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Here's a look at who's pointing fingers at whom

Rob Lewerenz When Republicans Control the House, Senate & Whitehouse it’s senseless to place blame elsewhere. Another low in the record books for Trump. So much for all the “winning”.
Leigh Howell "A shutdown falls on the President's lack of leadership. He can't even control his party and get people together in a room. A shutdown means the President is weak" -Donald Trump 2013
Janet Elizabeth Schrader We watched the schumershutdown late into the night. A win for the resistance is a loss for the country and its people. The left has no shame.
Veronica Lobmeyer This is exactly how Trump runs his business. Go in make some profits on his hotels​ then run away quickly when it's not doing what he wants. And refuse to pay what he owes.
Jerri Kroll Trump Casino Shutdown Trump Steak Shutdown Trump University Shutdown Trump Government Shutdown Tell us once again how smart you are.😊
Brian Adams The dems wanted a daca plan included in a buget plan. and didnt get it so they shut down the goverment. Now the daca people gota go back home to mexico cause the goverment cant afford to surport them with a shutdown
Davide Fior When Mitch, Paul, and Lindsay voted against the bill yet the president blames the minority....Houston we have a problem.
Nolan Schenburn Mitch McConnell didn’t even vote yes... So much for Trump being a “great negotiator.” Trump probably pays sticker price for a car.
Alex Heidarian A shutdown with the GOP in control of the White House and both houses of congress is like getting friend-zoned by a hooker right after paying her. They have no one to blame but themselves.
LR Dyke Great. President Trump This brilliant Pointing out offices and sections of government we don’t need Saving billions PRESIDENT TRUMP RIGHT AGAIN Look around your city how many government offices could be closed People doing nothing. You know some that brag about doing nothing
Lauren Paul “In my opinion – you know, I hear the Democrats are going to be blamed and the Republicans are going to be blamed. I actually think the president would be blamed. If there is a shutdown, and it’s not going to be a horrible shutdown because, as you know, things will sort of keep going…. If there is a shutdown I think it would be a tremendously negative mark on the president of the United States. He’s the one that has to get people together. I’m a deal man; I’ve made hundreds and hundreds of deals and transactions. Obama never did deals before. How can you expect a man that’s not a deal man that never did a deal, other than frankly becoming president of the United States, he never did a deal, how’s he going to corral all these people to get them to do a deal? I would get everybody together and we’d have a budget and it would get done. They don’t have the right leader. You don’t have the right leader.” ―Donald Trump (in 2011).
Mike Nagyhazy How about being adults, stopping the 3rd grade finger-pointing, and just figuring it out like you’re all paid to do! If people at regular jobs “blamed” as much as our gov’t does, we’d be fired in a heartbeat.
Jason Coleman Yeah I remember when CNN & all the other Gossip Columns made such a big thing of a US Gov Shutdown when it happened in 2013 😏 It happens, doesn’t effect anyone really so pointless Report as usual 🙄
Myra Johns Thomas Paine (1737-1809) is reported to have said, 'Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Mr. President, you were elected to lead."
Sandra De Armas Marsh This is on the R’s. They can blame D’s til they’re blue in the face. Who revoked DACA? Who allowed CHIP to expire? Who can’t pass a clean budget? Who holds all 3 branches?
Terry Reid There is only 51 republicans, so it is the 9 that are left fault for the shut down. It is not Trump fault because he is not part of the vote for the Senate. The only one left to blame is the democrats.
Melinda Taylor The American people are to blame. We are the ones who voted these career politicians in office year after year. We forgot that the government is "by the people, for the people". You can play the blame game all you want, but until the people of this country start doing their due dilllegance and researching just who we are voting for to represent us, it will not change.
Al Quartamilk Reid Educate yourself before you post, there were republicans who voted no and democrats who voted yes. The majority party is always at fault in cases like this, they have the responsibility of crafting a compromise to gain the needed votes. Anything less is failed leadership. They are using playground behavior in saying play my way or I'm taking my toy.
Joe Siska You have two families: "Joe Legal" and "Jose Illegal". Both families have two parents, two children, and live in California .. Joe Legal works in construction, has a Social Security Number and makes $25.00 per hour with taxes deducted. Jose Illegal also works in construction, has NO Social Security Number, and gets paid $15.00 cash "under the table". Ready? Now pay attention.... Joe Legal: $25.00 per hour x 40 hours = $1000.00 per week, or $52,000.00 per year. Now take 30% away for state and federal tax; Joe Legal now has $31,231.00. Jose Illegal: $15.00 per hour x 40 hours = $600.00 per week, or $31,200.0 0 per year. Jose Illegal pays no taxes. Jose Illegal now has $31,200.00. Joe Legal pays medical and dental insurance with limited coverage for his family at $600.00 per month, or $7,200.00 per year. Joe Legal now has $24,031.00. Jose Illegal has full medical and dental coverage through the state and local clinics and emergency hospitals at a cost of $0.00 per year. Jose Illegal still has $31,200.00. Joe Legal makes too much money and is not eligible for food stamps or welfare. Joe Legal pays $500.00 per month for food, or $6,000.00 per year. Joe Legal now has $18,031.00. Jose Illegal has no documented income and is eligible for food stamps, WIC and welfare. Jose Illegal still has $31,200.00. Joe Legal pays rent of $1,200.00 per month, or $14,400.00 per year. Joe Legal now has 9,631 .00. Jose Illegal receives a $500.00 per month Federal Rent Subsidy. Jose Illegal pays out that $500.00 per month, or $6,000.00 per year. Jose Illegal still has $ 31,200.00. Joe Legal pays $200.00 per month, or $2,400.00 for car insurance. Some of that is uninsured motorist insurance. Joe Legal now has $7,231.00. Jose Illegal says, "We don't need no stinkin' insurance!" and still has $31,200.00. Joe Legal has to make his $7,231.00 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline, etc.. Jose Illegal has to make his $31,200.00 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline, and what he sends out of the country every month.. Joe Legal now works overtime on Saturdays or gets a part time job after work. Jose Illegal has nights and weekends off to enjoy with his family. Joe Legal's and Jose Illegal's children both attend the same elementary school. Joe Legal pays for his children's lunches, while Jose Illegal's children get a government sponsored lunch. Jose Illegal's children have an after school ESL program. Joe Legal's children go home. Now, when they reach college age, Joe Legal's kids may not get into a State School and may not qualify for scholarships, grants or other tuition help, even though Joe has been paying for State Schools through his taxes, while Jose Illegal's kids "go to the head of the class" because they are a minority. Joe Legal and Jose Illegal both enjoy the same police and fire services, but Joe paid for them and Jose did not pay. Do you get it, now? If you vote for or support any politician that supports illegal aliens... You are part of the problem It's way PAST time to take a stand for America and America!
Brook Silvernail Just a reminder to the man occupying the White House. In his own words of course. “If there is a shutdown I think it would be a tremendously negative mark on the president of the United States. He’s the one that has to get people together.” Quotes from Donald Trump, 2013
Nalani Macomber Nahinu Democrats and Republicans are to be blame, it's not just one party to be blamed. These congressional men and women who were elected to made this decisions that affect all. The annoying part about all of this that congress is still getting their paycheck. No sweat of your backs since they don't have to worry about supporting their families.
Nancy Ouillette If Republicans hadn't spent all their time on gutting healthcare and giving their donors fat tax cuts we wouldn't be here today! Priorities!
Sunshine Mclean This is Business, All of them need to get it together. Many forget that they work for the People. Wake up do your job, seems like the country is going down hill
Martha Marty Harry Both parties are at fault. Please stop the "blame game", and get on with business. This is ridiculous!!
Jason Waskahat Let me guess, white people are still blaming CNN, Hillary and Obama? Even tho none of them are in the white house.. lol
CNN was live — in New York, New York.54 ago

We're in New York City, where protesters are walking in the 2018 Women’s March, one of an estimated 250 women’s marches planned for Saturday and Sunday around the world.

Lauretta Bonfiglio Does anyone in their right mind think that 45 did all of that growth, stats etc in ONE year. Those were left by President Obama
Kathy Green I'm amazed by all the women posting here that they are not marching for them... I cannot believe that in this day and age that women still feel subservient to men! What a shame!!
Tom Sharman I haven’t been proud to be an American lately until I saw these woman. My three daughters are watching. Keep it up!
George Harper III Hello ladies! Much love & warmest thoughts to ya on a cold day, wish you continued strength and courage! (Atlantic city, NJ)
Carilyn Mckinney Youmans Thank you Beautiful women of every color and creed...standing up to a failed leader in the oval office...fight for our rights!!!
Toni Butler Click FYI men are marching too! They’re marching along side their wives, mothers, and daughters.
Debbie Johnson Noonan Threatened by strong women. Weak men always are.
Lou Simpson Wake up, people! Stop commenting on people being unemployed! It's Saturday! Perhaps these women are so passonate they are using personal vacation time for this march!
Janice Parks Campbell Thank you for marching for all of us! Such a stirring site to see the magnitude of these marches around the world. Equal pay, equal rights to our own bodies, equal opportunities to suceed!
Meggy Ro More people here than The presidential inauguration!! #marchwithameaning
Kerry Lynn Brumwell Yessss!! Thank you to all the brave and caring woman and men who are marching on behalf of women's rights everywhere
Brian Fiedtkou Proud of all the women who boldly fight for equality and justice.God crowned His creative work with a women.They must be treated with respect and dignity.Go girls!!#!
Anthony Gordon Take control of your body's and your lives! No man should be able to tell you what you can do with your body nor harass you for sex just because they are in position of power!
Phyllis Shakespeare Ladies you are looking very strong ... there is power in numbers ... so proud of each and every one of you.
Ruth Mclaren Randolph Many of the men's comments here are the reason we march!!!!!
Sharon Altercor Ignore the trolls. If you don't understand or support this movement, there is no hope for your ignorance.
Mrike Nrecaj Hello from Florida...we have several protests in all major cities of Florida. Come and join us for women's rights!
Vickie Wade I am so proud and stand behind every single woman who id marching. We need to stand up for ourselves and be believed and fight for our rights.
Jennifer Lee Shut up, Frank. If you cared about children, you would not support the party that is trying to take their health care away!!! ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐
Brianna Blackfire Considering these ladies are marching for YOUR RIGHTS you should be grateful instead of complaining.
Kat Brooks Thank you for marching for all of us, those of us who can’t be there physically we march in spirit we are with you we hear you👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Mary Ramsay Thank you for coming out and marching! I cannot march, but I am rooting for you, in solidarity with you, and defending you online!
Angel Allen ✨Citizens or not, “they” are what makes America Great. Bless each and every one marching today. Amen✨✝️
Janice Pevide These people are marching for ALL of us. Thank you!
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This second year of the Women's March also comes in the middle of the #MeToo movement and months ahead of the midterm elections in the U.S.

Lala Lummus Incredible the illegal aliens just took over our government without firing a shot. Thanks to #SCHUMERSHUTDOWN and the democrats. The democrat party is now the party of criminals.
Leo Bergeron This is CNN's what 4th story about the Women's March but a massive March for life in DC this weekend and at this moment in cities across the country got little to no coverage. Classic.
Adam West "A shutdown falls on the President's lack of leadership. He can't even control his party and get people together in a room. A shutdown means the President is weak" -Donald Trump, 2013 #trumpshutdown
George Sp Wind Can't understand why they keep trying to undermine the best President this country has seen since Reagan.
Lenn Liggins The me-too movement is a farce. A bunch of backstabbing lying deceitful women who allow this to go on for 30 years and now are looking for ways to capitalize off of it.
Ted Moore I allowed my wife to attend this ridiculous march today, but only after she made breakfast and cleaned the kitchen afterwards. Also, I told her I expect her home in time to make dinner for me and the kids.
Cody Holmes CNN, where was your reporting yesterday on the March for Life? You covered it, but with a hint of reluctance. There is just so much more gusto you have today in reporting. "An apple is an apple," and I'm just calling your selective bias as I see it. "This apple is red," and the fact is CNN has just as much truth-twisting bias as Trump and Fox News. Yet you guys have the audacity to condescend the American public as if you are some upstanding news agency.
Melissa Kendrick I stand with the democrats on capitol hill, I stand with the women's march, and I stand with the dreamers! They are part of our military, part of our first responders, part of our communities and they are just as AMERICAN as I am no matter what trump and some of his bigoted base says! Protests around the country are showing our support! #trumpshutdown #godems #voteblue2018
Maria Goldberg I really am enjoying the flood of fragile male tears that this post has unleashed. Thank you, CNN for indulging my proclivities. 😎
Flow-Gee Ralf Preye CNN didn't report or fully cover the pro-life march yesterday, but here they are advertising the this march, mind you the pro-life march is also THE WOMEN'S MARCH, and the crowd size was huge (yuge) CNN, YOU ARE FAKE NEWS! and that's why your ratings have slipped tremendiously
Larry Loomis Democrats shut down our Government over the rights of NON-CITIZENS at the expense of our own citizens and Military. Then they scratch their heads and wonder why they keep losing elections....duh !
Laurel Roy PSA (Please Read & Share): We need your help. The Trump administration came up with a plan to leave our national parks open with little to no staff. This leaves our parks unprotected! We need your help to monitor our national treasures until the government reopens! Please remember: 1) That those working who are in the National Parks today are without pay and without the promise of back pay. They are trying to keep visitors and resources safe. 2) If there are concessions employees they will most likely not have the answers to all your questions. 3) If you plan to visit the parks during the shutdown, or your friends or loved ones do, please have alternative ways to dispose of trash and human waste in case trash cans are full and bathrooms are locked. 4) Please be respectful of others in campgrounds who have reservations that are not being honored. Please plan ahead so that you will know how to enjoy and respect the resource without feedback from rangers. 5) It is our right to respectfully document any resource degradation or other actions in this lapse. 6) Parks are open free, but this will leave them open to destruction and vandalism. There are very few rangers working to protect the lands. 7) If you see someone destroying the park please attempt to report it, take pictures, and document the situation.
Allen Curtis These rallies are going to drive more people to the right than ever. They picked the wrong day to be running around all crazy talking trash.
John E Anderson Yet how much did you cover the right to Life march.... How sad indeed.
Duane Sobczak Walking is good for removal of muffin tops and love handles. We men appreciate you trying to better yourselves.
Ron Adams Jr. Wow CNN you should be so proud of yourselves fanning the flames to keep all of this lying BS going just to my our great President look bad even if it mean shutting down our government
Becky Pope Alabama elects a Democrat for the first time in decades and his first act is to shut down the Government.Nice move Alabama
Tommy Wyrick The republicans offered the dems daca in exchange for increased border security and the wall. But there is no give and take with the left....ITS TAKE ONLY. You’re NOT gonna get a clean daca bill!!!
Victor Brites He'll hear nothing his brain doesn't allow it. If it was a golf ball then maybe. So hit him with a golf ball , might wake him up .
Greg Brown Ooooohhhh...wonder if it will turn into a Cluster Duck like last year ?? ...Starring Ashley Judd,....That was Epic ..
Deborah Brown Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated is featuring a plus size model on its annual cover of nearly naked women. You've come a long way, idiots.
Anne Nelson All Employers should add EEOC to their employee yearly benefits package. This way HR can explain how employees can use the EEOC if sexually harassed, equal salaries for ever race both male and female, discriminated against or bullied at work.
John Cservid You think Trump would be there at one of the marches,all the p###y to grab. He chose to golf and throw a party for himself.
Adrienne M Shrieves This March doesn't represent all women as Pro life Marchers weren't allowed to March last year with group
Camp Sh Geez wish these nuts would just stop setting women back. We are not weak minded nor are we helpless victims and we do have equal rights! They are just more mental left nuts who are hurting women not helping them!
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President Donald J. Trump is telling aides and allies that the Democrats caused the government shutdown, "but that he will be blamed" for it, according to a source close to the White House

Lynn Theisen I blame him - he said to bring him a bi-partisan bill, they did and he didn't sign it. Who else is to blame.
Jesse Rizzo Only Republicans can control all 3 branches of government and still blame Democrats for a shutdown.
Quentin Gabriel Haima The democrats are going to lose seats for this. They care more about illegals than they do for American citizen's.
Jason Twombly He is the head of the Republican Party is he not? The republicans control the House of Representatives The republicans controls the senate The republicans have done away with the filibuster The republicans have stacked the Supreme Court Is there a lever of power in washington that is not in the hands of the GOP? The man who calls himself a great deal maker, can’t even make a deal when he holds all the cards!
Kaiser Carranza "A shutdown falls on the President's lack of leadership. He can't even control his party and get people together in a room. A shutdown means the President is weak" -Donald Trump, 2013
Kenny Tackett He did once say that the president should take responsibility for a government shutdown. His words, not someone else.
Gary DeMaria What about all those republicans who voted against it?? At least 5 Democrats voted for it, seems if Trump could negotiate with his own people this wouldn’t have happened
Cathy Phillips He is responsible for the shutdown. He was presented with a bipartisan bill that had everything that he wanted and he rejected it.
Thomas Cavagnaro Remember the news conference where he said he would sign any deal that the Democrats and Republicans came up with. Then when they gave him the deal on DACA he said no.
Savar Trenz Such a loser and a failure.. This is why we don't elect old Hollywood rejects to office.. he can't lead.. he can't govern.. his own party controls everything and he can't keep them together.. #TrumpShutDown
Kelly Johnson He has said publicly on video it's the presidents responsibility. The things in the bill they tried to shove down our throats was more than just about DACA. Republicans control house, Senate and President. They are to blame period.
Milltor Marni They had a bipartisan agreement allegedly and Schumer relented to include on some wall stuff to appease Trump and Trump rejected it!. 5 or 6 GOP also voted against it.
Andrea King “If there is a shutdown I think it would be a tremendously negative mark on the president of the United States. He’s the one that has to get people together.” Quotes from Dear Leader GropenFührer Trump, 2013
Nicholas Tokulah Dont let this distract you from Mueller investigating Trump for treason, collusion and money laundering
Sara Rubins That is correct. Dems are not to blame for it. And I love how trump decides to use this valuable time to come to Fla to play golf. Really shows how concerned he is 👏
Loren Jeanotte Republicans are in control. Obviously theyre to blame. But nothing is ever their fault in their twisted minds
William Walls People keep trying to just blame Democrats...there were some Republicans (including Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell) who voted NO for this bill, and some Democrats who voted yes, and 1 GOP Senator who didn't vote at all.
Craig Carlisle “Leadership. Whatever happens- you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen- you’re responsible.” -Donald J.Trump November 8, 2013
Wendy Clark Skroskznik And he should be blamed along with Paul Ryan. They had plenty of time to do something and they have done nothing. They can pass a tax bill that puts more money in their pockets but not sit and negotiate - now all they are doing is whinny about it instead of doing their job.
Won Rowe So, Trump agreed to Schumer's proposal in a mid-day meeting over cheeseburgers at the White House – a plan to fund the government over the next two years, including money for disaster aid, the low-income children’s health insurance program, opioid funding, border security and relief for those Dreamers covered by DACA ...even the border wall was on the table.... but McConnell and Kelly opposed it because it wasn’t far enough to the right.... Trump is weak and not the leader he pretends to be .... Who is in charge ? It seems not Trump
Abdikaafi Dalmar If he knows that the shutdown is brought by the democrats why is he lamenting and saying he will be blamed. That is lack of confidence and shows that the country is experiencing a big problem that is called trumpism.
Gary Bachler There was a bipartisan deal that trumpster said he would accept and then he flip flopped. That bipartisan bill has been introduced in the senate, but turtle man mcconnell won't bring it to a vote. Repubs = unfit to govern
Cecelia Tucker Well, he's a liar. It stands to reason that someone who lies to everyone all day every day is going to lie to himself. Prerequisite for being a liar is that you believe your lies to be true or you see lying as a craft to practice as often as possible...or both.
Dale Roach Wait for it...wait for's not just the Democrats, its the Republicans also. I thought the US Government was ran by two entities not one or the other.
Brian Becker FYI — DJT is to blame. There were to bipartisan proposals and he shot them down. If he spent his time in DC, instead of golfing, campaigning and tweeting, perhaps he could govern!! Also, McConnell even said “we don’t know what the POTUS wants!!
CNN was live — in Denver, Colorado.2 hours ago

We're in Denver, where protesters are gathering to walk in the 2018 Women’s March. Organizers estimate as many as 200,000 people could attend.

Adina Hoshour Did you cover the March for Life where "all" human beings are regarded as having rights...including the right to life? Women marching for the right to kill their children. How progressive.
Carol Friend Belanger what a bunch of waa waas. None of them know what they are protesting about. People in the USA sure like to gather in groups just like a bunch of sheep.
Jarek Kozal Thank you women of the United States. Lest we forget who is in total control of this government and they still can't keep it running. Women of the US, keep fighting!
Anita Collins Hi from Ireland 🇮🇪 and thank you so much for your efforts today , god bless you all and the United States 🇺🇸 of America xx
Mickie Perry Carol Friend Belanger we know exactly what we are marching & protesting for! Please have someone look after you! Apparently you can’t be reliable to take your dementia medications correctly! 🖕45!
Marilee Posavec Lot of negative white men commenting...must be feeling the loss of their privilege.
Carole Tomsick Proud of my daughter for granddaughters will have a better life.
Mary Ann Heslop thank you for standing up for us. Tim Kane is an honest caring man. Thank You to the men that support women. More women need to be holding political office. Clean HOUSE.
Yanda Yaniw Proud of each and everyone of you women! Couldnt join this year,but still support and understand .Sorry for rude people....America is great,in a mess for sure,but it will get fixed.
Julian Adnama Enyap I support you all from Canada. I know it shouldn't concern me some will say...but it does and I will support women period!
Barbie Mayor Why so much hate? How dare they stand up for what they believe in and peacefully demonstrate... Isn't that part of the fabric of America?
Clark Houston Proud of my people out on the front lines.. Your the salt of the Earth.. May God richly Bless you all!!
Nancy Steeb I love the remarks from so many insecure , who feel threathen with women come together,,,,,lol.. laughing out loud...
Kelvin Stubbs Instead of Marching there you should be in Washington where the Republicans control everything and still can’t pass anything
Jeremy Kennison Dear men that are angry about this. Visit your children and pay your child support.
Steven Decker Thank the Lord for Women. This gives me hope for our country. Our mothers and sisters will lead us back to decency.
Irish Celt It's a show of unity against tyranny on the anniversary of the first women's march in resistance to the agenda of the 45th administration.
Shelly Spence-Kansteiner This March is for people who need someone to stand up for them. Believe that you are making a difference woman because you are the difference you totally Rock
Lune Balthazar Jacques ❤️ LOVE & SUPPORT 💪🏽 to every single one of you, sisters!! YUP!! RESIST💪🏽👊🏽Lets GO‼️ Women March in Denver : "March to the Polls" ❤️🇱🇷🇱🇷🇭🇹🇭🇹💪🏽👏🏽
Mickey Cruz why are we here because we can we have a right to voice our opinions. Our lives matter. we will not hide an apron anymore and yes we can still cook.
Jane Barrell Yadav Well for those who ask we protest how about a high number of women dying in child birth of any developed country. DACA, healthcare and on and on.
Linda Sailor Thank you to all the beautiful women who gathered to march today for us who can not attend we thank you.
Rob Whitney Right on ladies this man is right behind you 100% way to go!
Pri Clark All the nasty comments from men on this thread are exactly why we women are out marching today. FYI, none of them are original...
CNN was live — in New York, New York.2 hours ago

We're by Central Park in New York City with CNN’s Alex Marquardt, who’s meeting protesters walking in the 2018 Women’s March.

Sherri Brown 40% of men take no part what so ever in raising their children. Time magazine article. Until men step up to the plate they need to shut up about our bodies.
Tigers Martial Arts Proud that my daughter for marching today!
Mitch LeVan Women showing Republicans there reign of terror is almost over
Clark Houston 45 is a much much much greater divider than deal closer.. In fact his deals are always evil greedy and leaves the middle class and vulnerable behind.. Liar in chief"
Carol Sanin So happy you ladies are out there showing our strength... To bad I couldn’t be there I have pneumonia so can leave the house but you go ladies so proud of you all!
Ginette Laliberte There are so many people obviously afraid of thousands of women gathering together and standing up for themselves, wonder why...
Kathy Churilla The womens march movement is powerful.
Roy Guerrero Just like y’all woke up early to march today, I hope you wake up early tomorrow morning to attend Sunday church service.
Tigers Martial Arts Proud of my daughter Desire' who is marching.
Dale Roach As an American I have to say, we have no idea what we're doing here. We choked on Cinnamon a couple years ago and now we're dying on Tide Pods. I wonder why immigrants want to come here.
Vickie Rushing Connie Lyons McMillan as proven by the government shutdown our President doesn't know what he stands for, he keeps changing his mind!
Aaron McAnally Not a single woman I know would march with these women...just don't speak for all women!
Nash Collings-Miller Couldn't make it today but I am there marching in spirit.
Ellen Skaris So much ignorance in these comments
Minerva Aponte Behind every successful man is a we have to show the force within us in government. God bless us and continue to give us strength in numbers.
Jose Carlos Da Silva The President is not the culprit we must understand the Congress makes the laws, there are so many bills in the floor the House, bet never has been discussed prior to this point!
Judy Link How can you possibly go back home and be peace filled after this but at least you get to get it out and not in the home that's a plus <3 very intertaining another 'reality show' :)
Jennifer Moser We need to do something about the fact the USA has highest maternal death rates of any developed country
Carmen Adassa Women Marching for the rights of the the marginalized,, disadvantage and underserved members of the society...#JUSTICEANDEQUALITY...
William Olivo There are people in our White House that are Causing chaos and the government still leave that person in office they are waiting for the structured and it’s no need for that to happen
Isabel Vierk Thank you ladies for marching. I would be marching if I was in a big city, but live in small town in Central Florida😁👍
Tammy Williams-Dufort So many clueless men making comments on here, Sadly, a few clueless women ,too.
June Hidde Women can be powerful. Use your power and vote!!!!
Roxanne Wimberly So many issues to march for, people must also get out the vote for ALL elections...
Alexander Galarza Men don't realize they are gonna lose a lot. Such as credibility as leadership after this upsetting year. Better get involved now before it's too late guys..
CNN2 hours ago

Here are ways you can elevate your activism

Dustin Powell Wearing a vag hat and screaming about a perceived lack of rights that is unfounded isnt being politically active. Its being an imbecile.
Francis Q. Nguyen DACA = Democrats Against Citizens of America.
Dan Pind At this point, the lunatic liberal base should stop embarrassing themselves. You all sound like governmentally illiterate fools.
Avery Martz Get your own life straightened out before you try telling other people how to live... "political activism"... God help us Idk where this idea came from that you can change someone else's political opinion by shaking a sign on a stick at them and blocking roads.
Vik Avi Republicans elevate their activism by marching to the polls, no hats needed.....
Gradin Schroeder I'm already politically active, we countered anti-Trump protests in the QC, eliminated my college's political "safe spaces" for liberal students, and dismantled the Campus Democrats organization.
Deborah Palmieri Campbell All those Pink hats will be Marching to the Polls😘
Linda Kaldi pink hats this is Americas future How sick is this?
Adam Hicks Elevate your liberal impotent rage for next 7 years 😂😂😂
Jamal Bensella international human Rights activists. مسؤولين سعودين متورطين بتمويل خليا لها علقة بي تنظيم القاعدة في كانو نيجريا. معلوماتي حصلة عليها من اصدقاء حقوقين من رياض. تمويل باسم بناء المساجد والمدرس هونا في غرب نجيريا كانو.
SH Vasquez You would need a DUNCE cap for Trump‼️
Noor Chacky The best true way is leave both hats of division and be a true descent human being and stand for America not for a donkey or elephant, end of the day both animals.
Brandy Boutelle Id prefer not to wear a hat. Just walk in support of women choosing to do whatever for themselves without male interference, get paid for the work they do while raising a family, running a household and showing up the men who only work, keep on showing why women are freaking amazing and not property. 🙂
Hector Rodriguez Retweeted Jason Kander (@JasonKander): The President said he was going to run America like his businesses. Apparently we have reached the part where he would usually just declare bankruptcy and run away. #TrumpShutdown
Camp Sh The difference is conservatives don't beat up people wearing pink hats but libs beat up people wearing the red hat! The mental left! The violent left!
Laurie Clark It's unbelieveable that many silly women still wear the pink p-hats, clueless that the hats are now an object of ridicule across the nation.
Bryan Harris Rule #1: have CNN celebrity anchors and “journalists” actively participate and speak at the protests. Rule #2: have CNN paint liberal protest as positive causes and conservative causes as negative. Rule #3: have CNN ignore any violence at a liberal protest but manufacture violence at conservative protests. Oh yeah, don’t forget to over-estimate crowd sizes for liberal protests and underestimate for conservative crowds.
Andrew Atkins “You are beaten, it is useless to resist. Don’t let yourself be destroyed as obi wan did.”- Darth Vader
Bob Carlini By agreeing to logic and reason. I agree with Dem. Senator Edward M. Kenned 2007: “ You can’t get away from THE FACT that we just CAN’T HAVE OPEN BORDERS. I AGREE there’s a role for LEGAL IMMIGRATION, and you have to DEAL WITH the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.”
Aura Sofía Jirau What's noted isn't even activism, it's basic civics every citizen of a democracy ought to do. How do people, no matter their political ideology, expect change if they're inactive participants of their country's politics?
Lisa Sisler Knight One of the best ways to be best politically informed: Don't trust a thing CNN says. 😉
Krzysztof Piankowski Trump is effectively leading a war against those who for decades have commanded the heights of modern media, politics, finance, race relations, college campuses, entertainment, environmentalism, the judiciary and more. Even, of all the unlikely places in the Washington bureaucracy, the FBI. The culture is changing in ways long overdue.
James Thomas People have a hard enough time just being descent to each other most days about we focus on that instead...
Candi Dehart Letter writing does work! I wrote my state senator about an issue I had with a veterans program. The program is now more user friendly.
Adam Berry I seem to think the right or left wing dont care about America...they just want to be right and don't care about who's left
CNN was live.2 hours ago

We're in Charlotte, North Carolina, where protesters are gathering for the 2018 Women’s March.

Crystal L Murphy #ProCHOICE Protect women's rights to their own health, well-being. Get facts straight. PP provides tons of services to women.
Angelica Sellers #herbody #herchoice i wish pro lifers would care as much about the child born as they care for fetal tissue
Robin Sparer All you haters don't know history. If it wasn't for women's marches and rights you wouldn't be protected and have the rights you currently have. Pick up a history book and read. Power to the people!
Michelle Garland Wished CNN had covered the March for Life in DC yesterday like they are covering this. But that would be asking too much. 🙄
Alphonse Gamble It's not a protest, it's a show of unity of women
Debbie Borowka My grandparents were from Europe in1911 and became U S citizens. Why should everyone get citizenship? Are they loyal to USA? Then if not go home!!!!
Sherri Brown Woman out in this awful weather standing strong for freedom for all people. Even those who disapprove. These are good people doing the right thing.
Jackie Gould Ramler We are marching in Canada as well.
Julia Andrews You're pro choice alright, you want the choice to pull a baby into pieces instead of closing your legs!
Justine Tara Why don’t y’all march down to York county and show love for the detective killed while protecting our community smh
Mary Bramer Every woman has a right to say what happens to her body .
Gary Michael Curto No one said they represented all women they shouldn't have to represent all women they represent their own point of view and the majority of women who are Trampled Under Foot
Dianne Fitzgerald I like that woman fight for everybody's Rights. Woman have become the conscience of America. Go Ladies
Linda Brockett Heading up to SF in a minute to join you. Americans are toughest together and will both survive and thrive after icky 45!
Antonietta Venturin Pro choice does not equal abortion It means we have the right to choose for ourselves⛄️🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️
Leigh Ann Thompson Venable I think I see a lot of pink hats! A march to as a show of strength is important, considering the disregard this administration shows for women, children and working class citizens.
Rhonda Whitcomb VanVleet Women’s marches are going on all over the country today !!
Roxana Archibald The power of Women threatens the men! Stand firm for what you believe in. Equality for all not some.
Regina M McClain Where in Charlotte is this because I don't recognize these buildings and I live in Charlotte. I see palm trees and we just had snow 🤣🤣🤣
Nicole LoCascio Duke Earwood from looking at your face.... The only person that’s going to make you a sandwich you’re going to have to pay!
Tim Kerrigan How am I supposed to Pokémon GO with all of these people in my way???
Karen Lopez This is being spread around the country! Women have a voice! Wish I was there to March with you! Thank you!
Leslie Sexton That's not why they're marching. There ARE other women's issues.
Danielle Potvin You know I heard from former Democratic voter that the most racist people they've ever met are white liberals... Just saying.
Tom Adams Stop the baby killings??, how about stop controlling women ??? How about helping the oppressed, and show some compassion to all people, not just White America and the rich
CNN2 hours ago

Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, says past real estate deals by The Trump Organization show evidence of money laundering

Carol Zuback Alexander WHO CARES...ANOTHER CNN LIE IN HOPES OF BRINGING DOWN A PRESIDENT WHO IS DOING AMAZING THINGS... LOOK AT HER WORDS...'ALLEGES' That means MAYBE. They keep throwing words out like,,,"COULD BE" "MIGHT BE" and so on,,,just to make you THINK something is fishy...In the meantime,,we have REAL evidence of a HUGE SCANDAL in our own Justice dept. with THE TOP PEOPLE... That is about to come down....ALL this stuff about Russia is one big lying witch hunt. I only hope that some Democrats will open their eyes to the truth.
Jason DiSalvo CNN you just don’t give up? It’s amazing you bounce from topic to topic wishing something sticks. You know there is no Russian collusion and now you move onto money laundering. This is why people despise your network. What a joke! How about getting proof before reporting on a story!
David Whalen Speaking of money laundering, hillary recieved large sums of money from Russia for the sale of uranium, payed a british spy to produce the fake dossier during the election in an effort to twart Trumps chance of winning the white house.
Luke H. Jackson The amount of people ignorant enough to think a massive news organization is constantly lying to them just because some idiot told them that is beyond ridiculous. If you are reading this and you actually think CNN is "fake news," you are falling for Soviet-era manipulation tactics. One of the first things a dictator does is create flat distrust in reliable news sources.
Kile Travis #releasethememo Just trying to hide the fact that Obama’s “legacy” is about the be in ruin.
Joe Viveiros Dems know their in hot water and are on the wrong side of this 1... Choosing illegals over our military and children's health care is a disgrace but what else is new with a bunch of losers and their crooked media network CNN #FAKENEWS
Catherine Falk Money laundering charges are what is going to take the entire Trump mafia family down! It is so obvious if you do the research and go deep into this family’s past with the Trump Organization, Deutsche Bank and Russia funneling money through the NRA for the Trump campaign. It’s all coming out.
Tiffany Teekie Of course. Any time a candidate refuses to show their tax returns...he's been a long time crook in his business dealings.
Mark Anderson Donald Trump has been a con man all of his life... There's no doubt he's been laundering money for the Russians... Where do you think he received his funds after his bankruptcies... No American Banks would touch him, Vladimir Putin owns Donald Trump Lock Stock & Barrel...
Nicole Ann The most corrupt President and administration ever!
Francis Doyle When Mueller is all said and done he will have one Mr. Vladimir J Trump fitted for his custom made orange jumpsuit as he awaits the electric chair! One can only hope that Hilary Rodham Clinton will be not only the first invite to his execution but also be invited to throw the switch! 1) Collusion! 2) Obstruction of Justice! 3) Money Laundering! 4) Treason! 5) Soon To be Announced! And on a final note, everybody should be or at least the 65-70% of normal Americans are grateful that during the last recession they had Barack Obama to guide them with his steady hand and genius mind back to the steady and growing economy including a steady positive and constant increase in creating jobs, steady gains in the stock markets and good health! The majority of Americans thank you Obama for handing off a great America!
Ashley Seamans 45 and his supporters have attempted to bully Americans and failed. We will pick up the deplorable when they are on their knees.
Sharon Goldstein Good day for Trump???? A shut down and massive marches against him!! Happy last year for you dirtbag!
Beatriz Millan Can some(a republican) one explain to me, why aren't you releasing the memo. Please do so, I dont care about parties I care about the truth. Release it please!
Don Davis One smoke screen after another. Democrats are a dying party that just cant face the truth. Nobody believes them anymore.
Grant Marsella Says a Women who is responsible for the Military , Fire Fighters , etc forced to work without Pay! She gets her fat taxpayer check !!! She wants to accuse someone of money laundering!! She is guilty of taxpayer Theft!!!
Noah Deatherage Just shows this, the true name in #fakenews , CNN! Russian Collision Delusion didn't work. So this is all this Cartoon Nothing Network has left. Grow up loonie toons!
Nazim Uddin unfortunately Trump is the most failure, unfair and unpopular president in the world. Even he disappoints the expectation of Republican as well.
Candy Degville CNN has an anti Trump interview everyday - still sulking because their Globalist, pro Schengen, pro immigration, shared bathrooms, pay to play candidate lost. #ReleasetheMemo
Mark Jacobson democrats need to stop thinking they are smarter then Trump. Who won an election that was rigged for Hillary. This needed reposting...:>
TL Doerr You have him confused with Hilary and now another story by dems to bring trump down. None of the other stories were true .. why would anyone believe you now?.. obummer, killary, comey, etc etc ect.. all going down trump isn't going with ya!. Keep trying
Jim Thomas Funny how the Democrat biased Investigations find so called dirt on Trump . For many years and many lies and miss handling classified material , to smashing Phones to White washing her server. Deleted Email's and couldn't find anything Yet one year into office they claim they find this . Set up .....
Jill Henzie That is a known fact since his casinos folded! He has always laundered money for the Russians through his real estate deals...about time he was held accountable for breaking the law!!!
Sheila Robinowitz Russian oligarchs/mobsters pre-bought Trump properties in Dubai, SOHO, Panama and overpaid 10’s of millions for a residence in Florida. And that’s all publicly available. And the Mueller investigation has access to far more information. Trump has facilitated money laundering through his properties by organized crime, including Russia, for decades. Why do you think he’s actively fighting Mueller from looking into his business transactions and won’t release his taxes. It’s also why he’s Putin’s puppet. Can’t wait for his house of cards to fall, Trumps assets to be seized and he’s thrown in jail.
Rene LaPree Bannon commented in the book that there was money laundering at Trump Tower and it was known previously there was a Russian there laundering money. Kushner and Trump are both mentioned. Of course there is evidence, that is why he never released his taxes.
CNN3 hours ago

Donald J. Trump had a lot to say (and tweet) during the last government shutdown in 2013

John Plunk The Democratic party is the party of illegal immigrants, we get that. It's loud and clear that American citizens aren't their priority.
Azure Azurel This is completely on Chuck ‘pos’ Schumer’s fault. To put illegals’ issue before American’s issue is just completely wrong. You need 60 votes in the Senate, so no one can say this is the Republicans’ fault, this is people who only care about trying to get more illegal votes on, like Schumer, and this is clearly a #SchumerShutdown.
Bill Lince Wellllll, technically this shutdown is the fault of Stephen Miller and John Kelly since they are the ones that talked Trump out of the Graham-Durbin compromise. But, since the Orange Waffle listened to them I guess he should shoulder the blame.
Javier Spartikus Malave 90% of Americans are in favor of extending the CHIP program. 90% of Americans are in favor of DACA. 90% of Americans are in favor of universal background checks. Here’s a novel idea: Congress, try representing Americans.
Joseph Pelumi Agboluaje CNN you are the most useless news network ever!!! No integrity! Just worthless They said it just the way you are!!
Benjamin Huseman Its funny how the propaganda arm of the DNC can post an article about the President’s words in 2013 and every jumps in to blaming him. Where are the articles that point out the statements made by other politicians in the past which are inconsistent with their current views? Like Obama in 2006 railing against illegal immigrants. How about Schumer voting for legislation to tighten border security? Or Feinstein complaining about illegal immigrants? Where are these articles that show they have flipped on their views? Nope, instead let’s just blame one person.
Randy Mercury The great negotiator is a great big empty bag of hot air. The government shutdown is all on 45....own it Trumpturds. You people are not patriots you’re pathetic bottom feeders.
Jeff Riley Trump sure sings a different tune when he's the president. But he also didn't like Obama leaving the Whitehouse for an occasional vacation but he goes every week. Hypocrite.
Marianne NV Thompson Republicans and Trump had 4 MONTHS to negotiate DACA and CHIP funding, yet pushed through the tax scam for the rich. This is completely on them and Trump. Vote Republicans out!
Iris Chaparro Yeah now he said that is the Democrat fault, when before was to blame only Obama, he said that, so now we blame only him, more than before because R's control everything!! We the people blame you only you. The Republicans control the Executive branch. The Republicans control the Judicial branch. The Republicans control the Legislative branch. But, yeah, it's the Democrats fault the government is shutdown. Right!!
Brent Todd You can't reason with a bully and the dolts who follow him. You have to beat them. That's what we have to do in the November elections.
Rob Mitchell You know that was 5 yrs ago right CNN? You wild n crazy investigators lol. Some real good work there digging out old quotes lol. You suck... like real bad lol.
Stephanie Pitts Bentzen Yep and now that he and his cronies aka Republicans control the House, Senate, and the Presidency they can’t pass a bill and yet will still blame the Democrats. Hypocritical, lying, a-hole much???
Michelanne McCombs How did I know this was going to come up? Completely a different scenario. But go ahead and deflect the fact that the Democrats completely failed on this. DACA should’ve never been part of the budget bill. They just proved to the whole world That the illegals are more important than the American citizens. The fact that they boo-hooed and cried about children not being insured and they voted down CHIP In the process. It goes to show you what matters the most, obstruction of the president anyway possible even if it screws them in the process.
Lovella Price This is good, when a Democrat candidate run for president, what are they going to say? Prevent illegals? Lower the taxes? Secure the border? Demon-CRATS are playing political. Donald Trump is just doing what the Law says. If democrat for example is the President now, securing the border, lowering taxes, and preventing illegals, I mean...... double standard, right? Hahaha
James Bass When your OWN words come back to haunt you! “The president is responsible for a government shutdown!” The Words of Jim Jones Trump in 2013! Interesting!
Myron Pedroche Didn’t he say back then that a government shutdown falls in the hand of the president??? Well Don guess what, you’re the one this year and it is your fault for lack of leadership and control of you party.
Richard Bekoalok This man is not a deal maker, he is deal breaker, then the hypocrisy of it all, the R controlled all 3 legs of government and they blame the dems, party over country, for the repukes!
William Wordsmith El Dumpo defense team comes to the rescue.... FFS. If cnn is fake news why get your bowels in an uproar? is it because your brain is constipated and need to relieve yourselves in a convenient shithole?
Bill Bross Sr. In life there are many things that are easy. We refer to this as low-hanging fruit, the stuff we don’t have to work very hard to get. Rearranging your desk, deleting old stuff from your DVR, putting your shoes back in the closet… our lives contain an orchard of low hanging fruit. Then there's the fruit that's harder to get, the stuff that's higher, the stuff we have to work to attain. Losing twenty pounds. Training for a new job. Having that difficult conversation with a loved one. Convincing your boss to give you a promotion or a raise. Sometimes we put off the harder stuff because, well, because it's hard. But dealing with the difficult stuff is often more meaningful; it moves us forward, it can make us stronger. And how we deal with the hard stuff reveals much about our character. The Republican Party has enjoyed twelve months of low hanging fruit. How hard is it to write an executive order? How difficult must it be to pass legislation on a simple majority when you have a simple majority made up of your own party? With the notable exception of its failure to fix healthcare, the GOP was able to overcome any internal resistance to its legislative agenda by simply writing in earmarks to send more money or benefits toward the person offering the resistance. The opposition melted away faster than a polar icecap. Donald Trump ended DACA last year with the stroke of a pen. He ended the ACA funding for health care providers with a simple order, and the GOP-led congress ended funding for the children's health insurance program by declining to renew it. With one decision Donald Trump decided that Haitians were no longer worthy of work visas, and with no articulated reason he made that happen. Easy. But for the first time since taking power the Republican Party now has to actually work with Democrats, instead of crafting legislation that leaves them completely out of the process. And the Democrats (who represent a majority of our popular vote) have demands of their own. And the Republicans in the House and Senate were finally presented with an actual challenge, an opportunity to govern, to compromise, to craft legislation that met the needs of everyone and not just a simple partisan majority. They had a chance to pick the fruit that was up higher. And they failed. Miserably. The first time it was presented with a scenario it couldn’t solve with a simple "we'll do it our way" the Republican Party showed us that it can't really govern. Because governing is governing for everyone, not just the majority party. Republicans told us this during the Obama administration when they were the minority party. But today they're telling us that the minority party's voice is not a voice worthy of consideration but rather an obstruction. Their president, the self-proclaimed Master of the Deal, did little more than send out abusive twitter rants during the negotiations, often undermining tentative agreements that would have prevented this shutdown. Remember last year when the GOP failed to replace ObamaCare after several attempts? Our president walked away, vowing to simply let it fail. Today for the first time in our history, the government has shut down while the same party controls all three branches. And they're blaming others. Leadership is easy when everything goes your way. But when everything is going your way you're not really leading, are you?
Sherry Johnston Sinclair Buchanan "Today marks a year since Donald Trump took the oath of office as President. Instead of leading the country, Trump has been insulting, throwing tantrums, and grinding the government to a halt. He is completely incapable of governing." ~Robert Reich Also lying, blaming, dividing! #trumpshutdown
Brad Davis Donald Trump in 2013 reveals what he thought then about the role of presidential leadership during a similar political crisis under President Barack Obama. "I mean problems start from the top and they have to get solved from the top," Trump said of Obama during the interview with Fox News. "And the president's the leader. And he's got to get everybody in a room and he's got to lead."
Diana Meni Trump said that a government shutdown is 100% the fault of the president. According to Trump, he is 100% at fault for this shutdown.
Auzzy Endz Lmfao.. trump and his boys.. blaming everybody else except themselves.. imagine how much people are laughing at america right now.. but hey.. that's #maga I guess. All that winning . Winning somewhere apparently
David Coleman Trump is following Obama's plan. Obama gave them 6 years to get their immigration status in order or get out. Those people that didn't follow Obama's command, have nothing to whine about.