice.
Yvonne Eccher The interview Michael Smerconish did with Brandon Victor Dixon was an excellent interview. Strongly agree with the actor in the fact that they do have a platform to speak and actors do speak for many of us that do not have a platform. Furthermore the actors are a part of our democracy and they too have a right to speak out for themselves and for us.
Charles M. Heinlen I'm not watching this year. It's not worth getting talked down to by the usual cadre of self congratulatory clowns whose primary career function is to put on makeup and pretend to be somebody else. In fact, I give up on pop culture altogether. It's just not worth the brain damage.
Donald Smith Let me make sure I got this right. This is a ceremony were self entitled rich people pat themselves on the back on what a great job they did pretending they were some one else. Then try to tell the rest of the country they are not living in a realistic world. Another angry deplorable that refuses to watch.
Billy Dunn Looks like the Dims are having trouble electing a new chairman in Atlanta today, first the gay mayor drops out minutes before the vote, then the electronic voting machines wont work, then they belly-ache about the paper ballots, then the just give up on the idea altogether for the day and go home!...Besides, Donna Brazile should have got the memo weeks ago on who was going to win! hahahaha, Dumba**e's!
Selby Peeples Joy Villa was very happy about the effect of wearing a trump dress to the Grammy's that in a few hours jumped her album from 540-ish to #3 in just a fee hours ,..... Your trump bashing is turning against you Hollywood
Marcy Burstein Santamaria I believe the stars should use their position to create change. But instead of just standing up there and spewing their views they should step up and take action. Do benefits with a portion of the money going to the DNC and specific candidates. Give the candidates a place and ability to speak to the people. In other words... put your money where your mouth is and take a stand and DO something instead of just speaking out!!
Jessica Emerson Haven't watched in years, doesn't matter to me, these things have never been interesting. CNN you guys make it seem like we really care what a bunch of spoiled brats even ha e to say. Yatta yatta love me yatta yatta worship me Yatta yatta do what I say
Kira Bemelen Maybe just maybe our country could come together if we had a break from politics every once and a while. But no...we can't enjoy sports or music or movies anymore without it being about politics! Doesn't every one see what is happening here? The elite are driving us to hate each other more and more everyday.
Stephanie McKay Johnson Uhg I'll watch until the first political speech then I'm changing channels. I don't follow actors or watch their movies/shows based on their political view points, as a matter of fact this year I've decided if they are going to promote their political agendas at these award shows I will not go see their movies/shows/listen to their music. It's a turn off for me. And I don't care which side they are cheering for.
Mack Warren I've done some research on Hamilton since I last had to put up with this guy. I wish he would.. ..Im sure after reading about Alexzander....He would of liked Trump....If you don't believe me research for yourself...
Kelly Craig-Slogar I've tuned out all award shows since the election anticipating the BS that will be spewed ~ I don't care to hear what any of you elitist, left-liberals have to say ~ thus, I don't care to patron your endeavors either, that's not what I pay to go see or hear ~ I happily pick and choose my viewing at my finger tips ~ many of you are going to spew your way into obscurity, bye bye......
Jake Gaertner Can there be one thing that isn't political or being made political even people who actually care need something to take their minds off this political stress There will always be problems let's focus on what we can actually change rather than fight something that's never going to go away
Tat Marina CNN please let us know everything single step of our president because T-rump is currently our president! We the people and we have the right to know everything about our president or else.., #Impeach #ThanksCNN
Robyn Bradham Nivens This is just pure disgusting and most true Americans won't be wasting our precious time watching low class celebrities talk about or try to promote their political agenda. Pence is an honorable man and #CNNYOURADISGRACE😡😡😡😡