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WARNING: Graphic language

Thomas Taylor Chomp, chomp.......Sip, sip Just having some popcorn and a beer while watching the hilarious soap opera, 'As the White House Turns'. It's a daily serial depicting the bumbling of a buffoon and his incompetent toadies attacking each other. Too bad it will be cancelled soon.
Angel Pasquan This isn't the respectable White House we knew. This is now a Frat house filled with Douchebags, rapists and the rich who know their privilege will allow them to get away with anything they do.
Sheila Tonet Naylor Someone needs to wash Scaramucci's mouth out with soap. What a classless goon that fits right in with all the classless goons occupying the White House, including the head goon, Trump.
Steve Gluck ... this is fun ... especially now that the Ringling Brothers are no longer with us ... what next? ... maybe one of them will get shot out of a cannon ...
Emmanuel Krisx Liberals / CNN have turned America to an imaginary failed state. But real American's know the truth that Trump is doing splendidly well!!
Gerald Myers So we got Donald Trump (you can kiss my ring), Da Mooch (I don't stab 'em in da back, I stab 'em in da front), and Ma Huckabee (You got questions? I'll give you questions). So when in the hell does "Joey Bananas" show up? At this point I'm watching the clouds for the Bat Sign because this administration is straight out of a goddamn comic book!
Alana Godwin Pretty sad state of affairs when the public has to be warned of the graphic language used by the new White House Communications Director.This is the best way he knows how to communicate? We don't allow this language and attitude in our schools and it shouldn't be coming from the WH. Kids are watching. Not appropriate.
Charles Rowland It looks like The Mooch is in charge at the White House; the Liar N Chief will do what ever the Mooch tells him. There is a Clown in the oval office, no one should be surprised that the Mooch Circus has arrived.
Ed Nately America is destroying reason itself. A greater crime than genocide. A crime so great that the means to prosecute it don't even exist.
Willy Nieuwburg Talking about a loose cannon - This guy is a loose nuke missile 🙂
Sandra Kirby OMalley He isn't even on the job yet. He can't be on the payroll, until his business is sold. He still must receive approval for the sale to a foreign entity, from several government departments! So if Donald was really in charge, he would rescind his nomination. Why would Donald want yet another a-hole in his administration. Oh wait! That is exactly why he wants him. Yet another someone to distract from Don's legal problems.
Ron J Carmouche
Steven Ryan "Two ravens sit on Odin's shoulders, and into his ears they tell all the news they see or hear. Their names are Hugin and Munin. At sunrise he sends them off to fly throughout the whole world. And so people call him the raven god." —The Prose Edda, Gylfaginning: 38
Niels J. Plougmann Mr. potty mouth mooooooooccchhhh and the orange "grab them by the kitty"- locker room talk con artist. Not even a comedy writer could make that up !!!
Kathy Golden Coe That fact that you had to put a graphic language warning up speaks volumes of this man.
Keyo Wilson I want to see Melissa play Scaramucci on SNL.... If he lasts long enough for the next season premiere.
Kayode Oladoye FAKE NEWS
Shona Randall Salver This guy may possibly be even more insane than trump 🙄🙄
Peter Sullivan Elect a clown-----get a circus.
Karen Auer Perfect match for Trump. Foul mouthed, loud mouthed and both totally grotesque.
Jennifer R Fraser Is the White House becoming rated R?!?!?! No kids allow to see this?!?!!
Sheila King-Andrews "War in the White House." 2017 Crazy tv reality drama series. Lies, corruption, vulgar language, rated 18A. Veiwing is Highly addicting. Watching a dictator using hatred and prejudice to turn citizens against each other
Duchess Martha Obi Baiye Sad sad sad.. reality show going on in de white house, people get fired on every episode. What a shame. Not my president.
Jessica Anne just fake
Bruno Boileau The red capes are coming!! The White House is gong down !
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Audible gasps and applause broke out as John McCain voted no

Richard Keyes The sooner his brain dies the better. Also CNN is fake news 📰
Graham Hill It's hilarious to hear the left defend Jeff Sessions and now John McCain.. mental illness at it's finest.
Shawn Hutchinson Awwwww.......all the salty trumptards calling McCain a traitor to their idiot. Poor salty, crying, baby trumptards....
Shawn Myers Funny how liberals think this is the last time republicans will take this up for a vote Ted Cruz said they will have another vote😊😊
Richard Ling John McCain should be expelled from the Republican Party.
Mark Rubello Canadian here, I don't see how Americans can celebrate this as a "win" in any possible way. Premiums and deductibles are sky high, people cant even use their insurance in some cases cause of the deductible being excessive. Wanna know how much we charge you in Canada for a medical procedure? $0. But in America, you pay an arm and leg, even with "insurance". It's terrible. You badly need a new system, and Democrats are going to keep Obamacare till the bitter end, even though it's a failure. How high do premiums have to go, till people realize "this isn't working"? Noone won last night, everyone lost. Why? Cause this morning, America still has a terrible healthcare system. I feel kinda bad, cause it's a completely different story up here.
Thomas Taylor And Trump was overheard last night: "I could while away the hours, conferrin' with the flowers Consultin' with the rain. And my head I'd be scratchin' while my thoughts were busy hatchin' If I only had a brain. I'd unravel every riddle for any individ'le, In trouble or in pain. With the thoughts I'd be thinkin' I could be another Lincoln If I only had a brain." McCain just loved sticking it to the brainless one.
Bob Carlini Meanwhile Your bankrupt. Lol for the Useful idiots. Any minute U.S. swamp Debt Is Heading Toward $20 Trillion and compounding. NASA: How Big is a Trillion? One trillion seconds of ordinary clock time in years =31,546 Years!
Uwood Kev McCain's time has come and he needs to go. Liberals feel like they got a win, well We feel the same for the military ban. The good thing about healthcare is you can celebrate nowbut ad obamacare implodes everyone will be forced to repeal and replace it or pay your entire check For healcare. So standby and let's see
Jim Mathews When you come out and flat out lie to the American people to get their votes then turn your back on them when the time comes to uphold what you promise you are NOT an AMERICAN but a trader to the American people and your country..I hope you remember that McCain...
Göran Hilmer Ek A hero. Having served his country in the war as well as in the Senate
Sean Lawrence Shut up Canadian, your country has 37 million people. The US has 330million people. Also it took Republicans help to defeat the bill.
Richard Ling John McCain should resign from the Senate. He is America's national disgrace and embarrassment.
Karen Williams Gutkowski Thank you , 3 republicans and all democrats ! My husband will continue to get his heart medicine at a affordable price. My friends can continue their cancer medications . My mom's nursing home can't kick her out (Medicaid supplements her Medicare )
Darrius Mitchell I'm a proud democrat but even I can see that not all republicans are bad people. Thank you Senator Collins, Senator McCain, and Senator Murkowski for doing the right thing and lending a hand to help protect healthcare for all! Now let's work together republicans and democrats to further strengthen the Affordable Care Act instead of trying to just target it because it's part of Former President Obama's legacy.
Richard Ling John McCain is a traitor to the American people.
Hazim Alwaali Just let his people down because he hates Trump, we don't care. It's time for you to retire. Enough from you guys!!
Ty Habegger It's not about what party you're from, it's about doing what's best for the American people. He voted for what he felt was best for the people he represents, which is exactly how this is supposed to work.
Juan S Cruz Santiago The real hero , he served his country on the battlefield and still serving his country at the senate. he is a respectable Republican, you don't see to many of those lately
Bonnie Martinez Obama Care just keeps winning unlike Trump. 😂
Judy Heinz Today McCain heard the people. You can't put a bad bill in place just to say you replaced Obama Care. In the end, people will be worse off.
Maureen Oliveira So happy that at least three Republicans have a mind of their own accompanied by a heart and a conscious!....And Mr. John McCain just earned my deepest respect and admiration. This is what a true American hero looks like!
Eric L Gallardo Well, the Demoselfish party still owns the loserBama Care failure. Schumer still insists that people won't lose their healthcare now. As usual, the Democlueless don't listen to the people. The premiums are too high. Then the deductibles are too high. MOST PEOPLE CANNOT AFFORD to use it!! Meathead Schumer is glad people are stuck with NO VIABLE healthcare? This is why the majority of America voted for President Trump. He actually cares and listens to the real American Patriots. Thank you for opening your mouth, again, DemoSchumer!! Everytime you Demotrollers speak out to defend the only political agenda that wants people to die (because they cannot AFFORD the healthcare insurance costs).
Michael Hathoot My favorite part was watching Mitch McConnell (a man who literally stole a Supreme court seat through obstruction) whine and cry about Democratic obstructionism and not the fact that it was a garbage bill.... #KarmaisABitch
Jeff Apan Happens when you allow a DEMOCRAT to slip through as a Republican. We also ready know he is a leaker. please let that timer German bigger fast.
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The largest supporter in the global fight against HIV and AIDS -- the United States -- may be about to make drastic cuts

Lance Free This just in... condoms work if you use them. You're welcome.
Tom Binns 🤔... I'm pretty sure if you just stopped having unprotected degenerate sex and stopped shooting heroin, HIV would all bit go away. What does the government have to do with people making poor life choices?
Christopher J Hildebrandt 20 trillion in debt. Cuts are needed for survival.
Stef Janssens Well we in Europe, and I'm not advocating for unprotected sex, have medication that almost (let me repeat it for dumb Americans ALMOST) irradicate the threat of transmission with the help of medication. This keeps our doctors and nurses safe. Just think about it...
Felipe Carvalho DON'T trust CNN Trust Fox news instead The best news network in the country
Gary Mohr If this is true then, along with Healthcare cuts, the Transgender issue, the recent decision that tolerates firing of gay people and the reduction of education budgets looks like this country is entering a major era of purging itself of anyone deemed undesirable by the religious zealots if the GOP. Add to this the proposed appointment of a judge who thinks that religious belief overrides the law then you are resurrecting the kind of mentality that prevailed during the inquisition. A more recent example is Germany where Hitler and his fanatics followed similar tactics when it came to creating, what he believed to be the ideal profile that a citizen ought to have. Undesirables were incarcerated. North America is embarking on a dangerous path where civil liberties are in doubt and bigotry rules... all thanks to the GOP ant Trump.
Niels J. Plougmann Disastrous and atrocious American genital mutilations of boys and men in Africa!! They are being told that circumcision prevents HIV-infections - so they think they can have sex without condoms!!! American funded genocide and total waste of money!!
Nicholas Lee King How about nasty people stop having sex without condoms. (As for 3rd world countries) their governments should do more to prevent the spread of the virus.
Cliff Garner BREAKING NEWS The A C A Affordable Care Act..OBAMACARE Remains The LAW..Trumpcare goes down, and the American people have spoken Again.. Winning Bigley So sick of winning.
Babangida Hong Do we have to so much depend on America to take care of our randy stuff? If u cant be faithful zip up dude
David Headley Last straw. Unfollowing CNN. Thanks to Ted Turner for inventing cable news. Thanks to Lou Dobbs who put you on the map by having a spine. And thanks to your current whiny alt-left "talent" for finally pissing me off enough to delete your threads and cease consuming my precious time and energy. Goodbye and good riddance.
Mark McNamara Breaking News !------House Judiciary Committee Calls For Special Counsel To Investigate Comey, Clinton and Associates.
Rahul Rasaily I'm so glad you can leave voice messages as comments now!!! ▶ 🔘──────── 00:18
Chava Carlos The US is always scorned for itself various influential activities worldwide. I would be happy to see it relax its charity activities and watch who will step in her shoes.
Celestine Chidozie CNN it amazes me how shallow in thinking your analysts often portray themselves to be. Between US cuts and randy youths whose zips are always down which one logically will flourish HIV infection? Between US cuts and Heroine addiction (which induce misbehavior) which is a prospect for HIV infection flourishing? I am seriously thinking that some folks need some basic classes on Critical Thinking.
Graeme Phiri Yep!! we saw this policy coming from a mile away.. yeah make america greater again while we shrink the rest of the world,"Africa"to be precise... U.S be like they cant handle it on their own why should we send them billions of dollars!!! When we need to look at our own internal policies..
Peggy O'Neill Drabinski Republicans believe if they cut everything it will bring the debt down enough to pass their tax cuts for the wealthy. Republicans are obsessed with tax cuts for the wealthy. Even with healthcare it was all about tax cuts for the wealthy. It's enough to make you dizzy.
Brad Davis Of course!! When pence was governor of Indiana he caused a aids epidemic when he defunded pp in indiana! Why would you not think it would happen again? Trump has got to go! He is ruining America one day at a time
Jock Beems Another angle on the republicans want to kill people thing. The researchers will still be doing their job. Why does the USA heve to pay the Lion's share of every international agreement or program?
Phillip Sanchez When you stop & look at the bigger picture, budgets or budget cuts; it is clear to see that they don't really give a f!!! about us.
Marissa Jackson This along with the drug epidemic will be a disaster.
Austin Harr Liberal propaganda
Patrick Castronovo FAKE NEWS...
David Bowman And that will cost a great deal more than is saved and great suffering. When people are healthy the government saves money and healthcare costs are lowerm
Jeffrey Leyda Why is it always the middle-class folks in this country that has to pay for the irresponsibility throughout the world?
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If you got lost at the mention of a "skinny repeal," this is for you

Heath Stinson If it wasn't for the fact that Nixon pardoned McCain for all the treason he committed when he returned from the Vietnam police action. For telling the enemy where all our troops were, and where our supplies were along with strategic Air Force information that resulted in the deaths of thousands of our soldiers he would have been shot for treason long ago. McCain is a traitor, and the state he ran is blue now thanks to illegal immigration he stood by, and watch happen. Arizona, and California are now Northern Mexico thanks to him, and the used to be democrat Ronald Reagan!
Daniel Everson let's see how long it takes for everyone to complain when obamacare draws its last breathe ! Obamacare has failed, and going down fast. Good luck !!
Heath Stinson Here is the thing, with #FakeNews CNN The media collusion is self evident, when the media decides to align itself with a political movement, in this case liberalism, it is no longer objective or free press. All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
Gustav Philip Jonathan Andreasson John McCain finally lived up to his reputation as Maverick. Now let's put a single-payer healthcare bill on the table and have a real vote.
Erin Everest If you want health care, get a job and pay for it. Stop expecting things for free!
Goran Sainovski John was a hero anyway...but he went to a whole New level after this!! It was like the end scene..mowing down the baddies!! #RevengeIsABitch #TrumpFail #TiredOfWinningYet ??
Alexander Sudduth Trump said there would be winning. Apparently he meant for Democrats though.
Caesar J. B. Squitti France and Italy have the two best health systems int he world, that cost 1/3 that of the USA...why ? Prevention, and the true public core system, with private systems for those who want more... Don't let a rainbow of colored political truths lie to you.... Thunder Bay Online - The Beautiful people of Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada
Michelle Sundevils Oljemark Why not have universal healthcare? And do not tell me that it's the government who decides what doctors do with their patients. We have excellent health care in the Nordic countries. I have a rare Neurological illness , which I inherited from my father. I have always gotten the best care from my doctor who is a Professor of neurology and I have her husband who's a Professor of Neurosurgery as backup. I am flagged as a special patient in my hospital, meaning if I come to the ER I'm taken seriously and given the best care. Even our future Queen gave birth for free . And no we do not pay high taxes in Sweden. I pay 30% of my salary every month. Our corporate tax is 23%. We do not have inheritance tax and we do not tax your wealth . Our child care is subsidised, it's calculated on how much you earn . We have 480 days of maternity leave and fathers have to take 3 months of it , you are payed 80% of your salary. If you haven't got a high income, you get housing benefit. You get child benefits until your child is 19 years old , even the royal family gets it .After your third child you get an extra benefit. Child support is something that everyone gets, if there isn't a father in the picture, the government pays a fixed sum. University is tuition free and student loans have a low interest rate 1,5 percent. And even here it's calculated on how much you earn per year. Dental care is free until you are 23 years old and that includes braces . We have 8-9 weeks of annual leave, with full salary. Our economy is sound and we have a good life. You can bark at me if you want, but I am surprised that a rich country like America is the only one of industrialised countries who doesn't take care of all of its people???
Oystein Heimstad It's not complicated. It's all run by greedy old men. Other more evolved nations have offered free health care (and education) for ages already. But murica is still stuck in the dark ages where $ controls everything.
Darrius Mitchell I'm a proud democrat but even I can see that not all republicans are bad people. Thank you Senator Collins, Senator McCain, and Senator Murkowski for doing the right thing and protecting healthcare for all! Now let's work together republicans and democrats to further strengthen the Affordable Care Act instead of trying to just target it because it's part of Former President Obama's legacy.
Rachel Michaels "The Republicans are not going to repeal and replace Obamacare. “It’s been around too long. And the American people have gotten accustomed to it. Governors have gotten accustomed to this Medicaid expansion, and so trying to pull it back is really not going to work.” “Here we are, seven months into this year, and yet they’ve not passed this bill. Now, they’re never — they’re not going to repeal and replace Obamacare,”. - John Boehner
Wayne Thompson The "Skinny" why it failed No one trusted Speaker Ryan & even less than No one trusted Lying trump it would go to conference. All knew it would be written into law by these two Lying ConMen! So 3 hero's said we don't trust you two!
Kerstin Pellett What you need to know is McCain isn't mentally sound and should no longer be aloud to vote!
Roy LeiTem A Native American elder told his grandson about two wolves who live in every heart. One is Evil—anger, jealousy, pride—and the other is Good—joy, love, peace, humility. The grandson asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?” The elder replied, “The one you feed.”
Yaroslav Zaitsev There is nothing complicated about US health care debate. It is cut and dry, simple as a geometrical shape. On one side you have people who are forced to pay substantially more to pay for coverage of others who barely pay anything at all, on another side you have people who talk about how cheap their policy is that is paid by others. That is about as simple as it gets. They have retarded provisions in health code. Here is one: A child who is 26 years old, clearly one that failed becoming an adult, a person who can vote for president of this country while being a dependent gets to remain on parent's policy instead of getting a job and getting their own insurance policy keeping overall pool cheaper. But no... we can't have none of that. He is a child... 26 years old.... nearly 10 years over the age of consent, 5 years over legal drinking age but he is still a bloody child. It took retards to come up with nonsense like covering health conditions that were self created that require a lot of treatment and management by people who are literally being kept alive by 20 odd pills for ailments they themselves caused. It is not complicated. You forced others to pay for others. My health insurance premiums with 75% company match went up $300/mo, which means Cigna actually charges $1200/mo more than they did prior to all this nonsense. But do tell me how important it is for me to hear the OTHER side....
Daniel Everson so, transgenders won't be able to get military funded reassignment surgery, and obamacare soon to fall. Guess that 41% is about to go up !
Rachel Michaels “They’ll fix Obamacare, and I shouldn’t have called it repeal and replace because that’s not what’s going to happen. They’re basically going to fix the flaws and put a more conservative box around it." "In the 25 years that I served in the United States Congress, Republicans never, ever, one time agreed on what a health care proposal should look like. Not once. And all this happy talk that went on in November and December and January about repeal, repeal, repeal—yeah, we'll do replace, replace—I started laughing, because if you pass repeal without replace, first, anything that happens is your fault. You broke it.”
Reza Gharagozlou After the recent failure to kill Obama care, it is the time republicans in the both houses to resign and set up a new election and of course Trump is republican too.
Bill Masters It's pretty simple actually. Republicans are greedy. That's what it all boils down to. Their debates are all based on lies, and everybody knows it.
Keith Gourley Liberals have gone from wishing McCain well to wishing him death to now calling him a hero for voting no on a skinny repeal....
Eric Eades Here's an idea. Trump and the rest of the WH deplorables and crybabies should go on over to Russia and try to get healthcare passed there.
Wayne Thompson Now that the healthcare bill failed & Dead the White House can get back to concentrating on fighting with each other. Besides instead of Lying trump having speeches, rally's for the GOP healthcare, he's giving speeches to the Boy Scouts, wherein, the Boy Scout higher ups had to apologize for the president's Narcissistic self glorifying comments. Yes the kids were really wow'd at how red the map was LOL
Craig Goodsir The fact is that Trump has lost the confidence of his party. He should resign.
Eric L Gallardo Well, the Demoselfish party still owns the loserBama Care failure. Schumer still insists that people won't lose their healthcare now. As usual, the Democlueless don't listen to the people. The premiums are too high. Then the deductibles are too high. MOST PEOPLE CANNOT AFFORD to use it!! Meathead Schumer is glad people are stuck with NO VIABLE healthcare? This is why the majority of America voted for President Trump. He actually cares and listens to the real American Patriots. Thank you for opening your mouth, again, DemoSchumer!! Everytime you Demotrollers speak out to defend the only political agenda that wants people to die (because they cannot AFFORD the healthcare insurance costs).
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The deal is roughly $1.2 billion worth of investments.

Mohamed Amjaad Ibrahim I'm pretty sure the UAE has completed a highly advanced super airline by now.
Logan Thomas Isn't this the sort of thing we ought to stop in the name of competition?
Brenda Kimble This will eliminate competion and rates will no longer bed affordable. We will pay what they want period. Not a good move.
Jeff Alvarico but cnn narrative in the election was stock market will plunge if trump elected president #maganomics
Vee Boh
Jim Lynn This is what we want not arms deals to dictators and states who dont care about human rights
Jessica Anne what
Prince Oguru lol
Leslie Radwan Monopoly
Fergus Henry George Tuifua
Sally Luad 🖐️
April Hall Ricky DeSequeira
Dean Martin Andrew Martin
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Over the next two decades, 87 new pilots need to be trained and ready to fly a commercial airliner every day.

Nadia Khater My son is literally giving his life because he wanted to be a pilot and the faa wouldn't allow him medical clearance to attend a 4 year university program to learn to fly... so he dropped out of college and is currently serving... pilot requirements need an overhaul. My kid knows more about planes than half the pilots flying them... his dream was crushed. He would have made a great pilot.
نفس عصام ALLAH, is the Name of the One True God. His Name is not chosen by man and does not have a number or gender. It is known that Allah is the Name of God in Aramaic, the language of our beloved Prophet Jesus and a sister language of Arabic. The Name “Allah” has been used by all previous Prophets starting with Adam and by the last and final Prophet, Muhammad (Peace be upon them all).
Phil Bhojwanay And a staggering transgender overload. North Korea would be laughing at the US military right about now.
Scott Brownrigg The US carriers have caused their own pilot shortage by treating those in the profession with contempt. The conditions and pay that are forced on those in the Regionals is a disgrace, so as far as I am concerned the short-sighted bean counters can reap what they have sown. Time for them to stop raping the profession, and pay what they should to those who make massive sacrifices both financially and personally to ensure that the travelling public are kept safe in the skies!
Michael de Peralta Going through pilot school before you become qualified to fly commerical is like a volunteer service. You oay thousands worth of student loans then u literally volunteer to fly until you meet the hours. And oh i forgot how little they get paid to fly souls on board... and we wonder theres a shortage?
Meej Xyooj There you go Trump supporters.. better hurry up before those mexicans get them jobs
Alexander Jackson My BIGGEST dream as a kid was to be an airline pilot but I was told I never could because I wore glasses and had bad eyesight 💔 I even knew the airline I wanted to work for DELTA.
Alexander Beck The Germans just got a lot of 'Specialists' because the Yanks told them to take them in. After all Germany is an american vassal and satellite without choice. Maybe the yanks could use a few of them as pilots? Easily trained...or so I heard to fly a plane.
Charles Rowland The military use to train most of the airline pilots, which was another way the airlines is subsidized. Airlines need to man up and start training pilots that show the necessary skills and drive.
Alberto Ortiz Too expensive to go from private pilot to ATP just to land a job in a regional airline earning 18,000 a year to build flying hours. Your student debt is gonna be huge.
Erwin Fernandez I wanted to be a pilot growing up. I've also considered it as a second career. But it's extremely expensive and you don't see the desired income until you get to those "big airline" jobs. Which takes maybe 10 years from the point you even begin flight school. Airlines/ schools should try offering more training for none certified pilots. Offer them schooling in exchange for a 5 year contract to work for their airline. Just an idea.
Prateek Ratna Siddharth Singh what do you think?
Tarik Zeid but it will be handled like the doctor shortage, more administrators and bureaucrats
Logan Thomas Carol Thomas. That's good news for a guy looking at going off to flight school
James Lord Surely this article can be serious?? Of course it's serious, but don't call it Shirley!
Carlos Rivera Pay more. They make $10 bucks an hour on average and don't have a steady schedule.
Afriyie Felix Ofosu Stefen Sakyi perhaps you should include piloting in your career options and plans too 😀
Luis Magana Guess what? That's the next target for AI, so don't expect the job shortage to last more than a decade.
Nitram Lebeog Then train your first officers to become captains .... upgrade !!!
Adam Sobieski Syrian Refugees would be perfect for this
Richard Castillo Start paying correctly, maybe people will do the job....
Lori Avvisati If you can navigate the roads in 48126 and 48127 you might be a pilot candidate.
Michael Melo Ryan Hubert you definitely got a job when you get that degree and license
Andrew S J Chung Michael Baradaran you need to fill in the void in the near future
Marcky Marcelo Jorge It is my dream since childwhood
CNN3 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump: "3 Republicans and 48 Democrats let the American people down," after Obamacare repeal effort failed in the Senate.

Kathy Morin Obamacare did not pay for my Breast Cancer treatments. I would have died if my doctor had not begged the pharmaceutical company to give it to me for free. Obamacare is so high on people to pay for it, it's cheaper to pay the fine. Obamacare is failing, and has failed many people anyway. It's a shame. God Bless Trump...he tried.
Mariah Monet John McCain is the last of a dying breed of Republican. These new Republicans are a joke , and they have made it entirely clear they do not care about the American people. I have the upmost respect for Senator McCain , he is a war hero who deserves everyone's respect regardless of their political party .
Maria Ce Thank you Republican Senators McCain, Collins, and Murkowski for putting constituents before party!💌 God bless you all!
JT McCabe Obamacare is making the government $185 Billion dollars, while McCain may think he is sticking it to Trump, he is also screwing over the American people - Obamacare only provides insurance to those who can afford it, and those that can't afford it have no choice, either you pay for it, or you will be made to pay for it. The government can not afford to take a loss by companies moving out of this country and a loss from getting rid of Obamacare, so they will just keep Obamacare, and keep pretending it is what is best for the American people.
Jörgen P Karlsson I really wonder where the great, amazing, tremendous plan to replace Obamacare is... 😄
Tina Rice Thank you to John McCain and the Republicans that voted against this garbage. Trump and his circus crew need to get a clue. They have no idea what they are doing. A very deserved loss.
Fabian Tepezano To all you Republicans who claim you are "Christians". There's nothing wrong with keeping the money that you earned but it is wrong to let people die knowing you could've helped them. God not only punishes you for the things that you do but for the things that you don't do.
Dylan Napier Keep failing, Trump. You're going to go down in history as the worst president ever. The president that hated Americans the most. The president that knew the Consitution the LEAST. It's actually quite gratifying that you won, because now the whole world sees what a whiny, self-indulgent failure you are.
Shawn Lichterman Melnick Now Senator McCain can ride off into the sunset, and take care of himself, knowing that others will be able to get the healthcare that they need as well.
Patrick Heard Three Republicans and the Democrats did the right thing. Trump lets the American people down every day with his crazy tweets, his bigotry, hate, corruption, racketeering, and collusion with his boss, Putin. I thank the three Republicans who did not go along with the program. And, no, Trump chump trolls, the Republicans who did the right thing are not liberals, they're not wannabe Democrats. John McCain, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski. Thank you. McCain is a true Republican, not owned by Trump, nor Putin. He's a true Ronald Reagan Republican. I'm as liberal as you can get, just about, but even I know that Ronald Reagan was a real Republican, a good Republican, and I liked him as a person. He stood against Russia and tyranny, unlike the current GOP, who thinks Putin is great. McCain is an old school Republican, when they stood for principles, more than just bigotry and selling themselves out to Putin and the insurance lobby. Ronald Reagan worked with Democrats to get things done. The current GOP is more like the KGB.
Frank Drew DC: BREAKING: Wikileaks Drops BOMBSHELL EXPOSING House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi's ROLE In Dem IT SPYING SCANDAL The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have yet to report on the growing scandal surrounding several IT staffers employed by House Democrats, including Wasserman Schultz’s top IT aide, Imran Awan. Other establishment media outlets, including CNN and MSNBC, are similarly refusing to tell the public about the growing scandal.
Smith Wood I greatly admire President Trump. I have respect for Barack Obama. He's Just human garbage, pure and simple
Trey Isbell The only thing trumpnuggets can say is "fake news" even though they make themselves look dumber because it's not fake if even cspan shows it. In case you simple simple hephalumps don't know what cspan is, it's a live camera in the senate and the house with no commentators. Just a livestream of what's going on. Your move ya sillies
Rosemarie Sanchez When Obama Care crashes you can thank the democrats and the 3 republican for the disaster health care that destroy so many lives of the American people!!
Phyllis Gregor No, the three Republicans didn't let the people down. Where was Trump in advocating for this repeal? Did he explain, with any specifics, anything in the repeal? No. Did he travel the country to explain the bill? No, he held an ego stroking rally in Ohio instead. Did he try to talk to McCain, Collins and Murkowski to get their vote? No, he threatened to withhold programs for Alaska. He repeatedly said he was sitting in his office, pen in hand, waiting to sign a bill. Any bill. A tremendous bill, an incredible bill, a great bill. So much for the great negotiator. He was hands off during this whole fiasco, but would gleefully had taken credit had it passed.
Frank Thornton It's not the President's job to let the people's insurance implode. It's his job is to either come up with a better one (which is apparently not happening) or fix the current one.
Bryan Baccari Well, GOP, you may control it all but you can't get anything done.
Karen Hultgren No, the 3 Republicans and 48 democrats stood up.for the American people! I thank them all. Special thanks to Senators McCain, Collins and Murkowski. Now both sides must work together to improve the ACA because improvements are needed.
Tiki Diamond They didn't let the American people down, u were trying to cut Medicaid for poor people and use it to give tax credits to the wealthy. Thank goodness u had 3 Republicans w/ some common sense
Alison Bunting Dear Americans. Today I will walk into my doctor's office, pay 23 Euros which I will get back and then go to the pharmacy where I will hand over my prescription and receive my medication to which I will pay NOTHING. ZERO. NYET. RIEN. We all pay our taxes together and we get health care together and it STILL COSTS LESS PER PERSON THAN YOURS. I would never want a US health care system.
Tina Thompson Simkins This guy is a bozo. Senator McCain voted "no" on this bill to protect the American people. He didn't do it to "stick it to Trump." I'm sure that he doesn't like Trump, though. I can understand that.
Tom Thurlow I applaud senator McCain who stood up for what was right, even though he was under tremendous pressure to vote yes. He is indeed a hero...
Tracey Johnston Pickens Stuff a sock in it, Trump!
Tim McMahon Bottom line,..Republicans had nothing,..7 years and they offered nothing. Zero, zilch. Nada as an alternative to the ACA. And they still have nothing...
Robin Swain OK America. Listen up. Tell your people to put in place the same Health Care that the UK has. That would kill off the insurance companies. You pay a National insurance out of your pay . just like we do and all healthcare is paid for It's a No Brainer
CNN4 hours ago

Rolls-Royce unveiled an all-new Phantom and for a starting price of $460,000, you get the kind of luxury and grandeur found almost nowhere else on the market.

Jesse Windt
Derek Perner is much more luxurious and less expensive. 😉
Brad Jenkins I'm still not buying insurance or paying the penalty. I get a letter every month charging me $2.00 interest. They'll get nothing and like it
Marti White The same orange man that praised McCain's vote few days ago; Will now declare McCain brain-dead. Of course he will now say that McCain's vote is not even valid. Just watch out, the tweet-storm just began. #REPEALforOBAMACAREfailedBigly.
Chico Garcia I would think The President #45 would be interested in having one, since he likes spending our Taxes on his luxuries. Get this RR customized like the BEAST and it's ready to Roll for The POTUS #45. He could carry his golf clubs in this RR while he tour the States He's plotted to sell to PUTIN. #impeachandremove#45beforehesellsusout
Eric Davis I was excited for a minute when I saw the classic Rolls-Royce. I thought perhaps they were finally making a new car with a classic-style exterior. I keep hoping automakers will start doing that.
Melissa Swayne OmG!!!! Does every single article ever written, like ever?, have to circle back to include Trump??? Honestly, It's been only 6 months... Lol. What will the next 3 1/2 years bring. Scary!
Will Smith I think it looks okay. Think it would've been nice to take an old vintage model and update everything. Going with this look just doesn't stand out enough with ask the other cars on the road.
نفس عصام ALLAH, is the Name of the One True God. His Name is not chosen by man and does not have a number or gender. It is known that Allah is the Name of God in Aramaic, the language of our beloved Prophet Jesus and a sister language of Arabic. The Name “Allah” has been used by all previous Prophets starting with Adam and by the last and final Prophet, Muhammad (Peace be upon them all).
Lori Grace Hunt As long as it comes with the umbrella that's inside the door panel then I'm sold.
Mbinze Virgo That amount is more than enough to wipe off my student loans, and some change will be left. Well, lemme just mind my own business.
Muthoni Mwai Money works magic 💵🤑🤑 for those who say it's not everything be challenged! I love the machine 😉👌🏽dreams are valid some day !! I make a wish 🙏
Natasha Huff Wish everyone could just have a car to get them from home to work, a living wage and a home to even be able to afford. I can go on wishing everyone could afford health insurance and the food they need to survive without having to feel ashamed for needing assistance with food stamps. There's 2% that have it all and honestly no one really cares that while they have all money, everyone else is left at each other's throats complaining about people who are not able to do it on their own with the current minimum wage. There is no end in sight of the wealth of those very few while everyone else is criticizing the people who can't move forward because of it. It's very sad. Sure this car is beautiful but this car also represents the cost of eight families who might be able to survive if that 400k was divided by those eight families for a year or even more. It's a pretty car but housing and feeding our citizens through a living wage is way more beautiful.
Derek Perner Some Republicans claim they can get away with breaking the law and not paying. I hope the IRS takes you to court, Brad Jenkins.
Ashley Cavell Waste of money I'd buy 2 houses for that mone
Reuben Hernandez aaaaanyone else think it looks like a hearse in a way?
Carlos Chavez I'll take 2
Tyler Bergstrom I love how there is open alcohol in the car. Only okay if you're rich duh
Paul Montague I have no problem with rich people being rich. What I have a problem with is greedy rich people who tip the scales in their favor at the detriment of others.
Bill Wax It's cool how CNN will actually report some bs like this that is true every once in awhile... Still fake news though..
Justin Broome Yeah but can you put a trailer on it and haul things around
Melissa Swayne Also, comparing a Tesla to a rolls Royce is line comparing my son's skateboard to to a delorian. Lol
Terry Middleditch The Clinton foundation has ordered THREE. One for Bill, one for Crooked and one for Chelsea
Pamela Roberson For the 1%.
Jordan Powers Looking at mine next Friday. I can't wait. Thanks Max for chance to be at a point in my life Where I can finally afford one of my dream cars.
CNN4 hours ago

Senator Chuck Schumer got emotional when he mentioned Senator John McCain in his remarks on the Senate floor after the "skinny bill" failed to pass.

Andrea Junker Who else is looking forward to Trump’s angry and unhinged tweet in a few hours? 😂 On a more serious note: well done Senators McCain, Murkoski, and Collins. You put your constituents above party.
Sally Lytle My 14 year old son depends on Obamacare. Your tax dollars paid to save a young man who is desperately trying to survive to a heart transplant. He is a blonde haired, brown eyed boy who dreams of being a sportscaster for ESPN. He protects his siblings, looks forward to getting his first job and fights everyday to improve the quality of life of his friends. Your tax dollars impact my life. They make it possible for me to maintain a regular see, if I wanted to mooch off the system, I could remain unemployed and maintain my son's healthcare. I am now able to work 40 hours a week, afford a home, a car and food. Without Obamacare, I received a $222,616 bill for 21 days in the ICU. He was kicked off of Medicaid when I made over $32,000 a year. I understand you don't want to pay for freeloaders...but you ended up paying for a God fearing, hard working family who has fallen upon hard times. Politics aside, this vote saved my family. So thank you....whether you want the thanks or not.
Steve Mintyala For those American people in 35 states who have huge premiums and outrageous deductibles, the Senate has tied those people to those payments even longer. So much for helping middle class American families.
Sean Meyers Mr McCain Goes to Washington. A former presidential candidate does not get in line with the current president IN HIS OWN PARTY!!
David Flanagan Is he ?? Isn't he ?? Right now I think McCain IS an American hero. He voted, I think, his conscience. Maybe there needs to be more like Him. God bless. Now it's time to sort out the ACA in a bi-partisan fashion.
Jodi Lynn Boyles Who else is looking at the time in this picture (senate floor time: top right) thinking how the hell are these old people still awake this late, talking about these dry issues?! Just sayin'
Michael Alexander Victory!!!!!!!!!! As a proud American, I will proudly pay for my fellow brothers and sisters to also have healthcare. We just need to keep up the fight. #Unitedwestand #WeareallAmericans
Brian Blumfield So, D's, what do you say to the millions of Americans who have insurance but can't afford to use it because they have deductibles of 6000 to 8000 dollars? What do you say to the people who are fined by the IRS because they can't afford to buy insurance? What do you say to so many people who now have only one choice for medical insurance in the areas they live in? Yes, many people benefit from Obamacare. Can't argue that at all, but what do you say about the people who are getting killed by some of the bad Obamacare policies?
Franklin Strum John MCCAIN sealed his fate as a Senator and also may lose federal funding for Arizona. TRUMP controls that. Mulkowski already helped Alaska lose money. Don't call Trump's bluff even Democrats know that. Heck Spicer knows that.
Becky Selena Thank you President Obama!! Everyone of the Senators who gave an up vote for repeal, will have family or friends that will need the lifeline in Obamacare of not being denied coverage because of preexisting conditions!🌸🌼🌺🌷🌻
Eric Breiby FUBAR ☭rump is a full, fetid diaper of amoral waste! He is a massive cranial implosion of perpetual ineptitude that is matched only by the sheer scope of his national and international embarrassments.
Linda Adams Major Kudos to John McCain for casting a NO vote, along with the two other Republican Senators. We just dodged a major bullet.
Niels J. Plougmann Time for universal health care for all Americans! Why can you not have what other countries have? Cut out the insurance companies and for profit health care and get a system that serves the people instead
Raymond Brown Now hopefully ALL parties involved should come to the table and work it out for the sake of the country. I am with the Democrats. However, ACA does have its flaws and needs improvements. Those improvements should not hurt those who are enrolled. If we can find the money in the budget to go to war and kill people. Then we can find the money in the budget to heal people.
Cheryl Goddard Is it really so horrible that Dems and Repubs actually work together for something? Too crazy to try and fix what is already in place, or maybe give Medicare for all a look see? Doing good for the whole nation such a god- awful notion? Suiting legislation to 39 per cent of the nation makes no sense to me.
Andrew Michael Bodner This was a very well-delivered speech by Senator Schumer. All should be advised; these are colleagues who work together. There is humanity in their appreciation of each other; and I find that a most fascinating revelation when an act expressing human dignity is noticed beyond politics and across the table by another human being. Good job, Chuck! Good job!
Mark Rubello America is going to suffer because Democrats wont admit Obamacare is a failure. Is it worth playing politics at the expense of healthcare? Enjoy paying $100000 for a simple hospital stay. Cause you know, that makes sense.
Juan Gerardo Iñiguez The ACA (ObamaCare) is the law of the land! Thank you to the three brave & patriotic Republicans; Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. John McCain & Sen. Lisa Murkowski who voted with Democrats to not strip Americans of their healthcare!!
Joe Montana Wow.. im actually going to compliment Sen. McCain! Thank you!
Dan Rios Let it die.
Edwin A Chavarria Proud to be a Democrat! Salute to Sen. McCain God bless him and are country. I don't hate no one I pray for are President Trump day and night for him to start putting us first on his list then Twitter. God bless everyone y mi gente tambien.
Gretta Twyford You couldnt care less about the american people ,,you just wanted the bill to fail ,,the same as everything else thrump does,,the people that will suffer ,,cant blame Pr, trump for that,,just the democrats ,,
CNN5 hours ago

JUST IN: The Senate has dealt a devastating blow to Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare after a surprise defeat to the "skinny bill."

Jeremy Robledo 3 GOP Senators are heroes tonight because they chose the country over party. Thank you McCain, Collins, and Murkowski. The Republicans may go after you and try to kick you out and our very own President might attack you with his tweets, but true Americans and patriots won't forget what you did.
Jaison Tyler The bill is still on the table it's not officially killed, Plus Obamacare will collapse on itself in 2018. By the way being in my 20s its way cheaper just to stay Healthy instead of paying into ObamaScam.
Junior Guerrero Obama still winning, even though he's not our president anymore lol
Kim Trent 45 is going to blow up his Twitter feed tomorrow! Anyone want to predict his tweet???
Artimez Ruiz I think I'm going to sleep, as I'm so tired of winning! 😂😂😂
Christopher J Hildebrandt The job killing MANDATES and suffering continues. So much for liberty and freedom of choice. 3 RINOs that will be primaried.
Steven Pembleton Obama Care will be erased from history. Thank God for president Trump.
Cody Mcmullen Looks like lazy people get to mooch of the working class a little longer. At least work for welfare is in the works...
Jorge Ochoa Who ever would've thought that McCain would've been the decisive vote for this? I can only wonder if him having brain cancer had something to do with his decision. Maybe it helped him relate to millions of Americans.
Karen Blackerby Chambers If the democrats would actually do their jobs..... supposedly for the people, they would work on a solution. This is a loss for the middle class! The ones who don't work will still get their unaffordable healthcare. They are the ones hurting Americans because they are the ones who don't care.
Michael Alexander Victory!!!!!!!!!! As a proud American, I will proudly pay for my brothers and sisters to also have healthcare. Just keep up the fight, we are winning. #Unitedwestand #weareallAmericans
Suzanne Gullace Obama care is epic fail, its only good for those who dont have to pay but very little, us middle class unless have health care by employer get nothing, it serves a lot of people but not the people that pay most of the taxes in this country. All should pay the same price. Government should of stayed out of it. Obama worst president ever
Ferdinand Del Toro Do not gloat Democrats, this isnt over. One thing I have learned about Republicans is that they never quit. They will come at this again at some point. Do not let your guard down, keep the pressure on the senators that voted yes!!
Jordan Ryan Don't repeal it, FIX IT! Work together and make this work!!!
Mike Grider Obama is still winning and TRUMP is a failure right along with his band of idiots in the senate and house! F××k you republicans that support these trashy fools who voted YES on costing millions of americans healthcare. Piss on you TRUMPFLAKES & WHITE TRASH!
Nancy Sieleman This is why many in AZ call McCain RINO, Republican In Name Only.
Senan Raad Najar Oh, 45 is about to go nuclear on Twitter, get your popcorn, folks!
Chuck Raymond The irony here seems to be missed by many. The ACA is really a construct that Romney's advisers came up with when he was governor, morphed during the Obama administration. It's actually RomneyCare, so McConnell is trying to repeal a Republican health care blueprint.
Robert Wright As if Obama care is any better. What many people do not realize is Obama care will soon be dead. I can guarantee that if Dems don't want to meet the Republicans even half way on a Healthcare bill then you can best believe the Republicans are not going to do anything to allow Obama care to succeed then there is going to be suffering on a much larger scale.
Mark Rubello Have fun with your sky high premiums and deductibles, losers. At least in Canada, we take care of our citizens. You cant even use your crappy insurance cause the deductibles are so high. But you want Obamacare? Have fun with that!
Fred Vasquez I hope Trump doesn't try and humiliate and disrespect Senator McCain and the other two female Senators as he has in the past because they had the guts to do the right thing for their constituents and those less fortunate!!
Armando Munoz HAHAHAHAHAHAHA , "winning". 😂😂😂😂 Obama WINS again. Michelle 2020 🇺🇸 AND Fox News hasn't written an article yet or updated their zombies 🤣
Traci Griffith Ricketts McCain warned them he was voting NO! He didn't trust what they were saying. Good for him. Now they all have to come together ( as he begged the other day) and get something straight! Obamacare has major flaws for sure, needs fixed. But this bill the republican are putting out is just awful! Ten times worse than Obamacare ever was.
Liz Curtis To all the working people get ready for another premium hike 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Roberto Barker So the left WON'T fix Obamacare, and the left WON'T support the right is REPLACING Obamacare, and Obamacare is FAILING. There is only ONE solution here, and standing there saying how BAD you think the PRESIDENT is, is NOT the answer.
CNN5 hours ago

All eyes are on Sen. John McCain and other key moderates as Republicans await a vote on their plan to repeal Obamacare.

Nancy Strout I sure hope McCain does not side with these guys...The Republicans do not understand how much people have depended on Obama Care is working let it alone.
Tristan Mayfield Millions of poor and sick Americans glued to their TV's waiting to see if multimillionaires decide to let them see a doctor or not. Keep it classy GOP.
Jane JL Ferraro Those who do not pay for individual plans are totally clueless how burdensome obamacare is. For a crappy bronze plan in NY, you are looking at around $1000/month when you factor in the $6000-plus deductible. And coverage is only 60%! For a silver plan, expect to pay around $1100/month (factoring in $3000 deductible).
Bob Staffa Single payer now
Marcie Bensman I hope McCain thinks very long and hard when he votes after the health issues he has faced and how this will impact everyday Americans and their access to insurance.
Michael L. Meade WWE Wrastling.........I just distracted the Cheeto Faithful😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lisa Brown See if their hearts were pure, they wud not be trying to repeal - but instead trying to improve. Barack Obama tried several times and the current version was the only one to make it through. No one thinks that the current ACA is perfect but it's the best option that's out there now that ensures THE GREATEST number of Americans are covered. It's not perfect but a lil bi-partisan effort 7-years ago wud have avoided this whole thing now...!! Thanks Senator McCain for voting from the conscious that you have.
Tom Steinbrenner CNN is Fake News.... But, Did you see the "Real News"
Lisa Seaman Yes John McCain voted NO. Thank you God. McCain you have always been a hero. Thank you.
William Allen Just make sure McCain has his brains all packed inside when he votes NEXT TIME. what a disappointment on his vote to allow this craziness to continue.
William Petto I like American heroes who do the right thing for all Americans by voting no tonight.
Bill McCarron The real cancer in Washington isn't the one that is in McCain's mushed brain, it's the GOP. They weren't expecting us to vote for Trump and they never had a plan to replace ObCare. It's a prophecy. They lied to us. They lied to our president. They all need to be replaced like the healthcare bill
Gregory Allen Parker Sr. For years I always thought that the Russians would invade and destroy America similar to the movie Red Dawn (1984). Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that we as Americans would destroy our own nation from within while the Russians laughed out loud. Divide and conquer has been used throughout history to defeat powerful nations and it's being used on us now.
Corey Oldham Im waiting for Trump to start with his angry tweets cause i bet he's mad right now. Let the show begin.
Rich Wilfong 49 ayes 51nays. Thank you Senator McCain. Still the American Hero.
Bruce Maddox "I think John is rightfully upset with the process and whatever he does, he's earned the right to do it," Graham told reporters. Yes, he has. I don't agree with John McCain on some issues, but he is a true patriotic American that has proven his dedication to this country more than almost anyone else. Period.
Felipe A Agado John McCain one of the few good Republicans left voted "No" therefore killing the bill that would hurt millions of poor sick Americans like my wife....we have paid taxes for years but have never received nothing in return until Obamacare.. "Bien Hecho" (Well Done) Mr. McCain! Obamacare remains the law of the land.
Ashley Newton Whoo hoo!! The American people have won! Mitch McConnell now wants to know what ideaa Democrats have. How about asking and soliciting help from Democrats (and women)! Why didn't they try bipartisan efforts in the first place? McConnell is just pouting that he could not satisfy the greedy Koch brothers!! So sad!
Samira Rosita Please don't. Trump is spending millions on his weekend trips to his various resorts and want to cut health care for the poor. That's pure selfishness and hypocrisy
Judy Biernat Every republican knew the republican plan was a FRAUD. It deserved to fail . Now EVERYONE, democrats and republicans, need to seriously work together to fine-tune the ACA to make it work! That is what we the American people elected them to do!
Philip Morden McCain is the only republican that is a leader. I don't always agree with him & he can tend to be extreme with his view of things, but he has leadership qualities. The man definitely has a giant set of gonads! I hope he can recover form this cancer & take over the republican party. He is a man of honor. A total contrast to this dam embarrassment, lost leader we have currently.
Kim Carver Powers-Duvall Thank you to those who voted NO on the fraudulent "Skinny Bill" plan!!! Those of you who voted No made a sacrifice and sent a strong message not only to Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and esp Trump, but you sent a message to the American people that some of you have compassion and empathy. Some that voted yes and was encouraged by others will no doubt pay a price with the folks across the nation esp in your own back yards. For those who took a stand and voted No and exposed the bill for what it truly was, we applaud you and many will be the wind beneath your wings.
Dieuvilon Anofils God has spoken out for more than 22 million people that these heartless inhuman right wing nuts are trying to take away their health insurance. They have been bribed by the big pharmaceutical companies and others to destroy American people lives. May the Lord continue to talk to some other republican members, so they can put their constituents before party.
Patricia Daughtry Republican Senator John McCain voted with a moral imperative, not with Political Venues. He voted what was right, and so did the Republican Senators Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska). Even though Lisa Murkowski was threatened by another senator and Trump bullying her and threatening to take legislation from her state that would affect the people of Alaska. This is not about a bi-partisan Issue but a Moral Issue. !6,000,000 people will now keep their health care; the poor, the elderly, the disabled, those in nursing homes that rely on Medicaid, women who rely on Planned Parenthood for health care screenings, cancer screenings, general health care for women, people with pre-existing conditions, and Medicaid Expansion which protects women, children and the disabled and children with disabilities and preventing a cap on pre-existing conditions and those under 26 and still on their parents health care. YES it is a MORAL ISSUE. We are a Progressive Country (used to be anyway) and we have a health care system that is like a third world country., What needs to be FIXED is the Monopoly and Greed, and Profit on the CORPORATE Insurance Market and Big Pharma, that is the Problem!
Dom Mitchell John McCain (AZ) you are a true testament to your name Maverick, sir! You truly gave the greatest speech days ago and now you backed every word with your action. You will give sanctity to your names sake and for that Senator McCain I can truly call you an American hero sir.